Female Character Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Female Character Quotes from famous authors such as Stephanie Corneliussen, Daisy May Cooper, Ryan North, Evan Goldberg, Colin Trevorrow. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

Joanna is a strong female character, and I love playing her. But one of the things about her is that she always says exactly what she’s thinking.
Stephanie Corneliussen
I’m difficult to cast. In comedy, if there’s a female character, usually written by a bloke, she’s either the ditsy good-looking one, or the sexually aggressive one. I never fit into those.
Daisy May Cooper
The funny thing with Ophelia is that I remembered her being this really cool, awesome female character when I read ‘Hamlet’ in high school, and when I went back and read it, no, she’s not.
Ryan North
I don’t fully understand my wife’s emotions – and I’m supposed to write an excellent female character and unravel the secret of women?
Evan Goldberg
I don’t believe that a female character needs to surrender her femininity in order to be an action hero.
Colin Trevorrow
Sometimes, there can be a slightly condescending assumption that anything unlikable about a female character is a mistake, as if they’re a contestant in a beauty pageant and have to seem charming and upbeat all the time.
Curtis Sittenfeld
I grew up on comics in the 1960s era, when ‘Wonder Woman’ was rather silly. She was an interchangeable female character plagued by bad stereotypes. She cried at the drop of a hat, she was worried about how she looked, all of that.
George Perez
I do feel privileged to play Elektra, because definitely she is a strong female character. She’s a strong character. It would be nice if eventually we’d just say she’s a strong character, not a strong female character.
Elodie Yung
I always say, if a guy writes the same lead female character type over and over, we are not seeing their writing chops so much as their dating website wishlist.
Gail Simone
I did not find that writing a diary with a lead male character differed in any essential way from writing one with a female character. They all had the same challenges in terms of attempting to establish an identity, coping with loneliness, friendships, relationships.
Kathryn Lasky
Take ‘Ex Machina.’ Everyone said it was one of the great feminist works of science fiction. But what I found disappointing is that everything about the main female character is defined by men.
Marjorie Liu
I think ‘Sightseers’ was a bit of an epiphany, a massive learning curve, and it gave me loads of confidence to go out there, and also to create a female character which is completely unexpected and defies convention.
Alice Lowe
If you can remove a female character from your plot and replace her with a sexy lamp and your story still works, you’re a hack.
Kelly Sue DeConnick
In my mind, every single female character I’ve written is plus-size.
Rainbow Rowell
A show that I loved as a kid was ‘Maid Marian And Her Merry Men’. It was a really strong female character making fun of the boys, an inversion of gender politics. But it was very funny, too. I always wanted to be one of the village people messing about in the mud and being stinky.
Sara Pascoe
I guess there’s a vulnerability in seeing a female character trying to get out of something really drastic.
Elisha Cuthbert
I see the portrayal of any believable female character as feminist.
Phoebe Waller-Bridge
I won’t take parts where the female character has no substance.
Margot Robbie
As a feminist, just to speak to what women go through, I think women are put in a box way too often. What I love about ‘You’re the Worst’ is that no female character is portrayed as a black-and-white cartoon character. We’re all complicated, messy human beings.
Kether Donohue
I read the script for ‘Guncrazy’ in 1985 and loved it because it was one of the few scripts I’d come across that revolved around a strong female character.
Tamra Davis
I take great pride in portraying a strong female character who is independent and can take care of herself. I don’t think we get to see that enough in television.
Inbar Lavi
There’s nothing worse than having a very strong female character and then suddenly having it go away.
Khandi Alexander
If screenwriters have to kill off a female character, they love to give her cancer. We’ve seen so many great actresses go down to the Big C: Ali MacGraw, Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson, Debra Winger, Susan Sarandon.
Geraldine Brooks
I want to do a little bit of everything. I want to play a good, strong female character.
Shannon Elizabeth
It’s interesting to play a female character who’s not ever using feminine wiles to get things done.
Allison Tolman
We just don’t subscribe to the conventional wisdom that you can’t have an action series led by a female character. It’s kinda nonsense to us.
Bryan Konietzko
I think that Hollywood misconstrues actresses saying, ‘Oh I wanna play a strong female character,’ like we all want to play, like, superheroes or something.
Bel Powley
I have a real passion for playing a role that’s a strong female character, that’s just not typical, with a lot of heart, not an easy sell of a movie, not real commercial. It doesn’t have to be a big movie, but I’m just looking for something that I really, truly, 100 percent believe in and am behind.
Missy Peregrym
In ‘Boyz N the Hood,’ every female character was three-dimensional.
John Singleton
Oftentimes in films, the female character, if she’s not the protagonist – and often, even if she is – feels like an imitation of what a woman is.
Tessa Thompson