Backgrounds Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Backgrounds Quotes from famous authors such as Ivanka Trump, Andrew Bird, Erika Jayne, Steve Stoute, Clive Lewis. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

Whatever we do, whatever our backgrounds, we’ve all had some kind of advantage somewhere along the way. Some break that might have gone to someone else. Some edge or inside track we couldn’t have counted on.
Ivanka Trump
All the folks I play with come from jazz backgrounds or at least appreciate spontaneity within the parameters of a pop song.
Andrew Bird
Both my husband and I come from very modest backgrounds. He’s obviously done very well, and I’ve worked hard all my life and done well, too.
Erika Jayne
You think Jay-Z is going broke? LeBron is going broke? These guys have figured it out. They came from poor backgrounds, broken homes, and they figured out how to be businessmen. They become new aspirations.
Steve Stoute
My time as an MP has made me more aware of the power dynamics that exist in society: between men and women, between people of different backgrounds and ethnicities, between those in positions of power and those with very little of it.
Clive Lewis
I like to let the story flesh itself out, and usually, the characters make their own decisions as things get under way. Dialogue especially seems to write itself once I’m familiar with the characters and their backgrounds.
Victoria Aveyard
To have a diverse set of perspectives and backgrounds enables you to understand the market at large much more effectively.
David Cohen
I grew up listening to Barney Kessel and Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, guys with blues backgrounds.
John Abercrombie
Because of the Internet, you’re sort of forced to deal with people from very different backgrounds and beliefs. It’s a great challenge of our time, and depending on when you ask me, I feel optimistic or pessimistic about it.
Kumail Nanjiani
I grew up about 30 minutes north of Boston in a town that was a virtual melting pot – I was exposed to all different backgrounds, cultures, and religions, fueling my personal interests in global issues.
Alex Newell
If religion were true, its followers would not try to bludgeon their young into an artificial conformity; but would merely insist on their unbending quest for truth, irrespective of artificial backgrounds or practical consequences.
H. P. Lovecraft
Being from New York, living in L.A., being in Chicago, you kind of get more of the big-city, melting-pot sort of thing. But when you drive through the country, there’s so many small pockets of people that don’t experience people of different backgrounds. So what they’ve seen on television is their baseline.
Mekhi Phifer
Many science-fiction writers, such as Gregory Benford, are working scientists. Many others, such as Joe Haldeman, have advanced degrees in science. Others, like me, have backgrounds in science and technology journalism.
Robert J. Sawyer
History should belong to all of us, and it needs to include people from different cultural backgrounds. Otherwise, it risks becoming irrelevant to children, who could then become disenchanted with education.
Malorie Blackman
My interest in the linguistic differences between women and men grew from research I conducted early in my career on conversations between speakers of different ethnic and regional backgrounds.
Deborah Tannen
I think you get a lot of life experiences and they all get dumped in a locker room and they say ‘Hey, spend 10 months a year with each other.’ That’s a great example that just because you have different backgrounds and you may be staunchly on the other side on different issues, it doesn’t mean that you can’t cohabitate.
Greg Olsen
One of the great things about the SEAL teams in particular, and the American military in general, is the tremendous diversity of backgrounds and experience that people bring to their service.
Eric Greitens
Widening the talent pipeline sufficiently will require a generational commitment to teaching math and science, providing technical training, and mentoring young people of all backgrounds so they understand the full range of possibilities that a career in technology affords.
John T. Chambers
My husband and I have very similar backgrounds even though we’re years apart. So there are a lot of things that we basically share.
Annette Bening
By the way, if you ever watch Prince Harry on a panel or giving a talk, you can tell that as royals go, he’s comparatively normal, and I think that’s largely because he had a workplace experience with people with radically different social backgrounds.
Pete Buttigieg
As a child in the rural district of Penal I remember sharing meals from the same pot with neighbours of different racial, ethnic, social and economic backgrounds.
Kamla Persad-Bissessar
It wasn’t until the fourth or fifth Van Halen record that people would go, ‘Wow! You’re singing backgrounds on those records. That’s not David Lee Roth.’ And I go, ‘Hell, no! That’s not David Lee Roth.’
Michael Anthony
We want to make tennis look like America when it comes to cultural backgrounds.
Katrina Adams
God has a kingdom. It’s made up of citizens: some black, some white, some red, yellow, Spanish backgrounds. His intention was never that the individual uniqueness would cause them to lose sight of the flag flying over them – the flag of the cross.
Tony Evans
It’s that I don’t like white paper backgrounds. A woman does not live in front of white paper. She lives on the street, in a motor car, in a hotel room.
Helmut Newton
We had people of all backgrounds coming together – all races, all creeds, all colors, all status in life. And coming together there was a kind of quiet dignity and a kind of sense of caring and a feeling of joint responsibility.
