Other Countries Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Other Countries Quotes from famous authors such as Mary Ellen Mark, Li Keqiang, Rene Cassin, Landon Donovan, Jacques Chirac. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

As a kid, I used to dream about airplanes before I ever flew in one. I really knew, when I started photographing, I wanted it to be a way of knowing different cultures, not just in other countries but in this country, too, and I knew I wanted to enter other lives. I knew I wanted to be a voyeur.
Mary Ellen Mark
China’s development benefits other countries.
Li Keqiang
The Covenant of the League of Nations had envisaged sponsoring only the protection of certain categories of men: national minorities and populations of territories controlled by other countries.
Rene Cassin
Fortunately for me, it’s my most favorite drill, and that is finishing. However, from a young age, soccer players in this country are not taught how to properly finish, and I think you see that through the professional ranks, that we don’t have that killer instinct of the forwards from other countries.
Landon Donovan
As soon as one nation claims the right to take preventive action, other countries will naturally do the same. If we go down that road, where are we going?
Jacques Chirac
I feel so honored that I’m bringing part of the culture of my country to other countries, you know, like the funk music.
While other countries have been securing large export deals, American companies have been placed at a competitive disadvantage – forced to compete globally with one hand tied behind their back.
Stephen Fincher
Globalization has produced a new of level of interdependence among us. The economy and multinational supply chains do not abide by political boundaries. A computer ordered in Brazil is designed in California and assembled in several other countries. Economic integration was the first strong evidence of a new era.
Eduardo Paes
And Israel, being a tiny, small country, of course has interest to strengthen – we have interest to strengthen our relations with other countries, mostly countries that were hostile for many, many years.
Ariel Sharon
When you look at other countries that are developing the capabilities and the technology to deploy missiles of very significant destructive capability with nuclear, chemical, or biological warheads, then the MAD dogma makes even less sense.
Don Nickles
For, behind the scenes, halfway around the world in Mexico, were two decades of aggressive research on wheat that not only enabled Mexico to become self-sufficient with respect to wheat production but also paved the way to rapid increase in its production in other countries.
Norman Borlaug
To me, it’s not necessarily about whom you vote for, it’s more about the fact that you go out and exercise that right. There’s a lot of people who fight for our right to vote and people in other countries fighting for other peoples’ right to vote and I think everyone should exercise that vote.
Robert Griffin III
I think Americans are at our best when we recover from a crisis. We’ve suffered some blows that other countries would have never recovered from.
Max Brooks
Destroy or take away the employment and wages of those artisans – which the corn laws in a great measure do – and you will, ere long, render the land in Great Britain of as little value as it is in other countries.
Joseph Hume
The policy of America to deny visas to technically trained people in the U.S. and shipped to other countries, where they create companies that compete with America, has to be the stupidest policy of all the U.S. government policies.
Eric Schmidt
Many other countries have tried this and getting businesses to work in partnership in prisons, in prison and with prison labour, and to actually be able to make an economic return is extremely difficult.
Crispin Blunt
I think the United States and the secretary of State should be concerned about the poverty in this country – people without health insurance. The United States should stop being the empire and be concerned about other countries. You’ve got to be more worried about your own people.
Hugo Chavez
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, like other countries in the region, rejects the acquisition of nuclear weapons by anyone, especially nuclear weapons in the Middle East region. We hope that such weapons will be banned or eliminated from the region by every country in the region.
Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
Like the way we get to know about the society of Korea, Iran, and other countries through their films, people will get to know about our country. Our films are a mirror of our society.
Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Let’s put America first. Let’s not spill American blood to fight the enemies of other countries as is the case in Syria.
Stephen Miller
There is not much awareness about fitness in India, unlike other countries. We don’t get too many medals at Olympics; one of the reasons is we don’t have that culture of fitness in India. That is why we decided to start this chain of gyms under my name.
The Great Khali
Mexico has 44 treaties with other countries that make it very advantageous to do international shipping from Mexico rather than from the United States.
Wilbur Ross
We don’t need another nuclear arms race to proceed a pace and then to encourage other countries to become very, to develop these kinds of capabilities also. This is not what we need.
Mazie Hirono
Our trade negotiations should ensure that American workers are protected and that there are mechanisms in place to deal with other countries cheating.
Carlos Beruff
We have this kind of revolving door, we don’t have a permanent class of millionaires in America like a lot of other countries.
Jim DeMint
We oppose any pipeline whose sole purpose is to export bitumen from Canada to make profits in other countries.
Elizabeth May
How can people in other countries who are trying to grasp our plan of democracy avoid stumbling over our logic when we deny the first steps in democracy to our women?
Jeannette Rankin
In reality, while currency movements can have a significant impact on inflation in other countries, dollar movements have rarely had a meaningful or durable impact on prices in the U.S.
Gita Gopinath
The patriarchy is alive and well in Egypt and the wider Arab world. Just because we got rid of the father of the nation in Egypt or Tunisia, Mubarak or Ben Ali, and in a number of other countries, does not mean that the father of the family does not still hold sway.
Shereen El Feki
If you are going to introduce cricket to other countries then I think T20 is the format with which to do it – it’s a great entry level into the sport and easy to pick up.
Jos Buttler
Countries in Asia – Singapore, certainly, but many other countries too – are good friends to both China and America, and we would like to be good friends with both.
Lee Hsien Loong
Whatever may be said as to our relations to some other countries, I think the relations of this country to Spain offer no ties of gratitude or of blood.
Henry Cabot Lodge
I don’t want our country to be like other countries in Europe in having a challenge to integrate their new immigrants.
