Quite A Lot Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Quite A Lot Quotes from famous authors such as Oliver Sim, Erik Hassle, Syd, David Lammy, Eric Clapton. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

It’s a lot easier to play in front of quite a lot of strangers than a couple of your friends just because when it’s someone that really knows you, it’s much more scary.
Oliver Sim
I don’t know about the hair. I’ve had it since I was a kid, and when I look at myself in the mirror, it looks quite normal. But then when I look at myself in a photo, I realise that my hair is basically bigger than my head! There’s quite a lot of interest in my hair, which is strange, as for me, it’s normal!
Erik Hassle
Everybody in Odd Future is their own artist – they have their own friends and their own ideas for things – so we all spent quite a lot of time separated.
We look around at our national politicians, we do not see national politicians who are without fault. And, actually, we see quite a lot who get very far – let’s take Boris Johnson- with considerable. White. Privilege. Failure after failure after failure rewarded.
David Lammy
The first one was quite cheap, but that was expensive for us. For my folks to buy on the Never Never. It was quite, you know, a rare object to have and I gained quite a lot of status by having this.
Eric Clapton
I did quite a lot of menial jobs. I was a waiter, an inventory clerk touring round properties listing cups and saucers, and a laserquest marshal.
Richard C. Armitage
There’s an assumption that my audience is all these bearded twats from Dalston. But actually, quite a lot of older people go. For them, it’s like pre-alternative comedy, when there was Dave Allen or Jackie Mason or someone. Also, weirdly, because I don’t really swear, they’re not scared off.
Stewart Lee
Often there’s a BA crew, because half the time we stay at the same hotels, especially in Australia. I can remember spending quite a lot of time with crews around the pool there. They always make themselves known to us.
Phil Collins
What has ‘The Patchwork Girl of Oz’ got in its favor? Quite a lot, from our point of view in 2009. If you want to see how Oz’s creator envisioned his own work, here it is.
Kage Baker
I tend to spend quite a lot of time on the film scores that I do.
Johann Johannsson
I don’t have a fear factor. Well, not much of one. And I’m willing to risk quite a lot – as a comedian, you’re always risking a lot. You’re risking failure, especially if you’re improvising and going on TV shows trying to make comedy out of thin air. That is quite a risky business.
David Walliams
I’ve been learning French a bit through my work with Longchamp, and I’ve been in France quite a lot. And I really love how they express themselves. I especially love when something is untranslatable.
Alexa Chung
There is a quite a lot of effort involved but I find action sequences some of the quickest to write and the most fun.
Iain Banks
I enjoy my John Deere tractor quite a lot. It’s a tool that I must use to keep Mother Nature at bay. I have all kinds of things encroaching on my property.
Les Claypool
I seem to have had quite a lot of pink dresses.
Vera Lynn
The music you play, it’s never intended for other people, so it’s quite amazing dealing with stuff now, because obviously any tracks I write, a lot of folks are going to hear. It definitely plays on my mind quite a lot.
Ben Howard
After Newport, I worked in television for a while, and then I went to The Royal College Of Art and did a master’s degree. I really did study quite a lot!
Asif Kapadia
I’ve earned quite a lot of money in Donetsk.
I’m in a position to do exactly what I want. I travel quite a lot. I read prodigiously. I go to the theater, to concerts. London is a wonderful city to live in.
Diana Rigg
Quite a lot has been written, including by me, about the effect of social media on politics, and in particular the way in which the algorithms built into Facebook and YouTube are more likely to spread angry, extremist and deliberately provocative political language.
Anne Applebaum
I think that’s not a question that one can answer accurately. I read a whole range of books, quite a lot of history at the time, and still do read a lot. I read very widely.
John Hume
In Finland, we learned quite a lot from our own civil war. The wounds were visible when I was a boy, but my generation went into the Second World War and it united the Finnish nation, so I do not see any more wounds.
Harri Holkeri
Well, I moved around quite a lot so I was born in Yorkshire and then I moved to Blackpool, which is like North England.
Olly Alexander
I did love ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ quite a lot. I loved my tenure at ‘Scrubs’ quite a lot. ‘ER’ might have been my favorite guest star thing. ‘We Were Soldiers’ meant a lot to me.
