Hearing Aids Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Hearing Aids Quotes from famous authors such as Joseph Mawle, Marlee Matlin, Leslie Nielsen, Norm Crosby, Lou Ferrigno. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

I tell people that if I’m ignoring them, chances are I may not have heard them. I depend on hearing aids, but I’ve not found it a problem. I’m visually very aware!
Joseph Mawle
If I were offered a cochlear implant today, I would prefer not to have one. But that’s not a statement about hearing aids or cochlear implants. It’s about who you are.
Marlee Matlin
It’s not really that I’ve been an advocate for hearing aids for a long time, it’s just that I’ve been losing my hearing for a long time! So it’s actually very important for me because I’m actually hearing impaired and I simply want to hear better!
Leslie Nielsen
When people have hearing loss, I think they often take that burden and pass it on to their friends and family, and we make them scream and yell at us so we can hear! But I think it’s better to take responsibility and wear hearing aids!
Norm Crosby
When I work out, I wear two in-the-ear hearing aids for comfort, and then I wear the behind-the-ears for my day-to-day non-physical activities, when I need maximum hearing and to communicate with people and do interviews!
Lou Ferrigno
Our rules need to keep pace with current technology so that Americans who use hearing aids can easily use phones.
Ajit Pai
Hearing loss has not affected my vocal range. I can still pitch perfectly, but without the hearing aids, I don’t hear the intricate high parts of the actual spectrum.
Roger Taylor
When hearing aids were first mentioned, I pictured myself as that old geezer at the back of the church with the whistling ear trumpet, but you can’t see these Phonak hearing aids, and people don’t realise you’ve got them in.
Roger Taylor
I have serious hearing loss. I’m challenged if I don’t have my hearing aids in.
Al Jarreau
You should know that I’ve been hearing-impaired, not quite since birth, but I’ve been wearing hearing aids since I was 13, so I’m very conscious of the difficulty of voice communication.
Vint Cerf
I’ve always wanted to write a book relating my experiences growing up as a deaf child in Chicago. Contrary to what people might think, it wasn’t all about hearing aids and speech classes or frustrations.
Marlee Matlin
Hearing aids didn’t cause any problem with my social life, my career, no problem at all, and I’ve been wearing them for a long time. As a matter of fact, once I became an entertainer and started working on television, I was probably the first performer to talk about hearing problems on the air.
Norm Crosby
Man, I loved The Smiths so much. I thought they looked awesome, and Morrissey had hearing aids like my Papaw.
Ryan Adams