Repeat Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Repeat Quotes from famous authors such as Ana de Armas, John Niven, Neil Peart, Anouska Hempel, Andy Warhol. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

I would watch movies on the couch in my house. If I saw a scene played by a woman or a man – it doesn’t matter – a scene I really liked, I would right away run to the mirror and repeat it.
Ana de Armas
You know that thing where you repeat a word over and over until it just sounds like utter gibberish? That’s what doing a day of press on a film is like. Ten interviews in a row, all asking pretty much the same questions until you find yourself giving pretty much the same answers.
John Niven
I try not to repeat myself in fills in all the Rush songs unless it is something simple or something I feel is my own characteristic thing.
Neil Peart
Design, refine and repeat, and keep learning all the way along. It sounds bland and pedestrian, but in fact, it’s the reverse.
Anouska Hempel
Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?
Andy Warhol
You can never repeat certain things. It’s only once in a lifetime.
Doing a residency in any particular city requires a large repertoire to ensure repeat business.
Repeating, trying to repeat success – it never gets easier.
Aaron Judge
The first man to compare the cheeks of a young woman to a rose was obviously a poet; the first to repeat it was possibly an idiot.
Salvador Dali
I think the things that I learned that stick with me are things you often repeat, even today, which is never stop learning.
Hilary Hahn
We all know the dangers of sequels. Lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place too often, and I think you’ve got to move beyond it, go the extra mile and have the courage not to just repeat the first one.
Colin Firth
Advocates of ‘free speech’ often repeat the mantra that the best response to bad speech is more and better speech, not the suppression of the bad stuff.
Jackson Katz
If I have done a role that’s taken me to a certain space emotionally, I won’t repeat that; I would rather do something now that taps into something else in my psyche… maybe something that makes me nervous.
Vicky Kaushal
The hardest part is not to repeat yourself. I don’t really believe my core obsessions are going to change, but you need to look for ways to express them that are different. The main reason for doing that is not to bore yourself, and obviously, I don’t want to bore readers.
Scott Turow
Share your IoT experiences. Share your successes, best practices, and failures. We know that IoT doesn’t work perfectly every time, but we can learn from each other’s mistakes and vow not to repeat them.
Maciej Kranz
But so far I have the feeling that the chances are there to repeat last year’s season.
Roger Federer
The music for ‘The Departed’ could have been played by an orchestra, but you make a decision about orchestration based on the context of the film. You want the music to broaden the scope of a film, not just repeat what you’re seeing.
Howard Shore
I left for New York expecting to repeat my success, only to be turned down by almost every publisher in that city, till the Viking Press, my American publishers of a lifetime, thought of taking me on.
Patrick White
Mitt Romney would move the Court even further right, putting landmark decisions like Roe v. Wade at risk. Some say Romney would repeat the past. I disagree – he’d be worse.
Chuck Schumer
I watched a lot of ‘Wayne’s World’ on repeat.
Emily Beecham
I’ve heard people on panels say, ‘You must have a Web site. You need to tweet. Repeat the title of your book constantly,’ and I just want to say, ‘Shut up. Everything you’re saying is wrong.’ People will know instantly if your only motivation for tweeting is to sell books.
Maureen Johnson
I have a problem with trailers, because I love them too much. I’m one of those nerds that watches them on repeat.
Ross Duffer
Changes… can only be effected by alterations in the original. The only thing not prerecorded in a prerecorded universe are the prerecordings themselves. The copies can only repeat themselves word for word. A virus is a copy. You can pretty it up, cut it up, scramble it – it will reassemble in the same form.
William S. Burroughs
As a radio DJ, I was on WRIN-WLQI. And even when I repeat it, it’s horrifying. My morning sign-on, because it was in Rensselaer, Indiana, it’d be, ‘You’re on the air with Jim O’Heir in Rensselaer.’ Ugh, oh my God, pathetic.
Jim O’Heir
Couscous is not a grain. I repeat, it is not a grain. Much like its brother spaghetti and its sister ravioli, couscous is pasta.
Harley Pasternak
To remove this obstacle I repeat or refer to such knowledge as has come under my notice, my own previously expressed views, and also describe and exhibit my last experiments and explain their novelty and utility.
Lawrence Hargrave
In the beginning, it’s why I stopped correcting my appearance – because the articles were mean and would repeat the image that my ex-husband tried to paint of me.
Jocelyn Wildenstein
The hardest part is writing a song as a story. A song is so short and there are only so many words that every line has to hit. The words have to flow. You can’t say certain words that sound weird next to each other, you can’t repeat words too much.
I didn’t want to repeat my mistakes so I stopped, took some time out and started having therapy. My songs were bringing up feelings inside of me I didn’t really understand, so I wanted to understand where they were coming from to help me be a better person and a better songwriter.
Neil Diamond
The State Department has promised they will never have another temporary mission facility like the one in Benghazi that is so lightly protected. But at the same time, history tends to repeat itself here, and so it might not repeat itself in exactly the same way as Benghazi.
Mitchell Zuckoff
I think it’s too easy often to find a villain out of the headlines and to then repeat that villainy again and again and again. You know, traditionally, America has always looked to scapegoat someone as the boogie man.
