No Problem Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best No Problem Quotes from famous authors such as Bruce Rauner, Joss Whedon, Becky G, Rex Ryan, Evgeny Morozov. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

We’ve become a collectivist economy in Illinois. It’s crushing us. And no problem is going to get fixed unless we bring more economic freedom into the state. And I believe that very passionately.
Bruce Rauner
When I created Buffy, I wanted to create a female icon, but I also wanted to be very careful to surround her with men that not only have no problem with the idea of a female leader, but were in fact engaged and even attracted to the idea.
Joss Whedon
I don’t know if it’s because I’m Latina or something, but I have no problem speaking my mind.
Becky G
I have no problem at all if somebody disagrees with me on my politics, or on this, that or whatever. That’s fine.
Rex Ryan
I have no problem with technological solutions to social problems. The key question for me is, ‘Who gets to implement them?’ and, ‘What kinds of politics of reform do technological solutions smuggle through the back door?’
Evgeny Morozov
Younger women have no problem in reconciling beauty with ambitions as a professional woman.
Camille Paglia
Normal pain is no problem, that just comes with the job.
Dustin Poirier
If liberals want to send tens of millions of dollars down the drain, I have no problem with that.
Paul Weyrich
I used to be able to write five pages a day, every day, no problem. Now a good day is five or four pages, and that’s from 9:30 A.M. until 6 P.M.
Elmore Leonard
There is no problem in science that can be solved by a man that cannot be solved by a woman.
Vera Rubin
I have no problem with people expressing their opinion as long as it is with respect.
Quique Setien
I got family members that’s police officers. I don’t got no problem if you a cop, as long as y’all doing y’all job, and y’all not harassing.
Juice Wrld
I got no problem with Nas.
Lonzo Ball
I have no problem with saying I am a socialist or with saying I’m a feminist. That’s how I was when I was 15, and you know, I haven’t grown out of it and probably never will.
Cherie Blair
Unfortunately, I only have time to play 15 to 20 rounds a year. I’m a 6-handicap but can play to a 16, no problem.
Thomas Gibson
I’m such a good sleeper that I can have tea any time of day, and I will have no problem taking a nap. I’m a professional napper.
Darby Stanchfield
I have no problem with my hips – I can still do the things that I used to do. I can run, I’m just not the fastest person on the field anymore.
Bo Jackson
I’m not just a biker. I trail run. I have no problem with heights. I’m a thrill seeker.
Reggie Miller
Ain’t no problem with me and Kevin Gates; everybody just trippin’.
Young Thug
I’ve got no problem making 125.
T.J. Dillashaw
No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
Albert Einstein
I have no problem with money coming in and spawning competition. I am honest enough to admit that Mahindra & Mahindra would not have been going to the IITs and doing research if there was no competition.
Anand Mahindra
I have no problem with anyone’s view about what we do, I really don’t. Very rarely does it stick in my craw what managers or media outlets say about us.
Sean Dyche
There’s certain things that we do work with Russia on, and then there’s certain things when they do something wrong, I have no problem calling them out on it.
Nikki Haley
I just want to put some positive stuff out there. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, no problem.
Kevin James
I have no problem selling books to media franchises and we do it all the time. The author must understand that he/she is a writer for hire and has no control over copyright or over editorial changes made to the text.
Richard Curtis
My favorite fruit is grapes. Because with grapes, you always get another chance. ‘Cause, you know, if you have a crappy apple or a peach, you’re stuck with that crappy piece of fruit. But if you have a crappy grape, no problem – just move on to the next. ‘Grapes: The Fruit of Hope.’
Demetri Martin
I have no problem with answering questions honestly or even looking outside the box and answering private questions.
Ilkay Gundogan
When someone gets angry during a training session but then does their job, there’s no problem; it’s fine.
Rafael Benitez
The Democratic Party’s governing elite has long believed there is no problem that European-style policies cannot cure.
Elaine Chao
I have no problem whatsoever with allowing gay people to live as they please, as long as they don’t try to impose their lifestyle on everyone else.
Ben Carson
When I was shooting for the film ‘No Problem,’ there was a fire on the sets and I had some burn injuries in my leg.
Vishwajeet Pradhan
Bruce Willis. Pain in my ass, no problem about that. We just didn’t get along. We got along off camera, but shooting we just didn’t get along.
