Pole Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Pole Quotes from famous authors such as Sergei Bubka, Beeban Kidron, Muhammad Ali, Buzz Aldrin, Ellen G. White. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

The pole vault is a very complicated event, there are many things involved.
Sergei Bubka
In the U.S., it would be so much better if the studios made many more smaller films for niche markets rather than a few tent pole films that swamp cinemas and Hoover up all the funding.
Beeban Kidron
To make America the greatest is my goal, so I beat the Russian and I beat the Pole. And for the U.S.A. won the medal of gold. The Greeks said, ‘You’re better than the Cassius of old.’
Muhammad Ali
I’ve been to the Titanic in a yellow submarine and the North Pole in a Russian nuclear ice breaker.
Buzz Aldrin
The greatest want of the world is the want of men – men who will not be bought or sold; men who in their inmost souls are true and honest; men who do not fear to call sin by its right name; men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole; men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall.
Ellen G. White
Atrial fibrillation has been the low man on the totem pole and so we’re just trying to get more visibility about this particular disease and how dangerous this could be.
Barry Manilow
We’re not friends – in fact, we pretty much as a rule irritate each other. But we’ve learnt to embrace it and use it as a strength… the other guy’s always seeing something from the opposite pole.
Jamie Hyneman
In the States, tennis is sixth or seventh on the totem pole as far as sports go.
Andy Roddick
The Dream couldn’t tell you the vibe in the NXT locker room, because, quite frankly, I have my own. When you are a Superstar as high up on the totem pole as The Velveteen Dream, you have those luxuries.
Velveteen Dream
It was 1975. I had spent the year at the Boston Museum School doing some very bizarre performance works. The last one included going to the North Magnetic Pole and spending all of my money.
Alex Grey
If I’d won every single race and got pole everywhere, that would just be boring. It would suck. Where’s the fun in that?
Lewis Hamilton
Most of our physical education teachers were just teachers, and they had to do the extra stuff on their own. I remember very vividly that they would hold a cane pole between two of the students down low, and we would all jump over it. And they would raise it and raise it and raise it.
Johnny Mathis
From the leg lamp to Ralphie’s tongue getting stuck on a frozen pole to that BB-gun incident, ‘A Christmas Story’ has left its mark on all our brains, so much so that it sometimes feels like this story is our own.
Phoebe Robinson
I had such a tie with my eyes and my hands. I could look at a telephone pole 40 yards away, take out a 7-iron, and hit it 10 times in a row. I had something special. And somehow, I really understood the game, all without having a lot of guidance.
Billy Casper
If it’s enough money, I’ll play the North Pole.
Teddy Wilson
Video artists being at the low end of the totem pole economically, one of the ways we survive is to go around showing work and giving these talks.
Bill Viola
I won it, at least five million times. Men who were stronger, bigger and faster than I was could have done it, but they never picked up a pole, and never made the feeble effort to pick their legs off the ground and get over the bar.
Bob Richards
Pole dancing is a great way to enhance your fitness level and also your dancing abilities.
Kriti Kharbanda
If you are going to do a film about the South Pole, the chances are that you will film it in Hawaii! Whatever is most difficult, you will get to do it.
Mike Newell
It’s good to get a good lap and get pole.
Valtteri Bottas
The North Pole will be ice-free during summer in years to come, and that itself will put the Arctic Sea basin on a very high risk of… environmental disasters that might be there.
Aleqa Hammond
Decathletes have to train for every event: sprints one day, field events the next. You pump up to make yourself strong enough to throw? Try pole vaulting at 250 pounds. There are 32 guys in most decathlons, and they’re in 32 little track meets.
Caitlyn Jenner
LeBron is a role model in that sense. Because for him to be as good as he is and how high up he is on the totem pole, to still care about Akron, Ohio, that is tremendous and speaks volumes.
Kyle Kuzma
I actually like pole dancing! It gives you so much confidence. I never thought I’d do it, but now I’m really into it.