Edward Zwick
The dictum that truth always triumphs over persecution is one of the pleasant falsehoods which men repeat after one another till they pass into commonplaces, but which all experience refutes.
John Stuart Mill
To really have craft, you must be able to repeat something as one has to do in films.
Martin Landau
After ‘Mad Men,’ I got offered various types of uptight Englishmen, which I wasn’t interested in doing. I didn’t want to repeat myself.
Jared Harris
It gets monotonous for an actor to repeat roles.
Krystle D’Souza
The last person to stand still and repeat himself was Walt Disney. He refused to repeat himself. So to think that he’d be making the same kind of film in the year 2001 that he made in 1941 is absurd.
Leonard Maltin
As for minimalism, I don’t care, don’t care, don’t care to repeat myself, repeat myself.
Itzhak Perlman
You hope in this life that you grow and don’t always repeat your mistakes.
Tony Dorsett
I think you can’t repeat beats. If you’re doing something in one book, you can’t do the exact same thing in another book.
Greg Rucka
When you do a film as unique and original as ‘Napoleon Dynamite,’ it’s hard then try to repeat what audiences loved the first time.
Mike Scully
I hate studio. For me, studio is a trap to overproduce and repeat yourself. It is a habit that leads to art pollution.
Marina Abramovic
It’s always scary when you’re doing a sequel to a film, because you don’t want to just repeat the first film in a different location like most sequels. You want to do something totally different, and something that actually expands the world of the main character.
Efren Ramirez
I am not, I repeat, NOT a lesbian – even though I’d like to be one when I grow up.
Dawn French
We must begin to tell black women’s stories because, without them, we cannot tell the story of black men, white men, white women, or anyone else in this country. The story of black women is critical because those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it.
Kimberle Williams Crenshaw
The story of Detroit’s bankruptcy was simple enough: Allow capitalism to grow the city, campaign against income inequality, tax the job creators until they flee, increase government spending in order to boost employment, promise generous pension plans to keep people voting for failure. Rinse, wash and repeat.
Ben Shapiro
It is only education and understanding of the past that teaches us not to repeat history.
Eugene Jarecki
I am concerned that there’s a cavalier attitude to the Irish Peace Process. What poor memories some have; I remember only too well the bag searches, the bomb scares and deaths. As they say, history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.
Dervla Kirwan
Most parts I’ve played since ‘Naked,’ I can barely remember who they were, let alone repeat any lines.
David Thewlis
So many of us live our lives on autopilot. We wake up, go to work, have dinner, go to sleep… repeat.
Jesse Itzler
I try to turn a place on film into a mental state. I always have three or four locations that I repeat and return to in a film, to make it more mythic. But my fiction films are relatively subjective stories, experienced though one character. And that always justifies a little stylisation in terms of landscape.
Pawel Pawlikowski
If you get involved with something on stage that makes you feel dreadful, that’s a nightmare because you have to repeat it every night.
Lesley Sharp
There is a way to look at the past. Don’t hide from it. It will not catch you if you don’t repeat it.
Pearl Bailey
I call on the Western democracies and primarily on the leader of the free world, the United States: Do not repeat the dreadful mistake of 1938, when enlightened European democracies decided to sacrifice Czechoslovakia for a convenient temporary solution… Israel will not be Czechoslovakia.
Ariel Sharon
Repeat anything often enough and it will start to become you.
Tom Hopkins
Yes, we have ruined the Earth and have done an exceptionally good job of it. Yes, we should look at sustainable development. But we cannot afford to do things sequentially, but parallelly and make sure that we do not repeat our mistakes.
Rakesh Sharma
The U.N. is biggest platform for all nations. But slowly, its significance, effect, dignity, and use is being reduced. We should worry that we don’t meet the same fate as League of Nations. Their descent was caused as they were not ready for reform. We shouldn’t repeat that mistake.
Sushma Swaraj
I’ve made it abundantly clear and I’ll repeat yet again there’s no question of gagging individuals.
Ron Davies
Head Start graduates are more likely to graduate from high school and less likely to need special education, repeat a grade, or commit crimes in adolescence.
Joe Baca
Wont to unlearn from history, we aptly repeat even its most brazen mistakes.
Eskinder Nega
I’d never want to repeat a character – once done, it’s of no interest to me.
Kirti Kulhari
The bottom line is 2018 should finally be the year where we see the early stages of broad-based commercial space tourism appear. Demand will certainly be driven by the early successes or failures of those missions, the marketing of those missions, as well as the propensity for tourists to become repeat flyers.
Dylan Taylor
There’s no denying that cancer is a gloomy subject. We repeat positive phrases to ourselves as a sort of mantra. And while positive thinking alone can’t cure cancer, attitude is critical to getting through the process and growing as a person.
Suleika Jaouad
I repeat for the umpteenth time, without making apologies: My children have had more than their fair share of presidency under their father. There cannot be any hereditary transfer of power.
Alexander Lukashenko
Repetition for no reason is a sign of carelessness or pretentiousness, but there are plenty of good reasons to repeat words and phrases.
Steven Millhauser
Nature’s far too subtle to repeat herself.
Paul Muni
I don’t want to repeat myself as a director.
Vivek Agnihotri
True penitence condemns to silence. What a man is ready to recall he would be willing to repeat.