Dorothy Height
Comics and actors come from such a wide variety of backgrounds and there’s a theory that all comedians had tortured youths.
Brad Hall
In the globalized world that is ours, maybe we are moving towards a global village, but that global village brings in a lot of different people, a lot of different ideas, lots of different backgrounds, lots of different aspirations.
Lakhdar Brahimi
I believe very strongly in the value of having a diverse team around me that comes from very different backgrounds and different points of view.
Irene Rosenfeld
London is undoubtedly one of the most exciting places in the world in which to work, attracting hundreds of thousands of people of all abilities and backgrounds each year seeking to make a name for themselves.
Damian Green
We are a country where people of all backgrounds, all nations of origin, all languages, all religions, all races, can make a home. America was built by immigrants.
Hillary Clinton
If you must know, my parents came from pretty hardscrabble backgrounds in the southern Midwest. I certainly didn’t grow up poor, but I did spend my 20s and early 30s juggling temp jobs and choking on massive student-loan debt.
Meghan Daum
The biggest start-up successes – from Henry Ford to Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg – were pioneered by people from solidly middle-class backgrounds. These founders were not wealthy when they began. They were hungry for success, but knew they had a solid support system to fall back on if they failed.
Eric Ries
Cultivating a global incubator network would help people from all backgrounds bring creative ideas to market and launch startups that generate more jobs – and would also align to the growing interest among youth for entrepreneurship.
Tae Yoo
I really respond to diversity, a broader landscape, with actors of different ages and races and backgrounds.
Ryan Phillippe
The students’ union and the student body work hard to support the university in encouraging applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply to Oxford.
Wes Streeting
I wanted to have more songs with religious backgrounds. The Christmas record has strong, traditional hymns, but it also has a song called ‘Christmas in Heaven’ about missing someone that you love that’s passed on, and wondering what’s going on up there on Christmas.
Scotty McCreery
There is no reason why cricket shouldn’t be the number one alternative to football. And at a time when there are obvious divisions in society, cricket has a great role to play in bringing people together from all sorts of diverse backgrounds and faiths.
Andrew Strauss
In sports, a team is surrounded with people with different backgrounds, with different races, and with different religions. In order to win, everybody comes together. I feels like that’s what the U.S.A. represents. Everyone just has to come together in order to win.
Rob Gronkowski
What’s great is that because math is such a universal language, really, our fans come in all shapes and sizes, all ages and genders and races and backgrounds and cultures.
David Krumholtz
People who have theater or sketch-comedy backgrounds seem to be more, you know, our speed. Like Amy Poehler and Will Arnett – we double date.
Megan Mullally
My parents are artists and have always instilled great pride in understanding of various backgrounds.
Paloma Elsesser
Making sure children from all backgrounds learn about opportunities that are usually available to a few, is an inspiring vision of what our schools can be. That means ensuring there is strong leadership and great teachers, particularly in the most deprived areas.
Liz Kendall
God created the races. He created different backgrounds and cultures. But He created them all to operate under His authority.
Tony Evans
Social entrepreneurs come from different backgrounds and are by and large, starved of capital. Such socialpreneurs must have extraordinary passion to follow their dreams.
Sudha Murty
This happens to a lot of kids from different backgrounds – they lose a lot of their parents’ and grandparents’ teachings, language and culture because they have to deal with another language and culture 24/7. By the time I was 44, I was terrible at Spanish. I was always intimidated whenever I had to speak it.
Erik Estrada
Harvard is a wondrously tolerant climate for debate and exchange among a wide variety of thoughts, backgrounds, and beliefs, but the voice of religion on campus is largely inaudible.
Alexandra Petri
Prior to getting into music, I interacted with, on a daily basis, about 5-10 percent of the people that I’ve interacted with since then. I’ve been meeting people from different backgrounds and different cultures. That did allow for a lot of change. I’ve changed as a product of that, but it’s been positive.
Sam Hunt
I understand the Rooney Rule and I understand why it is critical in America. I certainly think there are differences between the American system and in American football, there is such a large percentage of players who are of ethnic backgrounds. I think there is a difference here… I don’t think its appropriate here.
Chris Hughton
All four of the actors in ‘You’re the Worst,’ we all have strong theater backgrounds. We all play off of each other in that way that you would in theater. You kind of are up for anything out of the blue happening and getting it on film, you know? We’re all just open to playing.
Kether Donohue
You need to have the advice from experienced people coming from different kinds of educational and backgrounds in general, and then you can make a decision. But you need people around you that you trust to give you advice, and you need to make sure that the facts of the case are presented.
Margrethe Vestager
Because of the tax on being different, individual actors in the labour market from different backgrounds can rationally value the same opportunities differently.
