Permission Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Permission Quotes from famous authors such as Tarana Burke, Walt Mossberg, Lana Del Rey, Grace Hopper, Barbara Feldon. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

When one person says, ‘Yeah, me, too,’ it gives permission for others to open up.
Tarana Burke
Whether you are a consumer, a hardware maker, a software developer or a provider of cool new services, it’s hard to make a move in the American cellphone world without the permission of the companies that own the pipes.
Walt Mossberg
If you consider the definition of authenticity, it’s saying something and actually doing it. I write my own songs. I made my own videos. I pick my producers. Nothing goes out without my permission. It’s all authentic.
Lana Del Rey
It is often easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.
Grace Hopper
I’m not saying that there’s anything better than mated bliss at its best, but I’m saying that living alone is as good in its own way. But we haven’t quite given ourselves permission to recognize that.
Barbara Feldon
I was under 18, and to leave Kenya to come to the United States, to get a passport, you had to be 18. So I lied and said I was 19 to get the passport, because otherwise, I had to have permission from my parents, and my parents would never have let me come.
Getting permission to use a drone in Egypt was problematical.
Sarah Parcak
‘Playboy’ operated with a patina of civility that granted the average man a presumption of pleasure that went one way – his. And that permission flourished in the psyches of all kinds of men.
Wesley Morris
I think giving yourself permission to be weird is amazing. After all what does it mean to be normal?
Ben Falcone
There’s been so much corruption and so much cronyism in the taxi industry and so much regulatory capture, that if you ask for permission upfront for something that’s already legal, you’ll never get it.
Travis Kalanick
The Times’ new credibility committee report that was issued on Monday very specifically said they will be putting in a policy that reporters must get permission from their department heads to appear on television, which I think is a really good thing.
Daniel Okrent
Music – it’s the only thing that can enter your system, your mind, your heart, without your permission.
Emmanuel Jal
When Trump was elected, it gave white men – particularly white men in power – full, unfettered permission to say or do whatever they want without consequence.
Shaun King
I think that one of the most important things that art can do is give you a reason to look at something, almost give you permission to look at something.
Trevor Paglen
I think women are taught to ask permission about everything. We don’t realize that we are entitled and we do have a say in our lives.
Doris Roberts
In captivity, one loses every way of acting over little details which satisfy the essentials of life. Everything has to be asked for: permission to go to the toilet, permission to ask a guard something, permission to talk to another hostage – to brush your teeth, use toilet paper, everything is a negotiation.
Ingrid Betancourt
When under attack, no country is obligated to collect permission slips from allies to strike back.
Charles Krauthammer
I got invited to the White House, and I tried to sleep there overnight without permission. The Secret Service came to my house, and I had to talk to them. They legally couldn’t do anything because I didn’t do anything wrong, but they yelled at me like a principal.
Jake Paul
I know one writer who has been subscribing authors without their permission and sending out what she thinks are helpful advice sheets, but they come off as if she’s a know-it-all. She thinks she’s marketing herself and her work. All she’s really doing is turning readers off.
M. J. Rose
It’s actually very freeing to be given permission as an artist to let that ride and to really let it ride, to actually experience it and bring it out of you. It’s been uncomfortable and it’s freeing at the same time.
Josh Holloway
I write my own songs. I made my own videos. I pick my producers. Nothing goes out without my permission. It’s all authentic.
Lana Del Rey
Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.
Madonna Ciccone
Guilt is a poisonous illusion. Many languages don’t even have a word for guilt. Sure, we all feel it. But we also get to decide if we’re going to let guilt bring us down or not. Acknowledge the feelings, and then give yourself permission to let them go.
Kris Carr
My father didn’t want me to go to New York City, and I was determined to go. Learning to give myself the permission to be who I was in the world and to make my own choices was hard.
Betty Buckley
Advertising has to be contextual, as the potential in ‘push’ marketing is fairly limited and is largely viewed as spam. Thus there is a need to get into ‘permission’ marketing and ‘pull’ marketing to deliver value to marketers.
