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Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Bob Quotes from famous authors such as Jackie Mason, Elizabeth Wurtzel, Jermell Charlo, Saswata Chatterjee, Jim Nabors. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

I used to hear on the radio people like Jack Benny or Bob Hope, but I never had any interest in their type of humor. I thought that I could do something more substantially meaningful with significant, thoughtful, analytical reflections on real life situations.
Jackie Mason
I’m a huge Springsteen fan, and yet if either he or Bob Dylan had to be erased from the world’s hard drive, I would save Bob Dylan’s work for sure – he’s the greater talent, and by leaps and bounds and skyscrapers and rocket blasts. But Bob Dylan is an alien to his public.
Elizabeth Wurtzel
Charles Hatley is a good fighter. He comes with pressure and he likes fighting. He’s got a good style and he can bob and weave and be slick.
Jermell Charlo
I did not have to think much doing Bob Biswas in ‘Kahaani.’
Saswata Chatterjee
When I went to Vietnam in 1971 with Bob Hope, we went to Da Nang, which was a Marine base. I just have to say it was one of the biggest thrills I have ever had.
Jim Nabors
One of my favorite albums is Bob Gibson and Bob Camp, ‘At the Gate of Horn.’ It was a really dynamic album, almost like The Beatles, and way before its time… around 1960 or so.
Roger McGuinn
Everything that relates to Pennywise and Bob Gray is very cryptic, and it’s like that for a reason. Probably the success of that character as a monster, as a villain is because of that crypticness and uncertainty that people have towards him.
Andy Muschietti
When I was little, I was listening to the Beatles, Bob Marley, Janis Joplin, and stuff. I had a big soul music culture, and not so much a French one.
On August 28, 2010, Fox News messiah Glenn Beck hosted a ‘Restoring Honor’ revival meeting featuring sexy guest star Sarah Palin, much as Bob Hope would roll out Raquel Welch in white go-go boots on his U.S.O. tours to give our fighting men a morale lift in their khakis.
James Wolcott
I wanted to be Bob Hope or Red Skelton from the time I was 8 years old.
Jerry Van Dyke
And what makes Bob Dylan stories interesting is that the only person who can decide their outcome is Bob Dylan, so you never know how they’re going to go.
Tom Junod
I didn’t really get crazy about Bob Wills until 1940.
Johnny Gimble
Well, I met Frank Sinatra and Bob Dylan in the space of 15 minutes. Frank Sinatra kissed me on the lips. He kissed me on the lips. And then he gave me a filterless cigarette. And then I met Bob Dylan. I came off all lightheaded and had to go sit on his dressing-room steps.
Kate Moss
Bob Dylan’s not a hype and a haircut: he’s the real thing.
Benmont Tench
I love watching Billy Bob, just as a punter anyway. I like his work. But working with him is really easy and really straight-forward. He’s immediately good. He doesn’t have to work up to it. He doesn’t make your life difficult. He listens. He’s a very good listener, in terms of his acting.
Martin Freeman
I love Willie Nelson’s ‘Phases And Stages’; there’s so many songs from The Band and Bob Dylan that have gotten me through hard times, like ‘Tears Of Rage.’ I love Karen Dalton’s ‘In My Own Time’ and Skip James.
Margo Price
I get tips from Bob Gaudio. And one of my songs somehow caught the attention of one of my idols, Marty Panzer, who wrote big hits for Barry Manilow. So two guys who inspired me to write lyrics are now teaching me to write.
Erich Bergen
My musical tastes go from Zeppelin to Bob Dylan to Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne. Anything modern and progressive.
Josh Hartnett
I’m from the Bob Wills and the Little Richard school of music. Bob Wills did what the hell he thought, Little Richard did what he thought, and those were my big influences.
Buck Owens
Networks decide who will have a chance to do shows, but it is the viewers who make the final decision of who stays and who goes. I am very fortunate, in that the television viewers of our country have decided that Bob Barker can stay.
Bob Barker
The reason I do what I do is because I was influenced by Steve Martin, by Woody Allen, by Bob Newhart, by Carol Burnett, by Lucille Ball.
Ellen DeGeneres
The only thing about rock n’ roll in my house is a couple of paintings of Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan – and they were expensive, too.
John Waite
To go back to visit the early days with Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon, when she was the dance captain of ‘How to Succeed,’ and finding them again 25 years later and working with them on ‘Charity.’ That was really great fun.
Donna McKechnie
I think Bob Costas is terrific. He’s so knowledgeable. He can talk about any subject, not just sports.
Jim McKay
In 1965, when great young white artists in the English-speaking world were successfully re-channeling hillbilly and black music – you know Bob Dylan, Ray Davies, Pete Townsend, Keith Richards – they didn’t get any money at first. They were all broke.
Iggy Pop
Bob Altman got nothing from the TV series ‘M*A*S*H,’ and the royalties for the theme song went to his oldest son, Michael, who wrote it as a 15-year-old poet!
Mitchell Zuckoff
When I first started singing in Paris, I sounded horrible: I was just singing to get some money to eat. And I wasn’t singing my own songs: it was Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix. Eventually, when I wrote my own music, my style just came out of my own place.
Benjamin Clementine
I’ve been a fan of Bob Odenkirk since he was on HBO originally with ‘Mr. Show.’
CM Punk
I believe in having total clarity around our goals. I believe in creating these goals together as a group and making sure they’re aligned with Bob Iger’s goals for the Walt Disney Co. And more than anything, making sure people understand that they have a responsibility to one another.
Anne Sweeney
My parents were inspired by Bob Dylan and Dylan Thomas when naming me. They specifically saved this masculine name for their only girl.
Dylan Lauren
If I buy anything for personal use or for BOB that has even the slightest hint of moth damage, I put it straight into the freezer for a few days. This might sound odd, but its the best and most efficient way to kill moth eggs.
Dawn O’Porter
I’ve had mentors who were kind of the troubadour singer-songwriters, like Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Neil Young, and that’s just what I’ve always liked – people who would talk real honestly about their lives and their circumstance.
I’m very close with Bob and his lovely, fabulous wife Catherine, too.
Sally Kellerman
The amazing thing about Bob Marley is that there is no moving footage of him at all for the first ten or eleven years of his career. From 1962 to 1973, there’s nothing, not a single frame.
Kevin Macdonald
I love Bob Marley so much. Honestly, all of Madonna’s discography. She has so many amazing, fun songs. Or Cyndi Lauper. The thing is, at the same time, I also love listening to Lana Del Rey all the time, the saddest thing you can do to yourself.
Kim Petras
I used to write on pads with a pen but had trouble reading the words the next day. Years later, Bob Dylan taught me to just write and write on a laptop computer. Then I’d print that out. When it was time to write a song, I’d go through the pages and sing melodies to words that moved me.
Leon Russell
I have always had a bob haircut because my hair is so fine and doesn’t like being long.
Cornelia Parker
Albert Grossman called my office and spoke with my partner Richard Leacock and asked if we’d be interested in making a film with his client, Bob Dylan.
D. A. Pennebaker
My hair is an untidy bob. I am very dark, but I embellish the roots because I am white in one clump.
Erin O’Connor
People like Howlin’ Wolf, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, John Lee Hooker, Nina Simone, Captain Beefheart – all of these artists were what I grew up listening to every day of my life. And there’s a very healthy music scene in the west country of England, where I grew up.
P. J. Harvey
I was buying Bob Dylan mainly, everything I could get hold of by him.
Robyn Hitchcock
After a fellow gets famous it doesn’t take long for someone to bob up that used to sit by him in school.
Kin Hubbard
In ‘Casino,’ there was this scene where Bob De Niro tape-records Sharon Stone’s phone call. Then he asks her about where she’s going, and he catches her in a lie. It was a great scene, especially for Bob’s work, but we found that, in light of the whole film, it wasn’t needed.
Thelma Schoonmaker
When Bob goes into the studio, he didn’t just say, ‘I’m going to do one album by itself.’ No, we always had leftovers and some that were what you’d call rejects, we have those too.
Rita Marley
The more you know about Bob Dylan, the less you know. A truly enigmatic artist, Mr. Dylan’s work and life offer vaporous handholds, explanations, and instructions. Attempt to grasp them, and they will only dissipate and re-form into another contexture or idea.
David Means
When I started, I just put my nose to the grindstone, had great trainers and opponents like Fit Finlay, Arn Anderson, Booker T, Umaga and Bob Holly, and good things started to happen.
Bobby Lashley
Bob Dylan has and Einstein had their own way of perceiving the universe and translating it for us.
Johnny Flynn
Bob Smith from Brooklyn is a guy who sometimes gets hung with problems and fears. Wolfman Jack is a happy-go-lucky guy who knows how to party. The challenge of my life has been letting more and more of Bob Smith go, becoming the Wolfman on an almost full-time basis, while still taking care of business.
Wolfman Jack
Bob Dylan is quite a songwriter, and a great singer and musician. I won’t bother with comparing myself to him, but I will say that I heard his records at a very young age and I still listen to all his records.
Frank Black
Bob asked his lawyer what would happen if he didn’t make a will and she said: ‘Your wife and children will be okay.’ Which was good enough for him.
