Attorney Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Attorney Quotes from famous authors such as Charles Soule, Sarah McBride, Justine Skye, William H. Pryor, John Sherman Cooper. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

When Marvel approached me about possibly bringing back a She-Hulk solo series, a few touchstones for a take immediately popped into my head – make her an attorney. Make her charming and fun, not weighed down by the various things life will throw at her. Give her a vibrant social life.
Charles Soule
Days after being sworn in as the nation’s top law enforcement officer, Trump’s attorney general, the virulently anti-LGBTQ Jeff Sessions, revoked lifesaving guidance promoting the protection and dignity of transgender students.
Sarah McBride
My mom is an entertainment attorney, and she brought me to a BMI panel for people who were interested in becoming artists. While I was there, her friends kept peer pressuring me to go and sing in front of everyone because I was a very, very shy girl.
Justine Skye
I have a record as attorney general that is separate from my personal beliefs.
William H. Pryor
We provided complete protection to witnesses – right of attorney, right of record, right to cross-examine, and open hearing if they desired. Only Mr. Lane asked for an open hearing.
John Sherman Cooper
It did not prepare me for writing or ‘Power of Attorney.’ However, what it did is that it forced me out of the DA’s office. I stopped getting that county check.
Christopher Darden
Before I was elected to Congress, I helped to create the public corruption unit in the office of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. Unfortunately, business was good. Among the usual suspects were government contracts steered to insiders – leaving Illinois taxpayers holding the bag.
Raja Krishnamoorthi
We are engaged in immediate conversations with the White House on deliberations over a successor whom we hope will continue in the general direction of Attorney General Holder.
Al Sharpton
It took a bit of talking through administrative people, but only once did an attorney try and get in the way of the process and say their artist couldn’t do it.
Jules Shear
These are people – I’m for immigration – legal immigration. I’ve been an immigration attorney. But people who have come to our country and violated laws, we should not be providing full health care services.
Joe Wilson
I am humbled to have been asked by President-elect Trump to serve as Attorney General of the United States.
Jeff Sessions
I am not a member of any organization listed by the Attorney General as subversive. In any instance where I lent my name in the past, it was certainly without knowledge that such an organization was subversive. I have always been essentially and foremost an American.
Judy Holliday
Protecting the rights of service members was an important part of my work as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights.
Tom Perez
I grew up in a two-parent household. We all played sports, all sports, which cost a lot of money. My pops was an attorney; he went to College of the Holy Cross with Clarence Thomas. My mom worked a bit, then gradually came home and took care of us full time.
Omari Hardwick
As you may know, previously as Attorney General and now as Governor, I have supported legislation to close the gun show loophole in North Carolina.
Michael F. Easley
So my own suspicion is that the attorney has stopped this prosecution because part of her defence was to question legality and that would have brought his advice into the public domain again and there was something fishy about the way in which he said war was legal.
Clare Short
The defendant wants to hide the truth because he’s generally guilty. The defense attorney’s job is to make sure the jury does not arrive at that truth.
Alan Dershowitz
I’d like to professionally… continue my education and hopefully become an attorney. I think that’s the best way to stop the miscarriage of justice that happened to me from happening to somebody else. I don’t think it should ever happen to anyone ever again – not one person.
George Zimmerman
I know that Duke made a number of demands, including that the attorney general drop its investigation. We have no intention of asking the attorney general to do that.
Gray Davis
What the American people really want to know is if Jeff Sessions is going to be a good attorney general. Is he going to protect my family? Is he going to make my community safer? The answer is clearly yes.
Mike DeWine
For a lawyer to shade or slant his legal advice to advance a private agenda is among the gravest betrayals of his solemn duty as an attorney.
Eugene Scalia
Industrial hemp is a very useful plant. I challenged the attorney general to get rid of the criminal stigma associated with hemp so we can look at it in terms of how it might be useful.
Jesse Ventura
William Barr has been confirmed by the U.S. Senate four times, has served two U.S. presidents, and has proven himself to be a consummate professional who deeply respects the great responsibilities and boundaries of the office of the attorney general.
Mike Braun
Building trust between law enforcement officers and the communities we serve is one of my highest priorities as attorney general.
Loretta Lynch
Most of the time when I receive a script, it says something like ‘Rosenberg is the fat, slovenly Mayor, who doesn’t want the kids to use the Skateboard Park’, or ‘Stein is a pompous, rotund attorney, imposing to all.’ It would be so freeing to get a script where my character is simply described as ‘A Man.’
