Partnership Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Partnership Quotes from famous authors such as Teri Garr, Robert Parish, Will Hurd, Anand Sharma, Paula White. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

In addition to having a good partnership with a good doctor, you have to do some of the work yourself. Go online, read about it, and find out what you can tolerate.
Teri Garr
An induction into the prestigious USSSA Hall of Fame is a humbling honor and a testament to everyone who helped foster and grow Worth’s partnership with USSSA.
Robert Parish
Russia has demonstrated it is not committed to genuine partnership with the United States.
Will Hurd
I don’t think countries engage with each other looking at immediate gains. It’s building a partnership.
Anand Sharma
It is through our prayers, through our acts of faith that God works in partnership with us.
Paula White
We need an attitude of defiance, not an attitude of cowardice. Out in the street, that’s how we are winning against the TransCanada Pipeline. This is how we have delayed the Trans-Pacific Partnership and forced it into an election season, gotten everybody to stand against it. Democracy is not about surrender.
Jill Stein
The jobs aren’t going away. They’re bringing in people to replace Americans in those jobs. And this Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership, it makes it worse.
Paul Nehlen
Speech controversies’ will come and go as they always have, but our countries’ shared values remain and Congress’ bipartisan support for a strong U.S.-Israel partnership is ironclad.
Ted Lieu
If I felt, in the event of a royal wedding, inspired to write about people coming together in marriage or civil partnership, I would just be grateful to have an idea for the poem. And if I didn’t, I’d ignore it.
Carol Ann Duffy
We have a partnership deal with New Line Records, which is part of New Line Cinema, and… I worked on that.
James Iha
While others have walked away from their responsibilities, the Sinn Fein team will work with the other ministers in partnership to deliver for all the people.
Martin McGuinness
People talk about cricket being an individual game but I really don’t agree; everything is done in a partnership.
Stuart Broad
Since taking office, President Obama has worked to restore a positive vision of American leadership in the world – leadership defined, not by the threats and dangers that we will oppose, but by the security, opportunity and dignity that America advances in partnership with people around the world.
John O. Brennan
I look forward to strengthening the U.S.-U.N. partnership and working closely with Secretary of State Kerry towards our shared goals of peace, development, and human rights.
Ban Ki-moon
I’m a much healthier person through my relationship with my husband. I’ve become a more fulfilled person – it’s a great partnership.
Cate Blanchett
Writing in form is a way of developing your thinking – your thinking along with the tradition. In a way, it’s not you alone, it’s you in partnership.
Marilyn Nelson
At Liverpool and England I formed a great partnership with Michael Owen who played off me with great success and in more recent times Wayne Rooney carried out a similar role.
Emile Heskey
All partnerships are doomed to die. Almost no partnership ever ended with neutrality and both people retiring at the same time.
Karch Kiraly
So, I was just a young guy, maybe with an idea, and Cecil Taylor, himself a rebel, would take a chance on a guy like me. It turned out to be a very symbiotic partnership. I learned a lot from him.
Archie Shepp
My first memory of Umbro was when I refused to take off my orange and purple Umbro checkerboard shorts for church at five years old. I won that battle, and that drive to express myself and stay true to myself, even as a kid, is why I’m so excited about my partnership with Umbro.
Ashlyn Harris
My team and I are excited to bring to our new partners at Roark the same energy and commitment to excellence that helped make our partnership with Weston Presidio so successful.
Jimmy John Liautaud
I’m very lucky to have a husband who cooks, for a start. It’s a good partnership. I met him through a friend, and we just hit it off.
Lesley Nicol
Partnership is a necessity if we are to reach our goals.
Eric Adams
Investments are a real partnership, with an expected return; donations are a gesture made as a result of ethical, religious, or political passions.
Edgar Bronfman, Sr.
Saudi Arabia is the bulwark of our relationship, especially when it comes to Iran, and without the partnership of Saudi Arabia and our other Gulf allies, we would not be able to have the maximum economic pressure campaign that we have.
Morgan Ortagus
We’re in the business of influence. And if we’re going to be in partnership with anybody, I want it to be with people who have amazing access and influence.
David Droga
I have an amazing partnership with Red Bull.
I would say ‘American Werewolf in London’ is like an unconventional buddy movie: even if the buddy dies 20 minutes in, he still remains throughout the picture, and their partnership is one of the best things in the movie.
