Flashes Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Flashes Quotes from famous authors such as Jeff Buckley, Taiye Selasi, John Tyndall, Erno Rubik, Annie Besant. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

The only goal is in the process. The process is in the thing with little flashes of light: those are the gigs, the live shows… it’s the life in between. That’s all I’ve got.
Jeff Buckley
The big ideas always come in flashes. I don’t really craft stories that much. I genuinely don’t know where these people come from, and I’ve often wondered if writing is just a socially acceptable form of madness.
Taiye Selasi
The brightest flashes in the world of thought are incomplete until they have been proven to have their counterparts in the world of fact.
John Tyndall
Yes, but with the Cube there are many flashes, there are many aha’s.
Erno Rubik
Clairvoyants can see flashes of colour, constantly changing, in the aura that surrounds every person: each thought, each feeling, thus translating itself in the astral world, visible to the astral sight.
Annie Besant
I am definitely not into the exposed look. I am not one of those people who flashes their stomach or anything like that, because I don’t have the confidence.
Georgie Henley
I was getting hot flashes and sweats on a regular basis. That’s not normal, even for my age.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
The true picture of the past flits by. The past can be seized only as an image which flashes up at the instant when it can be recognized and is never seen again.
Walter Benjamin
I remember my mother taking me as a very little kid to the roof of our home in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to look at the bombs exploding in the distance. She didn’t want us to be scared by the booms and the strange flashes of light. It was her way of helping us to understand what was happening.
Tammy Duckworth
Over the next few years the boardrooms of America are going to light up with hot flashes.
Gail Sheehy
I’m an angry person, angrier than most people would imagine, I get flashes of anger. What works for me is working out when it’s useful to use that anger.
Alan Alda
For my Ph.D. thesis, I was measuring the electrical activity that triggers light emission from a bioluminescent dinoflagellate. As I was nearing the completion of my degree, my major professor wrote a grant for an instrument for measuring the color of very dim light flashes from bioluminescent animals.
Edith Widder
How we experience memory sometimes, it’s not linear. We’re not telling the stories to ourselves. We know the story; we’re just seeing it in flashes overlaid.
Frank Ocean
I always work with two cameras. Its kind of like I’m hypnotizing the subject with the flashing. It’s a bombardment of action, flashes, and I think it helps them to ease into the process.
Juergen Teller
You rewind. You think of your preparation. You think of everything you did throughout the week, your life, the practices, the intensity. Everything flashes, and you come right back to that point. And it’s like, game on.
D’Brickashaw Ferguson
I’m very simple. I’m not for the flashes, I’m not for glitz and glamour, you know.
Kevin Garnett
I think when people think about California, they think about straight Hollywood, that Hollywood glamour, whole bunch of flashes, so much paparazzi.
Anthony Rendon
Sometimes, when I’m on the red carpet or something, and there was a lot of flashes, my eyes, like, start watering. I’m like, ‘Oh.’ You have to hide it, so I just keep going, and then I’m like, ‘Oh gosh, it hurts so bad.’
Peyton List
If you don’t play well, people don’t watch the game, but if you have scored, your name flashes up; it doesn’t matter how you’ve played. So as a striker, that is what I’ve got to try to do – make sure I score – and if you’re doing that, you’re also helping the team.
Patrick Bamford
Mozart makes us care about people in flashes of lightning.
Simon McBurney
The first time I ever experienced someone hating something I did on television was on ‘Boy Meets World.’ I remember these kids coming up to me and calling me a ‘home-wrecker,’ and so I had flashes of that going into my role on ‘Mad Men.’
Linda Cardellini
I mean, my father was killed when I was six. And I only have tiny, tiny flashes of memory.
Kristin Scott Thomas
My father probably – he had flashes of creativity – he used to do store windows for fruit stores that he worked in and stuff.
Frank Gehry
Obama’s stern demeanor punctuated by intermittent flashes of his wide, relaxing smile is his greatest weapon in defusing pent-up angst.
Tina Brown
No, no, I don’t watch football. The last time I tried watching was the last Super Bowl. The problem I have is, you know, the graphic nature of my imagination; when I watch and see them meeting head onto head, helmet onto helmet, what flashes through my mind is what’s going on in their brains. It’s like torture to me.
Bennet Omalu
From each one of them rose separate columns of smoke, meeting in a pall overhead, and through the smoke came stabbing flashes of fire as German shells burst with thudding shocks of sound. This was the front line of battle.
Philip Gibbs
The way that you remember your life, it’s never linear. You have flashes of different moments of your life, and the flashes aren’t equal; they have different styles.
Marjane Satrapi
What I’m trying to do now in my life – not just with the building, but with everything – is to construct things that will have enduring qualities, and won’t just be ephemeral flashes in the pan.
Sylvester Stallone
We turned the switch, saw the flashes, watched for ten minutes, then switched everything off and went home. That night I knew the world was headed for sorrow.
Leo Szilard
Sometimes I like practicing, sometimes I don’t. But I like the result… I hardly ever get discouraged. Maybe right when it’s very hard to get something done correctly, but then the idea flashes through of how to fix it. And I get encouraged. And other ideas flow.
Hilary Hahn
Every time I hear a politician mention the word ‘stimulus,’ my mind flashes back to high school biology class, when I touched battery wires to a dead frog to make it twitch.
Robert Kiyosaki
Shortly after I turned 13, Child Welfare took me into care. I was sent to a residential centre where girls with behavioural problems were ‘evaluated’. My time there comes back to me now only in flashes of smells, images and sounds.
Liz Murray
The modern notion of art is an essentially religious or magical one in which the artist is viewed as a holy beast who in some way, big or small, receives flashes from the godhead, which is known as creativity.
Tom Wolfe
My ideas I can find anywhere. And I draw because I have to note down my ideas or flashes – I call them flashes, because they come to me, like that. Not so much in the plant drawings. I have to see them.
Ellsworth Kelly
A collection is, by my lights, a chance to build a universe, an overarching ecosystem. But it’s common enough to encounter a hodgepodge instead, where flashes of brilliance are undercut by clunkers.
Laura van den Berg
I have always fought for ideas – until I learned that it isn’t ideas but grief, struggle, and flashes of vision which enlighten.
Margaret Anderson
I focused my life on things that are a little more dependable, like my family and things that actually make me happy, rather than momentary flashes of success or anything like that.
Adam Scott
I wanted the new Green Arrow to somehow sense his long, brutal past. It’s like someone who has past lives they can’t remember but feels occasional flashes of.
Ann Nocenti
I’m not for the flashes; I’m not for glitz and glamour, you know. I just want to win, I want to be good at what I do, um, and look back upon these days of playing in the NBA.
Kevin Garnett
‘Wolf Hall’ attempts to duplicate not the historian’s chronology but the way memory works: in leaps, loops, flashes.
Hilary Mantel