Alarm Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Alarm Quotes from famous authors such as Om Malik, T. S. Eliot, Caroline Polachek, Ben Schott, Michel Faber. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

The lightbulb, the most humble and illuminating of all technologies, when combined with a network connection, transforms itself from being a bulb into a wake-up alarm, a mood alteration mechanism, and in some cases, a cupid’s assistant.
Om Malik
Moving between the legs of tables and of chairs, rising or falling, grasping at kisses and toys, advancing boldly, sudden to take alarm, retreating to the corner of arm and knee, eager to be reassured, taking pleasure in the fragrant brilliance of the Christmas tree.
T. S. Eliot
And a pang is ultimately private. It’s not a thing that gets broadcast to the world; it’s a kind of internal alarm that sounds when something has to change and it has to change fast.
Caroline Polachek
I have the luxury of getting up quite late, so I hardly ever set an alarm clock.
Ben Schott
I think that if you are a serious writer, you are almost obligated to provide the intelligent average reader with something that they can relate to and care about. If you are writing only for a tiny elite, then that surely should sound alarm bells.
Michel Faber
The idea that one might use art for ‘instrumental’ reasons tends to set off alarm bells at the heart of the cultural elite, who contend that it’s not a pill, that it shouldn’t be asked to perform some specific function, especially something as egocentric as to ‘cheer you up’ or to ‘make you a more empathetic person.’
Alain de Botton
In the morning, I have certain aspirations. One of my goals is to avoid looking at the computer or checking e-mail for at least an hour after I wake up. I also try to avoid alarm clocks as much as possible, because it’s just nice to wake up without one.
Matt Mullenweg
Real philosophy is like trying to read an alarm system installation manual in Korean.
Chris Hardwick
In the morning, my alarm clock is a chorus of lemurs yelling!
Bindi Irwin
Ignore Trump’s tweets. Yes, it’s unrealistic. But we would all be better off if the media reported them more rarely, reacted to them less strongly, and treated them with less alarm and more bemusement.
Bret Stephens
Instead of generating either unnecessary alarm or a false sense of security regarding these fundamental issues, the best course is to empower people with the truth.
Dick Thornburgh
Ronald Reagan used to alarm other constituencies by speaking freely about the End Times foreshadowed in the Bible.
Christopher Hitchens
It’s nice to see that look of alarm on the faces of the others.
Graham Chapman
I tend to wake up before my alarm, and I’m not one to ease into my morning with a snooze.
Carly Pearce
But I love New York. I used to set my alarm clock when I was there, and get up at 4am and get a coffee, just because I could.
Gail Porter
Every week I have a disaster in my kitchen. The fire alarm goes off repeatedly. But it doesn’t stop me being adventurous.
Paul O’Grady
I wake up every morning to ‘Take a Chance on Me’ as my iPhone alarm – it really gets you going.
Beanie Feldstein
The reason we all need a mutton alert, which needs constant testing, like smoke alarms, is because there is really no such thing as age-appropriate dressing any longer, as I know because my wardrobe is interchangeable with my daughter’s.
Rachel Johnson
O solitude, where are the charms That sages have seen in thy face? Better dwell in the midst of alarms, Than reign in this horrible place.
William Cowper
If you’re a big celebrity, you get money to be private. I’m just a working stiff. I don’t get bodyguards or alarm systems.
Mark Fuhrman
If something appeals, something appeals. I don’t think I’m particularly calculated about it. I know I have an alarm bell that goes off in my head where something feels like it has no creative integrity to it at all, and it’s just about making money.
Taron Egerton
Every sound alarms.
I can’t say I wasn’t warned. Alarms started clanging the day I signed to write ‘His Way: The Unauthorized Biography of Frank Sinatra’ (Bantam Books, 1986).
Kitty Kelley
The alarm rings 4:45, again at 5, but I wake up 4:30 naturally. Shower, shave, orange juice, perk my own coffee, hear the news, and the CBS car arrives 5:30.
Charlie Rose
I’m up around 11am to my alarm. Without it I’d sleep into the afternoon.
Arlo Parks
I use my iPhone as an alarm, so when it goes off, I pick it up and casually scroll through whatever emails may have come in while I was asleep.