Fred Melamed
I loved my job at the district attorney’s office.
Andi Dorfman
It is the honor of a lifetime to serve as Director. I long ago grew to know and admire the FBI from my earliest days as a line prosecutor to my years as assistant attorney general.
Christopher A. Wray
In 2007, Michael Grimm, former Marine, former FBI agent, accountant and attorney, was poised for success as a small business owner. Instead, as alleged, Grimm made the choice to go from upholding the law to breaking it. In so doing, he turned his back on every oath he had ever taken.
Loretta Lynch
I am the attorney general of the United States, but I am also a black man.
Eric Holder
People used to ask me: ‘Well, was it the power that attracted you to Bill Clinton?’ And I said, well, how much power do you think the attorney general of Arkansas has? Of course not. It wasn’t that for me. I just a thought he was wonderful in general.
Gennifer Flowers
I was approached by friends who encouraged me to run for an open seat – attorney general of Michigan. It was a big risk.
Jennifer Granholm
Somebody said something really smart: It’s like you end up being the defense attorney for your role. Your job is to defend their point of view. You’re fighting for what they want. You learn that in acting school – it’s Acting 1A: ‘What do you want? What’s in the way?’
Annette Bening
Being a Raiderette is a part-time commitment but we call it a ‘part-time full-time commitment.’ It ends up almost taking more time than being an attorney.
Emily Compagno
I’m not against the government. I’m against this ever-expanding government that doesn’t know its limits. And that’s how I see the role of the attorney general, as someone in an office that can protect you and defend the Constitution and defend state sovereignty and our individual liberty.
Alan Wilson
Even someone as lowly as an assistant U.S. attorney has to undergo a background check, and you’re asked a series of very invasive questions, and you’re expected to tell the truth and they’re under penalty of perjury. And you’re asked those questions so you can’t be blackmailed or extorted.
Trey Gowdy
The traditional practice is that the justices don’t ask the attorney general any questions, so as not to embarrass him. But Bobby Kennedy had let them know that he didn’t mind if they asked him questions and they did.
Harold H. Greene
I hope I will be a good Attorney General, but one of the things that will be as important to me is to know that I made a commitment to my family and honored it, a commitment that has been repaid 10,000 times over.
Janet Reno
The COVID-19 pandemic has taken an incredible toll on our country. Every state has been impacted. Every community has suffered. Especially working-class communities of color, like the neighborhoods Attorney General Becerra and I grew up in.
Alex Padilla
There are a whole variety of reasons I want to be attorney general, a whole variety of things that I do as attorney general that go beyond national security.
Eric Holder
I used to cold call labels and pretend I was one of their artist’s attorneys. I’d say, ‘This is Jay-Z’s attorney, we need to speak with Craig Kallman,’ you know, owner of Atlantic, and they’d say, ‘Right away,’ and then I’d be like, ‘Please just listen to my demo tape!’
Benny Blanco
No cabinet official has delivered on Donald Trump’s key campaign promises more resoundingly than Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
Heather Mac Donald
I actually was a defense attorney first.
Marcia Clark
My father was an attorney in the state of New York, which is where I came up with the term ‘advocate.’
Paul Heyman
I’m a civil rights attorney. I’m a victim rights attorney.
Gloria Allred
I think what we ought to be focusing on is that we are on path for the release of 75,000 pages of documents in connection with John Roberts’ work in the White House, as in the counselor’s office and as his time working as an assistant in the office of the attorney general.
Alberto Gonzales
My background is interesting in that I was a sexual harassment attorney before I ever got into news. I think I had a really broad understanding of exactly how the legal framework works, how HR works, all those kinds of things.
Shannon Bream
Under Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., the Justice Department prosecuted more people for having unauthorized discussions with reporters than all prior administrations combined.
Matt Apuzzo
One of the people that wrote a forward to my book is Gerry Spence, whom I admire. Gerry is a friend of mine, and Gerry’s perhaps the leading criminal defense attorney in the country.
Vincent Bugliosi
It was a very difficult time, 1984. ‘Happy Days’ ended. I said, ‘There’s no way I can be a producer.’ My attorney said, ‘You’ll learn.’ The first thing we sold was the ‘MacGyver’ television series. We shot 139 episodes between 1985 and 1992.
