Russell Quotes

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I could never understand the attraction of Bette Davis. I always preferred Jane Russell.
Richard Griffiths
Someone like Russell Crowe is questioned for his passion for music, and whatever he does, music is just in his heart and soul. All he wants to do is music.
Tina Yothers
I would love to work with Dustin Hoffman, John Malkovich, Omar Epps, Martin Scorsese, Josh Mond, Woody Allen, Paul Thomas Anderson, and David O. Russell, just to name a few. Those guys are absolutely brilliant at what they do.
Alex Wolff
I’m like Albert Schweitzer and Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein in that I have a respect for life – in any form. I believe in nature, in the birds, the sea, the sky, in everything I can see or that there is real evidence for. If these things are what you mean by God, then I believe in God.
Frank Sinatra
Arthur Russell is very important to me on many levels, and when I read Tim Lawrence’s biography on him, ‘Hold on to Your Dreams,’ one of the things I took away was: first thought, best thought. I live by that when I make my own music.
Coming from New Zealand and Australia is like a tough pre-school for Hollywood. And having been on ‘Neighbours,’ even though the agents I met with hadn’t seen it, they knew it’s where Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce had come from. It was a foot in the door.
Jay Ryan
I am a junior senator, ninety-fifth on the seniority list, and so by Senate standards, my office in the Russell Senate Office Building is less than splendid.
Jim Webb
You see a whole bunch of different looks in the NBA. Guys, like LeBron, have stylists now, and they do their own thing. Then you have Russell Westbrook, whose style is a little different. Every guy is wearing outfits to show their personality.
Chandler Parsons
When somebody asks about the greatest players in history, I start with Bill Russell. More than the best player is the MVP, and the MVP in the history of team sports is Bill Russell.
Bobby Knight
I made so many jokes about poor Russell Crowe, he once knocked on my dressing room door, and told me he wanted to go out on this chat show we were on to laugh with me. Now he’s ruined it. I can’t make another joke about him.
Joan Rivers
The Russell side of my family is a clan with some serious genetics.
Wyatt Russell
I don’t know what Russell Moore’s politics really are. I don’t know if he is a closet liberal or if he is a conservative.
Jerry Falwell, Jr.
Prior to civil rights, the Democratic Party had been defined by an increasingly untenable alliance of ideological opposites – integrationist Northern liberals like Hubert Humphrey and Herbert Lehman teamed with Southern segregationists like Richard Russell and John Stennis.
Steve Kornacki
I learned a lot from Russell T. Davies, who is the most wonderful writer.
Lesley Sharp
Kurt Russell… he is a bloody legend. I have idolised him, and to chill with him on the sets while shooting was an incredible experience.
Ali Fazal
I grew up idolizing Madeline Kahn and Lily Tomlin and Carol Burnett, Ruth Gordon, Rosalind Russell, Amy Irving, women who were stylish and real actresses who did real work and could not be replaced with anyone else. You cannot cast anyone else in Madeline Kahn’s roles.
Jenny Slate
Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Al Pacino, Russell Crowe – these leading men. These are the ones I grew up with. And Hugh Jackman. I love everything that these guys are doing. It’s kind of been my mission to be an Asian-American version of that.
Ross Butler
There’s never a dull moment on a David O. Russell set. But that’s the beauty of it. That’s the magic.
Edgar Ramirez
I think the filmmakers that I love are ones that cross genres and do different thinks, the way that David O. Russell can do something like ‘Flirting With Disaster’ but then go do ‘Three Kings’ which is like an incredibly visual film – that’s a huge reference point.
Ruben Fleischer
They call David O. Russell the actor whisperer because he can get stuff out of actors that maybe some other directors can’t.
Jacki Weaver
I live with an 18-month-old Jack Russell named Chicken. He moved in about 15 months ago, and it was very hard at first because I work a lot and he doesn’t.
Liev Schreiber
I’m not Russell Brand or Ricky Gervais, but I have enough money that I don’t have to work. Most people who’ve done what I do don’t have that.
Frankie Boyle
I’m good friends with Jay Leno, good friends with Ed O’Neill, Melanie Fiona and Russell Simmons.
Kevin Hart
There’s all kinds of depictions of black men. You have the Denzel Washingtons and the Will Smiths; that’s wonderful, but that doesn’t represent everyone. There’s a Russell Crowe… well, you know, there’s a black Russell Crowe.
Michael Jai White
I am not Russell Westbrook. I do not have the same name, same body type, stuff like that. So, I’m just going to try to be myself and be the best me and everything else will take care of itself.
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
I have an acting crush on Gene Hackman; I have an acting crush on Tommy Lee Jones. Gary Cooper. Jimmy Cagney. Michael Gambon. Simon Russell Beale.
Norbert Leo Butz
I could turn Russell Westbrook into an All-Pro free safety.
Greg Olsen
For clothes, I like Dover Street Market and Acne. For vintage, I go to Mint just off Seven Dials. For shoes, it’s Church’s and Russell & Bromley.
Matt Smith
I have been very interested in the number of kids who have read the Sherlock Holmes books after reading the Mary Russell books. That’s great. That’s more or less how I rediscovered the Holmes books.
