Highway Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Highway Quotes from famous authors such as Robert Green Ingersoll, Alia Bhatt, James H. Clark, Eddie Vedder, Joseph Conrad. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

I can imagine no sweeter way to end one’s life than in the quiet of the country, out of the mad race for money, place and power – far from the demands of business – out of the dusty highway where fools struggle and strive for the hollow praise of other fools.
Robert Green Ingersoll
It took me a while to get over ‘Highway’. I started living the character of ‘Veera’ very closely. I don’t think I would be able to give so much to a character the way I did with her.
Alia Bhatt
I believe that the Internet is the information highway. I’m religious about this. I don’t think it’s cable television.
James H. Clark
I feel like we have to keep our eyes on the road. Being nostalgic is like taking an offramp and getting a sandwich – and then you get back on the highway. I don’t want to be spending the rest of my life at the gas station.
Eddie Vedder
A modern fleet of ships does not so much make use of the sea as exploit a highway.
Joseph Conrad
It’s not hard to get your way when it’s your way or the highway. People either follow suit or they’re not around. I don’t really like the sound of that, ’cause that sounds like a temper tantrum. I’m just very black and white when it comes to my business. There’s really no gray area.
Nicki Minaj
While America’s infrastructure needs are substantial, there is no reason to delay completion of the highway bill. Every day of delay means jobs lost, investment opportunities missed and growth sacrificed.
John Engler
If you look at the statistics, it’s a lot more dangerous to ride down a highway than a big wave.
Garrett McNamara
The children of Qunu stood for hours on the side of a brand new stretch of highway as they waited for the hearse carrying Nelson Mandela to come into view.
Craig Kielburger
How were we to know ‘Highway’ would be such a success? It is one of my proudest achievements.
Sajid Nadiadwala
I love what Griselda is doing. It’s not the norm and they got out of that box everyone tried to put them in. They created their own highway.
If I’m going to hand over my classic Italian sports car, and you’re going to be driving it down Pacific Coast Highway with the top down, while I watch, I want to be certain that I’m adequately compensated for the pain of that vision.
Gabe Kapler
Whether you agree or disagree with privatization, two things are obvious. First, taxpayers need to be asking more and better questions before handing over control of critical public assets like a highway, an airport, or a parking meter concession. And second, Uncle Sam is being played for a sucker.
Dick Durbin
It was the 31st of August in 1962 that eighteen of us traveled twenty-six miles to the county courthouse in Indianola to try to register to become first-class citizens. We was met in Indianola by policemen, Highway Patrolmen, and they only allowed two of us in to take the literacy test at the time.
Fannie Lou Hamer
We want everybody to act like adults, quit playing games, realize that it’s not just my way or the highway.
Barack Obama
Government paved the on-ramp to space. Now, the vehicles taking us up to the space highway are being built by citizens, leveraging off government-catalyzed technologies and needs.
Rick Tumlinson
Whether it’s federal highway funds for the Thruway or Tappan Zee bridge project or the corrupt Cornhusker deal, Senator Gillibrand is willing to sell out our hardworking families. She has failed to address the problem that taxpayers in New York send much more to Washington that we get back.
Wendy Long
The Federal Highway Administration has allowed states to take advantage of a loophole in federal regulations, delaying bridge inspections to every four years instead of the two years normally required.
Bill Dedman
In the European tradition, rivers are seen as divisions between peoples. But in the Aboriginal tradition, rivers are seen as the glue, the highway, the linkage between people, not the separation. And that’s the history of Canada: our rivers and lakes were our highways.
John Ralston Saul
A man’s conscience, like a warning line on the highway, tells him what he shouldn’t do – but it does not keep him from doing it.
Frank A. Clark
When I’m driving the highway by myself is when I write best.
Willie Nelson
I’ll never forget when I was, like, 17, and ‘Highway to Hell’ came on the radio, and I was like, ‘Dude, listen to that guy’s voice!’
Tommy Lee
People travel and hunt on the sea ice – in Alaska, they hunt in skin boats for bowhead whales; in Greenland, they hunt with dogsleds. The ice is their highway. The ice is also the ecosystem in which marine mammals and terrestrial animals such as polar bears exist.
Gretel Ehrlich
I have always thought of music as a highway with many lanes.
