Real Life Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Real Life Quotes from famous authors such as Faith Hill, Robert Crais, Julie Benz, Allu Arjun, Jessica Chastain. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

Country music is the people’s music. It just speaks about real life and about truth and it tells things how they really are.
Faith Hill
I had wanted to be a novelist for so long, but I didn’t have a story. That story came from the death of my father, and wrestling with how to help my mother. Writing it allowed me to work through my fears, frustrations and desires. I wanted control over the situation. And I wasn’t sure I would have any in real life.
Robert Crais
And I’m not very coordinated, either. Only on ice skates, not in real life.
Julie Benz
The character in ‘Arya’ was so close to my real life persona. The director saw me once and felt I was the right guy for the role because my body language was so flamboyant. In real life, too, I am very peppy and full of life.
Allu Arjun
I’m very sensitive in real life. I cannot not cry if someone around me is crying. I will start to cry if someone is crying, even if it’s not appropriate. I have that thing in me, a weakness or sensitivity.
Jessica Chastain
In the future, everybody is going to be a director. Somebody’s got to live a real life so we have something to make a movie about.
Cameron Crowe
I’m a deeply boring person in real life; I don’t do any drinking and going out until four in the morning. I’ll usually head straight home for a cup of tea.
Bonnie Langford
I’ve always loved film, and since I knew I probably couldn’t be a cowboy or a spy in real life, I thought I’d play one in a movie! I started doing theater in middle school and tested for ‘Victorious’ before being in an episode of ‘iCarly.’
Spencer Boldman
When I started writing and illustrating, I knew little of classic children’s literature. My stories came from real life, from my concerns about what was happening in the world.
Michael Foreman
In real life, we do things out of character, constantly. A couple of days ago, my shoes were hurting, so I walked barefoot through New York. Someone who has known me my whole life would think that was so out of character. But I did it because of the circumstances.
Allison Williams
That’s real life, what is at home.
Ernie Johnson Jr.
One woman came up to me at a lecture and observed that I was much fatter than on television; I think I look better onscreen than in real life. It’s the lights.
Kate Williams
In ‘Shadow Tag,’ Erdrich creates scenes from a fictional marriage, that of two American Indians, Irene and her painter husband Gil, that suggest some of the worst psychological torments and stresses of real life.
Alan Cheuse
Readers of novels often fall into the bad habit of being overly exacting about the characters’ moral flaws. They apply to these fictional beings standards that no one they know in real life could possibly meet.
Edmund White
When people screamed novelty the first time around talking about an ugly video and stuff I was really insulted because, hold on a minute, everyone you see in the video are real life.
Bubba Sparxxx
I am a soft-type girl in real life.
Sai Pallavi
What I learned from boxing and what everyone can take in real life is to follow directions, follow order. Don’t give nobody a hard time.
Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
We all want to be someone else but without ceasing to be ourselves. I think it’s very important to defend this idea in real life too.
Antonio Tabucchi
Counsel woven into the fabric of real life is wisdom.
Walter Benjamin
For a selfie, it’s not about the pose, it’s about you. There’s a reason why you look great in the picture or you look great in real life, because someone has caught the essence of who you are, and a pose is not you.
Nigel Barker
I have very weirdly realistic dreams where it could be real life, except it’s not.
Nat Wolff
Models, even male models – how small they’ve gotten! It looks great for the clothes, but it’s not what you want in real life.
Demi Moore
Even though I’m usually not conscious of it, I think drawing has always served a sort of therapeutic purpose in my life. There’s something about the process of translating the messy chaos of real life into a clean, simple drawing that’s always been comforting to me.
Adrian Tomine
People ask me about fighting in real life and, honestly, it wouldn’t look as graceful as it does in film and TV.
Rachel Nichols
It made me feel cooler in real life to know I could be The Rock’s daughter.
Alexandra Daddario
My mom is very Southern and she in real life says things like, ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it.’
Cheryl Hines
So if you’re a robot and you’re living on this planet, you can do things that you can’t do in real life – things that you wished you could do: like fly; like have a car that flies; like have furniture that is alive.
William Joyce
I wrote ‘Evil Spider’ about wanting someone that’s already taken. I guess it was based on a personal experience, but I went a lil extreme on the theme… me being a spider trying to snare someone. In real life, I was just observing!
All I know is real life. I don’t know how to act. I don’t know how to pretend.
Sasha Lane
There’s so much power in allegory, to form ideas and learn lessons that you can actually take and apply to real life. I think that’s why I originally really loved fantasy and reading.
Amandla Stenberg
In real life, I am emotionally confused, which enables me to write songs. I’m a Pisces, and they say that Pisces are very sensitive. If men were just honest with themselves, they would see that they all have that side.
Adam Levine
People find the humor in life all the time. And you have to in order to make it through real life. Like, some things are tragic, but you have to laugh.
Jason Mitchell
Doing comedy is very challenging, as I am a shy person in real life.
Raashi Khanna
Even the two novels I’ve written were based on true stories. It’s how I’m wired – real life is fascinating and fantastical enough. The kind of journalism I did unpeeled lids from cans otherwise sealed.
Peter Landesman
Even though ‘Star Wars’ takes place in another galaxy, a lot of the themes and things that characters deal with in terms of lessons that they’re learning are things that are completely relatable to real life.
Kelly Marie Tran
I’ve thrown way more movie parties than real parties. My real life is so much more boring.
Nicholas Stoller
I like to play the weirdos. I like to play the people that are hard to like. You get to say and do things that you would never say and do in real life.
Wendi McLendon-Covey
The public saw my father right out of central casting. He looked the part, acted the part… he was the part! The real life Godfather.
Victoria Gotti
I do look better on TV. In real life, I look scruffy and pale, and I get the worst kind of recognition… I get the ‘Haven’t we met somewhere before?’ I suggest it might be because I’m on the telly, and they say, ‘No, it’s definitely not that. Wasn’t it at so-and-so’s party?’
Tom Ward
I’m interested in pursuing roles that allow me to push against my own walls, my own constraints as a human being, and to find out where I’m capable of going. In real life, I’m not very good at feeling emotions, so I like to do it through my work.
Tom Cullen
My heroes in real life are definitely my mom for being true to herself, for having a foot in both worlds, for being so very polite – Canadian and also such a traditional Greek woman. I would sum it up this way: the life lesson she would say is be polite while you’re breaking the rules.
Nia Vardalos
I grew up as a Christian, and one of the many things in Christian mythology that did not dovetail with real life is that human beings are not monochromatic in their being.
Brandon Victor Dixon
Transformation in real life is extraordinarily incremental, and that’s all I’m going to say.
Jillian Michaels
My real life helped me sell a lot of records.
The Notorious B.I.G.
The best place to find material is in real life. I’ve always maintained that it’s not until the mid-20s that you have enough of a life to draw from. There’s nothing better for a comic than to go through some bad stuff – and some good stuff, like getting married.
Jeff Dunham
Movies are different from real life.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
I think, with music, I’m a lyricist who talks about real life things.
Machine Gun Kelly
I am not a perfectionist. Perfection doesn’t exist in real life. It’s a wrong title for me.
Aamir Khan
I mean, I’m pretty good in real life, but sometimes people seem surprised that I’m like a normal teenager and wear black nail polish and I’m just a little bit more edgy than the person I play on television.
Brittany Snow
I think shows that are completely dramatic are a lie. People use humor to cope. That is how we deal with things. In the darkest situations, there’s humor. And if you don’t show that, you’re not being true to real life.
Jenji Kohan
I connect with very few close friends in real life.
Pratyusha Banerjee
When I tell children that they are far too dependent on their gizmos, they do not deny it. But they really don’t care. This is their real life – texting about trivial things; listening to numbing music on their private headphones. The machines block everything out – you create your own little trivial world.
Bill O’Reilly
I love film, and I think it’s so important for kids to be educated about films and real life subjects that films cover.
Nico Mirallegro
When you were on stage, you could be absolutely open about your emotions and indulge them and express yourself in a way that – in real life – I wasn’t doing.
Ian Mckellen
I want to try and portray characters that are in real life, that you see day-to-day. If I were to just stay in my little village in Wales, I would have gotten a very small taste of a very big plate.
Joshua Sasse
From an early age, I had always loved drawing. Laying on the floor, in front of the fire, drawing from my imagination, marching soldiers, dive bombers, spaceships and monsters. Now, suddenly, I was drawing from real life!
Michael Foreman
In real life, I don’t love working out, but I’ve been driven to it.
Joanna Going
In Paris, we call the people who make clothing ‘couturiers’ – they develop new clothing items – but actually, the work of designing is to make something that works in real life.
Issey Miyake
I always find the more you can draw on real life characters, people, situations, it works better. Certainly for designing a character, I prefer to draw on real people rather than other guys I’ve seen in movies, rather than ‘here’s my version of Clint Eastwood’ or whoever.
Sharlto Copley
The lovely thing about writing is, well, two things. One, writing fiction allows us to bring an order to our lives that doesn’t exist in real life. And two, it allows us to create human characters that we know better than we will ever know anyone in real life.
Octavia E. Butler
In an era of social everything, we want to spark possibility and opportunity in the creative arts, in real life, person to person.
Angela Ahrendts
Basically, I think that there are some characters that you can just allow the truth of your character as a human being in your real life to come through.
Edward James Olmos
Whether I’m running on the beach without my shirt or whether I’m going out with my kids or going to church or going out to dinner – I don’t choose to insulate myself in engaging in real life. Hence, the public kind of almost knows me as much through my real life that they see through the rag mags.
Matthew McConaughey
I’m very bad at violence in real life. I can’t stand it. And I’m so fed up with crime novels that have too much violence. I can’t really do it. It’s unnecessary.
David Lagercrantz
My whole thing is this – and this is how I am in real life – if you start talking to me crazy, I’m not engaging in that. I’m just not saying anything.
Angela Yee
It is not that Shakespeare’s art is in technicolor and fancy, and that real life is black and white and tedious. The life that Shakespeare was living was the only life he had, and he had to use it to create what he was doing.
Stephen Greenblatt
Our ethos for ‘Now You See Me 2’ was that everything in the movie at least had the potential to be done in real life, and I’d say over 90% of it was actually done in-camera with no CGI. Of course, movies like this are always going to be bound by the rules of Hollywood, being there’s going to be enhancements of CGI.
Keith Barry
I suppose that’s why we watch dramas: to see the stuff that in real life you’d end up in prison for.
Tobias Menzies
I make sure I have a smile every day for everybody because our stories within it have a darkness and we don’t need to bleed it into real life because people have got their own issues going on. So I’d always come in and be the biggest idiot on set.
Aaron Pedersen
I don’t fancy myself as a very sarcastic person in real life.
Reggie Lee
In real life, I don’t cry too easily. I go numb.
Kay Kay Menon
I watched a lot of avant-garde films, like Maya Deren’s work, and I love film’s technical ability to do things that are impossible in real life. It’s related to the way collage allows you to manipulate reality and the hierarchies that are inherent in our awful but amazing world.
Wangechi Mutu
I get bullied for my size, my weight, and my look constantly. It’s something that I’m glad we touched on in WWE. I’m glad we touched on it because it’s real: it’s something that happens in real life to kids all the time, especially in the age of cyber bullying.
Nia Jax
I mean, I find things that happened in real life to be the funniest – things that you observe instead of crazy abstract things, you know.
