Openly Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Openly Quotes from famous authors such as IronE Singleton, Anthony Warlow, Marti Noxon, A. Philip Randolph, Daniel Cameron. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

Communication is number one, and we have to communicate honestly and openly with each other.
IronE Singleton
If some people think it shows a feminine side to be in the theater, I’ve never felt that. And I’ll openly say that an intelligent person who is a sensitive person will be and should be in touch with their inner female.
Anthony Warlow
In ‘UnREAL’, for me, just being so openly feminist, just being so overtly, like, ‘This show is about women who are not necessarily likable, doing a job that is despicable, and we are not going to be afraid of that.’
Marti Noxon
I personally pledge myself to openly counsel, aid, and abet youth, both black and white, to quarantine any Jim Crow conscription system.
A. Philip Randolph
There’s not a lot of black Republicans that are willing to openly identify.
Daniel Cameron
It is what it is, and it ain’t nothin’ else… Everything is clearly, openly, plainly delivered.
Dan Flavin
I’m always surprised at the negative response to the women in my books who are openly ambitious or experience aggression.
Megan Abbott
There is no better illustration of that crisis than the fact that the president is openly violating our nation’s laws by authorizing the NSA to engage in warrantless surveillance of U.S. citizens.
John Conyers
In all my years of cricket, I’ve given hundreds of interviews and done dozens of TV shows, but what you will read in my memoir are the stories and thoughts I’ve never shared openly.
Shahid Afridi
The fact is that surveys which media people openly admit to show that fewer than twelve percent of their customers believe they’re doing a good job, while the average profit margin in television is in the neighborhood of eighty percent.
L. Neil Smith
OpenAI is doing important work by releasing tools which promote AI to be developed in the open. Compute power is largely produced by NVIDIA and Intel and still relatively expensive but openly purchasable. Blockchains may be the key final ingredient by providing massive pools of open training data.
Fred Ehrsam
I’ve learned a lot about guys through Twitter and I’m for any channel that allows athletes to express themselves openly.
Jemele Hill
I think being authentic online and living my life so openly allows people to actually relate to me.
Jeffree Star
Anyone who knows Harry Dubin would never feel it an issue to speak of him openly because the minute you meet him you know he’s a bon vivant and an internationally loved – for lack of better words – playboy. You can’t change a tiger’s stripes.
Sonja Morgan
I openly admit it: I am a diva with my food.
Our history is that we can very aggressively, if necessary, and openly and democratically discuss our differences. We have a democratic history in which we come together and vote on these things.
Stockwell Day
I know that after my letter there will be undoubtedly an ‘opinion’ about me, but I am not afraid of it. I openly say what I think. Talent, of which we are proud, must not be submitted to the assaults of the past.
Mstislav Rostropovich
I really live my life openly.
Mikhail Varshavski
Skinheads and Neo-Nazis are commonly known to openly attack people who get in their way or don’t agree with them and their agenda.
Ron Stallworth
I don’t mean to make a generalization, but I do at the same time, from what I know about people from the Midwest, it seems like their families would talk about money openly in front of them when they were kids. They’d say stuff like, ‘We’re broke! We’re gonna lose the house!’
Baron Vaughn
There are some actors who have an interest in comedy but they can’t say this openly. They do feel insecure about the comedian walking off with all the applause. In fact, I have seen my lines being changed and scenes being reworked to suit certain actors.
Johnny Lever
There was no real fringe theatre in London until way after the war, so either a play was done secretly with a club licence or it was done openly and had to be assessed along with everything else.
Timothy West
The Hussein regime’s support for terrorism, within and outside of its borders, its appetite for the world’s most dangerous weapons, and its openly declared hostility to the United States were a combination that was a gathering and growing danger to our country.
Jim Gerlach
Now I can say loudly and openly what I have been saying to myself on my knees.