Henry Winkler
Historically, the Justice Department has been Congress’ ally in fighting wrongdoing in government, but under this Justice Department and Eric Holder, rather than being the people’s attorney, Eric Holder sees himself as the president’s attorney and he’ll do anything to defend the president.
Blake Farenthold
Having served as North Carolina Attorney General for 16 years, I am all too familiar with the racism, bigotry and full-out white supremacy that exist in corners of our society.
Roy Cooper
I agree with President Obama and Attorney General Holder that we need to reform our criminal sentencing laws.
Raul Labrador
It was hard to imagine a little boy who looked like me could someday help a president confirm a Supreme Court justice, or even run for attorney general. But here we are.
Daniel Cameron
Our laws are very clear on a woman’s reproductive health care. I will not only enforce those laws as attorney general, I will take the appropriate action against anyone who tries to interfere with a woman’s right to choose her reproductive health care.
Dan Donovan
I see the job of attorney general as the single most important legal office in the country when you can’t trust the federal government.
Zephyr Teachout
As a former U.S. attorney, I would only align myself with a first-class organization. World Patent Marketing goes beyond making statements about doing business ‘ethically’ and translates them into action.
Matthew Whitaker
It’s always been my dream to be an attorney, and I’m that weird breed of human being that loves being in a courtroom.
Kimberly Bryant
I don’t know what he meant by ‘they’re after me.’ And then I said, ‘You know, Bobby, I’m here for you. If you need any help, give me a call.’ And then he did call me about a week later, and wanted to know if I had a good attorney.
Tommy Bond
We’ve done amazing things for the state. Some of them have had a national impact, but I’m going to be ready for some new challenges, and so I’m not going to seek a fifth term as attorney general.
Lisa Madigan
Claire Hodgson, born Clara Mae Merritt, was the daughter of a prominent Georgia attorney who had once represented Ty Cobb. She was still a teenager when she married Frank Hodgson, a gentleman caller nearly twice her age.
Jane Leavy
As attorney general, I would work with my colleagues in other states to launch a major antitrust investigation to look into the ways in which Facebook and Google are wielding and may be abusing their duopoly powers.
Zephyr Teachout
When the law says you’re entitled to an attorney, it doesn’t mean you’re entitled to an attorney who sleeps or an attorney who doesn’t do his job.
Pete Gallego
In my roles as Deputy State Treasurer and Special Assistant Attorney General, I strove to make government more responsive, transparent, efficient, and proactive.
Raja Krishnamoorthi
At every juncture as Oklahoma’s attorney general, Scott Pruitt has consistently chosen to undermine and attack environmental safeguards – not to defend them.
Amber Valletta
I sit here as the first African-American attorney general, serving the first African-American President of the United States. And that has to show that we have made a great deal of progress. But there’s still more we have to travel along this road so we get to the place that is consistent with our founding ideals.
Eric Holder
We need an attorney general for the people, not a presidential protector and puppet of the administration.
John Barrasso
Being attorney general has truly allowed me to be a voice for justice for the people of Illinois and oftentimes the country – and I love it.
Lisa Madigan
Given my last position, that I was the first U.S attorney post 9/11 in New Jersey, I understand acutely the pain and sorrow and upset of the family members who lost loved ones that day at the hands of radical Muslim extremists. And their sensitivities and concerns have to be taken into account.
Chris Christie
I found poetry at 12 and 13 and, lo and behold, learned that my attorney father had a background in poetry – as he wore dashikis and Afros in the ’70s and named his kids Arabic names. He was a poet and a lot like The Last Poets and Gil Scott-Heron and all of these folks. He definitely was an artist.
Omari Hardwick
I believe the attorney general or the deputy attorney general has an obligation to follow the law and the Constitution and to give their independent legal advice to the President.
Sally Yates
If you’re a prosecutor, and you believe the defendant is guilty, you only talk about ultimate truth, but not intermediate truth. If you’re the defense attorney, you care deeply about intermediate truth, but you tend to neglect ultimate truth.
Alan Dershowitz
I served as Attorney General John Ashcroft’s chief adviser on immigration law at the U.S. Department of Justice during 2001-03.
Kris Kobach
I was raised – professionally – in the Public Integrity Section. I started in 1976, stayed there for 12 years. It was formed after Watergate by then-head of the Criminal Division Dick Thornburgh, who ultimately became Attorney General.