Taylor Schilling
Where I live in Connecticut was ice a mile above my house, all the way back to the North Pole, about 15 million kilometers, that’s a big ice cube. But then it started to melt. We’re talking about the floods of our living history.
Robert Ballard
God can be realized through all paths. All religions are true. The important thing is to reach the roof. You can reach it by stone stairs or by wooden stairs or by bamboo steps or by a rope. You can also climb up by a bamboo pole.
I will openly admit that I’ve never really followed hockey. Given my New England upbringing, I have always adhered to the Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins mantra of professional sports fandom, but hockey was definitely the lowest sport on the totem pole – even when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup.
Rachel Nichols
Some people pray to a totem pole, some people pray to a sun, some people pray to a god. It all works for them. It all comes back to what you think.
Barry Zito
When I went to Iraq, I was the lowest person on the totem pole. If everyone else was inside and was relaxing, I was the one working for eight hours straight.
Liz Carmouche
Copywriters on Madison Avenue constantly grapple with the question of where their work sits on the totem pole of ‘real’ writing.
David Droga
When I was in London at NBC, I was the lowest man on the totem pole. I would go to diplomatic receptions to meet people.
Leslie Cockburn
The most exciting thing that we have found with Cassini is the geological activity, the geysering activity at the south pole of Enceladus.
Carolyn Porco
Everything happening at the South Pole, like the North Pole, has repercussions everywhere on the planet.
Albert II, Prince of Monaco
When you get started in comedy, you’re at the bottom of the totem pole. Not only are you not getting paid at these open mics. You’re actually paying to do them.
Scott Rogowsky
Look at it this way – a totem pole is just a decorated tree. My work is a confessional.
Louise Bourgeois
It’s hard to pass up a pole vault opportunity here in Des Moines. The crowd was so great when I was at the mall and I was pumped up and I thought technically I was on and I figured where else to open up my outdoor season than here.
Jenn Suhr
I’m going to North Pole to help out Santa this year.
Jimmy Fallon
I am even okay doing a pole dance, but not smooching scenes.
Rakhi Sawant
Go miser go, for money sell your soul. Trade wares for wares and trudge from pole to pole, So others may say when you are dead and gone. See what a vast estate he left his son.
John Dryden
Traverse City sits halfway between the North Pole and the Equator, and our summer days are long. The light seems to take forever to vanish from the sky, and when it does, it goes out like someone folding a white sheet in the dark. A flare on the horizon. Then a rustle: Goodnight.
Doug Stanton
For the better half of my early 20s, I was Bubble Girl. When I found out I had leukemia at 22 my world suddenly dwindled to four white walls, a hospital bed, fluorescent lights and a thicket of tubes and wires connecting me to an IV pole.
Suleika Jaouad
I was in bands, like everyone else, when I was 16, 17; I was a little skater listening to Dead Kennedy’s and Steel Pole Bath Tub. It was through early 90s Hip Hop that I found my way to Soul and Funk, and then out the other side into beats.
I think the bottom of the totem pole is African-American women, or women of colour. I think they get the least opportunities in Hollywood.
Denzel Washington
I never thought that one day that this NAS Jax would be the center of aviation excellence in the Southeast and from pole to pole.
Ander Crenshaw
The movies are about big tent pole movies and big action and effects.
Scott Bakula
For a traveler going from any place toward the north, that pole of the daily rotation gradually climbs higher, while the opposite pole drops down an equal amount.
Nicolaus Copernicus
My grandparents lived with us. And I remember watching ‘Doctor Who’ with my granddad on his new telly. These were the days before remote controls but my granddad, being quite a resourceful sort of chap, had fashioned his own remote control – which was a length of bamboo pole with a bit of cork that he’d glued on the end.
Bill Bailey
Even in our day, science suspects beyond the Polar seas, at the very circle of the Arctic Pole, the existence of a sea which never freezes and a continent which is ever green.