Maxime Bernier
We should treat other countries the way we want to be treated.
Ro Khanna
I disapprove of lots of decisions made by George Bush: the war, the meddling in the affairs of other countries, the conversations with dictators; it was a dark time.
Tommy Hilfiger
I think I’m being conservative when I say there are more people playing soccer in the United States than in 90% of the world’s other countries, probably 95%.
Rabih Alameddine
Once many in the media finally began paying attention to the Wuhan coronavirus in a non-dismissive way, they swung wildly into another direction of hyping models that predicted millions of dead Americans, and millions of dead in other countries.
Mollie Hemingway
Many other countries have already banned human cloning, and there are efforts at the UN to make such a ban universal.
Leon Kass
Other countries are developing well-being economies – we should do the same. That is the way to create a society which would stand the test of time – for everyone.
Caroline Lucas
I have been brought up open-minded. If I didn’t know any people from other countries, I’d think everyone was evil based on news stories. But I know a lot of people, and know that there is no such thing as stark good and evil. Isn’t it possible there is the same amount of evil everywhere?
Marjane Satrapi
We’ve always gone to other countries where there’s been different standards and different practices you have to adhere to. WWE is like any other company, a global company.
John Layfield
In Brazil, you know that only first place counts; in other countries, you might celebrate coming second, third, or fourth, but not in Brazil.
We went through a long phase where we defined ourselves in opposition to other people and other countries.
Justin Trudeau
Not everyone is in love and nor does everyone have the courage for love. In our country, most people simply fantasise about being in love. I don’t know about other countries but in India, to love is to battle with innumerable social and religious barriers.
Ravish Kumar
The United States have no possessions in the east and do not desire to have any, as other countries do.
Townsend Harris
By 2020 the U.S. will be short 91,000 doctors. There’s no way we can educate enough doctors to make up that shortfall, and other countries are far worse off.
Peter Diamandis
I was a devil in other countries, and I was a little devil in America, too.
Josephine Baker
You know what this nation is? It’s a disruptive start-up. It was a group of rich guys that got together and said, ‘You know what? We’re going to break away from the other countries and start our own country.’
Anthony Scaramucci
When you see Major League Baseball putting academies in other countries, obviously that throws up a red flag. You wonder why they ain’t going up in our neighborhood. Bottom line, what I see, I talk about… I see it over and over. If anybody can show me I’m wrong, then show me.
Gary Sheffield
Americans are no less susceptible to disease, joblessness, and family changes than their peers in rich nations, but they are made more fragile by these crises. The country has a thinner safety net, fewer public goods, and less social insurance than other countries.
Annie Lowrey
What are these better deals the U.K. really wants from Europe and other countries? Some more clarity would be helpful.
Leo Varadkar
Writers, especially those of us with roots in other countries, are rarely left to ourselves. We are asked to declare our allegiances, or they are determined for us.
Dinaw Mengestu
Education is the key to the future: You’ve heard it a million times, and it’s not wrong. Educated people have higher wages and lower unemployment rates, and better-educated countries grow faster and innovate more than other countries. But going to college is not enough. You also have to study the right subjects.
Alex Tabarrok
The American attitude is ‘We’re the best’. That’s why the NBA guys who come from other countries, the Europeans, all sort of stick together away from the game.
Andrew Bogut
I spent over ten years in the Central Intelligence Agency as an undercover operations officer serving overseas after 9/11 where I carried out covert operations against al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, as well as other countries who are ‘hostile to liberty,’ as I like to say.
Evan McMullin
We are going to have to discuss with and seek the opinions of other countries. We don’t wish to offend anyone, least of all a country we hold in such deep regard as the United Kingdom.
Rafael Correa
Now, what produces a want of demand? A refusal to take from other countries the commodities which they produce.
Joseph Hume
When you win the FA Cup, you have a title and a very respectable title in England – more than other countries.
Louis van Gaal
I really knew when I started photographing I wanted it to be a way of knowing different cultures, not just in other countries but in this country, too, and I knew I wanted to be a voyeur.
Mary Ellen Mark
An American champion, obviously being here in the states, is something that we all look at with the U.S. Open. But golf is played all over the world, and there are so many great golfers from other countries, and we’re lucky enough that this is our home base to be able to play out of.
Paula Creamer
In Brazil, U.S., Japan and some other countries, there are many sports being played and I hope that will be the case in India as well. Sports is good for the country.
You can’t keep bringing people in from other countries, finding them jobs when Americans need jobs first.
Virgil Goode
There’s Kenyan guys who last year or two years ago were running for Kenya, and then they switched to Qatar and Bahrain and other countries. Yes, I do have a problem with that.
Mo Farah
America may be a fallible democracy. But when the president sacrifices the national interest for his personal interest, we can show that unlike other countries, we have a remedy.
Tom Malinowski
As publishers focus on blockbusters, they steadily lose interest in little-known authors from other countries.
Stephen Kinzer
Just as entrepreneurs developed America, they can develop other countries, too.
Iqbal Quadir
I believe we have to nip Ebola in the bud before it spreads through Africa and to other countries.
Mark Zuckerberg
I don’t share the view that China and the U.S. need to reach some kind of strategic accommodation to carve up the Asia-Pacific region – that is an arrogant proposition and deeply insulting to other countries in the region, including Japan and potentially also India and Indonesia.
John Howard
When you hear a lot of stories about Africa, and you get to a place like Kenya and other countries like that, where they think the same way we do, I was happy to find that the Schedule of Rights that I drew for the Kenyan Government was working very well.
