Producing Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Producing Quotes from famous authors such as Ashley Tisdale, Christopher Wylie, Bryce Dallas Howard, Elvis Costello, Michael Cudlitz. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

Producing is just a big learning experience.
Ashley Tisdale
Fashion brands are really useful in producing algorithms to find out how people think and how they feel.
Christopher Wylie
If I was producing something, it wouldn’t make sense to me to cast somebody because of who their father is because that doesn’t put anyone in the seats in the theatre. I wouldn’t go to a movie because that person’s father is so and so.
Bryce Dallas Howard
Well, T Bone’s had a remarkable career as a producer since the time that we first worked together. He was dividing his time between recording and producing when we first met, and touring. We toured together and we were great friends.
Elvis Costello
A lot of times, actors give so much power to the producers and the producing companies because, quite frankly, they have it. But we don’t take the limited power that we have, which the power you initially have is to say ‘no.’ But ‘no’ in a positive way.
Michael Cudlitz
I am a perfectionist and the only reason why I started producing is because I didn’t want to argue with a producer.
Kim Shattuck
I’ve always been a great believer that you have to keep producing new things in order to keep life interesting – not only for ourselves, but for the audience as well. That’s really always been our principle and way of working.
Chris Squire
What people unfortunately relate to when they think of Alaska oil was when the Exxon Valdez went aground because of a captain that was drunk. But when you look to how we have been safely producing and moving Alaska’s oil for decades, it is a track record that is enviable.
Lisa Murkowski
Producing is so exciting because you can enable things to happen, whether it’s like discovering a filmmaker who you’re taking a chance on, protecting a battle and driving home at the end of the day just going, ‘I’m so glad I stayed late at work and fought hard for that. Had my passion. Won that battle.’
Drew Barrymore
I really expected things to be different. But being in Bad English was too much of a compromise. Instead of being true to the artistic side, there was this incredible pressure to keep producing the same kind of hits.
John Waite
When you teach black people that they are less beautiful, less moral, less intelligent, and as a result you defer to the white supremacist status quo, you rationalize your accommodation to the status quo, you lose your fire, you become much more tied to producing foliage, what appears to be the case.
Cornel West
In a work capacity I’m only interested in acting and producing.
Charlie Hunnam
The SNP are far from radical, but they do have a knack for producing the odd simple, progressive policy that’s hard to argue against.
Frankie Boyle
If you’re not producing as much as you consume, or perhaps a little more, then clearly we cannot use the big organization of our society for the purpose of keeping you alive, because your life does not benefit us, and it can’t be of very much use to yourself.
George Bernard Shaw
In ‘The Future and Its Enemies,’ I argue that individual creativity and enterprise are not only personally satisfying but socially good, producing progress and happiness. For celebrating creativity and happiness, I have been called a fascist by critics on both coasts.
Virginia Postrel
One of my favorite things is producing other artists because, in many ways, it’s a lot more freeing than working on your own music.
St. Lucia
Producing has empowered me as an artist in a specific way. It’s forced a certain kind of maturity.
George C. Wolfe
I don’t want to say work is who I am, but some people feel more centered and more whole when they’re producing and creating.
Ray Romano
I’ve been producing since the early stages of Gym Class Heroes. A lot of the songs on the first ‘Papercut Chronicles’ were actually beats that I made.
Travie McCoy
We all know that as we form thoughts, they form deep channels in our minds and in our brains. Chronic pain is an example. If you burn yourself, you pull your hand away. But if you’re still in pain in six months’ or six years’ time, it’s because these circuits are producing pain that’s no longer helping you.
Christopher deCharms
Producing is a thankless task akin to hotel management. Unfortunately, there are not too many good hotel managers.
David Hemmings
Britain is producing some of the worst films in the world. Our film industry is desperate to be part of America, and we just churn out flaccid imitations of bad films over there.
Catherine McCormack
Producing is a way of finding a great script that nobody’s making, and believing in it, and doing what you can to get it made. It lets you work with your friends, people you really love to do something with.
Elliot Page
Look, I don’t think President Obama would have bowed to the ruler of Saudi Arabia if he didn’t have oil to the degree that the Saudis do. I think they and other producing states, almost all of whom, except Norway and Canada, are dictatorships or autocratic systems, have thrown their weight around because of oil.
James Woolsey
My fondest memory of Tupac is my father producing ‘Toss It Up’ for him when I was 7 years old and hearing that.
Demetrius Shipp, Jr.
Playing in my early bands, working as a studio musician, producing and going to art school was, in retrospect, my apprenticeship. I was learning and creating a solid foundation of ideas, but I wasn’t really playing music.
Jimmy Page
I just think that I’ll never have plastic surgery if I’m not in front of the camera. If you make your living selling this thing, which is the way you look, then maybe you do it. But trust me, the minute I’m directing or producing and not starring, I would never even think of it.
Rebecca De Mornay
Building a house is like producing a movie. There’s no right way to do it but a lot of wrong ways. You have to be flexible and creative. You have to move fast, be prepared – or it quickly becomes costly.
Jeremy Renner
I was once up for a part, and the male star was also producing the movie. They were talking about meeting with him or having an audition with him, and then we get the message, ‘He wants to have dinner with you.’ I said, ‘Is that the audition, or is it that he just wants to have dinner with me?’
Geena Davis
I am quite convinced now… that the actual training of drawing cartoons – which is, of course, my style – led to my producing Spot. Cartoons must be very simple and have as few words as possible, and so, too, must the ‘Spot’ books.
Eric Hill
I prefer directing to producing as it is far more satisfying.
Vikramaditya Motwane
It’s so difficult to be conscious of a development of a style. You find yourself writing in a certain style, and the analysis of how you came to it can only ever be applied retroactively. You’re never conscious of why you’re producing it.
Sally Rooney
Most people don’t realize that when we were producing ‘Black Panther,’ ‘Quantum & Woody,’ and ‘Steel,’ fairly few people were reading those titles. We were constantly threatened with cancellation.
Christopher Priest
I started a recording studio. I started producing people and doing remixes.
James Iha
Some writers and producers are currently writing a sitcom for me, so we’ll see what happens there. I’m somewhat reluctant to talk about some of the upcoming projects that I’m working on; I’ve a lot of stuff on the go, including five pictures that I’m looking at producing.
Gil Gerard
I believe that the whole idea of the consumer society is tottering. We’ve kept ourselves going by producing more and more goods, most of which people don’t need. I’m anti-consumerism; I own four pairs of black Levis and that’s it.
Paul Auster
Apart from music, T-Series is also producing a couple of films. We’ll never be a film factory though.
Bhushan Kumar
When I was producing on my own, I was doing it in order to – in a very patriarchal entertainment industry, let alone planet – very much hell-bent on trying to prove to myself, if nothing else, that I could do it as a woman.
Alanis Morissette
The gimmicks that have driven the fast food sector for years – dollar menus, limited time offers, and merchandising partnerships – are not producing results like they used to, as consumers simply want better tasting, nutritious food and a more compelling experience, not gimmicks.
Steve Ells
Post my parents’ divorce, when I was 10, my mother, Deepa Motwane, took up a job as a line producer with documentary filmmaker Shukla Das, who was a cousin of hers. When I was 17, she did a TV talk show and I helped her with research and assisted her as she was also producing that show.
Vikramaditya Motwane
At Hofstra, I got a very well rounded education. I studied acting, but they wouldn’t let me just study acting. I had to take classes in play analysis, directing, producing. I had no idea this would ever be relevant. And, of course, it’s what I used the rest of my life.
Philip Rosenthal
The pollution problem is always seen as someone who was doing something bad that has to be stopped. To me, pollution is doing something bad and good. People don’t pollute because they like polluting. They do it because it’s a cheaper way of producing something else.
Ronald Coase
Amy Rapp, my producing partner, and I are drawn to character-driven material. We’re developing and producing movies and TV, fiction and non-fiction, studio and independent, broadcast and cable, theatre, and web so our slate is really diverse.