Rita Marley
Everybody who I ever cared about has told me that they like my music: Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Al Green, The Spinners, Smokey Robinson. Everybody that matters.
Daryl Hall
Bob Dylan did the first really long record – Like A Rolling Stone – I think it was four minutes.
Pete Townshend
I wanted to emulate Bob Flanagan, the high voice in the ‘Four Freshmen.’ I wanted to sing high like he did.
Brian Wilson
I’ve grown up on American songwriters my whole life – listening to Paul Simon and Bob Dylan and people like John Prine – you know, classic, real songwriters. They’ve been the lion’s share of what I’ve really focused on as a writer and as influences, too.
We say, ‘Wow, look at Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones. Their clothes were always so cool.’ Maybe not Mick Jagger when he wore Spandex in the ’80s.
Charlotte Caffey
I thought of America as Natalie Wood and Bob Wagner sprawled on the edge of a Hollywood swimming pool biting into the same red apple.
Bharati Mukherjee
I asked Bob Dylan to paint the album cover for ‘Music from Big Pink.’ He said, ‘Yeah, let me see what I can come up with.’
Robbie Robertson
I am a child of the ’70s, so I love classic rock – Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison, and I also love Coldplay.
Rachel Zoe
I’ll dance to anything: Bob Marley or rap.
Francesca Annis
Bob Dylan is as influential as any artist that there has been.
Robbie Robertson
Bob is a normal man, just like any other man.
Rita Marley
When I was in college, being a magician was not the classiest thing to be. It was like being a folk singer before Bob Dylan.
Doug Henning
Townes Van Zandt is the best songwriter in the whole world, and I’ll stand on Bob Dylan’s coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that.
Steve Earle
Bob was the king, and as his queen I must carry on.
Rita Marley
You see Michelangelo and Picasso and you read literature. I had some innate inchoate yearning for that, but I never really saw where I would fit in. That’s called art. And then something happened to pop music, which is that it became art under the hand of the Beatles, the Stones, and Bob Dylan and some other people.
David Chase
Most ‘reality’ shows aren’t reality at all. They’re game shows with no prize. Like ‘Rock of Love.’ His aren’t genuine feelings. Then again, Bob Barker didn’t really care whether or not you won the toaster. Sorry to shatter everyone’s dreams.
Hal Sparks
Philadelphia’s a good science-fiction town. There are many professional writers here, like Michael Swanwick, Tom Purdom, Gregory Frost, Victoria McManus and others. There are professional artists such as Bob Walters and Tess Kissinger and Susan McAninley.
Gardner Dozois
I listened to a lot of Jamaican vibes growing up. A lot of Bob Marley, Shabba Ranks, but also, Lil Wayne and Tupac.
NLE Choppa
Everybody listens to Bob Marley. It gives you an inner feeling to keep pushing on. It’s an education on life. He helps me out every day. It gives me a deep-down feeling.
Rohan Marley
I am a big PETA supporter, and their East Coast headquarters is the Sam Simon building, and their West Coast headquarters is in the Bob Barker building.
Sam Simon
I don’t ever recall having a political argument with Bob Grant. I’ve known him a long time. I’ve always liked him.
Mario Cuomo
Bob Marley – yeah, I’ve always loved his stuff.
Rolf Harris
Following the example of Bruce Springsteen or Bob Seger, I wanted to have a band, a sound and a personality, yet maintain a singular position of being able to control and motivate the flow of things.
Billy Squier
Songs like ‘One Love’ by Bob Marley – they stand the test of time – it doesn’t matter – so anytime I write music, I try to write in tune with an emotion, and I hope there are more times like that for everyone.
Over the years, I’ve come to realize that writing ‘I Ain’t Living Long Like This’ was an exercise in combined musical influence, mostly that of Hank Williams, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Beatles, and Bob Dylan – artists no one has ever heard of.
Rodney Crowell
I got to work with Dustin Hoffman on a film called ‘Billy Bathgate.’ I got to work with Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn and Bob Zemeckis on ‘Death Becomes Her.’ There are still a few actors out there that I would like to work with.
Bruce Willis
One quality of a good songwriter is to be vague. A vague notion, a vague image, but enough to give the listener the opportunity to make more out of what’s being said than is there. That’s the great thing about Bob Dylan’s songs: We the listeners have made more out of them than he ever intended.
John Mellencamp
I came along with that crowd of singer-songwriters who were able to make their own statements in such a personal way that it changed the industry: Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Sly and the Family Stone.
Al Jarreau
To me, Bob was more than a superstar but it’s good people get an idea of the real man.
Rita Marley
Growing up, I listened to a lot of American singer/songwriters, so a lot of Tom Waits, Paul Simon – also Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan. And bands like Vampire Weekend.
George Ezra
There are a lot of great musicians in the world, but there is only, and will only ever be, one Bob Marley.
Rita Marley
I like working with Bob Odenkirk.
Michael McKean
Being in the same sentence as Bob Gibson, that’s incredible.
Jake Arrieta
Gregory Corso used to get really pissed when people called Bob Dylan a ‘poet.’ After writing poetry for a few years, I can understand that.
Steve Earle
Bob Saget is the dirtiest comic who’s ever lived. Nobody touches him.
Penn Jillette
Journalists like to invent a person, and it’s not necessarily the person that they’re writing about. The image the tabloids try to create of me and Bob is very different from how we really are. They try to make us out to be mad jokers. But I wouldn’t want to put journalists down. That’s their job.
Vic Reeves
I love hearing old Bob Marley recordings that he did before he made the versions everybody knows.
Jim James
My brothers used to call me Bob. They’d laugh at me, and I didn’t get it. I’m 13 years old at the time, and then one day my brother’s friend says, ‘You know what Bob stands for? ‘Booty on back.’ You’re fat.’ Like my butt was so big I could reach for my wallet over my shoulder. And I broke down.
Michael Strahan
I had a chance to work with Cain Velasquez, Mike Kyle and this was great. And I remember how Bob Cook all the time he did conditioning, yell all the time, ‘You have to do better.’ He pushed me all the time so I really appreciate him. It was a great experience for me.
Andrei Arlovski
I love Mac Miller. I’m a big Drake fan. I love Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Bob Marley.
Christian McCaffrey
The most memorable moment was playing drums with Bob Dylan.
Jenna Elfman
Romney, like Sen. John McCain and Bob Dole before him, were meant to mollify moderates, attract Independents, and ‘rebrand’ the party in a way that mostly fits the ideal of media types who would never vote Republican anyhow. Each of them lost.
Kellyanne Conway
I think the height of ridiculousness was when I was playing Elizabeth in ‘The Golden Age’ while preparing to start shooting ‘I’m Not There.’ I literally finished filming Elizabethan grandeur on Friday, flew to Montreal, and started being Bob Dylan on Monday.
Cate Blanchett
There’s not a hip-hop artist that didn’t snatch of piece of Bob Marley. It’s totally impossible.
Wyclef Jean
When I was a kid, I wanted a Chanel bob and bangs. My mom said no. I went to the salon anyway, and they said, ‘No way – we are not going to do that to your hair.’ So I did it myself. Big mistake. Instead of my bangs going down straight, they were sticking up like a cat. It was horrible.
Camila Alves
I know how to do the other stuff – the ‘Access’ stuff and go be goofy and all that. That I can do. For me to sit on a desk, when I know on the other network is Bob Costas and Dan Patrick is a change.
Michelle Beadle
I got down to business and started writing furiously. I wore my fingers down to a callous state writing with every Tom, Dick and Harry around the world, including a chap named Charlie who plays for a man named Bob, to wrestle my emotions and bring out the raw grit hiding in my tightly guarded sub-conscious.
Gin Wigmore
I never had the slightest desire to be a major league manager, and all knew it. But Ban Johnson, Bob Hedges, and Jimmy McAleer persuaded me that the Browns were in a sort of a jam, and it was up to me, as an old standby, to do what I could.
Bobby Wallace
In New York, I’m around a lot of the reasons I started playing music in the first place. I live right behind Matt Umanov Guitars. I live on the street that Suze Rotolo and Bob Dylan were walking down on the album cover. I recognize the history.
Steve Earle
Bobby Lee’s actions and his dealings with Bob Arum have convinced me that I am not being treated fairly by Bobby Lee.
Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.
I was inspired by many teachers when I started my channel, Bob Ross being one of them. His voice was so soothing, almost like hypnosis. He was that great of a teacher, even the casual viewer could learn how to paint from watching his show. Growing up, I just remember him being so mesmerizing on screen.
Michelle Phan
I think there’s always been interest in Bob Marley.
Kevin Macdonald
I’m a huge reggae fan. I want to go to Jamaica and make, like, Bob Marley ‘One Love’ positive songs. That’s what the world needs.
Jenny Lewis
I am not a demon. I am a lizard, a shark, a heat-seeking panther. I want to be Bob Denver on acid playing the accordion.
Nicolas Cage
Bob Dylan has always sealed his decisions with the unexplainable. His motives for withholding the release of the magnificent ‘Basement Tapes’ will be as forever obscure as Brian Wilson’s reasons for the destruction of the tapes for ‘Smile.’