Naveen Tewari
There’s something really magical about having a child – it’s like permission to begin again, start over, reevaluate some things, check yourself. Recognize yourself. And that’s kind of what happened with me – I realized, in a few places, I was going down the wrong path.
Jill Scott
Richard Hugo taught me that anyone with a desire to write, an ear for language and a bit of imagination could become a writer. He also, in a way, gave me permission to write about northern Montana.
James Welch
Labels can be really helpful when we have the autonomy to label ourselves. But when other people label us without our permission, that’s when it becomes dangerous.
Asia Kate Dillon
In February 2004, the two traditional torturers of Haiti – France and the United States – combined to back a military coup and send President Aristide off to Africa. The U.S. denies him permission to return to the entire region.
Noam Chomsky
Build your self-esteem by recalling all the ways you have succeeded, and your brain will be filled with images of you making your achievements happen again and again. Give yourself permission to toot your own horn, and don’t wait for anyone to praise you.
Jack Canfield
I’m in Alkaline Trio; I guess I get to rip off myself. I give myself permission.
Matt Skiba
The judge gave Michael permission to issue a statement. I think Jackson went way outside the bounds of the judge’s intent. It will be interesting to see what the judge does tomorrow in court.
Catherine Crier
I used to run away to New York from Baltimore all the time. I would get on the Greyhound bus and tell my parents I was going to some sorority weekend… I’d even make up fake permission slips, come to New York, and just ask people on the street if I could stay with them and go see midnight movies.
John Waters
We all need permission to do science, but for reasons that are deeply ingrained in history, this permission is more often given to men than to women.
Vera Rubin
Why do people – gay or straight – need the state’s permission to marry? For most of Western history, they didn’t, because marriage was a private contract between two families. The parents’ agreement to the match, not the approval of church or state, was what confirmed its validity.
Stephanie Coontz
In a democracy, you don’t need anyone’s permission to form a new political party, publish a politically charged article, or organize a ‘tea party.’ And in open markets, individuals are free to buy and invest as they see fit.
Gary Hamel
When developing an idea, I remind myself not to start with compromise. I envision the ideal manifestation of the idea, as if I had no limits in resources, materials, or permission.
Janet Echelman
The fact is that a bill allowing any employer to deny insurance coverage based on a moral objection – along with giving an employer permission to ask for medical records showing why a woman is taking birth control – opens up a set of problems that I’m sure its sponsors have not fully considered.
Richard Carmona
Early on, many years ago when we started ‘Avatar,’ the executive that we were working with said to make the sad scenes sadder, the funny scenes funnier, the scary scenes scarier. That was kind of permission to do what we felt comfortable with.
Bryan Konietzko
When I need to see the president, I make a request directly to his scheduler. I don’t have to ask anybody’s permission to see the president except the president. Some weeks, I see him multiple times. Some weeks, I don’t see him at all.
John Holdren
If it’s a good idea, go ahead and do it. It’s much easier to apologize than it is to get permission.
Grace Hopper
If you want to send a manuscript, send it to an agent. And send a letter first, asking permission. Launch it into the real world of cold-blooded commercial response, not into the fantasyland of wishful thinking, cowardice and surrender to Resistance.
Steven Pressfield
I had repeatedly made written requests to the Fuehrer that I might be allowed to join the Wehrmacht as an ordinary soldier. He refused to give me this permission.
Fritz Sauckel
The beauty of the innovation that flows from the open web is that no one has to ask for permission, get a credential, or win a Disrupt or Launch award to go prove their idea is worthy. They just… put up a page on the web, iterate, iterate, iterate… and eventually, a Facebook emerges.
John Battelle
In Tijuana, because there’s such a mix and match of people and regions and we’re a newer city and everyone comes from some place else, I think we’re just given permission to play with our food.
Marcela Valladolid
A dream role of mine that I’m currently talking to some people about – I’m trying to get an Aaliyah biopic made, but a proper one, and see if we can get the family’s permission and get all the rights to all the music.