Meredith Vieira
When you’re producing your own record, you do your best to be objective and take a step back from it from time to time.
Derek Trucks
I hope that some day the practice of producing cowpox in human beings will spread over the world – when that day comes, there will be no more smallpox.
Edward Jenner
I don’t like producing. It’s a lot of meetings you sit through that amount to nothing.
Matt LeBlanc
I’m mad keen on recycling because I’m worried about the next generation and where all this waste we’re producing is going. It has to stop. I wash out my plastic containers and recycle envelopes, everything I possibly can.
Cherie Lunghi
The process for producing public policy in Congress is flawed. The process itself kills policy ideas through the bypassing of the rules and procedural decisions that limit discussion.
Dan Webster
The model of Coca-Cola is local, whether it’s investing, partnering, sourcing, producing, or selling. We market and distribute locally; we pay taxes locally. And it works.
Muhtar Kent
I’ve worked with Childish Gambino for so long, so I’ve learned that from those producing skills – how to really produce music – where, of course, it’s about writing, but it’s also about combining sounds and styles and genres.
Ludwig Goransson
I love acting, I love directing, I love writing, I love producing, I love creating.
Joivan Wade
Every day I do one or two podcasts that 92 percent of people never will hear. I’m constantly producing, constantly making jokes for Twitter. There’s a lot of pressure there. On the flip side, I think having to produce like that makes you a better comedian.
Kurt Braunohler
An art aims, above all, at producing something beautiful which affects not our feelings but the organ of pure contemplation, our imagination.
Eduard Hanslick
I started by producing, and the rapping came second to that, because I wanted to fill out the beat.
I know how gratifying it is not only to work in film but to be acknowledged by peers; producing ‘9 to 5’ was an opportunity that I valued precisely because it’s so rarely in the hands of women.
Jane Fonda
I’m hoping to dive into the producing aspect of this industry. I don’t want to limit myself to just one thing, so I kind of want to dip my toe in every field and see what clicks with me.
Sistine Stallone
Tar sands oil is the dirtiest fuel on Earth. Because producing it consumes so much energy, a gallon of tar sands crude generates 17 percent more carbon pollution than conventional crude oil.
Frances Beinecke
I enjoy the writing process and producing; I enjoy seeing an idea come to fruition. I’m driven by very complex characters. You look at the pilot of ‘Breaking Bad,’ where there’s so much depth to the character, you can’t help but be invested when you watch.
Sasha Roiz
And what better way to reinvent the form than to toss virtually 99% of everything that’s been done with it and start with a brand-new canvas, reinvent it from the ground up? Digital comics gave me the opportunity to do that, and producing things digitally gave me the opportunity to do that.
Scott McCloud
All writers have a love-hate relationship with writing. Performing is fun, too, but I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite. But the most fulfilling is producing.
Larry Wilmore
The accumulation of skill and science which has been directed to diminish the difficulty of producing manufactured goods, has not been beneficial to that country alone in which it is concentrated; distant kingdoms have participated in its advantages.
Charles Babbage
East Texas isn’t known for producing quarterbacks. I was never really on the football circuit. I wasn’t the type of guy that put my name out there.
Patrick Mahomes
We knew from theoretical models that mergers of massive, gas-rich galaxies were more frequent in the past. Now we’ve found that these mergers are responsible for producing both the nearby obscured quasar population and their distant cousins.
Priyamvada Natarajan
Producing should be a creative responsibility.
Harold Prince
Modern genetic engineering makes producing GMO food products relatively easy. GMOs can improve crop yield and greatly enhance the nutritional value of those same crops.
Richard J. Roberts
When I was producing ‘Formula Vol. 2,’ I knew I needed to come hard with the features and do something I hadn’t done with Aventura. Collaborating with Drake was definitely one of those big steps that helped bachata go to the next level.
Romeo Santos
Directing? It’s an appealing thought, but as far as I can tell, it’s a lot of work. Producing is easier. You can tell someone else what to do and then go home.
Timothy Olyphant
Our first and main focus will continue to be producing content for a huge domestic market and the second largest migrant population in the world, which is south Asian.
Ronnie Screwvala
When I’m acting in a film that I’m not producing, I stay to myself.
Christina Ricci
Opera requires an enormous commitment. You must devote your whole life to producing that extraordinary sound.
Roger Allam
I miss producing. I hate it when I do it, but I love it.
James Murphy
I produce more movies than I write, but when I write, it is such an immersive, intense process that it probably takes as much or more time than producing multiple movies.
Simon Kinberg
I love producing. I am loving doing that. I think that is my most natural space in the business. I just love producing or editing and that’s where I thrive.
Will Smith
I would like to continue producing films with Salman and associate with him again and again, if that is possible.
Rockline Venkatesh
Energy companies, such as Chevron and Shell, and oil producing countries, such as Kuwait and Venezuela, pump crude oil from their vast land holdings and sell it on the world market.
Gary Miller
I think there is a chance that Indian writers in America will start producing very interesting books in the years to come.
Karan Mahajan
As we look ahead, we see increasing opportunities for Duke in natural gas – not just for producing electricity, but in providing gas for our customers. We have been investing in renewables as well throughout the U.S.
Lynn Good
Raj Kapoor started directing and producing movies while he was at the peak of his career. Aamir Khan has also directed a movie while his career graph was soaring.
Nizhalgal Ravi
I do know that homelessness is related to housing, and we haven’t been producing housing in the numbers that our community requires – a lot of the escalating costs of housing is related to the fact that supply is way short than demand.
David Ige
Capitalism and market forces are very powerful in producing wealth and innovation. But we need to ensure that these forces act in the common interest.
Thomas Piketty
Cultural change is always incremental, so the most important thing for any right-leaning artist, writer, or media mogul is to focus less on making political statements and more on producing high-quality work.
Ross Douthat
We found the appetite for ‘Frontline’ has only grown as the digital landscape has exploded. The appetite for the reporting we do on our digital platforms to the short films we’re doing for our Facebook and YouTube channels. And we’re still producing these remarkable long-form films.
Raney Aronson-Rath
I grew up producing hip-hop music, actually. I was producing for my friends, who were all rappers in upstate New York, where I’m from. But in the eighth grade, we had this songwriting contest in our school, and I got really excited about it and actually won. After that, I just kept making music forever.
Gus Dapperton
I was huge fan of most of the animated series growing up in the golden era of ’90s superhero animation. I didn’t care who was producing – it was much more about the specific heroes that I connected with.
Ray Fisher
Producing zines can offer an unexpected respite from the scrutiny on the Internet, which can be as oppressive as it is liberating.
Jenna Wortham
Each song has its own secret that’s different from another song, and each has its own life. Sometimes it has to be teased out, whereas other times it might come fast. There are no laws about songwriting or producing. It depends on what you’re doing, not just who you’re doing.
Mark Knopfler
If the Negroes are to remain forever removed from the producing atmosphere, and the present discrimination continues, there will be nothing left for them to do.
Carter G. Woodson
All labour is directed towards producing some effect.
Alfred Marshall
Working together with our exceptional leadership team, our Ministry of Health was empowered to make smart investments that could unlock our potential by producing long-lasting health and economic benefits for all.
Tedros Adhanom
Praised be You, my Lord, through our Sister, Mother Earth, who sustains and governs us, producing varied fruits with coloured flowers and herbs.
Francis of Assisi
As far as producing, I was thrown into it on a film called Beasts of No Nation when we were in Ghana three months after I retired.
Nnamdi Asomugha
At Eventbrite, we value quality results over everything else. So while working late is acknowledged, at the end of the day, I care more about the results you’re producing.
Julia Hartz
Producing suits me because I have a business mind and a business sensibility.
