Celebration Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Celebration Quotes from famous authors such as Martha Graham, Buddy Valastro, Megan Smith, Natalia Kills, Bryce Dallas Howard. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

Think of the magic of that foot, comparatively small, upon which your whole weight rests. It’s a miracle, and the dance is a celebration of that miracle.
Martha Graham
Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It’s all about the memories.
Buddy Valastro
Founded in 1994 by the Anita Borg Institute and growing every year, the Grace Hopper Celebration is bringing needed network connections, skill building, and visibility for women computer scientists who work at all levels of our industry.
Megan Smith
All the best parts of art come from pain turned to celebration.
Natalia Kills
While ‘The Help’ is in so many ways a celebration of these women’s friendships and what they overcome, it’s also very truthful and very painful, and it was intense for my mom to read that.
Bryce Dallas Howard
We’ve been doing a 40-year end zone celebration of the victories won by our parents and grandparents. We haven’t shepherded our history. We haven’t taught it so others can learn from it and implement the lessons.
Jason Whitlock
To be making my debut at Cannes at the time of the celebration of hundred years of Hindi cinema is going to be an incredible experience that will truly enrich and enlighten me in more ways than one.
Sherlyn Chopra
Playing live is a lost art, and you don’t see a lot of bands that go out and play the way the older bands do. It’s a celebration, and a lot of people treat it like a commercial or a distraction.
Corey Taylor
In Bollywood, birthday celebrations are usual and very carefree.
Arbaaz Khan
I never set out to do this; I never set out to say, ‘Can I break this record?’ Then all of a sudden, the preparations made for the celebration put pressure on me. I said, ‘Okay, I have to get there.’ After 2,130, there was sort of a realization it was a foregone conclusion you’re going to play tomorrow.
Cal Ripken, Jr.
I try to bring all that I am to my work and all that I experience. That includes how people react to the way I am – the prejudice and the celebrations.
Chris Ofili
I wish that a White House celebration of your athletic achievements could be free from politics.
Will Cain
People make a big deal about celebrations and what’s appropriate and what’s not. But just talking with some veteran guys, I think anytime you get a chance to celebrate with your team, regardless if it’s winning the division or winning a series, whatever it is, you take advantage of that.
Clayton Kershaw
We never had money but it was never a problem. The spirit of comradeship, the commitment to gender equality, social justice and a celebration of pluralism and India’s composite culture provided the glue that kept us joyous and closely bonded.
Shabana Azmi
I enjoy having a quiet celebration over good food with family and a few close friends.
Sunny Singh
There are so many images pushed at women and so many ideas of what you’re supposed to be. I think there’s too much of this superwoman, this woman with a bottom like two billiard balls. There’s no real celebration of just being a person.
Helen Fielding
There are those who argue that the public celebration of festivals such as Christmas should be discouraged, in the questionable belief that it might somehow offend those of other religions or none.
Pope Benedict XVI
‘The Imitation Game’ is a celebration of Alan Turing’s life and legacy, and Joan’s final monologue is our eulogy. It’s the thing we all wished we could have said to him.
Graham Moore
Whenever there is a new song out, we’ll sometimes try to rehearse a celebration so when one of us scores a goal, we can celebrate it together. I find this a nice thing between team-mates to show the friendship between us, and I try to do this whenever I can.
Roberto Firmino
They decided as part of my 75th birthday celebrations that I would be entitled to fly first class. I’ll be honest, I’m not good at flying anymore. To my credit, I can stretch out on two coach seats.
Chuck Feeney
New Orleans is a great place, a place of celebration. But on the other hand, there’s a reality to it, there’s violence, there’s misguided youth.
Tyrann Mathieu
I always modeled myself on Ronaldinho. He was one of my favourites who I followed a lot – his magic made us want to imitate him and his football. Is my goal celebration a tribute to him? Yes, of course. I like him a lot.
Roberto Firmino
Celebrations are great fun: bunting and this and that and the other.
James William Middleton
I remember watching ‘Fargo.’ I thought that was cruel. ‘GoodFellas,’ lots of Scorsese stuff, I think is unnecessarily violent and almost a celebration of violence. I don’t see ‘Game of Thrones’ as being a celebratory violence.
Jonathan Pryce
I love the idea that horror and fear is a celebration of health and life.
Penn Jillette
The terrorist attacks of 9/11 briefly disrupted celebrations of a world globalised by capital and consumption.
Pankaj Mishra
Transformation, liberation and celebration are the themes of all my novels.
Tom Robbins
I think the game of football, from a commentating standpoint, is missing something. I think it should be a celebration, and I think it should be enjoyable, and I’m trying to make it that way.
