Right Track Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Right Track Quotes from famous authors such as Stephen Curry, Rachel Parris, Eartha Kitt, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, Cub Swanson. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

For me, when you are have people wondering what is next, what is coming out, you are on the right track.
Stephen Curry
You gig and gig and wonder what your first Edinburgh show will be like, if people will like it, and when they do, it just feels like it validates the last few years of your life, and that you’re on the right track.
Rachel Parris
The river is constantly turning and bending and you never know where it’s going to go and where you’ll wind up. Following the bend in the river and staying on your own path means that you are on the right track. Don’t let anyone deter you from that.
Eartha Kitt
If Rick Santorum and Rachel Maddow are both gunning for you, it probably means you’re on the right track.
Lisa Kennedy Montgomery
When you’re on a win streak, your confidence is high, and it means everything in your camp has been working and it means you’re on the right track.
Cub Swanson
We can pretend that China is not there. But China is there, and unless we put our economy on the right track, it is going to overwhelm us completely.
Salman Khurshid
Unfortunately, some of our poor choices are irreversible, but many are not. Often, we can change course and get back on the right track.
James E. Faust
Dave Sim said in his latest thing of his, ‘when you’re on the right track, you’ll know it, but until you get there, you have to believe you’re on the right track’. Interesting little conundrum. It’s not easy.
Eddie Campbell
Bill Nelson has demonstrated that he is a rubber stamp for the Obama administration and he’s out of touch with the solution that we need to implement in order to get America back on the right track.
Adam Hasner
I think America is on the right track.
Wayne Allard
The sooner we put Egypt on the right track, the sooner we would be able to have an Egypt that is modern, that is moderate, and that is acting as a beacon for freedom and liberty across the Arab world.
Mohamed ElBaradei
The mandate that I got from my investors is to invest. So far, we are on the right track, and it is the right formula to invest in Indonesia.
Edwin Soeryadjaya
There have been setbacks, illnesses and other obstacles, so inevitably I’ve had disappointments. But once you realise that things can’t always go your own way, you’re on the right track to being able to handle your own life.
Diana Quick
Dear friends of Haiti, we are indeed on the right track. Slowly but surely we are rising from the ashes.
Laurent Lamothe
I’ve learned in my years as a journalist that when a politician says ‘That’s ridiculous’ you’re probably on the right track.
Amy Goodman
I write funny. If I can make my wife laugh, I know I’m on the right track.
Gene Wilder
According to me, Indian players have a lot of will-power and this ability to learn will definitely put them on the right track. One day the Indians will jump to the European levels and to the levels that count.
David Trezeguet
My freshman and sophomore years in high school, I spent a lot of time trying to get back on the right track. I was arrested multiple times by the time I was 16, so I had a little harder time trying to adjust like a lot of us do in high school.
Dwayne Johnson
I have always been a very patient person, I am a perfectionist but have a high level of patience and think that’s one of the things when I started my comeback that really helped… I wasn’t rushing anything as long as I knew I was on the right track.
Tommy Fleetwood
I think when you’re doing something cutting edge like ‘The Matrix,’ it might mean when everybody’s saying ‘no’ that you’re really on the right track.
Lorenzo di Bonaventura
If all you think we need to do to get this economy going and get this country on the right track is to cut government and reduce taxes, you don’t understand America. America is a moral enterprise, not an economic enterprise.
Rick Santorum
And my only rule being if when I wake in the morning I’m looking forward to the things that I have to do that day, then I’m on the right track.
Demetri Martin
When great teams look at you it’s always a source of pride. It means you’re doing well and you’re on the right track.
Marco Verratti
We’re tying to get Baltimore on the right track.
Gervonta Davis
I know when I am on stage and I’m kind of on the right track – hopefully most of the time. But a lot of time I’m not.
Mikhail Baryshnikov