PayPal Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best PayPal Quotes from famous authors such as Harper Reed, Martin Naughton, Ryan Holmes, Joe Lonsdale, Peter Thiel. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

PayPal’s been around forever. How do we use that platform to solve the future of commerce?
Harper Reed
There’s a herd instinct, and every time that people hear an announcement such as PayPal’s in Dundalk, they start thinking, ‘Ireland must be good if they’re investing there’, and by extension, ‘Dundalk must be good, so let’s have a look at it.’
Martin Naughton
One thing I would like to see in Vancouver and Canada is something similar to the PayPal mafia. They were all early employees of PayPal. They all had monster exits with PayPal, and they were able to take their winnings and form a syndicate that co-invests.
Ryan Holmes
Being able to access that Stanford alumni network was huge – I actually interned at PayPal while I was at Stanford and learned a lot. Being in that environment and learning about it as a student was really fun.
Joe Lonsdale
If I had known how hard it would be to do something new, particularly in the payments industry, I would never have started PayPal. That’s why nobody with long experience in banking had done it. You needed to be naive enough to think that new things could be done.
Peter Thiel
PayPal benefited tremendously from having a close partnership with the eBay marketplace. It was a natural fit at the time.
Dan Schulman
PayPal, which was founded in 1998, may be the closest thing to a global currency that has ever been created. Based in San Jose, California, the company operates in 190 markets, sending and receiving payments in 24 currencies on behalf of 90 million active members.
Daniel Lyons
When we were associated with eBay, it was surprising to me how many merchants were very reluctant to work with PayPal because we were accessing their data and their information, and they felt in some way, shape, or form they were competing with eBay.
Dan Schulman
Credits in your PayPal account are really just USD-backed – they are not a unique currency themselves. Other ‘digital currencies,’ such as Facebook Credits, can be created out of nothing and without limit, so they are not serious money.
Erik Voorhees
If you allowed PayPal to pursue its destiny, there are moves it could make to become the largest financial company in the world.
David O. Sacks
Technologies like PayPal foster competition because they enable people to shift their funds from one jurisdiction to another, and I think that ultimately will lead to a world in which there’s less government power and therefore more individual control.
Peter Thiel
Software is eating the financial services industry. We have a large addressable market for PayPal to play in.
Dan Schulman
With PayPal, you have to send people over to their website… whereas with Stripe, we offer a way to integrate payments into the website, on the website or into a mobile app. That is what all the best businesses care about, so we make it very easy, very fast, very simple and very cheap to do this.
John Collison
We take the privacy of our consumers’ information as one of the most trusted things that people look to Paypal for, because when it comes to financial services, the single most important brand attribute you can have is trust.
Dan Schulman
As we think about the future, one of the things we will do is to make sure PayPal becomes the central part of consumers’ lives, how we enable consumers to manage and move their money more efficiently, easily, and less expensively than some traditional ways.
Dan Schulman
We had a mission at PayPal – which was to create a new financial system, a new world currency, and we failed. We were a financial success, but we didn’t succeed at the purpose of our company.
Luke Nosek
I often talk about the PayPal mafia out of San Francisco, people that were in PayPal and got out of PayPal and continue to reinvest in other start-ups and create a huge pay-it-forward type of network there.
Ryan Holmes
You can’t get married to any one particular plan. That is the biggest lesson I learned at PayPal.
Max Levchin
I had a guy on Facebook for, like, years just asking if he could PayPal me money, and of course I have to say no when, really, I’m just like, ‘Why wouldn’t I? He doesn’t want anything for it.’
Nikki Glaser
PayPal was disruptive, it was democratizing, and it had universal appeal. It gave power to millions and millions of individuals and reduced monopolist control from nations, banks, and other huge corporations.
Reid Hoffman
I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in a number of great startups, including eBay and Wikia as an entrepreneur and LinkedIn and Paypal as an investor.
Gil Penchina
More people are using PayPal more frequently.
Dan Schulman
The Internet Treasure companies tend to go public rather than get acquired, although there are clear exceptions, like Instagram, YouTube, Skype and PayPal.
Bing Gordon
We’re really thinking how do we re-imagine PayPal almost as a service. PayPal as a SaaS platform.
Dan Schulman
Technology has come a long way since PayPal.
Max Levchin