Antoine Fuqua
I have no problem with people feeling a bit down – crikey, you only have to walk down the road to find enough reasons to fall into a depressive coma – but I do have a problem with whining about it.
Mark Barrowcliffe
I’ve no problem with dying my hair for a role. But in real life, forget it!
Shabana Azmi
The Confederate flag was the flag of the American South during the civil war. It was the flag of people who were fighting against their own government in an attempt to retain slavery. It was the flag of people who thought slavery was no problem, who thought slavery was a good thing.
John Niven
I feel like I have a very strong character, I’m super talented and the possibilities are endless for Bianca Belair. She’s somebody who can stand on her own and have a very successful, long career but at the same time I have no problem being paired with my husband in any shape or form because it’s a part of who I am.
Bianca Belair
I have no problem with any question.
Roger Waters
I have no problem joking about who I am.
John Pinette
Sid Vicious began the age of participation in which everyone could be the artist. Sid proved that you don’t have to play well to be the star. You can play badly, or not even at all. I endorsed that attitude. If you can’t write songs, no problem – simply steal one and change it to your taste.
Malcolm Mclaren
I don’t know why we, in the art world, cannot unpack things and sort of make hybrid notions of a practice. We’re very rigid. It’s funny, though; in music, we have no problem sampling, mixing and remixing. But in the art world, why can’t we take little parts of history and mix it together?
Mark Bradford
Am I a workaholic? Yes, but I also have no problem taking time for myself.
Chris Jericho
Death is the solution to all problems. No man – no problem.
Joseph Stalin
A car produces about one pound of CO2 per mile. There is no problem with collecting the CO2 in the tailpipe, but one might easily end up with a trailer hitched to the car for carrying all this CO2 back to the filling station. The gas burned from a 15-gallon tank would fill up five 60-inch-tall gas bottles.
Klaus Lackner
We are specialists who have something special to say. We have had no problem with working in any state interested in evaluating their policies.
Abhijit Banerjee
The fact that these owners sacked me doesn’t mean that our relationship is broken. I still get on well with Florentino, and although I haven’t spoken much with Abramovich since I left Chelsea, I have no problem with him.
Carlo Ancelotti
There is no problem that doesn’t have some underlying need for more optimism, stamina, resilience and collaboration. And games are, I believe, the best platform we have for providing that.
Jane McGonigal
Once we got signed, I moved out of my house because I was having teenage issues with my mom. It really wasn’t my fault, looking back. You know, I’m gay; it’s weird. It was one of the things. She has no problem with me being gay, but she had a problem with me dressing the way I do at first.
I have no problems with remakes, and I think it’s interesting. I mean, coming from the theater, we’ve been remaking ‘Hamlet’ for a hundred years, so it’s no problem to me at all. A good story can be told in many different ways in different places; I just think it’s interesting.
Baltasar Kormakur
For Internacional I played in several different positions, so I have no problem adapting.
I can work 5-10 hrs. straight with no problem, though I do take towards the end of a 6-8 hr. work stint some time out to beat myself severely in the gym with weights/aerobics, including intervals!
Dan Pena
Nature is good at connectivity. The impact of diverse human activities is observed and absorbed throughout nature. Everything is linked. Nature has no problem with coherence. Ecosystems react with their own logic.
Jonas Gahr Store
I have been touring since I got my first band in 1962, so there is no problem there. We are basically performing musicians, so that’s what we do.
Ian Gillan
I have no problem in confessing that I drink alcohol but I always take it in a very limited manner.
Riya Sen
I’m always going to be passionate about the guys we have in the locker room because they’ve always been OK with me – they’ve always done right by me – so I have no problem playing with them, going out there and sweating, bleeding, and winning with them.
Myles Garrett
John Cena’s match with me, the one that kind of got him hired with WWE, I remember they were there to look at John, obviously. He looked great – he was like the blue-chipper – and John was a good friend of mine, so I had no problem whatsoever helping him kind of highlight and do his thing.
Samoa Joe
If I am angry, I am angry. If I am angry, then I have to be calm, and to be calm, I have to tell you to your face what I think about you. If we don’t agree, then okay, ‘Bye!’ It’s no problem.
Claudio Ranieri
If my players work hard during the week, then I have no problem about the weekend because I know they are ready.
Harry Kewell
I have no problem with the financial industry inviting the Trojan Horse of blockchain technology into their walled garden. Because I know how powerful the technology is.