Thurgood Marshall
In the United States, I feel like polio doesn’t exist, but it very much does. I’ve been to many countries and saw how lucky we are that we can go straight to the doctor or the ER in the U.S. I would love for moms in other countries to not experience my fears.
Brie Bella
Liberals like using government to solve problems in OUR country and conservatives are using our government to solve problems in OTHER countries.
Matthew Lesko
We don’t depend on other countries to keep our armed services equipped.
Abigail Spanberger
Leave America and you’ll find that the consumers in many other countries enjoy watching advertising. Not because the products are better, but because the ads are produced to be entertaining. Sometimes they are funny. Sometimes they are dramatic. Sometimes they are just beautiful.
Simon Sinek
Britain has still got rather fewer astronomers than many other countries – the French and the Italians, for example. Why is that? I don’t think those countries have better brains.
Jocelyn Bell Burnell
It can be rebuilt if other countries with selfish interests will not meddle, as has been done in the past.
Bulent Ecevit
Americans are accustomed to welcoming, or at least receiving, refugees from other countries, not creating our own.
Andrei Codrescu
We don’t have an Official Secrets Act in the United States, as other countries do. Under the First Amendment, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and freedom of association are more important than protecting secrets.
Alan Dershowitz
Latinos come from different countries, and they tend to segregate with only their country instead of embracing all the other countries, because in reality, all the Latinos are going through the same experiences of discrimination and racism.
Andrea Navedo
I don’t care if you’re Democrat. I don’t care if you’re Republican. We need to make sure that, you know, people in other countries don’t have any impact on our elections.
Ana Kasparian
We are determined that our nation shall cease to be a burden on other countries but shall contribute positively to world prosperity, while observing fully the fair trade practices in international commerce.
Shigeru Yoshida
Every country should conduct its own reforms, should develop its own model, taking into account the experience of other countries, whether close neighbours or far away countries.
Mikhail Gorbachev
China is not going to become a liberal democracy; if it did, it would collapse. I do not believe you can impose on other countries standards which are alien and totally disconnected with their past.
Lee Kuan Yew
I’ll always represent Canada. I was born here, and my parents chose to immigrate here. There are so many things I don’t see in other countries, I see here. I love having the Maple Leaf behind me.
Patrick Chan
We believe, as the President has indicated, that this combination of a rogue state that possesses weapons of mass destruction and has known ties to terrorist organizations, is a grave threat to the people of the United States and to other countries around the world.
Paul Cellucci
India is known to be a peace-loving country, we try to keep our peace treaties intact with other countries.
Mohit Raina
When we’re actually modeling good behavior, and when we get results, other countries are more likely to follow our lead.
Antony Blinken
I really want to be an integral part of the New Japan brand in the United States – and other countries, for that matter, too. I feel that I have a certain versatility that other wrestlers do not.
Kenny Omega
We should be the first to help disadvantaged people. What would happen if other countries decided to follow our example?
John Barnes
It seems strange to the rest of the world, but we Americans can’t seem to stop talking about how other countries should be democratic like we are.
Noah Feldman
U.S. trade policy is not just about the relationship between our nation and other countries. It is part of a larger conversation about living wage, consumer protection, job security, and a better quality of life for all Americans.
Marcia Fudge
While other countries may espouse the liberal utopian dream of a global community, it’s usually only to get the richer countries to pay more money for the world’s problems.
Richard Grenell
I deal with foreign countries. I made a lot of money dealing against China. I’ve made a lot of money dealing against many other countries.
Donald Trump
The single most eye-opening experience for me and what propelled me to become a filmmaker was that I started to see films from other countries.
Lee Isaac Chung
Kosovo today is closer to Europe than other countries in the region of South Eastern Europe.
Ibrahim Rugova
When I see the crumbling roads and bridges, or the dilapidated airports, or the factories moving overseas to Mexico, or to other countries, I know these problems can all be fixed, but not by Hillary Clinton – only by me.
Donald Trump
We think it is possible to get the benefits of a customs union but still have the flexibility for the U.K. to pursue an independent trade policy on top of that with other countries outside the E.U.
David Lidington
We don’t tell New Zealanders we can stop the global recession, because we can’t. What we do tell them is we can use this time to transform the economy to make us stronger so that when the world starts growing again we can be running faster than other countries we compete with.
John Key
Jazz is known all over the world as an American musical art form and that’s it. No America, no jazz. I’ve seen people try to connect it to other countries, for instance to Africa, but it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with Africa.
Art Blakey
When you kill 500,000 children in order to impose your will on other countries, then you shouldn’t be surprised when somebody responds in kind.
Ward Churchill
There are a number of institutions globally where the Federal Reserve typically leads the U.S. effort to work with financial regulators from other countries, and we try to, to the extent possible, establish international standards for how – the amount of capital a bank should hold, for example, or how much.
Ben Bernanke
Space exploration has taken a tremendous technological leap. India as a developing nation has been recognized globally for how it has economized its missions, which have been comparatively low-cost compared with other countries.
Rakesh Sharma
We are in the year 2013, and racism is still amongst us and is still a problem. It’s not simply an argument for the History Channel or something that belongs to the past or something that only happens in other countries.
Kevin-Prince Boateng
We must make it clear that we won’t interfere in other countries’ elections and work to make that the clear international norm.
Ro Khanna
It kind of scares me, the notion that we’re going to be injecting ourselves into other countries’ affairs when they’re not posing a threat to our security. I wouldn’t be telling Israel what to do.
Gary Johnson
Not like other countries, we will never ask anyone to fight for us.
Benny Gantz
If you look at Germany and France, a couple other countries, those are really kickboxing markets.