F. H. Bradley
As far as I’m concerned, as soon as you reach your goal, then that’s the box ticked for me. I don’t feel the need to repeat titles or repeat victories; as soon as I get the one, then I’m happy.
Lizzie Armitstead
Like ministers of information, consultants condense the message, smooth out the dissonances, unify the rhetoric, and then repeat and amplify it ad nauseam through the client’s rank and file.
Matthew Stewart
Hate-filled people easily believe and repeat slanderous lies about innocent men.
Jesse Lee Peterson
A mutual arrangement, I repeat, is the only satisfactory medium whereby the present system can be carried on with any degree of satisfaction, and in such an arrangement the employers have more to gain than the workers.
James Larkin
I’ve said this before, but I need to repeat it again: Nothing impresses me more than when MMA fighters handle a particularly tough defeat with grace and class.
Ariel Helwani
In addition to being extremely expensive, and we have to put up with the stupidities that the candidates repeat, it’s really being decided elsewhere who will sit in the presidential seat.
Subcomandante Marcos
Now I’ve won everything in the game I’m just trying to repeat the success.
Neil Robertson
I don’t see any of my records as any more or less conceptual than the others, and I don’t really plan some overall idea in advance. The songs all get written under the umbrella of a certain time in your life, and it’s natural to find themes that repeat within these periods.
Aesop Rock
As an actor, you get hired to repeat yourself. It wears you out.
Paul McGann
Hollywood is a tough business and repeat rejection is very much part of the process.
Sean Murray
I enjoy staying home with friends more than going out. The other night, for example, my girlfriends and I stayed in listening to some ’90s rap – my favorite kind. We were in the Hamptons and made it an all-Biggie weekend, all of his albums on repeat. I loved it.
Phoebe Tonkin
For months before he passed, my dad would have terrible night sweats, and soak through his sheets, often several times a night. Each time, mom would gently roll him over, replace the sheets, and roll him back – then spend the whole next day washing several sets of sheets, only to repeat the routine each night.
John Hickenlooper
In the early and mid 1990s, every musician I knew was obsessed with Helium. The ‘Pirate Prude’ EP and ‘Pat’s Trick’ played on repeat at nearly every gathering I attended. And we didn’t just listen to these records – we discussed them, the worlds they opened, novelistic and strange.
Carrie Brownstein
S Club 7, in some ways, was a continuation of some of the things I’d have liked to have done with the Spice Girls. It was also a shift in tone. S Club was this equality of boys and girls, very positive, very uplifting, didn’t have the edge of the Spice Girls. I didn’t want to repeat it.
Simon Fuller
The Western media has depicted the Afghan woman as a helpless, weak individual. I have said it before, and I shall repeat it: The Afghan woman is strong. The Afghan woman is resourceful. The Afghan woman is resilient.
Rula Ghani
Probably only an art-worlder like me could assign deeper meaning to something as simple and silly as Tebowing. But, to us, anytime people repeat a stance or a little dance, alone or together, we see that it can mean something. Imagistic and unspoken language is our thing.
Jerry Saltz
I like intervals. I will turn a walk into a workout. For example, I walk for five minutes at an easy pace, then power-walk for two minutes and repeat. Intervals blast the fat.
Denise Austin
I buy clothes that have repeat value.
Kajal Aggarwal
No matter how thoroughly a person may have learned the Greek alphabet, he will never be in a condition to repeat it backwards without further training.
Hermann Ebbinghaus
I think that we have positive moments in our history and negative moments in our history. We incarcerated Japanese Americans in the state of Colorado, in Camp Amache. You could say that’s part of our heritage; I would say it’s a shameful part of our heritage and not something we should repeat.
Michael Bennet
In any finite region of space, matter can only arrange itself in a finite number of configurations, just as a deck of cards can be arranged in only finitely many different orders. If you shuffle the deck infinitely many times, the card orderings must necessarily repeat.
Brian Greene
Now, one thing I tell everyone is learn about real estate. Repeat after me: real estate provides the highest returns, the greatest values and the least risk.
Armstrong Williams
If I do do a sequel, I’m going to have to know for sure that the script is better than the original. So I’m going to be very careful about that because I’m not eager to repeat myself.
Nicolas Cage
A lot of times, actors and directors don’t want to repeat something. I don’t think we’re repeating something, but I think there’s certainly a genre that we’re in, and we’re happy to embrace it.
Skylar Astin
I will never repeat something verbatim on the air unless I know it’s accurate. And when you go to the source, sometimes there’s a better story beyond the original story. That happens all the time.
Al Michaels
I don’t like to repeat myself as an actor.
Joe Lando
I make sure I don’t repeat my genre, don’t repeat a role for sure.
Taapsee Pannu
I can only repeat, I would never compare myself to Gerd Muller.
Miroslav Klose
I don’t like to get bored and don’t like to repeat myself.
Martha Plimpton
Palestinian propagandists can say and do anything they please without concern for the truth, in the belief that if they repeat it often enough it will simply become the truth.
Jack Schwartz
Work-wise, I try not to repeat myself too often. And I have to love whatever I’m doing.
Lydia Millet
The studios are nervous on every movie. It never ends, because Marty’s movies are so unusual. He doesn’t repeat himself, so they don’t know what to expect. We have to fight hard to keep them from being ruined. Film students can’t believe that when I tell them, because they think, ‘Well, it’s Martin Scorsese.’