Erik Voorhees
I have no problem with someone who disagrees with my life. That’s your right to feel that way.
Elvis Duran
I have no problem with people coming up to me and telling me they enjoy my work, what’s weird is when you sense people noticing you, nudging each other, and you’re not anonymous any more. You just feel exposed.
Sean Lock
I’ve had no problem harnessing anger.
Clint Eastwood
There’s almost no problem that can’t be solved. That’s important as a premise. History has proven it over and over again.
Sebastian Thrun
Whatever the rules are, we have to follow them. I have no problem with it.
Hima Das
I’ve no problem with Neil Lennon. I’m thrilled for him to be interested in me. He tried to sign me for Bolton but football is football.
Kyle Lafferty
When you have an intense game, you’re going to have arguments. I have no problem with it. I think it’s healthy.
Scott Brooks
If Real want me, they will call me one day, and, if not, no problem. I live my life and am optimistic about the future.
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
I have no problem with Jurgen Klopp. In fact we have a great relationship, he transferred me from Mainz.
Loris Karius
Philosophically, Dubois may have had no problem with a great African American institution. On the other hand, he always believed ultimately in the co-mingling of groups and the interplay of talents and in the collaboration of groups.
David Levering Lewis
I’m definitely saying right now that if I had to face Shaq’s mom at WrestleMania, I will not show up. I’ll be scared. If Shaq shows up, no problem. Shaq’s mom shows up, eh, I don’t know. I think I might get the flu.
Big Show
Hormone replacement therapy does not change or affect your voice. And I have no problem with my voice: I really like my singing voice, I don’t feel any dysphoria with my talking voice.
Laura Jane Grace
I have no problem with military and entitlement reform, lower costs raise freedom.
Lisa Kennedy Montgomery
No problem in the history of humankind has ever gotten solved by evading it.
Jemele Hill
I have no problem calling Donald a narcissist – he meets all nine criteria as outlined in the ‘Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’ (DSM-5) – but the label gets us only so far.
Mary L. Trump
I’m really good at laundry, and I have no problem cleaning the kitchen.
Denis Leary
In ’39, they had no problem with it. But today, there’s a huge issue with a movie that has no male movie stars.
Diane English
My mentality is I’ve never been the guy that always has to be the center of attention or has to be the front guy. I have no problem doing my job and somebody else getting the credit, or the attention being on somebody else.
P.K. Subban
Death solves all problems – no man, no problem.
Anatoly Rybakov
But there’s no problem to lift before the game in the morning, then play the game at night.
Zdeno Chara
Now that I’m more mature, in a funny way, I can even appreciate that I’ve bad to become more aware of my body. Since I’ve chosen acting as my career, I have to keep my weight down anyway-I’ve been used to it for years, so it’s no problem. And there’s nothing I can’t do.
Dana Hill
You need to impress me, outwit me, compete with me? Go ahead, knock yourself out, I have no problem with that at all.
Daniel Craig
I have no problem with cheating. Whatever you can get away with.
Joe Torre
I love to eat, and I have no problem telling anybody that.
Riddick Bowe
It was a coach called Adailton Ladeira who first asked me to play as left-back in 1988. I was a left-winger, but our left-back was injured at Uniao Sao Joao, my first club, and he asked me to fill in. I said ‘no problem,’ and I’ve played there ever since.
Roberto Carlos
When I came first to Dortmund, Jurgen Klopp said, ‘Listen, Mkhitaryan, it’s your family name – it’s too long. So Henrikh, it’s too long. Let’s call you Micki. Are you okay?’ I said, ‘Okay, no problem.’ And since that day, they started calling me Micki.
Henrikh Mkhitaryan
I have no problem selling ebooks for authors directly as an agent, but partnering with them is another matter.
Robert Gottlieb
My mom’s a Christian and she loves me; that whole side of my family is Christian and I have no problem with it.
Jake Shears
I have no problem with people challenging my views and my positions. I want to be clear that I’m not asking anybody to stop challenging me. But I will not accept being called an anti-Semite.
Linda Sarsour
I have no problem switching off.
Helen Baxendale
It’s the governments that create the problems. People are fun; people get along. People in Iran really love Americans. There is no problem between us.
Asghar Farhadi
You know for years before the notion of sequels, actors were the franchise. John Wayne would rarely do sequels, but he kind of played the same guy with a different name in every movie. I have no problem with using actors as franchises. And that’s what is fun to do.