Marvin Hamlisch
We all know we have a problem, a broad problem. Ninety-eight percent of the fuel that is used by our vehicles, our autos and trucks for personal and commercial purposes, for highway and air travel operates on oil. The world has the same problem.
John Olver
When you’re on a highway, viewing the western U.S. with the mountains and the flatness and the desert and all that, it’s very much like my paintings.
Edward Ruscha
The Bombay-Pune Expressway, a spanking, modern, six-lane highway will, when completed, be India’s first truly international road constructed on the lines of the autobahn or the turnpike.
Sucheta Dalal
A bridge shouldn’t just fall down in the middle of America. Not a bridge that’s a few blocks from my house. Not an eight-lane highway. Not a bridge that I drive over with my family every day, along with tens of thousands of Minnesotans. But that’s what happened.
Amy Klobuchar
In the eighteenth century, it was ladies and gentlemen and swings in a garden; today, it may be Campbell’s soup cans or highway signs. There is no real difference. The artist still takes his everyday world and tries to make something out of it.
Corita Kent
Throughout U.S. history, competent public investments have been an essential complement to private investments – from the Louisiana Purchase, to land-grant colleges, to the Interstate Highway System, to the Internet.
Felix Rohatyn
The Highway Code can’t be that difficult to understand, and yet my brain seems to treat it as a set of nuclear fission instructions in Old Japanese.
Victoria Coren Mitchell
People who drive slow in the left lane on the highway! Are you kidding me? Don’t you see everybody passing you, honking and flipping you off? It’s not because everyone else is crazy, it’s because you’re driving slow in the fast lane, you jerk! OMG! It makes me crazy!
Rob Riggle
The Information Highway intrigues me because I have always been a newshound; I have always been curious about why people believe what they believe.
Billy Graham
The Florida peninsula is, in fact, an emerging plateau, honeycombed with voids and vents, caves and underground waterways. Travelers on Interstate Highway I-75 have no idea that, beneath them, are cave labyrinths still being mapped by speleologists – ‘cavers,’ they prefer to be called.
Randy Wayne White
Be responsible for what you do. Don’t throw trash on the highway, take care of animals, if you see someone in need you help them. That’s what I want people to concentrate on instead of just grabbing everything you possibly can for yourself, which is how we’re taught in this country.
Mike Hughes
Collaboration is a multilane highway, going in all directions. If there isn’t reciprocity, it fails, and it’s unsatisfying.
Jeffrey Wright
Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel across the country from coast to coast without seeing anything.
Charles Kuralt
As writers, we must keep throwing problems at our characters. Conflict is the heart of good storytelling. Hiking in nature along a twisting trail can remind us what a good story feels like. It’s the opposite of a treadmill – or an interstate highway.
Kate Klise
In 1999, I was in St. Louis with Martin Luther King III as we led protests against the state’s failure to hire minority contractors for highway construction projects. We went at dawn on a summer day with over a thousand people and performed acts of civil disobedience.
Al Sharpton
Federal gas tax revenues that are paid into the trust fund by highway users should be used for programs that benefit highway users.
Cynthia Lummis
Before ‘This is Our Youth’, I did a week of table reading ‘Airline Highway’ at Steppenwolf in Chicago while the author, Lisa D’Amour, workshopped it.
Tavi Gevinson
‘Bless Me, Ultima’ is quite autobiographical in the sense that I was writing a story about my childhood, my hometown where I grew up, Santa Rosa, New Mexico, on Old Highway 66 and the Pecos River. So a great deal of that environment, landscape, people, got thrown in the novel.
Rudolfo Anaya
I think the Internet is absolutely extraordinary. It’s very, very useful and I think one of the things we’ve got to do is make sure that the African continent gets on to that information super highway.
Thabo Mbeki
We did such a great job of creating the interstate highway system in Oklahoma City that we don’t have traffic congestion. You can actually get a speeding ticket during rush hour in the city. That’s how great our traffic flows.
Mick Cornett
Apart from its dangers, much of Iraq isn’t very interesting to look at. The landscape is flat and dun colored. The dirt just beyond the highway is littered with hunks of twisted and mangled metal, some of it the detritus of wars, some of it just unclaimed junk. The countryside looks muddy and broken.
Tucker Carlson
While the national highway system connects cities and facilitates economic activity across the nation, it’s construction historically has been deeply destructive for many communities, particularly low-income communities and communities of color.