Jonah Hill
A reflection of an exact image is the closest thing to you-so that you can see it-but it’s far enough away so that you really understand it. There is real life in this movie, but it hovers just an inch above reality.
Wes Bentley
We live a pretty real life within our Hollywood selves. I’m not working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by any means.
Rhea Perlman
If I’m really jet-lagged and need to get to sleep, I just try and watch cartoons. As long as it’s animated, I don’t care – it has to have that distance from real life.
Kevin Parker
I’ve just always been interested in alter-naturalism and seeing if you can make real life interesting enough to be dramatic without enhancing it. Like, could you make a movie or write a play in which there’s no compression of time, there’s no enhanced event, it’s just real life?
Kenneth Lonergan
And in real life endings aren’t always neat, whether they’re happy endings, or whether they’re sad endings.
Stephen King
Fantasy is usually considered an escape, but it’s also a way to deal with weighty real-world issues from a safe distance and in a context where you usually have some kind of power that you don’t have in real life.
Noelle Stevenson
I write from real life. I am an unrepentant eavesdropper and a collector of stories. I record bits of overheard dialogue.
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
For me, real life is hard work. Making movies is like a vacation for my soul.
Guillermo del Toro
If my real life was half as exciting as what is reported, I would be thrilled.
Gabrielle Union
Concerts every night, autograph signings, endorsements, and so on. That’s not what real life is about.
Vanilla Ice
Express yourself. Tell us who you are. If you would never wear pearls in real life, don’t wear them when you get married.
Chiara Ferragni
Imgur isn’t about following a celebrity, and it’s not about following a person in real life. You don’t have to build up a massive following and use that to get your distribution.
Alan Schaaf
I would love to do comedy. I think I’m funny and that comedy is my strong suit, at least in real life. I have yet to prove myself in the movies, but I’d love to get the opportunity to do that.
Evan Peters
I remember – when I was little, I remember playing ‘Tecmo Bowl,’ and I would be so excited to be Bo Jackson in the game that I wanted to watch him play in real life.
Landon Donovan
Personally, in real life, I’m a little more down-and-dirty than I am glamorous.
Shelley Hennig
In real life, you don’t know what’s going to happen to you, so why would your character know? It’s liberating to play the emotion your character is feeling at the time and not know what’s coming up. I like it.
Erin Richards
All of my characters are a little bit based on people I know in real life. You know when you do that you have to change the character a little bit in case your friend or your relative reads the book, because you don’t want them to know you wrote about them… They might get mad.
Meg Cabot
In real life, I’m so goofy and super weird. I’m never mean, but people don’t see the weird side of me. Like, I’ll be dancing around. My best friends will always say that they wish others saw that side of me, when I’m doing a weird dance or weird faces or voices.
Gigi Hadid
Show business is not conducive to mental stability. It’s a constant rollercoaster of adrenaline spikes and devastating let-downs. There’s something about seeing a face from the telly in real life that makes people deranged.
Tom Hollander
And in real life, I’m actually quite authoritative and strict.
Alex Horne
We play many emotions in our careers, emotions that in real life we would perform just once. For example, my character has died in about 10 films, so you have to keep searching for different ways to do it!
Amitabh Bachchan
Who I am on stage is very, very different to who I am in real life.
Beyonce Knowles
For work, I wear art; in real life, I wear clothes.
Meghan Markle
Bowdoin was the first place that I fell in love with. When I visited, I just had never been to a place with that many resources and that much access to information. That was stuff that you saw in movies. I didn’t know that existed in real life.
DeRay Mckesson
I have, like, three suits to my name. But one thing I’ve learned is that when you dress up in real life, people treat you differently.
Matt Bomer
In movies, you get to explore parts of yourself that in real life, people shy away from, like looking stupid or embarrassing yourself or getting too angry, anything inappropriate. As an actor, you walk into those moments.
Jess Weixler
What you bring to the stage is what you are in real life… people sense that.
Lisa Lampanelli
I’m hoping that maybe I can be part of a disaster relief effort, something that’s real life. That’s kind of what I do anytime I stop working: ‘OK, what’s something that you’ve really wanted to do?’
Missy Peregrym
When I saw ‘Louie’ and ‘Girls’, I was blown out of the water. They were fearless portrayals of real life. Everyone has a different experience.
Pamela Adlon
In a compass, we got north, south, east and west, right? But in between that, you got things like north-east – now that, to me, is where real life is. Everybody’s life is not straight: it’s often 30 degrees to your left, or in the hardest part of the reach.
BJ the Chicago Kid
I think my whole deal was I didn’t think other people had a right to an opinion. I think the problem I had was, in real life, it was my way or the highway, and if people disagreed with me, then they were just wrong.
Randy Orton
I can be overly confident at times, but with someone who I’m very close to, like with my mother, I will break down. In real life, people will find out that I’m not actually that confident and that I’m a real guy underneath it all.
Ansel Elgort
I think everyone practices their Oscars acceptance speech with a shampoo bottle, and I’ve done my fair share of them. It’s really surreal to be able to do it in real life.
Graham Moore
I like to have met someone in real life before being their Facebook friend.
Nicholas A. Christakis
And the nice thing about writing a novel is you take your time, you sit with the character sometimes nine years, you look very deeply at a situation, unlike in real life when we just kind of snap something out.
Sandra Cisneros
In real life, women don’t enjoy being degraded and treated like objects/receptacles.
Jackson Katz
One thing I think is least realistic is that there were five people that made decisions in the fictional ‘West Wing.’ In real life, there are about five million people that weigh in.
Dee Dee Myers
In real life, I’m always in tracksuits, and I never wear makeup.
Teresa Palmer
No one bothered reading the books and understanding – and again, I’m not being high-falutin’ about it – but I think our books are great literature with great metaphors of real life dealing with fears and hopes.
Avi Arad
I think that I write about stuff that others don’t write about. I don’t have a bunch of love songs cuz I don’t really have much boy experience. I just write about what I am actually going through in my real life.
Brie Larson
I once had someone say to me in an interview, ‘You are more ugly on the screen than in real life.’
Maisie Williams
When I want to show the kind of meanness people are capable of, to make it believable I find I have to tone it down. It’s in real life that people are over the top.
Todd Solondz
I don’t want to live my life in a five-star hotel. That’s not real life to me. You can’t appreciate it.
Diane Kruger
That’s what all art’s about – a sense of moving away from boundaries that you can’t in real life. Like a dancer is always trying to fly, really – to do something that’s just not possible. But you try to do as much as you can within those physical boundaries.
Kate Bush
An actor’s job is to embrace emotions and situations that in real life we spend all of our time running away from.
Wentworth Miller
In real life, coincidences happen all the time. In novels, they are leapt upon with fury.
Harlan Coben
I’ve always kind of ripped from real life to some degree or at least how I’m feeling in the moment. In fact, maybe that’s really it. In anything I’ve ever written, all the characters sound like me, which I don’t think is a bad thing.
Kevin Smith
I apologize in my real life all the time. I say ridiculous things, I make mistakes constantly. But when I’m on stage, I’m at a microphone… it’s a joke!
Kathy Griffin
Celebrities do look different in real life from our images of them – there is a big gap. And that is what my work is about: the gap between the image and the celebrity themselves.
Alison Jackson
We all know guys who’ve had their hearts broken in real life; we just don’t usually see it in the movies.
Zooey Deschanel
Real life is hard. I’m sorry, but shopping at Tesco is not as much fun as writing jokes for TV shows, and I struggle with it.
Russell Howard
Anyone who wants to offer me as mushy, earthy, crunchy a role as they can, I will probably take it. In real life, I cry at a drop of a hat, and I’m a mom, and I’m pretty mushy! We all have so many colors as actors that we want to show.
Alysia Reiner
I never felt comfortable in real life very well. It’s always been an awkward kind of thing for me and so when I hit the stage I just sensed freedom. I sensed, ‘Here’s a place that I can have all the experiences of life and not feel uncomfortable about it.’
Nick Nolte
I don’t care what people think of me, unless they think I’m mean or something, but I don’t care if they think I’m like someone else because I know I’m not – I’m a total weirdo. I’m not selling a dream; I’m not selling fame like it is some sort of fantastic thing. I’m just trying to sell music and get on with my real life.
I really enjoy playing a sex symbol, but it’s not something I feel in real life. I’m much more of a natural girl at home.
Becki Newton
I’ve been falsely accused of drawing too much from real life. But I am a petty thief – I take little things. And, I mean, I can hardly write 10 words before I start to make things up. I start to invent, because that’s what I want to do. I’m running away to an invented place.
Lorrie Moore
People who aren’t complicated in real life come through as pretty bland on the screen. Most great performers are not very happy and well adjusted. Perhaps that’s the price they pay for being originals.
George Cukor
What I’ve found recently is the heart, the soul, whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t differentiate: If you really live the experience making a movie, it’s the same as living it in real life, as crazy as it sounds.
Paul Walker
I think that if a writer doesn’t use her voice, be it in her writing or online or in real life, then what is the point of having one?
Jenny Han
I’ll be more interested in acting only when it has to do something with who I am in real life. More like playing a singer or musician on screen like in ‘Aashiqui’ or ‘Rockstar.’
Armaan Malik
I’m like anyone; I make a lot of my assumptions about actors I don’t know from what I read about them. And then I’ll find those judgments are often completely confounded when I meet them in real life.
Mark Strong
‘Carrie Diaries’ was one of the scripts that was sent my way, and it was instantly something I wanted to work on. It was very charming, and there’s a lot of heart to it. It was touching and nostalgic and relatable, and it validates so many coming-of-age issues in an open and honest way. I think it speaks to real life.
Ellen Wong
Never hold up your entire group of friends in real life trying to capture a perfect Instagram pose. Nobody cares.
Mary H.K. Choi
My wife was a Bond girl, in Diamonds Are Forever, so I play James Bond in real life every day.
Robert Wagner
Writing this book feels like a completely different activity from writing my comic strip because it’s about real life. I feel like I’m using a part of my brain that’s been dormant until now.
Alison Bechdel
I’m curious. Period. I find everything interesting. Real life. Fake life. Objects. Flowers. Cats. But mostly people. If you keep your eyes open and your mind open, everything can be interesting.
Agnes Varda
I am a jovial person in real life.
It’s good to stay as close to real life as you can, and then kind of dress it up.
Nelson DeMille
The motto of my institute has always been, ‘If they can see it, they can be it.’ And it’s literally true. If we show something on-screen, it will change what happens in real life.
Geena Davis
In Mumbai, you have to act in real life, too.
Nawazuddin Siddiqui
I’m pretty laid-back in real life. I just love hanging with my friends and making jokes. The jokes don’t stop – literally, all day.
The Weeknd
I don’t feel like a dream girl, but I think it’s really nice. I guess a part of me wishes I got that sort of attention in my real life. Because in my real life, I’m this weird, dorky girl who just hangs out with her dog.
Alicia Silverstone
I’m drawn to people who find themselves on the outside of things. I’m moved by that in real life.
Rachel Joyce
Some of the best scenes in drama take almost no time – helping to illustrate that life-changing events in real life often occur in a split second, after which nothing is ever the same.
Lionel Shriver
It may be very difficult to keep the virtues of purity, passion, and sacrifice of love in real life.
Lee Min-ho
Very rarely am I attracted to characters that are ‘woe is me.’ I’m not a big fan of women that have to be the victim and need to be saved, at all times. I don’t necessarily think that’s how it is, in real life, and I don’t think that’s how it should be in films.