Lexi Underwood
So basically the understanding on these so-called reissues is that they were done behind my back, without my permission, and the band informed me that I would no longer be paid on them at all.
Jello Biafra
All of these reissues were not authorized by me, I do not endorse them, the live album was put out without my permission, and I’ve not seen a dime at this point, either.
Jello Biafra
I really don’t have any weaknesses. I do have areas of my life that I am working on to grow, heal and evolve. Giving myself permission to rest is an area I am working on. Not rescuing my children and grandchildren is another area.
Iyanla Vanzant
Ajwa and Asmara are the youngest and love to play dress-up. They have my permission to play any sport, as long as they’re indoors. Cricket? No, not for my girls.
Shahid Afridi
I gave myself permission to feel and experience all of my emotions. In order to do that, I had to stop being afraid to feel. In order to do that, I taught myself to believe that no matter what I felt or what happened when I felt it, I would be okay.
Iyanla Vanzant
Production-wise, it is difficult to shoot an entire film in the U.S. It’s logistically difficult, as getting permission takes time, and it is also expensive to shoot there.
Naga Chaitanya
I have been given permission to announce that I and others from ‘All My Children’ have been approached by the company Prospect Park, who bought ‘AMC,’ with the intention to move it online.
Cameron Mathison
Having kids has proven to be this amazing – for me, this amazing source of ideas of anecdotes, of examples, I can test my own kids without human subject permission, so they pilot – I pilot my ideas on them. And so it is a tremendous advantage to have kids if you’re going to be a developmental psychologist.
Paul Bloom
The judge gave Michael permission to issue a statement. I think Jackson went way outside the bounds of the judge’s intent. It will be interesting to see what the judge does tomorrow in court.
Catherine Crier
This is my spiritual journey through life, my way of making sense of the world. I don’t need permission from anyone or accolades from anyone; it is completely internal.
R. A. Salvatore
But on the big things, I’m not going to trim in order to win public opinion. Because I really don’t want to serve in the Senate if I arrive there without permission to do the things I think need to be done.
Bob Kerrey
I am not interested in releasing best of stuff and I have not given my permission. You release best of packages when you’re a has-been and have nothing new to offer.
Amanda Lear
I have given permission that my medals be transferred from the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium in New Delhi to the sports museum in Patiala.
Milkha Singh
These ‘free’ applications ask for permission to read your emails, your text messages, listen to your phone calls, record video from your phone. Why else would someone spend millions developing an application which they then give away? Kind-hearted, maybe? Get real.
John McAfee
I’m an artist. Artists don’t need permission to work. Regardless of whether I’m acting or not, I write. I write when I’m tired in fact, because I believe your most pure thoughts surface.
Chadwick Boseman
I think it’s important that people know what raising the debt ceiling is. It’s Congress giving permission to the federal government to borrow more money that we don’t have, and we borrow it for the purpose of spending it.
Michele Bachmann
We make it easy for anyone to get free resources. Anyone can launch an idea for five minutes. Anyone can comment on, add, and enhance the idea. Need a designer? We provide an entrepreneurial matching system without the bosses getting involved. And in terms of unstructured time, we have a permission for that.
Scott Cook
I’ve given myself permission to say whatever’s on my mind when I’m on stage.
Andy Kindler
I think historically it’s good for younger people to see where so much influence has come from. If you’re using my mother as a role model it gives women permission to be kooky and wonderful and individual and unique and loyal and independent all at the same time.
Nicole Fosse
On one of my birthdays, I wanted to go to a disco, but Daddy refused permission. But when I insisted he finally took the entire family to the disco for five minutes.
Aishwarya R. Dhanush
Summer is the annual permission slip to be lazy. To do nothing and have it count for something. To lie in the grass and count the stars. To sit on a branch and study the clouds.
Regina Brett
We have brought down emissions in this country through our legal system and through technological innovation. We can do this on our own. We don’t have to have the permission of countries all over the world to do that.