Thelma Schoonmaker
I think you’re always trying to challenge yourself to do new things and not repeat yourself.
David Hornsby
I’ll listen to 3 artists on repeat for more than a month.
Charli XCX
I use this little trick where I take my arms up above my head, breathe in really slowly, and repeat. I do it before every show, TV or radio, and people always laugh at me. But it really helps.
Zoe Ball
We don’t know what’s around the corner – and we must do everything to ensure we get our country’s debts down, building our resilience so we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past.
Liz Truss
Specialists are people who always repeat the same mistakes.
Walter Gropius
I love when things can repeat and you can make things slightly different each time and just react to the music and react to the recording.
Adam Granduciel
One of the things that happens in the business is that success is a very strange thing in that if you are involved in something very successful the next person wants you to repeat it.
Elmer Bernstein
I don’t want to repeat myself. I don’t want to shoot 10 installments of ‘Infernal Affairs.’
Andrew Lau
It’s rare to find an Indian who speaks Chinese. It’s rare to find a Chinese who can speak any of the Indian languages. Neither of them at the trading level – I want to repeat this, at the trading level – can speak English, either.
Shiv Nadar
If history is going to repeat itself I should think we can expect the same thing again.
Terry Venables
Study after study has demonstrated that people are better off financially, healthier, happier if they are married, and indeed, I repeat, if they are formally married as opposed to simply living together.
Malcolm Turnbull
Every time I break up with a guy, I play ‘Kerosene’ in my car on repeat.
Meghan McCain
There’s no point stepping up to the golden platform if you’re going to repeat yourself.
Robert Plant
The well-satisfied customer will bring the repeat sale that counts.
James Cash Penney
As I was writing ‘The Shock Doctrine’, I was covering the Iraq War and profiteering from the war, and I started to see these patterns repeat in the aftermath of natural disasters, like the Asian tsunami and then Hurricane Katrina.
Naomi Klein
A common criticism of establishment journalists entails comparing them to stenographers, on the ground that most of them do little more than mindlessly write down and uncritically repeat what government officials say.
Glenn Greenwald
A matter that seems to be very clear in terms of the alternative view, is what do you expect to happen in Africa with regard to immune systems, where people are poor, subject to repeat infections and all of that. Surely you would expect their immune systems to collapse.
Thabo Mbeki
Usually when I am approached to do a score for a horror movie, it’s to attempt a repeat performance of what I did way back on ‘Hellraiser’ or ‘Jennifer 8’ – one of those really orchestral scores.
Christopher Young
I know little stories that happen to people around me, and I can repeat that in a way that has some color.
Harry Dean Stanton
The past is the past, but if you’re overanalyzing or trying to repeat it, you’re gonna get stuck. I just had a wonderful youth, and I loved everything about it, so I really try and hang on to it.
Chris Evans
I try to live in the present. I learn from my mistakes in an effort not to repeat them, but I remain totally focused on today and tomorrow. Many of my mistakes turned out to be incredible opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally, and therefore, in hindsight, they were deeply valuable.
Ivanka Trump
I have a tightly edited closet. I like what I like. And I repeat a lot. But I’m always comfortable in jeans – I feel like I can really do anything when I’m in them.
Katie Holmes
The individual – man as a man, man as a brain, if you like – interests me more than what he makes because I’ve noticed that most artists only repeat themselves.
Marcel Duchamp
I’ve heard it said that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. To that end, I think it’s worth noting that the very first police force in America was created as a ‘patrol’ to keep slave populations under control.
Steve Stoute
It’s incumbent on all of us to remember our history and not repeat our past sins.
Kevin de Leon
Think about what you like and then think about why – was it the shape? The hem length? And then repeat over and over until you find your signature style. And if you ever get sick of your signature style… change it! That’s the beauty of fashion.
Eva Chen
On ‘Mad Men,’ I have a bit of an advantage because I know who gets better as they repeat a scene and who’s best at the beginning.
John Slattery
The trouble with travelling back later on is that you can never repeat the same experience.
Michael Palin
I think that there are a lot of really beautiful Christmas carols, and then sometimes there are horrible renditions of them that are played to death in malls that make me sad. I try to avoid stores where they’re playing bad versions of Christmas songs on repeat.
Gillian Jacobs
If I had all the time in the world to waste, I’d really love to see what the members of the so-called-fashion-police sport. Do they not repeat their clothes, shoes, bags?
Raveena Tandon
I love being on stage more than anything, and I think that’s what comes across. I think the most honest representation of any music is to play it right there in front of people. It’s a moment – it’s all one of a kind, every little part of it. There’s no repeat.
Alison Mosshart
I started watching English news channels and would repeat after the anchor. Since coaching classes were expensive, I joined a call centre where, after undergoing training for a month, I quit. I followed this strategy in 15 BPOs. I could earn money and learn English at the same time.
Harshvardhan Rane
My first time in drag was at Pride. I’m a Pride queen. It was a disaster. The short answer is that you can do it, but you’re going to create a drag faux-pas. Do not, I repeat, do not wear high heels to Pride. Don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Just don’t do it to yourself, honey.