Bellamy Young
I live in Wales but spend quite a lot of time in London – I stay with my brother. When I get home after being in Manchester or London for a bit, I forget how dark the sky is, and I won’t have seen stars for ages.
Kimberley Nixon
I play with those two eras a lot. The ’70s did actually take quite a lot inspiration from the ’30s. I love the ’70s, the bold color. There’s something very sophisticated about it now, looking back.
Jenny Packham
I use myself as a template for my comedy. So first my background as a Muslim man, my being a doctor, I talk about my family quite a lot, my kids. Anything that resonates with me I talk about. The important thing is it should be able to work in a family setting.
Riaad Moosa
I did quite a lot of television episodes with B.P. Singh. He used to stay near me and we would travel together. He had a car and while going back home we would discuss about the stories, the dialogues, etc. Whatever he taught me was more than enough to start a film.
Mahesh Manjrekar
I’m probably the worst fantasy league player ever. I don’t really score that often, and I get booked quite a lot as well – when you get booked, you lose points.
Jack Wilshere
I tend to work quite a lot during the weekends. My weekend can often be about two hours on Sunday.
John Tiffany
Dealing with the press it was pretty obvious there was a right answer and there was an honest answer. I think quite a lot of the time I gave the right answer. That was my defence mechanism.
Tim Henman
I need quite a lot going on, so a perfect holiday for me is one in a cooler climate with wonderful scenery, animals or great architecture.
Deborah Meaden
Because I really love tax, tax topics actually feature quite a lot in my fiction of various lengths. I once wrote a science fiction short story centered around the idea of an alien tax code, and the idea that you can understand a society by parsing its tax code.
Ken Liu
2014 was a pretty bad year for me. Quite a lot of loss.
Winston Marshall
As I’m growing up, going into holding midfield, I’m watching Busquets quite a lot for Barcelona. The way he controls the game, his reading of it, technically, defensively – everything about him cuts him out above the rest. I’m really enjoying watching him.
Declan Rice
Land is a very broad as well as a complex issue, and it has to be handled very delicately because around land, there is quite a lot of emotion.
Cyril Ramaphosa
A travel book is about someone who goes somewhere, travels on the ground, sees something and spends quite a lot of time doing it, and has a hard time, and then comes back and writes about it. It’s not about inventing.
Paul Theroux
Quite a lot of things are more important than playing football and what we do, we are blessed.
Virgil van Dijk
I spend quite a lot of time thinking about how curated our information is. What we watch, what we read, what we buy, often who we talk to, is all shaped and influenced by some kind of a mathematical algorithm.
Hannah Fry
I’m quite content with who I am and what I do. You might get someone in your local Tesco who might know who you are. But not really. To think you couldn’t do those simple things, I’d say I’d probably crave them quite a lot.
Jos Buttler
I mostly like politicians. Very few of them are evil, although quite a lot are delusional.
Gavin Esler
I’ve been watching Arnold Schwarzenegger. There’s a couple of hour-long videos and he’s made some amazing speeches. You look at what he’s done in his career and it’s such an inspiration with where he started. He’s got these six rules of success which I listen to quite a lot and it really motivates me.
Neil Robertson
I was bisexual for a long time. I flitted between men and women quite a lot between the ages of 17 and 26.
Craig Revel Horwood
Someone once pointed out that there are quite a lot of animals in my books, and I’m sure that is something to do with ‘The Wind in the Willows.’ I must have picked up a rather anthropomorphic view of them.
Justin Cartwright
I’ve played quite a lot of crooks and killers, and that’s quite interesting. Then Dumbledore is the complete opposite, isn’t he? He’s a nice old man.
Michael Gambon
Of course, the EU is not going to fall apart, but at best it will stagnate for the foreseeable future and we will be dealing with quite a lot of internal chaos.
Peter Mandelson
Society in the English countryside is still strangely, quaintly divided. If black comedy and a certain type of social commentary are what you want, I think English rural communities offer quite a lot of material.
Rachel Cusk
As a gay Jewish white South African, I belong to quite a lot of minority groups. You constantly have to question who you are, what you are and whether you have the courage to be who you are.
Antony Sher
I love performing on my own scores. I do it quite a lot.