Vivienne Ming
Look, every actor has a different way of preparing or creating a character and yeah, we all are from different backgrounds.
Alex Pettyfer
I think there’s so many points of view that you want to make sure your stories are being told from men and women… you get all of the different backgrounds. You don’t want every story being told from the same point of view. So just for better storytelling, I’m like, ‘Yes, please, bring some more ladies on.’
Melissa McCarthy
I had no need to apologize that the look-wider, search-more affirmative action that Princeton and Yale practiced had opened doors for me. That was its purpose: to create the conditions whereby students from disadvantaged backgrounds could be brought to the starting line of a race many were unaware was even being run.
Sonia Sotomayor
A year of service has the power to bring young people together from different races, ethnicities, incomes, faiths, and political backgrounds to work on pressing problems facing U.S. society today.
Stanley A. McChrystal
The people I’m drawn to are sort of self-created. They came from backgrounds where not much was expected of them, necessarily.
Anthony McCarten
For too long, we have focused on our differences – in our politics and backgrounds, in our race and beliefs – rather than cherishing the unity and pride that binds us together.
Bob Riley
As the nation watches, Democrats and Republicans should reflect the interspersed character of America itself. Perhaps, by sitting with each other for one night, we will begin to rekindle that common spark that brought us here from 50 different states and widely diverging backgrounds to serve the public good.
Mark Udall
Not everybody who is overweight comes from deprived backgrounds, but that’s where the propensity lies.
Anna Soubry
What I have learned is that designers are willing to tell the world that they are here to empower women from all different backgrounds and different walks of life.
Halima Aden
Having studied in a girls school, I was always surrounded by women, all of who were strong-willed and came from army backgrounds, that played a very important role in my life.
Neeti Mohan
By providing every student with a quality education, and the materials they need for class and to do their homework, we can help students from all backgrounds learn and thrive.
London Breed
I definitely have had friendships and moments with people from different backgrounds and in different stages of their lives.
Sofia Coppola
For some people of color, for some people with conservative or religious backgrounds, you know, we’re constantly sort of looking over our shoulder.
Eugene Lee Yang
‘Survivor’ is a game that’s designed to be played with strangers, people with varied backgrounds from all parts of the country. The greatest part is that you can go into the game as anyone you want, hold any job you desire, and portray any personality you can think of.
Jenna Morasca
Some documentaries are made by people who are driven more by one particular story, or have different backgrounds or ambitions, but I’m always looking for projects that let me be the best filmmaker I can be, and to be stretched and grow further.
Lucy Walker
When I first toured North America, everyone was saying that it was working because there is such as a solid Korean fan base here. The truth is, that is less than five per cent of the audience, which is mixed of all backgrounds.
Eric Nam
It’s not even about black and white anymore, because so many people are from mixed backgrounds and mixed ethnicities, and it’s just a great time to be able to pull all that together.
George Lopez
I think backgrounds are important. We all should know what suits us best for what we are, or for the role we want to play, and furnish our homes accordingly.
Agnes Moorehead
We must renew our commitment to instilling high moral character in our students, to teaching them to treat each other with kindness, to stand up for what is right, and to respect the diversity of backgrounds and experiences that strengthen our country.
Eva Moskowitz
I see the Conservative party becoming more and more attractive to people from all different backgrounds, particularly because so many of the immigrant communities are people who work hard and get on in life… so I think they are naturally Conservative.
Grant Shapps
Anorexia and bulimia seem to be getting much more common in boys, men, and women of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds; they are also becoming more common in racial groups previously thought to be impervious to the problem.
Marya Hornbacher
My drummer, bass player, and guitar player sing backgrounds. They play and sing. I can sing all the harmonies, but I can’t do it alone.
Aaron Neville
With ‘Aja,’ there was a sort of happy conjunction between our tastes and the backgrounds and styles of studio musicians at the time.
Walter Becker
In 2009, I edited, under the aegis of the Library of America, an anthology called ‘Becoming Americans: Immigrants Tell Their Stories from Jamestown to Today.’ It featured immigrants from different backgrounds, from black slaves like Phillis Wheatley to Yiddish-language speakers like Henry Roth.
Ilan Stavans
Making a movie with people of all different ethnicity, all different skin color and different backgrounds, meant that the movie can literally play all around the world. It’s not just a blanket whitewash film like most Hollywood films tend to be.
James Wan
I see my fans as music lovers. I really love that. There’s no age group or demographic. It’s people of all ages and backgrounds. Country people and non-country people. I wanted to make music across the board.
Kacey Musgraves
Multiple mergers can be challenging because people come from different backgrounds.
Arundhati Bhattacharya
Diversity is not a skin thing, necessarily. Diversity is you have people around the table who have different backgrounds and different experiences and think differently.
