Restricted Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Restricted Quotes from famous authors such as Neil Diamond, Yoko Ono, Deborah Ellis, Tanushree Dutta, Bill Wyman. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

Because my musical training has been limited, I’ve never been restricted by what technical musicians might call a song.
Neil Diamond
Performance art is going to be the future. Plays on Broadway are so restricted. But performance art is like haikus, just one line thing. And it’s more casual but more interesting.
Yoko Ono
As a woman in Canada, I get to do whatever I want to do, and I’m used to that. I’m used to not having my government tell me my life is going to be restricted because I’m female.
Deborah Ellis
I am a believer in god, but I have not restricted myself to one religion. I have experienced many religions.
Tanushree Dutta
I didn’t want to stay in the Stones, and be stuck in a position having to play a music I didn’t like anymore and that restricted me from doing all the others things I’m interested in because of time.
Bill Wyman
When you write on the road, you are restricted to the instruments around you, whereas in the studio, you can plug anything in and try it.
Ted Dwane
I had been getting queries from regional filmmakers to do a movie based on my work. But I did not want my work and mission – to create awareness on menstrual hygiene – to be restricted to only a part of the country. In fact, I wanted to do the movie in Hollywood.
Arunachalam Muruganantham
If our men and women in uniform are restricted from buying first-class airfare, the same should apply to Congress.
Raul Ruiz
I not only play at the prestigious classical concert halls like Carnegie Hall and Kennedy Center, but also hospitals, churches, prisons, and restricted facilities for leprosy patients, just to mention a few.
Ji-Hae Park
I couldn’t see my father’s films because they were restricted and we didn’t have videos or DVDs back then.
Kiefer Sutherland
What wins still goes back to who you are as a player and what you do well. If you’re a great 3-point shooter, you try to get as many of those shots as you can. If you’re a good driver, get in the restricted area.
Tom Thibodeau
I grew up in a household where sweets were not given to you whenever you want. It was restricted only to special occasions.
Catherine Tresa
A lot of times people who write sitcoms for the 18 to 49 crowd think writing for kids is easy. It really isn’t. First of all, you’re very restricted in what you can do.
Dan Schneider
You’ll get a cheat meal, no question. It’s not a cheat day. Every day, I indulge with something, because if I feel restricted, I’m gonna lash out.
Gunnar Peterson
In Hollywood, I was never restricted to just one Asian character. I’ve been cast as a Chinese, a Vietnamese, a Korean, a Japanese and a Cambodian.
Dante Basco
I’ve dropped myself into straightforward character pieces in order to explore that form and reap its values. But you are sort of restricted visually when your first requirement is to tell a fairly straightforward story.
Brian De Palma
In my experience over the past 30 years in business, investment decisions can be slowed or stopped due to unpredictability in laws and regulatory framework or if free trade and competition is hampered or access to capital restricted.
Borje Ekholm
In the works of man, everything is as poor as its author; vision is confined, means are limited, scope is restricted, movements are labored, and results are humdrum.
Joseph de Maistre
Television was restricted by my parents. They encouraged reading more than anything. It wasn’t done in a let’s-get-educated kind of way, it was: ‘This looks like it might be fun so let’s do it.’ There were a lot of castles, art galleries, museums and mountains to climb.
Vic Reeves
With fiction, you can take something that bothers you, or that you don’t have in clear focus, and you can put it under as much stress as you want. Really get underneath the skin. With nonfiction, you’re restricted to what happened.
Phil Klay
For too long nurses have been undervalued, restricted in what they could do, with too few career opportunities in clinical practice. For far too long, nurses have endured a pay system that has held them back – both professionally as well as financially.
John Hutton
I was never restricted. I was never told what to do.
Ray Harryhausen
Growing up, I was restricted at home from playing video games until I reached university.
Hidetaka Miyazaki
Wherever you find ‘men together’ – writing the rules, as at exclusive golf or other men’s clubs, businesses, and lodges where they wear elaborate robes and funny hats – women are kept completely outside if possible and, when grudgingly admitted, to highly restricted areas or token status.
Eugene Kennedy
You will soon find that I am a bit obsessive about my work. And that is a little sad, one often feels strangely restricted, not finding time to simmer, although one actually has many interests.