Eric Holder
No responsible scholar who thinks a sitting president cannot be indicted also thinks an attorney general can try to truncate a process of oversight – by Congress, for example – by ‘pre-clearing’ the president in advance.
Neal Katyal
My wife and daughters work. My campaign manager in 2005 was a working mother. I appointed 5 women to my senior staff as Attorney General.
Bob McDonnell
I couldn’t do that as attorney general. Why? Because they are my clients. You can’t say they’re not doing what they ought to be doing when you are the attorney general.
Christine Gregoire
I couldn’t vote to confirm any candidate who supports executive amnesty. The attorney general is a top law enforcement officer in this country – the senior person – and anyone who occupies that office must have fidelity to the laws of the United States duly passed, and to the Constitution of the United States.
Jeff Sessions
After getting a law degree, I spent five unhappy months as a corporate attorney.
Andrew Yang
The Department of Justice must be nonpartisan and uphold the rule of law. Likewise, the leader of that department – the Attorney General – must always be independent and focused on doing the right thing, regardless of the politics.
Sharice Davids
My father and his brothers were all lawyers, so I think that the expectation was probably for me to grow up to be an attorney, but it never really fascinated me that much. I was more interested in building things.
Steve Case
When states like Alabama and Arizona passed some of the harshest immigration laws in history, my Attorney General took them on in court and we won.
Barack Obama
I was the United States Attorney for Maine for three years, and then was appointed a federal judge.
George J. Mitchell
As a former attorney general. I have the greatest respect for the criminal justice system. But it is not good at intelligence gathering.
Kelly Ayotte
I’m very happy being attorney general.
Pam Bondi
For the past 25 years as an adoption attorney, I have witnessed the extraordinary courage and compassion of women – from age 14 to 40 – facing unplanned pregnancy. Not once did I believe that the government should interfere with their personal and private decision.
Ann McLane Kuster
New Yorkers have been fortunate to have Andrew Cuomo as our Attorney General – protecting working New Yorkers against the banks, insurance companies and big corporations.
Eric Schneiderman
President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions want to change the false Black Lives Matter narrative, but it doesn’t look like they will have many allies among liberal mayors and their police commanders.
Heather Mac Donald
I figured I’d coach two or three years at the most and go back and be an attorney.
Mike Leach
I thought I was gonna be an attorney, so I went to Dartmouth and I was a government major and I minored in environmental policy, and I didn’t do anything academically around the arts.
Aisha Tyler
Here, I am looking for a document issued by a public attorney. I don’t find. He is accused by the political leaders of the coalition, by his enemies, who said that he is guilty. That he deserves to be killed.
Jacques Verges
My dad was an attorney. The last thing he ever thought about was clothes, and yet somehow he always looked good.
Thom Browne
Under the leadership of President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Department of Justice is delivering results. Many federal, state, and local agencies are working with us to combat opioid addiction.
Rod Rosenstein
My father was an attorney.
Judge Reinhold
The nature of the job of attorney general has changed – irrevocably. And we should never again have an attorney general, of either party, capable of expressing surprise at the role that national security issues now play in the life of the Justice Department or in the role of its chief.
Benjamin Wittes
I don’t believe newspaper reporters can substitute for a district attorney, but a newspaper has a very valid investigative role. Newspaper reports on corruption in government, racketeering and organized crime conditions can be very helpful to your communities and the whole country.
Robert Kennedy
When I left the San Francisco DA’s office, I went down to the Los Angeles district attorney’s office, and I was able to try a tremendous amount – very serious cases and working in gang neighborhoods, impoverished neighborhoods – really make a difference and be impactful in those communities.
Kimberly Guilfoyle
Maggie is my sister-in-law, married to my brother David. She is a defense attorney who devotes 25 percent of her practice to pro bono wrongful-incarceration cases.
Lisa Lutz
I’m humbled by the honor that President Clinton has done me in nominatinq me as Attorney General of the United States, and I’m going to do my very best to deserve his confidence.
Janet Reno
When you have an attorney giving you advice, it would be nice to know what their financial relationship is to the advice.
Lowell Bergman
As attorney general, I’ve launched a specialized unit to protect voting rights.
Andy Beshear
When I was attorney general, we had the strongest public integrity unit in the country.
Luther Strange
Liberal members of Congress and their media allies are furious with Attorney General William Barr because he blew up the Mueller report smear job before it was out of the box.
