Prototype Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Prototype Quotes from famous authors such as Edith Stein, Boyan Slat, Helmut Jahn, Barbara Hale, Julie Sweet. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

Since Mary is the prototype of pure womanhood, the imitation of Mary must be the goal of girls’ education.
Edith Stein
Can we build a system which is able to survive on the ocean for years? That is the key question we are trying to answer here with the North Sea prototype.
Boyan Slat
Every building is a prototype. No two are alike.
Helmut Jahn
I’m proud that Della was sort of a prototype for TV secretaries. There really was no such established character on TV when ‘Perry Mason’ came along.
Barbara Hale
Blockchain is moving beyond cryptocurrency, and it’s worth paying attention – especially since successful prototypes show that blockchain, also known as distributed ledger technology, will be transformative.
Julie Sweet
My journey is about believing that people will actually stick around. It’s a hard thing to believe when you don’t have a prototype for it. I’ve had to develop that for myself.
Jake Weber
We got involved with the RepRap Project, a community focused on making 3-D printers that could make copies of themselves and help create a world without money. We started making prototypes.
Bre Pettis
Jeron Lanier and ‘Lawnmower Man.’ That was VR. And there was the VFX1, that big giant VR prototype unit, and I was like, ‘I am going to save my money and get one of those.’ And then VR just sort of drifted away.
Duncan Jones
I spent much of my life dying for somebody to help me even file for a patent or make a prototype. I understand that.
Woody Norris
To take on the jobs of tomorrow, students must become more than good test takers. They need to become makers who design, sketch, build, and prototype. And their classrooms will need more than a chalkboard and a set of textbooks.
Charles Best
There’s a tremendous number of the Daytona Prototypes.
Bobby Rahal
The idea of an e-book has been around since the late 1970s, when researchers at Xerox PARC got on the case. Their prototype used millions of little magnetic particles, black on one side and white on the other, loosely embedded in the surface of a soft sheet of rubber.
Charles Platt
There is no modern prototype for a campus. You have to have a completely different model which has to do with transparency and exposing social connectivity and breaking down the Balkanization that happens departmentally.
Thom Mayne
I want to encourage other people to try to discover who they are, not to try to fit into some superficial prototype of what they think a Christian should be, but to discover who they really are.
Larry Norman
The problem with prototypes is they don’t always work.
Laurie Anderson
I haven’t been a prototype mother.
Dimple Kapadia
I’ve had the chance to work with Christopher Plummer, one of the great stage and film actors, a couple of times, including on ‘Prototype,’ the first TV movie I ever did. It was science fiction in the Ray Bradbury sense, written by the famous team who created Columbo, Levinson, and Link.
David Morse
When I started out rapping, I became very frightened by the idea that people were trying to pigeonhole me. That’s usually what happens to most female rappers. They fit in a box and there’s a prototype or person they’re compared to.
Princess Nokia
Unless you have fixed costs, you don’t need any capital to create a prototype. Ideally, your co-founders, with sweat equity, can create the product themselves.
Brian Chesky
The first album is a classic record and I think the prototype of a sound that no one else does.
Kathy Valentine
I was interested in virtual reality for several years even before working at USC, it wasn’t an interest that started there at all. In fact, when I started working at USC, I already had prototypes of the Rift that were very similar to the final design.
Palmer Luckey
But, having a perfume and license, in general, is a financial necessity. A designer must, to reap back the money spent on prototypes and all that sort of thing.
Vivienne Westwood
Everything about my journey to get Spanx off the ground entailed me having to be a salesperson – from going to the hosiery mills to get a prototype made to calling Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. I had to position myself to get five minutes in the door with buyers.
Sara Blakely
If you are truly innovating, you don’t have a prototype you can refer to.
Jonathan Ive
From the early days of European migration to America, in the 17th Century, the prototype of buildings was based on English precedent, even if mostly translated into the locally available material in abundance: timber.
Harry Seidler
They call me before they go into production, when they have a prototype, and they call legitimate saxophonists, too. As opposed to the other kind.
Steve Lacy
In Henry Adams, I discovered not only the prototype of the modern thinker but also someone who is more interesting: a viper-toothed, puling, supercilious crank, thwarted in ambition, aging gracelessly, mad at the cosmos, and ashamed of his own jejune ideals. He is nevertheless very dear to me.
P. J. O’Rourke
God created a number of possibilities in case some of his prototypes failed – that is the meaning of evolution.
Graham Greene
When I was a kid in the mid-’60s, I was what’s known as a moddie boy, a prototype skinhead. You all had your hair like a crew cut, cropped, with suits or Levis with red suspenders, sometimes Doc Martens. It was a thriving soul music, Motown and ska scene; we used to dance to Prince Buster and the Skatalites.
Graham Parker
The great Comrade Kim Jong Il was an outstanding leader who, true to the President’s great idea, developed Chongryon into a pacesetter of patriotism, into a model of patriotic loyalty to the motherland, and into a prototype body of overseas compatriots.
Kim Jong-un