Arne Jacobsen
All experts on WHO advisory groups for developing norms, standards and guidelines are required to disclose interests regarding the advisory committee’s area of work. If a declared interest is potentially significant, then the expert is either excluded from the meeting or given a restricted role.
Margaret Chan
It seems that this situation is not restricted to science but is more generally human.
Felix Bloch
Opponents of U.S. sanctions have made ‘unilateral sanctions’ their special target. They argue that sanctions observed by many nations would be much more effective. True enough. Far better for trade with an outlaw regime to be restricted by many nations than by just one.
Elliott Abrams
In the 1950s and 1960s, an explosion of great corporate jobs, together with a restricted supply of labor, produced healthy wage growth.
Edward Conard
I think people should feel less restricted by the perimeters of things like ‘menswear’ and ‘womenswear.’ It’s not something that I really give much credence to when I’m buying clothes. I buy mostly ladies clothes. I think to be yourself, first and foremost, that’s the easiest way to think about it.
Robert Sheehan
I love country music. I don’t ever feel restricted by the genre.
Martina McBride
I enjoy doing all kinds of roles, but I don’t want to be restricted to comedy alone.
Paresh Rawal
I was a bit odd as a kid, because there were so little outlets for me. There was no theatre except for the odd community theatre and school shows. The only movie theatre was at the Canadian Forces Base nearby in Comox, so it either showed kiddie flicks for the families and restricted stuff for the men.
Kim Cattrall
When people start thinking of you more as a persona, they are less inclined to allow you to move into different areas. Sometimes they’re wrong. Sometimes they’re just very stereotypical or restricted in their own thinking of what they’ll allow you to do.
Robert Redford
Naturally, the president, as a US citizen, cannot be removed from the country. Nor can the president, who is the country’s chief executive, be restricted from access to classified information or provided with falsified information.
Asha Rangappa
Children are more restricted than ever when it comes to taking physical risks – one of the ways previous generations built resilience. Thanks to health and safety mania, leapfrog, marbles and conkers are now considered unsafe.
Claire Fox
Art and cinema is not restricted to any language.
Shweta Tripathi
It’s interesting that instead of having to get tighter and more restricted for a collaboration, strangely enough, from the beginning, we’ve actually been more confident that we could handle this.
Robert Asprin
I’ve often been asked to run for office. I have no desire to do that, I would not want my time with the family or the company restricted because of the demands of an elected position.
Carl Karcher
But once you allow yourself to recognize necessity, you find two things: One you find your options so restricted that the only course of action is obvious, and, two, that a great sense of freedom comes with the decision.
Steven Brust
Next year, I hope there will be even more parties, lots of holidays and just having a good time, really. Plus wing-walking, air shows and learning to fly, as they are all things I want to do. I won’t be restricted by age.
Carol Vorderman
At 285 pounds, I was extremely strong, and it was all usable strength that I could direct against opponents, not like that of a weightlifter, whose feats of power are all restricted.
Merlin Olsen
Love can never make you weak, and love is not restricted to opposite sex. I love my parents, I love my animals, and I love my profession.
Randeep Hooda
What I saw in the record industry is it’s just getting more restricted, more restricted, more restricted to where everyone’s trying to figure out what kind of song to make to get on the radio: that’s researched and where advertisers are telling you what to play.
Jimmy Iovine
The more that we’ve tried to think conventionally in terms of guys playing just a specific position, it restricted us a little bit.
Erik Spoelstra
I’ve put in as many as 40 weeks a year on stage. It is lonely and restricted, as all artistic life must necessarily be.
Lillie Langtry
I have never felt vulnerable nor restricted in my movements.
Rajiv Gandhi
It’s possible that you have been told a time or 10 that you don’t appreciate how tough your elders had it. It’s true that, if you had been coming of age back in, say, 1960, you would probably be feeling more restricted, if only because you were doomed to spend your days in a skirt, nylon stockings and girdle.
Gail Collins
My mom usually does my self-tapes, and we’ve built a kind of shorthand with one another… Also, just having fun with it and not feeling restricted in your space and giving yourself enough space filming the shot to move around, things like that.
