Corporate World Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Corporate World Quotes from famous authors such as Yossi Ghinsberg, Wendy Kopp, Pratyusha Banerjee, Ram Kapoor, Dick Van Dyke. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

The corporate sector in my view is the most important since it is actively involved in the shaping of our life on the planet. The corporate world has the power and the means to influence politics and public trends.
Yossi Ghinsberg
People are everything in education, just as in the corporate world.
Wendy Kopp
The TV industry is a corporate world. People come, people go. They leave for growth, money, and many other reasons.
Pratyusha Banerjee
My father is a very successful man in the corporate world, and I am his only son. He had certain dreams for me. I was scared to tell him that I wanted to be an actor.
Ram Kapoor
The American people hit the streets and did something that the government wouldn’t do: the Civil Rights Act. It didn’t go down well with the corporate world.
Dick Van Dyke
The Modi government says the farm laws will open agriculture to the corporate world. Who says this not already open to corporate sector? In Punjab, we have Pepsi and ITC buying potatoes. All my kinnows from Hoshiarpur and Ferozepur are going to Chennai. The system is already open.
Amarinder Singh
I spend more time in suits than anyone in the corporate world.
Adrian Pasdar
I remember how, in the corporate world, I always knew there was some higher position I could attain, which meant that, like Zeno’s arrow, I was guaranteed never to arrive and always to remain dissatisfied.
Pico Iyer
I’ve done reasonably well over the last 10 years because I took the strategy of language and politics and applied it to the corporate world, which has never been done before.
Frank Luntz
The corporate world has the resources to improve the world. It’s where people live and work.
Douglas Conant
I come from the corporate world, where everyone has a five-year plan, but performing arts doesn’t work that way; you just kinda do the best job you can with the gig you’ve got.
Ronny Chieng
Women say things that are direct – they are told they are too abrasive. I got that feedback in the corporate world.
Sarah Cooper
Even fairly serious moviegoers can’t shake this shadow of the corporate world.
Noah Baumbach
I had, at a point in time, decided not to write on the corporate world. But if people expect me to set stories in a work environment, then why go away from it?
Ravi Subramanian
There’s certain artists that are meant to have certain paths and go the way of the corporate world. And then there are artists who are artists.
Fantastic Negrito
The corporate world is appallingly bad at capitalizing on the strengths of its people.
Marcus Buckingham
In the corporate world, there is no ground more fertile for appearing smart than the rich earth that is electronic communication. Your email writing, sending and ignoring skills are just as important as your nodding skills, and even more important than your copying and pasting skills.
Sarah Cooper
For my film ‘Fashion,’ like an investigative journalist, I went about knowing the people, the models, the fashion designers. Similarly with the corporate world.
Madhur Bhandarkar
I realized that, after tasting entrepreneurship, I had become unfit for the corporate world. There was no turning back. The only regret I had was having wasted my life in the corporate world for so long.
Vivek Wadhwa
I have long believed the corporate world is plagued by poor capital allocation decisions.
Whitney Tilson
When I finally accepted a full time job, I saw that as giving up on my artistic dreams. But three years later, I wrote a blog post based on life in the corporate world, which went viral and became the basis for my first book, which allowed me to quit my job to be creatively independent once again.
Sarah Cooper
Ambivalence about family responsibilities has a long history in the corporate world.
Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Financial institutions, the corporate world and civil society – all must uphold high standards of probity in their working. Only a genuine partnership between the Government and its people can bring about positive change to create a just society.
Pratibha Patil
If you’re trying to get ahead in the corporate world, appearing smart in meetings should be your top priority. This can be hard if you find yourself daydreaming about Mexico, margaritas or queso cheese dip.
Sarah Cooper
Harman International’s dedication to research and development, as well as its strict adherence to quality manufacturing, are well known throughout the corporate world. The opportunity to lead a company with such high standards, worldwide reputation, and outstanding growth potential is extremely appealing.
Dinesh Paliwal
Everyone is so desperate to get attention for their project, they will do almost anything, and the corporate world has always encouraged this.
John Densmore
And so I’m still giving some thought – I will transition hopefully into the corporate world. And I look forward to getting involved in several other areas that I have a great interest in.
Hugh Shelton
Everyone I know who used to be in the intelligence community is moving into the corporate world.
Tony Gilroy
I specifically left the corporate world so I could wear T-shirts, blue jeans, and honestly, I always wanted to be my own boss.
Guy Fieri
I’m always surprised when the corporate world does stupid things, because they’re often not very stupid in hindsight.
Penn Jillette
I haven’t seen a single institution in the corporate world operating smoothly without a HR team.
Kiran Bedi
I hope to goodness I would not still be working in the corporate world – the money is OK but it is no life at all.
Nigel Dennis
Every year in consulting is like three years in the corporate world because you have multiple clients, multiple issues – you grow so much.
Indra Nooyi