Astonishing Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Astonishing Quotes from famous authors such as Harold Prince, Stephen Kinzer, Brian Kernighan, Rahul Dev, Kevin Whately. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

Audiences are quite happy to be astonished, and they don’t care who does that astonishing.
Harold Prince
Without Ataturk’s vision, without his ambition and energy, without his astonishing boldness in sweeping away traditions accumulated over centuries, today’s Turkey would not exist, and the world would be much poorer.
Stephen Kinzer
Bell Labs was an astonishing place for many decades, though it fell on somewhat hard times during the telecom meltdown some years ago, as its corporate owner had to cope with shrinking markets.
Brian Kernighan
I can’t see myself doing something as astonishing as jumping of a chopper. I find it stupid.
Rahul Dev
McQueen is an astonishing film maker. He uses really unusual shots and builds incredible dramatic tension.
Kevin Whately
Under these conditions it is not astonishing that learning was highly prized; in fact, my parents made sacrifices to be able to give their children a good education.
Simon van der Meer
Any urbanist has to appreciate New York City and the way it works. The public transit is astonishing.
Mick Cornett
President Trump not only lies with astonishing temerity and abandon, but those lies connect into equally false narratives that gin up the worst fears and prejudices of his base.
Michiko Kakutani
I speak pretty fluent American, though I do so with a strong British accent, and I love America: The scale and the variety of it are astonishing to someone not born there, and I’m convinced that its energy and generosity have somehow rubbed off on me and affected my writing. For the better.
Laurie Graham
Nobody knows anything. I deal with people in all walks of life, some of whom should have some idea of what they’re doing. And they’re all clueless. It’s astonishing that any bridges stay up, or that planes don’t constantly plummet from the sky. It’s heartening, in a strange way.
Peter York
I just admire people like Woody Allen, who every year writes an original screenplay. It’s astonishing. I always wished that I could do that.
Francis Ford Coppola
I’m very fond of an old map of London that used to belong to my father. I’m a big London fan, and the evolution of the city is astonishing, when you look back to Pepys and how small it was – everyone knew each other.
Ben Schott
My father, though, could run very much faster. It was impossible to compete with him on the grass. But it was astonishing how slow old people were. Some of them could not run up a hill and called it trying to climb stairs.
Georg Brandes
We undervalue food in this country, yet Britain has beautiful food and beautiful growing conditions. It is astonishing the range we can grow.
Monty Don
It was the drawing that led me to architecture, the search for light and astonishing forms.
Oscar Niemeyer
I’ve had hundreds of requests from journalists all over the world asking me to speak about Leicester, which is astonishing. It’s captured the imagination.
Gary Lineker
I think 1973 was the nadir of fashion. When you watch the coverage from that era, you’re struck by the astonishing ugliness of the clothes.
John Malkovich
Many years ago, I think I got my first insight on how an incredibly diverse team can work together and do astonishing things, and not just misunderstand each other and fight.
John P. Kotter
Beyonce moves a lot. She’s astonishing, dances and sings at the same time. She is buff.
Rita Moreno
The Okavango Delta is an astonishing sight: the great Okavango River, rather than flow towards the sea, flows inland, into the sands of the Kalahari.
Alexander McCall Smith
It’s fashionable with the Sarah Palin set to attack Harvard and treat its graduates as elitists. But if you spend any time on campus, you see students drawn from all over the world – an astonishing number these days with roots in Asia – whose chief assets are brainpower and hard work.
David Ignatius
Ever since the economic crisis in 2008, millions of people have accepted cuts in all sorts of things – from real wages and living standards to benefits and hospital care – without any real opposition. The cuts may be right, or they may be stupid – but the astonishing thing is how no-one really challenges them.
Adam Curtis
Social mores change all the time. In the mid-1970s, it would’ve been astonishing, say, to see two men holding hands in the streets. And the attitude to having a fling with a girl, or whatever, was quite different then.
Robert Harris
Ah, there’s a director. Astonishing, Spike Lee. A feisty guy, but a guy who’s, I think, incredibly misunderstood. I think people review his politics or his color as opposed to his filmmaking sometimes. Because he’s a wonderful, wonderful filmmaker and a lover of the art.
Brian Cox
I hate the idea of theatre just being an evening pastime. It should be emotionally and intellectually demanding. I love football. The level of analysis that you listen to on the terraces is astonishing. If people did that in the theatre… but they don’t. They expect to sit back and not participate.