Edgar Wright
I think being raised by a single mother put me on the outside, and I would watch my mother’s married friends and think, ‘Why does she put him down in public?’ or, ‘Why is he so rude to her?’ It seemed to me that there were very few marriages where the couple were genuinely in a supportive, loving partnership.
Cherie Lunghi
A lot of the emotions we portray are universal themes that resonate with everyone, so the fact that people feel invested in our partnership is truly remarkable.
Tessa Virtue
I would love to have the same rights as everybody else. I would love, I don’t care if it’s called marriage. I don’t care if it’s called, you know, domestic partnership. I don’t care what it’s called.
Ellen DeGeneres
Shawn Michaels really helped me a lot. We helped each other. It was a good partnership.
Scott Hall
I am excited Sundial and Unilever have created this partnership, rooted in a purpose-driven ethos, that represents an incredible opportunity to take our Community Commerce economic empowerment and impact model to another level.
Richelieu Dennis
I’d already been using the Uber Eats app for a long time – and it’s super simple to use. That’s just what I look for when I go into partnerships. If something comes to me that I’ve never used before for a potential partnership, then it doesn’t feel real or natural. This one is a match made in heaven.
Financial institutions, the corporate world and civil society – all must uphold high standards of probity in their working. Only a genuine partnership between the Government and its people can bring about positive change to create a just society.
Pratibha Patil
Whenever a partnership is formed, there has to be a benefit to the partners; otherwise, they don’t form it.
G. Edward Griffin
Obama and Kuczynski each promised to do all they could to enact the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Greg Grandin
The stress on the moral basis of policy and action, belief in unity and discipline, faith in a synthesis of heritage and science, and promotion of the rule of law and of education – all of it is located in a partnership between citizen and government.
Ram Nath Kovind
When you recruit good candidates and you have a good message and you have energy and organization and partnership, you always have a fighting chance.
Tom Perez
Friendship is essentially a partnership.
The most important thing is the lieutenant governor and governor relationship be a true partnership.
Kathy Hochul
I think when your confidence is still growing as a young artist, your capacity for generosity and partnership can be hindered, probably in large part due to self-involvement.
Asher Keddie
It has to be a partnership. I go back to Ted Thompson’s opening press conference, and he talked about partnership. We had a hell of a partnership for 12 years.
Mike McCarthy
No partnership between two independent companies, no matter how well run, can match the speed, effectiveness, responsiveness and efficiency of a solely owned company.
Edward Whitacre, Jr.
I was born and raised in the state of Indiana, and it’s where I started Papa John’s, so this state and our partnership with the Pacers hold a special place in my heart.
John Schnatter
The nations must be organized internationally and induced to enter into partnership, subordinating in some measure national sovereignty to worldwide institutions and obligations.
Arthur Henderson
As far as funding and building a team, you being romantically involved with your cofounder really shouldn’t play a factor in how you run the company and how you create a team or find resources. It’s all about the partnership.
Julia Hartz
We became Morris and Morecambe. This partnership did not last long, however.
Ernie Wise
We will naturally pursue our goals on the strength of our own resources, skills and enterprise. But, we know that we will be more successful when we do this in partnership with the world.
Narendra Modi
Of all the foods we share, there is nothing more primordial than meat. It’s no surprise that meat-eaters still want a partner who will give, receive and share this primordial symbol of a budding partnership.
Helen Fisher
I would like to promote the concept of a partnership of insurance companies, physicians and hospitals in deploying a basic framework for an electronic medical records system that is affordable.
Samuel Wilson
My partnership with YouTube is one that I really, really treasure and I want to carry through. I mean, I don’t just say it because I work with them; I genuinely am a fan of YouTube, so that’s where I’d want to see my content.
Lilly Singh
What I love so much about being a part of Umbro and the partnership is they authentically let me be me.
Ashlyn Harris
The Commonwealth is a vital and positive partnership between countries striving to develop trade relations and promote democracy and human rights, united by shared values.
Douglas Alexander
Before, back in the ’50s, women didn’t have as many rights as men, so they had to be that stay-at-home wife and take care of the kids all day. But now, with marriage, it’s a partnership. It’s not like this old traditional marriage that it once was.
Kendra Wilkinson
Part of the problem in today’s world is that many men are taught that they have to ‘make it’ before they should even consider committed to a healthy partnership.