Helena Blavatsky
That’s one thing I love about my son – he’s just a gamer at heart, he loves everything. He’ll still play ‘Pole Position,’ or just old things at an arcade. He just loves games. He’s not a graphics snob at all. I love him.
Ron Funches
When I tell people I’m going to the Olympics, they’re like: ‘What do you do, track and field? Pole vault? Are you a volleyball player?’ No one ever guesses tae kwon do.
Diana Lopez
I was getting bored and, I think, being a real pest. I remember Brando coming and sitting on the bed and cutting out the most exquisite paper fish, with detailed scales and fins. Then he took a hotel pen and a piece of string and made a fishing pole.
Edward Albert
The killjoys initiated automobile crash standards so rigorous that we can’t buy a car that hasn’t been dropped from the top of a phone pole with our whole family strapped inside.
P. J. O’Rourke
I’ve become quite a serious explorer: I’ve been to Everest three times; I’m the oldest man to reach the North Pole; and I’ve just been to the lost world of Venezuela.
Brian Blessed
It’s a product of two poles – there’s the pole of the one who makes the work, and the pole of the one who looks at it. I give the latter as much importance as the one who makes it.
Marcel Duchamp
I am not renouncing my blackness and going on about my day. I am rejecting the legitimacy of the entire racial construct in which blackness functions as one orienting pole.
Thomas Chatterton Williams
The knee was all deformed, bloodied up and leaking with puss. I just couldn’t move it. Stiff. It was like I had a spare leg. All of my quad was skinny. It was like a pole with a pineapple in the middle of it.
Shaun Livingston
On 15 July 2007, I swam across an open patch of sea at the North Pole to highlight the melting of the Arctic sea ice.
Lewis Gordon Pugh
The strategy of my coach and me was that we looked at pictures of all the best pole vaulters from around the world, and we took the best parts from them, and we created a person that had never existed. We then started to work toward being such a person.
Sergei Bubka
I have had a lifetime love affair with all types of dance. Pole dancing was always just for fun until we had a pole installed at ‘The Girls Next Door’ house, then we started taking it a bit more seriously and got into using it for exercise.
Kendra Wilkinson
When I was a kid, I was obsessed with this idea of opening a restaurant back in Indiana on a little pond. The guests would order their dinner and then take a little boat out with a colored flag on the front of it. When the matching color of the flag on their boat went up on a flag pole, their dinner was ready!
Greg Kinnear
If someone said, ‘Think of a happy place for you,’ I’d say a glacial plane near the South Pole, the wind howling, nobody in sight, a shack with a pot-belly stove and some tea.
Donal Logue
I have what you might call the South Pole and the North Pole. I have my team and my work, which I do on one side, and I have my family and my home on the other side. Both have nothing really to do with each other.
Michael Schumacher
When you master all defensive and offensive aspects of the game and always enjoy the majority of possession, you’re sitting in pole position to win.
Thiago Alcantara
I had no doubts I could go to the pole. I may not be as strong, but I make up for physical strength in other areas, like steadiness and not panicking under stress.
Ann Bancroft
Trump says what he thinks at that moment. He’s a totem pole of transparency.
Greg Gutfeld
It’s unimaginable to meet a Pole or a German who does not know about the history of their country. But lots of English people don’t know the difference between Britain and England.
Norman Davies
No one would touch me with a barge pole as an actress. It hit hard. I thought, ‘What am I doing? This is a stupid idea!’ It’s like throwing yourself into a massive pond, and you feel like you’re going to drown so quickly.
Phoebe Waller-Bridge
There’s so much more important parts other than pole vaulting.
Jenn Suhr
The regions of the North Pole situated within the eighty-fourth degree of north latitude have not yet been utilized, for the very good reason that they have not yet been discovered.
Jules Verne
I pole-dance. I do. I do it at an aerobics center. Having done gymnastics for 13 years, I find it’s one of the only things where I can still use my core and all my muscles. Plus, it’s fun: You’re a girl, and you get to dance around a pole!
Serinda Swan