Ramin Djawadi
Being a firearms officer is incredibly highly scrutinised now, and I think it is one of the things that puts off quite a lot of people. And if you think that you are more visible in that role as a woman, you might feel slightly less inclined to go into it than a man.
Cressida Dick
Klopp would reproach me for not tracking back properly. I took things on board, and I listened to him. I worked hard in training; I stayed behind after training. That’s what helped me to shine in the Bundesliga because I scored quite a lot of goals despite some difficult games in the league.
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
My conception of my ideal reader has expanded quite a lot as I’ve matured: Ultimately when I think of my ideal reader, it’s someone who’s not sitting down with the intention of automatically arguing with the book: somebody who’s going to give me enough slack to tell my story.
Paolo Bacigalupi
I made a resolution in 2010 to stop drinking Diet Coke, and I haven’t had Diet Coke since then. I think it was the best life change I’ve ever made, because I drank quite a lot of it.
Nick Jonas
I began to think, now is the time. I found quite a lot of opposition in Hollywood about the idea of doing a film musical and we ended up having to buy the rights back. I’m glad we did because it meant John and I were able to make exactly the movie we wanted.
Andrew Lloyd Webber
I talk quite a lot in the changing room, try and joke around, keep the energy going, try to lift guys if they are struggling, even if I am struggling.
Moeen Ali
I have seen quite a lot of things in life. I would not like to change anything. Because every moment of my life has taught me something.
Sunny Deol
I think my first story sold for $550. This was in 1954, and it seemed like quite a lot of money, and I said to myself, ‘Hey, I’m a professional writer now.’
John Updike
Since leaving ‘Hollyoaks’, I’ve moved down to London and I’ve been auditioning here quite a lot.
Mandip Gill
My dad was in the RAF, so we travelled quite a lot. My memory’s not the best – I remember we lived in Belgium for a bit – but I grew up in a village called Compton in Newbury.
Theo Walcott
Words cannot express quite a lot of feelings, whereas a noise or tone or drone or sound, an accordion falling down a staircase, can somehow capture an emotion much better.
John Lydon
Quite a lot of people wanted me to write about my family, I suppose for fairly obvious reasons, and there was always something that would stop me, I thought they were asking me for the wrong motives.
Emma Tennant
I like ‘The Simpsons’ quite a lot. I love the irreverent character of the whole show. It’s great.
Brian Greene
If you have the same drive and passions that everybody else has – for example, if you’re trying to do the right thing for your family and do the right thing for people you employ – then you can be forgiven quite a lot.
Damian Lewis
I did quite a lot of the arranging, fitting different sections together, tempo changes, all sorts of things like that. I actually acted as a bridge between Robert and Ian. Not so much composing, rather presenting musical ideas at each rehearsal.
Michael Giles
I have an aunt who believed strongly that teaching kids that Shakespeare is ‘hard’ is wrong, so she handed me ‘Hamlet’ when I was in kindergarten to see what would happen. What happened was I did a book report on ‘Hamlet’ and caused quite a lot of trouble!
Seanan McGuire
I missed quite a lot of school because I was working from the age of 11.
Natalia Vodianova
John Bonham was a good friend of mine. I knew him a bit as a kid. I hung out with him quite a lot.
Denny Laine
I have always been known as Mahesh Bhatt’s wife, and I would tell people, ‘Hello! I’m here!’ This has always been a struggle. I would like to be known for who I am. I’m very happy to be known as his wife or Alia’s mother. But I am also a person who, in her own right, has gone through quite a lot of odds.
Soni Razdan
I love Yves Saint Laurent and Giambattista Valli and Givenchy, and I get given quite a lot, but perhaps nothing is as wonderful as the white fake leather trench coat I got when I was 15.
Natalia Vodianova
I believe it is a good thing that there is always quite a lot of online attention around me, it only helps to popularize our fascinating sport and get the fans more excited to watch our games.
Anish Giri
People think of me as the blonde loud lairy one from Girls Aloud, but that’s not me when I go home at the end of the night, that was a persona I was given in the band and I did play up to it quite a lot but that’s not me 24/7.
