Ridiculous Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Ridiculous Quotes from famous authors such as Rebecca Breeds, Kevin Kwan, Henry Rollins, Sterling Hayden, Steve Buscemi. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

I think diets are ridiculous because eventually you have to stop, and then what? You put all the weight back on.
Rebecca Breeds
The China Rich seem to be spending on a scale that’s just beyond anything we’ve ever seen before. They are building and buying an insane amount of luxury residences around the world, commissioning huge flying palaces from Boeing, and paying ridiculous amounts for art.
Kevin Kwan
Rock is ironic in that, up to a certain point, you can get better and better at it if you don’t mind possibly looking more and more ridiculous.
Henry Rollins
Out of 35 pictures I made, 30 were ridiculous.
Sterling Hayden
What was frustrating about Armageddon was the time I spent not doing anything. It was a big special effects film, and I wasn’t crazy about pretending I was in outer space. It feels ridiculous.
Steve Buscemi
What is sacred among one people may be ridiculous in another; and what is despised or rejected by one cultural group, may in a different environment become the cornerstone for a great edifice of strange grandeur and beauty.
Hu Shih
If you think about it, it’s the worst stage name that anybody can possibly think of, because it sounds ridiculous, but it’s my real name.
Randy Rainbow
Women are put in a position of feeling embarrassed about their bodies. It’s so ridiculous, but also astounding – we have to always be apologetic about having created the human race.
Yoko Ono
People are terrified of them to the point where Trump wants to ban all Muslims from coming here, which is ridiculous.
Colin Kaepernick
I’m not just offensive, I’m very smart about the way that I do it, and that takes a lot of time. People say that young comics shouldn’t be trying these things. That’s ridiculous. You should try everything and see what sticks.
Anthony Jeselnik
Anyone who’s watched ‘The Hunger Games’, or female archers, knows that that is an absolutely physiologically ridiculous idea.
Adrienne Mayor
I think one of the major differences between Wonder Woman and Jessica Jones is that Wonder Woman is iconic and much better known, so you get into a lot of ridiculous expectations, like what’s her costume going to look like? Well, nobody knows who Jessica Jones is, except for fangirls and boys.
Melissa Rosenberg
For Laura Ingraham to go after LeBron for speaking out politically is ridiculous.
Chris Long
Obama’s great asset has always been an ability to maintain his air of authority without being baritone about it. He can be boring, but he is never ridiculous or pompous.
Tina Brown
Sex: the pleasure is momentary, the position ridiculous, and the expense damnable.
Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield
To have been able to write the books I wanted to write, on demanding subjects like war and the history of psychiatry, and for them to have sold in the numbers they have – and then go around saying: ‘Actually, I’d also like to have won the Costa Book of the Year?’ That would be ridiculous.
Sebastian Faulks
It would seem that some black people want to say that when you, as a black, become successful, you cease to be black. That’s ridiculous.
Clarence Thomas
Maria Goeppert-Mayer, you know, she didn’t even get paid to be a scientist. And yet, she was doing Nobel Prize-winning work. How ridiculous is that?
Donna Strickland
Anyone who takes himself too seriously always runs the risk of looking ridiculous; anyone who can consistently laugh at himself does not.
Vaclav Havel
Every team did it. They’ll say, ‘You white boy, you ain’t gonna run on us today. This is ridiculous. Why are you giving offensive linemen the ball?’ All kinds of stuff like that you hear on the field, but I use that to my advantage. I kind of soaked it in, ate it up a little bit, because I enjoyed it.
Peyton Hillis
You’ve got to have a sense of humour about sex. When you look at it, it’s all pretty ridiculous, isn’t it?
Cat Deeley
I bought everyone in my family a car, I bought my mum a convertible Mercedes. I bought a studio at a ridiculous cost – just insane.
Chesney Hawkes
Some things are so tragic that you don’t know what’s funny in it, and some things are so ridiculous you don’t know if it’s worth talking about it.
Larry Wilmore
No doubt the ridiculous politicians are right to like politics. They have found careers in which success can be achieved by being ridiculous. Imagine Jimmy Carter or George W. Bush rising to the top of any other profession.
P. J. O’Rourke
When the housing market fell in Las Vegas, we got so many Rolex and Tag Heuer watches it was ridiculous.
Corey Harrison
Some people say I’ve got a five-octave range, which is ridiculous. That would mean I’d sing like Mariah Carey or that alien in ‘The Fifth Element.’ And I’m nothing like that blue alien. I’ve got a range of about 3 1/2 octaves.
That openness to experimentation in Seattle is how I learned a drag queen doesn’t have to just be in her pageant gear and lip syncing to top 40. Drag can be off-the-wall, ridiculous, profound.
Jinkx Monsoon
I’m ridiculous in my oversharing; my mom and sister are very open but a little more judicious than me… and my father is a decidedly private person.
Lena Dunham
One second I’ll be listening to country, and then the next I’ll be listening to rock and then R&B. It’s ridiculous. I’m all over the place with my music.
Taylor Lautner
I got a toy guitar at a fundraiser and was trying to write songs with it that were ridiculous. After a week, my parents bought me a real acoustic guitar, and I started taking guitar lessons.
Soccer Mommy
The idea that my mother would go around swearing after a personal setback is ridiculous.
Carol Thatcher
I have a ridiculous fear of sharks but I’d jump in the water in a second for an amazing role.
Kate Mara
I’m a jeans fanatic. It’s ridiculous how many jeans I have.
Victoria Justice
If there are signs that Americans bow to the gods of advertising, there are equally indications that people find the gods ridiculous. It is part of the popular culture that advertisements are silly.
Michael Schudson
AT&T sucks. There’s no excuse for being in downtown Los Angeles, and your phone loses service. That’s ridiculous.
Blake Shelton
I know this sounds ridiculous, but I’m not much of a fighter.
Zoe Bell
I know that a ridiculous number of classic serials have been commissioned, and that reviews show a reaction against them. The critics seem fed up.
Andrew Davies
The reality is that every movie is a new business. Nobody says, ‘Hey, let’s go down to the Pantages Theater, I hear a Warner Brothers picture is playing there.’ Or, ‘Let’s go to this theater, I hear the film came in on budget.’ It’d be ridiculous.
Peter Guber
Of course Meghan Markle wasn’t driven out of this country by racism. It is a ludicrous claim and symptomatic of how ridiculous the must-be-offended-at-all-costs brigade has become.
Ann Widdecombe
In America, the new post-postmodern politician is all about authenticity: the daffier you are, the ‘realer’ you must be. The more you have committed yourself to a ridiculous idea and fevered view, the more worthy you are of attention.
Michael Wolff
I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: ‘O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.’ And God granted it.
‘Discworld’ is taking something that you know is ridiculous and treating it as if it is serious, to see if something interesting happens when you do so.
Terry Pratchett
I remember in the early nineties people saying the hat was just for old women, but that’s ridiculous.
Philip Treacy
I suppose there are times when I can’t believe that I’ve lived the way that I have and done the things that I’ve done. Life’s a joke anyway. It’s all ridiculous. It’s all so short.
Lauren Bacall
Lying about one’s sexuality seems to be one of the ridiculous rules of what constitutes being a Hollywood movie star. Obviously, my own experience of working and continuing to work as an out gay actor is exactly that – working as an actor and not as a movie star. I don’t think the two are the same.
Ben Daniels
Sex is like washing your face – just something you do because you have to. Sex without love is absolutely ridiculous. Sex follows love, it never precedes it.
Sophia Loren
I used to try to pick locks because I grew up on my grandparents’ farm and I started my own little spy club. I would go around the farm and try to break into the shed and try spying on my grandpa. It was ridiculous.
Odette Annable
The whole social media thing is ridiculous. Everybody gets to say what they want all the time. That’s fine in theory, but it’s not civilised. Imagine going into a bar, and everybody in that bar is talking like people do online. They’d just get their teeth punched in.
Floor Jansen
Part of what you hear when somebody says something awful to you is like, ‘They’re right, I look ridiculous, why am I dressed this way, I should go home and change.’ For me that voice is always in my head, right around the corner.
Ezra Furman
I knew I looked kind of ridiculous, in my personal opinion – Tamlyn Tomita’s opinion – a Vulcan in sunglasses and ears is a little too much, but I knew I just had to play it seriously.
Tamlyn Tomita
I get things in my head every once in a while and decide I must experience them, no matter how ridiculous.
Jonny Lee Miller
It’s ridiculous, but it’s horrible going bald. Anyone who says it isn’t is lying.
James Nesbitt
You can’t have bank holding companies acting as hedge funds. You can’t have them taking a million-dollar pension plan for Joe Schmo the bus driver and treat it with the same risk appetite that you treat George Soros’ pocket money. It’s fundamentally ridiculous.
Shia LaBeouf
To be honest, the first time round, I didn’t think ‘Fame Academy’ was the worst premise in the world. You got people on, and they would write songs and develop themselves as artists. But then, instead of getting a little bit more credible, it got a little bit more ridiculous.
Paolo Nutini
In high school, I started saving up to get a nose job, which is so ridiculous. I had this job at Tim Hortons, and I was trying to save up $10,000 for a nose job.
Rupi Kaur
The NCAA makes so much money off of their kids, and they put ridiculous – absolutely ridiculous – restrictions on everything that they can do.
Aaron Rodgers
This sounds ridiculous, but my political inspiration is not Marx or Engels or ­anything like that. It was my mum.
Emily Thornberry
I – and, I suspect, millions of Americans like me, Republicans and Democrats alike – couldn’t care less about Obama’s middle name or the ridiculous six-degrees-of-separation game that is the William Ayers non-issue.
Khaled Hosseini
It’s never been bad or ridiculous. I know who I am and what I’ve done, and I’m really comfortable with myself.
Tina Yothers
If you look at the history of wrestling, what makes heels great is their ridiculous statements.