Bob the Drag Queen
Most people suspend their judgment till somebody else has expressed his own and then they repeat it.
Ernest Dimnet
Clearly I am pleased to be of interest to a club like Juve, but I repeat I am very happy in Paris.
Marco Verratti
Learn from the past, but don’t live there. Build on what you know so that you don’t repeat mistakes. Resolve to learn something new every day. Because every 24 hours, you have the opportunity to have the best day of your company’s life.
Harvey Mackay
I feel like I’m wasting time if I repeat myself.
Heath Ledger
I would tell the young Francesco Totti to repeat everything that the older Totti did – if he’s able to!
Francesco Totti
Our approach is not to look at the successes of other people and try to repeat those successes. We don’t look at the success of ‘Grand Theft Auto 3’ and think that maybe if we create games for older audiences will see a similar success.
Satoru Iwata
People repeat behaviour that leads to flooding their brains with pleasurable chemicals. The short-term reward loop acts over hours to years, and the long-term reproductive success loop over generations.
Keith Henson
I did not come here to repeat what you already know. I have come to reveal something new. I want to share with you a new revelation from God.
Sun Myung Moon
I have recommended in my writings the study of civic virtues, without which there is no redemption. I have written likewise (and repeat my words) that reforms, to be beneficial, must come from above, that those which come from below are irregularly gained and uncertain.
Jose Rizal
There is no way that you can ever really repeat something. I have this great belief that the magic of the moment can never be recaptured.
Brian May
If, as a Spaniard, I am so often offended by the stereotypes that abound regarding my country, how can I accept and repeat the ones that fall even more heavily upon Israel?
Antonio Munoz Molina
If I have to start my career afresh, I would like to repeat everything, good or bad, which I did in the past 33 years.
Chunky Pandey
It’s funny, I get a little quieter with time. I don’t want to chase my tail and one day repeat myself and repeat myself and one day have kids going to college and not have memories that I should, because I was too busy doing my thing.
Dave Matthews
When I was younger, I used to do that a lot: I would hear a part of a song that would really relax me and then put it on repeat. That would send me to sleep. It was quite obvious classical music, people like Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Erik Satie, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel.
King Krule
There’s nothing, repeat, nothing to be ashamed of when you’re going through a depression. If you get help, the chances of your licking it are really good. But, you have to get yourself onto a safe path.
Mike Wallace
Any man who makes a speech more than six times a year is bound to repeat himself, not because he has little to say, but because he wants applause and the old stuff gets it.
William Feather
I rarely repeat playing the same role in a show. I figured I’d plumbed 90 percent the first time around, so let’s move on to something where I’m starting from scratch.
Hal Linden
Of course, like anybody I repeat myself endlessly, but I don’t know that I’m doing it, usually.
Brian Eno
When you repeat yourself so many times, even if you’re speaking the truth, the repetition starts to feel false. Sometimes, you just feel like the words you’re speaking, even if they once had meaning, have lost it. And that makes you feel kind of silly.
Paul Dano
The want to return to the fold doesn’t mean you can repeat history.
Lindsey Buckingham
I would love to finish my career at Real Madrid. But I would not cause a scene if, one day, a coach were to come along and decide he doesn’t need me. Only then would I look elsewhere. And I repeat: Real is my priority.
Iker Casillas
Education in Bavaria is tough. You fail sports, you have to repeat the year.
Rachel Khoo
Everyone is different, and so I don’t want to repeat anyone else’s career. I want to do mine.
Diego Luna
In the dime stores and bus stations, people talk of situations, read books, repeat quotations, draw conclusions on the wall.
Bob Dylan
I like to produce work for specific places, and it is difficult to do repeat shows in the same space.
Maurizio Cattelan
To repeat, communitarians maintain that we are constituted as persons by our particular obligations, and therefore those obligations cannot be a matter of choice.
Tom G. Palmer
I think the Internet is a key driver of opening up opportunities, which impacts many things, including development – I will repeat that I am not a fan of looking at technology or the Internet in Africa through the lens of development – we love the Internet for sake of the Internet.
Ory Okolloh
Whenever you have a failure or setback, you need to take a step back and find out what you can learn from the scenario. What did you do to contribute to that failure? This way, you can make sure you don’t repeat that pattern.
Jillian Michaels
Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.
Mark Twain
Never argue; repeat your assertion.
Robert Owen
Repeat after me: ‘There is a very limited amount of easy money.’
Brad Feld
I’ve learned my tricks watching videos on the Internet with friends. I’m always trying to copy what I’ve seen at home, what I learned from my friends. But you have to repeat it again and again to get it right on the field.
I try not to repeat myself too often, but it’s a gamble. ‘Fred Claus’ had three Oscar winners in it. No business – it was a bad movie.
Elizabeth Banks
Storytelling in general is a communal act. Throughout human history, people would gather around, whether by the fire or at a tavern, and tell stories. One person would chime in, then another, maybe someone would repeat a story they heard already but with a different spin. It’s a collective process.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
I realised that success and pure creativity are not very compatible. The more successful you become, the more you become a product of something that generates money. Instead of being able to move forward freely and do what you really wish, you find yourself stuck and obliged to repeat yourself and your previous success.