Alex Padilla
All of a sudden, one day, you’re this boxer that everybody like, or you’re this guy that people pass on the highway and wave at. The next day, you’re this guy that everybody want to touch – be in touch with you. Then you think that this is the answer to all things.
George Foreman
The story of ‘Highway’ is completely about travel. It is about the fascination of travel to an extent that I don’t want to even reach the destination and also being away from society gives you a certain view of the society, so that was the intention of the film.
Imtiaz Ali
If there’s an intellectual highway, there’s also an intellectual subway.
Stanley Crouch
We’d like to build a highway for healing and unity.
Bill McCartney
We don’t work for the government. We don’t carry guns. We don’t chase aliens. We are a man and a woman. The similarities end there… If ‘X-Files’ and ‘Touched by an Angel’ crashed on ‘Highway to Heaven,’ you’d have ‘Mysterious Ways.’
Adrian Pasdar
What America really needs is a long-term bill that makes significant investments in our transportation infrastructure and reforms the highway trust fund to ensure it remains solvent for years to come. This will require bold ideas and a bipartisan effort.
Mike Quigley
After ‘Student Of The Year,’ when I played that baby-doll, diva character, I knew I would be stereotyped, and I wanted to break that image of me. I loved that role, but I don’t want to be attached to one particular genre, so ‘Highway’ was a blessing in disguise.
Alia Bhatt
After two years of hard work and debate, Congress has passed a highway bill that will help fuel our economy by creating roughly 500,000 new jobs, as well as address many critical transportation needs in Ohio and the 18th Congressional District.
Bob Ney
I have this soft spot for have-nots. So, I was really inclined to portray their pain and pathos in ‘Highway.’
Randeep Hooda
In a divided government, you can’t just say, ‘It’s my way or the highway.’
Jeb Bush
I’d rather break stones on the king’s highway than hem a handkerchief.
Anne Sullivan
Our films are changing so people across the world can see them – when ‘Highway’ premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, a Polish lady said to me, ‘It has a strong message for women.’ So it’s good to know our films are connecting universally.
Alia Bhatt
The gas tax has been the backbone of the transportation system since the inception of the Interstate highway system in the 1950s.
Anthony Foxx
The first time I did a show, I definitely didn’t get any money. My friend just let me do this show. I was so nervous: my mic didn’t work, and I was like, ‘Urgh.’ It was terrible. It was a dingy club off of the highway, but all these people came. It was packed out.
Kali Uchis
It’s like a blind turn on a highway: You can’t see what’s coming, so you don’t really know how to prepare.
Piper Perabo
The best path through life is the highway.
Henri Frederic Amiel
When I was working at the Flamingo I took slides of people standing in front of the Flamingo with the highway behind them. Across the street you can see these tumbleweeds. That is now Caesars Palace.
Frank Sinatra Jr.
When somebody blazes a path to a highway that never end, you should appreciate ’em some.
Brownie McGhee
The M6 is terrible and there are always accidents when there is a big highway with lots of traffic.
Marko Arnautovic
Bookstores don’t exactly dot the American highway in the grand manner of Sbarros.
Rosecrans Baldwin
Returning punts is one of my favorite things to do in the whole world. It’s awesome. It’s like playing on the highway.
Danny Amendola
I’ve been on every interstate highway in the lower forty-eight states by now, and I never get tired of the view.
Steve Earle
As a kid, we would drive up and down 77 North – that’s our highway – there would be office buildings on the side of the highway and I’d be like, that’s what my house is going to look like when I get older. I’m going to start making my house look like this.
LeBron James
‘The Last Five Years,’ we sang almost everything live. When we’re in a convertible on the West Side Highway, there was no point – it’s not going to be usable sound. But any time we were indoors, we were singing live.
Anna Kendrick
I used to drive up and down Pacific Coast Highway in this black Porsche, and I had seen a couple of accidents on the highway involving Porsches. I realized if you’re in any kind of head on accident in one of those cars, they’re going to get you out of it with a can opener, one of those Jaws of Life.
Don Felder
The interstate highway system was built to get people from point A to point B as fast as possible. And they knocked down mountains and filled valleys and made everything nice and big and flat, and they bypassed every town.
John Lasseter
My parents gave me the easy option that if you’re going to go your way, that’s the highway. You can expect no funds and no support, which I think was legitimate; that was a fair option.