Mila Kunis
I love escaping into character. It’s a chance to try on people that you wouldn’t be brave or stupid enough to be in real life.
Andrea Corr
I know that’s why I became an actress. In my dream world, I could get mad and scream and yell, and if somebody died, they got up again. In real life, I didn’t dare try it.
Mary Steenburgen
In real life, people are integrated into society. That’s what happens in my books as well. Minor characters don’t just walk in and spout lines, they interact and have an effect on the events. It’s not an isolated universe.
Stieg Larsson
In real life, I’d say that your commitment-phobe/narcissist/bad boy boyfriend is a lost cause, but romance is shelved in fiction for a reason.
Sarah MacLean
I don’t have a brother in real life.
Louis C. K.
I love sitting at my desk and facing a quiet day with a pen in my hand, and putting myself into a story. It’s kind of weird, isn’t it? I mean, to absent myself from real life and make up stories is strange, but I started doing this when I was ten years old. It was all I wanted to do.
Philip Kerr
Playing tough characters just comes easy for me. It’s not who I am in real life, so I love going to work and pretending to be something I’m not. I love all the action and confidence. But when I finally go do a rom-com, I hope my fans will support me.
Katee Sackhoff
I play, in real life, Kim, who is actually Marshall Mathers ex-wife as of now. She lies and says she is pregnant because she really wants to keep him and he figures her out.
Taryn Manning
I believed in fictional characters as if they were a part of real life. Poetry was important, too. My parents had memorized poems from their days attending school in New York City and loved reciting them. We all enjoyed listening to these poems and to music as well.
Alice McDermott
The drive toward Life is protective, thoughtful, vulnerable, and invested in immaculate love. It is this last that marks the difference between a wise heart muddy with real life experiences in the trenches and a dry heart that functions on rote concepts alone.
Clarissa Pinkola Estes
One of the strange things about imaginary food is that it allows us to take pleasure in reading about things that we would never want to eat in real life.
Bee Wilson
One of the things that has been the most beneficial for me in real life is that I’ve been able to really become stronger physically, and so I try to get to the gym at least – while I’m working, it’s hard sometimes.
Juliana Harkavy
What makes ‘The Wire’ a beautiful story is how true to life it is. In other shows, you have a good guy and a bad guy. In ‘The Wire,’ bad guys are trying to be good, good guys are doing bad. You have real life. The people who do bad get bad things done to them.
Tristan Wilds
I’m quite chameleon in my work – not normally looking much like I do in real life.
Lesley Manville
‘Motorcycle Diaries’ had the best costumes – that battered jacket and those linen shirts. I wear linen shirts in real life, too, and I have a nice, simple number I got handed down. As a father, you just stop buying stuff for yourself. It’s all for the kids.
Gael Garcia Bernal
I might rap about a lot of stuff, but that’s just a reflection about what I’ve been through. But in real life, everything I do is positive.
21 Savage
In real life, of course, it is the hare that wins. Every time. Look around you.
Anita Brookner
I am a collector of dolls and doll parts. I’m rarely creeped out by most dolls, either in real life or in literature, but I know many people who are.
Ellen Datlow
I’m the perfect amount of guarded. I don’t reveal too much, and I never reveal who the songs are about. They are real life. People get that. I date a lot of musicians and they do the same thing. People that work with me – who I write about too – they get it. It’s my creative outlet, my therapy.
Kelly Clarkson
I come out of real life.
Elizabeth Edwards
Every one has her own love life. Every one has a dream to get a perfect life partner. But this is not so easy in real life. In fact, one doesn’t love; it happens.
Katrina Kaif
I touch up photos so people look as good in their photographs as they did in real life.
Scott Kelby
We are working women. Also, we have the problem of children, of men, to take care of our houses, so many things. I try to explain that in my clothes. They are clothes for everyday life. That is the real life of woman.
Sonia Rykiel
I just don’t do much social media. No, it is more important to strike a balance between ballet and real life.
Yuan Yuan Tan
I have a no-apology policy. No apologies for jokes. I apologize in my real life all the time. I say ridiculous things, I make mistakes constantly. But when I’m on stage, I’m at a microphone… it’s a joke!
Kathy Griffin
I laugh much more during takes than I do during real life. Maybe because you’re not supposed to. I’ve ruined many takes because I will lose it.
Paul Rudd
In the movies, they make you look good and tough, but in real life, it’s completely the opposite. I do these ueber roles, I think, because in real life I’m quite shy and reserved. In real life, I’m a dork.
Sam Worthington
I’m sure the audiences will connect with ‘Yeh Hai Aashiqui,’ as it will feature stories inspired from real life.
Anita Hassanandani Reddy
I’ve always kind of ripped from real life to some degree or at least how I’m feeling in the moment.
Kevin Smith
If the role is challenging enough, I don’t see why I shouldn’t play an older man or a father figure. It is not about playing what you are in real life. We are called actors for a reason!
Aamir Khan
Reality always outstrips fiction. Whatever you make up, something more incredible always pops up in real life.
David Walliams
You write in songs what you’re too scared to write in real life, and then you sing the songs to loads of people instead of telling it to the person you should be telling it to… Songs are a great way of dealing with those issues but kind of a coward’s way as well.
Winston Marshall
If one sibling does something, the other will fill the opposite role. I found, at least for my brother and I in real life, that seems to be a thing.
Alycia Debnam-Carey
I love being in real life, and in particular, I like being with young people.
Beeban Kidron
I think my fans would probably be surprised to know I’m not insane – I’m not a crazy person in real life. I’m a pretty low-key dude. I like chilling at home and playing with my dog.
Jerry Trainor
Part of the reason I wanted to write a novel was that in fiction I could do something that’s difficult to do in real life, which is to dwell on the stark details of the experience without really needing to create that narrative of redemption.
Christina Baker Kline
To be an actress and act crazy is really fun for me, to be able to be acting like you’d never be able to act in your real life and scream and freak out. It’s an interesting test for an actor.
Alexandra Daddario
I have very vivid dreams, and often – this happens to me at least a few times a week – I don’t know if something happened in real life or in a dream. I’m like, ‘Mom, did this neighbor come over, or was it a dream?’ And she’s like, ‘No, what are you talking about?’
Eugenie Bouchard
I thought I was an old soul, and that I knew life, but then starting the real life, I figured I am completely new.
Yael Naim
It’s a mystery, that thing about chemistry, because often people who hate each other in real life and hate each other on the set have great chemistry on the screen. And people who love each other in real life and love each other on the set have absolutely no chemistry whatsoever.
Helen Mirren
I like to say that I’m tracing the intersection between big ideas and human experience, between theology and real life.
Krista Tippett
Being on a movie set is wonderful experience, but it’s a bubble – it isn’t real life.
Jamie Campbell Bower
In real life, I am a very sensitive person as l lived alone in Chennai for 15 years without my family. I always remember that phase of my life.
The first modern novel was already a product, even an expression, of negative criticism: ‘Don Quixote’ contains a quite explicit critique of the chivalric romance and its insufficiency to account for the way real life feels when you get up in the morning in 17th-century Spain.
Elif Batuman
With one or two children at home, I feel that parents concentrate too much on them and hence children lose touch with reality. They get whatever they desire and fail to understand that in real life you may or may not get what you wish for.
Sudha Murty
I don’t think people want to see me as a regular guy; besides, I’m a regular guy in real life. I guess I just want to be reckless in my work.
Willem Dafoe
Being an actor, you can get spoilt a little bit: car services come and pick you up, you get put up in nice hotels, people fetch you coffee, and so on. It is wonderful, but you can get lost in that world pretty quickly and start believing that it is real life.
Neil Jackson
A man’s real life is that accorded to him in the thoughts of other men by reason of respect or natural love.
Joseph Conrad
When I was a kid, I really loved watching ‘Cinderella.’ It’s a fantasy, and every girl knows that real life isn’t always like these movies, but as a child, I just really loved the story of ‘Cinderella.’ I found it to be so romantic and just a beautiful movie to watch.
Sara Ramirez
I always had a sketchbook with me when I was young. I was hiding behind it, basically, hiding behind drawing because I couldn’t cope with people in real life; I was very shy and very nervous around people.
Robert Crumb
I probably use email the most. I dunno if that counts as an app. I try to stay off my electronics as much as possible. Real life is happening all around you; you’re better off just being a part of it.
Nathan Parsons
In real life, you just work for the ordinary self, but in the front of audience you become the superself. That’s a completely different thing.
Marina Abramovic
I guess I am sometimes over the top on stage, but then, that is my personality. I’m over the top in real life, too.
Mandy Patinkin
Don’t get me wrong: school is good and all, but school is way too slow for me. Like, super slow. So I didn’t want to go. I wanted to learn on my own with real life experiences.
Lil Uzi Vert
And if real life was like the movies, I should have lived happily ever after.
Piper Laurie
People would be surprised to see the real Sudha. I am gawky and not well dressed in my real life.
Sudha Chandran
There’s a reason why bullying takes such a strong form online. People don’t have to push back as much as they would in real life.
Bridgit Mendler
What’s normal? I think I’m normal… Maybe I’m abnormal because I get such a thrill from real life, just real life, everyday things.
Sissy Spacek
Love to his soul gave eyes; he knew things are not as they seem. The dream is his real life; the world around him is the dream.
Michel de Montaigne
Don’t get a movie confused with real life. I’m a well-rounded human being like everyone else.
Ice Cube
I just fight in my movies, never in real life.
Sylvester Stallone
Oh, man, if in real life I was as cool and suave as Coach Taylor and had all the answers, things would be easier.
Kyle Chandler
But, Superstore has always done an amazing job of reflecting real life situations and challenges.
Lauren Ash
I think my life is often more interesting in the tabloids than it is in real life – or less; it depends. But I’m curious. I just try and see what they’re going to make up next, and I try to just have fun with it and not take it all too seriously, because otherwise you can’t function.
Rachel Miner
Sam and Dean Winchester sitting on the top of the Impala sharing their feelings over a beer is a reward worth driving any ‘Supernatural’ demon away – but in real life, they’d have crippling co-dependency issues.
Margaret Stohl
In real life, there’s nobody more out than Sean. It was just in the press that he didn’t want to say one way or another. I think he just felt it was nobody’s business, but I feel like he came to it in his own time.
Megan Mullally
I don’t know if you guys have ever kissed anybody in real life, but it doesn’t always go as planned. It’s not always pretty. It doesn’t always look like a movie. It usually looks more like ‘American Pie.’
Jordan Gavaris
J. Tillman was kind of an alter ego. There was a lot I didn’t want people to know about my real life. With Father John Misty, I leave everything in: so much so that I lose sleep before these albums come out because there is always a line or two in there where I’m just like, ‘This is not going to go down very well.’
Josh Tillman
I think something that’s very relevant in real life and that they don’t portray enough on TV is that when you think ‘Christian,’ you think ‘goody two shoes’ – they have to look a certain way and do certain things – and it’s just not true.
Samuel Larsen
I’m extremely happy, but I don’t do love songs for the most part. It feels weird; that’s such a personal thing to me. I’d rather live that in my real life and play a different character outside of that.
Carrie Underwood
I think a lot of people mistake my confidence on stage for cockiness in real life, and that’s actually farthest from the truth. When I’m on stage, I’m that confident and that cocky because I have a microphone in my hand, and there’s a few thousand people staring at me. And I know they’re there to laugh.