Joel Silver
My perfect beach town isn’t a fancy resort or glitzy planned community. It’s a place with a hometown grocery that has decent meat, seafood, and a deli; a couple of ice cream shops; and a handful of good restaurants – where the island-wide dress code is ‘no shoes, no shirt, no problem.’
Mary Kay Andrews
I have candy around my bed. I just kinda like reach over and eat it and then go back to sleep, no problem.
Lamar Odom
I read ‘The Bell Jar’ as an adolescent and, like most teenagers, had no problem identifying with a young woman who had everything going for her – looks, talent, opportunity, with her ‘whole life ahead of her,’ yadda, yadda, yadda – yet was spiraling into misery.
Lionel Shriver
I’ve got no problem with drone strikes.
Benjamin Wittes
If we get a few solid festival shows then I will have no problem booking the lads for as many quality club shows around them to make a nice tour come together.
Pat Garrett
I knew ‘Rakta Charitra’ would be a story between two men, Suriya and Vivek Oberoi. I had no problem when Ram Gopal Varma told me that I had only a small role as Suriya’s wife who is supportive of his decisions.
I’ve got no problem whatsover with collar bars coming back in. I need to look a tiny bit older before I can dress like that the entire time – otherwise I’m going to look like I’m in ‘Bugsy Malone.’
Jamie Cullum
I have no problem being wrong. I love it when somebody goes ‘Channing you’re wrong.’
Channing Frye
The Paycheck Protection Program has been vital to helping our small businesses and workers weather the coronavirus pandemic. Yet this program has operated with little oversight, and we’ve seen Kansas small businesses owners struggle to access relief while large corporations with deep pockets have no problem.
Sharice Davids
To a smart girl men are no problem – they’re the answer.
Zsa Zsa Gabor
There is no problem with the opening of new houses of prayer for Lutherans and Pentecostals.
Vladimir Zhirinovsky
I have no problem with commitment – you can’t have a real relationship without it. I can flip on a switch in my brain, and even if the next Brad Pitt is standing next to me, I won’t look at him. But I can also turn that switch off, and then I collect attractive boys.
Megan Fox
When I found out I was fighting Tim Sylvia it was the best day of my life. I don’t like him, I don’t respect him and I will have no problem kicking him in the head and stomping on his body. It will be fun.
Andrei Arlovski
I’m extremely happy and extremely grateful to these stem cells. I started tennis again, and it’s going very well. I have no problem moving my arm. So I’m delighted.
Princess Michael of Kent
Honestly, I was a little bit arrogant because I came in and thought it was going to be easy and that I’d be on television in a year, no problem. Then you realize how many different things it takes to become a successful superstar, and it really is a rude awakening.
Baron Corbin
I love having a master. I have no problem serving my director. That’s my job. I want to make them happy.
Joaquin Phoenix
I have no problem with television as a genre.
James Purefoy
I have absolutely no problem on doing a negative character. If that matches up to my acting caliber, I will definitely do that.
Vishwajeet Pradhan
When I started, you had cochineal food colouring that would turn things pink, but you could never make it red. Now, red is no problem – and if you look at supermarket bakery sections since ‘Bake Off’ began, you can get everything.
Mary Berry
They wanted to try this outpatient chemo, and I said no problem. I was adamant. I didn’t want to miss any games. It’s where I’m supposed to be, and I wanted to be there.
Craig Sager
I have a reading problem and it’s hard for me to read books. But I had no problem with the ‘Emerald Forest’ script.
Charley Boorman
If you want to give a twist to a song, I have no problem, but don’t forget to mention the original composer’s name.
Anu Malik
My mom had not worked a day in her life, and then she woke up when I was 15 and found herself with four children, no job, no money. But she set out and made it all OK for us, and from that, I saw that there’s no problem that can’t be solved.
Ginni Rometty
I had no problem with Pochettino.
I’d have no problem serving under any president.
Michael Mullen
We in Tunisia have no problem with respecting other people’s religion, and we have a long tradition of that.
Rashid al-Ghannushi
I have no problem paying taxes. It doesn’t bother me, because I want to live in a society that’s happy.
Deborah Meaden
I have no problem with trolls or negative comments.
