God Bless Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best God Bless Quotes from famous authors such as Pete Hoekstra, Ryan Zinke, Faye Dunaway, Muhammad Ali, Jon Gruden. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

I will never forget standing with fellow members of Congress on the steps of the Capitol to sing ‘God Bless America’ on the night of 9/11.
Pete Hoekstra
May God bless Montana, God bless America, and God bless the troops who defend her.
Ryan Zinke
God bless McNally, it’s got some fantastic stuff in it, but it’s no easy task to make a movie out of.
Faye Dunaway
I always bring out the best in men I fight, but Joe Frazier, I’ll tell the world right now, brings out the best in me. I’m gonna tell ya, that’s one helluva man, and God bless him.
Muhammad Ali
God bless Tony Romo.
Jon Gruden
Other than Peter Jackson doing ‘Lord of the Rings,’ I don’t get it when filmmakers follow up a movie with a sequel to the same movie. God bless ’em if they can be up for it, but that would drive me insane.
Brad Bird
WikiLeaks, God bless them, will save lives as a result of their actions.
Michael Moore
God bless Dad, he came to every one of my shows. I was bad, and I had horrible stage fright. My dad was so relieved – he’d say, ‘You were terrible; this kid is not going to be an actor.’ Finally, I did a play and he said, ‘Son – you were really good.’
Kirk Douglas
UFC is UFC, and God bless them, they have the largest roster and some amazing fighters, but there’s amazing fighters everywhere. That’s why I am impressed with what Bellator has attempted to do with the tournament or with Aaron Pico and some of the younger talent.
Mauro Ranallo
God bless the United States of America, and Roll Tide.
Hannah Brown
Didn’t Lionel Richie just make a country album? No one is giving him a hard time… and God bless him – I love Lionel and should be able to do what he wants to do, like Madonna should, too. Both are having success and I applaud them. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. The ageism criticism is getting old.
Guy Oseary
God bless the dead.
I think ‘Crouching Tiger’ is a genre of its own, and it’s extremely well done, and God bless them for it.
Amitabh Bachchan
God bless Skrillex. I love the kid, but he puts out a new video, what, every four weeks? I’m like the Dos Equis guy. I don’t normally do music videos, but when I do, I go big.
It’s only by coincidence I started working with my father – all because of King Abdullah’s decision not to grant my promotion. God bless his soul, he did me a favor.
Mohammad bin Salman
God bless Africa, Guard her people, Guide her leaders, And give her peace.
Trevor Huddleston
God bless perseverance. Because it’s not easy.
Junot Diaz
God bless America!
Lisa Kennedy Montgomery
My nan, God bless her, used to buy the NME, then go to the chip shop and be like ‘ooh check out that’ every week, she’d be saying, ‘Oh have you heard the new single by Arctic Monkeys?’ and it’s like, I haven’t even heard this!
James Righton
God bless my mother; I know you’re looking down on me.
Ron Cephas Jones
God bless Neymar because this boy has changed the lives of kids in Brazil. A lot of children watch him, believe they can be the next Neymar. Sometimes, you have a great opportunity to change and impact the lives of kids.
Anderson Silva
God bless America, God bless the troops.
Steven Crowder
Forever may it remain that way. And may God bless these now-found souls.
Robert Ballard
I met Gilda Radner, God bless her, when I was in grade 13, which doesn’t exist anymore. The high school I went to went from 9 to 13.
Catherine O’Hara
The story about me, apocryphal or not, is that I could sing before I spoke. My parents went into bedroom one day and there I was standing in the crib singing God Bless America.
Linda Lavin
It’s always the gay people, the outliers, who are the cutting edge, and god bless these people! And to everyone else, wake up. See what’s new!
Julie Newmar
If a guy is tall, that’s a plus, and he has to have a great personality. He needs to keep up with me because I can be an off-the-wall, aloof chatterbox sometimes! But if he’s got some height on him… God bless.
Meagan Tandy
I didn’t want to be a rapper full time. You know, Big L kinda – God bless the dead – influenced me to do that.