Pat McAfee
Britain’s passion for Christmas and huge white weddings dates from Victorian times – both were low-key celebrations before Victoria and her PR machine.
Kate Williams
I think Christmas is about celebration and come on, on the inside everyone wants to dance.
‘Teen Spirit’ is a celebration of the power that music can deliver to the cinematic experience.
Max Minghella
Football is losing its essence: people talk about celebrations instead of goals.
Juan Mata
It states, History should be regarded as a means for understanding the past and solving the challenges of the future. It also suggests that this celebration of the end of slavery is an important and enriching part of the history and heritage of the United States.
Mark Foley
Mourning doesn’t always mean zen, mourning doesn’t always mean somber, mourning can just be a celebration of a life of people. It’s not always about wearing black and listening to a Sarah McLachlan song.
Bob the Drag Queen
There really isn’t a time to pause and have a celebration. I feel so serious about the whole thing.
Story Musgrave
We need a day of the dead. That’s a perfect celebration.
Kristin Hersh
You know, I think sometimes certain players – and I don’t name names – but certain players have a certain haircut, they have certain sack celebrations. They draw a lot of attention to themselves.
Julius Peppers
My blog is a celebration of the unexpected, settled, happy life I find myself living in Portland, Maine, at the ripe old age of fifty with someone I deeply love and am very happy with. That’s part of why I started the blog.
Kate Christensen
When I found the ‘Human Nature’ music video as a teenager – I’ve been a drag queen since 15 – I just loved that music video so much because it’s such a celebration of her femininity and her sexuality. I thought it was so powerful.
Jinkx Monsoon
I often imagine what it would be like if my father were still here to mark his 100th birthday, if Alzheimer’s hadn’t clawed away years, possibilities, hopes. What would he think of all the commemorations and celebrations?
Patti Davis
The march is a way to get in celebration mode.
Charles Richards
I love our shared island, our shared Ireland and its core decency. I love it for its imagination and its celebration of the endless possibilities for our people.
Michael D. Higgins
If you’re afraid of death, I would say, either fight for your life or come to grips with the fact you may not make it. And in doing that there shouldn’t be bitterness. There should be a celebration. There should be an understanding of how lucky you are. That’s how I feel.
Robby Benson
My photographs are a celebration of life, fun and the beautiful. They are a world that doesn’t exist. A fantasy. Freedom is real. There are no rules. The life I wish I was living.
Ryan McGinley
The Day of the Dead is a joyful celebration when you can connect with and remember your ancestors.
Anthony Gonzalez
I think the important thing now is to have a celebration and then with determination move into our common, shared, different future.
Michael D. Higgins
I did a project called ‘Sing The Truth,’ which was a lot of fun. It started out being a celebration of the music of Nina Simone, and it was me and Lizz Wright and Angelique Kidjo.
Dianne Reeves
People tend to see modernism as the opposite of a celebration. They see it as a fracturing and an art built round an absence, but it’s really a celebration of our existence.
Ali Smith
‘The Body Issue’ is celebrating athletes’ bodies, different sizes, different shapes… For me it’s a celebration, and it’s an honor to be in it.
Sue Bird
And currently, there are four to five new works in the pipeline for upcoming celebrations such as the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Australian Federation, my 50th Birthday, and Sydney Dance Company’s 25th Anniversary.
Graeme Murphy
I reflected a lot, I thought a lot on my 50th birthday. It has been one of the most important birthdays in my life, not in terms of celebration but in terms of retrospect.
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
In ‘Tree of Life,’ the cinematography records a small story, a celebration of the courage of everyday life. But it does it so up close and so effortlessly that it has the effect of elevating the intimacy of the story to a grand scale.
Caleb Deschanel
I have kids, so I can understand the image that footballers have. They are fans of some players; I see in their eyes. They admire and try to imitate their gestures, their words, their celebrations. They love Ronaldo and Messi. Since Euro 2016, though, they have no right to pronounce the name of Ronaldo!
Dimitri Payet
Yuri’s Night is a world celebration for everyone who’s interested in a human presence in space – without concern for politics, the Cold War, countries that do and don’t have space programs.
Robert Picardo
I’m not going to be caught around here for any fool celebration. To hell with birthdays!
Norman Rockwell
I love birthdays, holidays, and anything that calls for a celebration.
Kim Zolciak-Biermann
The headmaster asked to read one of my poems at some celebration or other when I was about 10. When I look back, that is phenomenal encouragement.
Derek Walcott
The desperate things seem to require attention, the lovely things seem to elicit celebration. If I had to choose, I would go to the awful in the hope that doing something could yield a happier result.