Hill Harper
It’s not just Iraq – it’s the Atlantic partnership which is at stake.
Janez Drnovsek
You cannot operate independently when you have a lifetime partnership and commitment with someone.
Kenya Moore
I mean that the function of the police is to solve problems that have law-enforcement consequences in a way that is based on a genuine partnership with the neighborhood in both the venting of the problem and the discussion of the solution.
James Q. Wilson
I don’t want to create music or do a partnership because of the money. I don’t want to be money-influenced.
Most of my mentors in my early career were men; I’m happy to see today the partnership between the newer generation coming through and more senior women leaders helping others advance their careers.
Belinda Johnson
There will always be crazy things that happen in our lives, but love is the central connector. If we commit to love and partnership, the other stuff doesn’t matter.
Hill Harper
Dhamra Port is a model of modern maritime trade in Odisha and a successful example of public-private partnership.
Naveen Patnaik
When President Jiang Zemin visited India in 1996, the two sides decided that they would jointly build a constructive partnership of cooperation oriented towards the 21st century.
Li Peng
Maybe that’s my only remorse, not having played more alongside Ibrahmovic towards the end of my career with Milan. We had an incredible feeling – he was delighted when I scored and I think we were made to play together and be a strike partnership.
Filippo Inzaghi
We all have different timetables in reaching and realizing that being in healthy partnership is better than being on our own.
Hill Harper
Marriage, in its truest sense, is a partnership of equals, with neither exercising dominion over the other, but, rather, with each encouraging and assisting the other in whatever responsibilities and aspirations he or she might have.
Gordon B. Hinckley
I don’t want dogs that have had the personality trained out of them. It’s a partnership. I want to connect.
Michael Keaton
The Declaration on Strategic Partnership between India and Russia signed in October 2000 became a truly historic step. The developments in the first decade of the 21 century confirmed that it was a particularly significant and timely step.
Vladimir Putin
That’s what PGA Tour golf is all about. It’s a partnership with the community to help people to raise money for charity and to do it using golf as a platform.
Tim Finchem
Building a stronger, more diverse workforce is a crucial part of our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’re committed to continuing to think creatively in partnership with all of our state’s communities to make that goal a reality.
Ned Lamont
The reason that the company decided to invest in Tesla was not to target a profit gain. We did it as a means to further a partnership between the companies.
Takeshi Uchiyamada
Bedroom Kandi is all about being your own boss, because it’s a real partnership. Consultants start off making 40 percent of everything that they sell.
Kandi Burruss
Scotland has chosen to remain in partnership with our neighbours in the U.K. But Scotland is distinct, and colleagues must recognise that.
Johann Lamont
My biggest mentor has been the Benchmark partnership. We have six partners and a flat structure, and everyone is paid the exact same paycheck. It’s a team model versus an individual model.
Peter Fenton
We’re thrilled that our partnership with Adobe has now grown to span our three clouds – Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365 – providing customers with the powerful integrations they need to navigate digital transformation.
Peggy Johnson
The economic partnership between India and Italy is strong.
Ram Nath Kovind
The crux of the matter was… the partnership between Richemont and myself was going sour for personal reasons, and you know, you can’t have two people arguing all the time, so it was either my buying him out or him buying me out.
David Tang
That is how our nation has been built – by a partnership between citizen and government, between individual and society, between a family and the wider community.
Ram Nath Kovind
I was just trying to coach and that was the only thing I knew. Coach the team. I think for me, ten years later and a lot of life experiences later, I’m more aware of the partnership that has to take place.
Monty Williams
Trade means jobs, but trade also means security. The time has come for all of us to urge the swift adoption of the Trans Pacific Partnership.
Mike Pence
What I loved about my partnership with ‘Quarterly’ was the fact that it bridges the online world with the real world. Sometimes we see these two worlds as separate entities, and to be able to establish a bridge is very exciting.
Nina Garcia
President Obama has called for economic and political empowerment of women globally. The Equal Futures Partnership promotes removal of policy, legal, and regulatory barriers that hold women back at local, state and national levels.
Lael Brainard
I did always say I wanted to infiltrate from within. That was always my reasoning behind going into partnership with a luxury group that uses a lot of leather in their products.
Stella McCartney
The writing partnership is a good collaboration for the same reason the marriage works, which is two people who can stand alone choosing to stand together.