Russell Peters
Not comfortable doing song and dance stuff as no normal person does in his/her real life.
Barun Sobti
Just about this time, when in imagination I was so great a warrior, I had good use in real life for more strength, as I was no longer taken to school by the nurse, but instead had myself to protect my brother, two years my junior.
Georg Brandes
In real life, I am not a lonely person; I have lots of good friends and am active socially. But there are certain aspects of my life when I have felt very alone, utterly alone, and one of them is when I am performing on my own.
Robert Lepage
To make something look real and alive, nothing can be symmetrical because nothing in real life is symmetrical. You have to make it look organic.
John Kricfalusi
True country music is honesty, sincerity, and real life to the hilt.
Garth Brooks
In real life, I’m polite and nice all the time. It’s fun to play people who aren’t. It’s escapism.
Rachel Weisz
Growing up in New Orleans helped me live a real life. I experienced so many things.
Jason Mitchell
I feel like in an interview situation, it’s a kind of intimacy that I can understand and handle – versus in real life, when I’m much more of a bumbler and have a hard time.
Ira Glass
How many deaf people do you know in real life? Unless they live in a cave, or are 14, which seems to be true for most people in this business, what could I possibly tell them that they don’t already know?
Marlee Matlin
I was kind of a MySpace kid in high school, and people thought since I had so many MySpace friends that they didn’t need to be nice to me in real life. They were like, ‘You get enough attention online,’ or they were jealous or something. I don’t really know.
The thought processes that go through my head when I’m playing a game compared to the thought processes in real life are very, very different. And they’re more interesting to me than what you think about when you’re doing the dishes, cleaning the yard, watching TV, driving or watching a movie.
John Romero
I’m a complete coward in real life.
Seth Rogen
If you’re a cartoon character or most TV characters, sure, you’ll fight, because the punches are juicy-sounding and they don’t leave marks. But in real life, if somebody punches you in the eye, it doesn’t make any noise and your eye is swollen for, like, six months. It’s a nightmare to get punched in the eye.
Louis C. K.
Humor is very interesting to me. My films are not comedies, but there’s comedy in them from time to time, absurdities, just like in real life.
David Lynch
I’ve worked for a long time, but I got to the point where I felt like, I am out here so far, how do I get back? I want to have a real life, a personal life. I didn’t want a personal life I just visited.
Helen Hunt
The best stories come from real life.
Diane English
Maggie Smith is an amazing woman, and not as serious in real life.
Allen Leech
I developed this fantasy world. I found that that was much more fun and more interesting and exciting than real life was to me. Then, once I got the guitar going when I was a teenager, I set sail for the direction I’ve been in my whole life.
Don McLean
In real life, I’m very different from Sarah Dunn. She’s from the North. I grew up in the South. I wear big hoop earrings. I love me some makeup, and that’s not her at all.
Katy Mixon
In Hollywood, you’re always playing roles… It’s like going through the motions. But in real life, it’s like, you gotta take care of business. It’s not just the movies.
Mickey Rourke
I am a happy-go-lucky guy in real life. I like to chat a lot.
Vivek Oberoi
Successful fiction does not need to be validated by ‘real life’; I cringe whenever a writer is asked how much of a novel is ‘real’.
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
I loved all of the ‘Zenon’ movies. Those were my jam mostly because of the fashion. I loved something about the space buns and the weird neon colors. I couldn’t just wear that in real life because people would look weirdly at me, but maybe at a party or something.
Sabrina Carpenter
In black neighborhoods, everybody appreciated comedy about real life. In the white community, fantasy was funnier. I started looking for the jokes that were equally hilarious across the board, for totally different reasons.
Will Smith
If you break things down to goodies and baddies, the baddies are always a bit more alluring in fiction, and that’s true from a narrative point of view. But I wanted to write a novel about real life, and real life is a bit more nuanced than that.
Gail Honeyman
In fiction, as in real life, love might inspire acts that are at best foolish and at worst life-threatening, but in the best romances, love is the final, secret ingredient that turns mere mortals into heroes and heroines.
Sarah MacLean
I like being a leader in real life.
Donnie Wahlberg
In real life, I am not a romantic person. I am a fun person and a complete tomboy.
Kratika Sengar
Fame is something that is tough when it comes. It’s a weird thing to take on in real life. I was a little bit afraid and, as a result, kind of turned my back on it. You should embrace it because it’s going to be a part of who you are, and it’s going to be a part of what this business is about.
Kevin Bacon
Sometimes, the Internet can feel like a middle-school playground populated by brats in ski masks who name-call and taunt with the fake bravery of the anonymous. But sometimes – thank goodness – it’s nicer than real life.
Susan Orlean
The long-term study of GMO foods is going on in real time and in real life. Not in a lab.
Ziggy Marley
We live in this era where we really enjoy being offended, although only on the Internet. I don’t know how beneficial it is. I wonder if we live in an age where we don’t have power, yet somehow feel we have virtual power. But I feel like it’s a distraction from real life.
Michaela Coel
My social media world is detached from my friendship world. I’ll have friends in real life that I don’t follow on social media, because I don’t really look at social media as the way of connecting to friends. For me, social media is like a business tool.
Ian Harding
It’s got to be harder in real life to win a World Cup. But depending on if you play World Class level on FIFA, it’s going to be difficult to win in the video game, too.
Landon Donovan
In real life, I’m so brutally honest that it almost works against me sometimes.
Holland Roden
51st State was one that I loved doing because the character was so out there, and in a way I was sad to leave the character behind. I’m afraid I could never be that cool in real life!
Emily Mortimer
Real life is the life that’s in you, not your circumstances, like where you live or what job you have or who you’re in relationship with.
Joyce Meyer
My love life has never been of interest to people. Of course I have a love life; I have a real life outside of show business.
Why should I ever get fed up talking about my father? He was a brilliant, colorful man who left us with thousands of memories. Most people remember his films, but I’ve got anecdotes and advice and episodes of real life tucked away inside my head.
Danny Huston
If you’re to look at people’s social networks, not a lot of white people have a social network that has lots of black people – it doesn’t happen. It makes sense to me that online would be as segregated as offline because it’s just mimicking patterns that exist in real life.
Alicia Garza
It occured to me the other day that I’ve made out with more people on camera than I have in real life!
Alicia Witt
On the publicity tour of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding,’ I was asked over and over again, if, as the writer, I felt it was a fair depiction of real life to have someone of my er, below average looks, hook up with hottie John Corbett.
Nia Vardalos
In real life, it is the hare who wins. Every time. Look around you. And in any case it is my contention that Aesop was writing for the tortoise market. Hares have no time to read. They are too busy winning the game.
Anita Brookner
In real life, one of my friends was killed in a car accident during our sophomore year.
Beverley Mitchell
I’m finding, as I get older, that I’m not much of a believer in redemption. I mean, I believe in redemption in real life – redemption does happen, and it’s cool when it does – but I find myself getting leery of my desire for it in stories (especially my own).
George Saunders
There is violence in real life but I would never impose violence in a film just to attract the audience.
Abbas Kiarostami
The sum total of what I learned about African American culture in school was Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and the Underground Railroad. This was more than my mom knew; she didn’t even see a black person in real life until she was 18 years old.
Ashley Graham
I think it’s important to be friends with the person you have to kiss onstage in front of a hundred people. You might not be friends in real life – especially if you’re in high school – but you need to at least be ‘secret friends’ for it to work. Try to be comfortable with each other.
Barrett Wilbert Weed
As a prominent trans person, you hope that someone feels they know you and then thinks of you at the polls; you hope to impact the way they act when they encounter a trans person in real life.
The Florida in my novels is not as seedy as the real Florida. It’s hard to stay ahead of the curve. Every time I write a scene that I think is the sickest thing I have ever dreamed up, it is surpassed by something that happens in real life.
Carl Hiaasen
It’s funny to be playing a mom. I mean, I’m not a mom in real life. I don’t even have a dog.
Elizabeth Reaser
I knew nothing of the real life of a musician, but I seemed to see myself standing in front of great crowds of people, playing my accordion.
Lawrence Welk
I guess I probably make violent films partly because I can’t express my anger in my real life very well.
Park Chan-wook
If you’re at the Oscars, there’s not a man on that red carpet who is not wearing make-up. Most straight actors I know get quite used to it. Even when they go out in real life they grab some sort of bronzer and they throw it on. They dye their eyebrows, they dye their lashes – they know the tricks.
Tom Ford
Part of me has always wanted to be like Marilyn Monroe or any Fifties Hollywood starlet. On screen, they seemed so sexy and simple and looked after. In real life, I’m none of those things. But I’d rather be fierce and complicated.
Katherine Ryan
I am honestly very intimidated when I meet new people and they expect me to be the onscreen Vir. On stage, I say a lot of things I might never say in real life; I am never the life of the party. People are quite surprised to see that I am more of a quiet artiste off stage.
Vir Das
I think it’s important to find humor anywhere you can. In real life, with the darkest, scariest, most intense moments, if you can find something funny, that’s good.
Katie Lowes
It’s not just in Hollywood that women run the risk of being passed by once they reach 50. It happens in real life, too.
Candice Bergen
I am a close friend of Robert Loggia. And I just love how, with actors, there’s the screen persona. Here is Robert, known for his portrayal of many characters, including gangsters. But in real life, he is elegant and erudite. He sits in the garden reading the sonnets of William Shakespeare.
Luanne Rice
All of my novels are seeded in real life events, and ‘The Wreckage’ is no different.
Michael Robotham
I wish my real life could be as simple and scripted as it is on television.
Nancy Travis
In real life, I don’t think anybody is all one shade. People who are perceived to be really good have bad thoughts and inclinations that they sometimes act on, I’m sure, and people have different sides to themselves.
Maria Doyle Kennedy
My records are basically a litany of complaints against the world, and I’m quite like that in real life as well.
Nick Cave
My father has a general rule. He says if I haven’t done it in real life I shouldn’t do it on-screen.
Natalie Portman
In my films, a lot of the situations come from real life.
Taika Waititi
I punch a lot of guys on set. It’s much easier than in real life as your hands don’t hurt afterwards. The key is that you miss.
Timothy Olyphant
I don’t see such a huge difference between online and ‘in real life’. I think it has now become one and the same.
Beeban Kidron
If I had to say the secret recipe for acting melodrama, I think it comes from myself in real life. I have a belief that when I do melo scenes, I try to make them less cheesy.
Song Joong-ki
Every book has some real life in it. I was never pursued by an evil twin clone, but everything else in MR. MURDER was pretty much out of my own life.
Dean Koontz
Actually, I only have a few friends in real life. And when I say friends, I’m referring to those people who I’ve known since the 1960s.
Jean Reno
I don’t tend to write straight dramas where real life just impinges. But because I don’t, when I do, it is very interesting to slap people in the face with just an absolute of life.
Joss Whedon
I’m like Twitter-famous, but in real life. Instead of your mentions, it’s real people coming up to you. People shake your hand instead of liking your tweets.
Lil Nas X
To me, nothing is more fascinating or theatrical than real life. These people are in dire situations, where something extreme has happened in their lives.
Debra Messing
Tooting my own horn is of no interest to me… it takes you away from real life. It’s a waste, and I don’t find a need to sing my own praises.
Paul Stanley
I think there are many ways to be brave and that being brave and vulnerable in terms of a romantic situation is one of the hardest things to do in real life.
