Dressing Room Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Dressing Room Quotes from famous authors such as Johnny Mathis, Shane Douglas, Norm Crosby, Glenn McGrath, Richard Ashcroft. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

I believe it was Nat King Cole that my dad took me to see, and we were sitting in the dressing room, and I blurted out to him, ‘Why didn’t you sing this?’ Referring to whatever song I had wanted to hear, and he told me he was tired of singing it.
Johnny Mathis
To be someplace for ten years or to work anywhere for ten years is a tough deal. But to work in the WWE for that long, knowing how their dressing room is run with this top heavy, condescending ‘do this and nothing else’ attitude, it gets tiresome.
Shane Douglas
I met Elvis first in Las Vegas. I think I was appearing with Tom Jones and he came backstage to say hello to Tom or we went to his dressing room to say hello.
Norm Crosby
That was how we categorised ourselves in the dressing room – you were either a nerd or a Julio. Julios have got to look perfect – the hair has got to be perfect, they’ve got to have the right gear on, it’s all about their appearance. The nerds weren’t bothered about how they looked.
Glenn McGrath
When you go onstage, the process of getting you from the dressing room to the stage is all about ego.
Richard Ashcroft
You ask the guys in the dressing room, I am a very bad loser.
Mickey Arthur
In every dressing room in the world, players say things to each other after a defeat, and then it gets forgotten.
I didn’t understand that I couldn’t just leave and become sort of a semi-regular. I had to be sat down by the line producer, Carol Himes, in my dressing room and told, ‘I hear you’re thinking about going to college.’
Justine Bateman
The World Cup is made up of human relationships, you have to feel how the dressing room is established, how the players interact, the responsibility, the joy, the pride, you try to balance things out. If you’re hyper, you try to slow it down; if you’re a bit low, you try to hype it up.
I did an episode on my talk show on cellulite, and I brought seven women into a dressing room at Nordstrom’s in L.A., and we all sat and talked about our cellulite.
Tyra Banks
It was a great experience to share the dressing room with names like Virat Kohli, M S Dhoni, Rohit Sharma.
Vijay Shankar
I made so many jokes about poor Russell Crowe, he once knocked on my dressing room door, and told me he wanted to go out on this chat show we were on to laugh with me. Now he’s ruined it. I can’t make another joke about him.
Joan Rivers
My players know the ‘fear’ word or something like that does not go inside our dressing room. Never.
Marco Silva
After a great save or a mistake by a defender, I prefer not to shout on him; I prefer to wait and say it inside of the dressing room. I was always like that. I am relaxed, I try to be normal after a mistake, and when I make a mistake, I don’t want people coming to me on the pitch shouting at me.
David de Gea
The day I came in and found another actor’s name on my dressing room door, and my stuff out in the hall, that was the day I learned my lesson.
Joe Penny
I miss everything. The field, the dressing room, the training. I miss San Siro. But I was lucky enough to experience good feelings as a player.
Filippo Inzaghi
I have had the same shinpads since I was eight or nine years old. Everyone laughs in the dressing room because of them but I am superstitious with that.
Ander Herrera
In 2013, before the publication of my fourth novel, I met with a stylist at Nordstrom. Since then, I’ve rarely shopped for ‘event clothes’ on my own. I usually do it with my sisters or a friend; if I’m alone, I take pictures of myself in the dressing room and text them to my sisters.
Curtis Sittenfeld
My grandmother and I would go see movies, and we’d come back to the apartment – we had a one-room apartment in Hollywood – and I would kind of lock myself in this little dressing room area with a cracked mirror on the door and act out what I had just seen.
Carol Burnett
There’s an awful lot of hanging around when you’re doing science fiction. Going down and waiting for them to set up, being told to go back to your dressing room while they change the track and the lighting and so on.
John Hurt
Undertaker was always a leader in the dressing room, always a man’s man. No one ever doubted what he said because his word was good. He was a guy that set the dressing room standard. If you had an issue or personal problem, you could go to Undertaker and he would help you.
Bret Hart
When I come out of my dressing room, I go to my heart and say a little prayer and go out on stage. There I am, coming to lift you up and to motivate you. I want to bring joy. It’s gospel, and gospel is the truth. It’s what I do. I’m going to bring you the truth and lift up your spirit.
