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Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Jonathan Quotes from famous authors such as Dean Wareham, J. K. Simmons, Nick Clegg, Robin Williams, Jennifer Armentrout. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

My favorite Galaxie 500 album is the first one, ‘Today,’ recorded in three days at Noise New York and produced by Kramer. It contains my favorite Galaxie 500 songs: ‘Temperature’s Rising,’ ‘Tugboat,’ and our interpretation of Jonathan Richman’s ‘Don’t Let Our Youth Go to Waste.’
Dean Wareham
My full name’s Jonathan Kimble, but my parents didn’t want to call me either. So for a while, I went by Kim, which is a name for a girl or a Korean person.
J. K. Simmons
I don’t watch a huge amount of telly. I read a lot. I’m reading at the moment ‘Freedom,’ by Jonathan Franzen, a great big brick of a book, and I’m loving it.
Nick Clegg
When Jonathan Winters died, it was like, ‘Oh, man!’ I knew he was frail, but I always thought he was going to last longer. I knew him as being really funny, but at the same time, he had a dark side.
Robin Williams
My first celebrity crush was Jonathan Brandis. I even got to talk to him on the phone. I wrote a fan letter, and he answered. Talk about a surreal experience.
Jennifer Armentrout
After working with Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, and Jonathan Mangum, I said, ‘I am never going to talk about improv again.’
Fred Willard
I played Jonathan Livingston Seagull in a musical version of ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ in Austin, TX. It was pretty special.
Lauren Worsham
For a while we were chasing a book by Graham Greene to do Brighton Rock as a musical. We didn’t get the rights, so we decided to create something from scratch, with Jonathan. By that time we were big fans of his work.
Neil Tennant
I once played a character called Mr. Jonathan in something called ‘Razzle Dazzle.’ I was a choreographer of children’s pageants. That was something I never imagined doing. It did great in Australia.
Ben Miller
Jonathan Franzen seems like the grumpiest guy, and he doesn’t seem to like much of anything, so I really don’t care what he has to say.
Kaui Hart Hemmings
When I’m channel surfing, and ‘Silence of the Lambs’ comes on, I have trouble turning it off. I wouldn’t say that about ‘Beautiful Mind.’ It’s a good movie, but I’m much more in awe of what Jonathan Demme did with ‘Silence of the Lambs.’
Toby Emmerich
In terms of comedians, I loved, growing up, Jonathan Winters, Sid Caesar, Jackie Gleason, Phil Silvers, Carol Burnett, all those people.
Ed O’Neill
Obviously I am not bothered about men’s fashion – is anyone, apart from Jonathan Ross?
Arthur Smith
Take Jonathan Franzen’s work: it’s just old wine in new bottles. They say he’s the Tolstoy of the digital age, but there can only be a Tolstoy of the Tolstoyan age.
David Shields
My full name is Jonathan.
Lil Jon
Personally, I’d never seen a graphic novel. I knew they existed because friends of mine like Jonathan Ross collect them and some very literate and intelligent people really rate the graphic novel as a form.
Stephen Fry
So way back, Jonathan and I were – we were entertainers as kids. We were actors; we did theater, musicals; we ended up getting into commercials and some TV spots. Actually, one of our jobs, we were clowns.
Drew Scott
There are a lot of parallels between the historical Henry VIII and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. There’s an oscillation and extremity of emotion throughout his repertoire that lends itself beautifully to the nature of Henry VIII, definitely. He will push things to the limit, and yet remain in emotional control.
Natalie Dormer
Jonathan Hill is an old friend of mine; I have worked with him for many years and know him to be a man of outstanding ability who has never sought a public profile.
Kenneth Clarke
Your basic, well-made novel by Ian McEwan or Jonathan Franzen just bores me silly.
David Shields
After a gig I always head back to the hotel, remembering granny’s words of wisdom. I cancel the late-night pizza and watch the Jonathan Ross show instead.
Jimmy Carr
I’ve worked with David Lynch since I was 17, and working with him is home and family; being around Alexander Payne is home and family, Jonathan Demme. There are directors… Robert Altman, Paul Thomas Anderson… They are directors where I create homes.
Laura Dern
Jonathan Lynn is one of the last actors Orsen Welles used in a production. It was wonderful. He’s very sharp, very sharp. It’s funny I’ve been asked how weird it was to have a Brit do a church gospel movie.
Cuba Gooding, Jr.