Jon Landau
I would never say that being Bob Marley’s son has been a pressure. It has been a door opener.
Damian Marley
I think that ‘Mr. Show’ was a huge influence on me. It was literally the reason I started doing comedy, because I was asked to do a bit at The Comedy Store, and B.J. Porter and I went to see Bob and David – who I’d never heard of – do a live show, which was one of the shows that got them the ‘Mr. Show’ show.
Scott Aukerman
I’ve got a role in the new Billy Bob Thornton movie that Billy Bob wrote and is going to direct called ‘Jayne Mansfield’s Car.’ I only have four scenes, but I have as much dialogue as anybody in the movie.
Ron White
Bob Dylan’s first couple of records in the 60’s weren’t considered cover records, but he only wrote one or two original songs on each album.
John Mellencamp
All those Bob Hope specials made me cringe when I was a kid.
Bob Odenkirk
I’m getting TV coverage just about everywhere as they compare the ‘Bob Sapp phenomenon’ to the biggest thing from Pokemon to Godzilla.
Bob Sapp
In a way, it’s my way of dealing with, finding closure with Grateful Dead music, and giving thanks in a way to Jerry and Bob and all the guys in the band for making up this wonderful music.
Phil Lesh
Gingrich, Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, and Clinton passed legislation because they understood and appreciated the difficult political process. They fought for their principles yet recognized the need for compromise to get anything done.
Pete Hoekstra
Bob Corker’s a very reasonable person.
Evan Bayh
Not too many people are – were as good as Bob Hope. George Burns was great at thinking, you know, on the spot. Steve Allen was marvelous, and so was George Burns. But Bob may be the king of them all, you know.
Rich Little
I am surprised that everyone loves a criminal. It amazes me and I really don’t know how to react to it. Bob Biswas has become some sort of an idol, which is interesting because such a thing has happened for the first time.
Saswata Chatterjee
I didn’t go to the Bob Marley and the Wailers show twice in my life, and I’ve regretted it every day since.
Bill de Blasio
I think Bob Odenkirk is phenomenal.
Johnny Flynn
The biggest influence? I’ve had several at different times – but the biggest for me was Bob Dylan, who was a guy that came along when I was twelve or thirteen and just changed all the rules about what it meant to write songs.
Jackson Browne
Bob Marley was always ready to deal with the politics of what was happening in the world but, at the same time, not lose sight of the fact that he’s a musician.
Cheo Hodari Coker
I always wanted to be Gene Hackman and I always wanted to be, you know… I wanted to be one of these guys. I always wanted to be Bob Duvall.
John C. McGinley
In 1962, I wrote a series about 42nd Street called ‘Welcome to Lostville.’ One result was that the young Bob Dylan read it and invited me to his first concert at Town Hall; the result was a kind of friendship that years later led to my liner notes for ‘Blood on the Tracks.’
Pete Hamill
When I can focus on something like guitar or painting, I do. I started painting people I admire, like Kerouac, Bob Dylan, Nelson Algren, Marlon Brando, Patti Smith, my girl, my kids.
Johnny Depp
True, the name of the product wasn’t so great. Kindle? It was cute and sinister at the same time – worse than Edsel, or Probe, or Microsoft’s Bob. But one forgives a bad name. One even comes to be fond of a bad name, if the product itself is delightful.
Nicholson Baker
How often do you get a movie where the coolest character has your own real last name? I played Bob Morales as a cross between my own father – the passion, the fury – and the real Bob Morales. I loved that movie. People, kids always come up to me and tell me how much they still love ‘La Bamba.’
Esai Morales
Working with Robin Williams, and Bob Hopkins, and Dustin Hoffman and you’re talking about ‘gods,’ really, in our industry. You look at legends everyday. It was so impactful to me as a young artist.
Dante Basco
My understanding of current music stopped in 2006, so I am continually inspired by music from the past. Three Dog Night, Harry Nilsson, Bob Dylan, Herman’s Hermits, Association, Eagles, Beatles, Stones, Turtles, Animals… this list goes on forever.
Mandy Harvey
When I became a presenter, Bob Wilson was the only other ex-sportsman doing it.
Sue Barker
Bob Hope was totally regimented. I go in and say a line like, ‘Hi Bob’ and I’d have to do it five times, and then Bob would take me to the writers to say the line different ways. He wouldn’t let me ad-lib.
Don Rickles
When I’m debating others, whether it’s Eleanor Clift or Bob Beckel, you’re still in a fierce debate mode, but you’re also on best behavior.
Monica Crowley
After a stage in our marriage, me and Bob had passed being husband and wife… We came to be brother and sister and I had to accept his other sweethearts and the children they gave him.
Rita Marley
I learned Neil Young songs, Bob Dylan songs and older songs. It wasn’t until I moved to Philly that I had aspirations to maybe forming a band.
Adam Granduciel
To be sandwiched between Jane Curtin and Bob Newhart for a couple weeks is phenomenal.
Noah Wyle
I always give the example, if you turn on the radio today, black radio, Lenny Kravitz is not black. Bob Marley wasn’t black: in the beginning, only white college stations played Bob Marley.
Spike Lee
For me, I think Bob Iger is one of the smartest men in the country.
Lauren Shuler Donner
President Obama has created at least three jobs that I know of – Bob McDonnell, Chris Christie, and Scott Brown.
Newt Gingrich
It seems like if they’d given Bob Dylan a pen and paper in the cradle that he would’ve come up with a great song. I’d love to write songs like that.
Chris Thile
One of the things I like enormously about Bob Weinstein is that that he’s the only studio head I have ever known who will change his mind and say he was wrong.
Dean Koontz
Think about a guy like Bob Mitchum, with his kind of chest gut not defining itself one way or the other. Was there anybody tougher? Lee Marvin was a marine sniper during the Second World War. They had this sense of themselves, and they had this product of being a man in a masculine way.
Joe Carnahan
Bob Dylan is out of the mentorship of Allen Ginsberg.
Peter Fonda
I am a leader, so leaders always get heat. They’re always going against the grain. Jimi Hendrix got heat; Bob Marley got heat; Miles Davis got heat. Every great artist got heat. Heat means you’re doing something right.
Ziggy Marley
I saw Bob Arum out in America, I saw him walking through the lobby in the MGM Grand. I basically went over and said: ‘You’re running out of opponents for Crawford and I’m the guy to beat him. I’m here.’ I saw Terence Crawford, he said he was ready for it, so everybody is on the same page. Everyone wants to make the fight.
Kell Brook
I’ve always looked at famous actors and hope that once they get a part that they have success in, they would reprise it every few years in the way a pop singer will reprise their hits. Like Bob Dylan singing ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ until he’s fed up with it, finding different ways of doing it.
Mark Rylance
The unique thing about Bob Marley, he writes what relates to everybody.
Rita Marley
Once Bob commits to something, it’s almost like a child. He doesn’t want anybody else to take care of it, even if it might be to his detriment.
Ann Reinking
My secret heroes were Joe Morello, Ray Charles – who is, in my opinion, the most dominant figure in musical history in the 21st century – and Frank Sinatra. Those are my heroes. And as a writer, when Bob Dylan came along, it was a miracle because he gave us all permission to say anything!
J. D. Souther
I have Bob Dylan lyrics on my ribs. I’m a diehard Dylan fan, and my dad and I joke that if I ever met him, I’d have him sign his name right under my tattoo and then I’d run to the parlor to get his signature tattooed.
Carly Chaikin
After Pixar’s 2006 merger with the Walt Disney Company, its CEO, Bob Iger, asked me, chief creative officer John Lasseter, and other Pixar senior managers to help him revive Disney Animation Studios. The success of our efforts prompted me to share my thinking on how to build a sustainable creative organization.
Edwin Catmull
The people that impress me are Bob Dylan. The ones who keep working, year in and year out, and keep coming up with stuff.
Ben Mendelsohn
It’s like there’s the rest of the world, and then there’s America. Part of the reason I would really love continue to making music over here because so much of American music has inspired me, whether it’s Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen.
Tom Odell
Sometimes I wish I had taken the Bob Dylan route and sang songs where my voice would not go out on me every night, so I could have a career if I wanted.
Kurt Cobain
Well, I love Bob Dylan, let’s make that clear. He’s one of my musical heroes.
Tim Heidecker
Bob Marley’s in every new day. There’s not one day that his music is not played all over the world.
Rita Marley
Bob’s work gleaned from hoofing, from vaudeville, from ballet.
Ann Reinking
I quite like that people tend not to know my name. I remember being at the Cannes film festival for ‘All or Nothing.’ I looked very different in the film – I had a little greasy bob and no makeup. I went to a dinner after the screening, and everyone completely ignored me. I got a real buzz out of that.
Lesley Manville
The greatest competitor was Bob Gibson. He worked so fast out there and he always had the hood up. He always wanted to close his own deal. He never talked to you because he was battling so hard. I sure as hell don’t miss batting against him, but I miss him in the game.
Pete Rose
One month I’ll be completely obsessed with Bob Dylan and the next Arcade Fire. I like early Elton John and David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. I listen to a lot of American bands. But I like listening to new bands, too.