Mavis Staples
What I say in the dressing room always stays there.
Freddie Ljungberg
Peter Moores has been very popular in the England dressing room. He’s got a very good record of developing players, but I felt that there are some areas in international cricket where he is a little bit exposed, for me personally around tactics and strategy.
Andrew Strauss
If you’re a senior player, and you really want to make an impact in the dressing room, it’s difficult if you have players there who are not as committed as you are and they have a certain status.
Peter Schmeichel
And then, all of a sudden, you’re like, all that’s great and fun, but Arthur Miller’s in my dressing room. This is the third night he’s been here and he sits in my dressing room for an hour after each show, and talks to me for an hour. So I’m pretty spoiled right now.
Peter Krause
I have a personal little routine that I do in my dressing room just to kind of get myself mentally prepared to go on stage, and part of that is a poem that I read to myself.
Orlando Bloom
When I did ‘Racing Demon’ by David Hare, I worked with Paul Giamatti, who had stacks of books in his dressing room. I was offstage a lot, so I would go read in his room. He was reading a four-part series on the Byzantine Empire by Alexander A. Vasiliev. I read two of those during the run of the play.
Denis O’Hare
I’m not afraid of Wolfsburg and I know my dressing room is not.
Emma Hayes
What really, really matters is the dressing room and the people on the training ground being very, very focused in what we are trying to achieve on and off the ball.
Tony Pulis
I played in Spain, and we also had a very good dressing room, and I won a lot of things. So I think that in my experience of being in dressing rooms, it’s so important to have a really good group.
Alexis Sanchez
Many stories come from the dressing room that one doesn’t speak when you are playing but can do once retired.
Virender Sehwag
In the dressing room I’m seen as the weird one with my style, I think that’s a good thing.
Hector Bellerin
There were players I shared a dressing room with who didn’t like each other. You don’t have to talk to each other. You just need to win matches.
Paul Scholes
You’ve always got 20 per cent of a dressing room that won’t be happy with their manager because they want to play more often. There are players who will have been moaning all year about not being in the team, but when they got their chance they failed to take it.
Graeme Souness
I like to help create team spirit in the dressing room. I feel that I’ve got loads of love to give.
Paul Gascoigne
Diego Costa is the one who plays around a lot, who jokes a lot in the dressing room. It’s just his way, joking around with all of us, every hour of every day.
You have to make decisions that you think are right for the club. I also think that, in the dressing room, there should only ever be one voice and it’s got to be the manager’s.
Paul Lambert
I keep 10-pound dumbbells in my dressing room. It’s nice to do before a show to get your muscles to wake up.
Taylor Louderman
I am very happy. And also, I want to come out to bat in this kind of tough situation when everybody in the dressing room is nervous.
Shreyas Iyer
Obviously, when you win and keep winning, it’s easier to maintain this atmosphere, but the atmosphere in the Man City dressing room is amazing.
Bernardo Silva
I have to watch my language. I think a lot about the words I use in both the public environment and the dressing room. The language you use is a direct insight into how you are feeling.
Andrew Strauss
My priority is, do my players feel supported from within their dressing room by their own federation?
Gareth Southgate
But it was great, we sit in the same dressing room where, like, Johnny Cash sat and Willie Nelson and all those guys. That was in itself something amazing – I was on the same space these guys stood on, ya know?
Alan Vega
There was a lot of passion with Klopp, I felt that most in the dressing room before games. He always had a big smile. He hugged every player. I loved his attitude – he was never nervous. He gave us confidence.
Shinji Kagawa
It’s an incredible feeling when you look across the dressing room and see Andres, Leo, Luis and Sergio Busquets, and everyone else. They are players I used to watch on TV or play with on PlayStation, and now I am sharing the same dressing room. It’s incredible for me.
Philippe Coutinho
It’s one thing to sit back and say, ‘Hey let’s play a club, that will be great,’ but then you get there and say, ‘Hey wait, this is the dressing room? Where’s my dressing room?’
Trent Reznor
When I was doing ‘In the Heights,’ I was the co-music supervisor for ‘The Electric Company’ on PBS, so I was writing songs all day, doing the show, staying up until 3 A. M. Writing more songs, recording demos in the intermission in my dressing room.