Sarah Harding
When I was five, my uncle bought us a tape recorder and my dad tried to record us kids talking and singing, stuff like that. There’s really quite a lot of me in a really Welsh accent going, ‘Can I tell a joke? Can I sing a song?’ – really annoying and brattish.
Ruth Jones
Quite a lot of the American rappers will be a bit confused by the humor and a bit lost. But I think you have to give people the benefit of the doubt.
Miquita Oliver
I struggle quite a lot in rehearsals, partly because I’m shy, partly because I still don’t really understand the work that actors and directors do. I love the magic at the end, but the getting there – the wrong turns that are necessary to make something work – I find slightly beguiling and worrying.
Jack Thorne
Quite a lot of British women stop working when they have children, and that is rarely the case in Denmark. We have a very flat, structured way of approaching everything. Nobody’s the boss. In a sense, we’re all equal.
Birgitte Hjort Sorensen
I speak Urdu quite a lot, too, and I read a lot of Persian.
Juan Cole
I look after my skin quite a lot because in this job, it can get stressful. Pimples come out! I cleanse and moisturize, sometimes do face masks. I’ve also got a Clarisonic, which is good.
Jess Glynne
I do chores around the house, but I don’t get an allowance for them. I wash the dishes and sweep the floor… I’m sweeping the floor quite a lot, and my mum always expects me to get a broom and swagger it across the floor all the time.
Callan McAuliffe
I tell you one you straight off in Scotland – Nick de Luca. I don’t see his name quoted, but I’ve played against Nick quite a lot and he is a good player – one of the trickiest centres I’ve played against.
Brian O’Driscoll
I’ve got nice feet. I do pay quite a lot of attention to them. I always have.
Toks Olagundoye
I think often in film we limit our imaginations a little – well, quite a lot, actually… things get quite formulaic.
Hugo Weaving
I enjoyed climbing with other people, good friends, but I did quite a lot of solo climbing, too.
Edmund Hillary
I am a freelance programmer so I am flexible about my working hours and have quite a lot of free time.
Alexandra Elbakyan
Unimaginative people are spared quite a lot. They’re often much happier, because they don’t go through all the variety of conceptions of the person they love.
Mary Wesley
Indigenous people all over the world take quite a lot of trouble with their hair and their clothes.
Michelle Paver
I think that most things, if you want to use them properly, take quite a lot of time and I don’t necessarily have the patience to sit down and read the instructions and follow the first bits to actually get the starting point.
John Torode
I don’t think for a second that I’m the best at anything, but I know I’m really good at quite a lot of things because I work hard.
Martine McCutcheon
I’m not a big fan of file sharing. I mean, I’ve done it quite a lot for other people, where they send me the file, I do it and send them back. You don’t get any back-and-forth and exchange and feedback when you do it that way.
Timothy B. Schmit
When I first started on telly, I used to get quite a lot of fan mail from Indians saying it’s great that an Indian is on!
David Baddiel
You simply can’t get inside the heads of other people and say to them, ‘Look, I went through some rough times.’ It’s impossible to explain everything the streets taught me, and that was quite a lot.
Carlos Tevez
I did a bit of running away when my mam passed away. I didn’t go back to work; I started drinking quite a lot, and I know how damaging that can be.
Ronan Keating
I definitely think social media does cause this desire to be perfect. It can make kids feel like they’ve got quite a lot of the weight on their shoulders in terms of how they’re supposed to be and what they’re supposed to like and how they’re supposed to act.
Arlo Parks
I think if you set yourself specific goals, that’s quite a lot of pressure.
Nicholas Hoult
I’ve taken a philosophical position on e-mail. Although I think it’s a wonderful communication technology, and it has a lot of good uses, it is abused quite a lot.
Alan Lightman
Everyone remembers the winner; nobody remembers who finishes second. But quite a lot, I seem to be right around the hunt with nine holes to play.
Brooks Koepka
No, I’m not a vegetarian. I do eat that way. I actually eat vegan quite a lot. I feel better when I eat that way, and I think there’s been a lot of proof that’s come up over the last however many years, that you can’t deny, I don’t think, that meat or dairy aren’t all that good for us.
Hayley Williams
Of all the writers I have read, Vladimir Nabokov has made the biggest impression on me because he, despite living through the 1917 February Revolution, forced exile amidst the anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany, the two World Wars and quite a lot of controversy, was an author who never gave up.