Scott Coker
Of course, in China, there’s already plenty of people who like badminton. I’m hoping more foreigners, Americans, and other countries can get into this sport.
Lin Dan
You have to go to other countries to realize Taipei is a place where there is diversity of thought.
Ko Wen-je
If I had political responsibility, I would want to prepare for a plan B that would foresee that the European currency union, that the eurozone, no longer necessarily consists of 17 member states. And that means to make provisions so that other countries are not pulled into the maelstrom through contagion.
Peer Steinbruck
Governments follow their people. A great deal has to do with the vision of the leadership of governments. They have a vision, and they translate that to their people and to their counterparts in other countries. You can fulfill and achieve a great deal if you get along well as individuals, as people, as persons.
Salman Khurshid
I can’t say enough about the tremendous work the Missouri National Guard has done as part of our military efforts in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries.
Jay Nixon
In light of the attacks on mass transit systems in other countries, shouldn’t we be beefing up?… Clearly more could be done.
Susan Collins
We were sent to this country by the President, who desires to promote the welfare of Japan, and are quite different from the ambassadors of other countries.
Townsend Harris
Having been on tour in countries that are extremely eco-friendly, we automatically end up doing the things that normal people do in other countries.
Kaki King
It’s only a drawback in the States, where most people seem to have no real interest in other countries and the notion of a novel which might offer insight into life in the UK doesn’t seem to appeal very widely.
Jonathan Coe
Clubs in other countries can step up, and we can kick on with women’s football even more.
Toni Duggan
The current total of countries in the world with First Amendments is one. You have guaranteed freedom of speech. Other countries don’t have that.
Neil Gaiman
Everybody has a hacking capability. And probably every intelligence service is hacking in the territory of other countries. But who exactly does what? That would be a very sensitive piece of information. But it’s very difficult to communicate about it. Because nobody wants to admit the scope of what they’re doing.
Henry Kissinger
Per capita, I would say that Australia has more biomimetic projects going than many other countries I’ve been to.
Janine Benyus
Even if the Brits decide to remain, we will have to avoid a contagion on other countries.
Emmanuel Macron
There is some risk that if the wrong regulatory regime gets adopted in the U.S., then the center of innovation could move to other countries. If blockchains are the next Internet, that would be a very unfortunate development for the U.S.
David O. Sacks
We must work harder to lessen inequalities. Only by doing so can we speak with credibility and moral authority to other countries and the People’s Republic of China.
Sherrod Brown
There are hundreds of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings around the United States and in other countries, too. Wright lived into his 90s, and one of his most famous buildings, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, was completed just before his death. Wright buildings look like Wright buildings – that is their paradox.
Jane Smiley
It’s not in our interest, nor in the interest of other countries in the region, for terrorists to regroup again.
Haider al-Abadi
Kiwis must not fall behind the standards of other countries. We pride ourselves on our quality of life. Thus we must pave the road in the right way for the future generations.
Kylie Bax
I watched the Bush administration overreact to the Clinton administration, who believed they did too much nation building, sustaining other countries, and that’s why we never put the commitment on Afghanistan and Iraq that should have been in there under their policy leadership.
Jack Keane
In India, we are forced to choose our specialisation very early, whereas in some other countries, this can be done much later in life. While the British have abandoned this approach, we in India seem to be struggling with the old British system of education.
Anand Mahindra
I don’t get recognized in England. Not at all. Every so often, I get recognized in other countries.
Katie McGrath
I don’t have an anti-Hollywood feeling. It’s just I’m a New Zealander. I was born in New Zealand, and it’s where my house is, and my family goes to school there. My interest is to remain in my homeland and make films. I don’t really want to relocate myself to other countries in the world to work.
Peter Jackson
Since the founding of our nation, our democracy has been the beacon of hope and the standard by which other countries look to.
Jeff Van Drew
Look at music for what it’s worth around the world and not just America. In other countries, people are still buying CDs and going to record stores. But in America, it’s all about digital. The game is breaking down. But, look at me, you need to know how to play the game the right way.
Snoop Dogg
More than 30 years ago, when I had embarked upon the fight against child labour, it was not even considered an issue worth any discussion. It was accepted as a way of life in India, much like it was in other countries. Today, no country or business or society can throw this issue away.
Kailash Satyarthi
In a union of equals, there can be no second-class consumers. I will not accept that in some parts of Europe, people are sold food of lower quality than in other countries, despite the packaging and branding being identical.
Jean-Claude Juncker
Compared to the United States and certainly a lot of other countries around the world… per year, Australians do see more films.
David Pratt
There are many people who know nothing of a world in which we take the reality of the ‘other’ seriously. I’m running on that platform: other people in other countries are really, really real, and there has to be a way of presenting their reality that is not condescending to them or about our psycho-social needs.
Teju Cole
I grew up in the military. I’ve lived that life. I know that our soldiers are out there fighting for our right to vote, and they’re out there fighting for other countries’ rights to vote… Guys have been dying for it, and we have to go out and exercise it.
Robert Griffin III
Here in Brazil, homophobia is everywhere. If Brazil looked up to good things that other countries do, it would become a better place. I’m not talking about homosexuals only, but for everything else.
Jessica Andrade
I’m telling you, you can’t compare Saudi Arabia to other countries.
Al-Waleed bin Talal
My view of democratic socialism builds on the success of many other countries around the world that have done a far better job than we have in protecting the needs of their working families, their elderly citizens, the children, the sick and the poor.