Tom Odell
It’s always Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Waits for me – the big three.
Brian Fallon
My dad, Bob Blum, used to dash across Grand Central’s main terminal catwalk several times daily as a young CBS correspondent, running copy from newsroom to studio and back – because CBS’ first broadcasts were from Grand Central Terminal. The pictures on people’s television sets used to shake when the trains came in!
Jenna Blum
In Hawaii, some of the biggest radio stations are reggae. The local bands are heavily influenced by Bob Marley.
Bruno Mars
I was one of those guys, you know, playing and singing, and there was no reason for me to write a song, because there were so many beautiful songs out. And Bob Dylan was always the ultimate songwriter, and nobody could ever write a song as good as him, and nobody ever has written a song as good as him.
John Mellencamp
You know, there’s problems in racing, but it’s not Bob Baffert.
Bob Baffert
Can you imagine he went to rest at the age of 36, and 30 years after he’s still coming out with music for your listening pleasure? Not only for your dancing pleasure, but for learning at the same time. Because Bob Marley music teaches.
Rita Marley
Imagine if someone like John Lennon or Bob Marley, Sid Vicious, Picasso, whomever, were doing their work, and some corporation, some CEO, some branding entity was saying to you, ‘Well, you can do that, but you’ve got to remove this aspect of your work.’ There would no longer be that purity anymore.
Madonna Ciccone
I like men who are very cool but who are also so brilliant that they are almost insane. Sean Penn, Gary Oldman, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits – men who would be flipping burgers if they hadn’t found an outlet for their brilliant mind-sets.
Jolene Blalock
I looked, and saw that Bob had entirely lost his left ear, and a large piece from his left cheek. His right eye was a little discoloured, and the blood flowed profusely from his wounds.
Augustus Baldwin Longstreet
I really like dancehall. I really like reggae. I’m a big fan. Bob Marley and all that.
Natti Natasha
After I started singing, I’d go to my dad’s records I grew up with in his house listening to: Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver, the Carpenters, Bob Seger, Neil Diamond, voices that resonate with you, that you know who they are right away.
Jeff Gutt
We don’t need another Woody. Even Bob Dylan knew he couldn’t be Woody Guthrie… I like Woody Guthrie fine, but I don’t need the 50th generation version of it.
Buzz Osborne
I think anyone that grew up in the ’70s and ’80s grew up with Bob Barker and Wink Martindale and I think that was just always… when you were a game show host, you were the man of the hour.
Guy Fieri
Bob Barr is not crazy enough for my taste.
Penn Jillette
I left ‘The Bob Newhart Show,’ which was my decision. CBS wanted it to go on. But I could see television changing; I could see the tastes were changing.
Bob Newhart
I did a book event with a former colleague, Bob Bauer, and was so relieved that he said I got all the CIA stuff right.
Valerie Plame
I think I’m the oldest new Bob Dylan around. I predate Bruce Springsteen, Steve Forbat and John Prine. I was probably the first of the new Bob Dylans.
Loudon Wainwright III
We went back to England later on with Bob Dylan, and we met George Harrison and Jeff Lynne. That was a pretty big deal to me. George was so kind. We understood each other mutually, and same with Jeff.
Mike Campbell
I had the only beard in the Western Hemisphere that made Bob Dylan’s look good.
Bill Walton
I like Peter Tosh, Bob Marley of course. All of Capleton, Sizzla, Frisco Kid, Buju Banton.
Kevin Gates
I am such a ‘True Detective’ fan. I was anticipating it each Sunday as it came. I’m kind of a sci-fi fan. I was really hooked on the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ series. I think I owned every box set of ‘Battlestar Galactica.’ I also really love ‘Bob’s Burgers.’
Pedro Pascal
After sweeping to power in the Newt Gingrich-led ‘revolution’ of 1994, the GOP had overplayed its hand and watched Bill Clinton easily defeat Bob Dole in 1996.
Steve Kornacki
I’m not a glory guy or anything like that, but it was such a great pleasure for me to wrestle Bob Backland, the champion at the time. He was such an awesome guy and such a great champion, and it was such a privilege to be able to wrestle him so early on in my WWF career in a title match at Madison Square Garden.
Jimmy Snuka
I can assure you that during my tenure as his employee, Bob Ney was the hardest working man in Ohio and Washington. I can further assure you the work that he did and the decisions he made were done with integrity and the highest regard for his office and those he served.
Corey Lewandowski
I thought he was the greatest thing. Bob Dylan.
Kris Kristofferson
The Seventies was a golden era. Back then we had some incredible talent with bands like the Undertones, the Rolling Stones and artists like Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney.
Leo Sayer
‘Bob’s Burgers’ is done with the cast all together – not necessarily all together: some are in L.A. and some are in New York, but we’re hearing each other. So scenes are performed as a group. And ‘Archer’ is just me alone in a booth.
H. Jon Benjamin
Bob Rubin was opposed to signing the welfare bill. He’s not exactly what I call a flaming liberal.
Rahm Emanuel
The thing about hoofing is that It’s much more intricate than people realize. Occasionally you see some good hoofing on TV. Bob Hope is very good at the old slide steps. George Burns does a good, old-fashioned sand dance from Vaudeville!
Ken Berry
My friends and I took songwriting very, very seriously. My hero was and still is Bob Dylan, but also people like Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell and that whole generation.
Kazuo Ishiguro
It was my love for the guitar that first got me into music and singing. Growing up, I was inspired by The Beatles and Bob Dylan. Damian Rice was a huge influence for me musically.
Ed Sheeran
I think Bob Dylan showed us that songs can rise to the level of literature, and he proved it over and over again. That’s why they keep trying to get him a Nobel Prize for literature: because there is no Nobel Prize for songwriting.
Mary Gauthier
I am a leader. Leaders always get heat. They’re always going against the grain. Jimi Hendrix got heat; Bob Marley got heat; Miles Davis got heat. Every great artist got heat. Heat means you’re doing something right.
Ziggy Marley
My dad was a huge Bob Dylan fan, so we listened to his music, Cat Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel, and all that kind of stuff.
Oscar Isaac
My mom’s last name is Bob. My dad’s last name is Waksberg. Every time I try to get a ticket at will call, they say last name. And I say, Bob-Waksberg. And I see them looking under W. I go, no, Bob-Waksberg. And they go, no, last name. And I go no, my last name is Bob-Waksberg.
Raphael Bob-Waksberg
They have a kind of Bob Hope and Bing Crosby thing going on.
Christopher Walken
Early British pop was helped tremendously by the writing of Bob Dylan who had proved you could write about political and quite controversial subjects. Certainly what we did followed on from what was happening with the angry young men in the theatre.
Pete Townshend
I would love to work with Eminem, Dr. Dre. I wish I could have been in the studio with Bob Marley.
DJ Khaled
Kurt Vonnegut said, ‘The best of Bob and Ray is virtually indistinguishable from the worst.’ I’m sure he meant that as a compliment.
Bob Elliott
I’ll never be Bob Dylan. He’s the master.
Neil Young
He will go down as a legend along with Elvis and the Beatles and Michael Jackson. Bob Marley is right up there. He was a leader for reggae music – he really made it appeal to a world audience.
Products are a must – full stop. I’m sorry to say it, but that bob won’t look so sleek on its own – you need a little help. It doesn’t have to be the high-end stuff that they sell in the salon. Products you find in the supermarket are just as good, and sometimes better.
Beth Ditto
Bob Balaban is so perfect that the first movie I did with him, I couldn’t talk to him because I was so intimidated by him.
Fred Willard
I grew up in Oregon, so there was always a lot of that folksy, Bob Marley stuff. There was a mural of Bob Marley on a wall at my high school.
Mat Kearney
We were never happy with the way cello was recorded, and we wanted to experiment in the studio to make the cello rock as much as possible. On the second album, we had great help from Bob Ezrin, who helped us develop our sound even more.
Luka Sulic
I like ‘Sponge Bob’ and ‘The Last Airbender.’ I like shows where people get creative to do the impossible.
Jackie Evancho
There’s that Bob Dylan quote: ‘He who’s not busy being born is busy dying.’ That’s a great line. And I really believe that.
John Waite
I used to read a lot of Steinbeck, and I admired Roger Miller and Bob Dylan.
John Prine
Bob Weir calls me a saint, but I’m ‘Saint Misbehavin’.’ They’re making a documentary about my life, and that’s the current shooting title. I can roll with that, but otherwise the s-word makes me really paranoid.
Wavy Gravy
They say the good you do lives after you. Bob is one of those who proves that.
Rita Marley
It is said that a hundred gamecocks will live in perfect harmony together it you do not put a hen with them; and so it would have been with Billy and Bob, had there been no women in the world.
Augustus Baldwin Longstreet
We’re kind of doing what Bob McAllister did with ‘Wonderama,’ which is making people realize that kids are people, too.
Mike D
We had one of the best point guards in the game in Dugie Martin. He fed me for a lot of my points, and he even gave Bob Cousy a lot of trouble.
George Mikan
My real name is Bob Davis, but for some reason, I got the name Jasper while playing football at the local rec when I was nine years old, and it just stuck. Years later, when someone asked ‘Jasper who?’ I just said ‘Carrott’ – but I have no idea why I came out with that particular word.