Ashwin Sanghi
I used to be a really great dancer. I used to do it quite a lot and then I stopped. Now my body has forgotten all that training.
Ncuti Gatwa
I’m not a massive fan of 3D. I’ve seen some good 3D, and I’ve seen quite a lot of bad 3D. I think if a film is created for the shock effect of 3D, then it’s a certain type of film that I’m not massively bothered about.
Richard C. Armitage
Every business I don’t know, if I spend enough time – a couple of months – I will know a lot. I know quite a lot about football now. I know the value of players, and we won’t do stupid things.
Vincent Tan
I have been thinking quite a lot about retiring… it is getting very difficult to be both a player and a manager.
Gianluca Vialli
I watch quite a lot of my matches with Arsenal, and when I look back and see what I didn’t do right, I try to learn from it, which hopefully facilitates my progression.
Alexandre Lacazette
My grandfather was a vicar, and there was quite a lot of churchgoing when I was growing up. It’s a world that I spent a lot of time around.
Julia Davis
I’ve traveled quite a lot and become a coffee nut.
James Vincent McMorrow
You never get quite down to the bottom of the barrel, but we are much higher than that at the present time. There is quite a lot left in the barrel that could be explained by them. If they have some weapons, if they have some anthrax, they should deliver that.
Hans Blix
With the Echoes tour there was quite a lot of people who came to the shows that were attracted by the music and the sentiment on the album.
Shakin’ Stevens
Because I’m in the media quite a lot now, everyone assumes that everything is fine. People forget I sleep on a mattress on the floor with my son in a house I share with five other people.
Jack Monroe
I get ‘female Kendrick’ quite a lot. I’m definitely not complaining. At the same time, I want to be the female Simz. I just want to be me.
Little Simz
I tend to bristle at people praising alt comics as some kind of perfect comics paradigm, because there’s quite a lot of misogyny in its history as well. Like, in my first comics class, every single great comic creator we studied was male.
Noelle Stevenson
I have to watch quite a lot of films for work and I really enjoy going to the cinema and watching someone’s creative work.
Edith Bowman
I just did loads of dead-end jobs and a lot of travelling – just farting around, really. I had quite a lot of fun, but I’ve got no qualifications, no skills.
Sean Lock
When I was in grade five or six, I just remember quite a lot of people were always talking about me like I was some kind of math genius. And there were just so many moments when I realized, like, okay, why can’t I just be like some normal person and go have a 75% average like everyone else.
Vitalik Buterin
In my solo work on my own albums, I have used voice synthesizers and vocoders quite a lot in connection with orchestral instruments.
Johann Johannsson
I’ve had quite a lot to conquer in myself apart from writing. Not that I’ve been a pure angel when I come to the end of it.
P. L. Travers
No matter what I’ve published – and you can look it up, I’ve published quite a lot in science, quite a few books too – none of it’s very important. All will be forgotten and in a few years time will be a few comments in eight-point type in footnotes at the bottom of the page somewhere.
Robert Winston
I do quite a lot of flying in my concerts.
Sarah Brightman
I have quite a lot of plastic sunglasses. It’s just a nice accessory, it adds a final thing, and it’s my favorite way of figuring an outfit.
Marina and the Diamonds
It’s something that has informed quite a lot of my comedy – that idea of someone who is always trying to get in there with the right crowd, always trying to be a certain type of person and never managing it.
Jack Dee
The weird thing is I have now met quite a lot of people who are really famous but they are always disappointingly normal and nice. Alan Carr is very nice indeed. Exactly how you would expect him to be, and not that different from how he is on stage.
Josh Widdicombe
Often, with our music, there’s quite a lot going on, so people hear melodies that sound up and catchy, and production, and maybe don’t really listen to what the songs are about, so it’s nice to sing a song like ‘The Currents’ and really mean it.
Dan Smith
Despite a few really bad days we had quite a lot of fun making Low, especially when all the radical ideas were making sense and things were starting to click.
Tony Visconti
Being in the audience actually looks like quite a lot of fun.
Paul McCartney
I guess I’ve become very accustomed to playing in the 7/4, which is something we’ve done quite a lot.