Duke Ellington
Japan has good reasons for wanting to transform its relationship with Russia. Tokyo has openly expressed serious fears of a military confrontation with Beijing over China’s claims to the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea.
Fiona Hill
If I go way back to Loretta Lynn, I always cite her as being able to capture what I think is every woman’s story… she very openly used her art as an expression of what she was going through in her life. So that authenticity is something I admire.
Jennifer Nettles
I’d like to become a singer who expresses myself more openly.
Bae Suzy
Plunderous is the palate I gift to you, openly I hug the universe of our friendship expanding its outer limit.
Bradley Chicho
I see little difference in the attitudes of those who consider themselves Christian and those who are openly secular and agnostic. Most Christian citizenship appears to be clearly right here – on this little bit of very unreal estate.
Richard Rohr
When I went into ‘Fiddler,’ I wondered about the response I’d get – the backlash because I’m openly gay. There was none. I toured Canada and America, and not one single review suggested that I played the role gay or that I seemed anything but Tevye.
Harvey Fierstein
If anything, I hope to see more players feel comfortable speaking out and sharing their perspectives openly in the future. The game needs more of that in my opinion.
Trevor Bauer
Nothing like being visible, publishing one’s work, and speaking openly about one’s life, to disabuse the world of the illusion of one’s perfection and purity.
Joyce Maynard
Being an openly gay black man, unfortunately I’ve had experiences working with individuals who’ve tried to exploit my blackness or my gayness in a way that doesn’t make me feel comfortable, or they try to manipulate me into being a caricature of myself.
Karamo Brown
I haven’t really spoken openly about my experiences with depression, especially, not ever having the chance to be in any way clinically diagnosed but I think that I certainly have a naturally depressive personality.
Eugene Lee Yang
Fascism is itself less ‘ideological’, in so far as it openly proclaims the principle of domination that is elsewhere concealed.
Theodor W. Adorno
We have said the first step was to designate the land, inform the owners. And the second would be to get the responses from the owners. And this will be openly done.
Robert Mugabe
The implications are clear: Facebook wants to build an Internet where watching films, listening to music, reading books and even browsing is done not just openly but socially and collaboratively.
Evgeny Morozov
The successes of the LGBT civil rights movement and the more prominent role openly gay people are playing in the public eye has actually turned up the temperature in middle schools and high schools for queer kids.
Dan Savage
Trying to get the talk show, looking back on it, we had to beg a lot of station managers to pick up the show because people thought no one would watch it because I’m openly gay.
Ellen DeGeneres
There should be consequences for those who openly voice racist and fascist opinions. Our politicians should stand up way more; our justice system should stand up way more and punish these people harder than they ever did before.
Til Schweiger
I like the honesty about direct selling because it openly tells people the way to get rich is residual income: Get paid tomorrow for something you did yesterday – and let it accumulate.
Paul Zane Pilzer
Biographical data, even those recorded in the public registers, are the most private things one has, and to declare them openly is rather like facing a psychoanalyst.
Italo Calvino
My high school in South Bend had nearly a thousand students. Statistically, that means that several dozen were gay or lesbian. Yet, when I graduated in 2000, I had yet to encounter a single openly LGBT student there.
Pete Buttigieg
Many conservatives were openly angry with the Bush administration over enormous government spending and the chaos in Iraq. I don’t see as much independent thinking on the left, where President Obama is rarely criticized by his acolytes.
Bill O’Reilly
If we want conservative principles to win the battle of ideas, we have to defend them openly, with passion and conviction.
Maxime Bernier
I was excited to hear others talking of God. Most people in show business have some strong spirituality but don’t talk about it openly.
Ben Harney
We need men and women to sit down and talk to each other about sex honestly and openly. That would help us fight Aids so immediately. But our lack of communication is hugely problematic.
Emma Thompson
A lot of nerds aren’t aware they’re nerds. A geek has thrown his hands up to the universe and gone, ‘I speak Klingon – who am I fooling? You win! I’m just gonna openly like what I like.’ Geeks tend to be a little happier with themselves.