Kelly Marie Tran
You are always invested in a film, but there is always a different feeling you get when you are portraying a character that is based on real life and you are re-telling events that actually took place.
Martin Henderson
You have to remember we’re just performers, that we seldom have any kind of grasp on real life.
Tom Kenny
Who I am on stage is just an amped up version of who I am in real life.
Russell Peters
Denzel Washington is a person I will always emulate. I emulate him because he focuses on real life. Because of that he has made me a better person.
Derek Luke
Pleasure has ever more been represented by poets and by painters as clothed in perpetual smiles and adorned with the richest jewels; and in real life, we have known many who, allured by her deceptions, blandishments, and hollow but showy temptations, have followed as she pointed until ruin has befallen them.
John Tyler
I take stuff from real life and try to make a character out of it. And I try to live the world of the characters a little bit.
John Searles
I wear no makeup in real life. I’m very simple. That may be why I go over the top for the red carpet. But otherwise, I’m very plain. I should make more of an effort, actually.
Eva Green
It is easy to make stuff up – and easy to dig up information and repeat it or report it to others. But to find a real life story with real people in real life situations is quite difficult and time-consuming. Yet, the rewards are worth the effort.
Lee Gutkind
I can’t stop moving. I’m like this weird insect. I can’t sit still in real life.
Robin Wright
In real life, I wish I could do a Scourgify. That would just be incredible helpful, when I know the rest of the family is gong to be back in 30 seconds and I haven’t tidied up. That would be really helpful.
Jamie Parker
There were time when I was into method acting that I did have moments of residual character emotions, because the method bases your emotional responses as a character on emotional experiences from your real life.
Corin Nemec
Sometimes I get to put on posh frocks and be Madam Glamour, the vendor of my wares. My lovely friend Kath, a stylist, puts me into things I’d never dream of. But my real life is very different. It’s very, very home-based – an intense domestic life, that’s the core of everything.
Emma Thompson
I’m actually pretty shy in real life. But I guess in front of the camera, I focus.
Ranbir Kapoor
Reality is the richest thing there is, the most important thing there is. Our imagination allows us to live an artificial life that is wonderful, extremely rich, but I don’t believe any artist would dare to say that artifice is better than real life.
Mario Vargas Llosa
The idea of the ‘lone gamer’ is really not true anymore. Up to 65 percent of gaming now is social, played either online or in the same room with people we know in real life.
Jane McGonigal
People in real life don’t get ballplayers’ humor, the way we talk in the clubhouse.
Justin Verlander
You know what’s better than building things up in your imagination? Building things up in real life.
Ryan Holiday
You’ve got to be happy when you play a sad character; otherwise, you just get depressed. Make your real life as fun as possible.
Sophie Turner
I understand that sometimes when you’re young it’s difficult to remember the difference between real life and what is part of fantasy.
Dakota Blue Richards
Math just wasn’t my favorite. I didn’t get how important math is and how it relates to real life. That’s why I think I was turned off to it. Once I got down arithmetic and a little bit of algebra, I think I checked out. As I’ve gotten older, I think there’s a lot more relation to math. English was my favorite subject.
Adam Rodriguez
In real life there are indeed black people who have been in the middle class for generations, but in entertainment it’s as if they don’t exist.
Stephen Carter
I’m a real dumb-dumb in real life. I’m just book smart. But definitely not street smart. The other day I lost my jacket in a cab. And I’ll forget things every time I leave the house.
Masi Oka
Everybody don’t have a Bentley in real life.
21 Savage
In real life I’m very low-key. A wallflower. One of the reasons I went into comedy and acting was that I was sick of being shy.
Jemaine Clement
I’ve always had that attitude about my career: it’s something that I do, but it’s not my whole life. I have a real life, a personal life: I’ve got a lot of chickens, I’ve got a horse, I’ve got a kitty-cat, I’ve got a lot of goats, I’ve got animals all over the place.
Buffy Sainte-Marie
People get so trapped by their technology now. Real life is so much better. I love talking with my mother and father. We really enjoy staying in and making a meal together. I’m very close with all four of my older sisters as well.
Sammi Hanratty
The way I approach acting when there’s a real life character, it’s sort of like a Venn diagram. What I come up with is some amalgam of the two of us.
John Lithgow
I’d like to challenge Ryback to a match – in real life – just to see. I think I could take him, but I wonder how Ryback would react to getting slapped.
AJ Lee
One of the things that science fiction gets to do is thought experiments about the human condition that would be impractical or unethical to conduct in real life.
Robert J. Sawyer
One thing I was thinking about is that they probably get their come-uppance about the same percentage that people in real life do. Basically, stealing for all practical purposes might as well be legal in New York.
Mike Judge
I think, in real life, when we’re facing death – that is, when we come out on the other side of it, whether it’s death of a friend or a family member – you come out on the other side of the mourning cherishing your life that much more.
Tony DiTerlizzi
As I read more and more – and it was not all verse, by any means – my love for the real life of words increased until I knew that I must live with them and in them, always. I knew, in fact, that I must be a writer of words, and nothing else.
Dylan Thomas
On ‘EastEnders,’ if someone gets surprising news on the phone, the scene ends with them looking at their handset in amazement. No one in real life does that.
Robert Webb
I’m useless with a sword in real life.
John Bradley-West
I went to a fundamentalist Christian high school and went to a fundamentalist church, and they were the greatest people; there was an amazing sense of community. The problem is when the messiness of real life enters, and the inflexibility of a moral code cannot cope with the realities of moral relativism.
Scott Derrickson
I sometimes think that, since I started writing biographies, I’ve had more of a life in books than I have had in my real life.
Claire Tomalin
In real life, unlike in Shakespeare, the sweetness of the rose depends upon the name it bears. Things are not only what they are. They are, in very important respects, what they seem to be.
Hubert H. Humphrey
I mean, look, I wear makeup in films. I don’t wear makeup in real life. It’s just part of the gig, that’s all.
Bruce Willis
You jot down ideas, memories, whatever, concerning your real life that somehow parallels the character you’re playing, and you incorporate that in your scene work.
Chris Cooper
Don’t buy anything online that you’d laugh at buying in real life.
Emily Ratajkowski
I was joking the other day about how my real life feels like a TV show, and my TV life feels real – because, to be on Thursday nights on NBC, which is what I grew up with, has been such a big part of inspiring me. To be part of that tradition is really completely surreal, and I’m so grateful.
Whitney Cummings
You know, I think a lot of times what happens when we as actors know we’re playing a bad guy is we get into bad guy mode. You know what, man? In real life, bad people do good things too and good people do bad things. So you don’t necessarily have to be the stereotypical bad guy to still do bad things.
Laz Alonso
All of the trickster, rascal characters that I write have the voice I aspire to. In real life, you can’t be that obnoxious and get away with it.
Christopher Moore
It’s pretty simple to me: we come from a really grounded world where anything you say could be the thing that the scene becomes about. We’re always treating it as if we would treat it in real life. It’s all observation.
Lennon Parham
I always liked photography in film – I studied photography growing up. I like the medium of film; I like physically holding 35-mm film. I like the way it looks, the quality when it’s projected. I like the way it frames real life.
Doug Liman
To make theater out of real life, you need to catch dialogue when it happens.
D. A. Pennebaker
I’ve always loved artists – creative, spontaneous, laid-back people – but I wasn’t meeting these types in real life. So I figured that, given I run a technology company, I should also trust technology to help me find the love of my life.
Jennifer Hyman
It is so interesting when you meet an actor in real life and they look completely different.
Cate Blanchett
Power is the agency to effect change, pure and simple. The more power you have, the clearer and less frictional the trajectory from an idea in your mind to its birth in real life.
Caroline Ghosn
I was brought up not to be selfish or self-centered. So if you play somebody who isn’t so lovable, you can play that person and no one will turn on you. I don’t want to play that person in real life. Because then people won’t like me so much.
Julie Kavner
Paper knowledge, paper evaluations, paper degrees all too papery and all too theoretical; it has very little that prepares us for real life in the real world.
Sonam Wangchuk
I think if actors don’t think of themselves as funny in real life they think they can’t do comedy.
Ben Barnes
If I can’t find real situations that interest me in real life, then I’ll go and write them in play form.
Preston Sturges
We’re open people. I don’t understand these Hollywood people who don’t want to put their real life on TV, yet they want people to watch them and be fans with them.
Giuliana Rancic
As I get older, I’m starting to find myself liking clean, fitted outfits, so I like a button-down. I’m seeing supermodels and what fashion is really like in real life. There’s more than just Atlanta with the saggy pants.
Shameik Moore
Chemistry’s a weird thing. You can see actors who are friends in real life but have no screen chemistry. Then there are actors who don’t get on but have great chemistry.
James Watkins
For 24 hours a day, for 10 years, all I thought about was being in a band. That’s all I did. I had no other social life. I don’t want my life to be like that now. I’ve spent the past 10 years having a real life as well. But Spandau Ballet is such a difficult shadow to outrun.
Gary Kemp
When I look back at my life and think about what really happened, my memory is obscured by the stories I’ve created out of those incidents. In stories, as reality melds with art, the result sometimes feels truer than real life.
Scott Spencer
Real life happens. Sometimes it’s messy. Sometimes it doesn’t work.
Chris Harrison
I would only ever be involved in a reality show that was about real life and had lots of action.
Steven Seagal
The value of a story like ‘Deadline’ is kids get to look at death at the perfect distance. They can put the book down. They can experience the story, rub up against it, but it’s not real life.
Chris Crutcher
I made the choice long ago to write about real life. And life is both serious and funny.
Paula Danziger
I always had a larger view. I’m interested in real life – my family, my friends. I have tried never to define myself by my success, whatever that is. My happiness is way beyond roles and awards.
Amy Adams
Even in real life, I’d rather hang out with guys.
Laura Prepon
I guess he wanted to see a little more sexual activity because in real life, in bed I think less is more and let the woman come to me. Frankly, I don’t even need a woman there.
Garry Shandling
When I write, I lose time. I’m happy in a way that I have a hard time finding in real life. The intimacy between my brain and my fingers and my computer… Yet knowing that that intimacy will find an audience… It’s very satisfying. It’s like having the safety of being alone with the ego reward of being known.
Jill Soloway
Humor and comedy have always been the best way to deal with real life issues and just reality.
Jermaine Fowler
One’s real life is so often the life that one does not lead.
Oscar Wilde
I’m sure, in real life, spying is boring – there’s probably a lot of sitting around and plenty of paperwork. But the world seems to think that spying is exciting, and that’s how movies get made.
Mark Strong
Real life doesn’t exist on a network television comedy. They just don’t let you travel down any road that is presumably ‘dark.’
Jason Jones
Before we got married, I had tremendous ambition. Once we got married and I started having children, then I just thought that that was my real life. Steve was definitely more ambitious than I.
Eydie Gorme
In 2017, I enjoyed my time on the Internet more than doing things in real life.
Lil Nas X
In real life, I’m the kind of person that if I use Siri, I thank her afterwards.
Carrie-Anne Moss
In real life, people are constantly saying one thing and doing another, but if you write your characters that way, the story becomes too hard to follow.
Jessica Cutler
The unformed is not worse than the over-formed. The former is nothing; the latter is mere appearance. Real form presupposes real life.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Practical wisdom is only to be learned in the school of experience. Precepts and instruction are useful so far as they go, but, without the discipline of real life, they remain of the nature of theory only.