Jenny Holzer
Your closet needs to be a place of joy and celebration of who are you now – not who you were.
Stacy London
Sometimes people get mad at The Simpsons’ subversive story telling, but there’s another message in there, which is a celebration of making wild, funny stories.
Matt Groening
It’s quite funny in that I once won Rear of the Year at my school! I was about 17 in the sixth form and we used to have an end of year celebration and give out different awards. I even got a little trophy!
Jessica Ennis-Hill
South Africa is the only place in the Southern hemisphere where Halloween is really catching on. They have a lot of sporting events that have made it more popular there. They have motocross and rave celebrations, and they’re embracing it as a youth culture thing.
Lisa Morton
Salman has his own personal equation. I have my own personal equation. We are sometimes not even a part of each other’s celebration or happiness. But we are definitely there when somebody is down.
Arbaaz Khan
I think travelling teaches you that there is a change which is constant and you have to develop an adaptive nature to be part of this celebration and to be a part of this journey called life. It gives a great understanding of people and their culture.
Neeti Mohan
Why is there an end of the year? Because the calendar imposes numerical order on time. There is a natural fitness in the celebration of the New Year, a holiday of numbers imposed on things, with lists, as well as with Advent calendars and songs like ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas.’
Elif Batuman
November is Hip-Hop History Month, where we give celebration to what hip hop has done to bring together people of the world, people of all nationalities, young people, all the political systems and politicians on the planet.
Afrika Bambaataa
I don’t think there have been many dull celebrations after any of my hundreds for England. It’s been an emotional time for me over the last few weeks. Interpret them as you wish.
Jonny Bairstow
Celebrations are for the players to express themselves.
Andre Villas-Boas
Singing is like a celebration of oxygen.
My favorite thing about the Ultimate Queen Celebration is that we’re not afraid to explore a non-traditional Queen set list.
Marc Martel
Having cakes as a business certainly changes things for me – I don’t now sit at home doing a cake for the fun of it anymore. But it’s an extremely happy and pleasureable business to run because people are generally buying cakes for celebrations.
Jane Asher
Perfect is very boring, and if you happen to have a different look, that’s a celebration of human nature, I think. If we were all symmetrical and perfect, life would be very dull.
Natalie Dormer
The whole idea of Hogmanay is part of your life growing up in Scotland. It’s a big deal. It’s one of the biggest celebrations ever. It was always about ‘Where you going? What are you doing?’
Edith Bowman
There’s death and there’s loss, but there’s also celebrations, right?
Justin Hartley
The arts are a celebration of life.
Michael Douglas
Pride, to me, is a celebration of the past because we have come such a long way from the very first Pride parade marking the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, so it’s a celebration of all that we’ve accomplished.
Sasha Velour
Personally, I can’t see the appeal in trekking down to D.C. for a networking extravaganza, even if it is built around a special moment in American history. While I find the election of Barack Obama inspirational, I don’t have a desire to memorialize it with overly effusive celebration.
Jamie Johnson
Writing Part of the Scenery has been a very different experience. I have been reminded of people and events, real and imaginary which have been part of my life. This book is a celebration of the land which means so much to me.
Mary Wesley
One of my earliest memories is being backstage at ‘Bran Nue Dae’ in Darwin when I was about eight. It’s such a fun, happy show and a real celebration of being Aboriginal… it felt really great and achievable as a career. It all felt normal.
Shari Sebbens
For most developers, that kind of situation – a player figuring out how to do something that the designer didn’t intend – to most developers, that’s a bug. For me, that’s a celebration.
Warren Spector
At the last Celebration I spoke before an auditorium full of people and I could just feel the affection and the positive feelings that they were exuding. It was actually moving. I remember thinking, ‘I’m not worthy,’ because ‘Star Wars’ is so much bigger than all of us.
Mark Hamill
Most cultures traditionally link food and spirituality directly with periodic restrictions and celebrations punctuating the year. Abstinence from particular foods or full-on fasting is part of many religious traditions and holidays.
Marcus Samuelsson
One of the great advances of the modern world is that people live longer, and are healthy and active for more of their lives. This is a matter for celebration, not least because it allows older people to play a full and varied role in society.
Damian Green
For the Left, tolerance does not mean tolerance. It means first, acceptance. And second, celebration. That is totalitarianism: You not only have to live with what you may differ with, dear citizen, you have to celebrate it or pay a steep price.
Dennis Prager
Boxing is a celebration of the lost religion of masculinity all the more trenchant for its being lost.
Joyce Carol Oates
I’m a SoHo born-and-raised kid. So my parents dragged me to lots of museums, and for birthdays and any kind of celebration, we’d go to the theater.