Eliza Scanlen
We have to abandon the idea that schooling is something restricted to youth. How can it be, in a world where half the things a man knows at 20 are no longer true at 40 – and half the things he knows at 40 hadn’t been discovered when he was 20?
Arthur C. Clarke
In a TV show, you are restricted to a lot of things. On television, you can’t put the content you can put on web series and on the channels digitally.
Karishma Tanna
For blacks in our society, victimization may be a true issue. But it isn’t a true issue for women. Neither men nor women are victimized. The true issue, that I try to point out, is that both sexes suffer restricted roles.
Warren Farrell
I get that people are worried about their mortgages and bills that have to be paid. They don’t have time to worry about the Syrian refugees, and I get that. The thing about it is, when it gets worse and worse and worse and down the line, it’s no longer restricted to these places.
Liam Cunningham
Architecture is restricted to such a limited vocabulary. A building is either a high-rise or a perimeter block or a town house.
Bjarke Ingels
If someone makes an inroad into a new territory, a new market, people will follow their success. That way, I think we will be getting more pan-India films and not restricted to a region or a language. More and more films will come out on a bigger budget, on a larger-than-life scale.
S. S. Rajamouli
I am doing something I love, travelling the world, meeting fans, feeling confident, and I am no longer restricted by my sexuality.
Calum Scott
If you’re talking about Java in particular, Python is about the best fit you can get amongst all the other languages. Yet the funny thing is, from a language point of view, JavaScript has a lot in common with Python, but it is sort of a restricted subset.
Guido van Rossum
I think I’ve still got a bit of a sado-masochistic streak in me, because if I’m not going to be restricted by corsets and covered in lace, then I still wind up wearing an ape-mask over my face. I do wonder how I get myself in these situations!
Helena Bonham Carter
North as well as South, the Negroes have emerged from slavery into a serfdom of poverty and restricted rights.
W. E. B. Du Bois
We like to think of film and music as art, but actually art is something that is not restricted.
Ahmed Best
Henry VIII Clauses allowing the Government to change almost any law of the land by statutory instrument, if needed, to implement Brexit must be properly restricted.
Dominic Grieve
Accordingly, when the supply of gold runs short, the security behind the notes is diminished, the loaning of notes is restricted or suspended, and the panic follows.
John Buchanan Robinson
Linguistics will have to recognise laws operating universally in language, and in a strictly rational manner, separating general phenomena from those restricted to one branch of languages or another.
Ferdinand de Saussure
I would be in support of giving the military commanders more latitude in their rules of engagement rather than be restricted to the point we’re tying someone’s hands behind their back.
Ryan Zinke
Under Howard, federal government support for black Australia slowly dried up. Services were slashed, native title restricted.
Richard Flanagan
When it is 1-0 and you have been dominant and you have restricted the home team to pretty much nothing, if you do not score the second goal then that is football. Any action can happen in the game.
Graham Potter
Saudi had been a very restricted place. Even on the magazines there, if there was a little leg or cleavage showing, they used to blacken it with a black mark. Me and Ishmeet, so many times, had tried to remove the black portion with our spit, but of course, it would never come out.
Karan Singh Grover
The real effect of the WTC calamity has been depressed spirits, anxiety, and uncertainty among publishers, and of course those emotions are not restricted to publishers.
Richard Curtis
We’re all diminished and restricted by sweeping statements defining boy and girl, our expectations and disappointments with ourselves, the way we look, what we enjoy, and the choices we make.
Sara Pascoe
You can really have a no-holds-barred relationship to materials with mixed metals and colorful schemes or more controlled palettes that are more tonal or restricted to a single accent color or metal finish. There are really no rules, and that is what makes contemporary design so limitless and enjoyable.
Bobby Berk
Whatever I have been doing in regional cinema, is restricted to the region.
Wamiqa Gabbi
Language can only deal meaningfully with a special, restricted segment of reality. The rest, and it is presumably the much larger part, is silence.
George Steiner
I have always regarded global development as a struggle between the forces of good and evil. Not to be simplified as a struggle between Jesus and Satan, since I do not consider that the process is restricted to our own sphere of culture.
Alva Myrdal
If the chain symmetry is maintained in the crystal lattice, the possible occurrence of different space groups is considerably restricted.
Giulio Natta
The kids growing up in the apartheid era were so restricted and angry – if they spoke out against it, they were thrown in jail.