Ann Maxwell
I loved reminiscing with my dad about his matches with the Bulldogs and his partnership with my uncle Bret Hart as the Hart Foundation.
Natalya Neidhart
The U.K. and India have a broad and exciting partnership that includes trade and investment, climate and energy, education, health and culture, reinforced by the large, vibrant Indian diaspora in Britain.
Alok Sharma
No system of religion should go in partnership with barbarism. Neither should any Christian feel it his duty to defend the savagery of the past.
Robert Green Ingersoll
For me its a struggle because I don’t have a visible disability and a lot of companies want to tick a box to say they’ve got a partnership with a disabled athlete. But if the rest of the world can’t see that they’re disabled then they don’t think it’s worth it.
Kadeena Cox
Our partnership with Disney included a two-hour Cinderella list takeover that features supermodel Coco Rocha’s first-ever fashion collection, which incorporated behind-the-scenes footage and interviews to support her HSN debut.
Mindy Grossman
As much as I believe in the Franco-German partnership, I question the idea of a duopoly. European construction is based on a well-balanced and respectful partnership between France and Germany.
Francois Hollande
Our partnership with Dick’s Sports Matter program aligns perfectly with our mission to address inequity in schools nationwide.
Charles Best
With patience, persistence, and partnership, we can create economic opportunity for every person willing to work hard for it.
Tom Perez
Countries need to work in partnership with international agencies, donors, global experts, and one another in order to collectively end HIV/AIDS.
Tedros Adhanom
I have been in business a long time. I never had a successful relationship or partnership with any entity by issuing an ultimatum.
Casey Wasserman
I think it is a mistake to withdraw from Trans-Pacific Partnership because if America abandons the Asia Pacific markets, we’ll lose.
Kevin Brady
And humility in politics means accepting that one party doesn’t have all the answers; recognising that working in partnership is progress not treachery.
Vince Cable
I was a big supporter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. I worked very closely with President Obama on that.
John Delaney
I am convening the African Leaders Forum on Disability in partnership with Special Olympics so that a marginalized population long unrecognized does not remain in the shadows. I consider this a critical, moral and practical challenge.
Joyce Banda
One of the main objective of our visit to India is to discuss with the Indian leaders and set out concrete,effective measures and direction aimed to deepen and add more substances to the Vietnam-India strategic partnership and translate potentials into reality in the interest of the two countries’ people.
Nguyen Phu Trong
The State of Israel, in partnership with Project Better Place and Renault-Nissan, is set to become the first country in the world to initiate the mass deployment of electric vehicles.
Ehud Olmert
Even before the partnership with New Era, I loved the hats. The fact that they even want to have a relationship with me means everything in the world to me.
Le’Veon Bell
It became plain very soon after our marriage that ours was to be a literary partnership.
Mary Augusta Ward
I would like to think that Ben and myself have begun a partnership that will take us into different areas of music that we can continue to write, enjoy and keep me involved with music other then what I do with RUSH.
Geddy Lee
Paul Ryan is the mercenary champion of Hillary Clinton’s – this is Hillary Clinton’s. This came out of the State Department. This Trans Pacific Partnership is going to export our jobs. It’s going to import foreign workers to replace Americans and our jobs.
Paul Nehlen
I think our Acompli acquisition was an interesting one, which started with a partnership and looking at their mobile e-mail app on iOS and Android. And what I would like to highlight with that one is the speed that we actually turned that around and brought it out the door.
Peggy Johnson
The day in 2011 that I went to the office of the city clerk in lower Manhattan with my partner Dustin to register for our domestic partnership was coincidentally also the first day same-sex partners were allowed to register for marriage in the state of New York.
Alexander Chee
When I first decided to launch a clothing line, I was pregnant with my daughter Spencer-Margaret, so I looked for a retailer with values that mirrored my own growing family concerns. Kmart is a family store where value-conscious moms shop, so my partnership with Kmart seemed like a natural fit.
Jaclyn Smith
Making personalized medicine a reality will require a strong partnership between 23andMe and the physician and medical communities.
Anne Wojcicki
At Hyperloop One, we’re committed to enabling disruption, and we recognize the importance of partnership in being able to realize the full potential of developing robust ecosystems that are needed to support Hyperloop’s capacity.