Donnie Wahlberg
When we seed millions of acres of land with these plants, what happens to foraging birds, to insects, to microbes, to the other animals, when they come in contact and digest plants that are producing materials ranging from plastics to vaccines to pharmaceutical products?
Jeremy Rifkin
In the old days… it was a basic, cardinal fact that producers didn’t have opinions. When I was producing natural history programmes, I didn’t use them as vehicles for my own opinion. They were factual programmes.
David Attenborough
A lot of producers cookie cut movies one after another, but I’ll be a little more careful, and have the opportunity to be, because I have the acting career to subsidize the producing.
Ryan Phillippe
People say I pay too much attention to the look of a movie but for God’s sake, I’m not producing a Radio 4 Play for Today, I’m making a movie that people are going to look at.
Ridley Scott
In a way, writing is an incredible act of individualism, producing your language, and yet to use it from the heart of a crowd as opposed to as an individual performance is a conflicting thing. I do stand alone, and yet it’s not about being an individual or being ambitious.
Arundhati Roy
We must have a relentless commitment to producing a meaningful, comprehensive energy package aimed at conservation, alleviating the burden of energy prices on consumers, decreasing our country’s dependency on foreign oil, and increasing electricity grid reliability.
Paul Gillmor
As long as I’m creating, I am happy… whether directing, producing, writing, acting.
Ralph Macchio
I love ‘The Gospel Truth,’ the song that opened up ‘Hercules.’ I thought that song was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed producing that and writing that.
Alan Menken
That’s something I’m not worried about with St. Louis. They always bring up guys that are ready to go, you know, and they always go about producing players that are ready to go and contribute.
Nolan Arenado
I look forward to beginning a relationship with Al Jazeera America, which has made a commitment to producing quality programming and pursuing underreported stories.
Soledad O’Brien
We are producing something people can live without. But we need to keep thinking what would make our products a priority purchase even if they are not a necessity. If we stop doing that, no matter how successful Nintendo is at the moment, things will start going wrong in no time.
Satoru Iwata
I’ve always wanted to have the ability to do what I want to do. And there are so many things that I want to do because I love acting, I love directing, I love producing, I love being a mother, I love being a wife. If I had to choose one, just would put me in the crazy house.
Jada Pinkett Smith
We were producing ‘La La Land’… and then we weren’t. So it was a very painful topic, but I’m happy the movie was as successful as it was. And, of course, I wish we had produced it.
Jason Blum
BioRhythm was a perfect fit for me, as I can relate to the company’s attention to detail when producing its products to a very dedicated fan base. Detail is a key to my success on the football field.
Antonio Brown
I’ve looked up to Anushka Sharma, she has inspired me, specially how she has taken her career so well. She is producing films, started off at a young age, she is making the films she wants to, producing the ones she believes in.
Athiya Shetty
I started off as an artiste and later a producer. All these aspects are interconnected. I became adept at every field – acting, producing, stunts and distributions. I never found anything tough.
Rockline Venkatesh
As he approached his 28th birthday in February 1840, Dickens knew himself to be famous, successful and tired. He needed a rest, and he made up his mind to keep the year free of the pressure of producing monthly installments of yet another long novel.
Claire Tomalin
When the Swing Lo Magellan touring wound up, it felt like the end of something for me, and I needed a break from touring. But really, the co-writing and producing I did after this gave me a different perspective on this whole thing. To me, that was like being a different spoke on the wheel.
David Longstreth
I have come close to producing films. But generally by the time they hit the screen, there’s about 50 people with producer credits, so what’s the point. I usually find scripts I like with no money attached and take them to producers that I know and try to raise finance.
Tim Roth
I did this movie called ‘Their Eyes Were Watching God,’ and I was an extra, and it was a movie that Oprah was producing. She had walked by, and I was making all the other extras laugh, and she said, ‘You’re a very funny young lady.’ I was like, ‘Eeeee!’
Tiffany Haddish
School is the same as producing: If you want to make it far, there are a million, trillion people trying to do the same thing. If you’re not in over-grind mode, it’s probably not going to work the way that you want it to.
Metro Boomin
Men don’t and can’t live by exchanging articles, but by producing them. They don’t live by trade, but by work. Give up that foolish and vain title of Trades Unions; and take that of laborers Unions.
John Ruskin
In an industrial society which confuses work and productivity, the necessity of producing has always been an enemy of the desire to create.
Raoul Vaneigem
I’m an actor first and foremost. My producing credentials are just to say, ‘Yeah, I love this story and now let’s bring the people, the ensemble together,’ and I get out of the way. I have no desire to check on schedules and shooting schedules and money and stuff like that.
Pierce Brosnan
One of the biggest differences between you and a traditionally published author is that a self-pubbed author is responsible for everything. Not just writing the book – but cover design, editing, producing, distribution, and publicity as well.
M. J. Rose
The Royal Opera House? I once had the immense privilege of appearing there and was awed by the air of refinement of those seemingly ethereal beings who floated about in the highest echelons of musical accomplishment, effortlessly producing virtuoso performances in several different languages.
Ann Widdecombe
I’m producing more, but I think to direct, one has to have a burning desire, and that’s not me. I’d rather do something else.
Vincent Cassel
I’ve got no problem with getting history wrong for a purpose – Shakespeare often got things wrong for a reason. But it’s the randomised arrogance of ignorance of ‘The Tudors.’ Shame on the BBC for producing it.
David Starkey
I don’t want to be on the mic, man. I want to stay producing.
Mike Will Made It
I love the idea of Pro Tools, but it doesn’t seem as attractive to me in terms of the music-making side. It’s great for recording, but with Logic you get the best of both worlds, the ability to do great tracking and producing something that sounds great as well.
Jonas Blue
Cable television stations in America are now producing such smart, in-depth, non-formula, character-based dramas. Film has turned more and more into big action or cartoons.
Gillian Armstrong
There’s no reason for Gillette to be world class on the web, but there’s every reason for Gillette to be world class in producing billions of high powered razor blades at low cost.
James Collins
I’m increasingly conscious of the fact that, even when we know a lot, there’s an element of blind faith. For things to work well, you have to surrender to the moment. This is especially true of writing, producing and truly giving it all in a performance.
I admire my boss, Lorne Michaels. He never stops producing. I think, for him, comedy is a tool of compassion, a way of rallying people together and saying, ‘Guys, isn’t the world bonkers? Aren’t we all just trying our best?’ There’s a tenderness in everything he does.
Kate McKinnon
Throughout Manchester United’s history, we always come up with answers to problems. Big stars come and go, but still, the team keep producing the same performances.
Park Ji-sung
We’re one of the largest employers in Canada for animation executives, and there is – I think something on the magnitude of $140 million a year be important to the Canadian economy producing animation for Netflix.
Ted Sarandos
I would love to be producing movies, acting in more movies, and doing projects that are Oscar-worthy… have kids, be married, all that, being a normal human being as well, balancing it all out.
Letitia Wright
In the digital realm, companies are free from the friction of producing physical goods, and as a result, we see companies like Google go from zero dollars in revenues to billions at a much faster rate.
Om Malik
When you don’t make the playoffs, or you’re not producing a product that you’re proud of, then, yeah, it’s tough on everybody… it’s tough on the fans all the way down.
Mike D’Antoni
The man who comes up with a means for doing or producing almost anything better, faster or more economically has his future and his fortune at his fingertips.
J. Paul Getty
Even though I’ve reached retirement age, I still plan to work – writing my investment newsletter, speaking at conferences, publishing books, and producing conferences like FreedomFest.
Mark Skousen
I’ve always thought about someday producing other artists or developing other artists.
Sara Evans
I joined Elton John’s band in ’75. He not only allowed me to play the electronic keyboard on his albums, he also let me do the orchestrations. Then I left the band and started producing records. I was not really a popular kind of hit music guy. I was attracted to more esoteric things.
James Newton Howard
In 1975 Australia was producing things like Picnic at Hanging Rock, in other words films that I would consider still some of the finest products to come out of Australia. I think that our quality now is less than it was then.