Jasper Carrott
My father, Bob, was a sweet, gentle man who was prone to frustration. I hardly knew him as a child, but that was typical of those days. He got up early, came home late and wanted to be left alone.
David Starkey
‘The Big Lebowski”s soundtrack has had as much of an influence on me as the film itself. My favorite Bob Dylan song is ‘The Man in Me,’ which plays over the movie’s opening credits as well as during the first dream sequence.
Josh Gondelman
You spell Bob Hope C-L-A-S-S.
Lucille Ball
Sport in itself has this power. If you are a poet or a singer, people gravitate. I may not be in the same category, but I will make a comparison with Bob Marley. So it isn’t just cricket where social commentary plays a huge part.
Viv Richards
Bob was beloved by people, very intelligent people, for their entire lives, and he had tremendous loyalty from everyone. I know he has a reputation for being abusive, but he’s not.
Ann Reinking
Bob Fosse, even though he wasn’t gay. He was certainly queer and had a huge effect on the ‘Hedwig’ film, as did Hal Ashby and Robert Altman, who had a weird butch queer feeling about him. His films almost flirted with camp but in an extremely realistic acting way.
John Cameron Mitchell
Every time I have to try on a wig for work, I get excited about the colour; I’ve often thought about going for a platinum bob or also raven black, as it looks so great against pale skin. But I always end up being loyal to my red colour.
Lily Cole
When Bob came through Cincinnati, he wanted a girl singer to be on his show. There was a local contest, and my sister and I entered, but Bob said, Gee, I wouldn’t break up the team.
Rosemary Clooney
Bob Dylan and John Lennon and Bruce Springsteen, these are soul guys. Bruce Springsteen might not sing like Otis Redding, but he sings with white soul. He’s singing and he’s writing songs from the bottom of his gut.
Robin Thicke
Bob Dylan impresses me about as much as… well, I was gonna say a slug but I like slugs.
Captain Beefheart
The Bible is very resonant. It has everything: creation, betrayal, lust, poetry, prophecy, sacrifice. All great things are in the Bible, and all great writers have drawn from it and more than people realise, whether Shakespeare, Herman Melville or Bob Dylan.
Patti Smith
I love Bob Marley’s music. The only person I really listen to. A little bit of Shabba Ranks sometimes, but I mostly listen to Bob Marley.
NLE Choppa
Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys are simply the best band that ever was.
George Strait
I keep referring to them in the plural but all I’m dealing with is Bob. I don’t know where Harvey fits in the equation. He was very present at the beginning, winding his brother up. I don’t know where he is now.
Terry Gilliam
Bob Taylor and I playing brothers. And I was a Mexican bandit. And he was the sheriff of the town. And we loved each other. We loved each other very much.
Anthony Quinn
Bob Marley said in one of his songs: ‘Can anything good come out of Trench Town?’ The answer is yes.
Rita Marley
I was the All-American kid, or so I told myself – good grades, never in trouble, bright future, well-respected by my peers. My favorite comedian was Bob Newhart.
Steve Kornacki
When I met Bob Dylan, I was definitely impressed. This guy had come from the American folk world, but he was very schooled in poetry, too. He’d studied the Beat poets, of course. I grew up in the British bohemian scene. Dylan grew up in the American bohemian scene. So I was very pleased to meet such a guy.
I arrived at Princeton as a graduate student from the University of Manitoba in 1958. To my great good fortune, I fell into work with Bob Dicke, a truly great physicist who decided a few years before that that gravity is too important to ignore, as it had been in recent years in physics.
Jim Peebles
You can’t think ‘Dole’ without thinking ‘Bob Dole’ and cartoons and third-person good times. He was one of those politicians: the kind you jabbed but were happy enough to have around.
Jeanne Marie Laskas
Where I grew up, Bob Wills and his western swing was very popular. And western swing is not that far from jazz and blues.
Willie Nelson
When I go back to seek inspiration – whether it be from Chuck Berry, Howlin’ Wolf, the Beatles, Hank Williams, Ray Charles or Bob Dylan – it’s from the performance. Those artists are in the studio playing their instrument and singing. There’s no going back and redoing the vocals.
Rodney Crowell
If they made a movie about Bob Dylan, I would love to play a young Bob Dylan; I mean, I’ve got the wild hair.
Alex Wolff
I want to see Bob Dylan do sketch comedy. I’m a huge Bob Dylan fan.
Bradley Whitford
I’m not Bob; there will never be another Bob Marley; nobody can compete, including myself.
Rita Marley
My god-father, Bob Wall, was in a couple of Bruce Lee movies, and he trained Bruce Lee when he came to America.
Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Somewhere along the line, Bob said I’d better begin taking this business seriously, because, whether I liked it or not, I had a career.
Shelley Duvall
I love working with Bob Zemeckis. I think he’s amazing and wonderful to work with.
Christopher Lloyd
My musical influence is really from my father. He was a DJ in college. My parents met at New York University. So he listened to, you know, Motown, and he listened to Bob Dylan. He listened to Grateful Dead and Rolling Stones, but he also listened to reggae music. And he collected vinyl.
Talib Kweli
I’ve always found inspiration in icons that were really of purpose in their craft or calling. From Bob Marley to Maya Angelou to Malcolm X, inspiration came from seeing how committed they were to their vision and determining it themselves.
Amanda Seales
I was mainly influenced by the Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers, Loretta Lynn, Merle Haggard, and others like Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash.
Iris Dement
To me, it gets harder because it’s expected of you. We expect Bill Belichick to win the Super Bowl every year – and expect Bob Baffert to win. It’s difficult.
Bob Baffert
I don’t think you could pull one Bob Marley song that didn’t have quotes from the Torah or the Old Testament.
Bob Hope, Red Skelton, and Eddie Cantor… help us keep our balance.
Hattie McDaniel
I managed Dal Maxvill, and he’s now our general manager. I managed Bob Gibson. He’s a broadcaster. Tim McCarver. Bill White. Nellie Briles. He used to be a broadcaster. I tried to count them up one time.
Red Schoendienst
Bob was fascinating to watch. It was like being a student of Albert Einstein. This guy was really brilliant, and I got to watch and experience it.
Ann Reinking
Some years ago, I was fortunate enough to land a reporting job at ‘The Washington Post,’ which pretty much put me in a state of constant awe. Bob Woodward would dish up ice cream sundaes for anyone stuck working on the weekend.
Gwen Ifill
My favorite Bob Dylan record is the very first one where he sings one Bob Dylan song and the rest of them are his interpretations of the Dust Bowl-era folk songs, or even going back as far as the mass influx of people coming into the U.S. during the gold rush. His interpretations of those songs are incredible.
Chris Cornell
Being Bob Marley’s son has done many things for me, in terms of having a career in music. I’m very proud of my music, and I’m very proud of where I’m from. People hear that I’m Bob Marley’s son, and they turn on my music to listen just out of curiosity.
Damian Marley
Townes Van Zandt ranks alongside Kris Kristofferson and Bob Dylan. He inspired so many songwriters to shoot for something that’s timeless.
Rodney Crowell
My dad cut my hair once – I wanted a bob and he gave me a bowl cut. That was a tough few years.
Alexa Chung
At 25, I was in the audience of my first professional speaker, Bob Bales. His presentation got my attention. I had never seen anyone having so much fun ‘at work’ and getting paid for it!
Zig Ziglar
When I was around 12, my heroes were Cindy Sherman and Bob Dylan and Samuel Westing from the kids’ novel ‘The Westing Game’.
Tavi Gevinson
My first professional set was 2014, and it was for a show called ‘Bob Servant’ for BBC Scotland. I was working in theater for Dundee Rep Theatre doing ‘Hecuba,’ and I also got this other job, ‘Bob Servant.’ It was only three days filming.
Ncuti Gatwa
We were not given any statistics as to how many records were pressed on the blue label. I used to ask Bob Shad how we were going to get paid from record sales and what I got for an answer was not to worry about the business end of the deal.
Phil Harris
People often ask us if we had direct influences. Honestly, just a lot of different music – not necessarily individual people. We listen to anything from Bob Dylan to Massive Attack to Aerosmith to En Vogue. We very much enjoy all that music.
Isaac Hanson
I go through airports and people see the white hair and they said, ‘Hey, the horse guy! Aren’t you the horse guy?’ Or I get, ‘Has anybody told you that you look just like Bob Baffert?’ I say, ‘He must be a good-looking guy.’
Bob Baffert
Back in the fifties (the nineteen fifties, not the eighteen fifties) I did some writing for Mad Magazine, along with my friend Ernie Kovaks and a pair of comics named Bob and Ray.
Orson Bean
Sheikie love the music that make me happy when I eat the kebob. I love the old generation – the Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley – he legend.
The Iron Sheik
By 27, Bob Dylan had already written ‘Highway 61 Revisited,’ the Beatles had released ‘Rubber Soul,’ Bruce Springsteen had recorded ‘Born to Run’ and U2 had delivered ‘The Joshua Tree.’
Robert Hilburn
It speaks truth when you listen to Bob Marley.