Arbaaz Khan
The government of Iran has no problem with the American nation.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
The thing that I was brought up to prize above everything else is the intellect. There is no problem that the intellect cannot solve, but it never had an original thought. Originality is the realm of the unconscious.
Alan Garner
I have no problem with Gerrit. We had a rocky relationship in college, because he told me that I had no future in baseball and he insulted my work ethic as a freshman. I don’t take kindly to those couple things, so we had our issues. And I have, I don’t know, those feelings have long since faded.
Trevor Bauer
My record shows that I’m not the kind of player who wants to change clubs every season, and I would have no problem playing in England for many more years.
Luis Suarez
I have no problem with how people communicate. But I think it’s important… for everyone to be open to learn sign language.
Millicent Simmonds
Most people really have no problem with the idea of a creator God. Their question is just what is this God like, how can I know about him, how can I know him.
Eric Metaxas
I have no problem if you bought a Justin Timberlake ticket and you decide to go sell that ticket to somebody. We would first and foremost want to make sure that the first ticket sold, that the fan has a shot to buy that ticket.
Michael Rapino
It is the BJP’s duty to criticise and oppose me. I have no problem with that.
H. D. Kumaraswamy
‘Shaggy’ was a nickname before it was ever a stage name. I have no problem with it.
No problem is so formidable that you can’t walk away from it.
Charles M. Schulz
I used to exist on just two or three hours of sleep, no problem, like sleep wasn’t even a thought. Sleep was just like a chore that you had to do late at night.
Christina Tosi
The difference between me and most Protestants is most Protestants have no problem at all saying ‘The Lord told me this’ or ‘The Lord told me that,’ but they won’t believe that the Lord speaks through the pope. You know, at least this guy has some credentials.
Rich Mullins
I have no problem with the security… It’s something that must be done for the times in which we live. Safety first.
Aaron Brown
If you’re lucky enough to come from, I was very lucky when I grew up, I grew up in a house fill of love, my mum and dad had no problem showing love in front of me, which I think is why I want to teach my kids how to love.
Martin Kemp
Meditation means keeping one mind. You must understand – what is life? What is death? If you keep one mind, there is no life, no death. Then if you die tomorrow, no problem; if you die in five minutes, no problem.
Seung Sahn
Golfers who play a lot of courses often encounter short ledges or retaining walls, and I always had fun hopping down from them. I could jump off something six feet high and land like a cat, no problem. Well, today I can’t jump off anything higher than two feet without it just killing me.
Tom Watson
You’ve gotta respect everybody. If they race hard against you, you’ve got to race hard against them. It’s very simple; if there’s respect both ways, there’s no problem.
Juan Pablo Montoya
I’m one of those people who was taught not to ruffle any feathers. Of course, I have no problem ruffling feathers.
Anne Heche
Criticism comes with Celtic. If you take it on board, it can make you ill, but if you think: ‘No problem’, it makes you really thick-skinned.
Paul Lambert
I felt Helen Willis was in tune with the situation of a black woman married to a white man, and she had no problem being black.
Roxie Roker
As long as we continue to invest in good content that increases excitement about and understanding of science, we’re on the right side of this fight, and I have no problem at all stealing from the toolbox of the clickbaiters.
Hank Green
If the money’s right, I’m happy to bust up the other side of his face… No problem.
Lennox Lewis
People who are at the top have no problem being vulnerable and putting themselves in a position to fail. That’s why they have the success that they have.
Gunnar Peterson
Frankly, a lot of candidates have no problem being sold to the highest bidder if it means they will win.
Jason Kander
If the opportunity came about, I would have no problem taking on The Rock at WrestleMania – sounds like a good time to me.
Seth Rollins
It’s like when people talk about driving F1 cars in the rain. I have absolutely no problem with it.
Alain Prost
I have no problem having any actor from anywhere play a role. I’m excited for any actor that gets a job, I truly am. Even if it’s a role that I’m up for and I don’t get it, I never begrudge any actor having it work out for them.
William Fichtner
I have nothing, absolutely nothing against anyone who’s homosexual. If that’s their orientation, then I accept that. And I have no problem with someone who has other orientations.
Rick Santorum
I have got prostate cancer, and I have to keep monitoring that. It’s no problem, it’s under control and I’m very cool about it, but other people are dying from it.
Ian Mckellen
I cry a lot, and I have no problem with that at all. Listening to your emotions is part of being alive.