Sarah Kane
I love people who aren’t embarrassed. I’m always embarrassed, so it’s always astonishing to me when people aren’t like that.
Cecily Strong
Hamlet is an astonishing intelligence.
Ben Kingsley
It goes back to the starfish. That’s when the light bulb really popped over my head. We’d found one on the beach, and I was struck by what astonishing creatures they are, talking with Dad about how they regenerate.
Nick Sagan
I’d seen my father. He was a poor man, and I watched him do astonishing things.
Sidney Poitier
The most astonishing subset of the Deep Web is a collection of dark alleys called the Dark Web. The Dark Web is generally thought of as a collection of criminal elements intent on subverting the law, stealing our money, and possibly kidnapping our daughters.
John McAfee
The Shakespeare that Shakespeare became is the name that’s attached to these astonishing objects that he left behind.
Stephen Greenblatt
For me, returning to Los Angeles annihilates the memories of where I have just been with an astonishing speed.
Henry Rollins
It is astonishing what a lot of odd minutes one can catch during the day, if one really sets about it.
Dinah Maria Mulock
‘White Teeth’ has far too many characters, and its plot is tortured. But Smith has an astonishing intellect. She writes sharp dialogue for every age and race – and she’s funny as hell.
Jeff Giles
Well, I think people don’t recognise my face because I’m so much older now, but it is astonishing that people can recognise a voice. I do sometimes get recognised, and indeed a lot of people do come and see me.
Tom Baker
My love of books – not just of their tactile pleasures but of their astonishing variety – was born in a book-filled house; my father is a scholar.
Julia Glass
The priest is an immense being because he makes the crowd believe astonishing things.
Charles Baudelaire
I must admit I found it astonishing to watch the candidates below Donald Trump beat up each other and never lay a glove on the front-runner. I mean, when I was running, everybody went after the front-runner and pointed out my weaknesses and foibles, and that’s part of the normal primary process.
Mitt Romney
Katwe is fifteen minutes from my home. It’s entirely about knowing it from the inside. For instance, the incredible vibrancy of style. Kampala is the center of used clothing in the world. Everyone dresses in secondhand clothes, but they look astonishing for it.
Mira Nair
It’s kind of astonishing that people trust strangers because of words they write on computer screens.
Howard Rheingold
It seems astonishing to be paid for indulging in pure pleasure. For me to go to Coburg is rather as if a trainspotter was sent for a few weeks to Swindon or a chocoholic asked on holiday by Green and Black.
A. N. Wilson
Don’t you think it astonishing that, at 58, I am still working at improving my career?
Placido Domingo
‘Merry Wives of Windsor’ is a wonderful machine. It’s one of the great farces, and it’s astonishing to remember that this is written by the same man who wrote ‘Hamlet,’ ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ or ‘Cymbeline.’ It’s so similar, and yet the form is so different.
Roger Rees
What is astonishing is that globalised technology, like Whatsapp and Viber, really gives a lot of leeway to negotiating spaces and to keeping one’s identity. So people are able to be more receptive as a gay community to be part of an environment that is going to challenge the law.
Binyavanga Wainaina
Software tends not to kill people, and so we accept incredibly fast innovation loops because the consequences are tolerable and the results are astonishing.
Dan Kaminsky
If our grazing land was allowed to revert to natural ecosystems, and the land currently used to grow feed for livestock was used for grains, beans, fruit, nuts and vegetables for humans, this switch would allow the UK to absorb an astonishing quantity of carbon.
George Monbiot
What is astonishing about the social history of the Vietnam war is not how many people avoided it, but how many could not and did not.
John Gregory Dunne
What is overlooked is the astonishing amount of history Hollywood has got right… For better or worse, nothing has been more influential in shaping our visions of the past than the commercial cinema.
George MacDonald Fraser
The thing I have come to find astonishing is that people from all political sides routinely say that the Internet has to be the model of free speech and freedom.
Beeban Kidron
Great architects like Taut, Mendelsohn, and Gropius built some astonishing buildings which were to change the way architects around the world thought. Brecht and Weill forever changed musical theatre; Kaethe Kollwitz and others changed German perceptions of the purposes of art.
Justin Cartwright
An astonishing disengagement from reality is necessary to actually believe there is something sinister about protecting people’s homes from invasion through squatting.
Grant Shapps
Nothing in education is so astonishing as the amount of ignorance it accumulates in the form of inert facts.
Henry Adams
As somebody who’s been writing about this subject for getting on twenty years now, it’s astonishing how the climate has changed in the last five years.
