Pawn Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Pawn Quotes from famous authors such as Abby Johnson, James MacGregor Burns, e. e. cummings, Corey Harrison, Rodney Crowell. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

Equal rights for women. I agree with that concept. But we will never be free, we will never obtain equality, until we stop letting ourselves become pawns of the abortion industry. Our freedom depends on our rejection of abortion.
Abby Johnson
In real life, the most practical advice for leaders is not to treat pawns like pawns, nor princes like princes, but all persons like persons.
James MacGregor Burns
Humanity I love you because when you’re hard up you pawn your intelligence to buy a drink.
e. e. cummings
I think the No. 1 universal thing is that everybody’s got that silly thing in their closet that they think could be worth money. There’s always a chance you could turn on ‘Pawn Stars’ one day and that’d be on there.
Corey Harrison
My father had a perfectly good drummer who he had an argument with. So one day, on a Tuesday, my father came in with a cheap pawn shop set of drums and said, ‘Put your foot here, and you kick there, and you play this, and this is the high hat.’ And Friday night, I was playing in a honky-tonk.
Rodney Crowell
The beauty of the tea party movement is that it is independent and thus a true check and balance of the Republican and Democrat parties. It’s not a pawn of the GOP, thus untouchable in criticism of the Democrats – I view it as an unattached conscience of the Republican party.
Dana Loesch
Most people don’t realize how regulated the pawn industry is, especially where I’m at in Nevada.
Rick Harrison
Having marshalled the men in battle order, as shown in the first diagram, you will observe that each party has two ranks of men, on the first of which stand the superior Pieces, and on the next the eight Pawns.
Howard Staunton
I am a fiercely independent person, and I am no one’s pawn.
Christine Blasey Ford
None of us should play party to any corporate warfare. We cannot become pawns in the hands of corporate giants’ warfare to constantly bully the government, to throw misinformation to the public, tell part-truth and part-story to the public.
Nirmala Sitharaman
We are not safe and secure when the government uses us as pawns to perpetrate violence against others. Our safety and security will come when we organize, love, and resist together.
Chelsea Manning
Costa Rica and Germany have simply been pawns in the Japanese quest to silence Sea Shepherd in an attempt to stop our annual opposition of their illegal whaling activities.
Paul Watson
People think you can wave a magic wand and create a star, that couldn’t be further from the truth. People think that a promoter has all the cards and the talents are merely pawns and they have very little do with the bigger success, when they have most of their success because of what they do.
Jim Ross
Hitachi Nail Guns were as good as gold in this city for years. I had 300 on pawn, and then when they stopped building houses in Vegas I wound up with 300 Hitachi Nail Guns that I can’t give away.
Corey Harrison
The exercise of democracy begins as exercise, as walking around, becoming familiar with the streets, comfortable with strangers, able to imagine your own body as powerful and expressive rather than a pawn.
Rebecca Solnit
The Pawn moves only one square at a time, and that straight forward, except in the act of capturing, when it takes one step diagonally to the right or left file on to the square occupied by the man taken, and continues on that file until it captures another man.
Howard Staunton
It’s like a golden rule in the pawn business: never cash a government check.
Rick Harrison
My first TV experience, it was so bad. I just didn’t feel a creative atmosphere. I felt like we were just pawns to deliver lines. Everyone was telling me that’s just television. I said, ‘OK, I’m going to stay far away from television!
Rosie Perez
The weird thing about the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is that people come on vacation, and they bring stuff here to sell. They come here to see what we’ll give them for it. Mostly, it’s people from out of town.
Rick Harrison
Exploring Castro’s pawns in Cuba and exposing anything negative also makes you a pawn to all his enemies 90 miles away. Both sides don’t have much of a track record for nuance of opinion.
Brin-Jonathan Butler
I can’t speak on behalf of the show. I’m not a creator; I’m just a pawn.
Randy Harrison
‘Silicon Valley’ is a great show. It might be the best comedy on television. And if the Academy feels I have stood out to the point of deserving an award, I won’t pawn it.
T. J. Miller
I’ve worked with and talked to poor people my entire life, being in the pawn shop business.
Rick Harrison
I look at improvising as a prolonged game of chess. There’s an opening gambit with your pawn in a complex game I have with one character, and lots of side games with other characters, and another game with myself – and in each game you make all these tiny, tiny moves that get you to the endgame.
Steve Carell
Most of those who pawn things and want to borrow money don’t want to be on television. That part of my business you don’t see, and I do five or 10 times as much.