Ann Macbeth
After I did television, I just felt I didn’t have any more to give to the medium. And so I went back to the theatre and started directing and producing, and found I enjoyed it as much, if not more, than acting.
Ng Chin Han
I tell stories, and I do it through writing, through acting, through my stand-up, and through directing. All the hats I wear – producing as well – ultimately, I am a storyteller.
Del Shores
I just really love producing. I love being able to be part of a solution. I love being able to create opportunities for other people to do what they do, to be part of the collaborative process that is filmmaking and television making.
Kerry Washington
I think much of the media is decadent in the sense that the people who are producing the coverage, they themselves live very comfortable lives.
Steve Hilton
Producing 1,200 words every day, when you’re already working a full-time job is a lot.
Heather Cox Richardson
I’ve travelled a huge amount, but almost all of it has been through work. I spent five years stationed in London in the special services of the American Air Force, producing and directing shows for the troops, which I absolutely loved.
Larry Hagman
‘Cyber-security’ is one of those hot topics that has launched a thousand seminars and strategy papers without producing much in the way of policy.
David Ignatius
The thing about producing is that the pressure is off of being in front of the camera, and being critiqued and judged in that way, but there are other pressures producing.
Sean Hayes
If Nirvana had remained a small, underground punk rock band, Kurt Cobain would still be alive. And he’d probably be living in Seattle, getting kind of fat and balding, be relatively happy and producing records for other people.
I’m a person who believes that if a team that’s producing a champion and producing contenders in that same division, then the coaches should be proud of that and pat themselves on the back because they’re really creating a dynasty, so that’s the way I take it.
Tyron Woodley
In film producing, there is an inherent tension between the director, the money and the producer, and that’s what keeps it flowing and honest and accountable.
Christine Vachon
I don’t like to produce albums. I hate producing albums, as a matter of fact, because I’m an obsessed mixer and I can’t leave it alone.
David Friedman
I learn a new thing every single day about acting, about directing, about producing.
Finn Wolfhard
In my judgment, the JCPOA for whatever its limitations, was succeeding on its own terms in blocking Iran’s pathways to producing fissile material for a nuclear weapon on short order.
Antony Blinken
I kind of just stumbled into producing. It was more that I was a writer, and the only way you were going to get your songs done was to do them yourself.
Producing is the hardest of the three because there is almost no closure. Every time you solve a problem, another one pops up. Directing is second, and acting is the most fun.
Henry Winkler
I was producing demos for a band that was called Physical Ed. Out of production of demos I went and did a few jam sessions with then in Northern California clubs, but I never actually toured with them.
Ronnie Montrose
Producing is a world of compromise and actors are utterly spoiled all the time.
Damian Lewis
More people are asking me to come and sing for them, so obviously I am getting more work. But apart from singing, I have been parallely programming and producing music tracks and assisting music directors. That is my bread and butter, which is how I survived in Mumbai. Now I can’t leave it.
Arijit Singh
In a perfect world, people don’t have to move to another country to get a higher wage. Ultimately, they need only be able to participate in producing output that is sold internationally.
Robert J. Shiller
You always succeed in producing a result.
Tony Robbins
I love making movies and hope to write my own screenplay someday and do some producing and be behind-the-scenes as well.
Victoria Justice
I was born trying to figure out why other kids were just playing in a circle. What are you doing in the circle? Duck, Duck, Goose? What is the goose supposed to do? You could be organizing; you could be producing products that are for sale. You have a circle, but how are you utilizing it?
Stacey Abrams
I am not interested in producing fiction for Indian television at all, the reason being that I don’t understand the medium. I can be a judge or a host; I can do that as an individual. But to produce TV content, you have to know the game.
Karan Johar
If I play, I try to concentrate on producing my best.
Oliver Kahn
Most people want to become movie stars and I just want to be in the business. I already was a star. If I get the part of a lifetime and it blows up, then that’s wonderful. But if the acting doesn’t work, fine. I’ll just be a producer. And if the producing doesn’t work, fine. I’ve got a lot of other stuff.
Carl Lewis
I love the studio. I love writing and producing both for us and for other people.
Dan Smith
We are already producing enough food to feed the world. We already have technology in place that allows us to produce more than we can find a market for.
Jeremy Rifkin
When the OutKast sound changed and I started producing my own records, I would mirror what I thought that character doing that music would look like. As the sound got a little wilder, freakier and funkier, so did the clothes. Then when the sound got more sophisticated, the clothes changed again.
Andre Benjamin
I hope that America as a whole, and especially its architects, will become more seriously involved in producing a new architectural culture that would bring the nation to the apex – where it has stood before – and lead the world.
Tadao Ando
My dream would be producing, maybe directing – definitely not writing – one feature film.
Bonnie Hammer
Producing fuel cells and solar panels requires high tech facilities and produces high paying jobs. The industry is booming in Arizona. The state already has about 100 firms in the solar industry and has grown 20% since 2003.
J. D. Hayworth
Computation, storage, and communications capacity are in the hands of practically every connected person – and these are the basic physical capital means necessary for producing information, knowledge and culture, in the hands of something like 600 million to a billion people around the planet.
Yochai Benkler
What was accomplished in ‘Band of Brothers’ was incredible, from the writing and producing to the performances of the actors who honored all those men that fought bravely and gave the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy today.
Jon Seda
For a couple of years, I focused more on producing because I wanted to be close to home, after traveling a lot for work.
Mark Consuelos
Producing food to eat is the single most destructive environmental activity humans engage in.
Ramez Naam
I certainly don’t only watch Netflix. I enjoy the fact there is multiple companies producing content. I think it’s great for consumers.
Marc Randolph
As soon as we can wrest from Nature the secret of the internal structure of the compounds produced by her, chemical science can then even surpass Nature by producing compounds as variations of the natural ones, which the living cell is unable to construct.
Otto Wallach
I want to die in the saddle. I love writing, producing, acting, directing.
Peter Fonda
When I’m directing or producing, I like to do different kinds of stories. But you have to know what you really like, and when you do, you have to front your position.
Danny DeVito
Any species capable of producing, at this earliest, juvenile stage of its development… the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, cannot be all bad.
Lewis Thomas
So if I keep making mistakes on Broadway or tape or film, producing, directing or acting, I can go along and do it – so long as I’m not investing too much capital in these things.
Jackie Cooper
If you bring in testosterone outside your body, it probably stops producing it because it thinks you’re going to get it from the outside.
Tyron Woodley
Transferring successfully to the next generation means producing work that’s as good as or better than the work of the first generation that founded the agency.
Jay Chiat
I grew up at NBC and started there right out of college. I learned producing and booking. I was on MSNBC, ‘Today’ and ‘Nightly.’ I knew everyone from every level of the company. That was a comfort level. I had a personal relationship with a lot of the editorial leadership there. It wasn’t easy to leave.
Margaret Brennan
I’ve been producing projects, and I hope that It’s inevitable one day that I direct a film. I have a lot of things I want to do.
Adrien Brody
Eventually, my dad bought me a guitar for Christmas, and then I just went from there, man. I bought a drum kit a few years later and bought a bass, started producing, started singing.
Tom Walker
Since my subjects have always been my sensations, my states of mind and the profound reactions that life has been producing in me, I have frequently objectified all this in figures of myself, which were the most sincere and real thing that I could do in order to express what I felt inside and outside of myself.
Frida Kahlo
We use the people who are in the bullpen producing.
Bill Evans
If you just focus on producing good outcomes, all that other stuff sorts itself out.
Thom Tillis
Producing words isn’t a problem for me. And I usually write two books at a time. When one horse gets winded, you jump on the other.
Don Winslow
Since I keep doing several things at a time – acting, producing, directing, etc., I’m short-tempered. But my anger will not last too long and I smile after some time.