Patton Oswalt
I’ve always been a huge ‘Divine’ fan. He was so iconic and so ground-breaking, especially for the time that he was around, because he was not only breaking barriers in the regular world, just being openly gay, but in the drag world as well.
Kat Von D
To get pregnant, I have resorted to artificial insemination. I want to openly talk about it because this is an opportunity to show my gratitude to all those anonymous donors who help many women to meet, like me, the dream of their life.
Monica Cruz
It would be thrilling, obviously, to be able to have a woman and an openly LGBT person as the mayor of New York City.
Christine Quinn
By the mid-noughties, I found that I was no longer the only openly gay person in every setting. At one point, a couple of Moscow magazine publishers even got the idea that they should actively headhunt gay and lesbian staff.
Masha Gessen
I try to talk openly from how I feel. People may not agree with it. It may sound foreign to them. That’s an uncomfortable position for some people, to be sentimental, nostalgic – it’s all kind of the same.
Jim Nantz
I’d gone through life being obsessed about my sexuality. People would ask about relationships, girlfriends, you start referring to people as ‘they’ so there’s no judgment and you can be ambiguous. People around me knew, but I still struggled with talking about it openly.
Calum Scott
Practically all the prominent leaders of thought in China today are openly agnostics and even atheists.
Hu Shih
The one thing I’ve learned, getting out to all those foreign and domestic locales, is that people in every country of the ‘civilized’ world wish – either secretly or openly – that they had the expressiveness, the flair, the I’m-so-glad-to-be-me spirit that black folks have made a part of American life.
Wolfman Jack
We should not live in fear, we should all enjoy being able to express our views freely and openly, challenge each other on issues.
Tan Cheng Bock
I’m intensely private, and I’ve openly shown annoyance at the paparazzi.
Demi Moore
Any spending should be debated openly on the floor of the House and voted on in open session, with the American people having a chance to watch and listen.
Marsha Blackburn
Everybody is bound by some social rules. But I think that artists need some kind of freedom to explore their minds and that some of them tend to take that freedom to live a little more openly or a little more dangerously, sometimes a lot more self-destructively, than other people.
Anne Roiphe
In Punjab, we have a friendly environment and whoever gets a story idea, we discuss it openly and work jointly towards it.
Diljit Dosanjh
I openly share music with Drake, especially when it’s time for him to have a project.
I was warmly embraced by the Tea Party. They openly seek more minorities.
Tim Scott
I won’t name any names, but I’ve done a couple of shows where once the pilot got picked up, the creators openly said, ‘I have no idea where we’re going.’
Natalie Zea
We need quiet time to examine our lives openly and honestly – spending quiet time alone gives your mind an opportunity to renew itself and create order.
Susan L. Taylor
I’m super and very openly obsessed with voice-over. ‘In a World…’ was my love letter to the industry of voice-over. And in a way, I sometimes think of it as a 93-minute audition to the voice-over industry to say, ‘Hey. Consider me!’
Lake Bell
I think more people in the mainstream, folks like Nancy Wilson and Luther Vandross, they have openly expressed their love for God, and when mainstream artists start expressing their love for God openly in their concerts and including gospel songs in their concert, and, you know, people started embracing it.
Yolanda Adams
My mom, we had a relationship. I knew she loved me. I always knew she loved me. But she didn’t, openly or overtly, express, you know, affection and love.
Nadya Suleman
Every child senses, with all the horse sense that’s in him, that any parent is angry inside when children misbehave and they dread more the anger that is rarely or never expressed openly, wondering how awful it might be.
Benjamin Spock
For patients to be safe, we need doctors to be able to reflect completely openly and freely about what they have done, to learn from mistakes, to spread best practice around the system, to talk openly with their colleagues.
