Rebirth Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Rebirth Quotes from famous authors such as Kenzaburo Oe, Sabrina Claudio, John Battelle, Harry Seidler, Dalai Lama. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

The Japanese chose the principle of eternal peace as the basis of morality for our rebirth after the War.
Kenzaburo Oe
Rain symbolizes darkness but also represents an essential part of rebirth.
Sabrina Claudio
Bill Gates has become the patron saint of philanthropy and the poster child of rebirth, and from what I can tell, rightly so.
John Battelle
At the age of 80, I’m becoming a visual artist. This could be my rebirth.
Harry Seidler
Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t appreciate kindness and compassion.
Dalai Lama
I’m trying to make better choices, and for me, this is kind of a rebirth. If I make the Olympic team? Great. If not, look at myself after eight years and ballooning up almost 200 pounds and getting on ‘The Biggest Loser.’ You know what? I get my life back again, and that’s what truly mattered to me.
Rulon Gardner
I invite all those who share my anxiety about, and hopes for, the future, and who burn with the desire for a political rebirth, to enlist with us. And addressing myself especially to the young, I invite them to become the vanguard in this sortie of national reconstruction. For a proud and happy Greece!
Konstantinos Karamanlis
Every aspect of Western culture needs a new code of ethics – a rational ethics – as a precondition of rebirth.
Ayn Rand
A text of Tibetan Buddhism describes the time of death as a unique opportunity for spiritual liberation from the cycles of death and rebirth and a period that determines our next incarnation.
Stanislav Grof
One thing I want to make clear, as far as my own rebirth is concerned, the final authority is myself and no one else, and obviously not China’s Communists.
Dalai Lama
At a programme in Kannur, I was asked who I wanted to be in my next birth. I said I don’t believe in rebirth but if we should imagine it, I wished to be born in a world without religion or politicians.
Hip Hop is the rebirth of civilization. For people who were disconnected from their continent, from their language, from their culture, and from their ancestry, Hip Hop represented a step toward rediscovering what it means to be a Black American, or to be a Latino American.
Jamaal Bowman
We all hope for breakthrough rebirth moments.
Dane Cook
Birth is violent, and out of that violence is our only chance of rebirth.
Nick Nolte
As a kid, I would wake up, and there’d be a jazz funeral while I’m walking to school. And when I come home, you can find Rebirth band playing for a birthday party the same day.
Trombone Shorty
When readers close the covers on ‘Running the Rift,’ I want them to understand that it is not a genocide novel but rather a story of hope and rebirth.
Naomi Benaron
In the last few years, losing my father, going through a divorce and not getting some jobs I really wanted, is making me a much more interesting person, I think. This all really does feel like a rebirth, a new chapter.
John Stamos
As described in ‘The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness,’ the cyclical rebirth of caste in America is a recurring racial nightmare.
Michelle Alexander
I really wanted to give people that tool, that thing, that answer, ‘Well, what are you going to do after Katrina? How does New Orleans come back?’ And I’m thinking to myself, New Orleans is back. We’re the definition of ‘back.’ We’re the definition of ‘rebirth,’ of ‘renaissance.’
Irvin Mayfield
Haiti is not a world aside, a world apart. Culture and imaginations have always been part of our rebirth.
Raoul Peck
Cook with Comali’ was a rebirth of sorts for me. I never wanted to be on television because I wanted to be an actor. I didn’t have contacts nor did I come from an affluent family. I have faced a lot of insults, rejections and have been pushed to the bottom but I didn’t give up.
Ashwin Kumar
Seeing the rebirth of the Delaware Estuary as a valuable natural resource is certainly encouraging, and I am encouraged not just by the progress made in the Delaware Estuary but in estuaries throughout the country.
Jim Gerlach
I have taken a rebirth due to the prayers of the people and my party cadre.
J. Jayalalithaa
A rebirth out of spiritual adversity causes us to become new creatures.
James E. Faust
Change is growth. For me it has been a very spiritual and musical rebirth.
Lenny Kravitz
As long as Green Lantern is still dealing with fear, it’s going to be relevant. ‘Rebirth’ really grew out of 9/11. 9/11 happened, and then two years later, I was writing about fear. It was obviously connected.
Geoff Johns
When passion has wrecked the body in one life, it is stamped upon the seed atom. In the next descent to rebirth, it is therefore impossible for him to gather sound material with which to build a brain of stable construction.
Max Heindel
There’s a rebirth that goes on with us continuously as human beings. I don’t understand, personally, how you can be bored. I can understand how you can be depressed, but I just don’t understand boredom.
Dustin Hoffman
You know Americans are obsessed with life and death and rebirth, that’s the American Cycle. You know, awakening, tragic, horrible death and then Phoenix rising from the ashes. That’s the American story, again and again.
Billy Corgan
‘Stillmatic’ is the rebirth of ‘Illmatic,’ my first debut album to come out in 1994. ‘Stillmatic’ is me coming full circle in my career and with everything, and just bringing pure hip-hop back.
I don’t use the word ‘renaissance’. It’s flawed because in Latin, it’s tied to the rebirth of Christ… It’s a word that’s tied to a European concept.
John Ralston Saul
The cyclical rebirth of caste in America is a recurring racial nightmare.
Michelle Alexander
No country in the history of the world has ever contributed more to humankind and accomplished more for its people in so brief a period of time as Israel has done since its relatively recent rebirth in 1948.
Alan Dershowitz
I grew up listening to the Neville Brothers and the Rebirth Brass Band.
Trombone Shorty
The most important sign in Matthew has to be the restoration of the Jews to the land in the rebirth of Israel.
Hal Lindsey