My husband and I had the opportunity to write some stuff for other people. We both tried it. I think it lasted about two weeks, and we both felt ridiculous. It just didn’t work for us.
Margo Price
Like I always said, Carson Palmer got hit in his knee in 2005 but there was no rule made. Then Tom Brady got hit in his knee and all of a sudden there is a rule and possible suspensions, excessive fines – it’s just getting ridiculous.
Terrell Suggs
I think the tabloids have become utterly ridiculous. When they just write on pure speculation, that’s pretty sick.
Lorrie Morgan
Every coach talks to their players. Imagine not talking to Lionel Messi – that would be ridiculous.
Luis Enrique
When I first started at Bridgend, I’d see the amount of work Rob Howley put in on his own after the team had all gone home. He was doing ridiculous amounts. So I started training like him. Always on my own.
Gareth Thomas
Any tragic memory I have I also think is really funny. On any given day, I can think about how horrible something is and also how ridiculous and over-the-top it is.
Perfume Genius
Every coach talks to their players. Imagine not talking to Lionel Messi – that would be ridiculous.
Luis Enrique
I used to see an ridiculous quantity of films; I think I saw every possible movie.
Ginevra Elkann
You can’t lie to God – it’s ridiculous.
Jimmy Swaggart
It’s so ridiculous how you just get a call one day and go on an audition that can easily change your life for the next several years.
Ian Harding
I’ve always relied on a big producer and big studios. I had budgets that were ridiculous.
Jimmy Somerville
The occult – what do you mean, Jesus? That’s occult to me. It’s so far-fetched, it’s ridiculous.
Glenn Danzig
A lot of people have ridiculous misconceptions about diet and workout routines. It is not about exotic greens and workouts from the western world. It is about what works for you the best.
Huma Qureshi
Being in Australia makes me happy. My partner is Australian, and my home is in Australia, and it’s ridiculous not to be Australian – it’s a logical step to take.
Miriam Margolyes
When I hear people express extreme optimism about the Internet, I say, we’ve had it in mature form for about ten years. Macroeconomically speaking, those are about the worst 10 years we’ve had since about the 1930s. I don’t blame the Internet for that – that would be ridiculous.
Tyler Cowen
The idea of a federal betting parlor on atrocities and terrorism is ridiculous and it’s grotesque.
Ron Wyden
It’s pretty ridiculous how nice people are in Milwaukee. It’s like you’re a member of everyone’s family or something.
Christian Yelich
With regard to Trump, he’s saying some things that I just think are ridiculous and would disqualify any other candidate.
Gary Johnson
It took me 30 years, but I finally bought myself the Patek Philippe watch I’d always wanted. It’s ridiculous how much I love it.
Sam Neill
I was terrible in English. I couldn’t stand the subject. It seemed to me ridiculous to worry about whether you spelled something wrong or not, because English spelling is just a human convention – it has nothing to do with anything real, anything from nature.
Richard P. Feynman
I’m not a huge spender. Sometimes when you pay a lot, you’re paying for the company’s advertising. It feels ridiculous to pay for a name.
Evelyne Brochu
I find respect for a mediocre British composer, as opposed to a really good American, ridiculous because they automatically respect a composer if he’s from England.
John Corigliano
There wasn’t really anything I wanted to do other than acting, which is ridiculous because there were no actors in my family, and we didn’t know anything about acting.
Nicola Walker
If anger proceeds from a great cause, it turns to fury; if from a small cause, it is peevishness; and so is always either terrible or ridiculous.
Jeremy Taylor
There’s nothing more ridiculous than seeing yourself in a video game.
Rob Dyrdek
There are times when you see how ridiculous is this life, how ludicrous it is, you know, leaving your house every morning and being followed by paparazzi.
Johnny Depp
The sentimental view of anything is apt to be ridiculous, but I feel that I have been unusually sensitive to the issue of place since I was a little boy.
James Howard Kunstler
Dee Dee got the name ‘The Ramones’ from Paul McCartney. McCartney would call himself Paul Ramon when he checked into hotels and didn’t want to be noticed. I liked it because I thought it was ridiculous. The Ramones? That’s absurd!
Tommy Ramone
There’s only a step from the sublime to the ridiculous, but there’s no road leading from the ridiculous to the sublime.
Lion Feuchtwanger
I have this ridiculous chip on my shoulder, having been a dancer, that I feel like I really ought to be able to do everything myself – but there are some things I very clearly cannot.
Amanda Schull
You can’t sing about the same things as you did when you were 20; it would be ridiculous to sing about, I don’t know, being in the quad. You can’t really write about mortgage payments or stuff like that… but you can talk about ‘let’s make the world a better place.’
Dexter Holland
Custom has made dancing sometimes necessary for a young man; therefore mind it while you learn it, that you may learn to do it well, and not be ridiculous, though in a ridiculous act.
Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield
I grew up on the Roger Moore and Sean Connery Bond movies, so the DNA of my spies is extremely ridiculous and goofy.
Nick Harkaway
There are a lot of people who are considered ‘camp’ who have no idea how ridiculous they are.
Fred Schneider
Oppositions usually say ridiculous things and must embarrassingly then ditch untenable positions.
Michael Portillo
I’m a bit of a traditionalist; the ballroom is all about tails and I never mess about with that. But for the Latin you can have a bit fun: tight trousers, gold shirt open to my waist, be a bit ridiculous.
Anton du Beke
We got the vote, which we should’ve been born with, in 1920. Everything we’ve had to struggle for – it’s ridiculous.
Helen Thomas
I often lament that new picture books don’t get read because the classics hold up so well. It’s a ridiculous complaint because, um, the classics hold up so well.
Rebecca Serle
I guess I did get a good perspective on how ridiculous it is that people think celebrities are important just by the nature of them being known by people.
Miles Robbins
If someone says to you, ‘Go to an old-folks’ home,’ that’s kind of ridiculous, because a lot of old people are doing terrific things for society.
Myron Scholes
It’s ridiculous that people aren’t allowed to love who they love, have families, and have the same life as straight people. It’s infuriating.
Janina Gavankar
We’re constantly bombarded with perfect airbrushed images. Every magazine you look at is like ‘top 20 tricks to have the perfect body’ and it’s ridiculous.
Shannon Purser
When you’re your own producer, you do the most ridiculous, insane things.
Bo Derek
I’d love to wear the big pant, like I see on the street, or the blouson, but I’d look ridiculous. I’m not that shape. You must respect yourself.
Hubert de Givenchy
I have the most ridiculous TV crush on Michael McIntyre. I fell in love watching him on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.
Geri Halliwell
I had this song called Helter Skelter, which is just a ridiculous song. So we did it like that, ‘cuz I like noise.
Paul McCartney
I haven’t done much press for many reasons, but mostly because it’s not an interesting dialogue about work that’s been done. It’s turned into something else. It’s become this ridiculous other thing.
Frances McDormand
I immediately understood the general air of humiliation that comes with trying to do something as ridiculous as be an actor in Hollywood. It’s just kind of an embarrassing endeavor.
Adam Scott
The ridiculous events in everyday life are often overlooked – people don’t recognise it as potentially cinematic.
Taika Waititi
I’ve met them down in the Cost and Accounting Department, clean-shaven and in white collars. They can’t see a damn thing ridiculous about themselves… only about you.
Jean Shepherd
Saying gay people shouldn’t be the punchline is basically saying don’t make people the punch line, which I think is ridiculous. The whole point of comedy is, on some level, to make fun of ourselves and put everything into an absurdist context.
Billy Eichner
The studio scene in California is sort of ridiculous anyway.
Paul Kantner
The focus on just thinking about standardized test scores as being synonymous with achievement for teenagers is ridiculous, right? There are so many things that kids care about, where they excel, where they try hard, where they learn important life lessons, that are not picked up by test scores.
Angela Duckworth
Hollywood is the only thing more ridiculous than Silicon Valley. There’s nowhere else where it’s stranger.
T. J. Miller
If you get a wrinkle, I don’t feel that’s indicative of your losing ground. That’s ridiculous.
Leighton Meester
It’s too easy to dismiss Donald Trump as a buffoon – to point and laugh at a man whose worldview is as ridiculous as his hairdo. But to do so is to make light of a very serious threat.
Sadiq Khan
I love how strong we are, the strength women have is ridiculous. The things we can do are unreal.
Perrie Edwards
It’s going to sound ridiculous, but knowing how to pose, how to maintain a level of engagement and variation for a day of shooting, is actually a skill.
Cameron Russell
At the time of ‘Words, Words, Words,’ I’m a 19-year-old getting up feeling like he’s entitled to do comedy and tell you what he thinks of the world, so that’s inherently a little bit ridiculous.
Bo Burnham
Your country becomes funnier the further you are from it. I remember seeing Boris Johnson on the news when I was in Hong Kong, and he looked so much more ridiculous.
Russell Howard
I’m not a very gregarious person. I can’t bear attention being called to me in a public place, which is ridiculous in a business that pays you to be noticed.
Gabriel Byrne
We aren’t safe in our own home, in our own country, and in our own land. For me, it is the most ridiculous thing ever. The rate at which women are being harmed is rapidly growing and is unacceptable.
Shibani Dandekar
The fate of animals is of greater importance to me than the fear of appearing ridiculous; it is indissolubly connected with the fate of men.
Emile Zola
Working in the shop has taught me how utterly ridiculous the female fear of knees is. It’s a bloody knee. It’s bone. We can’t control our knees, our knees are not our fault. We cannot let this continue, we have to abandon this ridiculous new obsession and set the knee free.
Dawn O’Porter
I think that most people think painters are kind of ridiculous, you know?
Roy Lichtenstein
Today if any actor says that he has done theatre before, he is considered to be a good one, which is ridiculous.
Himani Shivpuri
I don’t agree with beauty contests. I did it one time. It wasn’t embarrassing being Wonder Woman; it was embarrassing walking around on stage in a bikini. It was ridiculous, stupid, and humiliating.