Malik Bendjelloul
The dynamic, creative present, however conditioned and restricted by the effects of prior presents, possesses genuine initiative.
Corliss Lamont
Although golf was originally restricted to wealthy, overweight Protestants, today it’s open to anybody who owns hideous clothing.
Dave Barry
The right of liberty is God-given and immortal. It cannot be regulated. Or controlled. It cannot be banned. And it must not be restricted.
Marsha Blackburn
I was raised a Roman Catholic and had to go to the eight o’clock Mass every morning and have communion and wear a tie, kind of like a restricted life style. Then in the ’60s, we got wild and let it go and started looking in other places to see where God really was, and I came back to the Christian thing.
Roger McGuinn
Being a comedian is probably the only job apart from undertaking that isn’t age restricted.
Peter Kay
Many times I’ve gone on tours with Paul Anka. He would have someone sitting behind him to keep people from even talking to him. You were almost in a little restricted area there.
Ben E. King
I can never thoroughly appreciate meals on ships because, away from land, I feel my autonomy is restricted.
Michael Portillo
Supernatural characters allow actors to experiment. The role isn’t restricted to standing in the kitchen and crying. I love doing that, too. But I have done enough of that.
Krystle D’Souza
Different Left governments holding office before the High Court verdict of 1991 never tried to prevent the entry of menstruating women into Sabarimala. In the same way, Left governments never acted in opposition against the High Court verdict of 1991, which restricted the women entry.
Pinarayi Vijayan
For even the ordinary well-read person, the French Enlightenment is largely restricted to the three big-name philosophes: Diderot, Rousseau, Voltaire.
Michael Dirda
Jobs cannot be created if innovation is restricted to large corporates.
Shiva Ayyadurai
I do not want to be restricted to a particular image.
Vivek Oberoi
If you’re talking about industry, I’ve never restricted myself to Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, or Kannada. Whichever the language is, from Swahili to Marathi or Bhojpuri to Bengali, I would be happy to do it.
The power to tax and spend is restricted by the enumerated powers.
Rand Paul
We hope we are moving toward a world where sexual orientation is not an issue, because we hate the idea of a gay ghetto. I think that it’s a real shame that people become restricted by their sexuality or define their whole lives by their sexuality.
Neil Tennant
I’m very chill, and when I’m out, I want to make sure that my outfit makes me feel comfortable and that I don’t feel restricted.
Dinah Jane
What batsmen like me do for fitness is often a bit different to what bowlers like Jimmy Anderson or Stuart Broad do but everyone in the squad has a big focus on core strength. It is really important for batting, bowling and fielding. You need a strong core and spine so your movement isn’t restricted out there.
Joe Root
I restricted myself to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and soon enough lost five kgs. Encouraged by that, I continued to follow a balanced diet and lost another 13 kgs. I feel much better now that I am 18 kgs lighter.
Arjun Janya
Without imagination we can go nowhere. And imagination is not restricted to the arts. Every scientist I have met who has been a success has had to imagine.
Rita Dove
I do not want myself to be restricted to a pigeonholed kind of filmmaker.
Mahesh Bhatt
I am of the belief that acting is a form of blended art that shouldn’t be restricted to a particular type or even a country.
Saba Qamar
When you do ‘Strictly,’ you’re kind of restricted. You have to dance for 90 seconds, you have to choreograph for your partner.
A. J. Pritchard
I just want to be able to sit on grass as long as I want to, without anybody telling me to leave. Everything is so restricted, here, in that you actually have to stand behind a line, you can’t go up the Canyon and enjoy the view.
Franka Potente
I can’t seem to help writing love stories. I definitely crave romance. When I was young, I craved romance in books, but I didn’t want to read just romance – love plays such a big part in our lives, it shouldn’t be cut out and restricted to its own fiction.
Rainbow Rowell
The Ministry of Civil Aviation should strongly recommend to the cabinet that Jet Airways should be merged with Air India, not only to ensure air services are not restricted but also to enable Air India to recover its former premier position.
Subramanian Swamy
There are so many canceled games that people don’t know about and so many stories people can’t tell because they’re restricted by this ridiculous culture of secrecy.
Jason Schreier