Raghava Lawrence
Second point is no one here could predict or know that Israel was involved or started producing the hydrogen bomb – the most advanced and powerful atomic bomb that can kill millions of people.
Mordechai Vanunu
Producing is making films without having to work sometimes. It’s still making films, but it’s a different job.
Brett Ratner
Ultimately, if we can develop enough players, the balance of foreign players isn’t great, but that’s because we’re not producing enough players.
Gary Lineker
President after president has said energy independence is critical. But then you have the EPA tasked to go after American companies producing coal and penalizing them. You can’t have it both ways.
Corey Lewandowski
I want to have an empire. I like being in front of the camera, performing – but I would like to get to a place where I’m also executive producing and bringing other people along. People of all different walks of life, highlighting their voices.
Phoebe Robinson
When I was nine, ten, I was super young, but I installed a program on my computer so I could start producing music. I just started messing around. Then, after a couple of years, I got better. I actually learned some tricks, so I knew what I was doing instead of just messing.
Martin Garrix
A lot of young girls don’t realise how diverse the career opportunities are in games development. Many think that you need elite math skills and a vast knowledge of all things tech to work in games, and haven’t thought about avenues like design, producing, art, writing or composing.
Rhianna Pratchett
Hungry people cannot be good at learning or producing anything, except perhaps violence.
Pearl Bailey
I definitely want to do other things outside of acting like producing, directing.
Skai Jackson
I equate physical activity with happiness not just from the perspective of producing endorphins but also from the perspective of really moving through emotions and getting stagnant energy to move through our body.
Gabrielle Bernstein
I’ve been so entwined with technology since I was about 15, recording myself and multitracking and producing things on my own.
St. Vincent
Every discourse, even a poetic or oracular sentence, carries with it a system of rules for producing analogous things and thus an outline of methodology.
Jacques Derrida
I’m trying to stay humble because if I don’t keep producing results, all of this goes away, so I want to focus on the people close to me – my family and my team; they mean everything to me.
Denis Shapovalov
I don’t want to do something unproductive with my time, so I decided to do something musical. So it felt good to say, ‘Yeah, I’m producing.’ It gave me a fresh vibe – inspiring in a different way.
Sean Paul
When you’re producing, you’re really just making a series of decisions.
Frank Dukes
By the time I’m 40, the hope is that I’ll be solidly in daytime television and producing the various other experts we’ve brought along the way.
Jillian Michaels
We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth without producing it.
George Bernard Shaw
Work less than you think you should. It took me a while to realise there was a point each day when my creativity ran out and I was just producing words – usually lousy ones – for their own sake. And nap: it helps to refresh the brain, at least mine.
Amy Waldman
I’m interested not just in projects that I’ll be starring in, but producing film and TV that’s really quality and great for adults; and when I say ‘great for adults,’ it doesn’t mean without humor, because I’m also interested in doing comedy.
Lance Reddick
When you’re a producer and an artist you’re very critical of yourself. I like to produce other people, but I’m not that good at producing myself.
Valerie Simpson
The film business has changed hugely. You seem to spend about 30 per cent of the time producing the films and 70 per cent talking about it.
Jeremy Irons
We used to make a ‘Tom and Jerry’ short every six weeks and they were about six minutes long, so we were producing about a minute of animation a week.
William Hanna
Women are nothing but machines for producing children.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Producing good stuff can be quite tough, and it involves a lot of frustration, but I always like things to be jolly and happy, and I forget that’s actually not the point at the end of the day.
Ewan McGregor
I’ve always challenged myself and the people who work with me to take new approaches to traditional business challenges, to push the envelope and constantly ask whether our sacred cows are still producing great milk.
Irene Rosenfeld
I always say, ‘I love producing, but directing is my passion,’ and for a while, I had to produce to support my directing habit.
Michelle MacLaren
I started producing when I was listening to The Diplomats. The first time I heard Cam’ron was ‘Dead or Alive.’
Surely, if we are going to be better at producing food of the right value, then we have to accept that genetic technology… is going to be part of that.
Princess Anne
I strongly believe that producing and directing will not go together. If you want to be producer, don’t direct.
Americans want Washington to put aside political differences, find common ground, and start producing real economic solutions for the middle class.
Raja Krishnamoorthi
Producing a film is not an easy job at all.
We have to find alternative ways of producing our raw materials without asking nature to do it for us.
Jochen Zeitz
I know it’s good when I see a smaller film get recognized because it means more publicity for them. When you start producing and directing the movies become a little more like your children.
Campbell Scott
Our religious police has the most dangerous effect on society – the segregation of genders, putting the wrong ideas in the heads of men and women, producing psychological diseases that never existed in our country before, like fanatacism.
Basmah bint Saud
I too once thought of producing a musical play on Tyagaraja. People fell at my feet, saying please don’t commit such a folly.
Y. G. Mahendran
I take things on a day to day basis when it gets really hectic. But I do think long term and I’m looking forward to the next couple of years when I do start producing my own films with my production company and playing some characters that are older and that’s really exciting to me.
Erika Christensen
One sign of a great actor is when he can be alone by himself on the screen, doing almost nothing, and producing one of a film’s defining moments.
Roger Ebert
From a producing standpoint, I think prep is everything.
Kathleen Kennedy
I have a producing partner named Stephen Hamel, and we’ve been trying to generate material.
Keanu Reeves
If you look at the big entertainment industry and their pursuit of the bottom line profits in exchange for producing content and distributing that content and marketing that content to inappropriate audiences, that’s a problem for me.
Rick Santorum
When I was younger I was influenced by Kanye, his story of coming up and how he kept producing and producing and saying, ‘I’m more than just a producer. I’m more than just a writer. I’m more than just a guy in the studio here to give you ideas. I have a story.’
Writing, producing and directing, I must say, is incredibly satisfying and gratifying.
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Producing suits me because I have a business mind and a business sensibility. I was a street hustler. I did whatever it took. I sold whatever I could sell. I’m a good organiser.
Mark Wahlberg
My creative partner is a writer, and he’s got an executive producing credit on this film. We’ve made three films together and I would never underestimate the impact of a writer.
Taylor Hackford
I tested the waters on producing a record, but I’m more of a creative guy. I can’t get into minute details.
Dee Snider
When Xscape came back together for a tour in 2017, and all of our shows were selling out, it made me miss being on stage and producing music on a regular basis. That’s what I did for most of my life.
Kandi Burruss
Producing a dark Christmas album in the middle of the summer is a very interesting process, especially if you are doing it by the turquoise Caribbean Sea.
Tarja Turunen
Yeah, before DJing, judo was my passion. I’ve always loved it but DJing and producing took over my life and finding time to fit it in was hard once the touring started.
When I’m a stunt woman on a movie, I’m strictly a ‘Yes sir,’ girl… But acting puts more in your hands, and producing gives you more control still.
Zoe Bell
I don’t think anyone at Fox believes they are producing even-handed, impartial coverage.
Bill Keller
We are busy planning the launch of the channel. I am busy planning all kinds of events that go on the channel without me. I have started producing a sound for the channel.
Howard Stern
You’ve got so many guys coming up and putting in work, and everybody wants to be in my position, so I gotta be paranoid and think that if I’m not producing, if I’m not going out there and winning fights and winning impressively, I’m gonna be replaced.
Rashad Evans
Why has Scandinavia been producing such good thrillers? Maybe because their filmmakers can’t afford millions for CGI and must rely on cheaper elements like, you know, stories and characters.
Roger Ebert
Our competitors outside Europe are manufacturing goods cheaper and better. Through innovation, other countries are producing new products which we do not make yet, but which we could.
David Lidington
And you know what – and I don’t mean this in tongue in cheek way – but it’s like deja vu. When I walked in to WCW they were producing wrestling on a little teeny sound stage at Disney, okay? I’m walking into TNA and they’re producing wrestling in a little teeny sound stage at Universal.