Zac Posen
We are a diverse country, but we are one country. And we are at our best when we come together as Americans, not despite our differences, but in celebration of them.
Jared Polis
Major forces that have contributed to the evolution of philanthropy in India in the pre-modern era have mainly been driven by religion, family, and society. The Hindu teaching of ‘daan’ or ‘giving’ is present in different ways in almost every celebration or ritual.
Shiv Nadar
The official independence celebration was going to be held over four or five days, and a group of journalists from all over the world was allowed to fly in, because Angola was closed otherwise.
Ryszard Kapuscinski
With Trixie specifically, on the one hand, it’s a celebration of femininity. It’s that moment when you’re playing Pretty Pretty Princess, and there’s also, this is what society says a girl looks like, the amount of makeup I wear and the humongous blond wigs.
Trixie Mattel
You know the fact is that whenever there is a celebration for a person as great as Guru Nanakji, it is done by the government.
Amarinder Singh
The only holiday of independence which I can never leave out is the celebration of the independence of the Jewish State of Israel.
Milos Zeman
I have a really large family, so we have three big Christmas celebrations. This involves intense diary planning, compromising between the families – and serious food shopping.
Zoe Ball
As a child, I loved to eat sweets and enjoyed festivities and celebrations.
If Congress can move President’s Day, Columbus Day and, alas, Martin Luther King’s Birthday celebration for the convenience of shoppers, shouldn’t they at least consider moving Election Day for the convenience of voters?
Andrew Young
The draft is one of my favorite events because it is about football. People are focused on how their teams improve. It’s a celebration of football. And most importantly, it represents a very important time in the lives of these men who are entering the NFL, and their families.
Roger Goodell
I don’t get the conga line started. I’m not a great choice if the goal of the evening is just a celebration. But if we’re going to talk about what’s been going on lately, then I can bring something to the table.
Seth Meyers
Miss Earth, to me, means a lot more than an international beauty pageant. It implies a larger than life celebration of spirit, beauty, passion, and betterment.
Sobhita Dhulipala
Woodstock was both a peaceful protest and a global celebration.
Richie Havens
Classical is a more refined and structured dance form. Folk is made for celebration. That’s not a very competitive dance form. Though you can bring classical on stage, folk becomes limited. Like you would love to do bhangra and garba at parties, but when you see it on stage, it is very limited in terms of movements.
Shakti Mohan
Trump’s Twitter flood of late-night mendacity is an unhindered celebration of fragile manhood, a ceaseless summons to the millions for affirmation, a proclamation to vulnerable men across the land that endless preening and stroking is a normal and imitable way of life.
Timothy D. Snyder
Dickens was a part of how the whole celebration of Christmas as we know it today emerged during the 19th century.
Claire Tomalin
Every breakup is preceded by a bad relationship. So breakups should be cause for celebration and triumph.
Lucy Dacus
The Olympic Games are the quadrennial celebration of the springtime of humanity.
Pierre de Coubertin
I think Dogme was inspiring for quite a few peoples and sort of started a digital movement. Personally, I found it extremely uplifting and fantastic making Dogme movies, but I felt I completed it with ‘The Celebration.’ I think that was the end of the road on Dogme for me. It was as far as I could go.
Thomas Vinterberg
For many of us, Christmas lunch is the most special meal of the year – and I certainly want nothing but the very best for this celebration.
Sheherazade Goldsmith
I was born and trained to communicate music, just as the sons were born and trained to hunt, and I was lucky to have grown up in Hungary, a country that lives and breathes music-that has a passionate belief in the power of music as a celebration of life.
Georg Solti
What appeals about the ’70s is the celebration of the female form, the lack of constriction.
Katherine Waterston
This shared love of cooking and celebration has allowed me to create a strong bond with my family.
Camila Alves
Football should and has to remain beautiful – entertainment, a celebration for everyone.
Jerome Boateng
‘We Are the Champions’ is meant to be ‘we,’ as in ‘all of us,’ collectively, not us the band. It’s a shame that some people understandably had the wrong take on that. ‘No time for losers’ is not the kindest line, but it’s really more of a ‘we all of us.’ It’s a celebration.
Roger Taylor
I’m predisposed to never be in pure celebration mode.
Damien Chazelle
In the ongoing celebration that is literature, we are asked to imagine ourselves as other selves, for better or worse.
Joanna Scott
I’ve been celebrating the Day of the Dead since I was 6 years old because my grandfather passed away back then. The Day of the Dead was just a wonderful and joyful celebration where I can be with him and connect with him again.
Anthony Gonzalez
A wedding, a great wedding, is just a blast. A celebration of romance and community and love… What is unfun about that? Nothing.
