Melbourne Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Melbourne Quotes from famous authors such as Andreja Pejic, Michelle Payne, Naftali Bennett, Guan Tianlang, Ben Mendelsohn. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

I was scouted working at the register at McDonald’s in Melbourne, Australia. I worked there as my first job, and a guy walked in and gave me his card. I was 16. I was skeptical, but I looked it up when I got home, and it was legitimate.
Andreja Pejic
But it’s been perfect – where you grew up is where you relax. It’s been the most perfect thing to have the country lifestyle again after my fall and after the Melbourne Cup.
Michelle Payne
Israel is not the safest place in the world for Jews. Melbourne in Australia is better. Teaneck, New Jersey, is safer.
Naftali Bennett
The AAC at Royal Melbourne was a wonderful memory for me. I had a slightly disappointing finish, but I gained a lot of experience by playing in the last group.
Guan Tianlang
I came from the outer suburbs of Melbourne, so you do learn how to survive in that environment.
Ben Mendelsohn
On New Year’s Eve, 2000, my friends and I were going to a party in Melbourne and I decided to do it in drag. It was the happiest night of my life.
Courtney Act
Melbourne City is an awesome city. You can get everything: You can get open air. You can get city life. You can get cafes and bars. I started comedy here; I lived here for 10 years. I went to university here. This is my home ground.
Ronny Chieng
The great thing about coming to Melbourne is that people talk about Sydney being the food capital but Melbourne is a lot more; it has that residential feel, a feeling of homeliness. When you go to restaurants, it’s known as a creative, artistic city. That’s what you get with the food.
Ainsley Harriott
We’re building the infrastructure we need, whether it be the Melbourne Rail Link, the airport rail link which Melburnians have so wanted for over 40 years, upgrading the Pakenham-Cranbourne railway line, or building the East-West Link.
Denis Napthine
Then we went across the line, and I was like ‘Oh my god, we just won the Melbourne Cup.’
Michelle Payne
I don’t look to celebrities for style anymore because I’ve learned the chain of command. They are being dressed by a stylist who’s getting inspiration from a 16-year-old kid running the streets of Melbourne, Australia. Once I learned that chain of command, I just started taking it to the streets.
We didn’t know how it was going to go but it was always going to be hard for me to go straight from Melbourne into Manchester City’s first team. It was always the plan for me to go on loan.
Aaron Mooy
My father was a truck driver. That’s where it all started, and academically I was a disaster at school. My cousin got his name on the honour board; I, at Melbourne High School, I carved mine on the desk.
Lindsay Fox
I once sang ‘Summer Nights,’ from ‘Grease,’ at a bar in Melbourne with John Travolta, who’s a good friend of mine. He looked cool singing the part of Danny – sitting in an armchair, smoking a cigar – while I got stuck playing Sandy.
Hugh Jackman
I once did a gig at an office Christmas party in the showroom floor of a friend’s father’s home appliance shop in the suburbs of Melbourne. It was to a much older crowd. Without a microphone. Or a stage. With the queue for the buffet behind me.
Ronny Chieng
Melbourne is very sophisticated and edgy – we wear a lot of black. Things are lightening up a little bit, but truly, everything looks good in black.
Jessica Hart
I do not like Melbourne in its present state.
William John Wills
My dad taught at the University of Melbourne. I visited Sydney another time. Then we went up to Cairns, then down the Great Ocean Road. I have friends from Perth, where I’ve never been, so I’d love to do that.
Miriam Shor
I’m still very much plugging away. But if I can build my career, I’ll do it like Eric Bana. He has a family; he has his roots. He still loves Melbourne. He’s a great role model to have.
Nathan Phillips
I probably get a bit more backlash in Australia than I do in America, to be honest. I was never invited to the Melbourne Comedy Festival because I was too gross, things like that. Which never happened in any other country.
Jim Jefferies
Melbourne has great eateries and you can go birdwatching.
Bill Bailey
All through university years, I used to come up to Melbourne, go to Pizza Napoli with my friends and then to a movie.
Isobelle Carmody
I was good at football and cricket at school. My dad said, ‘Son, be an architect,’ and I came to Melbourne passionate about becoming an architect.
Max Walker
I am fortunate to have the ability to lend my name to build the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre in my hometown of Melbourne. It will be a state-of-the-art facility to help heal the whole person – body, mind and spirit.
Olivia Newton-John
The very rough story is this: Melbourne boy, out of both my parents’ houses at a young age, lived with my grandmother, drama teacher twisted me into doing this TV thing that I thought my mates were doing, too.