Sam Worthington
Air travel is the safest form of travel aside from walking; even then, the chances of being hit by a public bus at 30,000 feet are remarkably slim. I also have no problem with confined spaces. Or heights. What I am afraid of is speed.
Sloane Crosley
I have no problem saying I am 50.
Neelam Kothari
I have a Stella McCartney Adidas sports bra. I feel like I’m totally comfortable running. No problem. I have support where I need it.
Pamela Anderson
I did a seminar once in Pennsylvania when there was big snow, road construction, a big flood and just one person showed up. I said, ‘No problem, I’ll do it.’ If there’s one or 100 on the mat, the juice is still there.
Royce Gracie
I think it’s just really good to be honest with yourself and if I’m not feeling up for something I have no problem staying in my room in ordering some food and relaxing and managing my energy and kind of just checking in with myself throughout the day.
Madison Keys
One thing about Indonesians is that a lot of them, even if they don’t understand English, have absolutely no problem memorizing English songs. Even my dad.
Rich Brian
I have played mother many times in south films. And I really have no problem with it.
I wanted to drop the weight class to go to the 125s, and I played it off on how easy it was going to be. ‘I can do this, no problem, I always cut weight.’ I pushed my body to the extreme.
T.J. Dillashaw
I sincerely believe that no problem is bigger than man, and problems are blown out of proportion by man himself.
I have no problem being mainstream. I grew up in the ’90s when the mainstream was amazing.
Jack Antonoff
I am uncomfortable talking about the things that I write. It seems unseemly to me. I have no problem at all when I see anybody else talking about the same project, but I feel my work should speak for itself.
Aaron Sorkin
I always had a phobia of heights, but since I’ve been flying more regularly I have no problem with it now. I just go to sleep.
Rob Cross
No problem is too big to run away from.
Charles M. Schulz
I have different qualities and no problem with that. Of course, my style of football is not like Messi’s or Neymar’s.
Thomas Muller
I love the horror genre and the thriller genre, so I’ve got no problem with playing a psycho.
Valorie Curry
Can’t make your payments? No problem. The interest charges keep on coming. In fact, banks prefer it that way. More money for them. The government guarantees it.
Jonathan Raymond
If anyone interferes into the private life of two people, I will defend the right of those two people between their four walls. That is no problem.
Jair Bolsonaro
My opinion is that protesting, there’s no problem with it, as long as it is peaceful without violence, without vandalism.
I’d have no problem with Cavendish winning 34 or 35 Tour stages.
Eddy Merckx
I always need to clear up what I do. With everyone else, there is no problem, but with me, all hell is raised up.
Angel Di Maria
As long as I really stay on top of my school work, which I’m for the most part able to do, it’s really no problem, me missing school.
Mary Cain
It may be that everything the life science companies are telling us will turn out to be right, and there’s no problem here whatsoever. That defies logic.
Jeremy Rifkin
I get mad at people who talk about traumatic job interviews, about going on one and getting rejected. I get rejected all the time and not only do I get rejected, but people have no problem being really specific about why I was rejected.
Julia Sweeney
I have no problem with anyone being precise about small things.
Steven Zaillian
I have no problem with people having plastic surgery. But I do find it bizarre we think it’s OK for women to have a foreign body put into them just for the sake of looking like Pamela Anderson.
Davinia Taylor
I was thinking about finding a coach and I was able to find a coach and he was based out of Germany, and I had no problem going over there training if I know this is worth it and is going to make me better. The worst that could happen is I don’t like it. I really, really enjoyed it and was able to get a lot better.
Jennifer Brady
Whether friends or family, you know, if we’re fighting, then we’re fighting. And I have no problem with it.
Travis Browne
I had no problem relating to Peter Parker. He feels like he might be in way over his head but is desperate to prove himself.
Jon Watts
I face no problem in communicating with the people of Orissa whom I meet everyday.
Naveen Patnaik
You can be yourself in London. If you are a bit different in the way you dress or look it is no problem.
Freddie Ljungberg
I’m not traditional at all. It’s not that I’m against marriage; it just never mattered that much to me. If I was dating someone who getting married was very important to them, then absolutely. I’d have no problem. I love the idea of finding someone to be a great father figure to Jasper and to share my life with.
Georgina Bloomberg
I have no problem with free speech, but free speech and then silencing your opposition – boy, I have a problem with that.