Mike Lee
The big one I missed out on was ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.’ MGM wanted me for it, and Warner Bros. wouldn’t give me permission to do it.
Carroll Baker
I rarely asks people for advice or permission when I’m planning on doing something I feel strongly about. That only opens the plan up to be crapped on.
Anderson Cooper
I will be making films, and I’m going to keep working, no matter what I have to do. And I don’t plan to ever ask for permission from anybody.
Shane Carruth
Bitcoin is amazingly transformative because it’s the first time in the entire history of the world in which anybody can now send or receive any amount of money, with anyone else, anywhere on the planet, without having to ask permission from any bank or government.
Roger Ver
One day I went up to my mom and I said, ‘Mom, can I have permission to build a 2.3-million electron-volt atom smasher – a betatron – in the garage?’ And my mom stared at me, and she said, ‘Sure. Why not? And don’t forget to take out the garbage.’
Michio Kaku
In Saudi Arabia – recognized as one of the worst violators of women’s rights – women outnumber men on university campuses and yet are treated like minors who need a male guardian’s permission to do the most basic things.
Mona Eltahawy
Giving oneself permission to write to begin with is the first enormous challenge. But you discover that this permission involves a requirement: To write about things that are difficult because they are, in fact, your subject.
Jonathan Galassi
The Congress is virtually incapable of passing any reforms unless they first get permission from the powerful special interests who are most affected by the proposal.
Al Gore
The U.N. can meet and discuss, but we don’t need their permission.
Andrew Card
When I see kids standing next to their mothers at book signings, clutching a copy of ‘Forever,’ I know what’s coming. They’ll say to me, ‘How old do I have to be to read this?’ hoping I’ll give them permission. But I can’t do that.
Judy Blume
I don’t post pictures of my grandchildren unless I get permission. I’m really respectful about that. If I feel like anything is invasive of someone’s privacy, I don’t do that, either. Sometimes I have great pictures, but I’m like, ‘Eh, maybe this is not right.’
Tina Knowles
My son gave me the permission to accept my success.
Gary Burghoff
Lead by example. Women often wait for permission instead of acting, and I try to encourage bold action.
Belinda Johnson
Acting gives you cosmic permission to take a trip in movies that lasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until the film is finished.
Scott Glenn
Once you give an NFL player permission to have thoughts, you invite all kinds of mischief.
Matt Taibbi
This book is pointing the way into it for people that see it as daunting or a mystery. Some people just do it, but others need help with the mindset, permission almost to listen to themselves. Understanding how things work is the key.
Sally Schneider
It puts limits on criminals’ rights to destroy unborn children without the permission of the woman.
Lindsey Graham
There was a terrible fear for me when I started writing, which was that if you’d been denied unbelievably tumultuous experience, you didn’t have permission to write.
Nathan Englander
I feel a kind of permission and freedom in my work that I might not allow myself in my real life.
Katherine Waterston
Napster hijacked our music without asking. They never sought our permission. Our catalog of music simply became available as free downloads on the Napster system.
Lars Ulrich
I grew up having to do manual labor because people always told me that I was an ugly girl. I’ve never had the permission to be myself except for when I’m doing manual labor. Because in manual labor, it’s about, ‘Can you pick this up, can you move this here,’ and I could.
Rain Dove
In the age of girl power, we’re loath to send a message of surrender to our girls. To the contrary: we’ve doubled down on giving them permission to speak up and fight for their rights. This is a good thing.
Rachel Simmons
There is a note in the front of the volume saying that no public reading may be given without first getting the author’s permission. It ought to be made much more difficult to do than that.
Robert Benchley
The Internet should be an open platform where you are free to go where you want and say and do what you want without having to ask anyone’s permission.
Ajit Pai
As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.
Marianne Williamson
Dream and give yourself permission to envision a You that you choose to be.
Joy Page
Acting is a job of permission. Someone has to give you permission to do it. But I have started to be like, ‘I only want to do things that I want to do,’ and writing has afforded me the luxury.