Lynda Carter
My life is just a ridiculous one.
Pat McAfee
If they can look past the fact that I happen to wear mascara on stage – which, by the way, is a ridiculous thing that people have a stigma about – then we promise a good rock show.
Andy Biersack
It would be ridiculous to ignore the speed and possibilities of the digital landscape – you absolutely need to have fast-moving news online, but if you want to build a large audience over time, you absolutely have to take a risk on the big challenging stuff.
Anna Wintour
The notion of a non-religious Christmas is ridiculous. But so is the insistence on the part of Christians that politicians and retailers carry out their pro-Christmas crusade.
Rachel Campos-Duffy
I like dramatic and crazy, weird, ridiculous eyebrows but I know the majority of people don’t do their brows like me.
Kat Von D
You want a happy ending, but not such a ridiculous happy ending that it doesn’t mean anything to anybody.
Paul Feig
I remember I did a character in ‘Robocop’ years ago – Commander Cash. I wore this really ridiculous outfit, and my face was covered. You couldn’t recognize me in the suit; you could only hear my voice.
Roddy Piper
Everyday life is pretty funny and pretty ridiculous and occasionally really great, though not all the time, and that’s all part of it.
Owen King
There has been this slightly naive and perhaps arrogant view that technology can completely reinvent the political system and the way that government and politics works, which is ridiculous.
Steve Hilton
When you’re surrounded by feathers and sequins and ridiculous Lycra outfits, it’s impossible not to have a smile on your face.
Catherine Martin
I have a ridiculous fear of sharks but I’d jump in the water in a second for an amazing role.
Kate Mara
In marriage there are no manners to keep up, and beneath the wildest accusations no real criticism. Each is familiar with that ancient child in the other who may erupt again. We are not ridiculous to ourselves. We are ageless. That is the luxury of the wedding ring.
Enid Bagnold
There is not in the universe a more ridiculous, nor a more contemptible animal, than a proud clergyman.
Henry Fielding
Great men of action… never mind on occasion being ridiculous; in a sense it is part of their job, and at times they all are.
Oswald Mosley
That’s kind of the weird thing that M. Night Shyamalan has sort of unleashed upon the world is this need for every movie to have these ridiculous endings.
Alex Winter
I heard there was a debate about fighting teammates, and if a fight should happen because the fans or promoter wants it, I will fight a teammate, but family is ridiculous.
Alistair Overeem
I briefly thought of becoming a priest but quickly saw that would be ridiculous.
Armando Iannucci
I want to suggest a feeling. It’s ridiculous to assume you can state an opinion. Somebody else can never relate to the lyric in the same way because their whole experience is different. You can only suggest, then people add their own history and experience to the lyrics.
Danielle Dax
Celebrity is ridiculous and silly and it’s mad that people like me are listened to – you know, rap stars and movie stars.
The ‘Friday sessions’ refer to something that you’re not paid for and not supposed to do during your professional life. Curiosity-driven research. Something random, simple, maybe a bit weird – even ridiculous. Without it, there are no discoveries.
Andre Geim
As tempting as it seems to wear tennis shoes with your tux, don’t do it. I think it looks ridiculous. If you’re 14 years old, maybe give it a shot. In general, don’t portray anything that says ‘I’m too cool and I don’t care.’
Paul Feig
Well actually, some weeks they’ll write that I’m jealous of living in her shadow. Then other weeks, they’ll write that all I want to do is loaf around on her money! It’s ridiculous!
Ryan Phillippe
You’re always asking yourself, are you doing the best for your child? And other parents let you know if you’re not, just not in a direct way. There’s a sense of competition, which is ridiculous because you know deep down you’re all suffering.
Tom Ellis
Now, I’m fully aware that there is only one figure more pitiable, more ludicrous, more inherently ridiculous than a bad singer who keeps on singing, and that’s a bad singer who keeps on singing because he has issues.
Tom Junod
I find the heated political debate over the burkini both ridiculous and dangerous.
Isabelle Adjani
You can only really understand good if you have bad, so the idea of heaven or anything that happens for eternity, even if it’s nice, I can’t imagine it being nice forever. Even the idea of forever is kind of ridiculous, which is unfortunate because it’s kind of a nice thing to say, you know.
Conor Oberst
It’s ridiculous that Claire Foy got paid less than Matt Smith on ‘The Crown.’ That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
Jessie Buckley
I hope I never get so hard up I have to do advertisements. I’ve gotten ridiculous offers.
Tracey Ullman
Ever since Romanticism, an oppositional mode, artists have the right, and indeed the duty, to attack social convention. But it is ridiculous and in fact self-infantilizing for them to expect to be financially supported by the general public whom they are insulting.
Camille Paglia
All the classical genres are now ridiculous in their rigorous purity.
Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
Here in L.A. the standard of beauty is kind of ridiculous. I want to be doing this when I’m in my fifties and sixties and this isn’t what I’m going to look like.
Rose Byrne
It’s become a running joke among the public, and liberals have lost all credibility when it comes to climate science because their arguments have become so ridiculous and so obviously disconnected from reality.
Sonny Perdue
It’s not fair for Jewish students to go about their daily lives feeling like they are expected to justify or defend the actions of the state of Israel. It’s ridiculous.
Wes Streeting
How ridiculous I was as a Marionette! And how happy I am, now that I have become a real boy!
Carlo Collodi
The worst thing you can do as a comedy director is be on set and think of something ridiculous, or an actor comes up to you with something ridiculous, and you say ‘No, no that’s too much.’ Let’s not worry if that’s too much, let’s shoot it, and then decide if that’s too much when we see it.
Todd Phillips
As an actor, you don’t have much choice about your appearance. It’s a good excuse for looking ridiculous.
Kit Harington
People whose views are swung when you get into these ridiculous debates – I think they’re all nonsense. You’ve got to have a fundamental belief, you’ve got to believe in what you believe in.
Nigel Pearson
There are so many ridiculous arguments that MMA is somehow anti-woman.
Ronda Rousey
I’ve had a lot of ridiculous haircuts.
Tom Brady
I probably would never be caught wearing a baseball cap. Hats are difficult to me because they tend to be too big for my head. They don’t fit right, and I feel ridiculous.
Ariel Pink
I do suspect my star ratings average too high. But, of course, star ratings are ridiculous. I’m stuck with them.
Roger Ebert
I knew I wanted to be an engineer, but I didn’t know what type of engineer. I chose electrical engineering primarily because it was the hardest one to get into. It’s ridiculous when I think about it now, but it worked out OK.
Steve Mollenkopf
But the fact that same-sex marriage is still an issue is insane. Thinking love knows a sex is ridiculous.
Garret Dillahunt
Letting go of things and not being afraid of being ridiculous or over the top – I think that’s the main thing for me to work on.
Charlotte Gainsbourg
I was in Sweden for 10 days. They put me on the front page of the daily papers eight days in a row. I did nothing to warrant any of the attention. It was ridiculous.
Johnny Thunders
My parents were very open about what kind of talent I had. They never pushed me to become an accountant because they knew that would be just absolutely ridiculous. So they were encouraging in what I am able to do with some success.
Grace Slick
I know how ridiculous this sounds because of the job I do but I don’t believe in romanticism and make-believe.
Laura Marling
In this industry there’s this ridiculous connotation with women shows that’s it’s got to be difficult, and it’s not true.
Holly Marie Combs
I sometimes wonder, the tendency for anybody, especially when you’re with friends and you’re in the trenches, is to laugh at the stuff that you interpret as ridiculous or silly, and to grouch about the things that you interpret as not being good. That to me isn’t morale, that’s just like getting through the day.
Christopher Daniels
I truly believe that women should be financially independent from their men. And let’s face it, money gives men the power to run the show. It gives men the power to define value. They define what’s sexy. And men define what’s feminine. It’s ridiculous.
Beyonce Knowles
I’m sure in the history of Harvard, and the history of most schools, there’s been some pretty crazy parties that I’m not even sure you could even capture on film how silly and ridiculous they were.
Cameron Winklevoss
Losing produces a weird reaction in me. I surrender all sense of perspective. It’s ridiculous, really. All this over a football match.
Harry Redknapp
The mere mention of domestic service brings some people out in spots of outrage, but there is a crying need for relatively low-level employment. It’s ridiculous that people at the top are killing themselves in demanding jobs and then coming home to mow their own lawns.
David Starkey
I’m actually rubbish at selfies. I always feel a bit ridiculous doing it unless I’m with a bunch of friends, where I’ll usually stand at the back with a huge grin on my face!
Poppy Delevingne
I think, whenever you’re doing anything, you don’t want anyone anywhere to watch it and think that what your character is doing is ridiculous. You don’t want anyone to watch it and go, ‘Oh my God, that’s just fortuitous.’
Claire Foy
I think, specifically with the horror genre, you have to make it very believable because it can come across ridiculous.
Maika Monroe
I was just having fun because everybody was so much shorter than me. Honestly, my stats in high school were ridiculous. They made no sense.
Marc Gasol
I have this ridiculous idea that art should just be for everyone, and everyone should get to enjoy art and it shouldn’t be this exclusive thing.
Zoe Buckman
I often look ridiculous in Japan. There’s really no way to eat in Japan, particularly kaiseki in a traditional ryokan, without offending the Japanese horribly. Every gesture, every movement is just so atrociously wrong, and the more I try, the more hilarious it is.
Anthony Bourdain
It’s my job to be ridiculous.
It’s ridiculous. My life’s been a series of happy accidents.
Lucas Neff
There’s nothing that winds me up more on Twitter than people who are stupid, and who say the most ridiculous things.
Phillip Schofield
My favorite tweets are the, ‘I used to like and then you said this,’ ‘I used to like you then you suggested that president Trump was not the savior of all of us.’ It’s absolutely ridiculous.
