Lead Role Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Lead Role Quotes from famous authors such as Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Emily Berrington, Vivek, Chris Zylka, Shanice Williams. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

Watching and learning from the great Josette Bushell-Mingo, who was playing Cleopatra in Antony and Cleopatra at the time, and then to return to the same stage six months later playing a lead role, was incredible – I fell in love with the poetry and the breadth of the language so much that I didn’t want it to end.
Gugu Mbatha-Raw
When I was little, I was actually really shy. I really enjoyed doing school plays, but I found the whole thing terrifying. I cried myself to sleep once because I thought my teacher was going to give me the lead role. I never imagined acting was a viable career.
Emily Berrington
I rate ‘Naan Thaan Bala’ as one of the best performances of my career. It was a rare feat, perhaps in Indian cinema, that a popular comedian played the lead role in a film that didn’t have even a tinge of humour.
You can’t really be picky and choosy for your first lead role.
Chris Zylka
My dream job would be starring in a lead role on a Broadway musical.
Shanice Williams
Once I hit 45, there was a real downturn. But I got an incredibly provocative, delicious lead role in a television series called ‘Saving Grace,’ and I loved the character.
Holly Hunter
Making the choice to cast someone in a lead role is a big one. You don’t want to squander your opportunity.
Lisa Cholodenko
I will only do a Bollywood film if I am offered the main lead role.
When a ‘Life of Brian’ comes out with Muhammad in the lead role, directed by an Arab equivalent of Theo van Gogh, it will be a huge step forward.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Be it a cameo, a character role or a lead role, I am happy that people are finally recognising my acting calibre and are casting me in their films.
Shamna Kasim
I think when you’re doing a lead role, there is so much more pressure. If you fail, not only do you fail, but everybody else fails, too. As opposed to when it’s a supporting role and it’s only you that sucked.
Leelee Sobieski
Frankly speaking, from day one, I’ve been offered solo leads, but I did not take up any of them. For me, it has to be the right script and the right director before I launch myself in Tollywood in a lead role.
Sonu Sood
I’ve never wanted to play the lead role; I make the most of whatever opportunities come my way.
Mithila Palkar
I’ve gotta check, but I think I’ll be the first UFC fighter in history to have the lead role in a big movie.
Brian Ortega
I am eagerly waiting to play the lead role in a romantic show! I have such a strong role in ‘Balika Vadhu,’ but none of the guys in the show romance me on screen.
Roop Durgapal
I knew I wanted to be an actor but didn’t know how to go about it. That’s why my ambition, initially, was not to play a lead role in a Bollywood film.
Mithila Palkar
I landed the female lead role on ‘Chuck’ within three days of landing in L.A., so it was a little overwhelming, and I definitely felt like I got thrown into the deep end.
Yvonne Strahovski
My ambition was always to bag a lead role in a film, and hence, I refrained from doing any ads, TV serials, music videos, as I felt that a fresh face always works much better. It was a gamble, and I took that gamble telling myself that I will give it my all to bag a lead role.
Ranveer Singh
I said I would like to do some theatre, so people started searching for some jobs for me, and I didn’t think it would be the lead role in ‘Equus.’
Alfie Allen
I was auditioned for ‘Sultan’ for the lead role in 2015. My auditions were very detailed as it was for the female lead. They took around 10-11 auditions for it in the span of 2 weeks. It was very hectic and tiring for me.
Anupriya Goenka
It’s rare to see a person of colour in a lead role. It does matter to a lot of people.
Alesha Dixon
I don’t believe in terminologies like ‘lead role’ or ‘supporting role’ or ‘cameo role,’ etc.
Paresh Rawal
Even when I’m reading a script where I’m supposed to be looking at the lead role, I’ll find myself gravitating toward some small weirdo in a few scenes instead. I’m very instinctive like that and I love the challenge of not having a lot of time to create someone who feels real.
Melanie Lynskey
Being at the Play House, the only way I could see my life was that I would be an actor in a company, doing a lead role one week, a small part the next. That’s what I thought I was going to be.
Joel Grey
Bleak Night’ presented my first lead role in a long feature.
Lee Je-hoon
The significance of playing a South Asian character that’s a lead role in a network primetime television show is certainly not lost on me.
Tiya Sircar
I am grateful to Robi Ghosh, who used to praise me a lot. It is because of him that I got the lead role in ‘Kalpurush,’ my first Hindi serial.
Saswata Chatterjee
Playing character roles gives me the freedom to try out different roles, including negative ones or elderly ones. When one is playing the lead role, clearly there are limitations and responsibilities.
Biju Menon
My first lead role was probably ‘Party Girl’ in 1994.
Parker Posey
Each of our collections is like a movie. We write the script, and this Sicilian woman who has traveled around the world plays the lead role.
Domenico Dolce