Ballistic Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Ballistic Quotes from famous authors such as Scott Ritter, John McEnroe, Richard Dawkins, Don Nickles, John Spratt. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

The most dangerous thing Iraq could have ever had was a nuclear weapon. The nuclear weapon Iraq was trying to build was not deliverable by bomb or ballistic missile. It was a large, bulky device that they hoped to bury and set off to let the world know they had a nuclear weapon. They never achieved that.
Scott Ritter
There was a line call that didn’t look so great. I went ballistic. Called the umpire a jerk. Whacked a ball into the stands. Then smacked a soda can with my racket, and got soda all over the King of Sweden, who was sitting in the front row.
John McEnroe
A guided missile corrects its trajectory as it flies, homing in, say, on the heat of a jet plane’s exhaust. A great improvement on a simple ballistic shell, it still cannot discriminate particular targets. It could not zero in on a designated New York skyscraper if launched from as far away as Boston.
Richard Dawkins
If you really believe the number one priority of our government is the protection of our people, then the idea of being defenseless against an intercontinental ballistic missile or any other type of weapon system that puts us in jeopardy is not acceptable.
Don Nickles
We would take a little bit of money out of a huge increase in ballistic missile defense and put it in a place where it will do a lot of good, namely, in targeted pay increases to our enlisted personnel, particularly our NCOs and our junior warrant officers.
John Spratt
Really, I like the future. I appreciate my automatic alarm-call necklace in case I get lost and confused in a mall. I appreciate the watch that tells the hospital my blood pressure’s gone ballistic. I like my computer, just as long as it doesn’t get ideas above its workstation.
A. A. Gill
The U.S’s first ballistic missile test was a complete disaster. The Atlas Missile Program, which began in the early 1950s, attempted its first ballistic missile launch on June 11, 1957. The rocket flew for 24 seconds before blowing up. It took two more years before the first successfully armed test flight took place.
Will Hurd
Iran is a bad and dangerous actor in a volatile region of the world, which is why Congress enacted sanctions in response to the ballistic missile program and support for terrorist proxy groups. We must hold senior Iranian leadership accountable for destabilizing actions in the region and around the world.
Brad Schneider
The IAEA should be worried, as I am worried about it, because North Korea is now a nuclear power state with a ballistic missile program.
Tom Cotton
Terror, married to technology and accommodated by progress in travel, has turned evil individuals into traveling ballistic missiles.
Greg Gutfeld
Well we had nine top forensic pathologists from across the country, who operated as a panel, who looked at all the ballistic evidence and they came out saying that those bullets did exactly what the Warren Commission said they did.
Louis Stokes
When I was a kid, I used to cry every time I lost a game, up until, like, the 8th grade. I used to go ballistic. I used to go crazy. If I cried, it’d be like, ‘Ah, Chris is crying again… damn it… come on, get in the car.’ All that over one game. I hated to lose.
Chris Bosh
I know that there are coaches in the Bundesliga that have said in team meetings, ‘Provoke Xhaka; he will eventually go ballistic.’ I think that is sad. That, in my view, has nothing to do with football.
Granit Xhaka
The Aegis Ashore sites in Poland and Romania are designed to counter long-range ballistic missiles that may be launched from other nations, outside of the Euro-Atlantic area, against our European NATO partners.
James A. Winnefeld, Jr.
I would say it’s a lot easier to develop a decoy system than to develop the intercontinental ballistic missile itself. I would think that any country that could develop the missile could develop quite a decoy system. It doesn’t have to be terribly sophisticated.
Steven Weinberg
Israel has many hopes, and faces extreme dangers. The most prominent danger is Iran, which is making every effort to acquire nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, and establishing an enormous terror network together with Syria in Lebanon.
Ariel Sharon
In North Korea, grass is a vegetable eaten by the people, and they’ve got nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles. So, something more stringent than what’s been done to North Korea is going to have to work; otherwise, a military strike is the only option.
Oliver North