Marc Randolph
At the risk of sounding hopelessly romantic, love is the key element. I really love to play with different musicians who come from different cultural backgrounds.
John McLaughlin
You go to college not only for the latest knowledge but also to meet people from different backgrounds. That’s the genius of the American higher-education system compared with the Europeans’. We don’t simply skim the elite.
Donna Shalala
Irrespective of our foreign policies, for decades, other nations and peoples could see, in the United States, a strong democracy that could maintain social cohesion, welcome immigrants of all backgrounds, and count on stable institutions.
Ben Rhodes
As a white woman with a privileged education, I’m keenly aware that I founded an organization that can only realize its goal if it enlists many more leaders who share the backgrounds of the students and families we work with.
Wendy Kopp
The military is a group of people that come together from different perspectives and backgrounds and places and get a job done because they have a mission.
Jason Kander
Through our Building Bridges dialogues at Accenture, where we have brought together people from diverse backgrounds to have sometimes difficult conversations, such as around race, I have experienced the power of storytelling to help people from diverse backgrounds understand each other.
Julie Sweet
Our nation is comprised of many different backgrounds and cultures, one of the many things that makes me immensely proud to be a South African.
Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters
People from different backgrounds may not have natural affinity, but when the Word of God is treated right and the Holy Spirit is allowed to engage, it can bring together things, people, backgrounds, histories, races, colors, and cultures and hold them together in a way that natural affinity may not be able to do.
Tony Evans
I believe it is the flaws that make us interesting, our backgrounds, the hardships.
Jane Green
God did not burden the United States with a diversity of backgrounds, ideas and religions, He blessed America with them.
Emanuel Cleaver
I started singing backgrounds for Mary Mary and Usher during ‘Confessions.’ Then I jumped to working with Anthony Hamilton, Jill Scott; jumped again to Kanye West, The Killers. I kept saying, ‘OK, this is the last time; then I get to do my music.’
BJ the Chicago Kid
Even in 2012, if there’s a black character in the movies or on television that’s a professional, if we even hear about their backgrounds they’re always ‘up from the streets.’
Stephen Carter
Sports culture has long been patriotic, tolerant of diverse backgrounds and perspective and celebratory of meritocracy.
Jason Whitlock
Ninety percent of my mentors have been male, most of them with very little in common with me on a personal level – from life experience, work experience, backgrounds, etc.
Ory Okolloh
I’ve seen some folks with Olympic backgrounds go into combat sports and it just not being for them. You know, doing Judo or something else you might excel, but as soon as a punches are flying, they’re out.
Josh Barnett
Some people who come from high levels in other backgrounds where they’re used to being the best or used to being on a kind of pedestal, it’s hard to kind of lower yourself again and just be one of the grunts. I kind of enjoyed that challenge in MMA.
Ben Askren
As a young black immigrant at an inner-city school, I saw how poverty of ambition left many from disadvantaged backgrounds on the scrap-heap.
Kemi Badenoch
Through playing so many shows now outside of Japan, what I realize the most is that there is a very diverse fan base that comes to our shows. Sometimes you see older people, younger people, kids, female, male, a lot of different demographics, people from different backgrounds as well.
Suzuka Nakamoto
My parents came from working-class, small-peasant, farm-labourer backgrounds and had made the grade during the fascist years; my father came out of the army as a captain.
W. G. Sebald
I quite like the idea – just as an abstract idea – of 12 people’s collective life experience and wisdom being this formidable thing. People say juries can be led – I think 12 people from different backgrounds, different races, different genders, different ages, it’s hard to hoodwink.
Peter Morgan
The way I’ve always looked at drag has been a little bit different maybe than other people because the drag community that I started doing drag in is full of trans people and women and people of various educational backgrounds, of different ages.
Sasha Velour
The fact that wealthy people or people from privileged backgrounds may wind up in a violent terrorist organization is not new.
Lowell Bergman
In 1970, as a 26 year-old, I joined in the effort in my home state of Massachusetts to organize for Earth Day. But what made the event so successful was that I was only one of about 20 million Americans of all ages and backgrounds who got involved.
John F. Kerry
‘The Five’ is so special is because we all have such diverse backgrounds. It’s such a nice mix of men, of women, and the variety of where we come from, different walks of life, different occupations, and certainly different viewpoints. That’s what makes it so unique.
Kimberly Guilfoyle
Black people should have recognition for themselves and their backgrounds and their relationships with other people in the world and thus lose some of their alienation. This museum has certainly stood for that in this town.
Katherine Dunham
I’ll sing backgrounds, but a lead singer, you know, you’ve got to have that mentality and personality. I’d rather be the bass guy.
Michael Anthony
As someone who grew up between two cultures, I have been fascinated with the question of why men and women with similar backgrounds to mine were drawn towards radical messages of hate and violence.