Shervin Pishevar
As we do our work in D.C., we should do our work in collaboration and in partnership, in cohesion with states so that we can work on environmental issues from Superfund to air quality to water quality across the full spectrum in things that we do in partnership with those folks.
Scott Pruitt
I feel fully decided that we should all go to Europe together and to work as if an established Partnership for Life consisting of Husband Wife and Children.
John James Audubon
This is a partnership really with the fans. They have to come and support the team.
Shahid Khan
In an unconstitutional partnership with the state, the church can impose the most irresistible, if covert, controls conceivable.
Madalyn Murray O’Hair
Before I ever had the idea of doing the partnership and deal with Celsius, I was already drinking it at my house for over a year. My family, everybody loves to drink it. It’s authentic to me in that sense and as far as energy drinks it’s really hard to find a good option as far as being healthy.
Julius Randle
I think both husband and wife should have busy minds, not see too much of each other, but not too little either: just get it right. If both are healthy in their heads and satisfied with their day’s work, the partnership works.
Gauri Khan
Albania, Macedonia and Greece have managed to create a good partnership in the south of the Continent and are making progress in blocking the spread of the conflict. But any spillover could destroy this European-oriented partnership and create problems for the European Union countries themselves.
Fatos Nano
EA SPORTS has a strong partnership with adidas and through this relationship they approached adidas about using some of their top players from around the world.
Claudio Reyna
There is no question that the benefits of a permanent, robust trading partnership between the U.S. and the E.U. are a rare example of a win-win for both parties.
Joe Kaeser
And we want to develop our strategy to partnership and friendship with the United States, which is connected with a very rich history but what is very important for our future.
Aleksander Kwasniewski
It is explained that all relationships require a little give and take. This is untrue. Any partnership demands that we give and give and give and at the last, as we flop into our graves exhausted, we are told that we didn’t give enough.
Quentin Crisp
There is a natural partnership between State and Commerce, and the American business community to work together to educate the United States about marketing overseas.
Lawrence Eagleburger
When it comes to representation and agent meetings, a lot of times actors go into the meeting with the idea that they need the agent to pick them – but it’s a partnership.
Ser’Darius Blain
There is so much work to be done to treat gays and lesbians and gay and lesbian couples with the respect that they’re entitled to. They deserve, in my judgment, partnership benefits. They deserve to be treated fairly when it comes to adoption and immigration.
John Edwards
We’re pursuing a strategic partnership with Afghanistan on the case of the United States and Afghanistan where we’re going to push toward a future. It is the future that the Afghans desire with the United States. It is a future that the Afghans desire with the international community and we desire that as well.
John R. Allen
Marriage, or any committed partnership, has become sacred to me, powerful and fragile all at the same time.
Emily V. Gordon
Throughout my partnership with Reebok, I’ve loved working closely with their product and design team in our shared mission of creating the best fitness products in the world.
Rich Froning Jr.
In a region wrought with strife, the shared democratic values between the U.S. and Israel have been the foundation for our historic and deep-rooted partnership.
Jeff Van Drew
The United States and Ethiopia have years of strong partnership, based on a recognition that we need each other.
Tom Malinowski
Literally from the moment I came in the door of MIT, it was very clear that a highly productive 40-year partnership between U.S. research universities and the federal government was badly eroding.
Charles Vest
A spiritual partnership is a partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. Spiritual partners use their delightful experiences together as well as their power struggles to learn about themselves and change themselves.
Gary Zukav
In 1991, the government unleashed the power of India and created a partnership between itself and industry. As a result, India has emerged as an economic success story, and that is a matter of pride for all of us.
Kumar Mangalam Birla
I am happy to be on board of Baseline Ventures. They manage some of the top talents of the country, and I look forward to a great partnership with Baseline.
Prithvi Shaw
I have never, ever, had an acting partnership that was a safe, as full, and as exciting as the one I had with Tony. I didn’t want to go through life without having a chance to taste it again.
Genie Francis
My sister is raised to know her value and to know that she stands behind no man. You know, when she gets a husband, you stand side by side, equal partnership. You stand behind no one cause you have to lift each other up. You can’t do that if you’re 30 percent of the value in your relationship or the household.
Aldis Hodge
In many ways, a song-writing partnership is like a marriage. Apart from just liking each other, a lyricist and a composer should be able to spend long periods of time together – around the clock if need be – without getting on each other’s nerves. Their goals, outlooks, and basic philosophies should be similar.
