Penguin Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Penguin Quotes from famous authors such as The Iron Sheik, Joe Moore, Rachel Khoo, Zelda Williams, Sid Waddell. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

I love the Kanye West, I respect the Kanye West, but his wife look like fat penguin. She eat too much cheeseburger and she have no moderation.
The Iron Sheik
It’s practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry.
Joe Moore
Back in my school days, when I would scuttle off with a cheese roll, an apple, a box of Sun-Maid raisins and a Penguin bar, my packed lunches were reassuringly predictable. And I liked it that way.
Rachel Khoo
For a man so incredibly hairy and square, watching my dad get on a bike was like watching a penguin spread its wings and take flight. He’d take off at inhuman speed, a smile on his face, and never look back.
Zelda Williams
He looks about as happy as a penguin in a microwave.
Sid Waddell
I’ve managed to persuade Yoko Ono to put some of her work in my Penguin book!
Timothy Morton
I couldn’t believe it when Penguin offered me the chance to publish a book.
Brooklyn Beckham
The poems were the only thing I wrote that was not for everyone else. Then my editors at Penguin, who were also friends and had seen several of them, aggressively urged me to do a book. Editors can be aggressive, especially after drinks. That’s how ‘Beyond This Dark House’ appeared.
Guy Gavriel Kay
I love my iPhone – I’ve actually gotten into games, and I find them really relaxing. Don’t laugh at me, but I have ‘Sally’s Spa’ – fantastic; ‘Penguin Catapult’ – it’s great; and ‘Word Solitaire’ is my new favorite.
Tabatha Coffey
I would love to voice an animated penguin or platypus at some point.
Jack Falahee
The surprising thing is that so many teenage cancer novels are very good. John Green’s ‘The Fault in Our Stars,’ recently published by Penguin, was voted Time Magazine’s book of the year in 2012 ahead of Hilary Mantel and Zadie Smith.
Mal Peet
I think you can learn a lot from primary sources. ‘The Penguin Book of Witches,’ which is edited by novelist Katherine Howe, is a wonderful compilation of primary sources about witchcraft.
Deborah Harkness
More than anything, I want to keep working with people of talent like Craig Gillespie, Spike Lee and Clint Eastwood. But there’s also those long-dreamt-of moments: I’d love to host ‘Saturday Night Live,’ I’d love to do a Penguin stand-alone movie at Warner Bros., I’d love to do a Teddy Roosevelt biopic.
Paul Walter Hauser
When I was younger, I used to do that a lot: I would hear a part of a song that would really relax me and then put it on repeat. That would send me to sleep. It was quite obvious classical music, people like Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Erik Satie, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel.
King Krule
MySpace was kind of coming to an end when I got onto social media. So my first experience was with Facebook, and there was, like, a penguin game where you feed your penguins, and you have penguin friends.
Lana Condor
I am going to get political on you. Because I am the most shallow person in the world, my mission is to see men’s formal wear change a little bit. It is too rigid! Everybody looks like a penguin!
Steven Cojocaru
It’s a little bit embarrassing to say but… I wanted to be a penguin.
Kei Nishikori
I walk like a duck: very straight up and down. Or like a penguin. It’s a dead giveaway that I’m a dancer.
David Hallberg
You can have villains like the Penguin, who strut around in a tuxedo with an umbrella, and Poison Ivy and all of the fantastic stuff she does, but unless there’s a bit of a human in there, and unless there’s a credible threat, then Batman himself doesn’t work.
Paul Dini
Our babies are like penguins; penguin babies can’t exist unless more than one person is taking care of them. They just can’t keep going.
Alison Gopnik
You can’t train a penguin to act. You kind of have to take what you get.
James Tupper
For the doubters out there, of course I was going to have help from Penguin’s editorial team in telling my story, which I talked about from the beginning.
Zoe Sugg
What’s the two things they tell you are healthiest to eat? Chicken and fish. You know what you should do? Combine them, eat a penguin.
Dave Attell
When I was 20 I was immensely proud of the rows of grey-spined Penguin Modern Classics in my bookcase.
Linda Grant
There’s a tendency to think tap’s had its day, but ‘Happy Feet’ kept us in the race. That penguin is our Shirley Temple.
Savion Glover