Christopher Jackson
You can’t complain about your dressing room or you’ll look like Celine Dion.
More than half of the matches are won in the dressing room for him. The guy he’s playing against is sitting in the locker-room thinking ‘oh my God, I’m going to play Rafa Nadal on clay in five sets, that’s going to be painful.’
Mats Wilander
The FA Cup final is such a fantastic final to play in. I played in the 1999 one at Wembley, and after having watched so many finals as a kid, to be able to make that long walk up from the dressing room to the pitch was fantastic.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
One of the main things I take away is just the way the boys approach the game and carry on. You are in the dressing room and it is very much just about getting in and doing as well as you can, putting everything you can and having fun. There is no underlying context to it other than just playing the game.
Ellyse Perry
When I got to New York, I had no place to sleep. The pay from ‘Sesame Street’ wasn’t enough to rent an apartment. I was staying on people’s couches. I stayed in the dressing room until they found out. I stayed with Jim Henson and his family for a week, and I wanted to do that permanently. I didn’t dare ask, though.
Caroll Spinney
I used to watch my mom put her makeup on for the stage, and it was one of the most special moments. I would sit quietly on the dressing room floor and watch her put her face on. I think she looks most beautiful in the morning when she wakes up with no makeup on… it’s my favorite look on women.
Tracee Ellis Ross
It is a little bit strange from when you share a dressing room with someone, you play with them and then all of a sudden they are your manager but you used to have conversations with them that stay in dressing rooms and now you can’t really have those conversations!
Tom Cairney
Andres is a genius, and it’s an honour to share the same dressing room. I hope to learn a lot from him. Of course, there is only one Iniesta. I have come here to try to create history of my own and learn from these great players.
Philippe Coutinho
The Grand Ole Opry was my favorite. That’s when I got to discover the stuff inside the Grand Ole Opry, like Hank Williams’ clothes, the dressing room Taylor Swift stayed in and some other things. Then I got to perform.
Mason Ramsey
Media were never allowed into an Australian dressing room until I became skipper. I changed that and invited them in at the close of play each day, thereby confirming for many administrators they had appointed a madman as captain.
Richie Benaud
When I arrived at Juventus as the manager in 1999, Antonio Conte was the captain of the club, an Italy international, and a player who had a lot of influence in the dressing room – and when I needed a leader in the team, he was the obvious choice.
Carlo Ancelotti
A dressing room is both a personal space and a workspace. It changes with the flick of a switch: turn on the relay – the speaker linked to microphones in the auditorium – and you’re at work; when that’s off, it’s your sanctuary.
Mathew Horne
In my world, the dressing room was sacrosanct. The only time anyone was permitted to take pictures in there was when we had won a trophy.
Paul Scholes
I’m not the most open player; I’m not the biggest clown. I just like going into the dressing room easy.
Kevin De Bruyne
Hello, my name is Lisa Jakub. But most people in a restaurant/dentist’s office/yoga studio dressing room, call me ‘Hey, you look like that girl from ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’/’Independence Day’/’Rambling Rose.’ There is a good reason for that. I am that girl. More accurately, I was that girl.
Lisa Jakub
Kyriakos Papadopoulos is really funny. So is Karim Bellarabi. They are full of jokes in the dressing room.
Son Heung-min
I’m sure Jofra Archer will be loving heading into his first World Cup. He is in the dressing room as he comes across on the field – laidback and very confident in his ability.
Jos Buttler
I sit next to Drogba in the dressing room. I listen all the time because he gives advice.
Romelu Lukaku
Being Australian, I sometimes feel I’ll never walk into a dressing room and get that instant credibility because of where I’m from. But that’s fine. Even in Australia, where I’ve had success, I never assumed that people would follow me because of who I am.
Angelos Postecoglou
When I joined the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ panel in 2009, the controller of the BBC came into my dressing room and said they were proud to have a woman of colour on their panel. It was so nice that they acknowledged it.
Alesha Dixon
Coming into a new dressing room is exciting.
P.K. Subban
I’m still that rowdy dude who has after-parties in his dressing room with a concert-sized PA system blasting away.
Tommy Lee
I am not someone who likes to be in the dressing room and waste time; I like to be on the field all the time and be counted. That is how I am.
