Barbarians Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Barbarians Quotes from famous authors such as Ron Carlson, Origen, Alun Wyn Jones, Walter Kohn, Saint Patrick. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

I was a good college kid, all-American and baseball-playing, living in the dorms with a million barbarians. I did not expect to be claimed by Fitzgerald hook, line, and sinker. ‘This Side of Paradise’ – that sweet, sophomoric pastiche of notes, scenes, poetry, and plays – I felt like he’d written the book just for me.
Ron Carlson
But Paul, in his preaching of the Gospel, is a debtor to deliver the word not to Barbarians only, but also to Greeks, and not only to the unwise, who would easily agree with him, but also to the wise.
I’d love to feature for the Barbarians. I’d love to win a Champions Cup, and I’d love to get to another World Cup and make a fist of it: get to a World Cup final at least and see what could have been, particularly after 2011 when Wales reached the semi-finals.
Alun Wyn Jones
However, while the Nazi barbarians and their collaborators threatened the entire world, I could not accept his philosophy and, after several earlier attempts, was finally accepted into the Canadian Infantry Corps during the last year of World War II.
Walter Kohn
I most certainly believe that it is the gift of God that I am what I am. And so I dwell amongst barbarians, a proselyte and an exile, for the love of God.
Saint Patrick
Just what is it that academics have to fear if they stand up for common decency, instead of letting campus barbarians run amok?
Thomas Sowell
France, because it was attacked cowardly, shamelessly, violently, France will be merciless against the barbarians of Daesh.
Francois Hollande
If the Barbarians are destroyed, who will we then be able to blame for the bad things?
Angela Carter
Here in Canada, in the Western world, we are inside the walls. Outside the walls are the barbarians.
Barbara Amiel
Gambling is a disease of barbarians superficially civilized.
William Inge
No race of barbarians ever existed yet offered up children for money.
Samuel Gompers
What a thing, Europe. Europe! The cultured Europe! We are the barbarians, the Indians, the blacks, the southerners. How cynical is Europe. Chavez the tyrant! Chavez the strongman! Chavez, who wants to stay forever. While there, they have kings, my friend!
Hugo Chavez
If you believe you are the city on the hill, the world’s best hope, it is tempting also to believe that outside your boundaries are barbarians.
Linda Colley
War is the business of barbarians.
Napoleon Bonaparte
It was luxuries like air conditioning that brought down the Roman Empire. With air conditioning their windows were shut, they couldn’t hear the barbarians coming.
Garrison Keillor
Our society distributes itself into Barbarians, Philistines and Populace; and America is just ourselves with the Barbarians quite left out, and the Populace nearly.
Matthew Arnold
Farming as we do it is hunting, and in the sea we act like barbarians.
Jacques Yves Cousteau
Of course the barbarians’ aim of world domination has not escaped the attention of the Europeans, perhaps because unlike us they are closer to the walls.
Barbara Amiel
Barbarians always think of themselves as the bringers of civilization.
Pierre Schaeffer
We must assent to the will of Heaven above and conform to the wishes of men on earth below, but the government should assert the majesty of its warlike might in order to drive away the hordes of fierce and cruel men. We know that the dispositions of these outer barbarians are as ravenous as those of wolves.
Zhang Zhidong
Citizens of Rome might boast that the claim of ‘Civus romanus sum’ set them apart from barbarians and slaves, and it was true up to a point, but Roman citizens lived in a society that accepted pain, cruelty, and torture as the norm, and in which there was no suggestion of equality at birth or mercy in the afterlife.
Michael Korda
I am one of the barbarians – I love rock and roll.
Robert Christgau