Samuel Smiles
Sometimes I won’t put a lot of make up on; I won’t put foundation on. I’ll just pop a bit of blusher on. I’m not obsessed with trying to look like a Victoria’s Secret model – it’s real life.
Rebecca Ferguson
I guess maybe I try to make movies that are closer to real life than are many Hollywood movies. But I still try to stay within a commercial narrative, a contemporary American vernacular.
Alexander Payne
We see North Koreans as automatons, goose-steeping at parades, doing mass gymnastics with fixed smiles on their faces – but beneath all that, real life goes on with the same complexity of human emotion as anywhere else.
Barbara Demick
I don’t believe in pretending to be someone else. I’m what I actually am in real life. For instance, like any normal girl, I fight with my mother. I mean, it is just fine. In fact, I fight daily with my mother.
Shreya Ghoshal
As an actor, you’re trying to capture the nuances of real life, but voice work is almost over-acting.
Mike Colter
I take in a lot of stuff from real life, movies, television, news and it all gets mixed in my head and somehow turns into a story idea.
Janet Evanovich
I’m not a confrontational person in real life, so I really don’t wanna get into arguments or fistfights with people I’m making fun of.
Andy Kindler
I plot the first 5 or 6 chapters quite minutely, and also the end. So I know where I am going but not how I’m going to get there, which gives characters the chance to develop organically, as happens in real life as you get to know a person.
Joanna Trollope
Good actors, actually, in real life, are shy and very quiet people a lot of the time.
John Waters
From a Buddhist point of view, emotions are not real. As an actor, I manufacture emotions. They’re a sense of play. But real life is the same. We’re just not aware of it.
Richard Gere
People always ask me, ‘I don’t know how you could watch that, how that affects you,’ and I just tell them, ‘I went through it in real life, so it’s like pilots watching a ‘Top Gun’ movie or cyclists watching a bicycle movie,’ something like that.
Marcus Luttrell
Part of what made ‘The Bling Ring’ such a fun, freeing experience was that we got to wear these really over-the-top clothes we’d never pick in real life – like for the nightclub scenes, we’d have on these really short, really tight dresses. But you know what – I actually learned how to walk in heels on that set!
Taissa Farmiga
If you are watching a fairy tale, that’s why you go to fairy tales: you want these uncomplicated stories and uncomplicated characters. But if it’s meant to be real life, you want there to be some reflection of your experience and have something you can hook into.
Clare-Hope Ashitey
I adopt a very simple approach. I observe and reflect real life and ordinary people and sooner or later that raises a laugh.
Alberto Sordi
You know, real life doesn’t just suddenly resolve itself. You have to keep working at it.
Viggo Mortensen
You can also make explicit certain social problems which, again, would be prejudged or not encountered at all in real life, because people have set up defenses against it. Fantasy allows you to get past defenses.
Elizabeth Moon
In real life, the most practical advice for leaders is not to treat pawns like pawns, nor princes like princes, but all persons like persons.
James MacGregor Burns
I just don’t think that a lot of the time the messages we send kids prepare them for real life.
Evangeline Lilly
I think real life reflects your movies. In your life, you pick stuff that influences what movie roles you wanna pick. I think if you’ve got an interesting life, you wanna do interesting movies about interesting things.
Chris Tucker
Who have I been starstruck by in real life? One of the weirdest ones was, when we were making ‘Cry-Baby,’ David Nelson from ‘The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet.’ I couldn’t believe he was sitting in my living room. Certainly Patricia Hearst. Tab Hunter. A lot of the stars I’ve worked with, when I first got them.
John Waters
Well in the book Carrie was my alter ego. In real life, Sarah Jessica and I don’t look anything alike. But people do say that we sound alike. Sarah Jessica is an adorable girl and she is very funny.
Candace Bushnell
Almost every day, people will say to me some version of, ‘You’re so much nicer in real life.’ I guess I come across as not nice.
Gina Raimondo
As an actor you have to have a strong vivid imagination as you’re working and when the camera’s rolling, but there’s certainly a part of you that is aware of real life, that you’re making a movie.
John Hawkes
I will say, as southern women, there is a southern way of life that inspires a lot of music. I can see why that’s a common thread through music, but the best part about country is it’s about real life. It’s not about this glamorous Lamborghini, walking around with gold necklaces, all that stuff.
Maddie Marlow
I think that if writers don’t speak about real life, it’s because they don’t know it.
Michel Houellebecq
I did almost every job in the bank. It was real life, waking up in the morning, putting on a suit and tie and then having to go to work.
Romain Grosjean
I can’t say that I fully relate to things that I play. Sometimes it’s nice to spend half the day crying; then you don’t have to do it in real life.
Taissa Farmiga
Basically, any time you have a real life experience, that can be a song. Because no matter how crazy or weird you are, somebody’s had an experience just like you, somewhere.
Benny Blanco
I realized I was tired of singing about trees and flowers. I wanted to sing about real life. From then on, nobody could tell me anything was better than blues.
Robert Cray
When you don’t get what you want, it just makes you accept real life.
Bai Ling
I once wore a maroon leather dress with sleeves, which looked fabulous in real life but didn’t look great on TV. It was shiny, and it looked like something Pinky Tuscadero would wear.
Dana Bash
I do smoke in real life. A lot. We’re all smoking right now in fact.
Michael Imperioli
Always write as if you are talking to someone. It works. Don’t put on any fancy phrases or accents or things you wouldn’t say in real life.
Maeve Binchy
People are more than their first impressions. And even if someone seems like a lot, or seems this way or that way, it doesn’t mean they’re not a three-dimensional person, with a real life.
Mary Wiseman
In real life, if I were firing you, I’d tell you what a great job you did, how fantastic you are, and how you can do better someplace else. If somebody steals, that’s different, but generally speaking, you want to let them down as lightly as possible. It’s not a very pleasant thing. I don’t like firing people.
Donald Trump
Well, there are conjoined twins in real life and we can tell a story about them so long as they’re not the brunt of the jokes. In this, they’re the heroes of this story; we love these guys.
Bobby Farrelly
I do think that people have moments of realisation in real life – even if it’s on their death beds – when they suddenly think, ‘Jesus – what did I do?’
Cameron Winklevoss
No, no, it was the relationships. That was that group. People believed that Rob and Laura were really married in real life. You know, a lot of people believed that.
Dick Van Dyke
But I’m trying to play into this role as much as possible and be a nicer person in real life.
Fisher Stevens
I have worked on Wall Street and on Bay Street. I started a charity and I’ve been doing it while raising four children. And I think that’s the kind of experience people want to see from their political leaders. It’s real life experience.
Caroline Mulroney
Often real life is boring and problematic. I love the edited version of it.
Terry Gross
In real life, the most important decision you ever make is, where does reality leave off and make-believe begin? If you make a mistake about that, you’re dead. You know, you’re out on the street corner. You think there’s no bus coming. You step out, you’re dead.
Fights in real life between real people only last so long before someone gets seriously hurt.
Robert Kirkman
I suppose meeting people whether it’s in real life and actually shaking their flesh and blood hand or shaking the mystical hand of the character all rub off on you in some way.
Janet Suzman
I think safely experiencing fear by watching a horror movie makes real life a little less frightening.
Chris March
I don’t think there is anything magical about the language of flowers in real life or in my book.
Vanessa Diffenbaugh
I have found great power in taking my ‘difference’ out for a spin in a very public way. And usually, the worst, most personally embarrassing thing you imagine in your mind is often not anywhere near as bad in real life.
Aimee Mullins
When I read something, I picture that scene in that detail. That becomes very similar to composing a photo in real life.
Sally Mann
Here is a secret that no one has told you: Real life is junior high.
Tom Brokaw
I’m a nice middle-class girl in real life, and I’m a mom and a grandma, and I usually play sweet characters.
Jacki Weaver
I did not enter the industry to create a certain image. People happened to see me as the friend/sister/daughter next door. I like that association very much. It’s close to what I am in real life. As for films, I just focus on the job.
Kajal Aggarwal
I don’t like to talk about typical things in my music – my music is more about real life situations.
I might play characters that are loud in the movies, but in real life, I’m not loud in terms of personality.
Dulquer Salmaan
One forgets too easily the difference between a man and his image, and that there is none between the sound of his voice on the screen and in real life.
Bertolt Brecht
You don’t even know if the person you’re communicating with online is actually that person. And your persona on your social media – your Facebook or Twitter – may not be the person you are in real life. So then, who is the real person? Is it somewhere in between?
Sam Esmail
I actually have seven brothers in real life, and we’re all very close in age. We basically go no more than two years between any of us.
Norbert Leo Butz
My language is a feel-thinking language, feeling and thinking at once, that is why it is a celebration of life, and at once it is a denunciation of everything that is not allowed in life to be real life, it’s plenitude.
Eduardo Galeano
People are apprehensive about finding ‘The Leftovers’ funny because it’s such a dark circumstance, but I think, really, what the show is about is examining how different people deal with loss. There are elements of humour and levity and irony in that… just like in real life.
Emily Meade
Once you get over the culture shock, Filey is a pleasant spot, particularly at the beginning or end of the summer, when the hotels are half full. The brave go in winter, when the wind can be bitter and biting and Filey resumes its real life as a tiny, introverted fishing community.
David Hewson
In real life I don’t chant. Nor do I believe in idol worship.
Abhay Deol
There are lots of things to do. Lots of movies to catch. Lots of places to visit… I try to bring in every real life experience into my acting.
Allu Arjun
Snow is like a manic pixie dream girl: fun and whimsical when you encounter it only through the barrier of a movie screen – but absolute misery to have to put up with in real life.
Alexandra Petri
More and more, the things we do in real life will end up as Facebook posts. And while we may be consoled by the fact that most of this stuff is being posted just to our friends, it only takes one friend to share that information with his or her friends to start a viral chain.
Ben Parr
Maybe it will be a great thing when the Baby Boomers finally die out. In real life, it’s not a matter of the good guys or the bad guys. Rather, it’s big numbers and small numbers that do the counting.
Jack Bowman
People come up to me and say, ‘You look so much better in real life.’
Gwendoline Christie
I don’t often wear mascara in real life, but on-set or backstage, if I’m crying or even if my eyes get watery, I get a Q-Tip, and I wet it with a few drops of water. Then I go lash by lash and clean it up.
Vittoria Ceretti
Actors generally get to do things you probably shouldn’t do in real life – well, at least as much as one might like to or be tempted to. Though I suppose a lot of actors just go ahead and do it, don’t they?
John Malkovich
Horror films are very effective to me; they have an impact on me. I think that real life things scare me a lot more.
Alexandra Daddario
I actually got stabbed at my friend’s bachelor party. In real life.
Johnny Knoxville
Discomfort levels in our societies are rising, or so it would seem. In theory, we invoke diversity and tolerance. But in real life, we raise our hackles and withdraw into ourselves.
Tariq Ramadan
Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, all achievement in real life grows.
Ben Stein
Oh heck yeah, I totally would love to have a Phantom Dennis in real life.
Charisma Carpenter
I don’t want real life necessarily to be seen only as a context to heighten the deepness my work.
Tim Crouch
People in real life cuss God out when they’re angry. That’s all real.
Amber Tamblyn
I should only have been as lucky as Valentino, in the movies – I didn’t have to be a gigolo. In real life.