Jeremy Hunt
From the day I was elected, I began focusing on governing the best way I know how – transparently, openly, and in a way that encourages debate, dialogue and discussion on all sides of an issue.
Ned Lamont
When you can no longer elucidate the ideas, or when they are too damaging to openly acknowledge, all you can do is simply make threats, demand loyalty.
S.E. Cupp
President George W. Bush is the first American president to call openly for two-states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security.
Lee H. Hamilton
It’s 2018, and being an openly gay man and an athlete, that is part of the face of America now.
Adam Rippon
In certain quarters, conservatism is simply racism by another name. And minorities who openly identify themselves as conservatives are still novelties, fish out of water.
Shelby Steele
In Britain, politicians who openly discuss their spirituality are about as welcome as Jehovah’ s Witnesses on the doorstep, and the British associate the mixture of politics and religion as a heady cocktail best reserved for the mass irrationality of Northern Ireland, Iran, Kashmir, and the Middle East.
Gavin Esler
Irregular contact with doctors means many men fail to receive any preventive care for potentially life-threatening conditions. In addition, when men do seek care, embarrassment can often prevent them from openly discussing health concerns with their physicians.
Mike Crapo
If we think something is not good, we’ll openly say it. If there’s choreography, for example, and it feels like it’s going to be too taxing on our physical resources – as I said, we’re not getting any younger – we’ll say so, and then we’ll make those changes.
Rising leftists openly call for open borders and seek to erase the distinction between citizens and non-citizens. I tell you what, if you erase our borders, you erase our country.
Tom Fitton
As someone who is both an ethnic minority and openly gay, I often talk about how simply being who I am has given me a double awareness of the vulnerability that some Americans may be facing.
Mark Takano
Theater will cast in a more open way; Denzel Washington might play Richard III. Television and film don’t really cast openly like that. The theater world has always been a leader in diversity.
Mahershala Ali
I will openly admit that I’ve never really followed hockey. Given my New England upbringing, I have always adhered to the Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins mantra of professional sports fandom, but hockey was definitely the lowest sport on the totem pole – even when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup.
Rachel Nichols
No entrepreneur ever publicly admits to bribing, but few dare to openly claim they don’t, either.
Wang Shi
When I first ran for Congress in the 1990s, my background as an openly gay Asian was one of the focal points of the campaign, and, in fact, my opponent attacked me for it.
Mark Takano
I think that, given that some people feel very embarrassed by it, it isn’t too difficult to breastfeed a baby in a way that’s not openly ostentatious.
Nigel Farage
The book is openly a kind of spiritual autobiography, but the trick is that on any other level it’s a kind of insane collage of fragments of memory.
Jonathan Lethem
The way I was raised, I didn’t have a role model who was openly out.
Liz Carmouche
The BJP’s central leadership needs to recast the party structure where you openly speak of Hindutva and Indianness.
Subramanian Swamy
More than fantasy or even science fiction, Ray Bradbury wrote horror, and like so many great horror writers he was himself utterly without fear, of anything. He wasn’t afraid of looking uncool – he wasn’t scared to openly love innocence, or to be optimistic, or to write sentimentally when he felt that way.
Lev Grossman
I struggled with working with producers because no one openly wanted to give me a chance to rap on their beats. That’s just honest talk. No one really wanted to take that risk.
Little Simz
I never talk openly about my political beliefs.
King Diamond
The relationship of Trump to Russia has been reported on, and the activity to change the Republican platform happened openly, and Trump’s support for Russian policy – Russia’s views of Europe and its views of NATO – have been stated. So it’s not like this is secret.
Anne Applebaum
I support allowing homosexuals to serve openly in our military and eliminating the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy.
Ed Case
I’ve spoken to referees from my era who have openly admitted they were influenced by Sir Alex Ferguson when they were refereeing at Old Trafford.
Matt Le Tissier
Tony La Russa was quoted as saying that I was using steroids back then, and I was talking about it in the clubhouse, openly.