K. L. Rahul
While other people were dreaming of big cars and houses, I just wanted a huge dressing room.
Laila Rouass
I have a drum set in my dressing room. I play drums to relax and have some fun.
Queen Latifah
Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni, the respect they have for each other is unbelievable, so it makes my job in the dressing room so much easier.
Ravi Shastri
I’ll never forget my interview with Barry Humphries – one of the oddest I’ve ever done. He insisted that for half the time he appeared as Dame Edna. So I interviewed the real Barry Humphries in a suit and tie, and then I interviewed Edna in full fig in her dressing room, where she criticised Barry mercilessly.
Melvyn Bragg
The group of players that you see in the Barca dressing room is unique. There are a lot of homegrown players and others who really care for Barcelona a lot as well.
Bojan Krkic
As soon as I score, my mother texts me, so when I go in the dressing room, her text is there waiting for me to read!
Dimitar Berbatov
What I miss about football is being in the dressing room. But do I miss three o’clock on a Saturday afternoon when matters are totally out of your hands? No, I don’t. Do I miss placing my destiny in the hands of others? No, I don’t. I loved it as a player. I liked it as a manager. But that’s all come and gone.
Graeme Souness
I think that T.V. shows are more like working at a home. You know you’re going to the same place every day, working with the same people, the same cast and crew. You’re in a dressing room instead of a trailer, so I think that that’s more of a normal sort of lifestyle.
Madison Pettis
I keep saying, and I’ve said it to the players, what happens in a dressing room stays in a dressing room, whether that’s with me and a player, whether it’s two players together, whether it’s the coaching staff and the players. I just think it’s almost a sacred environment and that trust in that area is unbreakable.
Tony Pulis
I don’t walk around with a bible or preach to people and I don’t want to disturb my team-mates on match days by praying in the dressing room, so I do that at the hotel before I leave. I respect their way of life and do not insist that my way is best. I have not tried to convert anybody.
Jay-Jay Okocha
In the dressing room there is nothing better than when a good player walks through the door and the guys say ‘I’m glad he’s come along.’
Steve Bruce
I have friends of mine that are actors or singers, and they’re the classic guys where, they’re onstage, and they’re like, ‘Okay, the blonde in the third row, seat 24, bring her to my dressing room.’ I’ve never, never taken advantage of that, I swear to God.
Jaime Camil
When I first showed up at Villa I thought we had a weird old dressing room.
Paul Merson
That’s what Brazilians are like – we’re always having a laugh, we’re always smiling, and my aim is to bring this spirit into the dressing room and onto the pitch, to play with a smile on my face.
I mean, even my dressing room at the studio has candles and cushions and cashmere rugs and things.
Joan Collins
I like to personalise my dressing room, have a cover for the bed and, if it is a long run, a few cushions and a teapot – a little pot for one.
Lesley Manville
When you have confidence, the atmosphere in the dressing room also improves.
I still like to think I have a pretty good laugh with the other guys in the dressing room and still enjoy a beer and the odd night out.
Joe Root
Spencer Tracy was a man who did very much what I do on a set, and that is, he comes down and he does his job, and then he goes back to his dressing room.
William Shatner
If you could bottle that special feeling you sometimes get in a dressing room just before a match, you’d be a billionaire.
Gareth Thomas
I’ve been at Chelsea five years and been the butt of many jokes. And I give it back sometimes. That is the beauty of team spirit in a healthy dressing room. I’m not a sensitive, precious person.
Eniola Aluko
I remember, when Paul Collingwood first came into the dressing room, we did everything together. We practised together, trained together, had dinner together; we batted together and did well in games together – we were thick as thieves. When he got established, he just binned me.
Andrew Flintoff
Being Australian, I sometimes feel I’ll never walk into a dressing room and get that instant credibility because of where I’m from.
Angelos Postecoglou
Abidal was a player; he is loved by the fans, and that’s why he should know what it’s like inside the dressing room and how players feel.
Jordi Alba
Bagpipes is a woodwind instrument, so you have to warm it up. But in a wrestling dressing room? You’ve got to be kidding me.