Cesar Romero
I just felt that I might to go to university and get some real life. It wasn’t stimulating in the same way. I loved being at Bristol, but I missed the thrill of being on set.
Will Poulter
I like characters. I like spirited characters whether they exist in fiction or real life. Whether they’re the invention of artistic people or directors, musicians. I think music and art and fashion designers inspire me and I like characters.
Marc Jacobs
Social media – It’s not real life. I only caught the tail end of it in high school. It can be good, and it can be fun, but you can’t let it get toxic.
Natalia Dyer
Families in real life don’t tend to resolve things neatly.
Drew Barrymore
I don’t really understand it: in real life, I’m often so shy – paralysingly so – but when I’m performing, it’s totally different. I feel free.
Cressida Bonas
The genuine artist is never ‘true to life.’ He sees what is real, but not as we are normally aware of it. We do not go storming through life like actors in a play. Art is never real life.
Wallace Stevens
I think of clothes a lot like costumes. I think of what I wear in real life as being my real life character’s costume.
Ginnifer Goodwin
I’m very comfortable with an R-rating. I feel like it sounds like what people talk like in real life; I think it’s more real to me.
David Dobkin
I think part of that is to create an environment where it’s like real life, where you don’t really know what’s going to happen to you in a certain scene.
Radha Mitchell
In real life, it’s war, and war’s not entertainment. War is ‘old men lying and young men dying’ kind of deal. That’s a saying; I didn’t make that up.
Marcus Luttrell
What a wee little part of a person’s life are his acts and his words! His real life is led in his head, and is known to none but himself.
Mark Twain
For one thing, I don’t pun excessively in real life.
Tim Vine
Beyonce in real life is actually quite quiet and very sweet.
Tom Ford
I think school is so much harder than real life. People are so much more accepting when they are adults.
Natalie Portman
In real life, events seem much less dramatic.
Jessica Savitch
So I’m more at home with my backpack, sleeping in a hotel room or on a bus or on an airplane, than I am necessarily on a bed. It’s weird being here. It feels like I’m standing next to my real life.
Henry Rollins
The watch everybody rap about, I have in real life.
When you’re a child, and you’re growing up, and you’re mimicking a certain character, or you’re trying to live and breathe a certain character on set for eight years that are also your formative years, you oftentimes take a lot of who you’re playing into your real life and kind of become that thing.
Cole Sprouse
In real life, I am nothing like a playboy.
Akhil Akkineni
I’m a bit insane when it comes to doing my own stunts and getting down and dirty. It’s fun, you know? It’s things I wouldn’t normally do in my real life, so when I go to work and get to beat people up and shoot guns and get waterboarded, those are things I find completely interesting.
Katee Sackhoff
It’s funny, because people always say when they meet me, having read me – or they read me, having met me – that they are struck by how the tone is pretty similar, in real life and in the books.
Geoff Dyer
Movies are magical. It transcends a lot of hate or human faults in real life because of the fantasy of it all.
John David Washington
If you’re an artist, you want to draw from real life; you want to draw from experiences, emotion, and it’s something that a lot of musicians juggle with. I’ve always found it so fascinating.
Damien Chazelle
I think it is important to make sure that I have my real life as well, because Hollywood can certainly seem like an alternate reality sometimes.
Paul Dano
I think I’ve been good at getting into lonely and troubled characters because, not to brag, but I’m the complete opposite in real life.
Kodi Smit-McPhee
Being in L.A. has definitely given me the opportunity to experience how my music sounds in real life because I can drive around and listen to the mixes, which I couldn’t do in New York. I get to feel how a song works in combination with a sunset and a drive through the mountains.
Dave Sitek
That’s what so great about making movies. It’s that you get to do stuff you never would be able to do in real life. You get to go to a recording studio, you get to go to Navy ships and fly all over the world for press. And it’s just a great job.
DJ Qualls
Because I killed a guy in real life, and because my character kills a guy onstage, they said I could never do anything this great again. I resented that.
Charles S. Dutton
In order for me to write, I have to experience life. I write the songs based on real life, and I perform them from a very real place.
Every girl on TV, in real life, sure you want to meet that soul mate and fall in love and have the big thing, but until that happens, you gotta kiss a lot of frogs.
Laura Prepon
It’s fun to pretend you’re good at something you know you wouldn’t be good at in real life.
Ben Whishaw
I’m not as extreme in real life as I am in the ring or on television.
Kevin Owens
In real life, I’m far more lighthearted than I come across on the records.
Mark Lanegan
In real life, I’m gorgeous, beautiful.
Rachel Dratch
I think comedy drama is a tricky one. But it’s like in real life: often really tense, dramatic situations can be punctuated with the mundane and banal, and that’s what we try to capture in ‘Stella.’
Ruth Jones
In the movies, I kill guys with an axe. In real life, I can’t control a nine-year-old girl.
Sylvester Stallone
I guess I have a talent for humiliation, a place within me that experience can’t reach, which is terrible in real life but something that comes in handy in writing. It seems as though humiliation has become a career for me.
Karl Ove Knausgard
I actually thought, like, I was sure ‘Get Smart’ and, like, ‘James Bond’ movies, I was sure that that’s what real life was like.
Bruce Eric Kaplan
It is quite surreal having a film made about your life. The whole process of turning real life into drama is interesting in itself, but even more so when it is your own life being put into the narrative forge.
Heather Brooke
Somewhere during the ‘Next to Normal’ Broadway run, I found myself learning more about myself onstage than in real life, and I truly realized the beautiful, tremendous, extraordinary gift that is performing.
Jennifer Damiano
I love all of Albert Brooks’ work from ‘Defending Your Life’ back to his first film, ‘Real Life’, but am sorry that he seems to have lost his edge in his more recent work.
Douglas Wood
So often, I read scripts and am like, ‘This would never happen in real life. It’s not trying to be funny. It’s trying to be serious.’
Shailene Woodley
Some believe that the FBI has these phenomenal capabilities to access any information at any time – that we can get what we want, when we want it, by flipping some sort of switch. It may be true in the movies or on TV. It is simply not the case in real life.
James Comey
Most people who know me know I’m not switched on all the time. I don’t like to be like that in real life, because it’s draining.
Rebel Wilson
I mean, on the television, I’ve got to continue to be Star Jones Reynolds. And I enjoy that. But in my real life, I’m a wife now. You can’t really be bossy when you’re married.
Star Jones
Well, I think that people are smart enough to understand the difference between a movie and real life.
Nick Cassavetes
The music industry’s actions at the time of 9/11 and since have been actions driven by patriotism in most instances, and greed and stupidity to a lesser degree. Sounds like real life doesn’t it?
Ronnie James Dio
I don’t know how the poor farmers deal with such situations in real life. It’s really sad.
Sanjay Dutt
I’ve played so many jobs where I’m fearless, but it’s far from me. I wish I were like that in real life.
Cam Gigandet
I mostly don’t submit to talking about my work because I would like another talk about real life.
Leos Carax
Imagination and fiction make up more than three quarters of our real life.
Simone Weil
In real life, I’m not super-posh but if that’s the stereotype, I really don’t care. It could be worse.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
All my life, my girlfriends are always skinny. Beauty in art has nothing to do with beauty in reality. Why do you like primitive art? Because there is beauty in the deformity. Sometimes paintings that people consider realistic are not at all. Raphael figures look realistic, but in real life, they were deformed.
Fernando Botero
Every video I’m in, every magazine cover, they stretch you; they make you perfect. It’s not real life.
Lady Gaga
I had my life Monday through Friday in school, and then I had my ‘real life,’ which was my acting class on Saturday.
Gillian Jacobs
I really liked the snake that breaks out of the cage in the beginning of the movie. I saw it in real life, and it was really cool. Really big and fat. The owls are cool as well, but you can’t really pet them.
Tom Felton
In my real life, I’m a Black Lives Matter social justice activist, and so it was incredibly interesting to me to play somebody coming from the totally opposite side, whose beliefs are as deeply entrenched – as deeply felt, and given as much gravity, as I give my beliefs.
Asia Kate Dillon
Most of my avant garde fashion is saved for my videos and for the stage. In real life, I tend towards a classy, black Goth look. I love black, a few sparkles, false eyelashes and boots. But when I perform, I love fantasy and props.
Jane Badler
It is dangerous when you start calling people from one part of the world terrorists or fanatic, and you reduce them to some abstract notion. If evil has a geographical place, and if the evil has a name, that is the beginning of fascism. Real life is not this way. You have fanatics and narrow-minded people everywhere.
Marjane Satrapi
I can’t wait to see The Grinch. It’s so out of the world. Every time a movie like that comes out, I’m stoked. It’s like real life.
Tina Yothers
The Tracy Morgan you see is the Tracy Morgan in real life. He’s a great guy but… man, is he a nut.
Kurt Fuller
I wouldn’t say you have an online life and a real life. I think technology is just mapping and organizing what already exists.
Ashton Kutcher
In real life, I assure you, there is no such thing as algebra.
Fran Lebowitz
I always wanted to live alone for a month in a lakeside cabin. In my fantasy, I enter a state of perfect peace and grow my own kale and stuff, but in real life, I think I might be very bored after four days.
Kate McKinnon
My life. The life I’m living that’s where all my inspiration comes from. Real life experiences.
Fred Durst
I am not at all computer literate in real life. I haven’t yet found a reason to be. Once I find a reason why I need to be on the Internet, then I will be.
John Travolta
I don’t like when I watch a fight in a movie that’s perfectly worded and very articulate. If you were able to be that composed, you wouldn’t be fighting! Fighting in real life is sloppy.
Jason Segel
John Brown was clearly flawed in real life. He did some terrible things, but he did some things none of us would have had the heart to do. His moral leanings were unquestionably admirable.
James McBride
I’m more attracted to the bad guys. Why? Because in real life, I don’t know any good guys. I know okay guys. I know polite guys. I know people who can control themselves.
Vincent Cassel
Actors, you know, they’re often awkward people in real life.
Liev Schreiber
The directors thought, They understand nothing in the real economy, in real life. They read some stupid books, and they came from the moon to the earth, and maybe in one month they will disappear.
Anatoly Chubais
If you sit at your desk and reach and grab a cup of coffee, you don’t look directly at the cup, focus on it, and get your fingers lined up before grabbing the coffee. In real life, you reach for a cup that you see out of the corner of your eye, and when you feel it, you know you can grab it.
Louis B. Rosenberg
I can’t act, and so I have to live that particular character in my real life and then exhibit it on screen.
Hrithik Roshan
I can be bolder on the page, as a character. I can gnash my teeth, I can scream and yell, in a way that I’m perhaps too timid to do in real life.
Jenny Offill
You can unite behind a candidate and a vision for America without rejecting another candidate and their vision, because in real life, opposed to party politics, we Democrats are on the same side.
Joe Andrew
I have always weirdly seen myself as more of a character actor. I have never been suave. I could never see myself playing James Bond. I suppose I could fake it, but I am certainly not James Bond in real life.
James Marsden
In real life, people don’t try to live dramatically, people try to live in a light way. People try to laugh.
Ginnifer Goodwin
I’m drawn to the figure of the ungrateful subaltern as a trope in literature. In real life, it is often dangerous to demand more.
Jenny Zhang
My real life is funnier than anything on TV.
Roseanne Barr
When you meet your best friend in real life, or you meet your soulmate, you just know it, and you feel it.
