Brunt Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Brunt Quotes from famous authors such as Matthew Desmond, Mary Pilon, Barry Eichengreen, Rob Liefeld, Greg Rutherford. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

Arguably, the families most at need of housing assistance are systematically denied it because they’re stamped with an eviction record. Moms and kids are bearing the brunt of those consequences.
Matthew Desmond
Women in finance bore the brunt of layoffs more than their male counterparts during the Great Recession in 2008 and were also more likely to have been in back office jobs that were replaced by computers.
Mary Pilon
This crisis of long-term unemployment is having a profoundly damaging impact on the lives of those bearing the brunt of it. We know this thanks to a series of careful studies of the problem conducted in the depths of the 1930s Great Depression.
Barry Eichengreen
In the late ’90s, the magazine formerly known as ‘The Wizard’ came after me strong and hard. I was the brunt of jokes for an entire staff of angry fanboys; as much as can be poured on was poured on. But I kept focus, as anyone in that situation should.
Rob Liefeld
During your career, you put yourself in peak physical condition, but then you bear the brunt of it for the rest of your life.
Greg Rutherford
The real gender inequality in marriage stems from the tendency to regard women as the default parent, the one who, in the absence of family-friendly work policies, is expected to adjust her paid work to shoulder the brunt of domestic responsibilities.
Stephanie Coontz
Our family has gone through a very difficult time. My husband and I have taken the brunt of it. I’ve never known what it truly felt like to be so sad and desperate inside.
Tracey Gold
Through the harsh design of fate, Florida was dealt the unfortunate circumstances of bearing the brunt of not one but two hurricanes, and it appears more dark clouds are poised to visit the Sunshine State.
Ginny Brown-Waite
Americans have carried the burden of our government’s heavy-handed approach to environmental regulation for far too long – with rural and disadvantaged communities bearing the brunt.
Andrew R. Wheeler
I am often the brunt of my own humor.
Charles R. Swindoll
Whoever is sitting in the White House, especially in their second term, when gas goes up to $3 a gallon, and Katrina, and whenever we’re at war, that person sitting in the White House gets the brunt of the accusations.
Jerry Falwell
I’m always annoyed about why black people have to bear the brunt of everybody else’s contempt. If we are not totally understanding and smiling, suddenly we’re demons.
Toni Morrison
To me, it is one world, and the non-human animals bear the brunt of oppression and suffering.
Ingrid Newkirk
I’m a bit of an expert on anger, having suffered from it all through my youth, when I was both brunt and font. It’s certainly the most miserable state to be in but it’s also tremendously gratifying, really – rage feels justified.
Deborah Eisenberg
My issue with the state of women became incredibly stimulated when I was visiting developing countries and it became obvious that women bore the brunt of so many things in society.
Annie Lennox
I’ve spent my fortune, tarnished my public view and made myself the brunt of punch line after punch line.
Mindy McCready
The whole brunt of the media and the government is to encourage people to be highly competitive and totally selfish and uncaring of others.
Harold Pinter
And that’s actually the brunt of what we do is, people going straight from their workplace, straight from home, straight into the classroom and working directly with the students. So then we’re able to work with thousands and thousands more students.
Dave Eggers
If a person is a U.S. citizen, and he is on the battlefield in Afghanistan or Iraq trying to attack our troops, he will face the full brunt of the U.S. military response.
John O. Brennan
Individual bankers are rightly being investigated by the police. I and all colleagues in the chamber hope that if criminality is proven, they will go to jail and bear the same brunt of punishment as any other criminal.
Andrea Leadsom
This is the thing: I know I’m paving the way for the next generation of girls, and they’re not going to have to do this. That’s what I hope. I’ll take the brunt work and just handle it, and then you guys can just sail right on through.
Ashley Graham
Disgracefully, the arts have too often borne the brunt of short-sighted cuts to educational budgets.
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Women are hit especially hard in regions of ongoing conflict. Before, during, and after conflict, women bear the brunt of the consequences of war. They are left as the providers and guardians, responsible for rebuilding their country one family at a time.
Philomena Kwao
A progressive digital ad revenue tax would also make sure that dominant social media platforms bear the brunt of the tax.
Paul Romer
A lot of white men in the music industry are promoting and participating in black culture in a way that is pretty careless. They want the currency of blackness, but they don’t want the brunt that comes along with that.
I’m really busted up over this and I’m very, very sorry to those people in the audience, the blacks, the Hispanics, whites – everyone that was there that took the brunt of that anger and hate and rage and how it came through.
Michael Richards
I don’t mind being the brunt of a joke, so long as it’s a good one.
Joey McIntyre
God bless those employees at United who somehow continue to be gracious and patient and generous with customers even while bearing the brunt of a broken company themselves.
Patrick Lencioni
Even the best community organizations and faith-based initiatives and the extraordinary charity of Americans across the country can’t carry the brunt of eliminating poverty.
Irwin Redlener
Not one of the 9/11 terrorists entered through Mexico – and yet Mexicans bore the brunt of this country’s immigration response to the terror attacks.
Beto O’Rourke
Minorities, Dalits, farmers, students, writers – all have faced the brunt of the Narendra Modi government and risen in protest.
Pinarayi Vijayan
It’s not class warfare to suggest that we shouldn’t look to seniors and the less fortunate to bear the brunt of deficit reduction. I believe America needs to understand there needs to be a sense of fairness.
Ted Deutch
My position in the family turned out to be a lucky one; I bore neither the brunt of my mother’s newness to parenthood nor the force of her middle-aged traumas, as my younger sister, Ruth, did.
Katharine Graham
The people sometimes who are closest to us are the ones who bear the brunt of our frustration.
Lynn Nottage
Trumpcare would be devastating for millions of American families, but perhaps no one will bear the brunt of its cruelty more than older Americans.
Raja Krishnamoorthi