Ariel Levy
The atmosphere of a shoot is so intimate, while a show is more of a celebration of that designer and their work and the models coming together to walk in the clothing and present the frocks in their unique way.
Stella Maxwell
I’m an enormous admirer of Christopher Lee. He’s somebody, along with Vincent Price, who I celebrate, and I wanted my movies to show that celebration and that honoring of these great film stars that were unafraid to go into horror and Grand Guignol and the macabre.
Nicolas Cage
The King Holiday is a celebration of many things – his pursuit of racial justice, his commitment to non-violent resistance, his belief in service and doing for others. But you might also call it the other Labor Day.
Tom Perez
No one who has experienced facing a screaming, boiling, hysterical audience can avoid feeling shivers in the spine. It’s a thin line between celebration and menace.
Agnetha Faltskog
It was just an honor for me to be doing the role of Miguel because I identify with him. I grew up watching Disney movies, and ‘Coco’ shows a wonderful tradition, culture, and celebration that not many movies have shown.
Anthony Gonzalez
In Arab culture, music is for celebration. You don’t play music at funerals.
Daniel Barenboim
In my hometown of New Orleans, grief is a public spectacle that, somewhat paradoxically, necessitates celebration. The dead are not mourned so much as they are posthumously venerated with music and dance.
Clint Smith
You’ve got to be a role model to the younger generation who look up to you, but it’s always good to have fun. That’s what the goal celebrations are about, really.
Jesse Lingard
If whiteness were of no particular advantage, then having a fuller color wheel of skin tones would be purely a matter of celebration. But whiteness – just a drop of it – does still carry privilege. You learn that very young in America.
Eric Liu
In traditional ‘Swan Lakes,’ it’s Prince Siegfried’s 21st-birthday celebration, his coming-of-age. The entire court, from his mother the Queen on down, is on hand.
Robert Gottlieb
To a certain extent, this tour is a celebration of individuality and that you can invent and reinvent yourself. You should have the power to be able to do that. Sexuality is a part of that. It should release you. It doesn’t have to be an issue. It shouldn’t box you in.
Neil Tennant
I think all of our concerts, really, as parties. It’s a performance for sure. It’s not a recital. It’s a celebration of that music.
Andrew W.K.
Footage of people camped out at Best Buy or elsewhere is not remotely a celebration. Rather, it’s a reminder of just how economically distressed a large percentage of our populace is.
Barry Ritholtz
All I did was pray to God, every day. In prison camp, the main prayer was, ‘Get me home alive, God, and I’ll seek you and serve you.’ I came home, got wrapped up in the celebration, and forgot about the hundreds of promises I’d made to God.
Louis Zamperini
When I heard the royal family wanted to have me perform in celebration of Prince William’s marriage, I knew I had to give them a little something. ‘Wet’ is the perfect anthem for Prince William or any playa to get the club smokin’.
Snoop Dogg
I have come to regard November as the older, harder man’s October. I appreciate the early darkness and cooler temperatures. It puts my mind in a different place than October. It is a month for a quieter, slightly more subdued celebration of summer’s death as winter tightens its grip.
Henry Rollins
I’m always around people who want to drink very expensive champagne. But only when it’s a celebration of success.
Flo Rida
When he died, Emerson was thought of as the representative American writer par excellence, and his point of view was still so potent that William James was honored to be asked to speak at a centenary celebration.
Howard Mumford Jones
The thing about performance, even if it’s only an illusion, is that it is a celebration of the fact that we do contain within ourselves infinite possibilities.
Sydney Smith
I find it soothing to take something wrinkled and make it smooth. It feels anticipatory. It’s what I do before a celebration. And nobody bothers me when I’m ironing.
Alexandra Stoddard
World Children’s Day is meant to be a fun celebration but it’s also a day to talk about serious issues that children have to face in school.
Choi Si-won
Michael and Alex, I love you. And we’re going to have the biggest celebration when you get home.
Susan Smith
Something that I love about drag is that it’s a celebration of feminity.
Trixie Mattel
Plays have a celebratory nature that no other form has. Theater always meant celebration, a birthday, a reward for good grades. I felt at home in a theater. I loved being part of an audience. All the rules – the audience has to see the play on a certain date at a certain time in a certain place in a certain seat.
John Guare
My two sons are more excited about my father’s birthday than him. Baba is a quiet person by nature and feels shy at any kind of celebration.
Soham Chakraborty
Social media is such a powerful tool and I would love it to be a hub of celebration rather than focusing on negativity.
Georgia Toffolo
One of the things people don’t really recognise about the similarities between country and hip-hop is that they’re celebrations of pride in a lifestyle.