Kat Timpf
A single woman with a very narrow income must be a ridiculous, disagreeable old maid – the proper sport of boys and girls; but a single woman of good fortune is always respectable, and may be as sensible and pleasant as anybody else.
Jane Austen
I like going absurd pretty quickly. You don’t waste any time when you’re doing theater of the ridiculous.
Stephen Karam
What a piece of garbage this smart car is. There’s a commercial – the smart car has zero percent interest for six years. Well, good, I got zero percent in six years in buying this smart car. I’ll tell you that much. I mean, it’s ridiculous. My buddy has a smart car, totaled it. He hit a deer tick.
Larry the Cable Guy
My mom used to say that if someone woke her up in the middle of the night and asked how old she was, she’d answer 27. Hearing her, I’d think, ‘That’s ridiculous; your job as my mom is to be old.’
Jennifer Egan
People like Nick Cave – that ridiculous, over-the-top doom, taking it to extremes – I find it uplifting because it’s like someone else is feeling what you’re feeling and putting it into their music. Someone expressing extreme joy is just as valuable; it’s just the fact that they’re expressing their soul through music.
Matt Bellamy
We’ll never move beyond oil until we stop rewarding oil companies with ridiculous taxpayer subsidies and start making them pay for the harm they cause our families and our planet.
Sheldon Whitehouse
I have never used my family name to ‘cash-in.’ Unfortunately, such ridiculous charges come with the territory of coming from a famous and public family.
Neil Bush
I tend to sit around with my friends a lot and rant and rave about things I think are ridiculous in the world, and I tend to make fun of myself a lot.
Tom Green
An actor should be ready to play any role within reason. For example, I think the most ridiculous thing for me to do would be to try and play Shakespeare.
Glenn Ford
I can’t be described as a sex symbol; I think it’s ridiculous.
Tom Mison
It took a long while for me to know that I’m beautiful. I remember going through this phase when I was younger of wanting to pass by mirrors and not look at them. That was so ridiculous. I’ve learned now that beauty starts from within.
Kelly Rowland
My husband is a martial artist, and he thinks it’s hilarious that I have a stage-fighting-proficiency certificate. He thinks that’s ridiculous. Can’t say I’ve used it much.
Lesley Nicol
I have this theory that, depending on your attitude, your life doesn’t have to become this ridiculous charade that it seems so many people end up living.
Christian Bale
I’m a very lazy person by nature. I have to be really engaged, and then I go straight from lazy to obsessive. I couldn’t study chemistry, but I could memorize all the books for Dungeons and Dragons. It was ridiculous. The trick is to find what I like to do.
Jon Favreau
I spend a ridiculous amount on pots, lilacs, and alliums.
Emma Healey
It’s not like I’m anti-China. I just think it’s ridiculous that we allow them to do what they’re doing to this country, with the manipulation of the currency, that you write about and understand, and all of the other things that they do.
Donald Trump
We have a ridiculous amount of material.
Mike McCready
Among the many things that I loved about playing football was sitting around the locker room with teammates and poking fun at each other with sophomoric slams, each one more ridiculous than the next.
Mark Schlereth
Affectation is certain deformity; by forming themselves on fantastic models, the young begin with being ridiculous, and often end in being vicious.
Robert Blair
People in Northern Ireland vote for their church, they don’t vote with their heads; it is ridiculous.
Frank Carson
I’ve been interested in acting since the age of 10. But as you grow up, when someone asks you what you want to become, you learn to answer it with a ‘doctor/ engineer/astronaut’ and your real dream of wanting to be an actor starts sounding ridiculous even to yourself.
Shraddha Srinath
Some people say I’ve got a five-octave range, which is ridiculous. That would mean I’d sing like Mariah Carey or that alien in ‘The Fifth Element.’ And I’m nothing like that blue alien. I’ve got a range of about 3 1/2 octaves.
I have seen Tommy Emanuel play; my wife and I went to see him and he just melted my face off. How do you play guitar like that? There are so many people that play at a ridiculous level and I sit there watching them and I’m like, ‘Wow, wish I could do that.’
John Petrucci
My dad always taught me never to give up in my mind. You can never really beat me. It sounds ridiculous, but I will always come back for you. You can’t beat someone who never gives up. I could lose 100 times to you, but I will always get you. I will die trying. This applies not only to swimming but to my life as well.
Chad le Clos
I would never withhold information about the murder of my man Biggie, or anybody else. It’s just silly and ridiculous. The accusations are just flying out. All I’ve been trying to do all my life is to make great music.
Sean Combs
A great philosopher has stated that the worst evil of poverty is, that it makes folks ridiculous; by which, I hope, he only means that, as in the above case, it places them in incongruous positions.
James Payn
There is only one step from the sublime to the ridiculous.
Napoleon Bonaparte
If you think about it now, it’s kind of ridiculous. All these hot girls on Baywatch in tiny little red bathing suits running around saving lives.
Carmen Electra
We confess our bad qualities to others out of fear of appearing naive or ridiculous by not being aware of them.
Gerald Brenan
If you’ve had a marriage that ended because of a betrayal in trust on your spouse’s behalf, the idea of trusting another person with your heart can seem completely ridiculous.
Emily V. Gordon
When I see this, you know, ‘Crooked Hillary,’ or I see the, ‘Lock her up,’ it’s just ridiculous. It is ridiculous. But I just – you know – it is beneath the character of the kind of dialogue we should have. Because we got real serious problems to solve. And look, most of us stopped the name-calling thing about fifth grade.
Tim Kaine
Sometimes, by using the most over-the-top, ridiculous plot device you can imagine, you get some interesting little conflicts and cool things that you might not otherwise have a chance to explore.
G. Willow Wilson
I’m one of those guys that – as far as relationships and stuff go – if you smile at me, I’m like, ‘Let’s date for three years’ – which is just ridiculous.
Norman Reedus
Hold everybody accountable? Ridiculous!
W. Edwards Deming
We know no spectacle so ridiculous as the British public in one of its periodical fits of morality.
Thomas Babington Macaulay
Suggesting that just because someone who is on the telly has a superior moral viewpoint to someone who say, shelf stacks at Aldi is ridiculous.
Alan Carr
Ah, political physics. Someone wins an election and, poof, they are a candidate for vice president. Ridiculous.
Mark McKinnon
To this day, I remember vividly Missy Elliott, Ludacris, and my grandma riding in a golf cart to set. My grandma went back to Ohio and told her bowling friends, ‘Guess what? I was riding to set with Missy and Ridiculous!’
Alyson Stoner
I think everyone knows the news has become ridiculous. It’s entertainment driven.
Adam McKay
The Bond situations to me are so ridiculous, so outrageous. I mean, this man is supposed to be a spy, and yet everybody knows he’s a spy.
Roger Moore
I think the criticism Coach Greg Jackson gets is ridiculous and it makes me angry.
Cub Swanson
When I jumped off a roof in Cannes in a bee costume, I looked ridiculous. But this is my business; I have to humiliate myself.
Jerry Seinfeld
I’m extremely self-critical. Although I try not to be ridiculous about it, wearing horsehair shirts and all that. It’s a private exercise I don’t necessarily share with other people.
Gina McKee
I told my psychiatrist that everyone hates me. He said I was being ridiculous – everyone hasn’t met me yet.
Rodney Dangerfield
I mean, dear old ‘Bergerac’, or dear young ‘Bergerac’ as he was then, he had a gammy leg, he was going through a nasty divorce with his wife, he was a recovering alcoholic, it’s a wonder he can get up in the morning let alone solve any crimes. And he also had to drive that ridiculous car.
John Nettles
To think that there’s one version of a man is ridiculous.
Riley Stearns
It’s ridiculous to have to base your relationship on money.
Goldie Hawn
You’ve seen my statements; I do very well. I don’t mind paying some taxes. The middle class is getting clobbered in this country. You know the middle class built this country, not the hedge fund guys, but I know people in hedge funds that pay almost nothing, and it’s ridiculous, OK?
Donald Trump
It’s a humorous statement that doesn’t mean anything. You can’t lie to God – it’s ridiculous.
Jimmy Swaggart
Divorce is so common and accepted in America that beating myself up over it may sound ridiculous. But I was raised to believe that divorce wasn’t an option; to me, divorce equaled failure. I wasn’t able to change that equation until I found myself in the right relationship.
Trisha Yearwood
As a child, I’d help my mum cook, and it was ridiculous – she had the correct gadget or utensil for everything. ‘Stop! Don’t use that, I have exactly the right utensil.’ After I left home, I survived on cup-a-meals and never saw myself as being like her. Now I’ve become her.
I am not defined as a black writer in the Caribbean, but as soon as I go to America or the U.K., my place becomes black theatre. It’s a little ridiculous.
Derek Walcott
I collect art, and I drink wine… things that I like that I had never been exposed to. But I never said, ‘I’m going to buy art to impress this crowd.’ That’s just ridiculous to me. I don’t live my life like that, because how could you be happy with yourself?
Some people criticize North Koreans and ask, ‘Are they stupid? How can they believe those ridiculous things?’ But I say, It doesn’t matter if you’re smart: if you were born in North Korea, you would be exactly like us. We don’t know what freedom is. We have never enjoyed it.
Lee Hyeon-seo
The great thing about celebrity culture is that they can’t seem to stop themselves from displaying their ridiculous behaviour. I feel it’s my job as a serious investigative journalist to witness all kinds of behaviour and then report back to the audience through the prism of my own anger and bitterness.
Kathy Griffin
A lot of independent films try to pull off a 14-day shooting schedule, which I think is ridiculous. No matter how big or small you are, it really kills whatever sort of time you get to allow the actors to find their characters, and to spend time to think about what they’re doing.
Sean Baker
There’s this ridiculous idea that I’m a gender traitor because I’m not a feminist. I’m supposed to be part of a sisterhood: you’re automatically supposed to support all women just because you have the same genitals as them, which doesn’t make sense.