For a lot of people, it’s a massive deal to be on the front row at Fashion Week and look perfect. I don’t go to be seen; I go to look at the collections and support my friends, like Henry, Giles and Jonathan Saunders. As much as I love clothes and shopping, it doesn’t drive me.
Abbey Clancy
I don’t have a deep link with England like, say, Jonathan Coe or Hanif Kureishi might demonstrate. For me, it is like a mythical place.
Kazuo Ishiguro
When I first started out, ‘Time’ magazine did an article on what it called ‘the sick comics,’ and they were myself, Shelley Berman, Nichols & May, Jonathan Winters, Lenny Bruce, and Mort Sahl. We were considered ‘sick.’
Bob Newhart
I’m thinking of trying to talk Jonathan Toews into running for Congress. We could use him.
Mike Quigley
I always think of Gilbert Norrell as being Salieri to Jonathan Strange being Mozart.
Eddie Marsan
There are so many talented young writers named Jonathan, with whom by comparison I suffer terribly.
Jonathan Ames
The documentary ‘Certifiably Jonathan’ has engrossing moments in it. How can it not? It’s got a great subject – the extraordinarily voluble comedian Jonathan Winters, whose constant rush of words can be like a blizzard: beautiful, maddening, exhausting, and finally beautiful again. But it’s not a great film.
Elvis Mitchell
When we were in high school, Jonathan would always try to embarrass me in front of girls, so I consider it my duty to pay him back.
Drew Scott
The phone conversations about a possible TV series of ‘Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell’ stretch back years, but now that the moment has come, now that I am actually here at Wentworth Woodhouse, I lose my bearings.
Susanna Clarke
The Republican Party, I really believe, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder from years and years of bullying and taunting. The Republican Party is Jonathan Martin. The Democrat Party and the media are Richie Incognito.
Rush Limbaugh
Jonathan Agnew is a good person to learn off because he’s a brilliant broadcaster and the calmness and clarity with which he does things is a real skill.
Alastair Cook
I would like to thank President Goodluck Jonathan for his display of statesmanship in setting a precedent for us that has now made our people proud to be Nigerians wherever they are.
Muhammadu Buhari
When I was about 12, I was studying Chinese and ballet with my brother, and one morning Jonathan said to me, ‘I don’t think I’m going to go to ballet class anymore,’ and I looked at him and said, ‘You know, I don’t think I’m going to go to Chinese class anymore.’
Damian Woetzel
One of my greatest inspirations for stand-up was Jonathan Winters. He was a genius. One thing about him, and also Lenny Bruce, is that they were in the tradition of the one-man show. That’s why Richard Pryor was so great, and George Carlin, too. They prowled the stage, they used voices, they were really talents.
Robert Klein
I’m like a unicorn; I’m a midlist writer who hasn’t done anything else but write. But because I wasn’t amazingly famous, I didn’t become Stephanie Meyer, or even a huge literary name like a Jonathan Franzen or a Joshua Ferris.
Gabrielle Zevin
Mike Judge is my Jonathan Swift, and I say that because I don’t know any other satirists. But the problem with satire is that it’s so easily misinterpreted.
T. J. Miller
I’m a quarter of an inch taller than Jonathan at 6-foot-4 1/2.
Drew Scott
I don’t consider myself to be incredibly confident, or really lacking in confidence. When you’re on Jonathan Ross’ or Graham Norton’s show, inevitably there’s something to sell. And there’s a live audience; you’re sat between Cameron Diaz and Tinie Tempah – I don’t really see it as ‘me.’ It would be odd if it was.
James Corden
I’ve immersed myself in reading more and more of American literature, but no editor has asked me to comment on Jonathan Franzen or Jennifer Egan. It is assumed I’m an expert on writers who need a little less suntan lotion at the beach.
Amitava Kumar
Even at 10 years old, Jonathan and I started saying things like, ‘Hey, what about this for the property?’ And I remember my parents saying, ‘You’re 10. What do you know about real estate? Go play with toys.’
Drew Scott
I screen tested for ‘The Tudors’ in N.Y. That was my first experience of N.Y., being flown here to screen test with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. So I have very, very fond memories of New York – New York helped give me my first big break.
Natalie Dormer
I don’t want to see Jonathan lose at anything. And that’s why together we’re actually stronger as a team.
Drew Scott
On CBC Radio, the Canadian national radio, there’s a show called ‘WireTap.’ The host is Jonathan Goldstein. It’s amazing.
Phil Elverum
Will Shatner, Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek have already put novels out.