I was creator and executive producer of ‘The Brady Bunch’ on TV. The stage version was done by others, but it was a repeat of the old scripts. The ‘Gilligan’ musical is a completely original work with all seven characters and 18 original songs.
Sherwood Schwartz
There’s real peril in trying to repeat yourself, and apply rules that applied to something else to a new project.
Mitchell Hurwitz
There’s no question that we need tougher drunk-driving laws for repeat offenders. We need to take a lesson from European countries where driving isn’t a right but a privilege.
Jesse Ventura
I always want to do things that really have to be done, something that’s a challenge – and I’m trying not to repeat myself.
Sebastian Koch
When you win, you want to repeat it.
Nuno Espirito Santo
I feel like I’m always fighting not to repeat myself.
Billy Corgan
I hate to say this, but I’ll repeat it: After death, all we know that you do is stink.
Jack Kevorkian
If you don’t say anything, you won’t be called on to repeat it.
Calvin Coolidge
Today, the Federal minimum wage purchases less than it has at any point in the last 50 years. Let me repeat: The Federal minimum wage purchases less than it has at any point in the last 50 years.
Alcee Hastings
I was offered 10 Sultan Qureshi-type roles after ‘Gangs of Wasseypur.’ But I did not want to repeat that, as I have little fear of being rejected by the people.
Pankaj Tripathi
I learned really valuable lessons from ‘Blue’s Clues.’ I’d repeat them every day. ‘You can do things. You are smart.’
Steve Burns
It’s important to learn and not repeat the same mistakes. What’s done is done.
MS Dhoni
How many times do I have to repeat this: my childhood was fantastic.
Vanessa Paradis
Very often, when leaders repeat things over and over, they are preparing you for when that meme actually emerges in reality.
Timothy D. Snyder
If I want to hear a voice, Lana Del Rey is very soothing, and I could just listen to her on repeat, but my real go-to that’s been very consistent for at least the past ten years is Miles Davis.
Antoni Porowski
I repeat my delivery consistently. My balance is much improved. And the mental and physical toughness Pilates requires to complete movements the correct way have directly helped me on the mound.
Jake Arrieta
Think about what caused the injury and how it can be prevented next time; that way, you will become a smarter athlete and less likely to repeat the same mistakes.
Kevin R. Stone
I unequivocally repeat: marriage in accordance with the Polish Constitution is a union between a man and a woman.
Andrzej Duda
To complete your daily mental hygiene, observe any part of you that is upset or anxious, and offer that part of yourself the following simple wishes: ‘May you be well. May you be happy. May you be free from suffering.’ Repeat this until you actually mean it.
Martha Beck
Put a Post-It note on your mirror that says: ‘Someone has to succeed. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be me.’ Repeat before every audition.
Janet McTeer
For me, a circuit might involve a warm-up, then one minute on the treadmill or the indoor bike followed by a series of 20-second efforts with burpees, tuck jumps, press-ups and standing rows. I might repeat that 3-4 times.
Jos Buttler
If you request for a little time to fulfill a commitment, you’re accused of being arrogant. I repeat, I’ve achieved nothing to be arrogant about.
Kriti Sanon
While writing, I tend to repeat the same song, endlessly, for thousands of times. This helps me ignore any lyrics, and helps create a consistent mood for each book.
Chuck Palahniuk
The darkness, the loop of negative thoughts on repeat, clamours and interferes with the music I hear in my head.
Lady Gaga
One of the things I hate about politicians, I shouldn’t say I hate things, but one of the things I hate about politics is people who repeat the same talking point over and over and over again.
Elizabeth May
Popular music usually has a chorus that needs to repeat, and people need to remember the song. That’s sort of the major guideline when you’re writing a song.
Alex Ebert
Use music to motivate you. If I had to pick one song to work out to on repeat, it would be Prince’s ‘Let’s Go Crazy.’
Gunnar Peterson
The blues is deceptively simple. Verse and chorus. Sometimes not even a chorus. Four bars that repeat, no Auto-Tune, electricity optional. It is the most direct, bare-bones of content. There is no interference between the head and heart.
Shawn Amos
Discover your own style. Don’t try to repeat what has already been written – have the courage to do your own thing and don’t be afraid to do something different.
Cecelia Ahern
If you don’t deal with your shadows, you are condemned to repeat the same mistake over and over, as a human being or as a society.
Denis Villeneuve
Yes, we’ve seen it all before. And yes, those who do not study history are condemned to repeat it. But no, the sky is not falling – baseball is such a great game that neither the owners nor the players can kill it. After some necessary carnage, market forces will prevail.
John Thorn
I have to hold a meeting with the rising generation every evening, and that takes time. Henry can say, ‘Twinkle, twinkle,’ all himself, and Edward can repeat it after his father! Giants of genius! Paragons of erudition!
Adoniram Judson
Never did I think I would live to see the day Jim Crow was resurrected, making repeat appearances in the South. And he has packed his bags, and he has moved North. Something is wrong.
Nina Turner
I used to judge the quality of music by whether I could make a 90-minute cassette and not repeat any artists.
John Hughes
Things repeat themselves.
Hollywood looks backwards and tries to repeat. And we really try not to do that. We don’t always succeed, but I really think that what we try and do is different.