Roddy Piper
A lot of the comics called me Bronco because I wouldn’t get off – if I had to do an hour, I would stand there, even if it wasn’t going well. I knew comics that would climb out of dressing room windows after they’d done their first spot.
Les Dennis
When you lose, a lot of things that should stay in the dressing room get leaked.
Sarfaraz Ahmed
I don’t think when I’m doing music. Things just happen. I’ve even taken my clothes off while performing. But then I’m so shy that I can’t even take my clothes off in the dressing room, even though it’s just the other guys in the band in here with me. It’s really weird.
Daron Malakian
I think playing in front of crowds and in a competitive league, getting a feel for the senior dressing room where there’s points up for grabs every week and players are fighting for their futures helps.
Harry Wilson
I did ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ a while ago, and Lady Gaga was in the dressing room next to mine. The outfit she wore walking down the hall was even more fabulous than what she wore onstage!
Darby Stanchfield
I love ’80s music, but in the dressing room, it tends to be more lively!
Gerard Pique
Wilfried is a very good striker who is strong and intelligent – he talks to me all the time and advises me. We sit together in the dressing room and he’s like a big brother to me.
Kelechi Iheanacho
There was a note on my dressing room table that said, Call Neil Young.
Carrie Snodgress
I don’t want to play stinking, beer-ridden clubs. It depresses me even thinking about that. I really hate it when you’re finished with a show and you’re in your dressing room with that stink of beer and sweaty girls. It brings back an ugly picture for me. I’d hate to have to do that again.
Steve Jones
In TV, you get driven to work in a luxury car, and find flowers in your dressing room. Then suddenly you’re on tour, drying your hair backstage on plastic curtains.
Lee Mack
I’d love to give my music to someone who really likes to wow the crowd. I feel like half the time I just want to hide in the dressing room!
Nellie McKay
I am who I am, and I try to influence the team in my own way, especially with my performances on the pitch. If possible, I try to help the team in the dressing room as well by offering encouragement where needed.
Jan Vertonghen
Jose Mourinho knows how to control to big players in the dressing room, to control egos. He’s done it all his life and knows how to work it into the team.
Dimitar Berbatov
There were times we were kept in our dressing room until late at night because it wasn’t safe to go home. Our bus would get attacked, the tires slit.
Andrea Pirlo
In my dressing room, you’ll definitely find some Starbursts and Skittles. I have a lot of candles that remind me of home, and a humidifier for my voice. I also have some digital Kodak albums where I have pictures of my friends and family.
Trey Songz
You know, if you’re lucky enough to have two smash hit shows, the traffic of the world goes through your dressing room.
Carol Channing
My dad was a theater designer, and I spent a lot of time hanging around the dressing room listening to whatever the actors were listening to, which is where I heard Pink Floyd for the first time.
Diego Luna
I haven’t had a chance to decorate my dressing room yet, but I have these pictures of myself as a kid that I want to put up because I said, ‘I really want to make sure that I take that kid with me on this journey.’ I want him to experience this.
Leslie Odom, Jr.
You have different characters in the dressing room. If you have a go at someone, someone might answer back, other people will take it and speak afterwards.
Tony Pulis
Then as I was wrestling as Terry Boulder. I was on a talk show with Lou Ferrigno, and I was actually bigger than he was! I went back to the dressing room that night and all of the wrestlers go ‘Oh my God you’re bigger than the hulk on TV’ so they started calling me Terry ‘The Hulk’ Boulder.
Hulk Hogan
I am super nice, I am great, even in the dressing room. I am also quite shy. But when there are difficult times or when you have to show your character, you can count on me. The players who have known me for a while know this.
Raphael Varane
It was an old cricket coach who started calling me Fred – as in Flintstone. There are far worse things to be called in the dressing room.
Andrew Flintoff
I’m more of a player that listens and focuses on myself in the dressing room; I don’t talk much before the matches.
Gonzalo Higuain
Roman loves Chelsea. He enjoyed being in the dressing room with us players. He would have loved to have been one of the lads. When he didn’t have time because of other obligations and we hadn’t seen him in a long time, we were always worried about him.
Wayne Bridge
Ever since I started professional football at 15 there was always that togetherness and solidarity in the dressing room – it is a sanctuary. When I started football everyone believed it.
Tony Pulis