Frighten Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Frighten Quotes from famous authors such as Philippe Petit, Lewis Gordon Pugh, Jessye Norman, Fred Savage, Patti Davis. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

I have a fear of water, believe it or not. To put a wire 12 feet over a swimming pool frightens me. I don’t like water.
Philippe Petit
Of all the creatures in the world that really frighten me – the hyena in Africa, the great white shark – leopard seals are near the top of the list. They’re killers. If my team spots one, they’ll pull me out of the water.
Lewis Gordon Pugh
I try to frighten my very young colleagues into studying and understanding their voices before they attempt things that are beyond them. It’s wise to take gymnastics and swimming to strengthen the body, because people don’t realise what an athletic undertaking singing actually is.
Jessye Norman
The only thing that frightens me a little is when I’m called Kevin rather than Fred, but that’s how people have known me for so many years. So, I can’t really blame them.
Fred Savage
I can’t even consider the prospect of grandchildren because I don’t know if there will be anything left for them on Earth. That’s how serious the problem is. We can’t drink the water or breathe the air, and we’re all dying from some sort of cancer. How many generations can sustain that? It frightens me terribly.
Patti Davis
What’s so exciting and unstoppable about the horror genre is that I view it all as metaphorical exploration. It’s the safe place that we, as a culture, can deal with things that upset and frighten us – the darker side of our nature.
Mike Flanagan
If my accomplishments frighten someone, it’s nothing to do with me – that’s to do with them. But the men who are in my life see me as a person – as a woman – not as a character I’ve played.
Kim Cattrall
Only by a frank discussion of the very details of dying can we best deal with those aspects that frighten us the most. It is by knowing the truth… that we rid ourselves of that fear of the terra incognita of death.
Sherwin B. Nuland
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.
Marianne Williamson
Assure a man that he has a soul and then frighten him with old wives’ tales as to what is to become of him afterward, and you have hooked a fish, a mental slave.
Theodore Dreiser
I love being on stage. I’m completely, totally relaxed. It’s the only time in my life when I know where I am and what’s coming next. The other Robert Powell is probably fairly melancholic. Let’s just say happiness isn’t my default position. There are dark parts. I’m very good at it. I frighten people sometimes.
Robert Powell
English is an outrageous tangle of those derivations and other multifarious linguistic influences, from Yiddish to Shoshone, which has grown up around a gnarly core of chewy, clangorous yawps derived from ancestors who painted themselves blue to frighten their enemies.
Roy Blount, Jr.
Whatever it is that you are doing as an actor, if it frightens you, if you’re scared of it, you need to do it.
Haaz Sleiman
I’m happy to feed the squirrels – tree rats with the agility of point guards – but in fair weather, they frighten my finches. They leap from snowbank to porch to feeder and stuff their cheek pouches with chickadee feed.
Donald Hall
I don’t like to listen to my older albums. They frighten me. I can’t explain it. It’s so subjective. It’s so personal. I cannot listen to my first album, ever. Never, never, never.
Chantal Kreviazuk
Villa’s history doesn’t frighten me. Not at all. I respect it. I actually embrace it, because I’ve been through it. I know how difficult it is to win the European Cup.
Paul Lambert
As a tactic, violence is absurd. No one can compete with the Government in violence, and the resort to violence, which will surely fail, will simply frighten and alienate some who can be reached, and will further encourage the ideologists and administrators of forceful repression.
Noam Chomsky
I don’t mind what Congress does, as long as they don’t do it in the streets and frighten the horses.
Victor Hugo
I have managed to infuriate the bank bosses; acquire a fatwa from the revolutionary guards of the trades union movement; frighten the ‘Daily Telegraph’ with a progressive graduate payment; and upset very rich people who are trying to dodge British taxes. I must be doing something right.
Vince Cable
The No 1 priority in TV comedy today is ‘don’t frighten the horses,’ and it’s probably No 2 and 3 as well.
Frankie Boyle
The grotesque has never really affected or frightened me. I guess it’s real-life stuff that frightens me much more.
George A. Romero
‘We don’t torture’ is the anguished cry of squishy people who have decided that trying to frighten terrorists by roughing them up is somehow the very definition of torture.