Bernie Sanders
I want to see Haiti do better. We have the sun everywhere: that’s a big asset. We have wonderful coasts, beautiful islands, mountains. Other countries that have that are known for it, but Haiti has been so focused inwards, on its problems.
Laurent Lamothe
My mother would take groups of students to different countries and always brought us along, so by the time I was 10, I had been to Russia, China, Nicaragua and several other countries.
Eliza Dushku
When you’re growing up, you have your heroes, and you hear about people going off to other countries to play football, but when you’re so young, you’re not thinking about that. You just play. No referee, no rules.
Nwankwo Kanu
Although I don’t have anything against people from other countries, the higher the influx into England the more the British identity disappears.
Until the late 1950s Britain’s leaders were slow to appreciate the social and economic value of motorways. The first stretch of German Autobahn had opened before the first world war, as did the first highway in the U.S. Other countries followed suit in the inter-war years.
Andrew Adonis, Baron Adonis
If you look at other countries, you see they have different values: defend more, pass the ball out more, winning is holy. In England, you could say that sport itself is holy. They say, ‘Look, guys, it’s about more than just winning.’
Johan Cruyff
When the U.K. and India collaborate, there is force multiplier, which is very-very strong. The force multiplier with India is much stronger than with many other countries. We get much greater impact and valued research papers when British and Indian scientists co-operate.
Jo Johnson
If the U.S. fails to set the rules for global trade, then other countries with records of environmental and labor abuses, like China, will step in to fill the void.
Mike Quigley
We no longer live in an era in which foreign policymakers can claim to serve their nations’ interests treating what happens to people in other countries as an afterthought… What happens to people in other countries matters. It matters to the welfare of our own nations and our own citizens.
Samantha Power
More and more people realize the importance of economic growth, near-term and long-term in the U.S., and the competitiveness with other countries around the world.
Alan Mulally
I didn’t know there was such a thing as professional soccer, but I knew that Brazil had a women’s team that competed against other countries, and I wanted to be on that team.
I get newspapers from Britain and other countries twice a week and read them almost page to page. Sometimes I find I’m reading things I don’t even need to read, because my mind is still hungry.
Paul Kagame
The U.S. tends to export high-tech goods because we have strong comparative advantage there, and we tend to import labor-intensive and less skill-intensive goods that other countries can do more cheaply.
David Autor
My books have been translated into various languages and sold in other countries, but I never have any contact with the foreign publishers and am so disconnected from that process that it seems almost imaginary. With ‘How to Save a Life’, I worked closely with Usborne editors and have been involved in the publicity.
Sara Zarr
Britain can claim to lead the world in murder because it was a country that industrialized early. Other countries, going through the same process later, caught up and produced their own genres of detective fiction.
Lucy Worsley
Human dignity is independent of national borders. We must always defend the interests of the poor and the persecuted in other countries.
Kjell Magne Bondevik
My ambition with connectivity is not to fly balloons in the national airspace of other countries, but my dream is to be able to enable the local entrepreneurs to have low-cost connectivity solutions.
Satya Nadella
In China, the rich enslaved the poor, and in England and Scotland and all over the world, one person, through his power and wealth and standing, was able to enslave others. Don’t torget, mankind has had wars where we sent armies to enslave other countries; history is full of slavery.
Lorne Greene
I find that other countries have this or this, but Italy is the only one that has it all for me. The culture, the cuisine, the people, the landscape, the history. Just everything to me comes together there.
Frances Mayes
I think that Europeans in general have a more global view of the world because they are in such proximity to other countries that it enables them to travel and see other parts of the world.
Valerie Cruz
As long as there is a demand for me to visit other cities – and hopefully, other countries – that’s what I want to do.
Chad Michaels
In crises, the old is dying and the new has not been born. Hence, the revolts we are witnessing in Egypt and Tunisia, which may yet extend to other countries in the region, are full of uncertainties.
Jose Maria Aznar
In the United States, viewers don’t get to see a lot of things we can show in other countries. We didn’t get to show our naked Twister game from Wild On Jamaica, but we definitely filmed it.
Brooke Burke
They are very brave when they talk about other countries where they have no competencies, but where are they when we citizens need them? Is Europe’s solution to Catalans to turn its back?
Carles Puigdemont
O.K., if the desire to knock America off its pedestal, to redistribute American income to other countries, to shrink America’s footprint in the world, makes you anti-American, then Obama is in fact anti-American.
Dinesh D’Souza
Hollywood does seem like the holy grail. Not to diminish anything from other countries, but it’s the most mainstream and hardest to be a part of because there are so many people in it.
Eline Powell
People often ask us what we get by our frequent travel to countries. I want to tell them we do not travel to have fun; we travel to build our relationship with other countries, and it is because of our ties with these countries that we were able to rescue 7,000 people from Yemen.
Sushma Swaraj
You see a lot of managers who are working and yet are already talking about other countries and other teams. But that’s not for me.
Frank Rijkaard
When you have to pass through a couple of kids with Uzis on your way out of Jerusalem, you don’t forget those images. Getting out of your comfort zone is healthy. It’s one thing to hear about how things work in other countries, but it’s another thing to be there.
Mark Kozelek
There are some societies where women are not even allowed to drive a car, and that restriction is based in the name of religion and tradition. There are other countries where a woman can be punished if she does not cover her head.
Asma Jahangir
I think Mr. Trump’s people are very, very passionate, and they’re angry because of the way that this country has been taken advantage of from so many other countries. That’s a frustration level I think a lot of people in this country feel, and people express it in different ways.
Corey Lewandowski
I’m concerned that we don’t address the water pollution problems in other countries. If we move forward and don’t clean up the messes of the past, they’ll just get swept under the rug.