Tomi Lahren
Very good players have no problem moving to a different country.
Michael Ballack
Unlike Frank Sinatra, I have no regrets in my life. Zero. Whatever hardships I have faced, or have caused myself, are moments I have to embrace in order to move forward. I have no problem coming to grips with either the highs or lows in my life.
Paul Heyman
There is competition for places and everyone is bringing the best out of each other. There is no problem there. It’s just the way it is.
Matt Doherty
I can cope with politicians now I’ve had about 40,000 cockroaches tipped over my head. Westminster’s going to be no problem.
Kate Garraway
Trump may not like the fact that 20-plus anonymous sources provided the ‘Times’ with an unflattering portrait of his campaign, but that doesn’t make it ‘false.’ Of course, Trump had no problem with news outlets running with his made-up claim in 2011 that President Obama ‘doesn’t have a birth certificate.’
Kirsten Powers
I had no problem with Ritchie. Ritchie and I never argued. We never had a problem. I think I was always able to write the things that he wanted – until he decided he wanted to be a pop star. And then he started doing pop music. And once he did that, that was the end for me.
Ronnie James Dio
You have a huge amount of confidence when you’re younger, which slowly ebbs away for the rest of your life. You think: ‘No problem. I can do that. Why shouldn’t I do it?’
Ian Hislop
In the ’90s, I went on eBay to buy some paddle tires for my four-wheeler ATV and couldn’t find any. When I did find a manufacturer that sold them, I bought 20,000 and had no problem reselling them. So the next time you get mad when you can’t find an item, realize there’s a market waiting to be explored.
Rick Harrison
As long as you are successful and winning matches, the language is no problem at all. But when the results are insufficient, the difficulties begin. At this time, a coach needs to go into more detail with his instructions, and that’s where the problems can lie.
Ottmar Hitzfeld
In the ’90s, I went on eBay to buy some paddle tires for my four-wheeler ATV and couldn’t find any. When I did find a manufacturer that sold them, I bought 20,000 and had no problem reselling them. So the next time you get mad when you can’t find an item, realize there’s a market waiting to be explored.
Rick Harrison
I can walk around, no problem. Sometimes, someone will recognise me and ask for a picture.
Lucas Moura
Well, I have no problem with 3-D but I don’t think it’s necessarily a blanket requirement for every film.
Andrew Stanton
I seem to have no problem revealing my crush on the man who murdered Lincoln.
Sarah Vowell
However, this President sees no problem eliminating funding for Perkins Loans in his budget, even though the cost of tuition is rising and will continue to rise as the administration’s policies force inflation.
Tim Bishop
It was a decision to work clean. I just prefer to work that way. I have no problem with comedians who don’t work that way. There was a temptation in the early ’70s to reconsider. I decided against it.
Bob Newhart
Getting older is no problem. You just have to live long enough.
Groucho Marx
I have no problem with Sir Alex Ferguson.
Carlos Tevez
I have no problem with starting from scratch.
Leif Garrett
If you are going to replace somebody off of one of the bills – which I have no problem with a lady being on one of the bills – that you would replace the 20.
James Lankford
I have no problem with nudity. I can look at myself. I like walking around nude. It doesn’t bother me. I see all the people walking around nude; it doesn’t bother me.
Ursula Andress
A little pain is no problem.
Zaza Pachulia
I’ve realized that no problem is as hopeless as it first may seem, I’ve learned how to live day to day and show others how to do the same, and most of all, I’ve learned how to just be.
Jessie Pavelka
On the bench, I’ve got no problem with Jurgen Klopp, he’s managed his team and it’s fantastic.
Andreas Pereira
I suppose I have a highly developed capacity for self-delusion, so it’s no problem for me to believe that I’m somebody else!
Daniel Day-Lewis
If I want to average 32 points a game, I can do that easily. It’s just eight, eight, eight, eight. No problem. I can do that anytime. That’s not being cocky. That’s confidence.
Patrick Ewing
Fortunately for India, it has got a growing economy. If it is doing the right things with taxation and focusing on the right areas for human development, it is going to have no problem, over a period of time, taking care of its own needs.
Bill Gates
I have got no problem with used games. I’ve bought plenty of used games.
Warren Spector
My goal is to live the truly religious life and express it through my music. If you can live it, there’s no problem about the music, because it’s part of the whole thing.