Laurie R. King
Even the thunderous master-blasters, like Andre Russell and MS Dhoni, men who now make scoring more than 20 runs per over look simple, often thrive on the right side of an incredibly slender gap between six and out. They are not more lucky than anyone else. They are more brilliant.
AB de Villiers
A Jack Russell terrier? My god. He’ll burn you up. They never stop. A German shepherd, you can only go so many miles.
George Foreman
I’ve known Russell Allen for over a decade now, and I’ve always thought he was a very underrated singer. He has one of the best voices in the business I’ve ever heard.
Mike Portnoy
My favorite movie is ‘The Women’ from 1939. It’s been my favorite movie since I was like 12 years old. I love the dialogue, really. It’s just a lot of really strong female performances. Rosalind Russell kills it, you know.
Anna Kendrick
I used to make demo tapes with cats that rocked with Russell Simmons and people like that. The history goes so far back; I’ve always been really focused on writing dope rhymes.
George Benson’s ‘This Masquerade’ is my favorite version of Leon Russell’s blue gem.
Alice Ripley
When we were growing up, Russell and I were into The Who, The Move, The Kinks, early Pink Floyd, really good tight pop bands.
Ron Mael
Ken Russell was wonderful to me. I’d heard all these things about how he’d yell and scream at people, but I found him to be a very nice, normal person.
In this business, you have a hierarchy of stars. Russell Crowe, Tom Hanks – you name ’em, they can play any part they want. Guys like me who are somewhere down in the middle of the pack, that’s a different story. I can do things in the theater that I can’t do anyplace else.
Brian Dennehy
I know, when I was in film school, some of my films were silly, but a lot of them were more dramatic. I don’t think I intentionally set out to do comedy stuff. I guess that’s a consequence of coming up working with David O. Russell and skewing toward those sensibilities.
Jeff Baena
Socially, the issue of men’s weight is simply not a big deal. Let’s face it: Russell Crowe is fat, and no one ever talks about it. Alec Baldwin just orders his suits a size bigger, and we continue to swoon.
Nia Vardalos
I love so many directors. I love David O. Russell. I love David Fincher, I love Alexander Payne and Jane Campion and my aunt. Spike Jonze. There are just so many amazing directors.
Gia Coppola
I’m a huge Russell Westbrook fan. I pretend I know him, I call him Rusty. But I love his style and someone who steps out out of the box and is bold and that’s him.
Rachel Lindsay
I worked with people I admire; Josh Lucas, who I’d worked with many many years ago on a pilot called The Class of 61 and Kurt Russell, and so there were a variety of different people that I enjoyed working with.
Andre Braugher
In fact, Russell Crowe once phoned me up to see if I wanted to go to a party but I had to bring my guitar and perform ‘Oh Jean.’
Billy Boyd
I think Russell Crowe is a brilliant actor.
Rebel Wilson
David O. Russell is probably my favorite filmmaker. He’s not only a great director, but he’s also a great writer.
Adam McKay
I don’t want to name drop, but Russell Crowe is the most famous person in my phone.
Jai Courtney
I loved ‘Gladiator’ when I was young. Russell Crowe was a big inspiration; the fact that he plays my father in ‘Noah’ was amazing.
Douglas Booth
My ‘Slide Some Oil’ ain’t gon’ be Nipsey Russell’s ‘Slide Some Oil.’ Elijah Kelley’s ‘You Can’t Win’ ain’t gon’ be Michael Jackson’s ‘You Can’t Win.’
The only thing we know for sure about superiority in sports in the United States of America in the 20th century is that Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics teams he led stand alone as the ultimate winners.
Frank Deford
Being brothers is why it’s worked so long. I have that security working with Russell. Working on my own, I’d be really nervous – I wouldn’t be able to take it.
Ron Mael
I am – you know, I’m getting to do everything I’ve ever wanted to do, anything my imagination can think up. I’m getting to play with some of my favorite musicians in the world, ranging from Russell Allen to Billy Sheehan to Paul Gilbert to Steve Morse.
Mike Portnoy
‘Doctor Who’ is really close to my heart, and I felt like I was a part of it at the best time, with Russell T.
Clive Standen
I’d like a pop-up magazine with 45 articles on Russell Crowe. I’m like a teenager. I’d have ‘Teen Beat’ if I could, for grown-ups.
Caroline Rhea
My son Matthew’s beloved dog is a Jack Russell. His name is Buster. Matthew picked him as a puppy, when he was tiny himself.
Rob Lowe
I’m not Russell Crowe. I’m not going to do a period piece.
Kevin Hart
I don’t know Russell Brand but I like him a lot. I think he’s a good guy.
Joe Wicks
Every Valentine’s Day growing up, my dad would give me a strawberry cream-filled chocolate heart from Russell Stover.
Lori Loughlin
I really like dramas that have a tone of comedy in them or the opposite, and those are done by people like Alexander Payne and Jason Reitman but also Spike Jonze and David O. Russell and Paul Thomas Anderson, the Coen Brothers.
Jason Bateman
Bill Russell was my favorite player of all-time.