Hulk Hogan
The money I earn from a live show is divided into two parts. One section goes towards producing my music videos, and the other goes into my savings.
Vidya Vox
Producing, in television, we’re in the business of voyeurism.
John Singleton
In general, investors prefer companies to reward executives for producing recurring income, not one-time gains.
Alex Berenson
Books about technology start-ups have a pattern. First, there’s the grand vision of the founders, then the heroic journey of producing new worlds from all-night coding and caffeine abuse, and finally, the grand finale: immense wealth and secular sainthood. Let’s call it the Jobs Narrative.
Kate Crawford
I started producing for Pump – I produced his first songs. ‘Lil Pump,’ ‘Elementary,’ ‘Johnny Dang’ – all that I produced.
Capital, however capital may be defined, would practically cease to exist as an income producing fund, for the simple reason that if money, wherewith to buy capital, could be obtained for one-half of one per cent, capital itself could command no higher price.
John Buchanan Robinson
Podcasts are hard! I mean, you gotta get the microphones and all these things… there’s a lot going on there. I never really realized how much goes into producing things till I did ‘Gay of Thrones.’
Jonathan Van Ness
Producing in-depth, thoughtful, well-reported journalism is difficult and expensive.
Katharine Viner
There are a lot of people using technology that are playing to a click with backing vocals already stuck in there on some computerized thing that runs along in time to the show so they have these amazing vocals that are only partly the guys on stage producing them at the time.
James Young
Producing isn’t my favourite bit about what I do, but the fact that I know how to do it gives me this sense of power in situations that are super male-dominated.
The method of producing comics in Japan is very hectic, but it’s also rewarding because it’s possible to do both the story and art all by yourself.
Akira Toriyama
I had taken a bit of a sabbatical because I was producing and directing films. But acting has always been my passion and it is something that I will continue to do.
Arbaaz Khan
When I started producing, it was George Abbott directing and he would let me do the scenery. He just wanted to know where the doors were – the entrances, the exits; the tables, the props – and then I would hire the designer. I took charge of the visuals – scenery and costumes and so on. And, the shows looked wonderful.
Harold Prince
I know some bands that don’t like touring and are able to make a living producing other bands. There are a lot of ways of carving a living out, but it’s become tougher and tougher to figure out what that means.
Taylor Goldsmith
I think producing a record for other artists is almost like giving them advice, and I would say that it is easier to produce another artist than it is to produce yourself.
Music is just a really fun hobby that I do, because I’m actually really good about writing songs and producing. People don’t realize this, but I am an excellent writer for artists.
Tila Tequila
While producing art works, illusions appear from time to time due to my mental illness. Every day is a struggle for me.
Yayoi Kusama
My first love is writing and producing. So I sometimes put my own stuff off to work on other people’s projects.
Missy Elliott
When George W. Bush came into office, North Korea had maybe one nuclear weapon and verifiably wasn’t producing any more.
Noam Chomsky
We need a number of solutions – we need more efficiency and conservation. Efficiency is a big one. I think car companies need to do a lot better in producing more efficient cars. They have the technology, we just need to demand them as consumers.
Daryl Hannah
I’m not comparing it with cricketers who get huge money. But getting some financial benefits do motivate players, especially athletes. I appreciate this move by the state government. A state like Haryana has been producing more and more players because of such motivations.
Hima Das
It always surprises me when donors who operate successful businesses assume that just building a school structure means that a community now has access to education. When creating a business, does renting an office space now mean that you’re producing goods, training staff and generating revenues?
Adam Braun
The Swedish Academy of Sciences has seen fit, by awarding the Nobel Prize, to honour the method of producing ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen.
Fritz Haber
I want to get into producing. I really learned a lot from ‘Girls Next Door.’ Kevin Burns is a great producer. He’s really talented, and he taught me a lot. I’m just looking forward to spreading the wings a little bit. Five seasons on ‘Girls Next Door’ was great, but it gets a little repetitive.
Holly Madison
If your corn has a herbicide-tolerant gene, it means you can spray your herbicides and kill the weeds; you won’t kill your corn because it’s producing a gene that makes it tolerant of the herbicide.
Jeremy Rifkin
Profits should be for a purpose. Profits should be productive. You should make money for producing benefits that make the world a better place. Making money is a good thing when it is made in service to humanity or the democracy.
Andrew Young
Well, they just don’t know anything else except that one form of their business, acting, and they don’t really want to learn any other part of it, or they would. Directing and producing and putting a show together is very creative, for me.
Jackie Cooper
I don’t know if I’m going to be a manager forever. I don’t know if I’m going to be producing films or television shows.
Scooter Braun
There are a lot of projects I want to do with producing and acting outside of wrestling.
Big Show
The problem is not actual number of calories we are producing – we have food waste issues. The problem is industrial food.
Kimbal Musk
I always feel that the best kind of producing – and frankly, it has to do with what I like to do – is you’re the big-picture person.
Kathleen Kennedy
The ancient Greek philosophers were blonde and blue-eyed and, even then, talked about how their race was mixed with others and how this affected their society negatively. When there were no more natural blondes and no more blue eyes in Greece, they incidentally stopped producing great philosophers.
Varg Vikernes
Alan Alda and his wife Arlene are two of the most life-affirming people I’ve ever met. He espoused equal rights for women while producing, writing, acting in and directing ‘M*A*S*H’; he used to commute between the set and home because he didn’t want to disrupt his kids’ schooling.
Sanjeev Bhaskar
Our goal is not to produce immediate results. We’ve been tasked with producing long-term results. That means that there’s more risk in any individual thing we take on. But we still aspire to a strong return on investment.
Astro Teller
Definition of Statistics: The science of producing unreliable facts from reliable figures.
Evan Esar
In the end, I was producing movements for over 40 Oompa-Loompas.
Deep Roy
I think, generally, I just cannot really envision life without writing and producing records and singing.
David Bowie
Part of the problem with producing contemporary political theater in America today is that many theaters don’t have flexibility or resources, be it hiring a lot of actors or staging a work that might be tough for some audience and board members.
Theresa Rebeck
Cancer is still a word that strikes fear into people’s hearts, producing a deep sense of powerlessness. But today it is possible to find out through a blood test whether you are highly susceptible to breast and ovarian cancer, and then take action.
Angelina Jolie
I love spending time in England, whether it’s for writing, producing, or seeing my parents and siblings.
Alice Merton
It’s great having a good academy, but if you can’t pay the players you’re producing, what’s the point of it?
Alun Wyn Jones
I’m always going to be heavy in producing. It’s always going to come first. It never can’t come first.
Metro Boomin
If I give you the right conditions to work, and I put you in a beautiful place, where you feel a little bit better about yourself because you know your work is being used for something greater than producing a profit, maybe you will get more creative; maybe you will want to work more.
Brunello Cucinelli
Everything I do, whether it’s producing or signing an artist, always starts with the songs. When I’m listening, I’m looking for a balance that you could see in anything. Whether it’s a great painting or a building or a sunset.
Rick Rubin
Boy, there are days where I get up and say ‘Where the hell did my talent go? Look at this crap that I’m producing here. This is terrible. Look, I wrote this yesterday. I hate this, I hate this.’
George R. R. Martin
People often believe that character causes action, but when it comes to producing moral children, we need to remember that action also shapes character.
Adam Grant
To the extent that the academy is producing people who are talking utter nonsense, and imagining that it is sophisticated and enlightened – that system is a failure.
Bret Weinstein
I never dreamed I would be producing the Oscars. That was a huge deal for me.
Brett Ratner
I have a company in New York City producing music for commercials, for radio, TV, features, etc. That’s how I’ve been making my living. And now the company is very successful – to the extent that I can afford to come out and play.
Chico Hamilton
I really like to act, and I really like to perform. I enjoy producing as well.