Jose Canseco
It is only proper that our employees share in the savings generated by tax reform and that we openly acknowledge the resulting improvement in the U.S. business environment by investing in our industrial footprint accordingly.
Sergio Marchionne
Mentors can gain so much wisdom from really focusing on what their mentees are saying. Once a person knows you’re truly listening, both parties will establish trust over time that will allow the mentee to open up and express themselves openly without fear of judgement.
Tobias Harris
The organizations that I’ve worked with, whether I have gotten cut or whether I have excelled, the always communicated with me honestly and openly. The ones that weren’t so good, the communication was iffy.
Shaun Livingston
England is the breeding ground of fundamentalist Muslims. Its social logic is to allow all religions to preach openly. But this is illogic, because none of the other religions preach apocalyptic violence. And yet England allows it.
Wole Soyinka
The Jew is upset because the nations of the world – the United Nations – lash him, brand him as racist and evil, hate him and openly demonstrate their desire to destroy him.
Meir Kahane
Coming to the Gold Coast and being able to live as an openly gay man is really important.
Tom Daley
It is not justice when you beat someone after tying their hands, but award a clean chit to another who openly confesses his crimes.
Nawaz Sharif
Most people in Washington assumed if Obama made it to the White House he would appoint Biden as his secretary of state, a position Biden openly admitted he wanted.
Richard Grenell
I here ask pardon of all my compatriots for everything of which I have been guilty towards them. I know that, by my ill-considered and immature works, I have brought distress to many and that I have even provoked others to attack me openly and, in general, have produced displeasure in many.
Nikolai Gogol
For all its shortcomings, Wikipedia does have strong governance and deliberative mechanisms; anyone who has ever followed discussions on Wikipedia’s mailing lists will confirm that its moderators and administrators openly discuss controversial issues on a regular basis.
Evgeny Morozov
Look at the coded language the Right is using against President Barack Obama. Openly calling him a liar in Congress, saying he is ‘not a Christian, he was not born here, he is not one of us.’ That makes addressing such issues trickier for the first African-American in the White House.
Jesse Jackson
It’s wonderful to see parents come together and openly support their LGBTQ kids at my shows.
Hayley Kiyoko
Trump seems to accept the idea that there are secret Muslim training camps in America, and has openly suggested Obama himself is a Muslim, and foreign born.
Neil Macdonald
Admonish your friends privately, but praise them openly.
Publilius Syrus
I grew up in the ’50s, a tough time for African Americans. I had friends whose fathers would openly say, ‘Just bite your tongu;, don’t cause any problems.’ My father was not like that. Even in the toughest times racially, if somebody disrespected his family, they were in trouble.
Gregory Hines
People have to render judgment. In my case, I’ve said upfront openly, I’ve made mistakes at times. I’ve had to go to God for forgiveness. I’ve had to seek reconciliation. But I’m also a 68-year-old grandfather, and I think people have to measure who I am now and whether I’m a person they can trust.
Newt Gingrich
Younger people obviously are more likely to openly express their political affiliations in terms of gear.
John Quelch
Will we be a nation where there’s only one way to love, one way to look, one way to live? Or will we be a nation where everyone has the freedom to live openly and equally?
Sarah McBride
Out of 3,500 students in my high school, I was the only openly professing Christian kid. Obviously there were challenges. ‘Only old and stupid people believe.’
Miroslav Volf
I’m amazed when I hear my daughters with their friends. They’ll just talk openly about, ‘Yeah, he used to be a girl and now he’s a boy.’ It gives me a lot of hope… It’s so matters of fact. It’s like they’re saying blue and yellow make green. I love that.
Martie Maguire
The story of my life publicly has been told through ‘Alternative Press.’ Former employees, people who have worked there – my friend Ryan Downey, who wrote for ‘AP’ for a long time – I’ve been able to have really great articles written about me and talk openly about things in my life.