May God bless all of our brave men and women in uniform for everything they do to uphold and defend our Constitution and keep our nation safe.
Ned Lamont
A lot of guys out here are very serious, and God bless them, that’s their personality. It’s not a sin to be business-like.
Chi Chi Rodriguez
If you go back to the ’80s, you had a whole plethora of artists, everyone from Madonna and Cyndi Lauper to Prince. God bless Lady Gaga for doing her thing, but she’s kind of a lone peacock now. If anything, we have a much more conservative kind of pop world. It’s not necessarily about individuality.
Boy George
Good man! Genuine gentleman! God bless George Thompson, the great-hearted friend of my race.
Sojourner Truth
You have to treat everybody the right way. Otherwise, you’ll have a short life. God bless.
Jake LaMotta
God bless those employees at United who somehow continue to be gracious and patient and generous with customers even while bearing the brunt of a broken company themselves.
Patrick Lencioni
God bless America. God save the Queen. God defend New Zealand and thank Christ for Australia.
Russell Crowe
God bless you if you have one child, but I don’t think anybody should have just one child. Everybody needs a sibling. I have siblings, and I have so many amazing, precious memories with my siblings. I don’t know what I would do if I had been an only child.
Sherri Shepherd
Les Mis’ was an amazing experience, to be in the original cast of ‘Les Miserables,’ and ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ God bless it that was fantastic, at the London Palladium the biggest theatre in London the most successful show that has ever been at the London Palladium, that was fantastic.
Michael Ball
I do not understand rehab. If it works for people, then God bless them.
Kid Rock
God bless the people of the State of South Carolina.
Nikki Haley
May God bless our troops.
Jill Biden
God bless IVF because it’s never too late to conceive any more. However, having said that, I have to point out that going through IVF is a gruelling procedure; maybe that’s why only a woman can go through it!
Farah Khan
God bless Mr. T, he’s a good brudda, but he didn’t know anything about wrestling.
Jimmy Snuka
During the presidential primaries of 1940, I received a request from the Democratic National Committee to sing God Bless America before the speeches.
Kate Smith
My mother, God bless her, forced me to take touch typing when I was 16.
Paul Allen
God Bless my mother and father for all the hard work they’ve done for our family.
Coy Bowles
God bless ABC. They are my knights in shining armor. I love their content. Just as a person, I’m a huge fan of ‘Scandal,’ I still love ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ and ‘Resurrection’ looks amazing.
Jaime Ray Newman
God bless Hollywood and all that it stands for, but, you know, people tend to peak in their 40s, and then it’s all downhill from there.
Julie Plec
God bless America – what other civilization would give Patrick Dempsey another shot to rule as a sex symbol, twenty years after ‘Meatballs III: Summer Job?’ His reign as Dr. McDreamy on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is proof that there’s nothing we love more than giving Eighties celebs a heartwarming second stab at life.
Rob Sheffield
White people are so fragile, God bless ’em. ‘Well, I didn’t own slaves.’ No you didn’t. Nobody is asking you to take personal responsibility for this. But you’re a beneficiary of a system that did. Just own that and move on.
Rhiannon Giddens
When I played God Bless The Queen, I was wondering if they was gonna dig us, then quite naturally I’d go on and try to get it together.
Jimi Hendrix
God bless the universe, God bless Japanese, Chinese, Indians, all of them, and let’s have peace.
Mickey Rooney
The soles of Neil Armstrong’s boots on the moon made permanent impressions on our souls and in our national psyche. Ann and I watched those steps together on her parent’s sofa. Like all Americans we went to bed that night knowing we lived in the greatest country in the history of the world. God bless Neil Armstrong.
Mitt Romney
Be the light. Know the truth. God bless you.
Shiva Ayyadurai
God bless America. I am American. I’m very patriotic. I love this country.
Henry Cejudo
God is being siphoned out of the public arena. People don’t even say God bless you when you sneeze anymore. I want to be able to lay a Merry Christmas on someone without its feeling like a political statement.
Orson Bean