Rick Harrison
The world organization debates disarmament in one room and, in the next room, moves the knights and pawns that make national arms imperative.
E. B. White
It used to upset me – now it makes me sad – to see people use patriotism and our troops as a pawn in their political argument. Because I know personally, growing up in a military family, the sacrifice that is made on a daily basis.
Tamron Hall
There are plenty of days when I would love to get in my truck, drive to work, walk behind the pawn counter and just do a regular job.
Corey Harrison
I thought the playing time I was getting during the season was getting me ready for the playoffs. When it didn’t happen and Coach Riley never told me why, I thought, ‘Maybe I’m just being used as a pawn in the game.’
Monty Williams
I wake up at 5:30 in the morning, get to the Pawn Shop at six, work out for two hours, film until seven at night.
Corey Harrison
I’ve never been comfortable being a pawn. I work with brands where I feel like I can have my say and companies that I’m proud to be in a relationship with. Partnerships take a lot of time. If I am going to put my name and my face and my energy behind something, I want it to be authentic.
Kerry Washington
There’s always a negotiation that goes on to persuade people we are coming to the subject with an open mind but without surrendering too many pawns. We don’t want to misrepresent the fact that we will draw our own conclusions.
Louis Theroux
We are not merely passive pawns of historical forces; nor are we victims of the past. We can shape and direct history.
Daisaku Ikeda
Far from protecting children, the abuse of Article 8 risks making them pawns – subject to coercion or worse – as part of a criminal’s desperate struggle to stay in Britain.
Dominic Raab
I’ve been watching ‘Pawn Stars’ every week for the last year. I like learning about the history behind the items that people bring into the pawnshop. I actually pawned a ring once that a woman sent to me while I was on ‘Jerry Springer.’ It was really gaudy.
Steve Wilkos
Each player, it will be observed, has eight superior Pieces or officers, and eight minor ones which are called Pawns; and, for the purpose of distinction, the Pieces and Pawns of one party are of a different color from those of the other.
Howard Staunton
The Queen is usually reckoned equal, in average situations, to two Rooks and a Pawn, but towards the end of a game she is hardly so valuable as two Rooks.
Howard Staunton
Being tough on China is one thing. Being completely erratic with no strategy and dragging businesses and farmers through the mud, using them as pawns in the game, is not the way to beat China.
Tim Ryan
I do not want to be a pawn in a political campaign.
Norman Schwarzkopf
When you label so much of what happens to you as ‘bad,’ it reinforces the feeling that you are a powerless pawn at the mercy of outside forces over which you have no control. And – this is key – labeling something a bad thing almost guarantees that you’ll experience it as such.
Srikumar Rao
My dad had always bought and sold gold and other stuff. In ’81, he went broke because of real estate, so he moved us to Vegas and opened a small second-hand store. We always wanted a pawn license because there’s a lot more money in that.
Rick Harrison
My grandfather was a pawnbroker, and when I was in first or second grade, my parents opened their own store. I probably learned to count by putting pawn tickets in numerical order in the back room of the shop.
Charles Bock
The people who pawn stuff never want to be on the show. And the reason behind that, I find out, is when people are pawning something, it’s – they’re getting a loan. They have to admit they’re broke. For some reason or the other, something has happened, or they’re financially irresponsible.
Rick Harrison
Children must be considered in a divorce considered valuable pawns in the nasty legal and financial contest that is about to ensue.
P. J. O’Rourke
I felt ashamed for what I had done. I don’t have any excuses. I did what I did. I take full responsibility for myself and my actions. I wouldn’t pawn this off on anybody. I’m sorry it happened. And I hurt people.
Louie Anderson
The citizen is becoming a pawn in a game where nobody knows the rules, where everybody consequently doubts that there are rules at all, and where the vocabulary has been diminished to such an extent that nobody is even sure what the game is all about.
Andrew Eldritch
Using kids as pawns in a divorce is awful.
Brooke Hogan
I became merely a pawn used to produce more money for Warner Bros.
If you go to most pawn shops in Las Vegas, they will tell you exactly what they will pay for, say, an iPod. But if you show up with an 1833 ormolu clock, it won’t pop up in their computer. They are going to tell you to go to Gold & Silver Pawn, because we buy weird things.
Rick Harrison
We have as a nation been duped by those who use our guilt about how we treated the innocent pawns in the Vietnam War game – the soldiers – into missing the point once again about the utter senselessness that is war.
Steven Weber