Creative Work Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Creative Work Quotes from famous authors such as Nancy Dubuc, Anohni, William Jay Smith, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Ro Khanna. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

We love the Vice guys; we believe in them. We’re investors. We believe in them, in the creative work that they’ve done… What they built is incredible.
Nancy Dubuc
I would never undermine a person’s interpretation of a creative work.
For every artist, experience is never complete until it has been reproduced in creative work.
William Jay Smith
Everything we see in the world is the creative work of women.
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
We know that almost all Americans are avid consumers of technology, but many lack the opportunity to do the creative work that fuels our digital economy.
Ro Khanna
I am very much aware of my own double self. The well-known one is very under control; everything is planned and very secure. The unknown one can be very unpleasant. I think this side is responsible for all the creative work – he is in touch with the child. He is not rational; he is impulsive and extremely emotional.
Ingmar Bergman
Creative work gives you an almost indissoluble connection with people.
Giorgio Armani
I’m a complete deviant. All creative work breaks new ground.
Mary Daly
I think anyone who lays a long trail of creative work over the years can’t help but look back and wonder, ‘What was I thinking?’
Joe Satriani
What we call creative work, ought not to be called work at all, because it isn’t. I imagine that Thomas Edison never did a day’s work in his last fifty years.
Stephen Leacock
I went into academia thinking that there’d be constant reciprocity between my scholarship and my creative work but found that doing one always turned my mind into the sort of tool that was badly suited to doing the other.
Alexandra Kleeman
From a person whose living depends on other people buying her creative work, this may sound odd, but one of my favorite things about the steampunk subculture is its do-it-yourself attitude.
Kaja Foglio
Our education system has succeeded so far in teaching generations to do different routine tasks. So when tractors displaced farming labor, we taught the next generation to work in factories. But what we’ve never really been good at is teaching a huge number of people to do non-routine creative work.
Andrew Ng
Creative work is incredibly difficult, and that is where the tests lie.
Jeanette Winterson
It’s really important to find a humble approach to your own creative work, your own business work. To recognize that you can’t do everything yourself.
Adrian Grenier
I keep my mind on track, and I don’t get mad, and I don’t get frustrated. Well, I do… but creative work, it’s a way of controlling all that.
Ry Cooder
It’s not fun telling people they have to turn their stories in. But you can’t actually have a creative work environment if there are no rules and there’s no structure.
Alex Wagner
There were moments in ‘Malala,’ I felt very moved by the storytelling, and ‘pleased’ would be the wrong word, but the music could be part of what moved me: that I was trying to contribute to something that was meaningful outside the realm of creative work but just more in terms of the world.
Thomas Newman
Without this playing with fantasy no creative work has ever yet come to birth. The debt we owe to the play of the imagination is incalculable.
Carl Jung
I used to write in bed, starting when I woke up. I believe that creative work comes from our subconscious mind, so I try to keep the gap between sleep and writing as minimal as possible.
Marian Keyes
It used to be presumed that if you weren’t at your desk working, you weren’t working, But we said, ‘Why can’t we make a workplace where casual meetings are as important as working at your desk?’ Sometimes that’s where your better creative work happens.
David Chipperfield
It may be that learning to do creative work of any kind – not just direct imagery exercises – may help combat writer’s block.
Maria Konnikova
Of all the creative work produced by humans anywhere, a tiny fraction has continuing commercial value. For that tiny fraction, the copyright is a crucially important legal device.
Lawrence Lessig
Being online works really well for any creative work, but especially comics.
Ryan North
We all have goals: We want to matter. We want to be important. We want to have freedom and power to pursue our creative work. We want respect from our peers and recognition for our accomplishments. Not out of vanity or selfishness, but of an earnest desire to fulfill our personal potential.
Ryan Holiday