Rohan Marley
Second records aren’t usually very good. Even Bob Dylan’s was a bit disappointing.
Madeleine Peyroux
My dream was to be a celebrity, to be on TV like Bob Hope was.
Jose Feliciano
I wish I’d seen Bob Marley and the Wailers at the Rainbow in 1977.
Lenny Henry
I’m getting good offers, as good as ever sometimes. I just finished a thing with Billy Bob Thornton that was the most unique part I’ve ever played in my life, in the most unique project.
Robert Duvall
Look at Bob Dylan: his voice is not a great sound, but it gets the idea across… and that is what’s really important.
Rick Nielsen
I believe I am more conservative than Bob Dole; I believe I am more committed to fundamentally changing American government than Bob Dole.
Phil Gramm
You look at Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Bob Seger. All they ever wanted to do was go out there and entertain, and I’m the same way.
Eddie Money
I loved working with Bob Dylan.
Benmont Tench
Ninety percent of what I’m listening to overall is like the same tape of Bob Marley’s Greatest Hits. Like, how did I become one of those people on late night TV where they sell anthologies to you and you buy them?
Robert Sapolsky
That’s who I wanted to be like was Bob Dylan.
Kris Kristofferson
I had a very good kiss from Bob Monkhouse once. I thought, ‘If I was straight, I would go for Bob.’
Miriam Margolyes
There’s a picture of the real Coach Gary Gaines in the book and he’s sitting in the locker room after a game, and he just looks so much like Billy Bob, that we went to him.
Peter Berg
I have no doubt that if I met Bob Dylan, it would be disappointing – and annoying to him. But that’s why I like Bob Dylan.
Willem Dafoe
When I was 17, I listened to reggae music. I loved Bob Marley. I started growing dreadlocks. It’s always been my way, that the outside matches what’s going on with me inside.
As a songwriter, oddly enough, my influences were people like Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground, and Buddy Holly. Some psychedelic stuff, too.
Ric Ocasek
I call it fan fatigue. I went to see Bob Dylan last year, who I think is absolutely incredible, but he suffers from his audience.
Roger Daltrey
Growing up, I was inspired by The Beatles and Bob Dylan. Damian Rice was a huge influence for me musically.
Ed Sheeran
I grew up in rural Missouri about two hours north of St. Louis, and if the wind was blowing right on a Saturday night, I could catch All Star Wrestling out of Kansas City, which was run by Bob Geigel, and some of the stars there were Bulldog Bob Brower and Ray Candy.
It could happen to anyone when you get hired by a different president. There’s a difference in philosophies. It happens. It’s a change in CEOs. They have their own people, their own philosophies, and it’s different than what Bob stands for.
Rick Pitino
It went from Bob Newhart to Flip Wilson to Bill Cosby to Richard Pryor to George Carlin to Cheech and Chong. I had all these records.
Ron White
When I was really, really young, I wanted to be a cook at Bob Evans because my parents would always go there every Sunday after church.
Some artists are bound to an image: Bob Marley has dreadlocks, Matisyahu has a beard. But that’s a reminder that the whole thing is not about style. It’s about music.
Bob Dylan was the source of pop music’s unpredictability in the Sixties. Never as big a record-seller as commonly imagined, his importance was first aesthetic and social, and then as an influence.
Jon Landau
My sense is that, when you look at what people such as former Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein have said over the years, you don’t go with a story unless you have two independent sources to confirm it.
Ron Wyden
I didn’t even listen to Bob Marley until I was 17.
India Arie
When you’re in Jamaica, unless you’re in a tourist spot, you don’t hear Bob Marley; you mostly hear dance hall music.
Michael Franti
Reporters do decide what is news, but they don’t invent it, even if they sometimes become part of the story by risking their lives in a danger zone, as in the case of ABC’s Bob Woodruff and Doug Vogt.
Rachel Sklar
I suffered years of criticism. But there was a point in my life where I had to stand up and say: ‘I don’t care what anybody says about me. I have to stand up for my family, for the four children I had with Bob and the eight he had with other women.’
Rita Marley
Of my four marriages, the one to Bob Levitt is the only one I don’t regret.
Ethel Merman
I’m so much more at ease now than when I was flying as Bob. Then, I was OCD about everything, always checking and looking for things. But flying as a female is effortless. I’m still checking traffic, instruments, and the radios, but it’s easier to multitask, and flying is fun.
Zoey Tur
‘Better Call Saul’ happens in the same universe as ‘Breaking Bad,’ and we have the same writers and mostly the same crew. Like ‘Breaking Bad,’ it is a transformation story, and Bob Odenkirk brings his own distinctive flavour.
Michael Mando
I think that Bob Dylan knows this more than all of us: you don’t write the songs anyhow. So if you’re lucky, you can keep the vehicle healthy and responsive over the years. If you’re lucky, your own intentions have very little to do with this.
Leonard Cohen
If I wasn’t Bob Dylan, I’d probably think that Bob Dylan has a lot of answers myself.
Bob Dylan
Imagine if we can just talk to our computers and have it understand, ‘Please schedule a meeting with Bob for next week.’ Or if each child could have a personalized tutor. Or if self-driving cars could save all of us hours of driving.
Andrew Ng
I grew up on Steel Pulse, Bob Marley, Public Image Ltd., Sex Pistols, The Jam and somewhere in the middle was The Specials.
I remember going to Bob Preston’s dressing room because I was losing a laugh – as you do in a long run. He said, ‘Give me the script. That’s where you’re going off the road.’ That’s comedy. It’s never the line itself; it’s in the foundation.
Jeffrey Tambor
My father left a bit of his life with me. He gave me a gift, as did so many other wrestlers, like Mike DiBiase, Bob Geigel, Verne Gagne and Gene Kiniski. They all left me with something.
Terry Funk
We put our life on the line to fight for them, put on a show and these guys take our money so whatever happens to Bob Arum, Don King or anyone else is fine with me.
Larry Holmes
When I did ‘Lady in the Water,’ the most exciting thing to me was to get to work with Bob Balaban – I couldn’t leave the guy alone. I drove him crazy. He’s fantastic and a hilarious guy.
Paul Giamatti
I’ll take anyone to task about UB40. They were as important as Bob Marley in getting reggae into the consciousness of British youth at that time. I’m proud to be their number one fan.
Keith Allen
You listen to Bob Dylan and you can’t help but think of the 60s, it’s very relational and if artists are true artists and not just mere musicians they need to be truthful because the music doesn’t come from them it comes from the universe and it’s to be shared. At best, we’re skilled presenters, and I say that at best.
Serj Tankian
I feel like we’re very lucky in the sense that Dawes can be the kind of band that plays with Bright Eyes or M. Ward but that also plays with Bob Dylan.
Taylor Goldsmith
The beautiful despair is never fruitless. It keeps you going. Like when I first heard Bob Dylan do ‘Things Have Changed,’ or any time I see any work of art really beautifully done, like Michelangelo’s ‘The David’ or that movie ‘Lost in Translation’ – it inspires me to try and find my own version of that.
Rodney Crowell
I think that generally music should be a positive thing, I like Bob Marley’s attitude: he said that his goal in life was to single handedly fight all the evil in the world with nothing but music, and when he went to a place he didn’t go to play, he went to conquer.
Jon Fishman
When I was playing with Bob Dylan in, like, 1966, I was, like, 20 years old.
Robbie Robertson
Flying as Bob, there was always stress involved.
Zoey Tur
If I was to meet Lou Reed or Bob Dylan, I would be totally helpless. Writers and musicians make me feel completely starstruck.
Toby Stephens
Officials at the White House are saying that President Bush hasn’t changed his schedule much since the war started. The main difference, they say, is that he’s started watching the news and taping Sponge Bob.
Conan O’Brien
We’re movers, forward thinkers, people who get things done. But the Tea Party and Republicans like Bob Dold are holding us back.
Brad Schneider
One of the things that made Bob so unique and wonderful is that he had a genuine style, like Balanchine, like de Mille.
Ann Reinking
When I discovered Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, I could explore the records that inspired me on a different level and that led me to Joni Mitchell, who is maybe my favorite of all time, and Warren Zevon. Those artists that wrote the lyrics that you try for.
Taylor Goldsmith
By 1996, Clinton was able to run for re-election on the strength of what the ’93 budget had delivered – and to taunt the Republicans (including his opponent, Bob Dole) for having been so afraid of it.
Steve Kornacki
I think in my case, I had no choice but to have a good sense of humor. I grew up with my dad, Danny Thomas, and George Burns and Bob Hope and Milton Berle and Sid Caesar and all those guys were at our house all the time and telling jokes and making each other laugh.
Marlo Thomas
If I ever go to West Africa, it would probably be for a free concert. I would want to do something for the people there. Maybe we can make a whole event, the way Bob Marley would have done it. Just for the people. And if they climb over the gate, let them climb over the gate.
There were times in my career when I would try to write songs like Bob Dylan… Artists get hooked up in that. To be a follower, you lose.
Del Shannon
I’ve always liked acoustic blues. I liked Bob Dylan a lot.
Oscar Isaac
I don’t know how you can go your whole life and not listen once to Bob Marley – what’s the point?