Erin Brockovich
There are a lot of advantages to being an American, but being an amateur athlete is not one of them. Other countries step into your life more, but they take care of you.
Dave Schultz
During the Reagan Administration, so much attention was devoted to fighting Marxism in Nicaragua and El Salvador that Washington lost sight of longer-term challenges in other countries.
Stephen Kinzer
We have built cities, developed industry and cultivated agriculture – we have transformed the State of Israel into an example and symbol for many other countries in the world.
Ariel Sharon
We need to work with the other countries in the hemisphere so that they also have refugee policies in place so that people have a place to go and can escape the violence in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.
Michael Bennet
Living in America means enjoying freedoms that people in many other countries cannot.
Charles B. Rangel
Eventually the dollar won’t always rule. Eventually there will be a challenge to the United States and it will have to be like other countries that are a bit concerned about their currency, and then have to ratchet back in order to – right, in order to sustain. We just haven’t reached that point yet.
Amity Shlaes
China is committed to work with other countries for a solution to the global challenge of energy and resources.
Li Keqiang
In other countries, it’s a common thing to have outcast children running around the streets in packs, and I don’t think we’re so far away from it here.
Penelope Spheeris
We are the world’s biggest importer. We need to treat the other countries as good suppliers.
Wilbur Ross
Norway has a great history of women’s football, but it’s harder now. We’ve stopped talking about development, and other countries have overtaken us.
Ada Hegerberg
Since other countries and terrorist organizations are working to secure information that could threaten national security, more funding is provided in the bill to increase counter-intelligence activities.
Roger Wicker
I think we have a thriving economic engine between not only the U.S. and Mexico but the U.S. and many, many other countries.
Oscar Munoz
I believe that every leader has a right to implement his own policy. But when I see things that are done that are not right – abuse of power, wrong approaches, wrong strategies, making use of foreign consultants, including those discarded by other countries – I feel that I have to have my say.
Mahathir Mohamad
I think that Russia was like a lot of other countries, a lot of empires, in being a tyranny up until the early 20th century. Then Russia had something that no other country has had, which is the longest totalitarian experiment in history.
Masha Gessen
Globalisation means many other countries are asserting themselves and trying to take over leadership. Please don’t ask Americans to let others assume the leadership of human exploration. We can do wonderful science on the Moon, and wonderful commercial things. Then we can pack up and move on to Mars.
Buzz Aldrin
It’s interesting, even in popular culture, in our vernacular now, the whole idea of ‘fake news.’ You hear it repeated on scripted television shows, on reality shows, you just see it everywhere, even in other countries.
Dagen McDowell
When the FDA announced its intentions to join other countries and ban quinolone use on U.S. chicken farms, the drug manufacturer Bayer initiated legal action that successfully delayed the process for five years.
Michael Greger
Try and understand: cricket was played by Commonwealth countries only; now it has started in other countries as well, and I am proud of that.
Kapil Dev
I have found that many other countries will buy off on anything American. As much as they hate us, they want to be us more than anything.
April Winchell
I have visited slums in Mumbai, I have visited slums in other countries, but nothing is like North Korea because North Korean starvation, it’s a systematic starvation by a country that chose to starve us.
Park Yeon-mi
All Plutophiles are based in America. If you go to other countries, they have much less of an attachment to either the existence or preservation of Pluto as a planet.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
England is very interested as well, and other countries if I could speak the languages!
Miranda Otto
Nonviolence worked in Serbia, and it can work in other countries seeking their freedom.
Janine di Giovanni
Because if you don’t have a great workforce, a great higher education system, you’re not going to have the next eBay, the next AmGen, the next, you know, Miasole, and not only California but America is going to fall behind a whole new competitive context which is obviously China, India, and other countries.
Meg Whitman
Russia probably knows the true cost of revolutions better than most other countries.
Sergei Lavrov
I do not like the idea that a Russian company cannot be successful without Western experience. I think that, at the end of the day, it is a question of bringing benchmarks from other countries. So far, the golden benchmark has been the West.
Maelle Gavet
One might enumerate the items of high civilization, as it exists in other countries, which are absent from the texture of American life, until it should become a wonder to know what was left.
Henry James
We see what Hamas, what kind of this organization, how radicals, their ideology, and we see the consequences every day. You know, the rockets on Israel – and I don’t know any other countries that they will accept reality with, every day, rockets on their towns, cities.
Avigdor Lieberman
I feel like smaller countries, other countries, they cheer, they support their people no matter what. We need to get a little bit more supportive of our people.
Chris Weidman
I think it has something to do with being British. We don’t take ourselves as seriously as some other countries do. I think a lot of people take themselves far too seriously; I find that a very tedious attitude.
Joan Collins
Everyone thinks Australia and New Zealand MMA fighters don’t have that wrestling base, whereas a lot of Americans and other countries have, with them being able to do wrestling at high-school levels.
Robert Whittaker
Americans have no idea of the extent of their government’s mischief… the number of military strikes we have made unprovoked, against other countries, since 1947 is more than 250.
Gore Vidal
So the books have a greater appeal to a British audience, but that hasn’t stopped them making best-seller lists in places like Brazil, Japan and at least a dozen other countries.
Bernard Cornwell
Having read the histories of other countries, I saw that expansion was everything, and that the world’s surface being limited, the great object of present humanity should be to take as much of the world as it possibly could.
Cecil Rhodes
The history of Germany is not the history of a nation, but of a race. It has little unity, therefore; it is complicated, broken, and attached on all sides to the histories of other countries.