Ben Mendelsohn
I like a lot of independent brands – Melbourne’s Kloke, Handsom and Neuw Denim, and Bassike in Sydney. It’s easier to be proud of what you’re wearing if you’ve met the people behind the brand and there’s more of a personal story.
Chet Faker
It’s not all about strength, there is so much more involved, getting the horse into a rhythm, getting the horse to try for you, it’s being patient and I’m so glad to win Melbourne Cup and hopefully, it will help female jockeys from now on to get more of a go.
Michelle Payne
I think Melbourne is by far and away the most interesting place in Australia, and I thought if I ever wrote a novel or crime novel of any kind, I had to set it here.
Peter Temple
I’m an Australian – I grew up in Melbourne and Sydney – but as a kid you don’t learn much about the Kimberley.
John Torode
I performed in Sydney some years ago for the Sydney Festival and I am just so pleased to be returning to the wonderful Sydney Opera House and also performing in Melbourne for the first time.
Lesley Garrett
I love Melbourne and South Yarra’s perfect for high tea.
Adriano Zumbo
My earliest memories were on the cattle stations up in the Outback. And then we moved back to Melbourne and then back out there and then back again. Probably my most vivid memories were up there in Bulman with crocodiles and buffalo.
Chris Hemsworth
I did some stage when I was a kid, around 16 or so. I was living in Melbourne and had a band. I was quite young. We weren’t very good. Then I found a band in Perth. We played around for three years. We’re in the ‘History of Rock’N’Roll,’ a book about Perth music.
Paul Eenhoorn
So far, my trip in Australia has been absolutely lovely – wonderful country, wonderful people… And then there’s Melbourne.
Lauren Southern
While Melbourne and Sydney fight about who wears Australia’s cultural crown, Canberra just gets on with it.
Judy Horacek
My old songs used to take place in Gothenburg; then, when I lived in Melbourne, the songs just naturally took place more in Melbourne.
Jens Lekman
I would love to do well one last time in Melbourne and my dream would be to win Wimbledon and play in the London Olympics.
Kim Clijsters
I played piano for cabaret stars and stuff and then eventually moved from my hometown of Perth in Western Australia to Melbourne, and somewhere in there, I decided to book myself a room and do a cabaret show of my own material.
Tim Minchin
Moving to Flagstaff from the big city of Melbourne taught me what it takes to become a better runner. For one, there is the altitude, but more importantly, seeking the best is about being surrounded by the best.
David McNeill
I remember a moment when the Prince went back to his old school, Grammar School in Melbourne, and slightly to his horror his old music teacher produced a cello.
Anthony Holden
There are young children out there in our state, that could be Olympic champions at 2032 to think that Melbourne has hosted an Olympics, Sydney has hosted an Olympics, and now Queensland has that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we’ve got to give it everything we’ve got.
Annastacia Palaszczuk
‘Animal Kingdom’ feels like a suburban Melbourne version of ‘The Godfather ‘to me. It’s epic and Shakespearean in its story, and yet you still feel like you can reach out and touch it.
Joel Edgerton
The real kudos need to go to my family, who have supported my crazy filmmaking dreams – from Melbourne, to L.A., England and the wider world – by supporting my projects and passions over the past years.
Greig Fraser
I have visited Australia several times, and I always try to make a point of going to Melbourne because it’s almost my favorite city there, Melbourne and Sydney. But I shouldn’t say that because I haven’t been everywhere-and I’m very fond of Perth too!
Jackie Collins
Chicago’s like Melbourne – there’s a city center, there’s public transport, and there’s more of a cultural scene.
Jesse Spencer
I grew up in Melbourne.
Leigh Whannell
Ian Carroll grew up in Melbourne, went to Carey Grammar and then studied political science at Monash University during the turbulent years of anti-Vietnam rebellion.
Norman Swan
I have been a fan of wrestling since I was about 8 years old. In 2012, I went to my first WWE show in Melbourne, Australia, and knew that my already existing desire to be a wrestler wasn’t going away anytime soon.
Tenille Dashwood
I find it easier to write in the winter in Melbourne. When the weather is good you want to go out for a walk, ride a bike, go to a cafe or something. When it’s raining, when it’s a miserable day, I just sit down at my desk and get some work done.
Adrian McKinty
If you can play at a higher level, it’s great. But Melbourne City, the club’s growing, it’s got everything now with the facilities and the professionalism here is first class so it’s not a bad place to be at all.
Aaron Mooy