Jason Blum
Often my friends point out that I haven’t contributed to a particular film at all, or my comic timing wasn’t bang on. I tell them I’m human and bound to make mistakes… I hope I don’t repeat those mistakes.
Johnny Lever
My mum used to tell me to never boil my cabbages twice, and I think it’s artistically valid. While I do find myself on similar themes in my books, I try not to repeat myself, and that’s something which is all too easy to do in series books.
Geraldine McCaughrean
Nothing – and, I repeat, nothing – can affect what you build with sheer hard work. You either wait for people to define your worth or you define it with your own actions. I believe in the latter.
Mawra Hocane
Anybody who works with me knows this: I always repeat wardrobe in my characters. We’re trying to play real people.
Busy Philipps
Anybody, and any company, can have a big run of success once, but if you’re going to repeat that over time, you need to be aware that you need to keep learning.
Patrick Lencioni
The drum records that I like are ones on which the drumming didn’t repeat itself. The players didn’t stick to a format or formula.
Joey Jordison
I had Tommy John my first year in pro ball. Going through that rehab process, I think that’s what really helped me become a better pitcher, because I was kind of new to it, and I think it helped me learn how to repeat my delivery. It was a crazy journey.
Jacob deGrom
I’m not trying to repeat myself or cater myself to one specific group of people.
Jenny Lewis
Writing is my way of diving deep into an issue. My approach is to watch, read and listen – sometimes for years – in order to grasp the dynamics, resistance and patterns of thought that repeat and impede progress and breakthrough.
Paul Hawken
My fascination with letting images repeat and repeat – or in film’s case ‘run on’ – manifests my belief that we spend much of our lives seeing without observing.
Andy Warhol
It’s true, there’s a lot of melancholy in my music. I don’t know why, I’m not a melancholy person. I’ve always been drawn to it. Ever since I was a kid, if I had an album I would play the ballads on repeat.
Norah Jones
The ideas which now pass for brilliant innovations and advances are in fact mere revivals of ancient errors, and a further proof of the dictum that those who are ignorant of the past are condemned to repeat it.
Henry Hazlitt
Something that has been important to me is never to repeat myself, never to go back.
Rik Mayall
Every game, I have to make the best decision. I repeat: my players must be happy to stay in Chelsea and to play for Chelsea and to play for our fans. They must be happy if they start the game or if they stay on the bench and come on.
Antonio Conte
Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character.
John Wooden
The financial capital is being concentrated by corporations, institutional investors, and even our pension funds, and being reinvested in companies that repeat this process because it provides the highest return on that financial capital.
Paul Hawken
Ever since Marilyn Monroe was transformed from one of the prettiest girls you could ever hope to see into an icon, everyone has been trying to repeat that icon. And now the entire industry is filled with, and by and large run by, wannabes.
Melissa Leo
I was never a protestor, don’t get me wrong, I was never like a vocal… what was the line I used to repeat to myself?… I was a nonconformist in a conforming society, that’s what I thought about myself back in the ’70s.
Joe Maddon
I’ve had to keep exploring different ways of presenting the music so I don’t repeat myself.
Tori Amos
Heckles always vary. I mean, some people are just drunk, and it’s nonsense, or, you know, some people just want to just repeat something I’ve said or add their own two cents about an opinion, but because of the nature of what I do and who I am, like, I also get the racist stuff, which is hard.
Hari Kondabolu
A long time ago, I watched President Reagan repeat a few simple points about the benefits for everyone of lower taxes, light regulations, and limited government. Successful policies are sold by repetition, not unrelated tangents.
Lawrence Kudlow
I don’t repeat that many styles if I can help, although some have become classics. I try not to repeat. I’d rather surprise people.
Christian Louboutin
True music must repeat the thought and inspirations of the people and the time.
George Gershwin
However, if the religions in essence merely repeat statements from the United Nations Human Rights Declaration, such a Declaration becomes superfluous; an ethic is more than rights.
Hans Kung
You know, I have some issues. But I just love to play different characters all the time, and I try not to repeat myself too much.
Rachel McAdams
Books are standing counselors and preachers, always at hand, and always disinterested; having this advantage over oral instructors, that they are ready to repeat their lesson as often as we please.
Louis Nizer
We must expect to fail… but fail in a learning posture, determined no to repeat the mistakes, and to maximize the benefits from what is learned in the process.
Ted Engstrom
I’ve had a lot of trolling on Instagram, things I can’t even repeat on air. The biggest shock was when it was hand-delivered to the Hippodrome theatre before I went on air. Hand-written.
Shirley Ballas
If only I was as eloquent as Demosthenes, I would have to do no more than repeat a single word three times.
Johann Georg Hamann
I repeat my demand that the occupier leave the land of our beloved Iraq unconditionally, without retaining bases or signing agreements.
Muqtada al Sadr
I don’t want to repeat myself.
Judy Blume
It’s always nice to work with repeat actors.
Radhika Pandit
What I discovered is I don’t like to repeat lead characters because one of the most pleasurable things in a book to me is learning about the lead.
Alan Furst
One of the first records I bought for myself was a Keith Whitley record. I still love the ‘L.A. to Miami’ album. There were so many things on there – ‘Miami, My Amy,’ ‘Ten Feet Away,’ ‘Nobody in His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her.’ I can put that album on repeat and listen.