Jon Fishman
After Nashville sushi and a long debate on Bob Dylan, we went into Woodland Studios at 10 pm that night for a look around, and jammed for 5 hours solid.
Robyn Hitchcock
I’ve never been typed. John Wayne played ‘that guy’ all the time – mostly because that’s all he could do. Gable played Gable parts, and Bob Taylor played Bob Taylor parts, whether he was in armor or a full-dress suit. I resisted that.
Robert Preston
I’ll never be the biggest kind of star; I’ll be like Bob Duvall, respected as an actor but a lot of people can’t identify the face. I don’t have the personality of a big star, or the looks of a Mel Gibson or a Paul Newman, or the style of a George C. Scott.
John Malkovich
Most people think that I heard Bob Dylan first and got a cap and harmonica. Really, it was Woody Guthrie. He was so influential.
I love that Bob Dylan asked me to be in the first movie he wrote.
Val Kilmer
I’m sounding like an old fart talking about how bad advertising is today, but it’s true. Advertising sucks. Guys like me and Bob Gage and certainly Bill Bernbach and two or three other guys, we exemplified and led the creative revolution.
George Lois
From the first time I heard Bob Marley or even Sublime, I wanted to move out to California and be near the ocean, start surfing, start being a part of that whole thing.
Brendon Urie
I would have paid out royalties if we were still working together, carrying on Bob’s tradition and generating income, but that was not happening. The Wailers didn’t write the songs and they had been paid for their work in the studio.
Rita Marley
I get to hang out with Billy Bob Thornton at his house. We hang out over there every time we’re in L.A., because he doesn’t go out. We’ll hang and he’ll play us some of his tunes. It’s pretty awesome.
Chris Daughtry
Bob Dylan, I’d say, is probably my favorite musician.
Jake Johnson
Stan is a rescue Chihuahua mix. He was the role model for Bob, the dog in ‘Ivan.’ The drawings in the book look precisely like Stan.
K. A. Applegate
He’s dangerous because when God talks to him Bob will do whatever God asks him to do at great cost, even if no one agrees, if it’s contrary to the way the stream is going, if Bob feels God is in it he will do it.
Bill Hybels
Not many people know this but my team in England is Manchester United. Bobby Charlton, Denis Law, George Best, all great players. We created a bond when we played each other and I still speak to Bob from time to time, though I can’t get used to calling him ‘Sir Bobby.’
As Bob Marley says, ‘We must carry on.’ So he has left us a legacy of music to carry on for generations and generations into generations.
Rita Marley
I grew up listening to Bob Marley, Jill Scott, Floetry, Nas, Jay-Z, Beyonce.
Rico Nasty
I timed my previous wife’s pregnancy to the moment to have my son born on Bob Dylan’s 50th birthday. There is no bigger Bob Dylan fan than me. You don’t just time the day and impregnate your wife to get your kid to be born on Bob Dylan’s 50th birthday.
Charlie Trotter
I would never know how good I was if I didn’t have Bob Arum. Bob Arum is white, Jewish; He was working for prosecutor’s office. I’m black, an ex-convict, ex-number runner. Who would be most likely to succeed? It would be Bob 100-1. Yet I beat Bob on everything we ever done, with love.
Don King
As a kid, I loved classical music. Composers like Beethoven were like rock stars to me. Then there were the real rock stars: The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Bob Dylan.
Alan Menken
Thousands do benefit from love, support and comfort in their final chapter: I watched my dad slip away without pain as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen tracks played in a warm Marie Curie hospice, surrounded by doting nurses and his family.
Owen Jones
I grew up on, and kind of came of age, during the grunge movement and was introduced to Neil Young and Bob Dylan and grew up on that path.
Jim James
I’m pretty good on my feet. I’m pretty decent at bobbing and weaving, but there’s only so long you can bob and weave when you don’t have a good base.
Stephen A. Schwarzman
Consumers can choose from hundreds of channels today, including dozens for kids. At a time of dwindling resources, we don’t need to be subsidizing PBS. It’s time for Big Bird the mooch to compete with ‘Dora the Explorer’ and ‘Bob the Builder.’
Mark McKinnon
Prince Harry embodies the spirit of Bob Marley. The Prince was engaging, he was warm. He had real spirit. He was a charming young man. He’s a militant. I see that military side to him. But as we would call him, or Bob would say, he seemed to be a rebel too.
Rita Marley
Bob Marley isn’t my name. I don’t even know my name yet.
Bob Marley
I didn’t sound anything like Capote at the screen test. It was more like Bob Dylan. In his early years. With the flu.
Toby Jones
It just so happens that my oldest and best friend is Bob James, the Grammy-winning great jazz pianist!
Jack O’Brien
If people want to talk about Bob Dylan, I can talk about that. But my dad belongs to me and four other people exclusively. I’m very protective of that. And telling people whether he was affectionate is telling people a lot. It has so little to do with me. I come up against a wall.
Jakob Dylan
On our first date, all Anne wanted to talk about was Bob Feller, the new pitcher for the Cleveland Indians.
Woody Hayes
Bob Marley was one of my favourite artists. He sang politically conscious lyrics, yet he sang love songs, too.
Gregory Isaacs
Bob’s music is therapy and entertainment.
Rita Marley
Bob Gates is really emblematic of the modern CIA. He joins it in 1968, just a day before the Soviets invaded Czechoslovakia. And, of course, he rises very quickly. In less than six years, he’s on the National Security Council staff, at the closing weeks of Richard Nixon’s presidency and then on into Gerald Ford.
Roger Morris
Bob Houghton is a great coach and I am confident that the national team will do well under him.
Sunil Chhetri
I’m Bob’s son. He’s my inspiration. What can I give back to the community?
Rohan Marley
There was a time when the conservative movement was led by the likes of Bill Buckley and Irving Kristol and Bob Bartley, men of ideas who invested the Republican Party with intellectual seriousness.
Bret Stephens
When George W. Bush was president, his daddy was raising money for the Bush library. I thought that was fine. When Bob Dole was Majority Leader, Elizabeth Dole was the president of American Red Cross. I didn’t say anything.
James Carville
I don’t know if music has ever achieved anything past appealing to the people that it appeals to. If a song could stop a war, then Bob Marley and Bob Dylan songs would have stopped one or two.
Henry Rollins
In my time, we served with noble and ethical leaders: Gerry Ford, Bob Michael, John Rhodes, men of impeccable honesty. We didn’t have anybody locked up for a violation of ethics.
Pete McCloskey
I didn’t even drink until I was in college. While other people were out partying, I’d be home watching the Tony Awards and Bob Fosse movies… I so badly wanted to be part of the club.
Vincent Rodriguez III
‘Let’s Get Harry’ was where I met Bob Singer and worked with him for the first time, and then ‘Reasonable Doubts’ was the second time, and there was a thing after that called ‘Charlie Grace’ that was the third time. I liked working with Bob. A nice man and a good partner.
Mark Harmon
There’s a lot of heart to Bob’s work that doesn’t always get recognized because of all of the sensuality, dark statements and wit of his work.
Ann Reinking
I think everyone mentions Bob Dylan, but he’s someone I just admire so much as a songwriter. I think people write songs, and then there’s Bob Dylan songs. He’s one step ahead of just everybody else.
Tom Odell
Even if I wasn’t in music, even if my father was a carpenter, some guy in Jamaica would go ‘You’re just like Bob. You’re just like your father.’ That happens in Jamaica all the time.
Ziggy Marley
I don’t live in drag… I don’t sit around in negligees and I don’t wear little Adolfo suits to lunch. Of course, if I had a couple of Bob Mackie outfits, things might be different.
‘What About Bob’ is my all-time favorite, and I think I’ve always been prone to comedy.
Bob Harras’ personal and creative integrity is respected and renowned throughout the comic book industry. As an editor, he provides invaluable insight into storytelling and character.
Jim Lee
I sounded like Bob Dylan for about five minutes, and it was blown out of all proportion.
Bob Dole is not a romantic, at least not an immediate one. Bob Dole is not one to waste a lot of time on metaphor.
Jeanne Marie Laskas
I think we have responsibilities to be active in the things we believe in, regardless of what our job is. At least in my lifetime, there has been a tremendous combining of activism and music, that came up in the era of Pete Seeger and the Weavers and Joan Baez and Bob Dylan and Peter Paul & Mary.
Bonnie Raitt
I always make this comparison between Bob Dylan and David Simon. Not in the most flattering way possible – these two intellectual Jews who totally identify with the black man’s struggle!
James Ransone
I was eight when independence happened. I remember my mum and dad getting dressed up to go to the independence concert to go listen to Bob Marley. Independence was such a wonderful time; we had so many expectations of the kind of country we would become. The vision of the government then was a wonderful vision.
Petina Gappah
My best advice came by examples. A supportive environment at home, school, and grad school. Support at the New York Institute of Technology, then George Lucas, Steve Jobs, and Bob Iger. The examples meant that I should support other people, even when things aren’t going well. It will pay off.
Edwin Catmull
I have often been told that I have many of the same mannerisms as Jack Benny and certainly Bob Cummings.