Taylor Swift
In the gym, we’re always training hard, but when the fight comes, that’s when it’s fun. It’s like a celebration. You go up there and celebrate what you’ve been working on.
Adrien Broner
The Ultimate Queen Celebration is a little bit different. I take liberties with the amount of songs in the set that aren’t necessarily Queen songs. I take some freedoms with The Ultimate Queen Celebration that I can’t really do with The Queen Extravaganza.
Marc Martel
In March 2010, I attended an art opening for Kimberly Brooks’s show ‘The Stylist Project’ in Los Angeles. It was a starry celebration hosted by Dior and ‘Vanity Fair’ to benefit P.S. Arts. But even as fun-to-gape-at actresses like Christina Hendricks arrived, I couldn’t take my eyes off the oil portraits.
Nell Scovell
I was a girl in a land where rifles are fired in celebration of a son, while daughters are hidden away behind a curtain, their role in life simply to prepare food and give birth to children.
Malala Yousafzai
I like the celebrations when I see my teammates do it, when I see fellow footballers on the international scene do it. I think it looks good, it suits most of them, if you know what to do, synchronise, then do it.
Sunil Chhetri
You know who I like the way he celebrates is Peyton. He kind of gives the guy a handshake and goes back to the sidelines. I think that’s a great celebration right there.
Brian Urlacher
My film with Pawan Kalyan sir, ‘Vakeel Saab,’ came in theatres and collected humongous figures in the first weekend. It was a celebration for people. Then it released on an OTT, and people still watched it, it garnered high TRPs.
Nidhhi Agerwal
The New Year is probably the biggest celebration in Russia.
Alexander Ovechkin
The success of ‘The Celebration’ was like a hand grenade exploding in my face. It suddenly gave me so many opportunities to explore things I had never done before.
Thomas Vinterberg
I enjoy the celebration of my birthday as much as anyone else does, but I always remember to start my day thanking my mom because she did most of the work the day I came into the world, not to mention all she has done throughout my life that has contributed so much to the woman I am today.
Christy Turlington
Like music, cooking and more specifically, barbecuing is one of my greatest passions and my sauce is a celebration of these simple pleasures in life. I am thrilled to have my original BBQ sauces featured on Hard Rock’s menu, as both embody the true meaning of rock ‘n’ roll flavor.
Michael Anthony
My life has been going in ways I never could have dreamed of – doing the closing celebration for the Olympic Games and being appointed the creative chair for jazz at the L.A. Philharmonic. So I’ve just decided I’ll go with my flow and be very prepared.
Dianne Reeves
I taped my first series for PBS in 1982 at WJCT-TV in Jacksonville, Florida. The show, called ‘Everyday Cooking with Jacques Pepin,’ was about saving time and money in the kitchen – and it was a celebration of simple and unpretentious food.
Jacques Pepin
A pet store is a celebration of dogs’ existence and an explosion of options. About cats, a pet store seems to say, ‘Here, we couldn’t think of anything else.’ Cats are the Hanukkah of the animal world in this way. They are feted quietly and happily by a minority, but there’s only so much hoopla applicable to them.
Sloane Crosley
What I love about WonderCon is that, while the focus is on the comics, it’s also a celebration of games and movies and all the ancillary media.
Jim Lee
And for the city’s birthday, we will host events in every neighborhood of the city, inviting all of our residents to share in the celebration of Boston’s great epic – the story of neighbors who support one another where it matters most.
Thomas Menino
In music, the Specials brought a city, Coventry, bombed out for a second time and riven with racism, to a celebration between black and white musicians and their music.
Melvyn Bragg
The Monte Carlo TV Festival is great because it’s a celebration of television and great storytelling.
Eric Close
Professional sports have built themselves on the celebration of Americana, the ideas and values that best exemplify America.
Jason Whitlock
I think that every year that the New York City Ballet is alive is worthy of celebration. Because otherwise the terrible thing is just that we take it for granted.
John Guare
As long as gay people don’t have their rights all across America, there’s no reason for celebration.
Marsha P. Johnson
We are struggling with the global war on the truth. And if what we used to think of as the domain of the Soviets, the kind of celebration of lies and press as propaganda, that now we realize is not something that is unique to the Soviet state. It’s within ourselves as well here in the West.
Craig Mazin
It’s one of those things where it’s not something you want to do; nobody wants to retire from basketball. You want to play basketball forever. Retirement is admitting to yourself and everybody else that, ‘I can’t do this job anymore.’ For me, that’s not a celebration.
Ben Wallace
It’s important that we meet any sort of hate and negativity with joy and celebration.
