Adherence Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Adherence Quotes from famous authors such as Benazir Bhutto, Samantha Power, Joe Bonamassa, Adrian Dunbar, Sandra Day O’Connor. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

Pakistan is heir to an intellectual tradition of which the illustrious exponent was the poet and philosopher Mohammad Iqbal. He saw the future course for Islamic societies in a synthesis between adherence to the faith and adjustment to the modern age.
Benazir Bhutto
I think Obama is right when he talks about the rule of law as a cornerstone of what the United States should stand for. That can encompass our elected officials’ adherence to law and our country’s return to the Geneva Conventions.
Samantha Power
I’ve always been a big fan of taking old songs and completely turning them on their head. Having no adherence to the fine tradition of the original version. Rearranging them and taking a different approach to them.
Joe Bonamassa
Because of ‘Line Of Duty’s proper adherence to police procedure, by definition we end up doing some very long interrogation scenes which are difficult to learn, and require lots of concentration to sustain them across shooting.
Adrian Dunbar
The Establishment Clause prohibits government from making adherence to a religion relevant in any way to a person’s standing in the political community.
Sandra Day O’Connor
The essence of statesmanship is not a rigid adherence to the past, but a prudent and probing concern for the future.
Hubert H. Humphrey
Osama bin Laden has managed to replace fear of God and adherence to the Quran with his philosophy of jihad above all else. What’s behind that facade is the true philosophical intentions of al Qaeda: the establishment of a new Islamic caliphate that will defeat democracy as the greater of the two political orders.
Malcolm Nance
Harman International’s dedication to research and development, as well as its strict adherence to quality manufacturing, are well known throughout the corporate world. The opportunity to lead a company with such high standards, worldwide reputation, and outstanding growth potential is extremely appealing.
Dinesh Paliwal
We love your adherence to democratic principles.
William F. Buckley, Jr.
I grew up as a Southern Baptist with strict adherence to the Bible, which I read as a youngster.
E. O. Wilson
You may go from the Battery to Harlem, and in our monuments and statues of public men you will see the slavish adherence to Greek and Roman ideals, from which our artists cannot get away.
Gutzon Borglum
Treating HIV/AIDS is a lifelong commitment that demands strict adherence to drug protocols, consistent care, and a trusting relationship with health care providers.
David Mixner
The government believed that adherence to authority was human nature, so the Gezi protests were a real surprise to them. After the initial moment of shock, they decided to severely punish those participating in what they called an act of disobedience to authority.
Safak Pavey
The United States expects a lot of its partners and allies, including joint patrolling, significant contributions to armed conflicts, and a strict adherence to human rights, among other things.
John McCain
I have found no greater satisfaction than achieving success through honest dealing and strict adherence to the view that, for you to gain, those you deal with should gain as well.
Alan Greenspan
In terms of personalities – I don’t care about the personalities, I want leadership that’s in favor of my principles: free markets, adherence to the Constitution, and equal treatment for everyone under the law.
Dave Brat
Prejudice and passion and suspicion are more dangerous than the incitement of self-interest or the most stubborn adherence to real differences of opinion regarding rights.
Elihu Root
I don’t think that, you know, adherence to ignorance is really something that encourages voters to support you.
Elizabeth May
We must have the strictest adherence to security procedures to protect against compromise by hostile foreign powers.
Raja Krishnamoorthi
While some national security advisers have eschewed the Scowcroft Model and sought to ‘operationalize’ the NSC or pursue their own policy agendas without regard to the cabinet, the president and the country are best served by the NSC’s adherence to its intended ‘honest broker’ advisory role.
Robert C. O’Brien
For myself, therefore, I desire to declare that the principle that will govern me in the high duty to which my country calls me is a strict adherence to the letter and spirit of the Constitution as it was designed by those who framed it.
Martin Van Buren
No one should ever feel compelled to replace the development of and adherence to his or her own set of personal values and beliefs with an adherence to some partisan label.
Kat Timpf