John Coltrane
This is something you have to accept in football. Someone will say you are overpriced, but I did not think about it. Maybe I was overpriced, but I believe in my quality and want to get better. If you know what you can do for your team, it becomes no problem, and you don’t even think about it.
Sadio Mane
People pay attention to artists and celebrities, so they have the opportunity to do something great with this limelight. I, for one, have no problem with Kanye running for president, because if it’s something that he truly believes in and it can lead to greater good, why not? I’m all for that.
I have no problem with any gay group that says they’re Republicans, but I will fight them tooth and nail if they try to change what the Republican Party believes.
Gary Bauer
Rory Bremner I have no problem with; he is a satirist, and a very funny one, too.
Richie Benaud
I have no problem with being underdressed.
Chris Benz
Well, Mr. Speaker, if so many of these Iraqis are ready to come up and to provide the security, the police work in the country, then surely there should be no problem with putting American forces into the background instead of having them up front.
Marty Meehan
I have no problem being 53. Why would I want to be 35 again? I want to discover who I am in my 50s. And if I tried too hard to look younger, it would seem that I was uncomfortable with who I am, wouldn’t it?
Ellen Barkin
If I can do concert recitals, adapting the repertoire to my needs, then no problem, that’s good enough. But with operas, unless the right circumstances come up, my career is done.
Jose Carreras
As long as we continue to invest in good content that increases excitement about and understanding of science, we’re on the right side of this fight, and I have no problem at all stealing from the toolbox of the clickbaiters.
Hank Green
My feelings on homosexuality are unequivocal. I have absolutely no problem with it whatsoever. My only reservation is marriage.
Carl Paladino
I have no problem with the Pride parade.
Doug Ford
I have no problem with women in the military, if that’s what they want to do.
Lorraine Bracco
If I moved back, my mother would love for me to move in because she absolutely loves her boys. 12 boys. She showers all of us. Would be no problem. She would love to have us back in the house.
Terry Bradshaw
I have a terrible temper. I have absolutely no problem with getting shouty or a bit physical. It’s not something I’m pleased about and it doesn’t happen very often, but it’s very much there.
Michael Sheen
I have no problem with G14. How can I oppose something that as far as I am concerned, does not exist?
Sepp Blatter
The people that I grew up with had no problem with my faith. They did, however, seem very concerned that I would starve to death during Ramadan. I would explain to them that I have enough fat to live off of for three whole months, so fasting from sunrise to sunset is a piece of cake.
Maysoon Zayid
Above all, this country is our own. Nobody has to get up in the morning and worry what his neighbors think of him. Being a Jew is no problem here.
Golda Meir
We knew that ‘Naked Attraction’ was going to be controversial but as long as youre being controversial for the right reasons, I have absolutely no problem with it.
Anna Richardson
I love being Jewish; I have no problem with it at all. But it did become like a scar, with all these people saying you don’t look it.
Lauren Bacall
I have no problem understanding that women are interested in mascara and the Middle East.
Joanna Coles
I have no problem with commenters stating strong opinions, except for my usual annoyance with people who don’t agree with me.
Scott Westerfeld
In football, nothing is certain, so it’s no problem to return to Corinthians.
Alexandre Pato
If someone has to be the villain, I’ll be the villain. I have no problem with it. The movies still say, ‘Starring… the villain.’
Austin Seferian-Jenkins
I have no problem with the people who work hard to get success. But I think people are very jealous about success. I work very hard and they don’t appreciate that.
Alain Prost
If Ferrari wanted me, they would have approached me. I want to work with people who want me. If they don’t want me, it is no problem.
Lewis Hamilton
I don’t cut weight, so it’s no problem for me to fight at lightweight.
Jose Aldo
I have no problem working with anybody as long as they are efficient and their intentions, their philosophy, their ideology are clear.
Mamata Banerjee
Our generation, unfortunately, is stuck to our phones – and, like, Twitter – constantly, which I have no problem with. I’d say we’re not describing the children of America or anything like that, but there is something to take from it: It is kind of sad how we can’t go thirty minutes without checking our phone.
Israel Broussard
I have no problem paying my dues and I have no problem going out and working the club circuit.
Leif Garrett
I think Totti would’ve had no problem playing in another big club. He’s a born hitman, and great players always find a way to fit into a team.
Sergio Ramos
There is no problem between Giani Zail Singh and Rajiv Gandhi.
Rajiv Gandhi