Justin Theroux
Too many developers still treat cultural strategies as a fig leaf to get planning permission, rather than make a thoughtful, genuine commitment to the cultural life of their areas.
Munira Mirza
I hated Chris, my brother. I would pull his hair and kick him, until one day my father gave him permission to fight back. I’ll be apologizing to him for the rest of my life.
Stevie Nicks
If Congress grants permission, I would put armed forces in the streets.
Jair Bolsonaro
I’ve realized along the way that a lot of things that I do as a performer are about waiting for somebody to write something for me or develop something for me, but music, music was the thing that I don’t have to wait for anybody’s permission to do.
Leslie Odom, Jr.
Where workers are not free to change employers or leave the country without the permission of their employer, workers are, de facto, in forced labour.
Sharan Burrow
In America, we have bible-reading applications: every single one of those applications asks permission to turn on your microphone, your camera; it wants permission to read your e-mails and the right to send e-mails wherever it chooses.
John McAfee
Surrounded by military airplanes and warships from the world’s most civilized and developed nations, we have been denied permission by friendly governments, for reasons of security, to land anywhere, but in the tiny, and still neutral, Republic of Djibouti.
Thor Heyerdahl
Give yourself permission to get the most out of your life. If you’re spending all your time scrubbing corners with a toothbrush, you’re kind of missing the point. Taking shortcuts doesn’t mean shortcutting the end result.
Sandra Lee
If music is to continue to support the livelihoods of artists, it cannot be taken without the permission of artists.
Jean-Michel Jarre
I entered this glam world by luck. I wanted to join dancing classes since I was a child, but my parents never gave me the permission to do so, as no one in our family had ever chosen this path. Fortunately, I got my first break in a reality show easily due to my dance skills, so that way I have been lucky.
Amruta Khanvilkar
If there is someone in your life who is not serving you or making you better, give yourself permission to move on.
Niecy Nash
I always joke about how I get excited to go to the grocery store without permission.
Megan Phelps-Roper
Life is a terminal condition. Were all going to die. Cancer patients just have more information, but we all, in some ways, wait for permission to live.
Kris Carr
Like nightclubs and sporting events, entry into an amusement park is a permission to become someone else. We come for the experience and to relish it.
Greg Rucka
Being a comedy writer gives you permission to be an outsider and poke fun at what people think about other people.
Michael Patrick King
Most of the female characters I admire come from science fiction and fantasy, maybe because there’s more permission to shake up gender roles in genre.
Leigh Bardugo
In 2007, as a condition for hosting the Olympics in Beijing, the Chinese government removed restrictions barring Beijing-based journalists from leaving the capital without prior written permission.
Evan Osnos
Depending on what happens with my directing career, I don’t think I’ll stop writing, even if I crash and burn in movies and TV. I’ll go back to plays. Even if I crash and burn there, I’ll write a novel. That’s the great thing about writing is that you don’t have to wait for people to give you permission to do it.
Alan Ball
As a kid, the only time I used to get out at night when I was in 9th and 10th standard. The only time I had permission to go out at night was during Navratri because we all used to go play dandiya and garba.
Kriti Kharbanda
I left an office at the top of the Pan Am Building, a nine-room apartment, and a farm in Vermont because I was aching inside. It took an analyst to tell me I could write a note of permission to become a musician and sign it.
Michael Masser
The thing I hate most in acting is asking permission to do things. What you really want to do is say, ‘This is my need; this is what’s going to get me further; this is what’s going to be alive. I don’t ever say, ‘Do you mind if…?’ I just come in and do it.
Lance Henriksen
I try to take a weekly digital Sabbath, batch my emails so I deal with them a few times a day rather than constantly, and increasingly give myself permission to ignore unsolicited communiques. I try, too, to give others more slack. The respond-now culture is a two-way street. I’m trying to be more mindful of that.
Noreena Hertz
Schaeffer gave me permission to work in the studio with a technician, but I’ve never worked with him.