Mike Gallagher
I don’t know what effect these men will have upon the enemy, but, by God, they frighten me.
Duke of Wellington
I’m thinking of taking up golf, but the idea of spending time with golfers frightens me.
Harlan Coben
Every time I speak up about anything to do with women or ethnic minorities, hundreds of messages pour in to attempt to silence or frighten me.
Jess Phillips
Many years ago, large packs of wolves roamed the countryside in Ukraine, making travel in that part of the world very dangerous. These wolf packs were fearless. They were not intimidated by people nor by any of the weapons available at that time. The only thing that seemed to frighten them was fire.
Joseph B. Wirthlin
Part of the reason that the government’s fear mongering is succeeding is because so many people are so ignorant, that it is easier for government to frighten people in submission.
James Bovard
The ego being shattered is not what frightens me – that can be useful for writing – but the ego being inflated is sort of like it dying of gout.
Garth Risk Hallberg
Pop country definitely frightens me, how popular it is.
Paul G. Tremblay
Death doesn’t frighten me; now I can think peacefully of ending a long life.
Jeanne Calment
And if you think that anybody is going to frighten me, you don’t know me yet.
Billy Sunday
Once men are caught up in an event, they cease to be afraid. Only the unknown frightens men.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Certainly, I’m excited by epic subjects. It doesn’t particularly frighten me.
Kenneth Branagh
Everyone has to die. I’m not particularly scared about it. What really frightens me is that if I go before my wife, I will leave her alone, and vice versa. The ideal would be to die together.
Ennio Morricone
Try praising your wife, even if it does frighten her at first.
Billy Sunday
Only the unknown frightens men. But once a man has faced the unknown, that terror becomes the known.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Sisters, when about their work, should not put on clothing which would make them look like images to frighten the crows from the corn. It is more gratifying to their husbands and children to see them in a becoming, well-fitting, attire, than it can be to merely visitors or strangers.
Ellen G. White
It still frightens me a little bit to think that so much of my life was totally devoted to Star Trek and almost nothing else.
Patrick Stewart
I am very driven by things that scare and frighten me, and things that might be tough for me.
Steve Backshall
May God forgive me, but the letters of the alphabet frighten me terribly. They are sly, shameless demons – and dangerous! You open the inkwell, release them; they run off – and how will you ever get control of them again!
Nikos Kazantzakis
I believe you can frighten people without showing their heads caved-in.
Donald Pleasence
If you’ve written something that moves you and frightens you, you just can’t take it back.
Viv Albertine
What frightens us most in a madman is his sane conversation.
Anatole France
The eternal silence of these infinite spaces frightens me.
Blaise Pascal
You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you.
Eric Hoffer
I came across the idea of running towards the things that frighten you. Once you go and do it, you realise that the fear of it is far more powerful than actually doing it.
Derren Brown
I’m an eccentric, silly, observational guy, but I’m not gonna frighten off social conservatives.
Jim Gaffigan
The thought of being President frightens me and I do not think I want the job.
Ronald Reagan
There’s something that really frightens me – and that’s fear.
Elaine Stritch
I look for a sense of reality with everything I did. I didn’t work in a studio, I didn’t light anything. I found a way of working which pleased me because I didn’t have to frighten people with heavy equipment. It was that little black box and me and £5 worth of film in my pocket or maybe it was only £2 in those days.
Eve Arnold
No one will frighten the large and free Jewish community of the United States.
Menachem Begin
I loved ghost stories. I love horror stories. I love all of that stuff, but I really yearn for something to actually frighten me. It’s more of a yearning for that than something that has to necessarily be cerebral or sophisticated. Good storytelling and something that actually frightens you.
Jane Goldman
The only use of an obstacle is to be overcome. All that an obstacle does with brave men is, not to frighten them, but to challenge them.
Woodrow Wilson
My job is not to frighten children, but sometimes addressing fears and concerns within the safe boundaries of a picture book can fill me with an awesome responsibility to be as truthful and transparent as possible.
Debi Gliori
Israel’s creation was politically amazing and caused by a number of unusual events. And I understand. For centuries, Jews endured horrible suffering, and like other people, deserve the right to self-determination, but the way Israel is going now frightens me. Jews make awkward colonial overlords.
Harvey Pekar