Brick Wall Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Brick Wall Quotes from famous authors such as Lewis Capaldi, Hattie Morahan, James Purefoy, Kate DiCamillo, John McEnroe. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

I think my best songs come from me sitting at a piano, bashing my head against a brick wall for hours and hours on end to get one good melody.
Lewis Capaldi
I am always really buzzed after each performance, and at around one in the morning, I’ll hit a brick wall and need to sleep.
Hattie Morahan
I wasn’t accepted the first time I tried to get into drama school. I said, ‘I’ll give this one more shot… and if that doesn’t work, I won’t bang my head against this painful brick wall.’
James Purefoy
Writing a novel isn’t like building a brick wall. You don’t figure out how to do it, and then it gets easier each time because you know what you’re doing. With writing a novel, you have to figure it out each time. Each time you start over, you just have the language and the idea and the hope.
Kate DiCamillo
The important thing is to learn a lesson every time you lose. Life is a learning process and you have to try to learn what’s best for you. Let me tell you, life is not fun when you’re banging your head against a brick wall all the time.
John McEnroe
People are used to getting a lot of information quickly, and they’re used to being quite empowered as consumers, and they go to governments expecting a similar treatment; they want to find data and they want to influence events quickly, and yet they come into this brick wall.
Heather Brooke
My dad is one of my favorite human beings in the world. He’s just a good person, and he could entertain a brick wall.
Thomas Rhett
We’re in a giant car heading towards a brick wall and everyone’s arguing over where they’re going to sit.
David Suzuki
There’s this classic car crash thing about ‘Macbeth.’ You can just see this car driving at 100 mph towards this brick wall, and you can’t do anything about it, and the characters are desperately trying to stop it and can’t.
Justin Kurzel
A lot of people, I think, harbor some kind of ambition to write a novel – they say, ‘One day I’m going to write a novel,’ and they maybe find the first three pages quite easy, and then they hit a kind of brick wall, and they think that that brick wall means that they’re not a writer.
Alex Garland
2017 may have been that year when identity politics hit a brick wall – and slumped limply on the pavement.
Greg Gutfeld
When I was at Berkeley, the framework of quantum field theory could calculate the dynamics of electromagnetism. It could roughly describe the motion of the weak nuclear force, radiation. But it hit a brick wall with the strong interaction, the binding force.
David Gross
You look at the best players in the league, the best players at quarterback – I mean Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, the top names – none of those guys are throwing it through a brick wall. They’ll have touch.
Alex Smith
I hit a brick wall one day, and I spent a lot of time by myself learning about me and who I am and what I want and don’t want.
Karrueche Tran
I must have been very young, but I have a clear memory of drawing on a cream brick wall… with wax crayons.
Robert Ingpen
It’s like the human body. What a tremendous organism. It actually craves contact. It likes contact. It craves it, as opposed to a car. If you backed into a brick wall, that would cause at least $2,000 worth of damage. It doesn’t have the ability to repair itself or callus over, but the human body does.
Jim Harbaugh
At the moment, in Britain we’re facing such enormous cutbacks in education programs and music programs and art programs that you feel you are knocking your head against a brick wall.
Peter Maxwell Davies
The jet stream is a very strong force and pushing a balloon into it is like pushing up against a brick wall, but once we got into it, we found that, remarkably, the balloon went whatever speed the wind went.
Richard Branson
Science fiction was rocket-mad for about 40 years until aerospace hit a brick wall about 1970. I would not write off space colonisation or exploration completely, but we are profoundly ill adapted for going boldly into outer space.
Charles Stross
When I was a kid, we actually lived in a house that had been divided in two at one point, which meant that one room in our house opened up onto a brick wall. And I was convinced all I had to do was just open it the right way and it wouldn’t be a brick wall. So I’d sidle over to the door and I’d pull it open.
Neil Gaiman