Maulik Pancholy
I like Michael Moore, but I think of him more as a rabble-rouser. On his TV show, when he went to the home of the guy who invented the car alarm and set off all the car alarms on the block… pretty funny.
P. J. O’Rourke
When I first heard Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way,’ I looked out the window for the car alarm going off.
Robert Rinder
Trump has given voice to a widespread public feeling of alarm, frustration, and anger over the direction our country is headed. For all of that, conservatives are deeply grateful. America needed a loud, rude wake-up call. No one else has done that, and that accomplishment is huge.
Tom Tancredo
In North Korea, when there is an alarm, it means that there is a war drill. It means that you need to run.
Park Yeon-mi
I can’t start my day without hearing ‘Waiting On the World to Change’ by John Mayer. It’s my alarm clock and my favorite song.
Matthew Underwood
For in the first place the American people could not have been swept too fast and too far in this movement without enough alarms being sounded to be heard and heeded.
Robert W. Welch, Jr.
We have closely monitored the ups and downs of recruiting and retention trends for many years and have been quick to sound the alarm when challenges came into view.
John M. McHugh
Too often, the opportunity knocks, but by the time you push back the chain, push back the bolt, unhook the two locks and shut off the burglar alarm, it’s too late.
Rita Coolidge
I requested the gentlemen to put on their hats, and the ladies their shawls, to avoid catching cold, and then had the windows widely opened. This proceeding caused some astonishment and alarm at first; for the Americans generally have a dread of cold air.
George Combe
Tonight I am going to take a party to the headquarters of the fire department, where I have a cinch on the captain, a very nice fellow, who is unusually grateful for something I wrote about him and his men. They are going to do the Still Alarm act for me.
Richard Harding Davis
The negative thing about working on a breakfast show is that the alarm goes off at 2:15 A.M., and I get picked up at 2:30 A.M. That’s just insanely early.
Kate Garraway
Sometimes I say to people, ‘Do you think you’re easy to live with?’ People who are single. And the ones who say, ‘Yeah, yeah, I’m pretty easy to live with; it’s just a question of finding the right person,’ massive alarm bell rings in my mind.
Alain de Botton
The history books will remember the Chinese doctors who sounded the alarm about COVID-19.
Erin O’Toole
The moment the alarm goes off is the first test; it sets the tone for the rest of the day. The test is not a complex one: when the alarm goes off, do you get up out of bed, or do you lie there in comfort and fall back to sleep? If you have the discipline to get out of bed, you win – you pass the test.
Jocko Willink
‘Alarm’ was about a boy that cheated on me, and when I found out, I wondered if I should give him another chance. I used to give a lot of chances to people hoping they would become better people, but this one didn’t.
I’m terrified of missing my call time. I’ll check my alarm several times before I fall asleep.
J. D. Pardo
I often set two alarm clocks because I’m afraid the first one won’t actually make me get up.
Kurt Andersen
If you love food and you love red wine and they put you in France, you’re in a good place and you’re in a bad place at the same time. You have to weigh yourself every day, and you have to have an alarm number. When you get to that number, you have to start putting it in reverse.
Salma Hayek
Sleep is huge for me. I don’t set an alarm. I just wake up when I wake up.
Rich Froning Jr.
It’s not fun to get out of bed early in the morning. When the alarm goes off, it doesn’t sing you a song: it hits you in the head with a baseball bat. So how do you respond to that? Do you crawl underneath your covers and hide? Or do you get up, get aggressive, and attack the day?
Jocko Willink
Spencer is quite romantic every day – he’s very affectionate. He sets his alarm early so that we can have snuggles before he gets out of bed – I know that sounds so cringey but we do actually do that.
Vogue Williams
Don’t think in the morning. That’s a big mistake that people make. They wake up in the morning and they start thinking. Don’t think. Just execute the plan. The plan is the alarm clock goes off, you get up, you go work out. Get some.
Jocko Willink
Antivirus systems need to strike a balance between detecting all possible attacks without causing any false alarms. And while we try to improve on this all the time, there will never be a solution that is 100 percent perfect.
Mikko Hypponen
My costumes are the same measurements they were when I was 19, 20 years old. I eat pizza and ice cream, but whenever I gain three or four pounds, that sets off a red alarm.