Bayard Taylor
What’s more important is, rather than looking at it from a commercial point of view, what we have to make sure is, where there’s existence of the sport, it keeps on increasing there, and at the same time, you look at some of the other countries where there’s the prospect of playing cricket.
MS Dhoni
In Illinois, we’ve seen job losses from agreements like CAFTA and NAFTA. Those agreements didn’t help American workers – and they haven’t brought improvements to the lives of workers in other countries, either.
Jan Schakowsky
Are we better off if we displace jobs and investments to other countries and global emissions go up? I say no. Let’s bring that production here and have less emissions globally because we can make things more efficiently and cleaner.
Andrew Scheer
The motivation for war is simple. The U.S. government started the war with Iraq in order to make it easy for U.S. corporations to do business in other countries. They intend to use cheap labor in those countries, which will make Americans rich.
Michael Moore
The basic story for Golden Spike is that we discovered a way to create do-it-yourself Apollo programs for other countries.
Alan Stern
Some people are using landline connections and dial-up modems to call ISPs in other countries and get onto the Internet. Still others are using satellite connections.
Daniel Lyons
I’ve been on loads of promotional trips in so many other countries, and most of the time, you just want to go home.
Amy Macdonald
China believes that it has the rightful claim to a vast portion of the South China Sea, which is claimed by other countries.
Evan Osnos
The way we need to view aid is as a fulfillment of rights, and Mexico, as other countries around the world, have agreed and signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the covenants of Human Rights and that includes the right to food, the right to water, the right to housing and the right to education.
Kerry Kennedy
We need to just study what other countries have done. There are examples of a strong partnership between the defence establishment and the private industry.
Baba Kalyani
Other countries are open to purchasing foreign short films because they have a market for them.
Karthik Subbaraj
We do not postpone the participation of the lower classes of our people in the profits of economic enterprise, and in other countries, they do postpone it. In the long run, I think our policy is better, and we stand by it.
Ferdinand Marcos
There are other countries that if you had a preexisting condition, and let’s say the virus caused you to go to the ICU and then have a heart or kidney problem, some countries are recording as a heart issue or a kidney issue and not a COVID-19 death.
Deborah Birx
If the U.S. doesn’t have an export credit agency, which is what the Export-Import Bank is, then we can’t compete with other countries that do. Every other country in the world that competes in aerospace has an export credit agency.
Dennis Muilenburg
Experience in other countries shows how big money, rather than the best political candidate, can influence politics.
Andrew Lansley
Have you ever noticed how hell-bent liberals are at making the United States seem inferior to other countries… to any country?
Steven Crowder
So many people in this country have a dual loyalty. They have loyalty to America, but they also are determined to have their parade up Fifth Avenue once a year… a Cuban parade or a Puerto Rican parade – many other countries. So they really don’t forget.
Tom Wolfe
The sad reality is that there are no purely domestic issues in Israel. Issues that would be dealt with by municipalities in other countries – such as how to deal with a dangerous bridge or how to resolve conflicts between religious and secular bus riders – become major international issues when they occur in Israel.
Alan Dershowitz
With the issue of immigration, it’s very difficult because, although I don’t have anything against people from other countries, the higher the influx into England, the more the British identity disappears.
As the treaty made with the United States was the first treaty entered into by your country with other countries, therefore the President regards Japan with peculiar friendliness.
Townsend Harris
Unfair trade agreements, passed by both Republicans and Democrats, have sent millions of jobs to other countries. We need to stop this hemorrhaging and find ways for American workers to compete in the new market.
Russ Feingold
We have a lot of great stars and so many different things, some of the other countries don’t have that. So when they get somebody, they support them to the death. America, I kind of think we take it for granted sometimes.
Chris Weidman
When I went to West Point, I was there with cadets from 50 other states and territories. Cadets from other countries, and you learn all of these things about our country, about our culture, our heritage, our ethnicity. At the end of the day, you come back, we all wear green, and we all consider ourselves an Army.
Mark Esper
We always keep saying, ‘We’re the best, we’re the best.’ Other countries offer healthcare for their people. We don’t, so how are we the best there? We’ve got poverty all over the place, and it’s the haves and the have-nots, so how are we the best there?
Richard Ojeda
If all our comrades of Europe, America and other countries, who do not understand what we are doing to Spanish Anarchism, would come to Spain, we could then see how they would react.
Federica Montseny
Americans, as a rule, rarely compare themselves with other countries, so convinced are we that our system is superior, that our politicians are better, that our democracy is the fairest and most robust in the world.
Anne Applebaum
I must say, the standard of football we play in League Two is better than I thought. I think, if you compared it with the fourth division in other countries, such as Italy, Germany and Spain, League Two is much, much better – and that’s very positive. The intensity and the tempo is as high as the Premier League.
Sven-Goran Eriksson
Of all the important relationships that Australia has with other countries, none has been more greatly transformed over the last 10 years than our relationship with China.
John Howard
It’s not enough for one country or even a few countries to reduce emissions when other countries continue to fill the atmosphere with carbon pollution as they see fit.
John F. Kerry
Globalization means we have to re-examine some of our ideas, and look at ideas from other countries, from other cultures, and open ourselves to them. And that’s not comfortable for the average person.
Herbie Hancock
Many other countries in the region also have money and oil, but they haven’t done much good with it – at least not enough to stop the Middle East’s disastrous wars. Saudi Arabia at least has something else: stability, a scarce commodity in the region.
Jamal Khashoggi
When we travel to other countries, the Internet speed is so much slower. So I think in terms of technology, 5G and Internet speed, Korea has an absolute advantage over other countries.
