Reevaluate Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Reevaluate Quotes from famous authors such as Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Peter Benchley, A. A. Gill, Todd Rundgren, Rich Froning Jr.. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

Sometimes in order for change to be made in a positive fashion, we must force ourselves to look unblinkingly at painful realities and reevaluate.
Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman
I hope that ‘Jaws’ will have brought sharks into the public interest at a time when we desperately need to reevaluate our care for the environment.
Peter Benchley
There are five great ages of man – five moments when you need to reevaluate everything, clear out the cupboard and the wardrobe, and most importantly, your head. They are 13, 20, 30, 40 and 60. All men need to know this.
A. A. Gill
On occasion, I hear a rearrangement of a song that really makes me reevaluate it in a way.
Todd Rundgren
Identify your weaknesses, vary your training cycles, reevaluate and repeat.
Rich Froning Jr.
Having the opportunity to follow the market frequently gives you the opportunity to see if you need to reevaluate your portfolio. But reevaluating your portfolio shouldn’t trigger a sell signal so frequently.
Maria Bartiromo
I think the value of venues like CNBC is that they give investors an opportunity to reevaluate the situation minute by minute, but maybe we don’t need to follow the market so closely.
Maria Bartiromo
After ten albums, I can reevaluate my life. Maybe then I’ll settle down.
Yung Lean
What’s wrong with trying hard and showing up and being good at your job? We really need to look at ourselves and say we need to reevaluate this. We need to reevaluate that women who ask for a pay raise or ask for a promotion – it’s actually an okay thing. It’s okay to be ambitious; it’s okay to be over-prepared.
Jessica Chastain
There’s something really magical about having a child – it’s like permission to begin again, start over, reevaluate some things, check yourself. Recognize yourself. And that’s kind of what happened with me – I realized, in a few places, I was going down the wrong path.
Jill Scott
If your political views define who you are as a human, and you can’t stand to have friends that have different views than you, than you need to reevaluate, my friend.
Maddie Marlow
Not everyone gets the ‘Sunday scaries’ or dreads going to work every day, and you shouldn’t, either. If you wake up most days with anxiety over what the day holds or find yourself checking out at work to avoid progressing on tough projects, it may be time to reevaluate your situation.
Carolyn Aronson
If I do consider fighting, it won’t be until after the Olympic games in 2020, and then from there I’ll reevaluate, see if it’s something that would be a realistic option for me.
Jordan Burroughs