Tom Fitton
I will not vote in favor of Senator Sessions’ nomination for attorney general.
Amy Klobuchar
It’s too late for that – trying to second guess it. It’s over. I’m worried about how to get the kids through school and still write and practice law and take power of attorney.
Christopher Darden
Running for attorney general troubled me. Because I was worried I would simply become just a figurehead and that’s not me.
Pam Bondi
I would be loath to speak ill of any person who I do not know deserves it, but I am afraid he is an attorney.
Samuel Johnson
Any district attorney knows that an endorsement from law enforcement unions is vital to earning voters’ trust. As a result, police unions play an outsized role in district attorney elections.
Letitia James
I have a J.D., but I’m not a practicing attorney as far as entertainment law goes.
Adrian Younge
Our country is fortunate to have Bill Barr, a man of integrity who has served two U.S. Presidents, as our Attorney General.
Mike Braun
If the events of September 11, 2001, have proven anything, it’s that the terrorists can attack us, but they can’t take away what makes us American – our freedom, our liberty, our civil rights. No, only Attorney General John Ashcroft can do that.
Jon Stewart
I was an attorney general. That was – that matters to me, and if you won’t obey your own rules, there’s no reason to think you’ll obey any others.
Ken Cuccinelli
I recognized when I ran for the office of attorney general that there would be… challenges and that there are things that you cannot predict.
Daniel Cameron
While I’m the Attorney General, we will address each issue with one question: What’s the right thing to do?
Janet Reno
Mr. Gonzales’ failure to respond to questions legitimately posed to him by the Senate raises grave doubts in my mind as to his fitness to serve the people of the United States as their Attorney General.
Daniel Inouye
It simply cannot be that the president can name his own temporary attorney general to supervise an investigation in which he and his family have a direct, concrete interest.
Neal Katyal
Teaching does allow me to keep one foot in the youthful waters I tend to occupy in my novels, so I’m thankful for that. My students also remind me on a daily basis that the stories I collected during my district attorney days are actually interesting to people who haven’t had that experience.
Alafair Burke
And then for the first time in history a Cook County state’s attorney was reelected for a third time.
Richard M. Daley
I always received much more satisfaction as a defense attorney in obtaining an acquittal for a client than I ever have as a D.A. in obtaining a conviction. All my interests and sympathies tend to be on the side of the individual as opposed to the state.
Jim Garrison
The attorney general is the only one who can authorize what’s called an emergency FISA.
Michael Hayden
As a past attorney general I consider a WTO Brexit to be a disaster for us as, leaving aside the economic damage it will cause, it would trash our reputation for observing our international obligations – as it must lead to our breaching the Good Friday Agreement with Ireland on the Irish border.
Dominic Grieve
I realized how important it was to have a good team – manager, attorney and label. It’s not just about putting out a record and somebody signing you.
Wayne Static
We also quoted Robert Luskin, Rove’s attorney, acknowledging that Rove did speak to Cooper late on the week prior to the article coming out, which would have been July 10 or 11.
Michael Isikoff
Well, my dad was the district attorney of New Orleans for about 30 years.
Harry Connick, Jr.
Shame on Congressman Brooks for his lack of faith in President Trump’s and Attorney General Sessions’ commitment to work together to make America great again.
Luther Strange
I saw the legal system close up, and I understood that it was built by lawyers for lawyers, and unless you have an attorney to navigate it, you’re not going to be successful.
Shari Redstone
Trump’s relentless public humiliation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions was clearly intended to get him to resign.
Charles Krauthammer
Over the last few years, we have seen too many politicians disregard the Constitution as they voted to increase the size and scope of government. I will use my legal experience gained as a federal attorney to hold them accountable.
Matthew Whitaker
I have the best job in politics in Alabama. As the attorney general, I just go to work every day and think of a way to sue the Obama Administration. If you don’t think that is fun, that is a full-time job.
Luther Strange
The Attorney General is the state’s chief consumer advocate, fighting to protect the financial security of all Illinoisans.
Lisa Madigan
As an attorney, I could be rather flamboyant in court. I did not act as though I were a black man in a white man’s court, but as if everyone else – white and black – was a guest in my court. When trying a case, I often made sweeping gestures and used high-flown language.
Nelson Mandela
I call my attorney three times a day.
Do we want an Attorney General who will play politics with the law, play politics with the court and just play politics with international conventions designed to protect our troops? I do not want to play that kind of politics. I am going to vote against Alberto Gonzales.