Chris Young
When people say ‘love to hate’, they actually mean ‘love to be appalled by’ – if they truly hated them, they’d never repeat a catch phrase.
Chris Morris
My French is terrible, and my Spanish is even worse. I find Spanish really difficult. They speak so quickly, whereas in German, it’s very clear what they’re saying. It’s easier to repeat.
Eliot Sumner
If you can’t forgive yourself, you think you’re never going to be able to forgive yourself, and you repeat the same behavior.
Bill Hader
We don’t write jokes or anything, the furthest we’ll go is we’ll repeat certain jokes for the camera.
David Dobrik
I hate to repeat lines, to say the same damned thing. I try to rewrite cliches and make what I say sound fresh.
Gary McCord
The first artist whose music I really got into was Paolo Nutini. When his album ‘Sunny Side Up’ came out, I think I listened to it on repeat for, like, six months.
Lewis Capaldi
I’m really anxious not to repeat what I’ve done before, to keep pushing and learning.
Doug Liman
I do believe that we have the opportunity to continue – I repeat myself over and over again with this – to redefine and reinvent ourselves and as long as we do that, then I think we’ve got some pretty good odds in our favor, because we’re not always presenting the same thing.
Patrick Warburton
We must protect our history – because we are doomed to repeat it if we don’t understand it and work towards a more perfect union.
Jeff Van Drew
Keeping a lid on taxes is not just good for the taxpayer. It’s a powerful way to force government to be more accountable, set priorities and spend smarter. Let me repeat that: more accountable, set priorities and spend smarter – that’s what we need to be about.
Tim Pawlenty
Repetition creates pattern. If I have a hundred of these, a hundred of those, it doesn’t make any difference what these and those are. If I can repeat anything, I have the possibility of a pattern from hickory nuts and chicken eggs, shards of glass, branches. It doesn’t make any difference.
Dan Phillips
I don’t repeat myself and I don’t look back because everything is hard work and the only way forward is to continue to be creative.
I am not surprised that they show no intention to follow in my footsteps, although if I had a second chance myself, I would certainly try to repeat my present career.
Richard Ernst
Often I listen to songs on repeat for days and days at a time. There’s something hypnotic or meditative, and it mirrors the way that I am putting the sentence together, going back over the same phrases again and again.
Eleanor Catton
You must be fast enough – you must have endurance. So you run fast for speed and repeat it many times for endurance.
Emil Zatopek
And religion causes most of the problems, war, and economics of course, and study your history or you’re going to repeat it; and if you’re burning a Harry Potter book you need some serious counseling, you don’t get it, you’re missing the whole point.
Michael Berryman
Trying to find the limit of yourself and the limit of the car and sometimes to exceed it and see the real limit – if you find that sweet spot and are able to repeat it, it is one of the best feelings.
Mick Schumacher
The wise make proverbs, and fools repeat them.
Isaac D’Israeli
What are you going to do with astronauts who first reach the surface of Mars and then turn around and rocket back home-ward? What are they going to do, write their memoirs? Would they go again? Having them repeat the voyage, in my view, is dim-witted. Why don’t they stay there on Mars?
Buzz Aldrin
After years of doing composition, the risk is always that you might start to repeat and be cliche. Every time, I try find a way to be reborn again as an artist. Its not easy to reinvent yourself every time, as it takes a lot of creative energy, but I am happy to do it.
Ludovico Einaudi
I had a date with a girl I called ‘the parrot.’ All she did was repeat everything I said. She never had an original thought of her own. Everything I liked, she liked. Everything I hated, she hated. It was annoying!
Justin Chon
You can’t repeat the success of any movie.
Mahesh Bhatt
I don’t want to repeat my mistakes.
Nastia Liukin
The real danger of writing a great song when you’re on something is that it might get you thinking that the only way to repeat that is by only writing when you’re high.
Barry Mann
There are fewer roles, and I’ve done so many things already that I don’t want to repeat, so to find something you haven’t done is harder. I don’t want to play a country singer again.
Sissy Spacek
I had a habit of watching classic wrestling pretty much on repeat in the locker rooms. With the influx of talent at WWE, with guys like Kevin Owens, he was one of the first people to open my eyes up to the world that is PWG and BOLA.
Cody Rhodes
I do not like to repeat successes, I like to go on to other things.
Walt Disney
In my short career, I tend not to repeat myself. I have no interest in redoing something. Sometimes that makes people angry, and maybe it’s not the best thing for me commercially. But it’s the best thing for me artistically, and it’s the best thing for my heart.
Mike Posner
But I’d be lying if I didn’t say that every time you go to make a film, you’re desperate to either do it better than you did it last time or to not repeat yourself.
Paul Thomas Anderson
We are ever evolving and never repeat ourselves.
M. Shadows
Every time is a learning experience, and you pick up a little bit, and you learn things and try not to repeat them the next time.
Drew Pomeranz
I guess I much prefer the path of the contrarian: the guy who goes against the grain a bit. The careers of the people who I admire deeply – like the Coen brothers and Soderbergh – don’t repeat themselves, and they make radically different films at times, and I think that’s wonderful.
Joe Carnahan
If you work hard enough I don’t think it’s possible to just repeat what you’re doing.
Gord Downie