Andy Biersack
When your focus is social change and not financial change, why wouldn’t you want to share that openly? Innovation only succeeds when it’s shared.
Cameron Sinclair
In Arizona, anyone over 18 can buy an assault rifle, at 21 you can get a pistol, and you can carry your gun, loaded or unloaded, concealed or openly, just about anywhere.
Jeanne Marie Laskas
My mom is an OK cook. She’ll skewer me for saying that openly, because she claims to be a very good cook. She can make about, I don’t know, 10 dishes, I think, which is four dishes more than I can make.
Dean Cain
Government is truly beginning to embrace the power of innovation for the people and by the people, the idea that if government collaborates openly with and unleashes the ingenuity of the public, it will get much more done, much faster and at much lower cost than if government acted alone.
Todd Park
When I was first writing ‘Feed’ – which was the first book I published as Mira – I talked about it very openly on my blog, on Twitter, that I was writing this book, and it wasn’t until after it was sold that I said ‘Mira Grant’ wrote this book. And the reason there was really purely marketing-based.
Seanan McGuire
Since 1993, I have had the rich satisfaction of knowing and working with many openly gay and lesbian Americans, and I have come to realize that ‘gay’ is an artificial category when it comes to measuring a man or woman’s on-the-job performance or commitment to shared goals. It says little about the person.
Alan K. Simpson
To the Muslim woman, the hijab provides a sense of empowerment. It is a personal decision to dress modestly according to the command of a genderless Creator; to assert pride in self, and embrace one’s faith openly, with independence and courageous conviction.
Randa Abdel-Fattah
I think the country is ready for supporting an openly gay basketball player.
Jason Collins
I’m openly gay, and I’ve got a major label record deal in Nashville, and it happened when I was 42 years old. It’s not supposed to happen that way.
Mary Gauthier
When I was in high school I got involved in the fringe theater scene in Chicago, and I met some openly gay people. I could see that it got better, that they were happy and loved and supported. I saw with my own eyes that it got better.
Dan Savage
While it was refreshing to finally see an openly gay man speak at a Republican convention, it doesn’t remove the stain of selecting Mike Pence, America’s most anti-LGBT governor.
Gavin Newsom
I openly say I’ve had my lips done, I’ve been getting my lips done for years now.
Maura Higgins
You know, in this industry, being an openly queer actor or entertainer, you can play the game your way, or you can play it the industry’s way. And I decided to play it my way. I played it the industry’s way far too long.
Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman
President Obama is doing the right thing by offering young immigrants, most often in this country through no action of their own, a chance to live and work openly, free from the fear of deportation.
Eliot Spitzer
Amin knew that neither West nor East would criticize him for fear that he would support the other side. He felt he was untouchable and he said so openly.
Ryszard Kapuscinski
There are not actually many people in Finland who are openly gay together, let alone two women.
Saara Aalto
I think among the population at large, people are openly fascinated with crime and don’t feel any shame over it. It’s only the opinion-makers and the ‘opinion elites’ who turn up their noses.
Bill James
Yes, I discuss race openly, honestly and, hopefully, intelligently.
Jemele Hill
Openly speaking, the only formula that will save Greece’s future is more trade with Turkey and more investment with Turkey.
Ali Babacan
Apartheid education, rarely mentioned in the press or openly confronted even among once-progressive educators, is alive and well and rapidly increasing now in the United States.
Jonathan Kozol
If I don’t think about anything, and start with a clean slate, in terms of what I have to do, a lot of different ideas come up, and I can think about things more openly.
Namie Amuro
I never officially came out in any kind of really public way. I just always lived very simply and openly, but the press has never made a big fuss about me or said anything to me.
Lily Tomlin
I think it shouldn’t matter at all what character people play, but of course there is a narrative that’s very clear, that openly gay men aren’t playing straight in leading roles.