Karlheinz Stockhausen
Real entrepreneurs have what I call the three Ps (and, trust me, none of them stands for ‘permission’). Real entrepreneurs have a ‘passion’ for what they’re doing, a ‘problem’ that needs to be solved, and a ‘purpose’ that drives them forward.
Michael Dell
I started putting a wire up in secret and performing without permission. Notre Dame, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the World Trade Center. And I developed a certitude, a faith that convinced me that I will get safely to the other side. If not, I will never do that first step.
Philippe Petit
Everybody has will – you just have to gather it. And I guess you choose where your inspiration comes from and give yourself that permission.
Abbi Jacobson
To my younger self, I would say unless you’re literally in danger, ask forgiveness instead of asking permission.
Jonathan Van Ness
I love doing research. It’s like cheating, but with permission.
Greg Rucka
It’s Frank’s painting on the cover. We were originally going to use a Salvador Dali painting that we got permission from Salvador Dali to use, and Frank found this one, and it really did fit the music much more.
Alice Cooper
In Mumbai, Marathi schools are shutting down and Urdu schools are increasing. The parties governing the BMC are giving permission to these schools. If Urdu schools are rising, you know whose numbers are increasing and who is coming to the city.
Raj Thackeray
Because the completion of labour service was a precondition for permission to study at the university, I was able to begin my studies of Germanistics and Classical Philology during the summer term of 1939.
Heinrich Boll
I feel very confident that Americans flying in the air are safe and that only under the most dire of circumstances would our pilots ever even request permission to do that.
Hugh Shelton
What could be more important to the pursuit of happiness than the right to choose your spouse without asking a Washington politician for permission?
Lisa Murkowski
Hip-hop saved me. It gave me permission to use language in a certain way. It validated my community and my friends. It gave our slang a certain elegance.
Jason Reynolds
I still remember asking my high school guidance teacher for permission to take a second year of algebra instead of a fifth year of Latin. She looked down her nose at me and sneered, ‘What lady would take mathematics instead of Latin?’
Nancy Roman
Our enemies can deal a blow to us any time they wish. They did not wait for permission to do this. They do not deal a blow with prior notice. They do not take action because they can’t.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
My work isn’t overtly political, although it is sometimes painted in places where I don’t have permission to paint, so that could be construed as a political statement.
Ben Eine
I love photography – I fell in love with photography, I think, because it was my own thing, it wasn’t something I needed other people’s permission to do. So, it was really freeing for me actually to be able to not be a famous person and just to take pictures.
Amanda de Cadenet
America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our people.
George W. Bush
If a guy wants to take me out, he must seek my dad’s permission first. That’s just the way it works.
Shilpa Shetty
Dream and give yourself permission to envision a You that you can choose to be.
Joy Page
Nobody can hurt me without my permission.
Mahatma Gandhi
You and I, the people of God, have permission to come before the throne of Heaven at any time we will, and we are encouraged to come there with great boldness.
Charles Spurgeon
I want people on the front line to be proud of what they’re doing and give themselves permission to finish things in ways that they can be proud of.
Satya Nadella
When I grew up, there were locked cabinets in public libraries. You needed parental permission if you were under eighteen. I was let down by the overblown reputations of some hardcore fictional works.
Allan Gurganus
I believe women and minorities often wait for permission to be invited to something; we need to stop doing that.
Ilhan Omar
Going to the library was the one place we got to go without asking for permission. And they let us choose what we wanted to read. It was a feeling of having a book be mine entirely.
Rita Dove
I often ask people what I did wrong in the last meeting, because then others feel they have permission to own their mistakes, too.
Marne Levine
And all of this, all these physical aspects of painting at that time excited me very much. You could do a picture in just black and white. I mean all the things, whether you’re soliciting permission or not, do give you permission.
Robert Rauschenberg
I had a lot of guilt as a single mother trying to raise a child. I had to go to work and Jeffrey was screaming that he didn’t want me to. You have to give yourself permission to let go of the guilt.