Anthony Holden
I find Suez astonishing for the first hour. It is a ditch in a desert, but a stunning one. The sensation of being hemmed in by huge ships, moving at a stately pace through a man-made waterway, is extraordinary.
Rose George
When I heard about the Microsoft Kinect, though, I felt an urgency rising in me. A game you played without touching any machinery? A chance to wave your hands around, Minority-Report style, and move things around on a screen? This sounded like almost too much fun, with gadget-y pizzazz that sounded astonishing.
Susan Orlean
It’s astonishing what you learn and feel and see along the way. That’s why a reporter’s job, as you know, is such a joy.
Mike Wallace
I think if anything, what ‘The Astonishing’ proved is that we’re always going to experiment.
John Petrucci
Every day, at home, I have the astonishing and humbling opportunity – together with my wife Sophie – to nurture empathy, compassion, self-love, and a keen sense of justice in our three kids.
Justin Trudeau
I was fortunate enough to visit a lot of beautiful places around the world. The most astonishing and memorable experiences were my trips to Africa and Australia.
Karolina Kurkova
The astonishing thing for me is that I had a career before politics and I never thought about my colour.
Sam Gyimah
Humans pull together in an odd way when they’re in the wilderness. It’s astonishing how few people litter and how much they help one another. Indeed, the smartphone app to navigate the Pacific Crest Trail, Halfmile, is a labor of love by hikers who make it available as a free download.
Nicholas Kristof
The Barbara Hepworth museum in St. Ives is fascinating. Her achievements were astonishing.
Sarah Lancashire
I think I came across Cecil Taylor a bit later, in 65 or 66. That really impressed me – Cecil Taylor is an amazing character… Both his music and the way he approaches the instrument are astonishing.
Luc Ferrari
My favourite thorn belongs to the rose with a name like a mouthful of broken teeth, Rosa sericea pteracantha. It is grown almost entirely for its astonishing ruby-red shark’s fin thorns that are at their lapidary best in early summer, especially when backlit by a low setting sun.
Monty Don
Anyone who has ever spent time listening to a legislature knows the astonishing speed at which all presiding officers and reading clerks can spit out the formulaic incantations of parliamentary procedure.
Molly Ivins
I get to go to work and come home with something interesting or enriching or astonishing.
Diane Sawyer
I am sure future historians will say the biggest and most astonishing change in politics has been the embracing of all the tenets of Thatcherism by the party of Keir Hardie: trade union legislation, Europe, the replacement of Trident, 10 per cent tax for people who have made millions from their companies.
Robert Harris
I can only appreciate the kind of work that goes into being a top drag queen. Ru Paul looks just astonishing as a woman. And he’s got this fantastic turn of phrase. I find him hilarious.
David Harewood
The real story of the Ground Zero mosque is that the project only became feasible because of the appalling and astonishing fecklessness of the officials who were charged with the reconstruction of the site and the neighborhood all the way back in 2001.
John Podhoretz
I find it so astonishing how poorly a lot of politicians handle negative whatever in the press. You have to just get it all out there. You have to be totally, uncomfortably honest.
Krystal Ball
It is not astonishing that there are many journalists who have become human failures and worthless men. Rather, it is astonishing that, despite all this, this very stratum includes such a great number of valuable and quite genuine men, a fact that outsiders would not so easily guess.
Max Weber
I mean, I’m an artist by nature; no one considers what I do and no one knows who the heck I am, but that anybody does – it is astonishing.
Junot Diaz
The head of Fermilab was reading Astonishing Stories when he was ten.
Frederik Pohl
The sacrifices our warfighters make for us is simply astonishing in modern American society.
Jason Kander
I think that the first men to land on Pluto are going to make some very astonishing discoveries. But I am also sure that they will never go there in rockets. They will have to make the immense trip by some more powerful means – like the anti-gravitational drive.
Donald A. Wollheim
For many people, Mrs. Brown has come from the middle of nowhere. But Mrs. Brown was first written for radio. I wrote it for a radio series in 1992. It was a five-minute piece for radio, and it’s been absolutely astonishing.
Brendan O’Carroll
The geysering on Enceladus is the most astonishing phenomenon we have in our solar system.
Carolyn Porco
The fact that someone came forward and offered $1.25 million to make a movie was astonishing. We were also allowed to keep many of the original stage cast.
Richard O’Brien
To continue down the path of comprehensiveness, Wikipedia will need to sustain the astonishing mass fervor of its birth years. Will that be possible? No one knows.