Lili Reinhart
James McBride’s ‘The Good Lord Bird’ is set in the mid-19th century and is based on the real life of John Brown, the one who lies a-mouldering in his grave.
Justin Cartwright
I’ve been in so many love triangles on TV and in real life.
Rachel Bilson
Without romance, films will be boring. I doubt if people now understand romance, though they may claim it otherwise. I am very romantic in real life.
Sunny Deol
In real life, Oxford and Cambridge are two excellent universities, like many others in the country. They are full of highly intelligent, hard-working, and quite ordinary students and teachers.
Mary Beard
Be genuine. Put out what you want to receive; that’s the same for real life and Tinder.
Whitney Wolfe Herd
I’m not actually a mom in real life, so it’s fun to pretend to be one. I like to approach things the same in art as in life. You can choose to look on the positive side and enjoy whatever roles you’re given. You can find the silver lining in anything.
Heather Graham
I personally have never made a movie in Hollywood, because I don’t want to get up in my own bed and then go to the movie set, and then come home at night to my real life.
Sydney Pollack
In my real life I live in the countryside, I walk a lot, I shoot clay pigeons, I don’t get involved in the film business or anything, and then in my cinematic life, I think I am drawn to the dark side.
Nick Love
In movies and TV, we tend to fall into tropes about how characters might get out of problems. But when you look at real life, you realize that there is a lot of drama of not being able to get out of the problems.
Matthew Weiner
I wouldn’t want to be reincarnated as a butler. I couldn’t for the life of me do the job in real life.
Jim Carter
I’m definitely not a bad guy in real life.
Alfie Allen
I spend plenty of time in London and it doesn’t scare me, but it’s a lonely place, even if you’ve got friends there. My job takes me all around the world, meeting lots of interesting people. But I think if I couldn’t get home, if I couldn’t get back to what I consider my real life I’d be frightened.
Shirley Henderson
I want to do something crazy for a part – something I’d never even consider in real life.
Kate Mara
I like to read away as much of the afternoon as possible, until real life rears its ugly head.
Anne Lamott
We have home videos that are really great tape on my parents being hysterical. So I think I always knew that my parents were funny, so I think that I always felt comfortable using comedy in my real life.
Briga Heelan
The oldest theory of art belongs to the Greeks, who regarded art as an imitation (mimesis) of reality. The strength of that theory is that it explains the way in which art takes its materials from real life.
Leland Ryken
Real life is messy, and drama is a shaped version of real life.
Simon Beaufoy
In real life, people fumble their words. They repeat themselves and stare blankly off into space and don’t listen properly to what other people are saying. I find that kind of speech fascinating but screenwriters never write dialogue like that because it doesn’t look good on the page.
Christopher Guest
In real life, and for women everywhere, no matter what their job is, your 30s and your 40s and beyond should be celebrated.
Winona Ryder
Onstage I do all the stuff I’d never do in real life, like lashing out at people who make me mad or freaking out in a long bank lineup. Performing allows me to fulfill all the sicko fantasies I’ve ever had.
Colin Mochrie
I definitely hand myself over to the hair and makeup gods of ‘Girls.’ Our look on the show is very specific, and it’s different from mine in real life, although I’ve definitely learned things from working with both the hair and makeup people for the show.
Allison Williams
Normal is such a hard word to use, because everyone’s idea of normal is different. Real is what the word is. I think you either live a real life or you live a weird celebrity pseudolife. I think I lead a really real life.
Sarah Michelle Gellar
There are two sides to me. One is the writer. That’s a savage person who looks at everything as a story and, you know, wants to use real life in his books. The other part is the Midwesterner, who, you know, wants to say nice things about people and be polite.
Walter Kirn
The joke that I make is that there are instances on the TV series that happen to me, – except on Sex and the City they always make it better or worse than real life and I am actually saying that in a joking way.
Candace Bushnell
I do some kind of work, whether writing or painting or recording, on a daily basis. And it’s so essential that when I’m involved in the actual process, my so-called ‘real life’ becomes almost incidental, which becomes worrying.
David Bowie
To do something funny, you have to have experienced it in real life and digested it in a way that amuses you.
Ted Danson
I don’t mind being the center of attention as a character but in real life it’s not for me.
Rachel Bilson
You get annoyed about things in real life, and then the tragic thing is that while you are moaning on the awful injustice and suffering of something, something grimly comic will then strike you about it, like a parasite feeding off the misery of the world.
Stewart Lee
I’ve always made music that was representative of real life.
Eric Church
I feel a kind of permission and freedom in my work that I might not allow myself in my real life.
Katherine Waterston
In real life, I am trying to save the Steve Irwin wildlife preserve. It’s in Australia, up on Cape York, and it’s in danger of being strip-mined.
Bindi Irwin
I’m a comedian in real life. I always goof around; I’m out-going; and I talk with everybody, especially through Twitter these days!
Sean Berdy
I need to fill myself up with real life. That’s kind of the well I draw from.
Sissy Spacek
My thing about going to the gym is that I leave my bracelets on, and I put on my makeup the way I would do it in real life, and I wear cute clothes, because if I don’t feel good when I leave the house, then I’m not motivated to do it. I need to like how I look while I’m doing it.
Taylor Momsen
I have played so many romantic roles that I don’t know if I am really a romantic in real life. I get confused about the real me.
I think at least my philosophy of leadership is you focus more on the areas you have to improve or the mistakes than you do on your successes. And that’s just how I am in real life. I don’t want to let down my customers, my employees, my shareholders.
John T. Chambers
When I emerge from filming I feel slightly out of synch with real life, but it’s also a relief.
Laura Carmichael
I think I’m a part of all the characters I play, definitely at different times in my life. In real life, I’m kind of a tomboy. I like to read a lot I like watching T.V. I don’t think I’m as interesting as my characters, but I like doing what I do.
Sprague Grayden
The image you see of me out in public is really different from who I am in real life.
Lucy Hale
The fans always ask me, ‘Is Si that crazy in real life?’ and I said, ‘No, hey, he tones it down for television.’
Si Robertson
What I’ve really liked doing is combining what you might call art criticism or music criticism with something that is happening in real life.
Geoff Dyer
If Queen Amezan and Queen Penthesilea could somehow meet in real life, they would recognize each other as sister Amazons. Two tales, two storytellers, two sites far apart in time and place, and yet one common tradition of women who made love and war.
Adrienne Mayor
Even though I make those movies, I find myself wishing that more of those magic moments could happen in real life.
Jane Seymour
In real life, I’m a dad.
James Spithill
It’s not like I walk around being Superman in real life. But when you read the script and put yourself in the position that Superman is in – I mean, he’s always saving the planet, for God’s sake. When you realize that, it’s not difficult to take the gravitas of the situation and make your voice do what it needs to do.
Tim Daly
The best fiction is geared towards conflict. We learn most about our characters through tension, when they are put up against insurmountable obstacles. This is true in real life.
Sufjan Stevens
Acting is an escape from the boring person that I am in real life.
Wallace Shawn
Anita Shreve is an author I adore. I rip through her meaty books and get off on the robust romance immensely – especially if I am feeling less than robust in my real life.
Isabel Gillies
If everyone really knew what a jerk I am in real life, I wouldn’t be so adored in the slightest.
Christian Bale
I write because I have an innate need to. I write because I can’t do normal work. I write because I want to read books like the ones I write. I write because I am angry at everyone. I write because I love sitting in a room all day writing. I write because I can partake of real life only by changing it.
Orhan Pamuk
I think the kids that struggle are way more prepared for real life.
Jimmy John Liautaud
Theater represents to me this phenomenon in juxtaposition to real life, where there are all these imposed guidelines.
Adrienne Shelly
It’s been a lot of fun getting to work with Tracy Middendorf, who plays my mom. As an actor, it’s always fun to have different parents and to create different familial dynamics than you have in your real life.
Willa Fitzgerald
The Will Smith that you see in movies is exactly the same as Will Smith in real life. Except for when he plays a superhero, because the real Will Smith can’t fly. He can only hover.
Kurt Fuller
In my stories, I controlled what happened in a way I couldn’t in real life. My characters lived through the horror and degradation of the cruelty of others and they not only survived, they thrived. They gave me hope and laughter, and they kept me going in spite of everything else. They were my heroes.
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I wanted to do journalism, as I was an idealist. Then, in my second year of journalism, I realized that in real life, things don’t work the way you expect them to. I realized that I could express my ideas better through films.
Nithya Menen
When I see a cutie in front at a concert, I say, ‘Ohhh, you’re so cute! What’s your name?’ But I wouldn’t do that in real life.
I have my ethics and morals. I have my anchor point of what is right and wrong in real life, but I’m not afraid to entertain any and every aspect of personality in relationship to creating a character.
Corin Nemec
I read fantasy books like the Harry Potter books, ‘Twilight,’ also biographies, and I like to read about people who have been through stuff like wars or lost their families – real life stuff, you know? I like to read about their experiences and how they coped with that.
Wynter Gordon
Oh, I’m quite harmless in real life.
I have seen many teachers in real life, which come from the same background and morality and treat their profession like just another one rather than a noble profession.
Nawazuddin Siddiqui
In real life you are doomed if you believe in youth and money, but not here in Hollywood. Nothing is what it seems.
Amanda Eliasch
I’m not very funny at all in real life.
Julian Barratt
I think I am generally prone to exaggerating characters, taking them to a ridiculous extent. But you do also meet those people in real life who are just really awful.
Julia Davis
I am not one to go for traditional female roles, because I don’t think traditionally female characters are very interesting, and I don’t think they represent real life.
Jessica Chastain
I’m just trying to soundtrack your real life. I’m just trying to give you a place to feel safe in all the parts of your experience.
Relationships are hard. If as an actor you marry an engineer or a doctor, it’s really hard for them because they don’t understand what your life is like. We live two lives. We have a ‘reel’ life and a real life.
Ranbir Kapoor
Justin Bieber, I love to death. He’s such a cool, ridiculous, much crazier kid in real life – more than he’s really allowed to be, because he’s a Unicorn and very rare.
Rob Dyrdek
I’ve often played very strong, flashy, kind of inadvertently mean women. I am not that way in my real life.
Holland Taylor
The gay people I knew in real life were soft spoken and didn’t want to call attention to themselves because they were terrified of exposing themselves, of people finding out that they’re gay.
Chris Colfer
In real life, too, women love to be that girl who tames the bad boy.
Nazanin Boniadi
As long as I can wear a wig I can be any character, and in real life I can be myself.
Ginnifer Goodwin
I’ve never scratched, or punched, or slapped anybody in my real life.
Leelee Sobieski
Americans are so stiff when it comes to nudity. For me, I’ve always walked around the house naked. My husband, in real life, is like, ‘Babe, could you just put some clothes on! Keep the mystery alive!’
Shanola Hampton
Scripts are corny and predictable. Real life is always better.
Lauren Conrad
In real life, being a new mom, I would like to be able to sleep. I’d like to snap my fingers and be asleep because I’m a little sleep-deprived, at the moment.
Jenna Dewan
We must be vigilant in sharing our stories and our truths as queer parents of color at every chance we get if we hope to see art imitate real life.
Karamo Brown
You can’t help it as a human being when you’re put under so much scrutiny by multiple people, not even just one person in real life, telling you something. It harms you.
Lauren Jauregui
I am still very independent in my real life, and that’s why I’m always trying to get out of relationships prematurely.