Deeyah Khan
Sports is something that transcends generations, transcends backgrounds, cultures, races. And so the power of sports is real.
Malcolm Jenkins
However my parents – both of whom came from impoverished backgrounds and neither of whom had been to college, took the view that my overactive imagination was an amusing quirk that would never pay a mortgage or secure a pension.
J. K. Rowling
I feel like in New York, we could of course open up more bike lanes, but I think it’s even more important to create access for people to run, because I think it’s more open to people of all socio-economic backgrounds. I think it’s even more of an equalizer, in terms of sports.
Mary Cain
I’m a big fan of having a team with different thoughts and backgrounds and experiences; that makes for a better enterprise and better decision-making.
Dennis Muilenburg
In a lot of films, they’re showing more complete, developed characters of diverse ethnic backgrounds. The larger concern is to be able to tastefully explore the stereotypes, and still move past them to see the core of people.
Forest Whitaker
Many Latino kids should become scientists because we need scientists all over the world from all different backgrounds. We have many tough problems, and we need everybody’s help to solve the problems.
Mario J. Molina
Safety is top priority for us, and all our drivers are fully certified; all of them are checked. Their addresses are checked. Backgrounds are checked. To whatever extent the Indian system makes it possible to check.
Bhavish Aggarwal
I think that as reporters we certainly bring to bear our own set of experiences, our backgrounds, to our reporting.
Kristen Welker
Americans of all backgrounds and in all kinds of circumstances are stressed out by feeling overwhelmed and being over-committed.
Stephanie Ruhle
I can be the guy to motivate people from all different backgrounds and all different walks of life.
Kofi Kingston
In the early stages of being out, you meet all these people from all kinds of backgrounds, and the one thing you have in common is you’re all gay, but then you start to realise how different your experiences actually are.
Andrew Haigh
The results indicate that heterogeneity of race and heterogeneity of family educational background can increase the achievement of children from weak educational backgrounds with no adverse effect on children from strong educational backgrounds.
James S. Coleman
The best thing about this country is the difference in all of us. We all come from different backgrounds. It’s a really beautiful thing.
Jimmy Barnes
I’d like to see a world where there are so many Latina women leaders – and women of all different backgrounds – in the top jobs around the country. When that happens, we’ve succeeded.
Geisha Williams
There’s so much negativity over this issue of dual nationality – nearly always from people who don’t have mixed family backgrounds and don’t understand that it’s perfectly natural for those of us who do, to feel loyalty to more than one country.
Troy Deeney
We love what we love, and shared fandoms bring people of all ages and backgrounds into one great tribe.
Margaret Stohl
Just like how you find players from different backgrounds in Indian cricket team, our Telugu industry is looking for talent, and it doesn’t matter where it comes from.
Harshvardhan Rane
‘Bamboozled’ is the grassroots that will enlighten Americans from all backgrounds and political affiliations to the true history of the Democrat party and the facts about what liberal policies have done to our nation and communities of color.
Angela McGlowan
Fifa would benefit hugely from the experience of former players from a variety of backgrounds including Africa and Asia. There aren’t many senior staff who have played at the top level and the organisation needs balance.
Sol Campbell
I think I just want to focus on being the best player that I can be and being the best role model that I can be by just doing all the right things, not just for black kids or kids from different backgrounds, but for all kids who play the game. You want them to look at you in a positive light.
P.K. Subban
Coney Island is and always will be ‘the people’s playground.’ It’s a place where people of all backgrounds come to have a good time.
Harold Feinstein
I think the varied backgrounds in the beginning were a plus. It took a while for people to understand what they were trying to do and get started, but it did provide for a lot of new ideas.
Jack Kilby
The reason why Silicon Valley is a worldwide innovation center is because it is a open culture that embraces diversity. You see people from all over the world. When you have many people from different backgrounds gathered together, that is where innovation comes from.
Eric Yuan
We live in diverse communities with all sorts of people from all sorts of different backgrounds. The more our entertainment can be a reflection of the world we live in, the better it is for all of us.
Mahershala Ali
We use music, cinematic storytelling and very stylized backgrounds to create mood and atmosphere as ‘Samurai Jack’ travels an exotic landscape. The environment is a major character in each show.
Genndy Tartakovsky
Right now there are a lot of Angels represented. We are from all over the world. We come from different backgrounds. We all had different lives before this, so it is really interesting how a lot of different nationalities are represented, and it is super cool.
Elsa Hosk
If I did one thing, I made cooking rock n’ roll: I made it sexy. I made young kids from rich backgrounds want to come into my world.
Marco Pierre White
2014 was a terrible year for me. I got a lot of help from psychiatrists, doctors, and my family, but also from group therapy. I met people from so many different backgrounds, and we were all able to relate to each other. It felt like a real community, and I stole that concept for Gurls Talk.
