Mainstream Media Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Mainstream Media Quotes from famous authors such as Cenk Uygur, Brad Feld, Robert Glasper, Shelby Steele, Chrissy Metz. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

Unfortunately, a lot of the mainstream media television is so fake, so plastic, that it’s really turned off the younger generation.
Cenk Uygur
Twitter has always been that refreshing place where I can quickly find out what is going on in my tech world. I follow mostly entrepreneurs and VCs – some who I know and some who I don’t know. I have a few companies in my feed. But no newspapers, no magazines, and no mainstream media.
Brad Feld
Jazz is like a big secret club. The mainstream media doesn’t pay any attention to it; it’s, like, 1 percent of the music market – no one cares. Why? Because the majority of jazz is old.
Robert Glasper
In the broader American culture – the mainstream media, the world of the arts and entertainment, the high-tech world, and the entire enterprise of public and private education – conservatism suffers a decided ill repute.
Shelby Steele
So much of the mainstream media has taught us what beauty is, but everyone is beautiful.
Chrissy Metz
The people are tired of these mainstream media outlets telling them who should be the boss, who should be the nominee, because it hasn’t worked.
Corey Lewandowski
I don’t think it is deniable: whenever we, I, conservative media, are really interested in something, the mainstream media purposely avoid it.
Rush Limbaugh
I feel like an ambassador for surfing at this point. I’m happy to go and play that role and share that where I can in certain areas of the mainstream media that doesn’t get the surfing attention.
Kelly Slater
To ask whether the mainstream media has a conservative or liberal bias is like asking whether al-Qaida uses too much oil in their hummus. It’s – I think they might use too much oil in their hummus – but it’s the wrong question.
Al Franken
We have to train our kids better and really enforce in them that no matter what mainstream media and pop culture and all of the terrible things around us say – that it’s OK to tear people down, that somehow it will make you feel better, and it’s OK to gossip about people – it won’t make you feel better.
Barrett Wilbert Weed
I’ve always been very passionate about trying to have Asian-Americans or Asian faces be more prominent in mainstream media.
Eric Nam
If anything, Twitter helps me read about perspectives outside of mainstream media and learn about new authors, artists, and ideas that I don’t always get exposed to in my regular media diet.
Jenna Wortham
The mainstream media has its own agenda. They do not want to print the facts. They have an agenda, they have a slant, they have a bias. It is outrageous to me.
Curt Weldon
I think I’m a crossover athlete to get the sport into the mainstream media.
Jordan Burroughs
I remain committed to telling the stories of women of the African diaspora, particularly those stories that don’t often find their way into the mainstream media.
Lynn Nottage
I think maybe since there isn’t a great deal of access to the mainstream media and people don’t understand the language of mainstream media, if you put music out there with lyrics that are loosely political, people absorb some of it and spit it back out.
Thom Yorke
In mainstream media, everything gets turned into a stereotype of ourselves.
Roy Choi
I’m saying that there’s way more to 9/11 than mainstream media and our government have told us.
Jesse Ventura
You don’t need mainstream media outlets, the big TV looks, or the magazine covers.
Sadly, the mainstream media doesn’t like to linger very long on news stories that might present President Trump in a positive light.
Lara Trump
Most of the time, when the mainstream media reports on something, it never tells the whole story.
Shane Smith
Yes, the mainstream media is painfully biased.
Jedediah Bila
A political party is dying before our eyes-and I don’t mean the Democrats. I’m talking about the mainstream media, which is being destroyed by the opposition.
Howard Fineman
Obviously, I agree with Trump on many of his criticisms of the mainstream media. You can absolutely argue that their failure to report honestly, to get outraged before we could, and to collude with the Clinton campaign directly led to the rise of Trump.
Dave Rubin
Let’s face it: WikiLeaks exists because the mainstream media haven’t done their job.
Jesse Ventura
I hate whenever there’s a social issue that comes up in golf and people in the mainstream media who hate golf and who’ve conjured up all these stereotypes of people who are in the sport, the way they tear it down… I resent it, and I’ll defend golf and people in golf until my dying day.
Jim Nantz
The mainstream media describe Antifa as ‘antifascist,’ but, in fact, it is a far-left paramilitary-style movement of anarchists and communists agitating for a revolution.
Andy Ngo
Maybe Drudge is more entertainer than reporter. I imagine he enjoys baiting the mainstream media, then watching it look foolish when his story is debunked.
Donna Brazile
You could argue that as web audiences have grown larger and advertisers have demanded scale, the web has dumbed down – like the mainstream media we so mocked.
Nick Denton
Mainstream media has been abandoned by many, for ideological reasons mostly, and brands need to directly engage with the end-user of information and offer opportunities for consumer- and employee-generated content.
Richard Edelman
As the mainstream media has become increasingly dependent on advertising revenues for support, it has become an anti-democratic force in society.
Robert McChesney
Minister and writer Barbara Kaufmann has addressed the subject of guerrilla decontextualization on both the ‘Voices Compassionate Education’ website and on ‘Inner Michael’, where she offers the kind of insights into the spiritual aspects of Michael Jackson’s creative artistry that mainstream media mostly ignores.
Trump’s rise was contingent on wide swaths of the country completely tuning out so-called mainstream media sources, while all too many outlets did a poor job covering 2016.
Ben Domenech
Some people ask how the conservative media can continue to defend Trump. It’s very easy for them: No matter how bad Trump is, the mainstream media and the Left will always be worse, you know? Don’t expect Rush Limbaugh to turn on him.
