Collector Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Collector Quotes from famous authors such as Tom Felton, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Enda Kenny, Bill Vaughan, Amy Macdonald. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

No, I don’t suppose I’m so much a collector sort of person.
Tom Felton
I have some beautiful 20th-century drawings and a few paintings, but I’m not a collector, and I’m not particularly attached to objects.
Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
Ireland cannot become the collector general for the world. We can only tax on profits generated in the country here.
Enda Kenny
The tax collector must love poor people, he’s creating so many of them.
Bill Vaughan
My boyfriend has always been a collector of art. He once rang up Paul Kenton and asked him to paint a New York skyline for me. He did, and it is the first painting that has ever been painted just for me.
Amy Macdonald
I’ve been an avid collector since I was a child.
Alessandro Michele
I definitely was a big comic collector as a kid.
J. August Richards
I love good balance, so being a collector is a fun little thing while we travel this world. I mean, every night, it’s something else. The other night, I head-banged a dude on my rental car and drove him through the curtain in my rental car. So some moments are not as good as others, but they are all fun, that’s for sure.
Cody Rhodes
If you’re a devoted collector of design, you seek out objects you can love to live with but also live in.
Dasha Zhukova
Not only that, but when I first met Joe, to my intense delight, he showed me that he was a collector. He was collecting some of the early Tarzan pages by Hal Foster, and, later, early Flash Gordons; and I found that we were both absolutely interested in the same type of thing.
Joe Shuster
The willed recovery of what’s been lost – often forcibly, I suppose – is what keeps me going. It is this reason I found myself a poet and a collector and now a curator: to save what we didn’t even know needed saving.
Kevin Young
I started getting back into buying old analog gear while we were recording. Lots of old drum machines and synths. It wasn’t a conscious thing. I didn’t consider myself a collector, but boxes of vintage gear would turn up virtually every day.
Martin Gore
I’m also interested in creating a lasting legacy for collectors because bronze will last for thousands of years so I’m not really selling the art to this particular collector but it is being passed on.
Richard MacDonald
I was 16 before I met another passionate collector. One summer, I visited England; a new friend took me calling on his dotty, brilliant old aunt. She occupied a quaint house in Kent. Its walls were lined with glass-fronted cases full of what? Ancient shoe buckles.
Allan Gurganus
I’m not a hoarder, I’m a collector: if you have something you like, every time you see it, you have a little happy hit.
Douglas Coupland
I’m an avid collector of toys. I got everything. Name it. From the Easy Bake Oven to Barbies to every TV show doll, racing cars… I’ve been collecting since I was a little kid.
Biz Markie
I download, like, forty songs a day, I’m a big music collector and a big record collector.
Jesse Williams
I’m an anorak. I’ve always been an obsessive collector of things. Richard Briers collects stamps. I collect cars and guns, which are much more expensive, and much more difficult to store.
Michael Gambon
I don’t know a single collector or museum director who says: ‘Oh, he’s on a list, so I think I’ll buy something of his.’ The people who buy my art put a little more thought into it than that.
Olafur Eliasson
Huguette Clark was an artist, a painter and doll collector.
Bill Dedman
I’m a collector of everything.
Alessandro Michele
I am a collector of many things, but I particularly love the sterling silver mint julep cups, each engraved with the titles of the Broadway shows in which I appeared.
Bryan Batt
I’m a kooky collector and own a couple of hundred guitars.
Joe Bonamassa
I used to be a record collector. Mark Ronson, Questlove and I used to be part of, like, a record-trading crew.
I’m a geeky toy collector, and to have toys of your own characters is unbelievably cool.
Craig McCracken
I’m not a guitar collector. I own some guitars because I play.
Robin Zander
Growing up, I didn’t know anyone that was a watch collector or into watches, but I was always kind of curious about them. Before the NBA Draft, I knew I was going to get drafted, and I wanted to commemorate that by buying a watch.
J. J. Redick
My mother wanted me off her hands. She was a working woman. She designed clothes, and she was a celebrity collector. It’s my mother’s ambition to be a celebrity.
Stephen Sondheim
Along with my dad, my mother’s pretty high up there. She’s a star! Her interests are so diverse – she’s an art collector and a sports enthusiast.
Roshni Nadar
My brother had boxes of comic books. He was really the collector.
Michael Shanks
Art Collector, I think he’s a very good horse.
Bob Baffert
I’m a big fan of a lot of prog music. As a record collector as well, I won’t throw anybody or any band under the bus, but a lot of the records are fun to collect, are not necessarily very good. There are a lot of prog bands out there that it’s a really cool record, but it’s, like, not really there.
Tobias Forge
I’m fascinated by the narrative of geology, and I’m a veritable pack rat of a collector on the road. I keep a rock hammer in my car.
Marianne Wiggins
I’m a collector of carvings. I love old, wooden, grotesque Gothic pieces, anything that has cherubs on it, satyrs and carved angels.
Zak Bagans
I’m a huge pin collector.
Brian Tyree Henry
Who’s destined to be the next world star and collector of Ballon d’Or when Cristiano and Messi stop playing? It’s the Frenchman Kylian Mbappe, a truly unique player!
Giorgio Chiellini
I wrote a number of pieces in the year 1966 that were so bad that, although I’m a great collector of my own pieces, I have never collected them.
Tom Wolfe
A real collector does not sell.
Eli Broad
Every passion borders on the chaotic, but the collector’s passion borders on the chaos of memories.
Walter Benjamin
Don’t react with fear and panic in the face of debt collector threats. Talk to them and explain your situation. See if you can work out a compromise.
Dave Ramsey
I’m a big toy collector. I’ve been slowing down because my money’s been tight, but I collect toys, too.
Jason Mewes
My dad occupied a government position, deputy collector, in a city called Nainital, so we had access to the cinemas at any time. I saw my first movies when I was very young.
Naseeruddin Shah
Both of my folks were into art. My dad was an art collector, my mom had a little kiln in our basement, and we would make pottery. I think from about age five on, they sent me to art classes, and I was a huge colorer.
Lisa Frank
I know that collector types can be a pain in the neck and seem perpetually frozen in time – or at least in their parents’ basement – but someone has to look out for the past, lest it slip away forever.
Henry Rollins
I’ll tell something, a lot of times I’d listen to Charlie and some of the interviews he had and he said, ‘Well, yeah, I was a garbage goal collector.’ But he knew the timing. I knew where he was.
Marcel Dionne
What I do quite honestly and seriously and not in any way being humble is not as important as what the garbage collector does. People make actors important.
James Caan
I’m a collector of experiences and also very impulsive; I get an impulse to do something and my intuition of telling me to do something or if I get this idea and I think it’s brilliant, I just have to do it.
Julia Fox
I’m not a collector. I toss things out all the time.
Rachael Taylor
I’m a winemaker and a wine collector, so I usually just drink wine.
Isiah Whitlock, Jr.
I’ve never been a collector – just a consumer – and these days unless a book is signed to me by another author, I don’t normally have any qualms about passing it to a friend or donating it to the library.
Rick Riordan