Just One Thing Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Just One Thing Quotes from famous authors such as Peter York, Lauren Conrad, Arundhati Roy, Mary J. Blige, Nahnatchka Khan. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

Decorators never quite saw the point of massing books. Books brought colour to a room and filled it up, but shelves bearing just one thing struck them as a decorative display opportunity tragically lost.
Peter York
There is never just one thing that leads to success for anyone. I feel it always a combination of passion, dedication, hard work, and being in the right place at the right time.
Lauren Conrad
Fiction is too beautiful to be about just one thing. It should be about everything.
Arundhati Roy
I just want fans to walk away knowing that no matter what’s going on, no matter how happy you are, no matter how sad you are, we did it. We’re strong in this. We’ve come a long way, and life is not just one thing.
Mary J. Blige
You don’t have to be just one thing. I think that applies to women in front of and behind the camera.
Nahnatchka Khan
A person’s life is hopefully more than just one thing.
Tab Hunter
I am more than just one thing. I think my acting has helping my dancing, and vice versa. And I write.
Paula Kelly
I’m hoping to dive into the producing aspect of this industry. I don’t want to limit myself to just one thing, so I kind of want to dip my toe in every field and see what clicks with me.
Sistine Stallone
Remember your dreams and fight for them. You must know what you want from life. There is just one thing that makes your dream become impossible: the fear of failure.
Paulo Coelho
No 17-year-old is just one thing, especially in this day and age. Kids are into all sorts of things.
Naomi Scott
Life is not just one thing; life is a lot of things, and I think I’ve been lucky to do that.
Ally Walker
I have no idea what it would be like to be just one thing and speak one language. I feel enormously privileged to travel and be able to mingle and speak to people that, had I only known English, I wouldn’t have been able to meet.
Cary Fukunaga
With everything I do, I strive for a balance of tone, where it’s not just one thing.
Marti Noxon
We all have different sides; nobody is just one thing.
Lotte Verbeek
Because too many times in life there’s just one person that I met, just one thing that I heard, one movie that I saw, one song that was sung, that changed my life. So I’m always trying to stay awake to be in the moment, and capture the moments when they come, because they come and go all the time.
Mike Singletary
Nobody does just one thing. But the real difference between being an entrepreneur and everyone else in the world is the ability to monetize. I am an entrepreneur in the classic mold.
Gene Simmons
The stage always terrified me. The live audience is just one thing I bewilderingly look back on and say, ‘How did I ever participate in that?’
Diane Lane
I love music. I love filmmaking. I love law enforcement. I love doing a lot of the green work that I do, the charity work that I do, and I don’t think that any one person has to be just one thing.
Steven Seagal
When we’re not shooting ‘Ballers,’ we’re always on the hunt for other work. As actors, we’ve never satisfied with just one thing.
Jazmyn Simon
About Jesus Christ and the Church, I simply know they’re just one thing.
Joan of Arc
The Internet is not just one thing, it’s a collection of things – of numerous communications networks that all speak the same digital language.
James H. Clark
I know just one thing is those guys, KG and everyone, they’re hungry. They want it bad. Sam’s the only one that’s had that, has the ring. Other than him, everybody else over there, we want it bad.
Latrell Sprewell
I’m not the sort of person who wants to live my life doing just one thing. I like to go around and do as many things as possible.
Cameron Dallas
As an actor, these kinds of big-comedic-centerpiece characters is just one thing that I love to do.
Ari Graynor
One thing that people outside Chicago need to understand is that the city is not just one thing. It is one city, but it is huge and sprawling. And historically, it has been one of America’s most segregated cities.
W. Kamau Bell
I’ll never get stuck in the corner doing just one thing.
Da Brat
I like to vary my workouts as doing just one thing gets monotonous and I get bored.
Madhura Naik
I have a company attitude about my work. I don’t like to do just one thing; I like to do a lot of things.
Jack O’Brien
There may be a long list of things to do, but really, there is just one thing on the list at any time. If you think of it like that, the whole world looks different and you can stay quite calm. Maybe everything will get done eventually and maybe not. You can always have hope.
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
In the 60s, if you wanted to be an actor, you couldn’t do just one thing.
Barry Bostwick
For me, ancestry is just one thing that connects us to people, and feeling connected to other people is generally a good thing, as long as one kind of connection does not have primacy over all the others. Heredity, race and nationhood are not the best criteria by which to judge our fellow humans.
Jeremy Hardy
Randall Park and Ali Wong, they are so many things; they’re not just one thing, they’re bigger than just their identity.
Nahnatchka Khan
I wanna be involved in everything, not just one thing.
Human character is just endlessly fascinating, and there is no character who is one thing any more than any one person is just one thing. As you work on a character, he/she is revealed more and more. That’s what I continue to love about the work.
Sada Thompson
Sometimes I think you do the things you think are best at the time for what you need to take care of, and then just one thing leads to another thing. And one day you’re there going, ‘How did I get here? It wasn’t my ultimate plan, but I’m here.’
Aron Eisenberg
You cannot define a person on just one thing. You can’t just forget all these wonderful and good things that a person has done because one thing didn’t come off the way you thought it should come off.
Aretha Franklin
The reason that there is a lapsed fan is because the wrestling that people want to see isn’t out there, and it isn’t just one thing they are missing it is a lot of things that they are missing.
Tony Khan
I’m not into just one thing; I always felt like I had to have my hand in everything revolving around what I do, whether it’s directing videos, making beats, making music, performing.
Travis Scott
I was always a singer and a dancer, and I always wanted to be an actress. For me, it’s all just one thing.
Jennifer Lopez
All Korean food is not just one thing.
Roy Choi
I like having a bunch of different experiences. I don’t want to do just one thing for the rest of my life.
Daniel Bryan
I think I’m fairly good with money, but I’ve developed some strange tics – in shops I don’t like to go to the counter unless I’ve got at least two things to buy. If I’m walking around with just one thing in my hand I’ll put it back and wait a few weeks because that doesn’t seem like a proper purchase.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Focus. It’s powerful to do just one thing and pour all your energy into it.
Gil Penchina
Nobody thought that I could become a professional. I was not that good. It was really just one thing I had fun doing. But it was never realistic for me to become a professional until I became 17 or maybe 18.
Mats Hummels
I think that a woman wears so many hats, we have so many aspects to us that we’re not just one thing. We represent so much within us and that kind of comes across for me as a designer through mixing prints and colors.
Rachel Roy
I never want to be just one thing – I want to be multidimensional.
Katy Perry
My mom is a huge woman of worth for me because she’s been my idol my whole life. My mom was someone who juggled everything. She had her own career, she raised five kids, she was Superwoman… and she was never satisfied doing just one thing because… she probably just had too much energy.
Blake Lively
I really don’t look at myself as just one thing. I’m kind of scattered and like to have my hands in a lot of different projects. It makes me who I am.
Jessica Simpson
Video games are meant to be just one thing: Fun! Fun for everyone.
Satoru Iwata
I become mad when I work. It’s like a fever that grows; I don’t need to choose just one thing.
Alessandro Michele