Lauren Southern
Overall when you work in fashion, you’re always in a rush. You’re always a little late, always in a hurry. Every single moment’s important, so you never have enough time to do what you want to do. It’s ridiculous.
Ines de La Fressange
The book that meant most to me was ‘The Wind in the Willows.’ It sounds ridiculous, but that was my vision of England.
Justin Cartwright
What makes me laugh is ‘Masterchef,’ with that ridiculous thing they always say, ‘cooking doesn’t get any tougher than this!.’
Prue Leith
Some of the stage outfits I’ve got are ridiculous. I’ll lay out clothes to pack, and it’ll look like Polly Pocket clothing – because it’s all stretchy, it’s tiny. I don’t need a case when I tour; I can fit it all in my handbag.
Jessie J
It was kind of ridiculous to carry it up to a certain point and then drop the ball or the bomb, like quitting the band right after we had signed to Virgin.
Elliott Smith
My wife’s jealousy is getting ridiculous. The other day she looked at my calendar and wanted to know who May was.
Rodney Dangerfield
I’ll tell you one thing, since I’m married, single people look absolutely ridiculous to me.
Jerry Seinfeld
My love of Seagal is ridiculous. Like, I love this man. I love how ridiculous he is. I mean, he made an album called ‘Songs From The Crystal Cave.’
Sometimes life gives us lessons sent in ridiculous packaging.
Dar Williams
I know North Korea is the most ridiculous country in the world, but for me, my mum, my brother, and my families and old memories are so important.
Lee Hyeon-seo
When I realise that I don’t have a lot of time left to do what I’m meant to do in terms of buying things, that’s when things begin to feel Christmassy for me – when I realise that time is against me, and I’ve got to act; otherwise, I’ll look ridiculous.
Matt Berry
I have a family I love. They tend to say, ‘Great job!’ Or ‘You work really hard! Good for you!’ Or ‘You look nice today!’ Or ‘Don’t be ridiculous, order the fries!’ Or ‘You are hilarious.’ That’s all the family I need.
I just don’t think CGI is up to manipulating the human face yet. I feel like you can get away with it with aliens or monsters or something that’s intentionally foreign, but I have yet to see anything digital to do with the human face that doesn’t just look ridiculous.
Rian Johnson
The pursuit of happiness is a most ridiculous phrase: if you pursue happiness you’ll never find it.
Carrie Snow
Why would it be ridiculous that Quebec has an army?
Gilles Duceppe
The left claims that Republicans hate Hispanics, which is just the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard, and the right just claims all we need to do is close the borders and do nothing else, which is also ridiculous.
Raul Labrador
Oscar night is a ridiculous night where you go to these parties and you see everyone that you’ve ever wanted to work with and admire.
Jordana Brewster
I can still remember my mum (a voracious, if not discriminating, reader – I have seen everything from the sublime to the ridiculous by her bed, from Ian Rankin and Elmore Leonard to Barbara Cartland and James Patterson) taking me to get my library card when I was four and not yet at school.
John Niven
Any fighter, at the end of the day, that says it’s not about the money is ridiculous. We wouldn’t be training this hard, putting our bodies on the line, and torturing our bodies if there wasn’t a payday at the end of the day.
Bobby Lashley
Now I find seriousness to be rather ridiculous.
Brie Larson
My dreams as a kid were so far below the Grammys, like, maybe selling out a show, or, like, seeing your album on a shelf in an Urban Outfitters… and the Grammys are so far above that. It’s very ridiculous.
I apologize in my real life all the time. I say ridiculous things, I make mistakes constantly. But when I’m on stage, I’m at a microphone… it’s a joke!
Kathy Griffin
There is always something ridiculous about the emotions of people whom one has ceased to love.
Oscar Wilde
Some people get very successful for something they’re very cynical about – like Alec Guinness in ‘Star Wars.’ He thought it was ridiculous. Whereas for me, I’m so proud of ‘Stranger Things.’ I’m so proud of everyone’s work in it. And it’s become so successful. So for those two to meet is incredible.
David Harbour
I think that giving mindless praise is ridiculous. But I understand why parents do it. They want their kids to feel good about themselves. But parents are never going to teach their children true, positive self esteem by praising everything they do.
Rosalind Wiseman
There are some women who have made some really hurting remarks about my relationship with my husband Himanshu Malhotra. They even dared to ask me if I have divorced him just because I don’t put my pictures with him too often. Now that is really ridiculous!
Amruta Khanvilkar
Rock ‘n’ roll is ridiculous. It’s absurd. In the past, U2 was trying to duck that. Now we’re wrapping our arms around it and giving it a great big kiss.
You can’t just buy things for the label – it’s ridiculous.
Roberto Cavalli
I watch too many crime shows – it’s ridiculous.
Rhea Ripley
Gamer humor ranges all over the place. What it comes down to is taking a lot of what we see in gaming and we’re familiar with in gaming and being like, ‘OK, hold on, let’s re-examine this for a second. Isn’t this funny? Isn’t this strange? Isn’t this a little bit ridiculous?’ That’s where it is.
Freddie Wong
People don’t mind being mean; but they never want to be ridiculous.
As most doctors will tell you, cleansing is ridiculous. You know what’s been around longer than that state-of-the-art juicer? Your kidneys. And your liver. Still, the cleanse has recalibrated my definition of a splurge.
Sloane Crosley
I have ideas every day, and if I’m not carrying a pad of paper, I’m typing it into the notes thing on my iPhone, and it’s just ridiculous – idle hands are the devil’s plaything, and I can’t be the devil’s plaything. I got to be the devil; I got to be the guy making it all happen.
Corey Taylor
For instance, I have never believed that there is only one person for each person in the world. It doesn’t make the least sense to me. However, in reality, I fell in love at 45 and I am absolutely certain that my now husband is the only man in the world for me, a truth I find both ridiculous and uplifting.
Philippa Gregory
If I have one thing perfect, it’s my eyebrows. And my feet. I love my feet. They’re like Japanese feet. The rest I would like to hide. Especially my freckles. I feel ridiculous.
Emmanuelle Beart
As a Jewish refugee from the Soviet Union, I felt it was ridiculous to expect me to atone for the sins of slavery and segregation, to say nothing of the household drudgery and workplace discrimination suffered by women.
Max Boot
As ridiculous as I think the fashion and beauty industry is, I’m wildly obsessed with it.
Grace Helbig
This is a ridiculous heat wave we’re in right now, and to contribute, Newt Gingrich said that for the entire month of June, he will stop blowing hot air.
Bill Maher
The entire world is skewed from the white male perspective. If you’re a woman, they have to say it’s a female-driven comedy. If it’s a comedy with Latinos in it, it’s a Latino comedy. ‘Normal’ is white male, and I find that to be shocking and ridiculous.
Shonda Rhimes
The prices are ridiculous… I don’t see how people can go back and forth to work or to school. How can we afford the gas?
Dorothy Thompson
I’m a dad now and whatever I’m doing in life I usually put a lot of effort into it – usually too much effort, so it kind of comes off ridiculous at times.
Jeremy Sisto
I was exposed to a mix of cultures, lots of different religions and beliefs. I was a spiritual kid and went to Indian powwows and Buddhist temples. But over a period of time, with reading and thinking, I started to feel it was all so absurd: The whole idea of life after death is ridiculous.
Harvey Fierstein
‘I’ll Tumble 4 Ya’ has to be one of the most ridiculous hit singles that any international superstars have given the world.
Rob Sheffield
When I was a crusade director in British Columbia, all of our meetings were at 9:03. Somebody said ‘That’s ridiculous. Why did you do that?’ It’s because you remember it. You’ve never been to another 9:03 meeting.
Josh McDowell
I was a scapegoat. The media had to put responsibility on somebody, and I was chosen. They felt free to say that because someone was thin they were anorexic, which is ridiculous.
Kate Moss
I felt like I had to be, you know, perfect, which is ridiculous. Nobody’s perfect.
Elizabeth Vargas
The country is provincial; it becomes ridiculous when it tries to ape Paris.
Honore de Balzac
I like Hindi movies. Although my wife thinks the hero and heroine breaking into a song and dance every five minutes is ridiculous, but I find them entertaining.
Anish Giri
For someone to say I am overweight is completely ridiculous.
Lindsey Vonn
I really want to learn how to rap. I know it sounds utterly ridiculous!
Stana Katic
I’m really looking forward to a time when generations after us look back and say how ridiculous it was that humans were driving cars.
Sebastian Thrun
The testing levels have become ridiculous. All they show is contamination, and they have really put the trainers’ heads on the chopping blocks. It hurts racing.
Bob Baffert
My sister does all this community-service type stuff in Portland that makes the world a much better place. And I make as much in a two-day commercial shoot as she does in five years, which is ridiculous.
Alex Honnold
Some years ago, I was invited to speak in Houston, Texas. They said I was a founder of ‘postmodern theatre’. So I said to my office, ‘This is ridiculous for me to go and speak about postmodern theatre when I don’t know what it means, but… they’re paying me a lot of money, so I’ll go.’
Robert Wilson
Gaga the person is much like Gaga the celebrity. She is very sweet, loyal, and funny with her fans, and she is very sweet, loyal, and funny with her friends. On stage, she is over-the-top, ridiculous, dirty, and genuine on stage, and she is very over-the-top, ridiculous, dirty, and genuine with her friends.
Justin Tranter
With the first ‘Hatchet,’ I had an epic battle with the ratings board. They kept giving the movie an NC-17. There is absolutely no way that movie should have gotten an NC-17. All the gore in it is so ridiculous and over-the-top that you can’t take it seriously.
Adam Green
I think beauty comes from within, and society paints a ridiculous picture.
Rachel Bilson
I have been pregnant in so many movies it’s ridiculous.
Jennifer Aniston
Sometimes I see people writing the most ridiculous things about me.
Rita Ora
I’ve always felt it’s ridiculous to say, of any of the females in my life: You’re my friend, you’re my wife, you’re my girlfriend, you’re my co-worker. This is your box, and you’re not allowed to stray outside of it.