Adwoa Aboah
We’ve got very large freshman class, it’s historic in its size, so there’s people that are extremely diverse in their backgrounds and their viewpoints. I think that we’re going to see a conservative group of people coming together, focused on some real ideals that are going to be extremely important.
Kristi Noem
Everybody comes to film differently; everybody has different backgrounds. Just find whatever your lane is naturally. Don’t try to force yourself into someone else’s vision or try to tell a story that you’re not passionate about.
F. Gary Gray
If you put one model in a show or in an ad campaign, that doesn’t solve the problem. We need teachers in universities. We need internships. We need people of different ethnic backgrounds in all parts of the industry. That really is the solution: you have to change it from the inside.
Edward Enninful
I don’t want to fit in. I want to make music that can reach out to people of all different ages and backgrounds and beliefs and turn us into one, groovin, ‘Goodtimenation.’
Gavin Creel
Richard Burton is my number one idol. One, because we come from very similar backgrounds and two, because of his fantastic talent.
Aneurin Barnard
I’m from Leeds so it’s a big part of me and I like getting to know people, find out about them, see different backgrounds and where they’ve come from. Sometimes the struggles relate to my own struggles.
Kalvin Phillips
We are the only country in the world that has taken people from so many different backgrounds, which is a great achievement by itself, but an even greater achievement is that we have turned all of that variety and diversity into unity.
Lamar Alexander
I represented a man on death row whose lawyers had spent all of eight hours looking into his claim of innocence. I met men whose lawyers had never looked into their backgrounds.
Zephyr Teachout
The NHL’s got tons of players from different backgrounds from different places around the world. That’s what makes this league so special and that’s what makes sports so special; it brings everybody together.
P.K. Subban
My parents were both from extremely different backgrounds. My father’s Italian, my mother was of Swedish descent. They’re both first-generation Americans.
Susan Lucci
It is very easy for middle-class people who come from moneyed backgrounds not to understand what it’s like for people when they first go down to the dole office because they’ve lost their jobs.
Anna Soubry
Pope John Paul II brought hope to all corners of the world, to people of all faiths and backgrounds, with his powerful belief in the human spirit.
Jerry Costello
I come from one of these hideous backgrounds where being sincere is like – ugh, you might as well kill yourself.
Christina Ricci
I’ve been lucky that I haven’t encountered much adversity growing up in London and having friends from all different backgrounds.
Emma Weymouth
My parents, they come from different backgrounds. They don’t even value money.
Jabari Parker
People from different backgrounds approach a subject in different ways and ask different questions.
Jocelyn Bell Burnell
My husband, a.k.a. Swede, and I both come from athletic backgrounds, so once we identified the goal – get book published – we attacked it. At any given time, I would have my writing out in 25 various forms – either contests, mentoring critiques, agent/publisher queries, etc.
Kresley Cole
I was friends with all different people and all different groups. And that led me to being friends with a few people who didn’t even go to my school. Now I have the most amazing collection of friends of all ethnic backgrounds and upbringing and financial backgrounds.
James Maslow
In my previous career as a chief executive of high-tech companies, I experienced firsthand the endless possibilities when people from diverse backgrounds work together. They get to know one another and quickly learn that they share more in common than they originally thought.
Naftali Bennett
My parents came from different backgrounds. My father’s was grander than my mother’s, so my mother had… to put up with the disapproval of my father’s relations.
Julian Fellowes
Remembrance Day is a timely reminder that, in what may be some of Britain’s darkest hours, it is the bravery of millions of ordinary people from all races, religions, and backgrounds that have kept our country’s flame burning and stood up for the values we hold dear.
Amber Rudd
I have worked hard to represent people of all backgrounds and I have always done so in a spirit of tolerance.
Pierre Poilievre
The Tories and the Lib Dems talk about social mobility, but, short of winning the lottery, the only way to guarantee young people from all backgrounds the opportunity to do better and to raise aspirations is through education.
Lucy Powell
Most people would accept that people come to London from across the world, from all kinds of backgrounds, and are accepted here irrespective of their origins.
Boris Johnson
Refugees come from many different backgrounds and live in many different circumstances, so I wouldn’t like to generalise. But I think refugees from the U.K. would probably be healthier and better fed than those from many other countries.
Gillian Cross
I am hopeful that the concept of ‘cultural appropriation’ is a passing fad: people with different backgrounds rubbing up against each other and exchanging ideas and practices is self-evidently one of the most productive, fascinating aspects of modern urban life.
Lionel Shriver
I want to see definitions of what’s beautiful, compelling, palatable, marketable, sexy, and prestigious open up to a wider range of bodies, identities, and backgrounds.
Hari Nef
Whatever people’s backgrounds or values, a society where more and more people face a daily struggle to house, clothe and even feed themselves and their families cannot possibly be the answer.