Chris Squire
Bull sharks get quite a lot of bad press.
Jeremy Wade
I exchange text messages with Ryan Giggs quite a lot because he was a legend here and someone I see as a big inspiration. Obviously, with him being the manager for Wales he helps me a bit.
Daniel James
Humans have continued to evolve quite a lot over the past ten thousand years, and certainly over 100 thousand. Sure, our biology affects our behavior. But it’s unlikely that humans’ early evolution is deeply relevant to contemporary psychological questions about dating or the willpower to complete a dissertation.
Annalee Newitz
I have quite a lot of anxiety dreams.
Keeley Hawes
We actually did quite a lot of comedy on ‘Xena’. The whole show was very tongue-in-cheek.
Lucy Lawless
My role changes quite a lot, but ultimately I’ve always admired Glenn McGrath.
Stuart Broad
When I do look at myself, I see someone who is fundamentally optimistic. Quite a lot of what I do in my television work involves the less than pleasant aspects of human nature, yet I’m never pessimistic.
Gavin Esler
Sometimes I do that quite a lot, go back and forth a lot between ideas. Try things out.
Julian Barratt
I made quite a lot of money in commercials and I decided when I got out of school to take singing lessons so I could get into singing commercials, too.
Barbi Benton
I could never gamble on stocks and shares because I saw my father get hurt that way – he lost quite a lot of money when the stock market collapsed in 2001.
Mark Billingham
There was quite a lot of lying around in fields at Stonar, a small independent girls’ school in the country near Bath. It was a non-selective school and the right environment for me: academically not particularly pushy.
Romola Garai
I wrote a song for Icona Pop which boosted my confidence quite a lot.
Charli XCX
I did quite a lot of research for ‘Phobia’ because it’s a very sensitive topic, so I couldn’t have just faked it.
Radhika Apte
My big travel bugbear is Manchester Airport because getting through Terminal Three, as I have to do quite a lot, is a nightmare.
Chris Hoy
I go to the gym four times a week for 45 minutes to an hour without fail; I like using weights for muscle tone and the bike and rower for my heart rate. I do quite a lot of floor exercises.
Marie Helvin
Sculpture is like farming. If you just keep at it, you can get quite a lot done.
Ruth Asawa
I played number 6 in rugby league so I had the ball quite a lot. I tried to make the plays, so you are in the action.
Ben Stokes
In a way, I’m always working with Mick Jones. I feel like he’s watching over me all the time. We talk about everything: history quite a lot. Balloons and wars and old football players. The Clash.
Pete Doherty
I had a great grandmother who believed in so many strange superstitions. She used to tell the future from the things that catch on to the hem of your skirt when you’ve been sewing, and different colored threads would mean different things… Of course, all that influenced me quite a lot as a child.
Joanne Harris
I have always enjoyed dribbling. That has been a key part of my game and you do get quite a lot of space in England. But the game is very intense and it is difficult to keep it up for the 90 minutes.
Felipe Anderson
I find my vocabulary is quite a lot better when I’m hungover. I feel like I unlock a key of words that I don’t usually use in day-to-day life.
Ella Eyre
I thought of the idea of Summly in March or April 2011. I was 15 years old and I was revising for some kind of history exam. The problem was I was trying to find information that was useful to me. When you type into Google an esoteric term, you get quite a lot of stuff that’s not relevant.
Nick D’Aloisio
My mum and dad are both really funny. My granddad’s really funny. My uncle’s really funny. Everyone’s really funny. You have to be quick; otherwise, you get roasted. Everyone takes the piss quite a lot. You have to be really sharp.
Noel Fielding
‘Bradshaw’s’ is a lovely device for the time-travelling television presenter. I just hope that people buying it aren’t doing so with the intention of plotting a tour of 21st-century Europe. They’ll find quite a lot has changed since 1913.
Michael Portillo
I believe if we and the Mexicans make a very sensible trade agreement, the Mexican peso will recover quite a lot.
Wilbur Ross
I’ve been fortunate with my acting career. A lot of scripts come to me. I don’t mind auditioning if something that requires that, but I haven’t had to in awhile, which is a nice place to be ’cause I’ve been on quite a lot of auditions in my life.
