Immigration Policy Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Immigration Policy Quotes from famous authors such as Satya Nadella, Joe Arpaio, Stephen Miller, Erna Solberg, Sonny Perdue. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

One of the things I think a lot about, I am perhaps a great example of the enlightened immigration policy of this country where I was able to come here to study and then stay back and work and build a life.
Satya Nadella
If a nation’s security is only as strong as its weakest link, then America may be in serious trouble. Hawaii may be our weakest link and could have a serious impact on our nation’s immigration policy.
Joe Arpaio
What you do on immigration policy, what you do on education policy, what you do on tax, regulatory, and energy policy, all connects together – and will be based on a simple determination about what will make life better in America for American citizens.
Stephen Miller
We’ve been agreeing on a strict immigration policy to Norway for a long time. It’s supposed to be fair, but it’s supposed to be strict.
Erna Solberg
The Republican Party needs to be very, very careful that it maintains the Golden Rule in its rhetoric regarding immigration policy.
Sonny Perdue
Immigration policy isn’t really what we at HHS do.
Alex Azar
At the basis of a country’s immigration policy is the recognition that a country has the right to pursue its interests first, and whenever it wishes to be altruistic and humane, this is instantiated without ever risking the danger of its citizens and/or its cultural values.
Gad Saad
We need an immigration policy that works for America First.
Paul Nehlen
If Republicans want to change their stance on immigration, they should do so on the merits, not out of a belief that only immigration policy stands between them and a Republican Hispanic majority.
Heather Mac Donald
President Obama made far-reaching, unilateral changes to our nation’s immigration policy despite saying on over 22 different occasions that he did not have the authority to do so.
Ron DeSantis
Our immigration policy should be driven by what is in the best interest of this great country and the American people. Comprehensive immigration reform will strengthen U.S. security and boost economic growth.
Charles B. Rangel
Granted, we need to have a sound immigration policy that allows people into our country who are going to produce more than they are going to consume, but the bottom line is illegal aliens consume far more of our tax resources than they generate.
Mo Brooks
As we leave the E.U., freedom of movement falls away, because it’s an E.U. rule… What we then have to say is, ‘What then is on the blank piece of paper that is an immigration policy?’
Keir Starmer
While this country has always had a generous immigration policy, we simply cannot condone individuals coming here illegally.
Scott DesJarlais
Where we are as a nation is due to having an openness to the people of the world. It’s incredibly important. I firmly believe that we cannot shut our borders to immigrants. I think a fair and just immigration policy is good for our country and good for our society.
Bob Iger
Normally, I would seek to compromise, but not on immigration policy.
Mette Frederiksen
We will never stop illegal immigration until this country has a comprehensive, realistic immigration policy.
Ruben Hinojosa
Our nation’s immigration policy has been of top concern in recent years, and for good reason. With between eight and twelve million illegal aliens in the United States, it is obviously a problem out of control.
Chris Cannon
As home secretary, I will work to ensure that our immigration policy is fair and humane.
Amber Rudd
It is clear that United States immigration policy is badly in need of reform.
Ander Crenshaw
I know that many Danes are worried about the future. Worried about jobs, about open borders. About whether we can find a balance in immigration policy.
Mette Frederiksen
The current diversity visa program does a disservice to our immigration policy and to those immigrants who have moved through the more traditional process that allows them to lawfully reside in this country.
William L. Jenkins
My position on immigration has been clear for a long time. I believe the federal government ought to do their job. You know, secure our borders. Come up with an immigration policy that Americans understand and people who want to come to this country understand.
Rick Scott
At almost every step of modern immigration policy and immigration politics, we have exacerbated underlying problems and made things worse.
Beto O’Rourke
Throughout our history, Canada’s immigration policy has brought people here who had a pathway to citizenship. They were – and are – nation builders. It has been supported by political parties of all stripes and promoted by successive governments over generations.
Justin Trudeau
Few people are as well-situated to speak about the laudable benefits of a humane immigration policy than me.
Gad Saad
The removal of people of Japanese descent from their homes and their incarceration in camps were executed with the same sort of political calculus of fear and bigotry that Mr. Trump is using to redefine American immigration policy.
Michiko Kakutani
People don’t appreciate the extent to which we’ve set in motion a substantial and long-overdue change to U.S. immigration policy, simply by directing the DHS to use existing laws and authorities.
Stephen Miller
Until he announced his immigration policy last week, Obama had the support of most Hispanic voters – but not the enthusiasm they had shown for him in 2008. That may be changing in part because of the decision not to deport young immigrants whose undocumented parents brought them here as children.
Mara Liasson
I’ve used the word ‘compliant’ environment, and what that means is it’s absolutely right that we have an environment in terms of our immigration policy that distinguishes between people that are here legally and those that are here illegally.
Sajid Javid
The government rightly resisted pressure to accept Free Movement of people from E.U. countries, to allow us to regain control over our immigration policy.
Dominic Raab
Because the worst of all worlds is when you pretend like you have an immigration policy, you make coming into the United States without our permission illegal, and then you actually don’t enforce it.
Tom Tancredo
I’ve said for a long time that the governor and the mayors should be far more engaged in this conversation at the federal level. I mean, the consequences and the impact of the federal government’s broken immigration policy do not land on the backs of the people in Washington. They just don’t.
Charlie Baker
Many of the libertarian entrepreneurs who only want the government to leave them alone have simply forgotten how important government research, public education, and immigration policy are to Silicon Valley’s long-term success.
Glenn Kelman
Out of college, I had two job offers. One was to be a canoe instructor for Outward Bound. And frankly, that would have paid better than the job I took, working on a policy commission in Washington that focused on immigration policy and refugees. But that decision made all the difference.
Rob Portman
Libertarian immigration policy would be an experiment in which I don’t think we should participate. We should not bet the republic that the results will be good. I suspect the results would be a disaster and the end of the American experiment.
Jan C. Ting
I sit on the House Judiciary Committee, where we’ve been actively working on concrete solutions to fix our nation’s immigration policy, piece-by-piece.
Blake Farenthold
Congress is the appropriate place to make laws about our country’s immigration policy; it is not something that the president gets to decide on his own.
John Barrasso
Canada has an immigration policy you might want to emulate. They want more skilled and educated immigrants. In fact, that’s all they take. But, see, since nobody’s watching them, and they’re not a superpower, nobody really cares. So they are allowed to act in their best interests.
Rush Limbaugh
In my view, our immigration policy means that we have some people who can come into this country – who we might want to say no to – and others, who we might want to attract, who can’t currently come in.
Michael Gove