Emily Thornberry
I find discussing mathematics with colleagues of different backgrounds one of the most productive ways of making progress.
Maryam Mirzakhani
I wouldn’t say that I’m very similar to the character of Nathan at all. Both of us have had very different upbringings and backgrounds. I have a competitive nature like the character of Nathan. That’s really easy to draw from when I’m acting; that’s probably the biggest similarity.
James Lafferty
I think it’s awesome to see people of all different ages from all kinds of backgrounds come together for the love of music.
Miranda Lambert
We have a lot of guys from different backgrounds in pit crews and even in the front offices of NASCAR and race teams.
Bubba Wallace
My father was the son of immigrants, and he grew up bilingual, but English is what my father taught me and what he spoke to me. America’s strength is not our diversity; it is our ability to unite around common principles even when we come from different backgrounds.
Ernest Istook
I’m not arguing for a return to the grammar school system, but there must be a way of identifying bright kids from ordinary backgrounds and giving them a world-class education.
Andrew Neil
Now I am married to a man who is a partner and friend. We come from similar backgrounds and share values and interests. It is a continual source of pleasure to talk to him.
Deborah Tannen
Let’s stop telling people from modest backgrounds that their education is capped at a certain level because of where they grew up. In fact I can attest to the fact that all this attitude does is put people off wanting to test the waters and apply, or push themselves towards higher education at all.
Stacey Solomon
ADCOLOR is an incredible organization that not only empowers people from all backgrounds to rise up but also to give back.
Wilson Cruz
In the Marine Corps, you meet this really broad segment of the country; you’re working with people from all kinds of backgrounds. And it exposes you to the American military, particularly the American military at war.
Phil Klay
And, of course, some SF is set close enough to here and now that Anglo and European do apply. Since many of the writers come from those backgrounds, so does much of the fiction.
Stanley Schmidt
We must remember that although we come from different backgrounds and ideologies, we’re all part of this great experiment in self-governance. We’re all united by common values of liberty, justice, and equality of opportunity, even if we don’t always agree on how to achieve them.
Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Romesh Ranganathan and I come from similar backgrounds and we’ve both done well for ourselves.
Rob Beckett
Jeezy just recognized my grind, and I jumped on board with him to enhance it. Artistically, we’re in the same mind frame. We come from very similar backgrounds – poverty. That’s something that we can both relate to, something that we can convey in our music.
Freddie Gibbs
All my early books are written as if I were Indian. In England, I had started writing as if I were English; now I write as if I were American. You take other people’s backgrounds and characters; Keats called it negative capability.
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
I grew up in the Mission District in San Francisco, which was largely Hispanic at the time. I was raised in a household that was really welcoming to diversity and encouraging about different people’s viewpoints and ideas and backgrounds.
Kimberly Guilfoyle
I don’t think of the characters as nationalities. I do not live in India. Playing people from different backgrounds, including Indians, comes easily to me.
Sarita Choudhury
I’ve largely focused on Japan my whole career, so I was interested to see how my music would be received by people of different backgrounds, religions and cultures.
Joe Hisaishi
I’m a traditional Jew with an orthodox background, and it informs much of my approach to science. Of course I think it’s very important that if you have those sorts of backgrounds you don’t impose them on other people as a clinician, of course.
Robert Winston
I don’t think you really can send an exact message, because any two viewers are so disparate, in terms of their backgrounds, their point of view, their histories, that there’s no telling what that message might be.
Martin Mull
In Birmingham, Manchester or Liverpool there are white gangs that share the same backgrounds – they come from broken homes, completely dysfunctional, mums for the most part unable to cope, the fathers of these kids completely not in the scene.
Iain Duncan Smith
Playing cricket has given me an excellent opportunity to get fit and healthy, meet people of similar interests, integrate with people of different backgrounds and see the world.
Isa Guha
If a political opponent has different approaches than mine, that doesn’t make them a bad person. It means they have different backgrounds, experiences, and ideas.
Dana Perino
We understand what President Trump means when he talks about taking the country back. He does not see America as a country of people from diverse backgrounds united around values of freedom and respect. In his ‘American carnage’ version of our country, immigrants and refugees are a threat.
Jan Schakowsky
Both my comedy partner, Steve Punt – who grew up in Reigate and is the son of a civil servant – and I come from similarly suburban backgrounds, and its really what fuels our comedy.
Hugh Dennis
The backgrounds in Lord of the Rings are all explained.
Robbie Coltrane
I think it no accident that most of those emigrating to America in the 19th century identified with the Democratic Party. We are a heterogeneous party made up of Americans of diverse backgrounds.
Barbara Jordan
My law clerks come from diverse backgrounds and points of view.