Simu Liu
Cinco de Mayo has come to represent a celebration of the contributions that Mexican Americans and all Hispanics have made to America.
Joe Baca
My language is a feel-thinking language, feeling and thinking at once, that is why it is a celebration of life, and at once it is a denunciation of everything that is not allowed in life to be real life, it’s plenitude.
Eduardo Galeano
To me, that aspect of life that most touches the everyday and celebrations is food.
Gil Marks
Solange’s new album, ‘A Seat at the Table’, is so many things at once: an antidote to hate, a celebration of blackness, an expression of the right to feel it all. After a move to Louisiana and period of self-reflection, the artist joined forces with a range of collaborators to put her new discoveries to music.
Tavi Gevinson
Pagan Romans started their midwinter celebrations with the feast of Saturnalia on 17 December, ending them with a new year festival, the Kalendae Januariae, at the start of January – both were celebrated with parties and the exchange of gifts.
Alice Roberts
But there is a difference here: When Jewish children are murdered, Arabs celebrate the deed. The death of an Arab child is no cause for celebration in Israel.
Theodore Bikel
One thing that I can say is that I think it’s important that there’s some sort of celebration of beautiful women that isn’t just exploitive.
Emily Ratajkowski
When I watch Ernie Johnson do the celebration at the conference championships, I marvel at how smooth he is. The guy is just the consummate pro.
Doris Burke
The idea that time is an illusion is an old one, predating any Times Square ball drop or champagne celebrations. It reaches back to the days of Heraclitus and Parmenides, pre-Socratic thinkers who are staples of introductory philosophy courses.
Sean M. Carroll
A Christian’s celebration of Christmas should be a lot different from that of nonbelievers.
Monica Johnson
This year’s Veterans Day celebration is especially significant as our country remains committed to fighting the War on Terror and as brave men and women are heroically defending our homeland.
John Doolittle
The false pride of perennial celebration, of wearing flag lapel pins while betraying the values that the flag stands for, is like the self-esteem curriculum for toddlers, where everything is praised and no achievement ultimately has meaning.
Anne-Marie Slaughter
I have said no to many, many Day of the Dead projects in the past, about 10 or 15, because every time I heard a take it was from someone who didn’t know the celebration.
Guillermo del Toro
I’m not a big celebration person, I don’t need a big party. I just want to hang.
Loren Gray
And from that nineteen sixty four, this was my goal to go to Olympic Games. And I realized what does it mean, Olympic Games, like big celebration.
Olga Korbut
Since childhood, Claridge’s has always been a very special place for me. I associate it with celebrations, happy times.
David Linley
There is not enough celebration of companionship. Relationships aren’t just about eroticism and sexuality.
Francesca Annis
Every Diwali, the excitement sets in with all the decorations, lights and Puja. Even if busy schedule of shoots does not allow time to enjoy all the celebrations or perform rituals, I make sure to do whatever I can.
Amrapali Gupta
Every show I play is like a little celebration of something in my life that has gone really well.
Lou Barlow
It was never important for a wedding to be about anything other than me and my partner. A big celebration was never my cup of tea.
Mandy Moore
When I stopped looking at food as a reward or a celebration and began looking at food as energy to fuel my athletic ambitions, that really kind of changed the whole world for me. That was the real ‘aha!’ moment.
Joe Bastianich
A tender touch, a shared experience, listening to music that both enjoy, with the scent of fresh mogras, is my idea of a beautiful celebration of love.
Shabana Azmi
I think people have a clear idea of my style of music I want to do, which is rock, but it’s not heavy rock. It’s more rock that is feel good and makes you feel something, whether or not that’s heartache and pain or it feels like a celebration.
Chloe Kohanski
I believe that every day is a celebration and every day I’m born anew and genuinely try to live every day differently.
A lot of my reading over the next few months will be the works of Hans Christian Andersen – I have been appointed an ambassador for the bicentenary celebrations of his birth next year.
Roger Moore
George Orwell’s ‘1984’ frequently tops surveys of our greatest books: it’s not a celebration of poetic language. It’s decidedly anti-literary, a masterpiece of personal and political narrative sequence. And its subject matter is crucial, because what ‘1984’ shows is that language can be a dirty trick.
Graham Joyce
When the soldiers came home from Vietnam, there were no parades, no celebrations. So they built the Vietnam Memorial for themselves.
William Westmoreland
We – we spend a lot of time, scholarly time, thinking about love and sex, but very little about the – the kind of joy that can take over a crowd of people or a group of people, in festivity, in ecstatic ritual of some kind, in celebration.
Barbara Ehrenreich
The Grateful Dead, they’re my best friends. Their message of hope, peace, love, teamwork, creativity, imagination, celebration, the dance, the vision, the purpose, the passion all of the things I believe in makes me the luckiest Deadhead in the world.