Kangana Ran
I think my whole deal was I didn’t think other people had a right to an opinion. I think the problem I had was, in real life, it was my way or the highway, and if people disagreed with me, then they were just wrong.
Randy Orton
I remember, as a kid, riding in the back of my dad’s old Saab 95 in Denmark. We were on the highway, and suddenly this silver Maserati Bora came upon us, then passed. At the time, to me, this car looked like a spaceship.
Henrik Fisker
As a logistics entrepreneur who has created hundreds of American jobs, I will make sure the National Highway bill improves our infrastructure, while ensuring that products used and jobs created from this legislation are made in the U.S.A.
Mike Braun
Flying over New Orleans on our approach, I got it. There was no view of land without water – water in the great looming form of Lake Pontchartrain, water cutting through in tributaries, water flowing beside a long stretch of highway, water just – everywhere.
Rachel Sklar
Everything in America is so stratified by class now. We have the 93rd level of income inequality in the world. You’re already seeing highway lanes that are for pay and ones that aren’t.
Adam McKay
A government that can take all and can seize all, a government that doesn’t trust its citizens, a government that says it’s their way or the highway… that’s the scary part.
Paul Gosar
The Connecticut Center for Science and Exploration will be a building that will connect the excitement of science to the surrounding streets, river and highway. These forms are ambitious and dynamic. They appear to reach out beyond their physical limits.
Cesar Pelli
One of my first purchases after I signed to RCA was a BMW. I was driving on the highway, and I heard ‘Don’t’ come on. It was a real moment.
Bryson Tiller
It’s like driving your car. If you drive too fast on the highway, you will topple, so you better maintain your speed. Life is similar to that, and that’s the way you have to control your head.
A. R. Rahman
I like to slip out in the middle of the night and take my Lamborghini and drive it really fast on the highway.
Erika Jayne
As for pupils, I can have as many as I choose, but I do not choose to take many. I intend to be better paid than others, and so I wish to have fewer scholars. It is advisable to hang back a little at first, or it is all over with you, and you must pursue the common highway with the rest.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
I was banned from IHOP. Not all IHOPs, just the one on Highway 6 by my house where I grew up.
Martellus Bennett
Highway spending, which I think most everybody says is badly needed in this country, creates American jobs, and also makes America more competitive.
Kent Conrad
Look, if you’re driving down the highway at 120 miles an hour, I’d rather be behind the wheel than in the backseat.
Mark Wahlberg
I don’t ride a sport bike. If I’m riding a sport bike and trying to do tricks, and going 200 miles down the highway, that’s probably pretty stupid. But when you’re riding a Harley or a chopper, and you’re riding with a group of people and you’re not on the highway and you’re cruising, you’re relaxing.
Ben Roethlisberger
I admire David Lynch so much, and I think he made some bad decisions with Lost Highway.
Greg Egan
Until the late 1950s Britain’s leaders were slow to appreciate the social and economic value of motorways. The first stretch of German Autobahn had opened before the first world war, as did the first highway in the U.S. Other countries followed suit in the inter-war years.
Andrew Adonis, Baron Adonis
When ‘The Hummingbird’s Daughter’ came out, there was a certain backlash – ‘Well, this isn’t ‘The Devil’s Highway.” That’s just the way it goes.
Luis Alberto Urrea
And so I think that the idea of America working with other countries to solve problems is good for us, and it is part of digging us out of the ‘my way or the highway’ approach that was evident in the previous eight years.
Madeleine Albright
I produced ‘Highway’ and ‘Chhichhore’ for creative satisfaction.
Sajid Nadiadwala
When the government undertakes or approves a major project such as a dam or highway project, it must make sure the project’s impacts, environmental and otherwise, are considered. In many cases, NEPA gives the public its only opportunity to be heard about the project’s impact on their community.
Frances Beinecke
The guard rails on a highway may restrict some folks from driving the way they want, but those rules mostly end up saving the lives of those other drivers who understand that living in a society means behaving in a commonly beneficial way.
Steven Weber
I love driving my car on any highway.
Virat Kohli
All it is going to take to shut the power grid down to the entire Eastern half of the country is a bomb being placed at a key natural gas pipeline or on a major highway artery to the West.
Jim Justice
I took the California Highway Patrol exam and didn’t pass, so I tried to be a cop and failed.
John Cena
A communication highway without content is inconceivable.