Barbara Mikulski
I wanted to be an attorney all the way up until I was 17.
Mark Foster
My parents would always have us, as many times as we could, sit together for dinner and talk about what was happening in our lives, and so we created a great recipe where I could be completely honest with my mother and to an extent my father, being an attorney.
Ryan Seacrest
I’m a trial attorney and I specialize in defense civil litigation. My firm represents businesses and organizations in whatever aspect they get sued, whether it’s commercial litigation, to personal injury, liability, contracts, we litigate for them on their behalf.
Rachel Lindsay
The attorney general of New York state has a special authority and responsibility to preserve the integrity of businesses and nonprofits in New York under the state’s own laws as well as under the U.S. Constitution.
Zephyr Teachout
I have 40 pounds to lose. It is not the fault of the fast food people, and anyone who’s trying to sue the fast food places needs a therapist, not an attorney.
Richard Simmons
I have always had an attorney on retainer, and now I believe I will have to put him to work.
Jeff Gannon
I don’t want to hear again from the attorney general or anyone on this floor that this government has shown it can be trusted to use the power we give it with restraint and care.
Russ Feingold
As attorney general, I’m helping lead a national effort to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions.
Andy Beshear
While I have supported marriage equality since my days as a state senator over a decade ago, I have since conducted an extensive legal analysis that has only emboldened my support as attorney general.
Lisa Madigan
Politics is still the No. 1 sport in town and the scoreboard shows the U.S. attorney’s office leading.
Bill Kurtis
If you want to call me an activist attorney general, I will proudly accept that label.
Eric Holder
On March 12, 2004, acting attorney general James B. Comey and the Justice Department’s top leadership reached the brink of resignation over electronic surveillance orders that they believed to be illegal.
Barton Gellman
I wanted to be an attorney. My mother would say I never stopped talking. I always had a lot of questions to ask, and I was never satisfied with the answer. A lot of things I wasn’t satisfied by.
Claudette Colvin
Dan Donovan was the district attorney at one point who could not indict NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo, who choked Eric Garner on video, for the whole country to watch, for the whole world to watch. And he actually, immediately after that, won a seat in Congress. He beat a Democrat to get into Congress.
Linda Sarsour
I will be the defense attorney for all Italians.
Giuseppe Conte
I was assigned to do a job by the attorney general, and that was to find out whether crimes were committed.
Ken Starr
The economy is governed through cartel agreements and monopoly. The attorney general is the one who’s controlling funds. There is no free business in Georgia.
Bidzina Ivanishvili
As the United States attorney in Manhattan, I have come to worry about few things as much as the gathering cyber threat.
Preet Bharara
It probably can take me anywhere I want to be, but I have to be honest, being attorney general is a great job.
Lisa Madigan
You get a lawyer whether you’re in a military tribunal or whether you’re in a federal court, number one. The attorney general decided that the court with the biggest – with the greatest venue, with the best jurisdiction was the New York court. That was the right decision to make.
Joe Biden
If I were attorney general in Kansas in 1953, I would not have defended a Kansas statute that put in place separate-but-equal facilities.
Eric Holder
I’ll trust an attorney before I’ll trust a doctor.
Tommy Morrison
It’s called ‘The 10th Muse.’ I’m the 10th daughter of Zeus – the forgotten Muse. By day, I’m a district attorney; by night, I fight crime with my martial-arts skills.
There’s something about sitting face-to-face with an attorney in an office that enables people to come to grips with the very idea of divorce – or to reconsider the idea. Like a number of my colleagues – not all – I offer that preliminary consultation for free.
Laura Wasser
Some commentators have attacked the special counsel regulations as giving the attorney general the power to close a case against the president, as Mr. Barr did with the obstruction of justice investigation into Donald Trump. But the critics’ complaint here is not with the regulations but with the Constitution itself.
Neal Katyal
Mr. Sessions’ conduct as a U.S. Attorney, from his politically-motivated voting fraud prosecutions to his indifference toward criminal violations of civil rights laws, indicated that he lacks the temperament, fairness and judgment to be a federal judge.
Coretta Scott King
As Attorney General of Alabama, I have never hesitated to stand up to the EPA before when it was wrong.
Luther Strange
I think if I weren’t an actress, I might have made a halfway decent attorney! I like the way they think.
Lorraine Toussaint