Brett Kavanaugh
Students from disadvantaged backgrounds will have the most debt, and then, being less likely than their affluent peers to go straight into high paying jobs, they will spend most of their working lives trying but failing to pay off that debt.
Angela Rayner
I used to do stop motion in my own garage and Claymation and all that stuff. That led to doing backgrounds and matte paintings. I started doing matte paintings professionally back before the computer, sort of painting on glass.
Robert Stromberg
The best companies will build culturally diverse leadership teams and workforces with divergent backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas.
Denise Morrison
The Ledbetter Act is aimed at equality. But individuals are not equal. We all have different talents, resources, interests, abilities, educations, and backgrounds.
Will they attack us? Yes. Will they smear our backgrounds and distort our records? Undoubtedly. Will they lie about us, harass our families, namecall to try to intimidate us? They will. There’s nothing safe about it. But is it worth it? Well, let me ask you. Is freedom worth it? Is America worth it?
Christine O’Donnell
Future peace, prosperity and confidence depend not just on ourselves but on the success of all nations. Hence, we are all partners, no matter what our backgrounds, cultures, faiths and histories.
Hassanal Bolkiah
Before I write the first page of a novel, I spend a long time creating detailed backgrounds for my characters. I imagine the experiences that have formed them, what makes them happy, angry, fearful, and what they yearn for.
Lisa Kleypas
Football is oneness in action. When played well, it is unity on display. Players come from different races and different backgrounds. However, when they get on the field, they harmonize their differences toward a common goal.
Tony Evans
The Animals were a very separate and dissonant group at the time. We came from different backgrounds, different areas – we didn’t even come from the same town, basically.
Alan Price
Americans have always welcomed people of all backgrounds, religions, and races. It’s a spirit of tolerance, now energized and amplified by the cult of multiculturalism.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
As actors, you don’t actually need to know the future of the character. You just need to know the backgrounds.
John Noble
Lots of musicians from non-filmi backgrounds and from independent bands are making it to mainstream cinema. Even the music directors are experimenting with different genres.
Shankar Mahadevan
The truth is that those who join gangs – more often than not they are young men in their later teens – often do come from the most difficult family backgrounds, from an environment where they feel neglected and unwanted. Gang membership can bring a perverse sense of belonging which they may not have ever got at home.
Chris Grayling
I like to be surprised. Fresh implications and plot twists erupt as a story unfolds. Characters develop backgrounds, adding depth and feeling. Writing feels like exploring.
David Brin
Nothing has done more to bring people of different races and different backgrounds together than athletics, certainly more than politicians have done. It’s why the Greeks invented the Olympics.
Mike Leach
I’m incredibly proud of the fact that my government has worked closely with communities of all different backgrounds.
Gladys Berejiklian
I have a lot of friends with different backgrounds.
Michael G. Rubin
I’ve realized that what you think of when you make a ‘big movie,’ if it’s actually a green screen movie, it’s like doing independent New York theater because you don’t have any backgrounds or props. So it’s kind of like making the lowest budgeted film you could possibly imagine, plus $100 million.
Emile Hirsch
America is a collection of people from different races, religions, and backgrounds – that is part of what makes us great. But a common language is what brings all of those people together to form a community.
Sam Graves
It’s fun to interact with artistes from various genres and backgrounds.
Neha Bhasin
Medicine is probably one of the best backgrounds for a writer to find stories. I always think cops and docs have the best background because we see so much of human behavior, such a range of human emotions.
Tess Gerritsen
My mum and my husband are from Irish backgrounds, so we have a lot of potatoes. Chips, mashed, boiled, new potatoes, I love them all. Even the slightly wonky ones like Duchess potatoes that go up in a little spiral.
Jo Brand
Innovation happens best when people of different backgrounds come together to solve the world’s toughest challenges and, in the process, can create new jobs and opportunities. I’m hopeful that updated immigration policies will encourage entrepreneurs from around the world to help tackle these opportunities in the U.S.
Mike Krieger
As footballers, you just grow up with people from different backgrounds and different colors of skin.
Gary Lineker
Talent and effort, combined with our various backgrounds and life experiences, has always been the lifeblood of our singular American genius.
Michelle Obama
I meet athletes from different backgrounds and see they share the same mentality and process as other athletes in other sports.
Shannon Sharpe
I meet people from really grand backgrounds who had horrible parents who took no interest in them, whereas I’m a working-class boy from Deptford who was worshipped by all my rellies. Everybody in my extended family helped to raise me, and I realise now how lucky I was to grow up among kind folk.
Jools Holland
When black men become millionaires and can buy expensive homes for their families, it infuriates people who cherish the social construct where white people are at the top and people of other ethnic backgrounds are below.
Eniola Aluko
We want people who come from humble backgrounds and have a need to win.
Douglas Leone