Hubert Burda
As a newly married person, as much as I would love for my husband to buy into the ‘my way or the highway’ philosophy, you realize it’s all about compromising and finding some sort of middle ground that everyone can live with.
Gabrielle Union
Highway’ teaches one basic lesson, One God creating so many human beings, but all different in complexities, layers and charactersiticis.
Koel Mallick
I forged myself out of a vacuum. I crawl along the highway on hacked off stumps year after year. Some wonder how and why. I never do.
Henry Rollins
It’s very important that we keep these special, wild places. It defines the United States. Imagine our country without our national parks and our monuments. Here in California, imagine if you didn’t have in Southern Cal the Channel Islands or the great Highway 1, Big Sur up to Point Reyes up to the Redwood country.
Douglas Brinkley
You come to Washington, there’s a rail bill, there’s a highway bill, there’s a aviation bill. But when you go home, there’s an airport, there’s a highway, there’s a rail, there’s transit. It all has to work together.
Anthony Foxx
We get picked up in these Rolls Royces and get three miles down the highway and five cop cars pull us over.
Johnny Thunders
The most excellent and divine counsel, the best and most profitable advertisement of all others, but the least practiced, is to study and learn how to know ourselves. This is the foundation of wisdom and the highway to whatever is good.
Pierre Charron
I’ve been lucky to have opportunities with David Lynch in ‘Lost Highway’ and Jennifer Lynch in this movie ‘Surveillance,’ so I’ve always boomeranged around a little bit, and no one has caught my foot in the trap yet, but I think if I move fast enough… ‘cos I think I got trapped a couple of times.
Bill Pullman
I remember when driving and traveling through Lapland, every road is surrounded by huge beautiful trees. Eight out of 10 times I would see a family of reindeer run beside the road or even through the highway holding up traffic. They’re huge and unbelievable to see in person.
Nick Viall
Everything I’ve done goes back to pro wrestling. Had I not been able to achieve what I did, I guarantee you… my high school jobs were always working in the highway department – driving dump trucks, patching up roads, digging ditches, driving a forklift.
Stone Cold Steve Austin
In the long term, expanding and modernizing I-27 through the Texas Panhandle will promote growth by connecting rural areas to the federal Interstate Highway system, strengthen avenues for trade which is particularly advantageous for TX-13’s agriculture industry, increase safety, and save billions in travel costs.
Ronny Jackson
The middle class has disappeared. We have a highway to poverty and no roads coming out.
Suze Orman
A highway sign used to welcome people to New Haven, birthplace of President George W. Bush. But it was vandalized so much, it was finally taken down for good.
Matt Apuzzo
Tom Fort, a BBC radio journalist, starts from the assumption that ‘many of us have a road that reaches back into our past’. For him, this is the 92 miles of the A303 – as he subtitles his book, the ‘Highway to the Sun’.
Justin Cartwright
I chewed up a lot of Florida highway when I was starting out. Used to come to Tampa two or three times a year for about 10 years straight.
Billy Gardell
He who refuses to stoop, who cannot be bribed by the promise of success or the fear of failure – who walks the highway of the right, and in disaster stands erect, is the only victor.
Robert Green Ingersoll
They came out over the highway and they stopped and that’s when Barney got out, with the binoculars to try and identify the craft. I mean, he’d been in the military in World War Two, he’s puzzled.
Betty Hill
By 27, Bob Dylan had already written ‘Highway 61 Revisited,’ the Beatles had released ‘Rubber Soul,’ Bruce Springsteen had recorded ‘Born to Run’ and U2 had delivered ‘The Joshua Tree.’
Robert Hilburn
The man who cannot endure to have his errors and shortcomings brought to the surface and made known, but tries to hide them, is unfit to walk the highway of truth.
James Allen
I’ve seen every highway in the United States, and they all look alike to me.
Loretta Lynn
I just knew it would get a big laugh when people saw the ‘Flying Nun’ throwing the bird to a highway patrolman.
Hal Needham
In February of 1972, a snowstorm blew into Kansas City, and I decided to hitchhike to California. The roads were icy, snowflakes howling, and nobody would drive me to the highway, so I humped through the snow and ice and caught a ride with a concerned cop to the Kansas Turnpike.
Daniel Woodrell
When we produced ‘Highway,’ Imtiaz Ali and I planned it as a quick small experimental film, while we waited for Ranbir Kapoor’s dates later during the year.
Sajid Nadiadwala