James Gleick
What matters here are the works – finally without them his life would be uninteresting. What matters, that is, are the astonishing things that he left behind. If we can get the life in relation to the works, then it can take off.
Stephen Greenblatt
Isn’t it astonishing that all these secrets have been preserved for so many years just so we could discover them!
Orville Wright
Jeffrey Zeldman had an astonishing ability to craft a seductive coolness using educated references, dry humor, and retro/organic imagery.
Matt Mullenweg
All that we don’t know is astonishing. Even more astonishing is what passes for knowing.
Philip Roth
A great thing is happening on cable TV. You see characters change in stories over years, like in Tolstoy. That’s a whole, thrilling new form that I really enjoy. They are Tolstoy-an in their endless character development and narrative changes… a show like ‘Breaking Bad’ is astonishing.
Mike Nichols
It is astonishing what force, purity, and wisdom it requires for a human being to keep clear of falsehoods.
Margaret Fuller
Christianity is under attack globally, and particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, where Christian populations are ceasing to exist at astonishing rates due to widespread persecution by Islamists.
Mark Meadows
First of all, there was a volcano of words, an eruption of words that Shakespeare had never used before that had never been used in the English language before. It’s astonishing. It pours out of him.
Stephen Greenblatt
When you look at my astonishing physique you probably think to yourself, This kid must eat nothing but molten steel. That’s a common misconception.
Michael Sorrentino
I remember as a student going to Covent Garden, where they took out the stall seats and you hunkered down on the floor – I heard Pavarotti in Tosca there, and the experience of being in that same room with that astonishing voice has never left me.
Roger Allam
And, as I have said, it’s made me think twice about the imagination. If the spirits aren’t external, how astonishing the mediums become! Victor Hugo said of his voices that they were like his own mental powers multiplied by five.
James Merrill
Reviewers said Ghost Country was rich, astonishing and affecting in the way it blended comedy, magic, and a gritty urban realism in a breathtaking ride along Chicago’s mean streets.
Sara Paretsky
When we contemplate the heroes of Christianity, and compare our feeble efforts with their astonishing performance and self devotion, we should fall into despair, were there not a few softening features, by which they are brought back to the ranks of humanity.
John Strachan
I want the reader to feel something is astonishing – not the ‘what happens’ but the way everything happens. These long short story fictions do that best, for me.
Alice Munro
Proust is a hero of mine. I read ‘A la recherche’ in one go, and I’m a very slow reader. It had an astonishing impact, reading it on my own and being my main company. I think Proust is the most intelligent person to ever have written a novel.
Edward St Aubyn
If I scribbled a few words on a cocktail napkin and showed it to my family, they’d proclaim it astonishing and more culturally relevant than the Bible.
Marisha Pessl
We oppose a system that generates huge wealth through astonishing innovation but is fatally unable to distribute fairly and provide universal access to its spoils.
Gail Bradbrook
‘Between Shades of Gray’ is a story of astonishing force. I feel grateful for a writer like Ruta Sepetys who bravely tells the hard story of what happens to the innocent when world leaders and their minions choose hate and oppression. Beautiful and unforgettable.
Susan Campbell Bartoletti
When Oscar Niemeyer died on December 5, 2012, ten days before his 105th birthday, he was universally regarded as the very last of the twentieth century’s major architectural masters, an astonishing survivor whose most famous accomplishment, Brasilia, was the climactic episode of utopian High Modern urbanism.
Martin Filler
English girls’ schools today providing the higher education are, so far as my knowledge goes, worthily representative of that astonishing rise in the intellectual standards of women which has taken place in the last half-century.
Mary Augusta Ward
The most astonishing joy is to receive from the muses the gift of a whole lyric.
James Broughton
It’s just astonishing to me that the media is so interested in how much it costs to secure our border and has no interest in the cost of refusing to secure our border.
Stephen Miller
I do admire actors who manage to lose huge amounts of weight for roles: you have to have astonishing discipline to do that to your body and maintain it for a certain length of time before letting yourself go back to normal.
Anna Madeley
I’d love to make films in England, and I tried to. I think there’s a wealth of amazing talent and astonishing writing over here; there just seems to be more of a culture of developing films than actually making them.
David Slade
The Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford is an astonishing building, designed by Christopher Wren. Its painted ceiling has just been restored so that the darkish miasma that was Robert Streeter’s original allegory of truth and light striking the university is now bright with playful cherubs and lustrous clouds.
Justin Cartwright
Smiths songs certainly have an astonishing afterlife.