Dwayne Hickman
I combined theatre and films with live TV, such as ‘The Royal Variety Show,’ performing sketches opposite Bob Hope and Maurice Chevalier.
Shirley Eaton
And I don’t expect anyone can bring about a revolution in the way that Bob Dylan did – and really didn’t – in the 1960s.
Michael Stipe
Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. They’re my biggest heroes. I love everything about Leonard Cohen: his lyrics and his voice. He seems like a really clever man, and Bob Dylan does as well. He’s just really cool.
I spent some time with Bob Marley and I have to say that was like walking with a god on earth.
Leo Sayer
Music television is all about the media-oriented version of what it is to be a rock star; it’s not about what Bob Dylan or Jimi Hendrix were about – which included great images, sure, but they had spiritual and political and revolutionary content, too.
Patti Smith
Bob Dylan enabled rock & roll to grow up and survive. He injected the power of language and ideas into the music.
Jimmy Iovine
As Bob Dole found out, you can’t keep a positive image while being your party’s mouthpiece in Congress. That’s why no legislative leader since James Madison has ever been elected president.
Dick Morris
Dave Van Ronk, for those who don’t know him – probably most don’t know – was a folk singer. He’s kind of the biggest person on the scene in 1961 in the folk revival in Greenwich Village, biggest person on the scene until Bob Dylan showed up.
Ethan Coen
I was in a ballet company, and I auditioned for Bob Alton, a top choreographer at MGM. He sent me to see Arthur Freed, who offered me a seven-year contract.
Cyd Charisse
In other words, I’d say the whole story of Bob Dylan is one man’s search for God. The turns and the steps he takes to find God are his business. I think he went to a study group at the Vineyard, and it created a lot of excitement.
T Bone Burnett
My thing has always been that the clothing we make is kind of like music. There are always critics that don’t understand that young people can be into Bob Dylan but also into the Wu-Tang Clan and Coltrane and Social Distortion.
James Jebbia
I’m the world’s biggest Bob Seger fan. He’s like my Elvis.
Frankie Ballard
We soaked up everything from Beethoven to Chopin to Jimi Hendrix to Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan.
Ian Gillan
I had been on the road for a long time and was not really getting anywhere. Bob Johnston, a friend of mine, had taken over Columbia in Nashville. He asked me if I wanted to come down. I did – thank God I did.
Charlie Daniels
I never danced a step in my life so naturally. My first motion picture was a musical, and Bob Fosse was the choreographer. I didn’t exactly dance for Fosse, I just did the best that I could to do what he taught us to do.
Dick York
I started writing rather late in the game. I was fascinated about the story about how Bob Dylan, for ‘Nashville Skyline,’ wrote between takes. So I’d try to sing new songs off the top of my head. I had rather less than spectacular success on that. But a lot of my songs were done that way.
Leon Russell
My parents raised me on Spooky Tooth and The Band, Derek and the Dominoes, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, all that stuff. Rock n’ roll was just in my subconscious.
Grace Potter
If a producer has 5 million bucks tied up in a picture, he’s not about to let a guy like Burt Reynolds wreck a car when he can get a dummy like me to do it. But some stars would make good stuntmen. Reynolds is one of them. Bob Fuller and Doug McClure are strong, tough guys with plenty of courage, too.
Hal Needham
It sounds lonely being Bob Dylan, because Bob Dylan likes being around other Bob Dylans, and there are not many other Bob Dylans around.
Tom Junod
For most of the twentieth century, a Minnesotan abroad could fix his home state in the cosmos by invoking for his hosts the name Charles Lindbergh or Bob Dylan, native sons who were claimed by the world and never really returned to the Gopher State.
Steve Rushin
Bob Dole used to be really funny. Barney Frank can be kind of funny. Bob Kerrey has a good sense of humor.
Al Franken
I always had a short bob with bangs, and I hated it. My mum would always say, ‘A short hair cut is always the way to go for you.’ I had it for fourteen years!
Irina Shayk
Bob Gates has unusual standing in the debate about the Obama administration’s foreign policy: He was defense secretary for both a hawkish President George W. Bush and a wary President Obama. He understood Bush’s desire to project power and Obama’s skepticism.
David Ignatius
At the University of Miami in the U.S., people thought I was there only because I was Bob Marley’s son. I had to prove myself on the football field and soon earned the respect of my peers.
Rohan Marley
Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I am like, ‘This is a high-top day’ or ‘This is a bob day,’ but when I get my clothes on that’s when I see.
Nicki Minaj
Bob Marley songs are my songs. These are the songs that have been passed on to me. Let me say, I wear my family crest, and I represent my family to the fullest.
Stephen Marley
Bob Dole is not a bitter man. That part is jarring. His life was hard.
Jeanne Marie Laskas
To us, there was Bob Dylan, and there was dad. As for what he meant to other people, that was never glorified in our house. There were no accolades there, no gold records.
Jakob Dylan
I’ve never bought a Dylan record. A singing poet? It just bores me to tears. I’ve got to tell you, if I had 10 Dylans in the final of ‘American Idol,’ we would not be getting 30 million viewers a week. I don’t believe the Bob Dylans of this world would make ‘American Idol ‘a better show.
Simon Cowell
Working with Bob Weir directly, we learned how high the bar is for Dead music.
Bryce Dessner
‘The X-Files’ from the beginning was a very visual show, and with Bob Mandel directing the pilot and Dan Sackheim being involved in the production of the pilot and directing the first episode, they brought a visual style to it that was elaborated on by so many good directors.
Chris Carter
I think that with Bob Dylan around, we’re living in an era where we have Whitman presenting new work, we have Dickens presenting new work, we have Yeats and Shakespeare presenting new work. It’s that level.
Benmont Tench
Bob Dylan continues to release odd and unsettling records, and to do odd and unsettling things on stage. So the term ‘still’ seems meaningless to me. But the real answer is simple: I listen to Bob Dylan for pleasure more than I listen to anyone else for pleasure.
Greil Marcus
I grew up listening to a lot of hiphop music and R’n’B. Bands like A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Big Daddy Kane, Boogie Down Productions, Cypress Hill, New Edition, Bob Marley, Prince, Stevie Wonder, and a lot of Spanish music.
I’m the female Bob Woodward! If I were a liberal, I couldn’t write another book. I’d be so busy collecting awards! I’d be posing for the cover of ‘Vanity Fair!’
Ann Coulter
Some people are very cynical about it, but we’re not trying to replace Bob and Terry.
Ant McPartlin
I can remember Bob Paisley was never happy.
Graeme Souness
If anything had happened to Bob, I wouldn’t have carried on. Me and Bob are a comedy unit.
Vic Reeves
When I was very, very young, I decided that I was gonna catalogue my times because that’s what other people who I admired did. That’s what Bob Dylan did, that’s what Frank Sinatra did, Hank Williams did, in very different ways.
Bruce Springsteen
My love was Bob Dylan, but as I got older I realized a good ballad was a good ballad.
Bonnie Raitt
Like everybody know, six years, nobody beat Mr. Bob Backlund. I beat him in most famous arena in the world, Madison Square Garden.
The Iron Sheik
My dad would have me watch the shows that he liked. I watched ‘I Love Lucy.’ I watched ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show.’ I watched ‘M*A*S*H’ and ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ and ‘Bob Newhart’ and ‘Taxi’ and ‘Cheers.’
Dan Schneider
I thought that I held the record of most appearances on the Bob Hope Show, but I think – It’s Brooke Shields.
Tony Randall
Members of the FBI and the Department of Justice – some of whom ended up on Bob Mueller’s team to prosecute Donald Trump – did everything they could to exonerate Hillary Clinton for her crimes and incriminate Donald Trump with a non-existent crime.
Jeanine Pirro
‘Bullet’ Bob was one of the most important parts of Smoky Mountain from the start. He was a retired wrestling legend and talked better than anyone on the roster.
Jim Cornette
It was a dream of Bob Marley and it is a dream of the family to bury him in Ethiopia.
Rita Marley
BOB is a luxury brand. The prices are lower than designer prices but higher than high street. We sit on the cusp of paying proper money for excellent quality without having to charge thousands for a dress.
Dawn O’Porter
I’ve worked with some of the best of them. Not just directors like Sam Peckinpah and David Lynch, but writers like Sam Shepard and singers like Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson.
Harry Dean Stanton
There’s so many FM hits that I love. Bob Seger, there’s two of his songs that I love. I would probably love more, but I don’t sit around listening to Bob Seger records. It’s the same thing with Tom Petty; he writes amazing hits, but it’s not often that I sit around at home listening to a whole Tom Petty album.
Kurt Vile
Bob Baffert is not stupid.
Bob Baffert
I love Bob Dylan. Who doesn’t? He tapped into some kind of vein and it keeps on keeping on. There’s nobody like him. He’s unique, and just… way out cool.
David Lynch
Bob Altman had this relaxed but serious attitude. Everybody loved him. I wanted him to adopt me.
Steve Buscemi
I did this movie about Salvador Dali a few years ago and had hair extensions and a little bob. That was incredibly bizarre.
Robert Pattinson
Meditation is really good. I do that a lot with my bass player Bob, and we do TM: transcendental meditation.
Beth Hart