Sherri Shepherd
For me, the key is years of the blessed filmmakers I’ve worked with giving me permission to be bold and jump off cliffs and to be boundaryless. I would put David Lynch at the top of that list.
Laura Dern
That’s what I love about writing is you don’t need anyone’s permission to do it. You can just get up in the morning, grab a pad and pen and start writing.
Leigh Whannell
We didn’t worry about getting a venue or asking permission. We started out guerrilla. We were illegal, going down to the beach to burn this thing.
Larry Harvey
The United States could transform its property tax system into a progressive tax on net worth without asking permission to the rest of the world.
Thomas Piketty
I do think a founder has special permission to make sweeping changes across an organization.
Michael Dell
The hardest part of living without social media was remembering that my little life was enough, so I could just stay there and live it without asking for anyone else’s permission or validation. I realized that for me, posting is like asking the world, ‘Do you ‘like’ me?’
Glennon Doyle Melton
My friend’s mom said to me, ‘honey, I think you’re gay.’ And I go, ‘yeah, I am.’ As soon as someone vocalized it to me, gave me permission. I was like, ‘yes, yes, yeah!’
Sonya Deville
I don’t think any one person, whether artist or not, has been given permission by anyone to put the responsibility of the way things are on anyone else.
Robert Rauschenberg
Joe Lansdale is one of the few writers able to write in whatever genre or mode he wants on any particular day. How? He doesn’t ask permission. He just steps in, out-writes everybody in the room.
Stephen Graham Jones
You can’t have whatever you want. But to a child who must ask permission for every single thing, adulthood looks like a constant parade of every desire’s satisfaction. It is a heady and terrifying place. It is the Otherworld. It is Fairyland. In fantasy, we make this literal.
Catherynne M. Valente
In Indian communities, it’s a separate sovereign government, so you have to get permission from the tribal leadership before you can start campaigning on their land.
Deb Haaland
Others, amounting to four novels and a mess of short stories which I did not think worth preserving, I have done my best to eliminate from the record by refusing all requests for permission to reprint them, and I hope I have done a good job of making them hard to unearth.
Leslie Charteris
I think people are entitled to march without a permit. When you have a few hundred thousand people on the street you have permission.
Tom Hayden
Have you watched Animal Planet? The lioness is out there hunting the zebras, the gazelles, all sorts of things, so you need to be the fierce lioness or dragon that you are. Have that inner fire. See what you want, get it, and ask nobody for permission.
Nikita Dragun
In England, you can’t enter the training ground without permission, whereas in Denmark, you are free to go in.
Christian Eriksen
Most people fill their schedules with work, and leisure only happens when there’s time left over. But it’s impossible to live a rich and full life without doing things that give you joy. Forget about productivity once in a while and give yourself permission to goof off.
Amy Morin
Permission marketing is marketing without interruptions.
Seth Godin
I’d like to see mothers at home be more assertive, be unapologetic, give themselves permission, and to stand up for themselves as an equal parent, whether that is being a parent who’s authoritative and needs to discipline and put healthy boundaries in, or to serve out the candy.
Jo Frost
In 1964, when we first arrived in New York City, I remember vividly seeing the skyline of Manhattan, and our first proposal of 1964 was to wrap two lower Manhattan buildings. We never got permission.
I really don’t like to tweet or Instagram anything about the people in my life just because I feel like I signed up for this, and I don’t even know what this is yet. I do know that it could go anywhere, and I really don’t want to sign other people in my life up for it without their permission or consent.
Bo Burnham
You have to give people permission to laugh. That’s why they would always cut to the banana peel in the Laurel and Hardy movies.
Danny DeVito
I’ve learned lately that no one is going to hand me a permission slip and tell me to take time out for me.
Wynonna Judd
I can’t believe people think they need permission to drive. Or permission to do anything.
Jeff Berwick
But the main thing is to give people permission to feel it and to put grief at the heart of what Extinction Rebellion’s about.
Gail Bradbrook
Write yourself a permission slip to be surprised by someone’s potential. Who knows? One day that person could be you.
Sherri Shepherd