Charlie Sykes
While mainstream media is led by profit, ratings and popularist culture and filtered by the current political climate, Alternative Media is lead solely by the convictions of the campaign and film maker.
Ben Edwards
The Democrats and the mainstream media shouldn’t be so quick to mock White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders for suggesting that President Trump was chosen by God to lead this country.
Paula White
Mainstream media can be controlled, right. Because messaging from mainstream comes from that particular news outlet or whatever. Then you have the top people driving that messaging, and then that’s what it is, right? Social media can really stir up a higher level of panic. If you think about it, it’s not controlled.
Dr. Disrespect
Part of the problem is that if anybody has a gut reaction about an issue, they can go online and have it backed up. That said, they can also find support for their ideas in the mainstream media – because when the mainstream media gives a so-called balanced view, it’s often misleading.
Simon Singh
The case against Susan Rice has been building for years with little fanfare. Not surprising, the mainstream media reporters based at the U.N. have either ignored her mistakes or strategically covered them up.
Richard Grenell
When it comes to Buttigieg, he doesn’t want to reveal what his actual policies are, where his stances are – and for some reason, he is better than all these other candidates in the eyes of mainstream media pundits.
Ana Kasparian
The Democrats and the mainstream media can only cover up for this man so much. But this is something and I said this before, Joe Biden is not a fine wine. He is not going to get better with time.
Ronny Jackson
The mainstream media doesn’t want to get into this because they don’t want to know where this one goes.
Curt Weldon
But you’re never taught in schools – we don’t teach anyone in public schools that government is the problem. We don’t teach anyone in college that government is the problem – except maybe a handful of sort of unique, conservative schools. But mainstream media never talks as if government is the problem.
Jonah Goldberg
The immigrant experience is rarely depicted in mainstream media in a positive light, and for that very reason, ‘Kim’s Convenience’ has a very special place in the hearts of countless fans globally – including mine.
Simu Liu
I do not believe in censorship, but I believe we already have censorship in what is called marketing theory, namely the only information we get in mainstream media is for profit.
Sam Sheppard
I think a lot of people of my generation are discomfited by the assertion of neutrality in the mainstream media, this idea that they’re the voice of God. I think it’s just honest to say, yes, you know where I’m coming from but you can fact-check anything I say.
Rachel Maddow
Primarily affecting low-information voters and members of the mainstream media, Obama Worship Syndrome attributes impossible capabilities to Obama’s political opponents, finds excuses for every Obama failure in everyone around him and praises the president as the finest politician – nay, human being – of our time.
Ben Shapiro
The mainstream media disconnect has created a vacuum where real Americans are left thirsting for straightforward and honest commentary about the real America they see every day.
Gavin McInnes
We’re all imperfect. And wouldn’t it be great if the message sent out by the mainstream media is that we’re fine being exactly who we are? Wouldn’t that be great for everyone?
Emilio Estevez
I don’t think the mainstream media understands people of color are multidimensional. For some reason, there’s an idea that only white people are relatable. I don’t think it’s necessarily racist. But it’s odd, because the people who watch the most television are black women, so we should be represented in more ways.
Issa Rae
The Democratic Party, the mainstream media are using fear to control people and to control African Americans in particular. You cannot function properly if you live in an irrational fear.
Jason Whitlock
Mainstream media is the enemy… but now it’s time to act on the enemy before they do a false flag.
Alex Jones
The mainstream media is funded by pharmaceutical companies, so when you have the biggest movie star in the world at the time – Tom Cruise – coming out against anti-depressants and Ritalin… they still brutalize him.
Juliette Lewis
What you don’t get in the mainstream media is so much of the background material.
Jimmy Wales
We can make his work reach youngsters by organising literary events and competitions in schools and colleges. We can also use mainstream media to spread Kaloji’s work among the public. Also it’s important to honour litterateurs when they are alive; sadly Kaloji never got his due in his lifetime.
Tanikella Bharani
Mainstream media journalists, especially in the United States and West Europe, prefer to ignore those problems in their own countries which they usually criticize in other countries, including in Russia.
Margarita Simonyan
The mainstream media and most of the political establishment are too quick to slander as ‘nativist’ the advocacy of barring of Islamist radicals from legal entry into the United States.
Tom Tancredo
Protesters should make their own media and not rely on mainstream media to cover them.
Naomi Wolf
The mainstream media spins stories that are largely racist, violent, and irresponsible – stories that celebrate power and demonize victims, all the while camouflaging its pedagogical influence under the cheap veneer of entertainment.
Henry Giroux
I don’t see it in terms of changing things, but rather using language and music as weapons for fighting a mainstream media which is predominately right wing, and loyal to the political framework and its corporate interests.
Thom Yorke
It’s great to engage with the mainstream media to get messages out, but the most empowering tool is to create records of our lives, and our own images, which are not filtered through judgements, biases, or misunderstandings.
Janet Mock
The mainstream media choose to flaunt story lines that make white America appear guilty of continued institutional racism, while black racism against whites is ignored as an acceptable disposition given our nation’s history.
Andrew Breitbart
Criticisms of mainstream media bias have been a staple of the conservative movement and talk radio from the beginning.
Charlie Sykes
Today they have proven once again that the mainstream media can’t print enough bad news about our troops.
Joe Scarborough
I thought it would be so cool to be a musician, but I always thought it was impossible, because I would never be accepted in mainstream media. The fact that I’m able to tour North America and around the world is an incredible blessing, and I am thankful every time I do it.
Eric Nam
The mainstream media tend to lump everything together. To them, there’s no difference between Madonna, the Rolling Stones, or whatever.
Angus Young