Bill Walton
I had this extraordinarily bizarre moment when, two Fridays ago, my missus gave birth to our second child at 11am and by the same time the following day I was sitting around a table with Ridley Scott, Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio in Rabat in Morocco, rehearsing a scene we were going to shoot the next day.
Mark Strong
Body piercing and baggy clothes express identity among black youth, and not just beginning with hip-hop culture. Moreover, young black entrepreneurs like Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs and Russell Simmons have made millions from their clothing lines.
Michael Eric Dyson
I think it’s easy for directors to stay fresh more than actors, especially once an actor becomes a star. It’s hard for Russell Crowe to walk down a street or take a subway. I can fly coach.
Michael Mann
In New York, I run into Packers fans who have never lived in Wisconsin, Canadiens fans who have never lived in La Belle Province, Celtics fans who admire Russell and Bird and Pierce but have no trace of a Boston accent.
George Vecsey
Let’s face it: Russell Crowe is fat and no one ever talks about it.
Nia Vardalos
I am State Senator Russell Pearce, the author of SB1070, which was signed by Governor Jan Brewer. Fear mongering and misinformation is the tool of the Left against this common sense legislation.
Russell Pearce
I have in later years taken to Euclid, Whitehead, Bertrand Russell, in an elemental way.
Carl Sandburg
Personal honors never meant much to Bill Russell, one of America’s most successful athletes with 2 college titles, 1 Olympic gold medal and 11 – count ’em, 11 – N.B.A. championships with the Boston Celtics.
George Vecsey
I genuinely liked all of the cast members very much. Steve had a wicked sense of humor. I remember Russell coming to my rescue, once. I watched Eric evolve before everyone’s eyes. Maurice loved what he did, so. He treated his character with respect, down to the costuming.
Madeleine Stowe
I lived to play basketball. Growing up as a kid, Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics were my favorite team. The way they played, the teamwork, the sacrifice, the commitment, the joy, the camaraderie, the relationship with the fans.
Bill Walton
Kurt Russell is so dreamy. Plus, he’s great to work with, really respectful.
Vanessa Ferlito
I have two Jack Russell terriers, Harley and Gracie, who I like to go running with in the park.
Megan Hilty
Russell Crowe is very difficult, but it’s worth it. He’s the real thing. I can tell you this. Russell Crowe was just as difficult before he was an international star as he was afterwards.
Taylor Hackford
At the end of the day, no one has won more games than Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks to start a guy’s career, right. So success there has also made them a little, you know, it’s almost spoiled them a little bit.
Greg Olsen
Well, some people assume when Russell is singing that it is coming from his feelings, but sometimes he’s just playing a character.
Ron Mael
I’m a huge fan of ‘Buffy,’ ‘Angel’ and ‘Doctor Who.’ People like Joss Whedon, Russell T. Davies, and Steven Moffat are really amazing about making you feel like you had a complete meal and yet leaving you hungry for more.
Andrew Kreisberg
Russell Defreitas plotted to commit a terrorist attack that he hoped would rival 9/11.
Loretta Lynch
I had all the Bill Cosby albums. ‘To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With’ – I knew every word.
Sean Hayes
My perfect day would be to go on a picnic up Mt. Wilson with Christopher Isherwood, Greta Garbo, Aldous Huxley, and Bertrand Russell.
Janet Fitch
I have been married to Russell Ford since 2002, and we have two children.
Christine Blasey Ford
What does my performance have to do with Russell Crowe’s? Nothing. If I play Gladiator and we all play Gladiator with Ridley Scott in the same amount of time, maybe we have a chance to see who did it best.
Javier Bardem
If Russell Crowe says that he’s Noah, he’s Noah. You never doubt it. If he says that he’s the Gladiator, he’s the Gladiator. He’s every character that he says he is. I’ve never doubted anything that he’s done.
Ryan Gosling
When we first started it was just Russell and myself and a guitar player, Earle Mankey, and unlike virtually any other band in Los Angeles, we began by recording rather than playing live, and so we had no feedback at all on what we were doing and we didn’t realise how unusual it was.
Ron Mael
‘SI’ came to me and said, ‘We want you to do a story on Russell as the greatest team player,’ which I certainly agreed with.
Frank Deford
My earliest influence was Quincy Jones. I thought ‘The Wiz’ soundtrack was the most amazing thing I’d ever heard. It was my first record and you had Michael Jackson, Ted Ross, Nipsey Russell and Diana Ross on it. I even took it to show and tell in third grade!
Jill Scott
When an actor commits himself to a role as fully as Russell Crowe does in the grandiose and silly ‘Gladiator,’ you may ask yourself why and at the same time thank him for his absorption in the part.
Elvis Mitchell
People are still programmed to think that if your child doesn’t get straight As, get A-levels and go to a Russell Group university, that somehow they are not going to achieve in life. I think that’s sad.
Angela Rayner
I did this film with Russell Crowe called ‘The Water Diviner,’ which took place just after WWI. It was fascinating because the weapons between WWI and WII were very different. I had to learn how to ride horses in a battle setting. It was important that we rode a certain way.
Jai Courtney