Jenna Dewan
I think one of the things that is essential for happiness in life, or at least for non-sadness, is producing something. I guess that’s why I spend so much time and agony writing books. But working on carpentry is sort of like all the pleasure with none of the agony.
Ethan Canin
I haven’t modelled since I was 12 – that was a one-time thing, and I did it as a kid to make a little money to save up for university. Acting is my first love as well as writing and eventually producing and directing.
Kyle Schmid
I mean, hell, when I pitched ‘Basketball Wives’ I was still married and I had no intentions of being on the show, I just was producing it and creating it, and that was it.
Shaunie O’Neal
Producing all my own songs and refusing to go to the hot producer. That’s the biggest risk I’ve taken so far.
J. Cole
From an early age, my favorite thing to read was novels. For years, when I was writing only nonfiction, still I was reading almost exclusively novels. It’s weird to be producing something that you don’t consume. It feels really alienating.
Elif Batuman
Donald Trump is producing the kind of shoot-the-moon economic recovery that we last saw under Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. He’s copied a lot of the Reagan playbook: Deregulate, cut taxes, promote American energy.
Stephen Moore
I would like to shift more into writing for and producing people.
Geddy Lee
I also was producing, working on other materials for the hydrogen bomb. They call it lithium-6 and tritium. I was working on these and the only use for lithium-6 is the hydrogen bomb.
Mordechai Vanunu
Overcrowding in the cities is producing a collective madness in which irrational violence flourishes because man needs more space in which to be than the modern city allows.
Gore Vidal
If producing a regular column is living out loud, then keeping a daily blog is living at the top of your lungs. For a couple of months there, I was shrieking like a banshee.
Ayelet Waldman
I have a great team. A lot of my focus every day is with my television and film career, directing and producing, and I guess you can say that my moonlighting gig is Tropfest. Obviously, when I am not working I am in the Tropfest office full-time.
John Polson
My production company wasn’t doing well, so we were not producing films. Over a period of time, we have realized that we are going to produce our own films and make cinema that we like. We’ve got so much in-house talent, and my kids are going to be coming, so we all decided that we are going to be in films and cinema.
Sunny Deol
I’m just trying to say that it should reassure us that the inevitable traumas of being human do end up producing some good. Otherwise, the human condition is overwhelmingly depressing.
Malcolm Gladwell
Indeed it is the protean ability of Western civilization to be self-critical and self-correcting – not only in producing wealth but over the whole range of human activities – that constitutes its most decisive superiority over any of its rivals.
Paul Johnson
I know nothing about producing TV drama and any involvement on my part is liable to prove an obstacle to the producers, so I prefer to be a cheerleader and let them get on with it.
Bernard Cornwell
Producing albums is 100 per cent where I would love to be, later in my career.
In my early teens, I knew I wanted to do television production. I loved cameras, editing and producing, anything that had to do with television production. My friend had a production studio across town, and we’d go over there at night and shoot and edit. I produced my father’s televised service for 17 years.
Joel Osteen
Staying composed, focused, and effective under pressure are all about your mentality. People who successfully manage crises are able to channel their emotions into producing the behavior that they want.
Travis Bradberry
I’ve been having a lot of fun exploring different aspects of filmmaking, like writing and producing. There isn’t a specific plan and I usually don’t know what’s going to be the next thing I do.
Oren Peli
I can’t think of any musician or producer who has influenced me more than Brian Eno. From when he was in Roxy Music, producing Devo, the Talking Heads and My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.
I don’t ever want to be too unhealthy because writing in a show, starring and producing, you need a lot of energy.
Rebel Wilson
My first love is producing.
Writing the songs and producing the songs and arranging them and recording them is your canvas and your palette and your brush.
Scott Weiland
In the mid- to late ’70s, there was no one better than ABBA at writing and producing great pop.
Steven Wilson
The things I’m most excited about are projects I’m producing. But if a director I’d love to work with calls, I’m always game.
Malik Yoba
When I started producing, I was just making music under all different names. ‘Black Afro.’ ‘Super Grandmaster.’ ‘Mister Bull.’ Like, the most stupid, idiotic names. ‘Afrojack’ was one of those idiotic names.
Acting is always at the core of my life, but I’m also excited about producing. I’m excited about directing, and I have a life in the filmmaking world, and so I want to explore all aspects of it, not just the acting, but acting is the root.
Nicolas Cage
Music is where I have the most creative freedom, but I love producing. To me, that’s kind of where all the action is. You get a chance to have your hands in every aspect of a film. From picking a director, sometimes picking a writer, to the actors, the wardrobe, set design, editing, music, and marketing.
Ice Cube
Developing new products is labour- intensive. So is producing the capital goods needed to make them. These jobs disappear when innovation stalls.
Edmund Phelps
The process to generate energy using the Canadian tar sands is particularly dirty, producing one of the most noxious fossil fuels on the planet and leaving a devastated landscape in its wake.
John Delaney
Writing and producing television very much speaks to the extroverted part of my personality. I love collaboration, the joint effort of hundreds of people working together to create something. But the other part of who I am is extremely introverted. I love being alone and dreaming up ideas and writing novels.
Blake Crouch
Creating and producing creative work, to me, those are all happy accidents.
Jim Lee
With the Rhythm Kings, I can involve myself in arranging and producing the music as well as the choice of songs.
Bill Wyman
I started out producing theatre in New York.
Jason Blum
Latinos that are in the industry writing and producing, they can’t be afraid to go out there and say, ‘I want my lead to be Latino. And I want to talk about this, I wanna write about that.’ And Latinos as a whole, as a people in America, need to go out and support.
Lisa Vidal
I actually got to work with TM88. He was one of my big influences as far as producing. It was pretty cool. I had met him in California at the crib and it was one of those random meet-ups and we got to working from that point on.
Tay Keith
I’ve given just as much of my life to that, and I practiced it with the same zeal, as I have acting. And I think that many of my skill sets from being a housewife I used for producing. Because you don’t stop until it’s done.
Frances McDormand
For so many years, I’ve been an actor acting in other people’s movies, and in ‘Unstoppable,’ I’m producing it, and I have an opportunity to create some of that excitement with style and form and different color templates and things like that. So, as an artist, it’s really exciting.
Kirk Cameron
I’m actually pretty good with computers. I use computers when I’m working on making and producing music, so I do know a thing or two!
Nick Jonas
If the system should not need parts now, the worker should not produce because you are just absorbing instead of producing.
Eliyahu Goldratt
I definitely want to get into producing. I want to be on the side of the table where I can give people jobs.
KiKi Layne
China also has moved away from its original status of purely producing basic, what you call, consumer commodities and Chinese companies are moving beyond China to various parts of the world.
Sellapan Ramanathan
The actual producing, mixing, and mastering is hard work, harder than what I do.
Mandy Moore
I believe that if it were possible to scrap the whole of existing literature, all writers would find themselves inevitably producing something very close to SF … No other form of fiction has the vocabulary of ideas and images to deal with the present, let alone the future.
J. G. Ballard
You can never know if there will be a second Cruyff, someone with a great personality who can grow up and make it into the squad of the club they love. But what is certain is that, in the Champions League, there will be big clubs producing these players forever.
Philipp Lahm
I’m such a carnivorous researcher as an actor – I chew it up like it’s meat, and I really don’t know how to do that without the people that are producing or creating or writing that which they want me to chew up.
Omari Hardwick
I want to do very useful buildings and I would like to find a method of producing these buildings through our technology because I think that this is the only way that we will gain wonderful environment easily in the future.
Minoru Yamasaki
I always knew I wanted to be in front of the camera. But even after 10 years behind the scenes at CBS News producing live segments, celebrity profiles, and breaking news, I still hadn’t been given the chance to be on TV.
Andy Cohen
It may sound crazy, but maybe there’s an economic way of producing a leather-like product in the laboratory.
Jochen Zeitz
I’ve been fortunate enough to match up the material I’m producing with the right buyer, the company that will make it and that wants it, and that isn’t saying yes to be nice, but is saying yes because they want and need that movie and it’s going to be important on their slate.