Jonathan Bailey
The fact is, employees cannot make breakthroughs if they can’t openly and honestly disagree with their peers and their leader. Indeed, great leaders don’t just permit conflict; they actively try to elicit it from reluctant employees as well.
Patrick Lencioni
I just lived openly, as loud as I wanted to be, which translated into our music really well.
Jessica Origliasso
My parents sold my childhood home, and I literally was 35 years old, but I cried for, like, two and a half weeks. Like, openly wailed.
Jessica St. Clair
Being in the public eye makes you frightened to talk openly about things – which is precisely why you should. You can really make a difference and open up subjects that are taboo.
Sarah Lancashire
I’m pretty interested in documentary film, and I’d watch almost anything. At some point, I stumbled upon ‘shoot interviews’ and found out that wrestlers were now talking openly about things that were going on in wrestling that we as viewers were not privy to. This fascinated me.
Box Brown
In 2010, conservatives won big majorities in the Wisconsin State Legislature, and I openly supported many of their reforms, including changes to collective bargaining and expansions of school choice.
Charlie Sykes
I’ve said very openly that the first aspect of my artistry to arrive was writing. It took me a good number of years to find my voice.
Rodney Crowell
Saddam Hussein has openly admitted to the rest of the world that he had weapons of mass destruction. He used those weapons to kill his own people.
Saxby Chambliss
I really do feel like an unremarkable person trying really hard, openly, to do something interesting and to make something of value and pleasure.
Aldous Harding
I’ve always honestly and openly said I believe in a united Ireland, but the point was to try and get to a united Ireland without the violence.
John McDonnell
I’m a private person. And I have a certain way in which I protect myself. I don’t openly wear my feelings.
Katrina Kaif
I tell you very openly: it’s much easier to be the heavyweight champion of the world than to be the mayor of Kiev.
Vitali Klitschko
I respect those who openly advocate for unlimited immigration to the United States. Open borders is an intellectually coherent, defensible position.
Jan C. Ting
By the time I enrolled in the military at 20, I had spent years in denial about who I really was. I was openly gay and would go through periods of cross-dressing, and had even thought about transitioning, but I was in such complete denial.
Chelsea Manning
Sometimes I think I might insult people by being openly flirtatious, then snatching it back.
Dominique Swain
We must openly call for the establishment of a Kurdish state that separates Iran from Turkey, one which will be friendly towards Israel.
Ayelet Shaked
I was lucky that I had parents that had had supernatural experiences, so I could talk to them openly without them looking at me as some lunatic.
King Diamond
From the beginning of my administration, I have made it clear that I will budget openly and honestly with the people of Louisiana.
John Bel Edwards
I interviewed dozens and dozens of African women who had endured more hardship and trauma than most Westerners even read about, and they ploughed on. I often openly cried during interviews, unable to process this violence and hatred towards women I was witnessing.
Lynsey Addario
On issue after issue, the Obama Administration has openly ignored, defied, and unilaterally tried to change the law.
Ted Cruz
I get depressed pretty easily but have found the best way to combat it is to surround yourself with people you can talk openly with about it.
Miles Heizer
I can talk openly about my support for the artists on Communion because I’m not promoting myself.
Ben Lovett
I don’t understand why Germans are openly demonstrating against Islamization and radicalization but don’t help the people who flee from such horrors.
Til Schweiger
Modi is speaking about national unity, but the leaders of his party are openly saying in their speeches that if Muslims have to stay in India, they must live as second grade citizens. This is wholly unacceptable.
Raza Murad
When it comes to work, there is a fear factor around meritocracy. People are afraid of being openly judged. However, when you know what you are being measured against, it’s empowering.
Maynard Webb
Spike Lee is openly contemptuous of whites and what he implies to be a white establishment out to get him. Lee’s films have grossed in the hundreds of millions. Whites have contributed greatly to this sum, though he seemingly cannot stand them. Hypocritical?