Jack White
When things are difficult, awful, stressful, the thing that always gets you through is a sense of humour. I don’t mean – well, maybe I do – laugh at the hangman as he puts the noose around your neck. But an eye, an ear, for the ridiculous, the absurd in life, can get you through a lot.
Paul Merton
Poles and Jews have been living on this land together for almost 1,000 years. Who can tell how much Jewish blood is in their veins? Nobody knows, so to talk about how to recognize if someone is Jewish is ridiculous.
Andrzej Duda
I just go out and sing my songs. I don’t put on elaborate stage shows with ridiculous fancy dress.
Amy Macdonald
To send our troops, our ships, our planes to this war is ridiculous.
John Hewson
A frustration I have is that a lot of people increasingly seem to equate an advertising business model with somehow being out of alignment with your customers. I think it’s the most ridiculous concept.
Mark Zuckerberg
Racism is ridiculous no matter where it’s coming from.
Alan Ball
People always want to think that because you’re not from a certain circumstance, you can’t relate. That’s ridiculous.
Hill Harper
Reality really is theater. There’s no other way to describe it. It’s all so nonsensical, ridiculous and chaotic.
Joe Rogan
The Left only worries about people who don’t want to work; they could care less. They cater more to people who are here illegally, and they care more about the feelings of countries that would love to see us wiped off the face of the Earth than they do hard-working Americans. It’s ridiculous.
Donald Trump, Jr.
There are these boutique writers out there who think if they are not writing their novels sitting at a bistro with their laptops, then they’re not real writers. That’s ridiculous.
Rick Bragg
The ridiculous way that workplace politics are conducted completely gets in the way of excellence in America.
Theresa Rebeck
The awards world can be ridiculous, but I’m not one to bash it. I love awards! When I’ve been nominated for Emmys and when I won my DGA Award, I couldn’t have been happier. I always liked getting a gold star in class.
Paul Feig
That’s a difficult question, because to consider yourself a rebel is sort of ridiculous.
Shirley Manson
Italian wines don’t have to be expensive to be good. It is absolutely ridiculous that people feel that have to spend a fortune.
Gino D’Acampo
I’d rather write a check than make myself look ridiculous.
Rocky Wirtz
‘District 9’, ‘Elysium’ and ‘Chappie’ were all born out of some visual concept first. ‘Chappie’ is the imagery, because I think I’m a visual person first, of this ridiculous robot character. It’s much more comedy based and in an unusual setting.
Neill Blomkamp
Yeah, so I have, like, a YouTube channel where I kind of use my engineering background to make sort of ridiculous things.
Mark Rober
I think the family is the place where the most ridiculous and least respectable things in the world go on.
Ugo Betti
‘Zorn’ goes to some pretty ridiculous places, but the real comedy is coming from these little observations about life that are not as outlandish as some of the bigger moves in the story. This is a guy who has magical relics and fights weird monsters and is also dealing with very basic work and family things.
Phil Lord
I am totally against the idea that a Muslim woman should not have the same opportunities as a Muslim man to learn, to open up, to work, help shape the future. To close Islam down to a sexist approach is totally intolerable and ridiculous. It’s not Islam.
Hussein of Jordan
We love to commiserate and troubleshoot and prepare for the worst, and gratitude yanks us out of that and reminds us of the ridiculous amount of infinite blessings that are around us at all times.
Jen Sincero
Basically I’m a female human being with brown hair, enjoy precision, reading the news, eating delicious food with my delicious friends and laughing at ridiculous things that don’t translate while you are desperately trying to make them.
Tig Notaro
Retirement at sixty-five is ridiculous. When I was sixty-five I still had pimples.
George Burns
I don’t even know how much money I’ve spent on all of this stuff… Just in plates and bars alone, it’s literally a ridiculous amount of money I’ve spent on those. And to me it doesn’t matter. It’s money that I’ve gladly spent.
Brian Shaw
There’s nobody like us in rock history. I’m not saying we’re the greatest band in the world – that would be ridiculous.
Steve Lukather
My biggest vice is playing solitaire on my iPad. It’s bad. I mean, it’s ridiculous.
Diane von Furstenberg
I’ve learned in my years as a journalist that when a politician says ‘That’s ridiculous’ you’re probably on the right track.
Amy Goodman
It seems ridiculous that you can be in one state with your driver’s license and buy a firearm, and then in the next state it is totally illegal. There are real problems to that, but as soon as you bring up the subject and say ‘gun control,’ it sets a red flag.
Joe Perry
I like Roy Orbison’s video for ‘I Drove All Night’ because it’s so literal. It is just a man driving throughout the night. I like that silliness. To be in a video is a ridiculous thing. It’s almost impossible to do it without any humour.
Richard Ayoade
My original perception of wrestling was not a very positive one. I didn’t understand it at all, and I thought it was kind of silly and ridiculous. But as I got to know it, it was sort of like how people used to talk about musicals, to me, when I was younger.
Betty Gilpin
Uncle Fester always intrigued me. I certainly always enjoyed his kind of humor. He’s just full of mischief in a kind of macabre way. I don’t see anything twisted about it. It’s sort of ridiculous and wacky. It’s sort of fun.
Christopher Lloyd
Mitt Romney saying that Barack Obama gets an F is one of the most ridiculous things that he has said in this race.
Stephanie Cutter
I often feel a discomfort, a kind of embarrassment, when I explain elementary-particle physics to laypeople. It all seems so arbitrary – the ridiculous collection of fundamental particles, the lack of pattern to their masses.
Leonard Susskind
I think fashion is repulsive. The whole idea that someone else can make clothing that is supposed to be in style and make other people look good is ridiculous. It sickens me to think that there is an industry that plays to the low self-esteem of the general public. I would like the fashion industry to collapse.
Steve Albini
When I had jobs, I was always doing manual jobs because I couldn’t think. I worked at the docks, unloading trucks, and did ridiculous jobs.
Dito Montiel
When I was 17, a neighbour I knew well died of cancer, and I became au pair to her three little girls. In circumstances like that, when you can’t really help, I think it’s a human response to do something beyond oneself. So I did a sponsored parachute jump for Cancer Research. It was exciting and ridiculous.
Tamsin Greig
I was a scapegoat. The media had to put responsibility on somebody, and I was chosen. They felt free to say that because someone was thin they were anorexic, which is ridiculous.
Kate Moss
We talk about players of yesteryear, guys who could play or couldn’t play, and I think it’s ridiculous to try to even compare people… The things that you can do in basketball today that you couldn’t even do then… you can carry the ball; you walk all over the place.
Jerry West
I spent ridiculous amounts of time as an activist and volunteer and was a teacher for 20 years.
Johann Lamont
I’ve found myself at one in the morning just sitting at my desk spending an hour returning emails from the day until like two in the morning. It’s ridiculous, I should be sleeping, or dreaming, or reading a novel.
Brit Marling
And I love Jennifer Lawrence. She’s a total fox. And such a good actress. It’s ridiculous.
Evan Peters
They have so fundamentally flawed techniques it’s ridiculous. They shoot the ball flat. They all stand upright, there’s just so many things they do incorrectly.
Rick Barry
My wife loves ‘Scandal,’ and I’m hooked on ‘Homeland.’ Sometimes I ask news makers, off the record, what rings true about those shows and what’s ridiculous.
David Gregory
I tried perming my hair by myself in lockdown. It came out looking ridiculous – my hair was so damaged and crispy.
Nigel Ng
Frankly, most of my friends hold very different political beliefs. It’s just a funny thing in this country that supposedly you can’t sit down and have dinner and enjoy another person’s company if you don’t have the same beliefs. It’s ridiculous.
Patricia Heaton
Comedy’s my outlet for my ridiculous emotions.
Michael Che
I get asked a lot why Apple’s customers are so loyal. It’s not because they belong to the Church of Mac! That’s ridiculous.
Steve Jobs
I think it’s ridiculous when people say, ‘I don’t date actors.’ It’s about the right person, and no matter what that right person does for a profession, they’re still going to be the right person.
Rob McClure
I would love to be doing more voice-over work. It’s such a fun and free playground to take risks, play around, and get sort of ridiculous.
Ari Graynor
To criticize a person for their race is manifestly irrational and ridiculous, but to criticize their religion, that is a right. That is a freedom.
Rowan Atkinson
I think Cate Blanchett always gets it right. She seems very natural and wears interesting but not ridiculous clothes – she seems to push the boundaries just enough.
Deborah Meaden
There are always going to be ridiculous rumours.
Kim Kardashian
You can’t win with some people. If you’re not in government, you’re criticised for being not serious. If you are in government, you’re criticised for wanting power. That’s the Labour party’s line of attack, and it’s a bit ridiculous.
Vince Cable
There are things done under the name of science which are ridiculous. But there is also stuff done which sounds funny but is really serious.
Margaret Geller
I love ‘Glee’ so much. It just works – it’s on the edge of ridiculous.
Adam Garcia
I have so many pairs of oxfords; it’s ridiculous. It started because at my school you have to wear oxfords for our uniform, but after I got my first pair, I realized they were really comfortable, so they became my regular walking shoes, too.
Yara Shahidi
The Department of Energy made an investment that failed, and it got raked over the coals for that failed investment. This is ridiculous. The fact of the matter is, the government should be making a lot of risky investments, the majority of which are likely to fail.
Peter Diamandis
I’m not one of these guys who says, Now I’m on a really hot show, better quit soon before I get labeled. That’s the most ridiculous notion I’d ever heard.
Jeff Probst
The truth is not wonderful enough to suit the newspapers; so they enlarge upon it, and invent ridiculous embellishments.
Anne Sullivan
I’ve always got loads on my plate, so I should concentrate on fewer things. I take multitasking to a ridiculous degree.