As a veteran myself, I care a great deal about the quality of care our veterans receive at the Veterans Homes in our state and have raised an alarm bell more than once when I felt we as a state weren’t meeting the standard of care I believe they are owed.
Mike Parson
If you were not to set an alarm clock, would you sleep past it? If the answer is yes, then there is clearly more sleep that is needed.
Matthew Walker
I set my alarm for 7:30 A.M., but it’s really hard for me to wake up in the mornings.
Hannah Brown
Elizabeth Warren never stops raising the alarm about climate change and raging about the billionaires.
Steve Hilton
I’d like people to listen to our soldiers. They were there. They heard the alarms go off. They tasted the substance in the air. They spit up blood. They had rashes on their bodies. They got sick.
Christopher Shays
The world is filled with archaic objects – mailboxes which look like alarm boxes, banks which look like places to break out of rather than places to enter.
Raymond Loewy
My top video is probably the wake up machine. And that one was the first one that started going really viral. It’s an alarm clock that slaps you in the face with a rubber arm.
Simone Giertz
It is not death, it is dying that alarms me.
Michel de Montaigne
I get home from work at six or seven. When I’m busy, I set my alarm for three, get out of bed at quarter past three. I have a cup of tea and read a magazine and take the dogs for a walk up the lane. Go through my text messages and reply to anything that needs it, then get my biking gear on ready to cycle to work.
Guy Martin
I just tell myself I gotta get up at 8 A.M. I don’t even use an alarm clock.
Karen Civil
In Bernie Sanders, I see a man saying that the emperor has no clothes while everyone around him insists they see clothes. Whether or not he makes it to the White House, I hope and pray that everyone hears the alarm he is sounding now; it may be the last voice we ever hear.
Dick Van Dyke
See, for some reason, I feel like it’s a victory if I wake up one minute before the alarm. It’s like I’m in a contest with myself, with my foot kicking around until it wakes up the rest of my body. It’s the stupidest thing. But it makes me feel like I’ve already won something.
Ronda Rousey
I don’t use an alarm, though sometimes Alexa wakes me, especially if I have to get up at a certain time.
Randy Rainbow
I wake up at about the same time every day. I sleep well and wake without an alarm clock.
Donatella Versace
I don’t use an alarm. I wake up naturally at 7 A.M.
Baiju Bhatt
As Secretary of Housing, I do have to express alarm, signal the alarm if you will, that the potential for homelessness to grow is there.
Henry Cisneros
I was a terrible student. Still, I managed to get into college, but my daydreaming threatened to sabotage me. I used behavior modification to break the cycle. I started by setting an arbitrary time limit on studying: for every 15 minutes of study, I’d allow myself an hour of daydreaming. I set the alarm.
Sandra Cisneros
I’m not saying my wife’s a bad cook, but she uses a smoke alarm as a timer.
Bob Monkhouse
Courtship consists in a number of quiet attentions, not so pointed as to alarm, nor so vague as not to be understood.
Laurence Sterne
With a chemical alarm, you’re going to build one that is oversensitive because you would rather the alarm go off and give you a false alarm than to err on the other side.
Norman Schwarzkopf
Founded by an ex-Apple employee, Nest devices do for thermostats and smoke alarms what the Mac did for PCs – Google Buys Nest made them relevant and far more valuable.
John Battelle
The alarm on my wife’s phone is ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered,’ so that’s a great way to wake up.
Andy Grammer
Only towards the end of this process are any of the chapters in fully readable condition, a state of affairs that used to alarm my wife. But Joan’s got used to it.
Fred Saberhagen
If the markets had behaved badly, that would obviously add to people’s sense of alarm… but there has been a lot of reassurance coming, particularly in the way the Brits handled all this. There seems to be no great fear that something like that is going to happen here.
Brit Hume
All children alarm their parents, if only because you are forever expecting to encounter yourself.
Gore Vidal
I’m like a fire hose when the alarm goes off in a battle against a woman. Don’t ever count me out.
Bobby Riggs
The existence of billionaires should sound an alarm: they are the most extreme manifestation of wealth generated by the efforts of millions of people being funnelled into the pockets of a tiny few.
Owen Jones