Nina Jacobson
My background was producing and writing and performing in television when I started out, and I really missed that, that whole creative process that comes from sort of ‘me’ storytelling.
Eric Bana
You know, post-production is a bit of a grind to me. If I’m producing a film, I really… I mean I like editing, but all the other crap, the color mixing and… it’s all a grind. And so as a result I cut back producing the number of films I was producing.
John C. McGinley
I think for women especially, writing and creating your own role, producing, directing – having some control over what you do is really important. We can pave the way for other women to send what messages they want sent.
Nikki Reed
It used to be that, in astronomy, a small team of people could look at photos of a few thousand galaxies and classify and catalog them relatively easily. But now, with a new generation of robotic telescopes scanning the skies constantly and producing millions of images, that’s become next to impossible.
Peter Diamandis
Nature is infinitely creative. It is always producing the possibility of new beginnings.
Marianne Williamson
It’s all about producing products people want.
Alan Mulally
It’s no secret that my favorite part of the process is making records; if I’m not making them with Flatts, then I’m out producing them on other folks.
Jay DeMarcus
I’ve always been interested in directing, writing, and producing, so when I went behind the scenes, it was like a whole new world that I got to experience.
Marsai Martin
I grew up writing songs and producing music, and I studied music production in college.
Maggie Rogers
Definitely, as I get older and my taste buds change, I want to do different things. I’m not ready for directing yet, you know, maybe when I get my big boy voice; I don’t have that yet, but right now definitely producing for sure.
Michael B. Jordan
My mother stayed at home and raised me and my closest sister, and that meant that the American Dream and what he was doing on television as a character and behind the scenes as a producer was producing for us at home, so it is your life.
Cody Rhodes
If I get anything out, producing anything, no matter whether it’s good or not, I allow myself a little pat on the back.
Patrick Marber
I got the acting bug back because I felt like all of a sudden maybe after all these years, maybe I might have something to offer again. I walked away from it after ‘Signs’ because I just felt I was a bit stale and it wasn’t ringing my bells, so I focused on directing, writing and producing.
Mel Gibson
My interest in space started early, but for many years, I could not find any space-related investments that really penciled-out for venture. That changed in 2009 when Elon Musk came to us with a big vision to explore Mars while producing rockets at a fraction of a price and making space accessible.
Steve Jurvetson
I’m friends with Carla Olsen and she’s doing a lot of producing these days. She’s getting quite a little collection of records that she’s produced. She’s real busy.
Kathy Valentine
We’re producing a movie now, ‘The Onion’ Movie, and it’s very difficult for me to be on the set. If I’m not right in the trenches, it’s very difficult for me to watch another director, because I’m not involved and it’s not exciting.
David Zucker
No one has a right to consume happiness without producing it.
Helen Keller
The experience of both acting and producing has been wonderful. It certainly has created a full plate. But it is very exciting and rewarding to have creative input on the show. ‘Reed’ is about love and family and for me, playing a hand in shaping it has been deeply gratifying.
Tracee Ellis Ross
I don’t like waiting around for work, and sometimes as an actor you’re forced into that position, so that’s sort of how I got into writing, producing and directing.
Thomas Ian Nicholas
Producing just one video is a long process. First, you decide your song, then you have to figure out the arrangement of the song; will you play it on the guitar? Will you make it a music video? Once you figure that out, you record it and then edit it, which can take two to five days to finish.
Megan Nicole
If you look at La Liga, you will see how important the academies are when it comes to producing new talent. Academies play a major role and that is something India should understand.
Robert Pires
Remixes are so much fun. For me, it’s like this great release of energy. I like producing stuff for myself, but I also enjoy making music that wouldn’t really suit my own vibe.
K. Flay
I’ve been told that I might make a good producer because I am very Type A, and I’m kind of a control freak, so I’ve been told that that might translate well into producing, so I would certainly be open to trying my hand at that.
Tiya Sircar
I like producing myself, I like other people producing, I just like it all.
Lil Jon
If you focus on producing a great experience for anyone, that’s how you get big.
Kevin Systrom
You get lots of people, especially where I live, who go in to a butcher and insist on organic beef – even when the butcher has better-tasting stuff from a farm that’s been producing wonderful meat for 100 years but hasn’t jumped through the hoops to get organic certification.
Tom Parker Bowles
A great thing, which I don’t do enough, is to take a break from producing and try to just take stuff in, like go to the theater.
Marti Noxon
America is the only country capable of producing national movies: its culture has become a global culture.
Jean-Jacques Annaud
As one of America’s largest exporters, GE remains committed to producing more products in the United States, which is our home and largest market.
Jeffrey R. Immelt
I played drums since I was 6 years old. And then I got into producing music when I was about 16 or 17. Somebody showed me FL Studios, the program. My beats were bad at first, but then eventually they started to get good.
Murda Beatz
I think the greatest hip-hop artist of all time is Jay-Z, without a doubt. He just keeps amazing me with his performance, and since ’96, that guy has been producing at least one hit every summer and every winter. That’s a pretty good resume.
John Cena
Seoul will do what it can do, such as letting citizens participate in cutting energy use or in producing more of their own energy. This is how we can thwart the increase in nuclear plants.
Park Won-soon
F1 is about the best drivers competing against each other for the best teams producing the best cars they can.
Lewis Hamilton
I have a show called ‘First Gen’ that David Oyelowo is executive producing.
Yvonne Orji
Collective states are constitutionally incapable of reliably producing anything but corpses.
L. Neil Smith
I’m more interested in producing than acting.
Lance Bass
I think NXT can definitely carry the burden of producing top tier talent.
Jason Jordan
I used to have to beg and borrow £25 to hire some French windows. I started producing in 1967, and I was in debt until 1981. Having a think about whether you can afford ‘this’ or ‘that’ is a good discipline to have, to maximise what you can achieve to the highest standard.
Cameron Mackintosh
My father is Spanish, and he went to Venezuela looking for a job. He was 20 something, and he fell in love with a Venezuelan girl. He owns a company there, producing iron and bronze.
Garbine Muguruza
Particles were coming out of the lithium, hitting the screen, and producing scintillations. They looked like stars suddenly appearing and disappearing.
Ernest Walton
I wouldn’t mind producing a movie with a music storyline, but acting in one is too close to home.
Garth Brooks
I nearly drowned in the Xingu River in Brazil some years ago. When I was given my life back, I decided I wanted to make some changes, so I left acting to concentrate on producing films. I wanted to be in control of my own life.
Trudie Styler
I am producing sounds that people are not used to hearing from the harp.
Joanna Newsom
A casting director who’d cast me in ‘Assassins’ sent a video to Kevin Reynolds, the director, and Mel Gibson, whose company is producing ‘187.’ Then I went in and auditioned, and a few hours later, they called me.
Kelly Rowan
Producing a one-hour show that has to reinvent musical numbers, and interpret those musical numbers with a large cast, is difficult.
Kevin Reilly
Producing is a little bit in my blood. Philanthropy also is a very important for me.
Nina Tassler
I think that I am lucky and blessed to have the job that I have, and I am trying to create longevity. If that means that I transition into different things at different points in my life, then that’s fine. I also believe that if doors don’t open, make new doors, so I’ve also started producing quite a bit of things.
Katee Sackhoff
It is a foregone opportunity that we could have a trillion dollars more of income for the United States if we were producing at capacity rather than falling so far short of it.
Peter Orszag
I have a bunch of concepts and ideas that I want to do but I have also been growing my production company in general and looking to branch out of projects that I am directing and producing.
Adrian Grenier
For a variety of reasons, we are not producing at a given level of economic activity the jobs we used to have.
Tim Bishop
I want to expand and conquer every platform, every medium as well as pursue entertainment beyond social media – acting, producing, and directing.
Logan Paul