Mary Nightingale
This is something we’re seeing more, especially with patients from outside of this country. They love body modification, they love having things done that we don’t do in this country. For example, putting pubic hair on your eyelashes. What practitioner in this country would do something that ridiculous?
Paul Nassif
Gluten is so ridiculous. Don’t invite me to a dinner with someone who is gluten-free. I ruin the party.
Maye Musk
I’ve never filed a patent lawsuit. I hope never to file a patent lawsuit. That may be unrealistic, but it would be great if I could avoid doing it… Lawsuits are a ridiculous way to do business.
Nathan Myhrvold
My weakness is ‘American Idol.’ My husband thinks it’s ridiculous. But I am so inspired by those young people who are singing their guts out.
Mary Gordon
A lot of things went incredibly well for ‘Scrubs’: from a ridiculous number of downloads on the iPods, to whenever they issue a new season on DVD it kinda sells out, and we got nominated for an Emmy. To be picked up for six years is all gravy, man.
John C. McGinley
An Australian girl size 12 and a Swedish girl size 12 are completely different, just because of the way they’re formed. It’s becoming this worldwide movement because people are getting it. We all have two different parents; we’re not supposed to look the same. It’s ridiculous.
Hayley Hasselhoff
I’m a big fan of American vaudeville and Hollywood silent film-era slapstick and the music halls full of ridiculous, eccentric characters.
Lenny Abrahamson
It’s fun to perform Bernie Sanders and give his boring percentages and fact-based points to address some ridiculous Trumpisms, because that was always my fantasy for what the general election would look like.
James Adomian
It’s very important to me that people accept me as a transgendered female. But it’s ridiculous to a lot of people and I understand that.
Alexis Arquette
Why does everyone think they need to be a star? It’s ridiculous. The celebrity culture is so silly, and the fact that people grow up thinking that it’s something to aspire to just seems wrong. I don’t mean to bash my life. I love my life; I just think it’s not the only way to go.
Jennifer Garner
‘Man Down”s my absolute priority. If they give me another series, I’ll throw everything into it because I really like the characters. But after that, I’ll certainly be getting back on stage because I haven’t done a proper gig for two years. Which is ridiculous for someone who loves it so much.
Greg Davies
I’ve certainly been to Hollywood parties, and I have friends that are ridiculous – wonderful people – but they’re high rollers with tons of money.
Justin Hartley
My parents taught me not to complain, to always go forward. They taught me to always finish what I had on my plate. It seems ridiculous but these are little things that in the end make you stronger.
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
Be able to sneeze without sounding ridiculous. That means neither stifling yourself or spraying your immediate vicinity.
Marilyn vos Savant
It was one of those evenings when men feel that truth, goodness and beauty are one. In the morning, when they commit their discovery to paper, when others read it written there, it looks wholly ridiculous.
Aldous Huxley
You love all your characters, even the ridiculous ones. You have to on some level; they’re your weird creations in some kind of way. I don’t even know how you approach the process of conceiving the characters if in a sense you hated them. It’s just absurd.
Joel Coen
I get asked a lot why Apple’s customers are so loyal. It’s not because they belong to the Church of Mac! That’s ridiculous.
Steve Jobs
Usually, impersonations come out of something you dig, because you’re listening to it over and over. And you kind of start developing… You’re really trying to emulate them, then you realize, ‘I sound ridiculous doing this. Oh, hey, maybe this is a funny impersonation.’
Alex Borstein
When we put our trust in diplomacy, it is not because it is an inspiring or uplifting discourse or because it helps us see the common humanity in others. The stylized circumlocutions of diplomats can make them seem ridiculous or irrelevant: they never seem to be talking about what is really going on.
Noah Feldman
It’s time to wake up to the reality that ignoring the genuine concerns of the ‘fringe,’ until it becomes the majority, is patently ridiculous. That the scapegoating of alternative opinions doesn’t work.
Margarita Simonyan
I like wearing things that are a bit off but not in a ridiculous ‘I’m wearing a huge hat’ kind of way. More a socks with sandals way.
Edie Campbell
He explained how ridiculous the clowning was, and there and then I decided to settle down and play seriously.
Mary Lou Williams
To think one film makes a career is ridiculous. It’s important to keep perspective and do things other than for money.
Anthony Edwards
I was terrible in English. I couldn’t stand the subject. It seemed to me ridiculous to worry about whether you spelled something wrong or not, because English spelling is just a human convention – it has nothing to do with anything real, anything from nature.
Richard P. Feynman
There are so many songs in my heart and in my brain. I wake up at 2 in the morning, and I have to get up and sing them. There are so many of them, it’s ridiculous.
Aaron Neville
The number of old ladies who’ve beaten me up on TV is absolutely ridiculous.
Russell Howard
Do not let anything hold you back – especially the colour of your skin, that’s ridiculous and it shouldn’t be anything to hold you back.
Leigh-Anne Pinnock
Satire is tragedy plus time. You give it enough time, the public, the reviewers will allow you to satirize it. Which is rather ridiculous, when you think about it.
Lenny Bruce
I have Googled so many things related to possible diseases, and it’s always ridiculous. Like, ‘My toe is hurting. Do I have cancer?’ ‘I have a scratch in my eye. Am I going to die soon?’ ‘Is eating a soup going to make me die?’
Christine and the Queens
Once you’re past the age of, say, 11, you should stop idolizing athletes. You look ridiculous wearing the jersey of a guy who is younger and wealthier than you are.
Sean Evans
I truly believe that women should be financially independent from their men. And let’s face it, money gives men the power to run the show. It gives men the power to define value. They define what’s sexy. And men define what’s feminine. It’s ridiculous.
Beyonce Knowles
When I was younger, I was insecure for about 10 years: I wore glasses, had a cow’s lick, buck teeth and braces. I looked ridiculous.
Jack Whitehall
It’s a weird thing to have a Hall of Fame for rock. It’s weird that I spent years worshiping the Cure, and here’s the Chili Peppers, and then one gets in one doesn’t. It’s ridiculous. In my heart of hearts, it means nothing to me, but I do understand it means a lot to other people. It creates positivity.
Josh Klinghoffer
At the Super Bowl, when Beyonce was thrusting her hips forward in a very suggestive manner, if someone else had done that, it would’ve been a national scandal. I thought it was ridiculous.
Donald Trump
A lotta stuff has been written about me that I never said. Stories that were lies. One guy wrote that young as I was during World War II, I actually got a rifle and fought off the Germans. Which is ridiculous, insane. I was just six.
Bruno Sammartino
I’ve viewed myself as slightly above average in talent. And where I excel is ridiculous, sickening work ethic.
Will Smith
The more established you are, the less likely you are to do something ridiculous, which is one reason I’m proud to put out a wrestling album. If you stop and you go, ‘Well, what if people don’t like it?,’ if you’re already established in what you do, that’ll strike fear into your heart.
John Darnielle
I did comedy shows and the only thing beating out my fights were my comedy shows. The entertainment I was providing was ridiculous. They had me doing absolutely everything and anything.
Bob Sapp
The aging process is not gradual or gentle. It rushes up, pushes you over, and runs off laughing. No one should grow old who isn’t ready to appear ridiculous.
John Mortimer
This might sound slightly ridiculous but I play the ukulele for at least an hour a day and I find something really blissful about it.
Frank Skinner
I think these movies are definitely comedies. It’s quite difficult to take a superhero movie seriously because everything is heightened. A kid being bitten by a radioactive spider and getting superpowers is kind of ridiculous.
Tom Holland
Marriage equality is a term so ridiculous on its face that when you hear it mentioned, you would think you were in Riyadh. Years from now, perhaps we can lose the equality part, the same-sex part and call it what it is – marriage.
Henry Rollins
The average British woman is a size 12 to 14, but in modelling, a size 12 is considered huge, which is ridiculous.
Marie Helvin
I can think back to being four or five and not wanting to sit at the kids’ table because I thought it was demeaning. I was this ridiculous little kid.
Lenny Abrahamson
I know what I do for a living is ridiculous.
Shane Dawson
I can’t imagine putting my name on a t-shirt. For someone to wear my name? Me? It’s ridiculous.
David Berman
Every milieu has something ridiculous about it – film-making, the music world, painting – because people who take themselves seriously become funny pretty quickly.
Rebecca Miller
Lots of people hide behind social media to spread ridiculous rumours and cause problems where they don’t exist.
When I was a child, she’d have me wash the lettuce ten times or open walnuts by hand to make a cake. I was like, ‘Mom, this is ridiculous.’ But now? I run my kitchen the same way.
Daniel Humm
I saw Deep Purple live once and I paid money for it and I thought, ‘Geez, this is ridiculous.’ You just see through all that sort of stuff. I never liked those Deep Purples or those sort of things. I always hated it. I always thought it was a poor man’s Led Zeppelin.
Angus Young
A painting in a museum hears more ridiculous opinions than anything else in the world.
Edmond de Goncourt
I’m, like, a compulsive eater. I’m going to be so fat when I’m older, it’s ridiculous.
Robert Pattinson
The more cats you have, the longer you live. If you have a hundred cats, you’ll live 10 times longer than if you have 10. Someday this will be discovered, and people will have a thousand cats and live forever. It’s truly ridiculous.
Charles Bukowski
This is ridiculous, I mean, wholly ridiculous. It never did any child any harm to have something that was a tiny bit above them anyway, and I claim that anyone who can follow Doctor Who can follow absolutely anything.
Diana Wynne Jones
Human beings are born solitary, but everywhere they are in chains – daisy chains – of interactivity. Social actions are makeshift forms, often courageous, sometimes ridiculous, always strange. And in a way, every social action is a negotiation, a compromise between ‘his,’ ‘her’ or ‘their’ wish and yours.
Andy Warhol
It’s easier to find the joke in something when you think, ‘This – this is ridiculous.’
Alexandra Petri
I had teammates like Chris Davis. Manny Machado was really young and such a good kid. Seeing his development, it’s ridiculous. He’s going to get bigger. He’s going to get stronger. He’s going to get even better.