Bill Walton
In the early ’20s, with the war over, there was a period of celebration, and you can see it in the fashion.
Michelle Dockery
It is a historical error for those who were not there to just refer to August 28th as ‘I Have a Dream’ speech day. That is a real disservice to those who were there. It was a sad day. It was not a celebration environment.
Jesse Jackson
The holiday season can be an especially trying time for our service men, women, and families. Military service and deployment create empty seats at holiday tables, religious services, and celebrations.
Geoff Stults
We created BlizzCon as a celebration of our global community, but not everyone can travel to the show, so the virtual ticket gives us a great way to bring BlizzCon to gamers around the world.
Michael Morhaime
The Olympic Games are a global celebration of our hopes, our ideals and our values.
Laurel Hubbard
Pride is not just any summer festival. It is a celebration – but it is also a manifestation of human rights. It is serious – and joyful. It is a reminder of the progress that has been made – but also of everything that still remains to be done.
Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden
My early childhood memories center around this typical American country store and life in a small American town, including 4th of July celebrations marked by fireworks and patriotic music played from a pavilion bandstand.
Frederick Reines
When I was a teenager, science meshed with my developing ideals – such as the challenge to authority that was central to punk rock. In science, anyone from any walk of life could make a discovery that would overturn prevailing hypotheses. And that was a cause for celebration among scientists.
Greg Graffin
Instead of hoping that some day the boys’ club will open its doors, we can form our own clubs, define ‘worthy’ our own way, and celebrate the books and voices that we decide deserve celebration.
Jennifer Weiner
The first We Day celebration I attended was in Vancouver, and it was the most incredible experience – there is nothing more invigorating than a buzzing room of young people who are excited to change the world.
Holly Branson
The opening and closing ceremonies of the London Olympics are mass satanic rituals disguised as a celebration of Britain and sport. Their medium is the language of symbolism.
David Icke
In my house, the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl Game have always been a grand tradition for ringing in the New Year. To serve as Grand Marshal is a dream come true and I look forward to sharing the celebration with all of the fans and viewers worldwide.
Paula Deen
The Proms are everything life is all about: people coming together, and joy and music and celebration and togetherness.
Jacob Collier
KIN’ is basically a kind of rite of passage, scars-and-all celebration of going through difficult things in your life and being better for it.
KT Tunstall
At the time of the Silver Jubilee, I was a grumpy anti-monarchist. I didn’t celebrate and was appalled by the celebrations. In my idiocy, I missed out! I feel completely differently now compared with that time.
Helen Mirren
For the millions of Americans, like my family, who believe that there is a creator God who can be known personally, Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ offer of love and forgiveness for all people.
James Lankford
The celebration… you cannot practice it or anything. It’s a moment when the excitement of your goal make you react to the moment.
Peter Bondra
My mother loved entertaining, and I’ve followed suit, so we have big celebrations for New Year, Passover, Thanksgiving and birthdays.
Joan Rivers
‘Big Night’ is the best food movie ever made. It’s such a celebration of food, and the Italian tradition of celebrating people. Plus, everything looked delicious!
Julia Stiles
The reason New Orleans is still around is because of the celebrations it has inspired since its inception as a city. I’m always excited about the possibility of what might happen. That’s what drives us, and I think that’s the spirit of New Orleans and the spirit of jazz.
Irvin Mayfield
The spirit of celebration and togetherness is a great source of inspiration.
Nandita Mahtani
Religious celebrations, and the good will, high spirits and generosity that mark them, are wonderful occasions for understanding the potential of ‘everyday multiculturalism’, and how people from diverse faiths can connect and show they care, rather than go down parallel, sometimes hostile, roads.
Randa Abdel-Fattah
With that in mind and in celebration of National Prayer Day, today I have proposed in the House of Representatives a Constitutional Amendment that would restore voluntary prayer in our Nation’s schools.
Nick Rahall
When you’re a child, you crave formal recognition; you crave ceremony, celebration, certification of proof.
Kaui Hart Hemmings
Being a dandy is a condition rather than a profession. It is a defense against suffering and a celebration of life.
Sebastian Horsley
I relax by catching up with my friends and family. When I am at home in Ibiza, I find the contrast of living on a divided island relaxing – with beauty and tranquillity in the north and a sense of fun, shallowness and celebration in the south.
James Blunt
The arts, quite simply, nourish the soul. They sustain, comfort, inspire. There is nothing like that exquisite moment when you first discover the beauty of connecting with others in celebration of larger ideals and shared wisdom.
Gordon Gee