Impromptu Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Impromptu Quotes from famous authors such as Raftaar, David Herbert Donald, Divyanka Tripathi, Javed Jaffrey, Rachel Parris. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

I am my own parent when it comes to rapping and do impromptu stuff. Being a rapper, you have to be good at improvising, like you give me a word and I have to rhyme it quickly and then make sense out of the rhyme.
And, finally, Lincoln was not a good impromptu speaker; he was at his best when he could read from a carefully prepared manuscript. Though maybe a teleprompter could have helped that!
David Herbert Donald
Comedy is far more difficult, as it involves improvisation and impromptu acting, and as an actor, that came as a welcome break for me.
Divyanka Tripathi
You can do a lot of impromptu in dubbing. You can bring in different characters and different accents.
Javed Jaffrey
Unless you’re Barack Obama, you cannot pull off an impromptu a capella rendition of a heart-warming song in the middle of a speech.
Rachel Parris
My holidays are generally impromptu, since a crazy work schedule is bound to eat into a long-planned trip.
Ekta Kapoor
I did ‘Impromptu,’ which was a thrill and a horror all at once – my first movie and having to do it in Paris, and my wife wrote it, and I had some difficulties on the set, blah, blah, blah.
James Lapine
Ever since I was really really little, I was just singing all the time. Like one of my favorite games when I was little would be to just have one of my sisters pick a title, and I would impromptu create that song.
Kina Grannis
I come from Paisley, the same town as David Sneddon, who won ‘Fame Academy.’ When he was late for his homecoming reception in the town hall, they held an impromptu talent show. I ended up singing some songs, and that’s how I was discovered.
Paolo Nutini
We had an exercise in speech class in school, impromptu speaking, that I was always real good at.
John Mellencamp
I was a math whiz who stunk at English, so of course I wanted to be a writer more than anything in the world. I performed impromptu plays for my grandmother’s sewing circle but forced my little sister to ask for ketchup at McDonald’s.
Alethea Kontis
During one of his uncannily well-timed impromptu visits to my restaurant, Union Square Cafe, Pat Cetta taught me how to manage people. Pat was the owner of a storied New York City steakhouse called Sparks, and by that time, he was an old pro at running a fine restaurant.
Danny Meyer
I’m just preparing my impromptu remarks.
Winston Churchill
The very best impromptu speeches are the ones written well in advance.
Ruth Gordon
You never know when you might get scrambled to an impromptu press conference.
Hallie Jackson