Jesse Lee Peterson
Everything needs to be public. The legitimacy of the courts comes from the fact that they reason openly, on the record, based on facts.
Jed S. Rakoff
I was an observer. I liked to listen rather than openly express myself. This trait is something that I’ve retained over the years.
Giorgio Armani
Some schools have decided to openly support the anti-capitalist Black Lives Matter group – often fully aware that they have the statutory duty to be politically impartial.
Kemi Badenoch
If you concede early against a quality team, you have to play more openly – and can get picked off.
Lothar Matthaus
Sadly, I’ve learnt that prejudice still exists in parts of the entertainment industry – I did an interview with a magazine once, and the journalist quite openly said they wouldn’t put a black person on the front cover because the magazine wouldn’t sell.
Alesha Dixon
Issues over same-sex marriage and LGBT people in the PCUSA are not new: there is a 40-plus year history of arguments and tacit agreements over the issue of sexuality in the denomination, and the first openly gay minister in the PCUSA was ordained in 2011.
Anthea Butler
In many countries, the authority of the state is weak and openly defied by militias and terrorist groups. In others, state forces themselves act with impunity.
David Lidington
Definitely for writing, what inspires me is poetry, which I have next to me all the time because I think they’re doing what I’m doing, but much harder, more condensed. It’s the same job, but they’re more talented. All of them. So I just steal openly from them.
Andrew Sean Greer
I began to fear that Mos Def was being treated as a product, not a person, so I’ve been going by Yasiin since ’99. At first it was just for friends and family, but now I’m declaring it openly.
Mos Def
I can rap. Not openly in the world, but it’s important that people know! I can rap for a very specific reason, which is that in college I was in an improv comedy group, and we did musical improv.
Allison Williams
A Jewish community that is diverse and openly embraces all who seek to lead actively Jewish lives will be a Jewish community that is stronger and more enduring for generations to come.
Lynn Schusterman
While the circumstances of any one situation are unique, it is clear that many families could have been helped if they had found it easier to talk openly about mental health challenges in the home.
David Lidington
And you yourself always be seated at the middle fo the high table that your presence as lord or lady may appear openly to all, and that you may plainly see on either side all the service and all the faults.
Robert Grosseteste
Reprove your friends in secret, praise them openly.
Publilius Syrus
Some Americans question Donald Trump’s legitimacy as president. Others are angry any questioning occurs. Let’s not forget that one of Donald Trump’s claims to fame was precisely such questioning. He openly doubted the legitimacy – more than that, the citizenship – of President Barack Obama.
Ana Navarro
Some day, someone will do something wrong and there will be a scandal to report in the paper. When that happens, we will address it honestly and openly and try to deal with it as quickly and as fairly as we can, and keep moving the city forward.
John Hickenlooper
No lying knight or lying priest ever prospered in any age, but especially not in the dark ones. Men prospered then only in following an openly declared purpose, and preaching candidly beloved and trusted creeds.
John Ruskin
The writer has two kinds of faith: actual writing and sitting openly. Have faith in your personal effort or sweat. And faith in God, or whatever you want to call it. Then the voices will come. Faith is the big deal.
Suzan-Lori Parks
I care a great deal about LGBT U.S. servicemen and women being able to serve openly and honestly. Since early in my career, I’ve included realistic LGBT characters in my books. The idea that a gay Navy SEAL had to hide who he was in order to serve was a terrible one – and I made sure my readers knew that!
Suzanne Brockmann
Hatreds not vowed and concealed are to be feared more than those openly declared.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
I’ve said openly I’d love to take part in the IPL at some stage.
Michael Clarke
CNN, a part of the Time Warner company, lives for news about everything and anyone. In the office, the bosses openly discuss the need for a diverse staff and diverse stories, and each time we draw new viewers, the effort intensifies.
Soledad O’Brien
The thought of being the first openly gay male ever to compete in the Winter Olympics – I totally embrace that.
Gus Kenworthy