Sharper Quotes

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Sharper Quotes from famous authors such as Raoul Peck, Donna Tartt, Neil Blumenthal, Fred Upton, Pharrell Williams. Let’s look at these pieces of wisdom. We definitely have something to learn from them!

That’s what as an artist you always try to do. To try to be a sharper mind than the average person.
Raoul Peck
Children have very sharp powers of observation – probably sharper than adults – yet at the same time their emotional reactions are murky and much more primitive.
Donna Tartt
Walking in the morning improves my whole day. I think more clearly, my points of view are sharper, and I’m more decisive.
Neil Blumenthal
For those broadcasters who are less than responsible, the FCC needs to have sharper teeth to enforce the law.
Fred Upton
Lyrically, I could be so much sharper. Melodically, I could be so much stickier. Musically, I could have so much more texture. So I’m constantly doing that, trying to find new ways to mix things up.
Pharrell Williams
I have a little dojo in Clearwater called the Sai Dojo and I’ve just been putting in extra work there and so, when I get a chance to wrestle now, my comfort level in the ring is higher, my skills are sharper and I just felt like I couldn’t have a better time to get these huge opportunities.
Matt Sydal
I reveled in the most basic rules and techniques that are the foundation of professional cooking. For example, it is essential to use a sharp knife: the sharper the knife, the more fluid and precise your work and the less likely you are to get hurt. Dull knives are a danger – they slip far more often.
Gail Simmons
I’ve only twice in my life come across someone with both high IQ and high EQ naturally; and that was because their parents were super high EQ, and the parents just EQ’d the hell out of them. They’re inevitably very successful because now you’ve got someone who’s sharper than the average person and well-rounded, too.
Walter O’Brien
The scruffier your beard, the sharper you need to dress.
Ashton Kutcher
My nutritionist has done a great job in changing my diet after we established I am allergic to things like gluten – I can’t eat pizza, pasta and bread. I have lost some weight, but my movement is sharper and I feel great.
Novak Djokovic
Our politicians are stupid. And the Mexican government is much smarter, much sharper, much more cunning. And they send the bad ones over because they don’t want to pay for them. They don’t want to take care of them. Why should they when the stupid leaders of the United States will do it for them?
Donald Trump
When you describe a character’s dream, it has to be sharper than reality in some way and more meaningful. It has to somehow speak to plot, character, and all the rest.
Jeff Vandermeer
Is there a sharper commentary on American culture and the world than The Simpsons?
Anthony Bourdain
If you are able to see the interrelatedness of mind and body, sensitivity towards your body becomes much sharper. Therefore, maintaining of good health also becomes easier.
Lobsang Tenzin
Your performance depends on your people. Select the best, train them and back them. When errors occur, give sharper guidance. If errors persist or if the fit feels wrong, help them move on. The country cannot afford amateur hour in the White House.
Donald Rumsfeld
I want to throw a faster fastball. I want a sharper curve. I want to improve all my pitches.
Yu Darvish
I’m actually one of the sharper tools in the box that haven’t been in the streets like that, but I have family members, close loved ones, that that’s all they know.
Tyron Woodley
I think cancer came into my life as a gift. My vision is sharper, my mind clearer, my perspective realigned.
Manisha Koirala
My emergence has been slow and steady, I would say. I think I’ve improved every single year. I keep getting better; I keep getting fitter, sharper – and I’m not stopping.
Carli Lloyd
How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child!
William Shakespeare
I like to have Chinese furniture in my home as a constant and painful reminder of how much has been destroyed in China. The contrast between the beauty of the past and the ugliness of the modern is nowhere sharper than in China.
Jung Chang
I enjoy finding a low subject and bringing it up high. I think with strong technique, you can glamorize certain things. You can make the imagery sharper, rounder, and basically better looking.
Peter Saul
Any person, brought into the presence of this fact, stops for a few moments and remains pensive and silent; and then generally leaves, carrying with him forever a sharper, keener sense of our incessant motion through space.
Leon Foucault
By doing something repeatedly, one’s mind becomes sharper. It teaches you dedication.
Shriya Saran
If you are a creative person, then your mind gets sharper with age. My mind is very sharp, and I am happy for that.
Dev Anand
Well rounded forms gives smooth sounds; sharper or angular forms give harder and harsher sounds.
Norman McLaren
It might seem paradoxical that the biggest scientific instruments of all are needed in order to probe the very smallest things in nature. The micro-world is inherently ‘fuzzy’ – the sharper the detail we wish to study, the higher the energy that is required and the bigger the accelerator that is needed.
Martin Rees
There is a cliche that men want their women to be ladies in public and hookers behind closed doors. I want my woman to be the sharper image robot so that she can be turned off.
Al Goldstein
My father… had sharper eyes than the rest of our people.
Chief Joseph
If my edge is dull, my sword is dull, and I don’t want to fight another guy whose sword is dull. If you’ve got two steel swords going back and forth hitting each other, what’s gonna happen? Both of them are going to get sharper. Everybody that’s in the industry has lost their edge.
Kendrick Lamar
My brother has a tendency to get quite lyrical when he writes music; he gets so romantic, it’s borderline. I make it slightly more aggressive. I make the round corner a bit sharper.
Josephine de La Baume
For me, it’s about surrounding myself with the best, most talented team out there, and not ever being afraid of being the worst guy in the room. It’s ego-crushing, yeah. Every day is ego-crushing. But it keeps you sharper than you can imagine.
Chad Stahelski
I know a lot is going to be on our shoulders, especially the way we’re starting games out. We have to start faster; I have to be sharper from the start, and I will be. And I’m confident that if we can get this thing started out a little better each week that we can get on that roll and be tough to stop.
Aaron Rodgers
How thoroughly it is ingrained in mathematical science that every real advance goes hand in hand with the invention of sharper tools and simpler methods which, at the same time, assist in understanding earlier theories and in casting aside some more complicated developments.
David Hilbert
I prefer to put myself in an environment that’s further afield and look through the eyes of someone who differs from me in age, ethnicity, gender, and/or social class. I think a little displacement makes me a sharper observer.
Amor Towles
Fiction writers have long turned to winter to advance bluer palettes, slicker surfaces, and sharper contrasts. The sky darkens, the wind picks up, and flakes start to fall. Horizons shrink. Couples bicker. Cars slide off roads. Obliteration tends to loiter between the sentences.
Anthony Doerr
In modelling or football, being 30 is very bad. But, for an actress, ageing is like wine. You taste better and better because your body, your mind, your feelings, all this is a tool and it’s getting sharper with time.
Ludivine Sagnier
I knew I had a sharper mind than most others and I had a sense of rhyme. One didn’t even need to sing melodies. It felt like the perfect way to make my way out of the gutter.
Black is confusing. Where does the line start and stop with what is black and what isn’t black? People that are mixed-race, or, imagine being from Sri Lanka or Bangladesh, people might say you’re black but your features are so non-black, like you’ve got straight hair, you’ve got like a sharper nose, or such.
Santan Dave
The tongue is the only tool that gets sharper with use.
Washington Irving