Park Won-soon
The thing that I like about Germany is that Germans are so much like us. It’s not like going to some other countries, where the differences are overwhelming and you walk around in a fog. Germans are so similar to Americans.
Matt Damon
The United States is the least protectionist country in the world but has the largest trade deficit, while other countries are highly protectionist and have huge trade surpluses. This cannot continue.
Wilbur Ross
And the big question for the West, of course, and to the Europeans is, what other countries, which were formerly part of the Soviet bloc, should be incorporated into western institutions?
Samuel P. Huntington
When we cannot find enough extra money for policing, yet we are having huge sums to other countries in aid, it is time to start a serious conversation.
Esther McVey
One always likes to think that other countries are not like one’s own.
Tom Stoppard
The other countries did not share the same concern the United States had in the early ’90’s – that North Korea actually had an ongoing nuclear weapons program.
Mitchell Reiss
Americans pay up to 1,000 percent more to fill their prescriptions than consumers in other countries – that is an alarming statistic.
Ken Salazar
Thankfully, the time where you buy and sell other countries and populations is over.
Mette Frederiksen
I feel like there is just as much violent programming in other countries and there is not the same incidence of factors. I think there are other factors contributing to violence in this country and not the media.
Sara Gilbert
The Czech Republic is a dynamic United Nations Member State, active on the Human Rights Council, contributing to the peaceful settlement of disputes, and helping other countries to achieve a democratic transition.
Ban Ki-moon
Americans have the right and advantage of being armed – unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.
James Madison
I’ve often found myself looking fondly at the Valentine’s cultures in other countries. South Korea, for instance – where women must give chocolate to men.
John Niven
There’s a civic nationalism in Britain and dozens of other countries.
Michael Ignatieff
You know among people who kind of travel a lot and have exposure to the United States and some other countries, they do have accounts, but you know, Russia is not exactly the place with multiple language skills so local networks kind of have an edge.
Yuri Milner
The manufacture and running of all the world’s computers, the toxicity of the hardware mountains that we currently dump on other countries; all this can be totted up on the environmental account of web-users and its authors.
Tristram Stuart
India has 2,000,000 gods and worships them all. In religion, all other countries are paupers; India is the only millionaire.
Mark Twain
To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.
Aldous Huxley
So the president set out the policy guidance and said it had to take place in a multilateral fashion so that other countries in the region could be invested in the success of this process.
Mitchell Reiss
Big government, global environmentalism cannot work unless everyone pitches in. With China, Russia, India and a number of other countries constantly cheating the rules of international climate agreements, it makes staying in them an expensive – yet fruitless – cause.
Katie Pavlich
When American workers are losing their jobs to people in other countries, Washington cannot afford to ignore this disturbing trend any longer. While Democratic presidential candidates want to just blame U.S. corporations, the reality is that their strategy won’t help protect American workers or save their jobs.
Kevin Brady
Pakistan has always supported other countries by touring.
Sarfaraz Ahmed
I suggested that we had experience in helping other countries build their military forces, and we would be willing and happy to do the same for Afghanistan, together with the United States.
Bulent Ecevit
I personally believe every country has the same amount of spectrum. It is not that India has less… It needs to be vacated from other places; that is what other countries have also done.
Sunil Mittal
Being an American is such a rich environment, because there’s so many people from other countries and cultures, and through that you’re able to see other people’s experiences.
Rick Yune
We continue to grow, and, just like with countries like China or other countries where we are not doing particularly well, we take a really long-term approach.
Jan Koum
It’s good that we have good managers like Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger in this countr,y but I think we should be trying to send out some of our managers to other countries to help not just the development of themselves but the leagues over here. It can enhance their careers.
David Moyes
By withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, the U.S. cedes power and influence to our rivals. If we retreat on our promises and cede leadership on climate issues, we lose credibility. Further, we lose the ability to hold other countries accountable for a broader range of issues.
Christine Todd Whitman
There is always going to be competition from other countries and different venues who want to host a race, but the British GP is a must have.
Christian Horner
I spend every day up at the United Nations where I have to interact with 192 other countries. I know how well the United States is viewed.
Susan Rice
We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times… and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK. That’s not leadership. That’s not going to happen.
Barack Obama
We have a human rights interest. Then there is the immigration problem. The human-rights violations have caused people to take to boats and flood not only the United States, but other countries in the region, creating great instability.
Warren Christopher
Other countries have been founded by ‘accidents of force.’ America is a creation of thought.
Dinesh D’Souza
The Brits are escorting their ships, and we will escort our ships, and I assume other countries will escort their ships.
Mark Esper
It is not really our country so much is the problem, it’s sort of the parasitic relationship that Canada, and France, and other countries have towards us.
Bob Corker
I would say as a journalist, I would envision travelling to other countries that have had to reckon with their past and see how they’ve done it: what worked, what didn’t work, finding characters that would tell the story of how that process was done.
Ta-Nehisi Coates
In Britain, we are not a secular state as France is, or some other countries.
Gordon Brown
We have partnered with hospitals. We do check-ups. We talk to the parents – we educate them – and at the same time, we take the kids to other countries for operations. The goal of the foundation is to build our own cardiac hospitals in Africa, starting in Nigeria.
Nwankwo Kanu
Environmental problems cannot be resolved here the way they are resolved in other countries. I heard that 80 per cent of the environmental problems in the U.S. are solved in court. That can’t happen here.
Ma Jun
The popular tendency is to listen approvingly to the most extreme statements and claims of politicians and orators who seek popularity by declaring their own country right in everything and other countries wrong in everything.
Elihu Root