Bruce Boxleitner
I love to read. And right now I’m on my last hundred pages of ‘The Corrections’ by Jonathan Franzen, and I really enjoyed it. His writing is just – he’s one of those writers where you just go, ‘There are people just meant to be novel writers.’
Candice Accola
Jonathan and I love flipping homes. We’ve been renovating and flipping houses since the ’90s.
Drew Scott
I don’t aspire to write like Steve King. Sure, I admire his work, and I think he’s a hell of a nice guy; we met shortly after my first Stoker win. I aspire to write like Jonathan Maberry.
Jonathan Maberry
Everyone calls me foodgod. Scream it in the streets and run up to me in restaurants, and I want people calling me foodgod when they write about me – not Jonathan or ‘BFF.’
Jonathan Cheban
I remember one time watching Jose Aldo fight Jonathan Brookins, and he just chopped him up.
Frank Mir
Jonathan Lethem’s 10th novel, ‘The Blot,’ is engaging, entertaining, and sharp for its first two-thirds. Then it goes to hell.
Lionel Shriver
I’m a Banksy fan. I’m also a fan of Chris Hobe, Mister Totem, Drew Wootten, Mad Clout, Hense and Sever, in visual and street art. And Jonathan Mannion and Shane Nash in photography.
Killer Mike
When I’m playing a character like Jonathan in Ripley’s Game I want to be in the moment when he’s feeling pain; this very ordinary person who finds himself in extraordinary circumstances.
Dougray Scott
I wanted to be an actor as a kid, and a lot of people would tell you to be realistic, but from a young age, our parents really realized that Jonathan and I were so driven.
Drew Scott
Jonathan and Joshua Fatu, they are pretty much well secured there in WWE. I taught my kids everything they need to know in the industry, but I think they have nothing else to prove in WWE.
I found out about Jonathan Winters’ death a day after it happened. That seems wrong. A talent like his should be more revered. The world knew about Kim Kardashian’s divorce before she did.
Gilbert Gottfried
‘Certifiably Jonathan’ contrives crises for its subject – a bid to get his paintings into MOMA, among others.
Elvis Mitchell
I used to fancy Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I didn’t tell him that when we worked together on ‘Another Me.’
Sophie Turner
I would have liked it to have stayed serious and have the adventures of a family lost in space. This isn’t to take anything away from Jonathan and the Robot. I watch his performance today and he still makes me laugh.
Mark Goddard
Jonathan Bennett and I are very close friends.
Lacey Chabert
I think one of the big things with Jonathan and me is that, you know, we love to compete, but it’s not a matter of competition to knock each other down. It’s a matter of pushing each other to do better. And we’ve always been like that our whole life.
Drew Scott
I’m just so tired of people questioning me and really tired of people not calling me Foodgod. It’s my name. Jonathan is not my name.
Jonathan Cheban
Jonathan Sadowski is a kick in the pants; he’s become a really good buddy.
Will Sasso
I am a longtime, rabid fan of Jonathan Kozol.
Sandra Tsing Loh
I love Jonathan Richman – I love a lot of his music, and the thing I really like about him is his attitude. He seems very happy, and the way he performs is like, ‘Don’t worry, everybody, just get into it. I’m just having fun; I like when you guys are having fun.’
Mac DeMarco
I liked Jonathan Winters for his character development.
John Pinette
I think Woody Allen calls it ‘anxiety of influence.’ When you’re in your formative years and you watch a movie that makes you want to make movies… For Wes Anderson, it’s Truffaut. I’m sure for P.T. Anderson it was Scorsese and Jonathan Demme.
Max Winkler
I was a screenwriting major at Georgetown, and I was in class with some really strong writers like Jonathan Nolan, who co-wrote ‘The Dark Knight’ with Chris, his brother. He wrote ‘The Prestige,’ the story for ‘Memento.’
Mike Birbiglia
When I was younger, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, but I told a lot of lies in school. I told my friends once that I was playing John Travolta’s daughter in a movie. I also told people that I had this romantic affair with Jonathan Taylor Thomas over a summer.
Meaghan Rath
Quite honestly, I’m so happy to be Jonathan’s wife and my children’s mum that anything else is a bonus.
Jane Goldman
It’s interesting to see how some of the womenswear designers that we have long worked with at Net-A-Porter are developing menswear collections – Christopher Kane, Jonathan Saunders and Richard Nicoll.
Natalie Massenet
Jonathan is that brilliant little fire that burns within us all, that lives only for those moments when we reach perfection.
Richard Bach
I was hanging out with Jonathan Richman last night.
Evan Dando