Mos Def
I didn’t want to be thirtysomething and not know what I was going to do. I was quite afraid of that, there were quite a lot of aimless kids around, in that ‘other’ side of my life, who didn’t really know what to do because they always had a bank balance to fall back on and they were quite lost.
Stella McCartney
And you know, I’ve had great fun turning quite a lot of different industries on their head and making sure those industries will never be the same again, because Virgin went in and took them on.
Richard Branson
I’ve played quite a lot of real people, and it carries a special responsibility.
Tim Pigott-Smith
I assumed no one would ever listen to my music, and for quite a lot of years, I was right.
Max Richter
I feel like I’ve grown up on screen quite a lot.
Jack O’Connell
I always hoped I’d end up playing a lot cooler roles. I do end up playing quite a lot of idiot savants, and I’ve actually started to revel in that slightly.
Kris Marshall
I write quite a lot of sonnets, and I think of them almost as prayers: short and memorable, something you can recite.
Carol Ann Duffy
I like Baudelaire’s sentences quite a lot. I read and re-read him very often.
Rachel Kushner
I don’t go around saturated in guilt or anything like that. I do worry about things quite a lot, but I don’t feel as though I am a bad person.
Louis Theroux
I think the sixties must have been quite a lot of fun.
Tama Janowitz
I grew up in a few houses because my dad was a builder, so we used to build and sell quite a lot.
Louise Nurding
We go to Dubai quite a lot, so I’ve seen it being gradually ruined.
Jonathan Agnew
I like to think I’ve done a lot of different kinds of roles, but obviously I have done quite a lot of comedies.
Luke Wilson
I was always fascinated by politics, and I was exposed to it quite a lot.
J. B. Pritzker
In acting, quite a lot of the time you’re not the first choice. Usually, you’re second or third. And it can turn out to be the best thing that ever happened. You get used to that.
Sylvester McCoy
I used to think about how I was conceived quite a lot when I was about 10 or 11, but I don’t think about it at all now that so many other babies have been born in the same way.
Louise Brown
I have quite a lot of fans in Holland because that is where my mother is from, in fact I have a fan club there, and the fans don’t always get the chance to see us drive the cars because getting to races across Europe isn’t always possible for them.
Nelson Piquet
I’ve played a lot of very posh, sort of noble or aristocratic English people, which is nothing like what I am, so I feel that there is quite a lot distance there and have played a little bit far away from myself.
James McAvoy
If you keep telling girls they’re less good at science, that will probably be self-fulfilling. But there are quite a lot of women who are good at it.
Lisa Randall
In order to make my solo shows as interesting as possible, I moved songs onto very different instruments so that I was moving instruments quite a lot during the set.
P. J. Harvey
I always like to do quite a lot of homework; I quite like to do the research. If I didn’t do this, I think I would like to be a researcher.
Claire Foy
There’s a reasonable amount of traction in college education, particularly engineering, because quite a lot of that is privatized, so there is an incentive to set up new colleges of reasonably high quality.
Azim Premji
3D is quite a lot more advanced in animated movies; for live-action movies we’re just taking baby steps, we’re just in the beginning.
Ang Lee
My grandmother would take me to the cinema quite a lot. She’d take me with her and sometimes she’d sneak my sister in, and then we’d sometimes just sit and watch the movie again.
James McAvoy
Picking on people is not my sort of humour, but I think there’s quite a lot of it around. We’re slowly turning into a nation of bullies; manners have gone out of the window.
Vic Reeves
I change my mind quite a lot about things, which isn’t always a good thing.
Little Simz
You have to have hope. It’s irresponsible to give false hope, which I think a lot of playwrights are guilty of. But I also think it’s irresponsible to simply be a nihilist, which quite a lot of playwrights, especially playwrights younger than me, have become guilty of.
Tony Kushner
Trying to entertain was something I always got a kick from. It excited me quite a lot. Growing up, it was a hobby, always something I did with friends – we’d put on shows.
Finn Cole
I love Twitter; I’m on Twitter quite a lot.
Nick Frost
I remember the nuns used to swear quite a lot, so I think maybe it’s picking it up from them.
Kathy Burke
I have changed quite a lot since I came to Milan and I think I have become a more all-round footballer.