Jake Arrieta
What is sacred among one people may be ridiculous in another; and what is despised or rejected by one cultural group, may in a different environment become the cornerstone for a great edifice of strange grandeur and beauty.
Hu Shih
I recently read an article on how I was dropped from a film because I couldn’t dance! It was so ridiculous that I decided to shut up about it. Let people say what they want to. It’s such a waste of time.
Kajal Aggarwal
I love to work. I know that sounds ridiculous to say because all people love to work, but I love the homework that goes into acting. I love figuring out different ways of playing a scene. I love the energy of being on set. I love not getting enough sleep because I have to wake up early in the morning.
Amanda Schull
I feel like every time I do a video I say I want to make it like a movie, I want to make it very entertaining. So I start to just scan in my brain for what I haven’t done before so I can do something unique and ridiculous, and what that song means.
Humor is a way of saying we’re all seeing the same ridiculous, absurd, infuriating things together.
Jon Lovett
It’s easy to get swept up in the day to day ridiculous things that are in the news. They’re not meaningless, they’re legitimate and worth being engaged with. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed and swept up and forget what real life feels like.
Phil Elverum
They were ridiculous times. After I won my world championship in 1976, I went to Japan.
Barry Sheene
First of all I thought it was ugly, I thought it was ridiculous that undercover police guys would drive a striped tomato and I’ve never been a big champion of Ford.
Paul Michael Glaser
When I first played ‘1234’ it was on stage in San Francisco at some kind of, like, sticky-floored club. And it felt like a punk song. I mean it’s ridiculous to say that now, but it had that kind of, like, piercing straight melody. And then this fist-pumping ending, you know that pa-dap-pada.
I’m not the sexiest thing in the world, I feel actors who have to ‘play’ sexy lose all their sex appeal. When they start with the tongue and the heavy lids, it looks so ridiculous. I think you just have to be yourself.
Stephanie Zimbalist
You don’t want to get too ridiculous on the weekdays.
I am the biggest klutz on set. I honestly don’t think I have ever been as klutzy as when I’m on set. People call me ‘Grace’ ironically because I’m not graceful. It’s ridiculous.
Laura Marano
I did a network show in the U.S. before, and I loved it, but you have eight days to shoot an episode, and it’s just a ridiculous pace.
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
The idea of forever is kind of ridiculous, which is unfortunate because it’s kind of a nice thing to say, you know. I think it softens the blow of mortality and having to say goodbye to everything you know and everyone you love and all that kind of thing.
Conor Oberst
I went to a Christian college. You would be expelled if you were caught in a movie theater. It was ridiculous.
Wes Craven
That’s what my wardrobe room looks like. It’s all costumes and props. It’s ridiculous.
Bridget Marquardt
All of these charges by McCarthy were a way of getting the Democrats out of power. The Democrats had controlled the government for 20 years, and the New Deal had helped a lot of people. So Republicans turned instead to saying that the Democrats were soft on communism, which was ridiculous.
David Oshinsky
Everyone talks about 40 like it’s massive, but I looked at Joanna Lumley at the Ab Fab premiere the other day, and she looks amazing at 70 – that’s 30 years older than 40, which sounds ridiculous. The number doesn’t matter; it’s what’s going on for you.
Tamzin Outhwaite
I travel a ridiculous amount, so I’ve thought a lot about, and spent a lot of time refining, what I carry and how I carry it.
David Pogue
If Harvard is $60,000 and University of Toronto, where I went to school, is maybe six. So you’re really telling me that education is 10 times better at Harvard than it is at University of Toronto? That seems ridiculous to me.
Malcolm Gladwell
Girls Aloud is not just us five, there’s like us five plus a ridiculous team of 50 who travel with us, it’s amazing.
Nadine Coyle
Sometimes life gives us lessons sent in ridiculous packaging.
Dar Williams
Sometimes people say that kids with autism aren’t capable of love. That’s ridiculous. My son loves deeply. He just doesn’t communicate well.
Claire Scovell LaZebnik
We did ‘Bricks’ and ‘Ridiculous’ all in one day. Gucci came here, like, 8 in the morning – we were done 4 the morning the next day.
Our body awareness in the West is ridiculous.
Alice Eve
It’s fatal to talk about acting. It sounds faintly ridiculous if you start analysing it.
Jim Broadbent
Perhaps most ridiculous of all is the suggestion that we ‘keep’ our radioactive garbage for the use of our descendants. This ‘solution’, I think, requires an immediate poll of the next 20,000 generations.
David R. Brower
‘Noah’ doesn’t merely get the story wrong; like all Biblical adaptations, it’s bound to do that (although some aspects of the film are out and out ridiculous). It gets the morality of the story wrong, and in the process turns God into Gaia and morality into radical deep green environmentalism.
Ben Shapiro
It’s embarrassing to tell you how much my friends make fun of me. Seriously, when you have a doll made of your face, it’s ridiculous how creative your friends can get… pictures, videos, little animated cartoons that they’ve made.
Channing Tatum
I grew up in the 90s in the time of grunge when if you didn’t go on stage in jeans and a T shirt you weren’t ‘real.’ That seemed ridiculous to me.
Jack White
It’s ridiculous that we let broadcast and cable shows compete against each other at the Emmys. They are not the same animal.
Courtney A. Kemp
I took a whole stunt course and pretty much got certified as a stunt driver. It’s ridiculous how easy it is once you understand the car and know how to do it.
Aaron Paul
I had ridiculous amounts of energy. Mom’s like, you’re driving me crazy – do you want to try gymnastics? From the moment I started it, I loved it and it kind of was like storybook from there.
Alicia Sacramone
Designers do a lot of clothes I would like to wear but I can’t. If it had to be made up in my size It would look ridiculous. You can’t always wear what’s in style. You have to realize what looks good on you.
Human beings are born solitary, but everywhere they are in chains – daisy chains – of interactivity. Social actions are makeshift forms, often courageous, sometimes ridiculous, always strange. And in a way, every social action is a negotiation, a compromise between ‘his,’ ‘her’ or ‘their’ wish and yours.
Andy Warhol
Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.
Marilyn Monroe
I was obsessed with award shows and made charts and graphs and stuff when I was 7 years old. I found the entertainment business hilarious, ridiculous, and alluring – and my parents supported it, for better or worse.
Billy Eichner
It’s a bit ridiculous to have people who have two years of experience handling an $83 billion budget.
Mike Thompson
Gay writers now have both a sense of history and the fables that allows them to dwell in the realms of the ridiculous and at the same time talk seriously about things.
Tony Kushner
I feel like the more serious a life event is that you share on social media, the more ridiculous it sort of becomes, the more you sort of self-trivialize.
Caroline Calloway
To a superior race of being the pretensions of mankind to extraordinary sanctity and virtue must seem… ridiculous.
William Hazlitt
Dallas is an extraordinary place in it’s own right. The first thing about Dallas that you can’t get away from, particularly when I arrived, you’ve got no idea of the heat in this place. It’s over 100 degrees, and with that the humidity is ridiculous. I mean, people don’t live here, armadillos live here.
Chris Vance
I come from a family of scrap metal dealers, so becoming an actor seemed like a ridiculous thing to do, but I’d found the thing that gave me a kick, and I quickly became obsessed with it.
Nicola Walker
The whole idea of wearing clothes is not to look ridiculous.
Brunello Cucinelli
I think for any actor to say they don’t like attention is ridiculous. Of course we love attention. But getting attention is different than pretending the attention means something.
Ellen Pompeo
All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning. Great works are often born on a street corner or in a restaurant’s revolving door.
Albert Camus
Embrace yourself and do what you can to look and feel your best. Don’t put on so many fashion trends that create a ridiculous style statement. Pick and choose what feels good, and flatters your own body.
Camila Alves
I have this ridiculous exercise regime in the summer that I do not deviate from.
Elin Hilderbrand
I have a tailor now, I have a doctor, a wine merchant, a jeweller, a gardener, a cleaner, and a nanny. It was clearly ridiculous that I did not have a hairdresser. So I got one.
Giles Coren
To say a scientist is not at all responsible is wrong. But to say that someone who invents a piece of knowledge or technology is responsible for all future uses is ridiculous. It doesn’t have to be that binary.
Astro Teller
This idea you’re going to take a 50-year-old coal miner and turn them into a software engineer is ridiculous.
Ro Khanna
Sure, you can do something frothy and ridiculous, but you should probably be confident that it’s going to be a sure-fire hit. Then it’s sensible, because it enables you to make smaller movies. But if you make something frothy and ridiculous that doesn’t work, it’s not worth it.
Paul Bettany
New York is such a diverse place in and of itself, it would be ridiculous to see it otherwise.
Jacob Batalon
I’ve been in situations where, in the midst of really hardcore events in my life, I made some ridiculous off-color joke that was in horrible taste, but made people laugh.
Samuel Witwer
Once the stories end up getting farfetched and ridiculous, I think that’s where superhero fatigue will really catch on.
Ray Fisher
There’s no way Daniel Bryan can beat me in a Royal Rumble match. It’s ridiculous. He’s nowhere near as heavy as me; he doesn’t have a fraction of the strength I have. There are a lot of ways that Daniel Bryan can possibly beat me.
Roman Reigns
Have I dated a supermodel? Of course not. I’d look ridiculous.
In an ordinary suit and tie, I’d look like a little macho. I’d be ridiculous.
Azzedine Alaia
The greatness of being an artist is the kind of ridiculous guffaw you can have at one’s own misery. ‘That was miserable! Now how can I write about it?’
Michael Winter
I realised that you could easily turn any room into a cinema with a projector, so I went on and on at my parents for one. They eventually got me a projector for Christmas when I was ten, and I realised I’d made a ridiculous mistake – I’d forgotten to say ‘movie’ projector; I got a still one.
Kevin Brownlow