Richard Rodgers
Enchanted partnership begins with the conscious understanding, on the part of two people, that the purpose of their relationship is not so much material as spiritual, and the internal skills demanded by it are prodigious.
Marianne Williamson
Versace has always been a brand that I’ve loved, a brand that has supported me. I’ve been wearing Versace for so long, I come in here and I have friends here, and they really support what it is that I do. Our partnership has been great.
Trey Songz
PayPal benefited tremendously from having a close partnership with the eBay marketplace. It was a natural fit at the time.
Dan Schulman
I love being married more than anyone. It’s what I always wanted. I found the person who’s perfect for me, and we have a great time and a great partnership.
Rebecca Gayheart
I am hopeful that both India and U.S.A. would be able to expand their counter-terror partnership through wider intelligence sharing and effective coordination.
Raja Krishnamoorthi
The partnership between the United States and Egypt is crucial to both countries, and it can’t be predicated on political manipulation and threats of withholding aid.
Ahmed Zewail
I think long-lasting, healthy relationships are more important than the idea of marriage. At the root of every successful marriage is a strong partnership.
Carson Daly
Here’s good advice for practice: go into partnership with nature; she does more than half the work and asks none of the fee.
Martin H. Fischer
As chief business affairs and legal officer, I am responsible for driving Airbnb’s engagement strategy and civic partnership efforts as well as overseeing the company’s global public policy, community mobilization, legal, communications, compliance, social initiatives, and philanthropy efforts.
Belinda Johnson
I just need to find a guy who is nice to me and I want to be nice to. It’s that simple. A genuine partnership. The two of you against the world.
Andi Dorfman
It’s an interesting partnership that we have, friendship, whatever you want to call it. We don’t even know what to call it. But we know that it’s special and we’re celebrating that.
Scott Moir
The International Health Partnership Plus is addressing the need to harmonize development assistance and reduce the current waste, duplication, and high transaction costs.
Margaret Chan
The great marriages are partnerships. It can’t be a great marriage without being a partnership.
Helen Mirren
In today’s sport, coaches are in a partnership with their top players.
Barry Trotz
Bill Hanna and I owe an awful lot to television, but we both got our start and built the first phase of our partnership in the movies.
Joseph Barbera
Strikers love to play with other strikers, as I did with Sergio Aguero, Luis Suarez, and Edinson Cavani. You can make the most of your individual talents for the good of the team. If you can strike up a good partnership with another player, it’s like striking gold.
Diego Forlan
I’ve supported the process of getting to a good Trans-Pacific Partnership deal.
Charles Boustany
There’s a lot that the city can do, and it depends on having a partnership with community members who are living the realities.
Michelle Wu
Shopping in the future can become an experience where conventional retailers can complement the success of online retailing. Government needs to work in partnership with the sector to help make this a reality.
Chuka Umunna
Police can’t be successful if they’re not viewed as legitimate by the community, and a community will not be safe if the police are not engaged in a respectful, constitutional partnership with the community.
Lori Lightfoot
It’s not easy having a partnership in this business.
Rita Moreno
A strong E.U., a strong NATO, and a true strategic partnership between them is profoundly in our interest.
John McCain
While I continue to work towards another opportunity with the Majors, I’m excited to grow my partnership with SeventySix Capital.
Ryan Howard
You cannot build a partnership on four games.
Phil Jones
Federalism is no longer the fault line of Centre-State relations but the definition of a new partnership of Team India. Citizens now have the ease of trust, not the burden of proof and process. Businesses find an environment that is open and easy to work in.
Narendra Modi
The Trans-Pacific Partnership has the potential to reshape America’s relationship with the nations of the Pacific Rim, enhance U.S. leadership in this critically important region, and provide a major boost to our economy.
Cory Gardner
I think that old school style of ‘I’m your parent and I’m greater than you’ doesn’t work. What I establish with my children is a partnership.
Jada Pinkett Smith
At times it happens that if you start thinking about a big partnership then that will put you under pressure.
Ravindra Jadeja
For this to make sense, of course, it would have to be a fair financial deal for us. But I think this could be the occasion for us to build a true partnership in content. And we’re especially interested because interactive services are a key field for us.
Jean-Marie Messier