Oval Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Oval Quotes from famous authors such as Pete Buttigieg, John Dickerson, Fabrizio Moreira, Eugene Jarecki, David Petraeus. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

Presidents going live from the Oval Office have used that platform to inform the American public, and also to do one of the most important parts of their job: to inspire the best in us.
Pete Buttigieg
George W. Bush said the reason the Oval Office is round is there are no corners you can hide in.
John Dickerson
Mr. Trump, Americans can’t afford, and don’t want, to worry about the latest lawsuit filed against their president. And you’re not immune from these suits once you enter the Oval Office. Anything you’ve done before taking office is fair game.
Fabrizio Moreira
War is party-blind. It doesn’t care who is in the Oval Office. The forces that drive us to war don’t care whether it’s Republican, Democrat, or other. The fact is, these parties are prey to special interests. That is something Eisenhower was afraid of.
Eugene Jarecki
The president and I sat down in the Oval Office, and he expressed very clearly that what he wants from me is my best professional military advice.
David Petraeus
From the day he first walked through the door of the Oval Office, President Obama’s top priority has been growing our economy, creating good jobs, and rebuilding middle class security.
Denis McDonough
The truth is Mr. Trump could simply sit in the Oval Office for four years like a potted plant, and that would be a vast improvement over the Obama agenda, which was almost in every case – from tax increases to spending stimulus bills to Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, the war on fossil fuels, and so on – bad for growth.
Stephen Moore
I think every administration has a settling-in process. And there’s always an adjustment between what you can say during a campaign and what you find are the possibilities and the imperatives when you win the election and you enter the Oval Office.
Lee Hsien Loong
When me and Sheila got married, all we had was an oval table, four chairs, a bed, and a painting by Matthew Smith.
Richard Attenborough
I think soon after I became director of the CIA – President Obama pulled me into the Oval Office and said: ‘Look, I just want you to know that your top priority is to go after Osama bin Laden.’
Leon Panetta
A round or a square product was easily made, except for an oval one, at that time when watch industry mainly relied on hand-made or semi-automatic equipments. It is like the printing and coat film of the mobile phone, which is difficult to realize counterpoint.
Zhou Qunfei
When choosing the president of the United States and the leader of the free world, your desire to have a beer with a candidate should be your last concern. Let’s keep our president in the Oval Office and out of the bars.
Kayleigh McEnany
The day will come – and it is not far off – when the legacy of Lincoln will finally be fulfilled at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, when a black man or woman will sit in the Oval Office. When that day comes, the most remarkable thing about it will be how naturally it occurs.
George H. W. Bush
John McCain knows as well as anyone that Sarah Palin has no business being anywhere near the Oval Office. I’m sorry, it’s got nothing to do with the fact that she wears skirts – she’s grossly unqualified.
Ron Reagan
I have more engagement with New Zealand than people might think. Unlike the impression I have of the American president, who sits in the Oval Office and people come to them.
John Key
The banked oval tracks are obsolete tracks for Indy cars.
Mario Andretti
The unknown has undone many a president, and no matter the popularity of an Oval Office occupant, any and all presidents are vulnerable. Of course, one thing that seems to set Obama part from his recent predecessors is his ability to keep an inner calm about tough issues.
Chuck Todd
Clinton’s attempt to socialize healthcare was the second most disgusting thing he did in the oval office. I can’t remember was the first thing was.
Ann Coulter
GOP leaders need to let go of their ego factions and come together with one primary goal in mind: keeping ‘Billary’ from getting back into the Oval Office.
Chuck Norris
There is nowhere I encounter greater understanding for Israel’s existential issues than in the Oval Office.
Ehud Olmert
I’ve worked for four presidents and watched two others up close, and I know that there’s no such thing as a routine day in the Oval Office.
Dick Cheney
I want you to know what I have told Australia’s Parliament in Canberra – what I told General Petraeus in Kabul – what I told President Obama in the Oval Office this week. Australia will stand firm with our ally the United States.
Julia Gillard
I mean, Trump’s Oval Office is like Grand Central Station. People try briefing him and someone comes in and interrupts him. People just sort of walk in without being previously announced in any meaningful way.
Maggie Haberman
Whose leadership, whose judgment, whose values do you want in the White House when that crisis lands like a thud on the Oval Office desk?
Rahm Emanuel
Every president makes the Oval Office theirs.
John Dickerson
My favourite ground is The Oval because I have a lot of memories on that ground.
Mohammad Amir
Even without the euphoria of ‘yes we can,’ Hillary Clinton is to white women what Barack Obama was to African-Americans. She represents the opportunity to see a like image in the Oval Office for the first time.
Joy Reid
I found this national debt, doubled, wrapped in a big bow waiting for me as I stepped into the Oval Office.
Barack Obama
Sitting in the Oval Office, beneath a painting of George Washington, with a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. over his right shoulder and a bust of Abraham Lincoln over his left shoulder, Obama told ‘National Journal’ that the country’s economic woes are deep and endemic.
Ron Fournier
I am all for charity in judging the men who have occupied the Oval Office over the past seventy years, given the huge responsibilities the president carries across the world.
Nigel Hamilton
Let’s be under no illusions: There are attacks on, for example, transgender Americans from the Oval Office, picking on troops – people willing to lay down their lives for this country – not to mention teenagers in our high schools. So we’ve got to end the war on trans Americans.
Pete Buttigieg
When I was growing in the Callope project, we had an oval parkway. Pavement ran around this whole thing. We’d skate or ride bicycles. There were benches and trees out there. It was paradise to us. They finished building it the same year I was born.
Aaron Neville
Ronald Reagan would never go into the Oval Office without his jacket on – that’s how much he revered the presidency.
Kenneth Langone
I have a routine for a day I’m in the office and not really physically active. Or a day when I’m in the gym once or in the gym twice. Then I’ve got a road course routine and an oval routine because they’re different physically.
Charlie Kimball
Some days, I’d feel better with Punxsutawney Phil in the Oval Office – at least he doesn’t lie about the weather.
Molly Ivins
The seemingly omnipresent storm clouds hanging over the Constitution often make it hard to find a silver lining. Every day, the front page of The Drudge Report is littered with stories of government assaults on our civil liberties – from local government officials all the way up to the Oval Office.
Bob Barr
My father taught us to serve with strength and clear-minded conviction, but to do so with humility, to work in the Oval Office on behalf of the American people with a servant’s heart.
Neil Bush
I thought food and drink were just part of the perks of living at the White House. The next day, I got a call from his secretary saying my dad wanted to see me in the Oval Office, and when I got there, dad was waving this little pink receipt. I didn’t know it came out of his salary.
Steven Ford
Honor and integrity are at the heart of everything Marines do. It’s why I believe so strongly that Joe Biden is the president who can return honor and integrity to the Oval Office.
Amy McGrath
I don’t want an underachiever working on my car’s transmission. Why would I want someone regular sitting in the Oval Office? Sorry, give me somebody who has demonstrated a capacity to excel.
John Ridley